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									                              Significance of Quality Retail Customer Experience

To explain in simple term consumer experience and consequential satisfaction by an enterprise has three
essential aspects. First the competitiveness and significance of the service or product that the enterprise
offers. Second the efficiency of the processes or systems in order to offer the service or product to a
consumer. And finally, the manner in which the staff in the enterprise communicates with consumers and
whether that caters to all the consumer requirements making them feel acknowledged.

Most retailers concentrate on the first two aspects. It is a fact that if the product/services that you are
providing do not have an attractive proposition to the target audience then the business will not flourish. As
a result of which, the shop environment has an important part to play. Furthermore, there are instances
where customer interaction is neglected because it is looked upon as a less tangible aspect. It is essential to
remember that customers recognize the business that offers exceptional customer experience, especially
when it is repeated over a span of time.

Companies specializing in customer experience solution and retail customer experience applications can
understand this aspect. These applications are industry-specific based on a predictive experience platform
that helps customers to find their way with companies. These companies anticipate customer requirements,
simplify the experience and then learn from each communications.

This apart the application helps huge retailers increase their sales and offer advanced customer service to
their consumers, members and shoppers. Retail brands using retail customer experience applications have
been successful in bringing down the cost of operations by almost 68 percent and generated high additional
revenue, simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction scores.

This apart, retail customer experience applications make use of the consumer data in real time to increase
revenues by automatically identifying the high-value shoppers through various channels and offer“seamless
concierge-style” assistance. By enhancing sales via support experiences, the service is transformed into a
revenue-generating channel. This means that the company simplifies customer service for the consumers
who are required to get a product working, whether asking for assistance online, via chat or over the phone.
Selected retail customer experience applications that are offered by retail journeys include:
·    Inventory Check
·    Product Troubleshooting
·    Returns and Exchanges
·    Rewards Program

Furthermore, each and every application is generated as cloud based services and comprises one or more
than one channel, quick execution, assistance by managing service and incorporation to back-end databases.

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