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Live Webinar on
The future of HR and Talent Management

 Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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 Time: 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST

  Instructor: Dr John Sullivan                                                  Duration:     60 Minutes

  Price :        $145.00 (for one participant)                                  Location : Online

           Dr John Sullivan
           Professor of Management, San Francisco State University
 Dr John Sullivan is a well-known global talent management thought leader and guru. For years he has
 accurately predicted HR and talent management trends. He is an internationally known HR thought-leader
 from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact strategic solutions.

 No matter how effective that you currently are, wise HR professionals are constantly looking
 towards the future. Being future oriented allows you to both understand and prepare for
 upcoming changes in business, technology and the workforce. However, simply knowing what
 likely changes will occur in HR is insufficient. Instead, you have to know the underlying factors
 that make these changes necessary.

 The future of HR will not evolve in a random manner but instead, the change will be guided by
 nine factors that will define the borders and the direction of HR in the future. These factors
 include a changing workforce,

 Areas Covered in the Session:

     l   What are the principles that will guide HR and Talent Management in the future?
     l   How firms and HR must become more adaptive and agile
     l   How HR can demonstrate and increase its business impact
     l   The importance of increasing learning speed to organizational success
     l   How metrics have to shift from the current historical model to forward-looking predictive
     l   How HR can better integrate and coordinate the different Talent Management functions
     l   How the speed of change will force HR to build planned obsolescence into every program
         and process
     l   How the importance of building a business case will increase as HR is required to prove it's
     l   How new technologies will change the way that we deliver HR services
     l   Who are the benchmark firms that are leading the way?

 Who Will Benefit:

     l   Chief talent officers and directors of Talent Management
     l   The VP of HR
     l   Directors of recruiting and talent acquisition                            Suggest a Topic
     l   Directors of leadership development
     l   Directors of development, training and learning                           More Webinars
     l   Directors of workforce and succession planning                     Your Necessity is our Priority
     l   Directors of HR
     l   Talent management and HR strategists
     l   HR business partners, HR Generalists and HR
         professionals involved in talent management
     l   HR program managers
     l   Talent management consultants

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