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Senior Project: Cover Letter (Microsoft Word)


									Your Street Address Chicago, Illinois Your zip code 1 February 2010 Ms. or Mr. English Teacher, Senior Project Teacher North Lawndale College Preparatory Charter High School 1615 South Christiana Chicago, Illinois 60623 Dear Ms. or Mr. English Teacher: [At this point, please consider this letter the single-most important piece within your Senior Project portfolio. For your typed cover letter, respond to the following questions, in any order, using the business letter format. o How does this Senior Project, from your driving question through to your research essay, represent the culmination of your experience at North Lawndale? Explain in detail. o Choose three ingredients of your project that you appreciate for their particular skillfulness: Using specific evidence from your project, explain how these three elements evolved from the first draft to the final draft? o Overall, what do you think about your Senior Project? How strong is your final product? How strong was your process? How has Senior Project become an instrument for discovery rather than a regurgitation of what you knew already? o Explore the relationship between your topic and civic engagement: What impact might your Senior Project have on society? Is this impact positive or negative? To what extent will your Senior Project help create a more just society? How can the research in your Senior Project be used to help change society for the better? o How helpful were the following: Your research process? Your sourcecard and notecard process? Your writing group members responses to your drafts? Reading the drafts written by others in the group? Your chosen mentor(s)? Oral and/or written feedback from me? From other teachers? From the Writing Center staff? The responses from your peer and adult responders? Explain each in detail. o Through the creation of this Senior Project, what have you learned about yourself (your “detective’s instinct” with research? your creative talent? your desire to “discover” through your research and writing/creating/experiencing? your “writer’s discipline”? your perspective on life? your writing process? etc.)? Explain. o What letter grade would you give yourself for this entire Senior Project portfolio? Explain. o Anything else you wish to say? Feel free…] Sincerely,

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