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									Why USB Memory Sticks are the Best Devices Ever
Flash drives, pen drives, USB sticks or memory sticks; call them what you will, but that
won’t change the efficacy of these little data storage devices. They have made
tremendous contribution in today’s age of computerization. While they offer great
convenience, flash drives are no longer limited to portability, data access and storage. In
a way, they have become a style statement. You can find USB sticks in a large variety of
creative façades that are unique.

Size vs. Capacity

Pen drives are one of the most frequently used devices these days. Their miniscule size
combined with sufficient storage spaces make them ideal for students, hobbyists,
homemakers, and professionals alike. A single USB memory stick can provide a massive
32 gigabytes -- sufficient enough to store quite a few movies or hundreds of your favorite
music. Its extreme lightweight allows for trouble-free transport while carrying it in your
pocket or anywhere else you prefer. Memo sticks are certainly a better option to CDs in
almost every aspect.

Creative USB sticks

You can choose a USB memory stick that suits your style and personality. Flash drives
come in designs and colors that are funky, classy, corporate, girly, and regular. Buying a
unique flash drive makes it easily identifiable since it is unlikely that someone has the
exact same drive, if it really is distinctive. This is a big advantage in the event your
device goes missing. When shopping for stylish USB drives, it is important to keep in
mind that the exterior shell does not pose any threat to the internal device. While the
designer shell plays a role in making the drive attractive, its main purpose is protection.
Hence, buy a drive that is trendy but does not adversely affect its function.

Portable, Adaptable and Everything Else

Flash drives are the most adaptable and versatile storage devices around. They are
completely independent; they don’t require an additional drive to be installed in the
computer in order to function. This also enables them to draw power from the computer
rather than an external power source or batteries. Simply connect them using the USB
drive to any computer system with any operating system. You can add, edit and delete
data countless times, unlike read-only CDs. Hence, you can use one USB memory stick
for the longest amount of time without having to buy new storage devices.

While the USB memory stick has been around for several years, their future does not
look grim at all. Despite the every-growing advancement in technology, pen drives
continue to be adaptable to the advancement. No revolutionary changes have been made
to the latest USB drive than its precursor. Owning the nifty little flash drive is one of the
smartest technological decisions you will ever make.

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