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									Barriers                                    Solutions
Reading levels of materials are above the   Locate texts with lower lexile levels,
students’ instructional reading levels      bread up the texts into sections, use text
                                            to speech devices
No variety in the manner in which           Use other methods: debate, video, music,
students can demonstrate their              art, poetry, group presentations
No variety in the manner in which the       Use picture, video, alter the features, of
task or texts are presented to students     the texts, simplify the task
Students struggle with the abstract         Pictures, reflection journals
concepts embedded in the task

Barriers                                    Solutions
Engagement (social, culture, lack of
Lack of:
Pre-requisite skills
Background knowledge
Vocabulary, basic skills
Planning, preparation
Learning and behavior impediments

Barriers                                    Solutions
Vocabulary                                  Word wall, Shahi, vocab websites, games,
Background prior Knowledge                  Think map, KWL chart, internet searches
Level of Interest: None                     Wonder Projects, audio books, skits,
                                            movie(fast food nation)
Understanding of task                       Break it down
                                            Small groups

Barriers                                    Solutions
Language of tasks                           Teaching strategies to combat

Students who transfer into us               Creating a welcoming environment
Student engagement                          Incentives
                                            Technology (nooks, audio recorder, TTS)
                                            Creating their own menu of activities
Lack of Prior Knowledge                     Introduce new topic by exposing
                                            students to real life situations that may
Using “higher thinking skills” difficult to

Barriers                                      Solutions
Multiplication facility with basic            Games, incentives
Vocabulary                                    Visual/multiple representations of the
Cultural literacy (world knowledge)           General solutions
                                              Go Animate (goggle it)
                                              Offer choices: power point, poster, poem,
                                              song/rap etc.

Barriers                                      Possible Solutions
Prior Knowledge                               Reviewing/reteaching
                                              Bridging standards
Resources                                     Collaboration w/ colleagues
                                              Grant writing
Planning time                                 Communicating with administration
                                              (more planning time)
Reading Ability                               Text to speech
                                              Read alouds
                                              Shared reading
                                              Audio book
Motivation/ Engagement                        Individual choice
                                              Flexible grouping

Barriers                                      Possible Solutions
Vocabulary                                    Brain storm and discuss, illustrations,
                                              context, graphic organizers, wordwall,
Pre-requisite skills                          KWL chart, discussions, videos, peer
                                              leaders, drill and practice
Text Format                                   -highlight important information, chunk,
-too wordy                                    para phrase, re-state
Language Skills (ELLs)                        Picture illustration
Materials/Technology                          Grants (beg), share, borrow, schedule
Barriers                                 Solutions
-levels of text/voc.                     Modify parts of the text, representation

                                         Upfront vocabulary, pictures content
                                         videos, action and expression

Lack of text features                    Provide visuals (ppt, pictures)
                                         People, places and species
Complexity of task                       Chunking of text. Breaking down,
                                         Rewrite in own words. bookbuilder
Lacking background knowledge or skills   KWL chart, videos, field trips
Limited resources                        Improvise, share materials
                                         -activity menus
                                         -model strategies
                                         -cooperative groups

Barriers                                 Solutions
Lack of Prior Knowledge                  Videos to pre-teach, re-teach, or activate
                                         prior knowledge
                                         -kwl charts
Lack of interest                         Incentives
                                         -hands on activities
                                         -inquiry-based learning
Text complexity                          Text to speech

Barriers                                 Solutions
Vocabulary                               Visual support, role play
Parts of an essay                        Have them put a jumbled essay cut up
                                         back together properly
Text complexity                          Jigsaw peer teaching
                                         Audio support
                                         Text connection
                                         Paraphrasing (creating side notes)

Interpretation                           Grade student work using rubric, re-
                                          create with ???
Multiple step process and multiple step   Bullet points, check list
skills                                    Jig sawing the task create a song of the
Background knowledge                      Mini lessons, short stories, video clips,
                                          picture, journal writing

Barriers                                  Solutions
Text                                          Collaborated with teacher and
                                                 borrowing texts
                                              Make copies of text
Vocabulary                                    Boogle Game, fortunately,
                                              Word Wall
                                              Research groups/Discussion
Requirements of questions asked           Identifying key aspects of the questions
Lack of Prior Knowledge                       Introduce new topics through
                                                 video, pictures, text
                                              Personal input from teachers
Lack of Support T and S                       Literacy coaches
                                              Learning Lab
                                              Weekend programs

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