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									    A Water Purifier That Needs No Power And Water Lines
Pure and healthy drinking water is a right of every being. Though, with the change in climatic
scenario and rise in levels of pollutions, natural resources of water have become contaminated.
And access to pure and drinkable water has become a tale of the past. Unless you don’t have one of
the best water purifiers installed at your place, the water running through your taps is laden with
impurities and disease causing matter, making it undrinkable.
The well earning city people have understood the gravity of water contamination and its
purification, but those in the urban areas are still deprived of clean and hygienic water. Though the
markets are abuzz with many water purifiers, however, it is important to understand that urban
drinking water needs are different from that of the rural ones. While water purifiers at your home
and office in the city require regular supply of water and electricity, in order to have enough supply
of water at all times. At the same time rural areas generally have errant supply of water and
electricity, making the existent water purification products and their functionality, as well as utility
Thus Eureka Forbes came up with a breakthrough product called AquaSure. In comparison to the
rest of the water filters, AquaSure does not require any power or hook-up water lines. It uses
billions of charged attractors that remove sub-micron contaminants, disease causing pathogens,
eliminates chlorine, taste, odour and many heavy metals without using chemicals. The membrane
in its filtration system are strategically arranged that are not too tight, not restricting the flow of
water and neither are these too loose, so the filtration efficiency doesn’t get impacted either.
AquaSure is one of the best storage water purifiers, which gives complete protection from a wide
variety of water contaminants. Its core technology being PCT (Positive Charge Technology)
provides 100% chemical free and pure water. AquaSure comes with a storage capacity of 8 ltrs. a
day and its simple and robust design gives it a long life. Further, this water filter system has an end
of life sensor that indicates a gradual shut of mechanism, which indicates the life of cartridge and
when it requires a change.
So, finally amidst a range of water purifiers there’s one that can ensure pure and safe drinking
water for people in areas that have no regular electricity supply and water pipes. Ensuring
chemical free, clean water that is also sweet in taste, equipped with an intelligent system that
prompts change in cartridge. AquaSure is the best fit, if you are looking for a convenient and an
affordable water purifier for your daily water consumption needs.

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