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									             The Skills Employers Are Seeking In an IT Professional

Given the nation's growing dependence on technology and thirst for the next big technological
breakthrough, it's not surprising that information technology is one of the fastest-growing industries.
Yet even with today's sluggish economy, employers are struggling to fill IT positions, because there
aren't enough workers with the right background and skills.

Building a base of knowledge and skills

To start an IT career path in the right direction, job seekers should seek educational programs that offer
IT training. Earning a certification or associate degree in IT will give job seekers the basic knowledge
needed to enter the workforce. Job seekers should do their research and find the right program that will
help them to reach their career goals.

Soft skills may matter just as much

The hard skills that employers are looking for will differ depending on the specific job they're trying to
fill. However, even if job seekers have the right education and experience, if they're lacking the
necessary soft skills that employers are seeking, they could hit a brick wall.

Getting a foot in the door

One of the most sought-after positions in the IT field is computer networking/IT systems engineer.
However, these jobs require certifications and years of experience. This can lead to the frustrating

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