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					2012 MEDIA KIT
     CARIBBEAN TRAVEL + LIFE is produced by BONNIER,
     a family-owned, international multimedia entity that
     operates 175 companies in more than 21 countries.

     In the U.S., BONNIER is the leading developer of
     passionate enthusiast audiences, with 45+ special-
     interest brands and related multimedia projects and
                                                                     INCLUDE: Digital,
                                                                                                        Companies in
                                                                     TV Networks, Music,                16 Countries
                                                                     Gaming, Publishing

     BONNIER was named 2011 Publishing                                                     $5B
     Innovator of the Year by Publishing                              2011                 Revenue
     Executive magazine.                                              Publishing
                                                                      Innovator of the
                                                                      Year*                *By Publishing Executive

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                                                                     Editorial Mission

      For more than 25 years, Caribbean Travel + Life has
      been all Caribbean, all the time, delivering the region’s
      warm-breeze, soft-sand, blue-water bliss to travelers
      seeking an authentic and unforgettable tropical
      escape. In our print and digital editions, on television
      and in other media, we inspire travelers to create their
      own Caribbean getaways. Everything we do answers
      the Caribbean vacationer’s big questions: where to go,
      where to stay and what to do.

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                                MAGAZINE                                DIGITAL           MOBILE               CUSTOM                           TV/VIDEO
                              150,000                                 643,489            20,295             105,100+                                  9
                                 Rate Base                             Average         Facebook Fans     Number of Contest/                     Original
                                                                     Monthly Page       and Twitter      Sweepstakes Entries                   Television
                                                                        Views            Followers                                              Episodes
                              390,000                                                                      in the Past Year
                            Total Audience
                                                                       99,953             All 8              24,800+
                                                                        Average           Issues are                                              201+
                                      8x                               Monthly           Available on
                                                                                                          Number of Voters
                                                                                                          in the Best of the                     Total
                                Frequency                            Unique Visitors     Tablets and       Caribbean Poll                      Television
                                                                                          eReaders,                                             Airings
                                   1985                                85,000           including, the
                                                                                       iPad, Nook, and         2000
                                  Year                                  Editorial          Kindle.        Year the Annual                         103+
                               Established                            eNewsletter                        Caribbean Travel + Life                Digital
                                                                       Subscribers                       Photo Contest was                     Webisodes
                              Member                                                                         Established
                           Audit Bureau of                             95,000                                                                573,300+
                            Circulation                              Custom eBlast
                                                                      Subscribers                                                               Digital
                                                                                                                                              Video Views

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4 | | 2012 MEDIA KIT | Last Updated 04/2012                                             Sources: Omniture Site Catalyst Monthly Average Q1 2012; Silverpop, August 2011
                                                                                                                Audience Profile


          9.02%                                                                            15.69%             DISTRIBUTION
                                                                                                              Connecting from
                                                                     6.73%                                    coast to coast,
                                                                             14.39%                           Caribbean Travel + Life
                                         5.35%                                                                targets travelers with
                                                                                                              insightful articles
                                                                                                              and inspirational
                                                                                                              photography from
                                                                                            24.05%            every region of the
                                                                                                              Caribbean. Carried by
                                                                     9.14%   5.74%                            retailers throughout
                                                                                                              the United States
                                                                                                              and beyond, CT+L
                                                                                                              is the only multi-
                                                                                                              channel media outlet
                                                                                                              focused exclusively on
                                                                                      International   2.65%   Caribbean travel.
        Source: 2011 ABC Audit Statement

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                                                                                                                                                         Reader Profile

       Caribbean Travel + Life attracts the most sought after
       Male/Female                                                   56% / 44%
       Median Age                                                    51
       Married                                                       82%
       Attended College+                                             91%
       Graduated from Four Year College+                             70%
       Employed                                                      83%
       Professional/Managerial                                       61%
       Manager/Administrator                                         22%
       Partner/Owner                                                 16%
       Median HHI Income                                             $154,200
       Median Net Worth                                              $583,500      PASSIONATE, ACTIVE TRAVELERS
                                                                                   Own a Valid Passport                                                                    99%
                                                                                   Avg. Number of Trips to the Caribbean in the Past
       Avg. Time Spent Reading an Issue                              102 Minutes                                                                                           2.8
       Read 4 out of 4 Issues                                        83%
                                                                                   Avg. Length of Trip                                                                     7.6 Days
       Discussed an Article or Referred it to Someone Else as a
                                                                     60%           Avg. Length of Cruise                                                                   7.7 Days
       Result of Reading Caribbean Travel + Life
                                                                                   Avg. Amount Spent on a Typical Caribbean Trip                                           $5,261
                                                                                   Source: 2011 Caribbean Travel + Life Reader Survey, HHI $100K+, Walker Communications
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                                                                                                                      Audience Profile

          WHERE THEY TYPICALLY STAY:                                   NUMBER OF PEOPLE ON MOST
          • Rental Villas/Homes                                        RECENT TRIP:
          • 5-Star Accommodations                                      • 2+
          • On a Cruise Ship                                           • 3+
                                                                       • 5+
          • First Class                                                MOST RECENT TRIP ACTIVITIES:
          • Business Class                                             • Visited a Casino
                                                                       • Gambled
                                                                       • Went to a Theme Park
                                                                       • Went to the Beach
          • 6 Days or Less
                                                                       • Went Scuba Diving/Snorkeling
          • Any (one or more)
                                                                       • Went Swimming
                                                                       • Went Boating/Sailing
          DESTINATIONS PAST 3 YEARS:                                   • Participated in Other Sports
          • Any Atlantic/Caribbean                                      Activities/Events
          • Aruba
          • Bahamas
          • Jamaica
          • Puerto Rico
          • Other Caribbean

          Source: 2011 Mendelsohn Affluent Study, Vacation/Business/Personal Travel; Ranks #1 against ISLANDS, Condé
          Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler, Travel + Leisure, and Arthur Frommer’s Budget Traveler

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                                                                        The Magazine

      Caribbean Travel + Life connects readers to their
      favorite destinations and introduces them to
      exciting new ones. With immersive photography
      and evocative writing, every issue is like a great

       Rate Base                                              150,000
       Total Audience                                         390,000
       Frequency                                              8x
       Year Established                                       1985

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                                                                                                                              The Magazine

      JAN/FEB 2012                                                   JUN/JUL 2012
      Ultimate Beaches                                               Villas Made Simple
      Space Close: 10/25/11 On Sale: 12/20/11                        Space Close: 4/3/12 On Sale: 5/29/12
      • Dominican Republic: Samana Peninsula                         • St. Croix “Ridge to Reef Farm”
      • Negril, Jamaica                                              • Ian Fleming’s Jamaica
      • Tarzan Centennial: Jungle Lodges                             • B.V.I Pirates: Why We Love Them
      Special Sections: Romantic Caribbean                           Special Sections: Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos

      MARCH 2012                                                     AUG/SEPT 2012
      All-Inclusives                                                 Caribbean Confidential
      Space Close: 12/20/11 On Sale: 2/14/12                         Space Close: 5/22/12 On Sale: 7/17/12
      • Mexico’s Costa Maya: Tulum to Chetumal                       • Belize: Ambergris Caye
      • Andrew McCarthy Does Harbour Island                          • Martinique: Gauguin’s Last Masterpiece
      • 15 Great Beach Hotels Under $150 a Night                     • Inland Hideaways: Strawberry Hill, Peninsula
      Special Sections: Mexican Caribbean, Dominican                   House, etc.
      Republic                                                       Special Sections: Cayman Islands, St. Lucia

      APRIL 2012                                                     OCT/NOV 2012
      Snorkeling Issue                                               Cruising Issue
      Space Close: 1/24/12 On Sale: 3/30/12                          Space Close: 7/10/12 On Sale: 9/11/12
      • St. Thomas, USVI                                             • Beach Lovers Guide to St. Martin
      • Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast                                 • Star Clipper Photo Essay
      • Extreme Adventures: Humpback encounters,                     • Souvenir Sampler: Best Stuff from Five Ports
        blue holes, bat caves etc.                                     of Call
      Special Sections: Puerto Rico, Aruba                           Special Sections: Belize, St. Maarten/St. Martin

      MAY 2012                                                       DECEMBER 2012
      The Food Issue                                                 Top Spots for 2013
      Space Close: 2/28/12 On Sale: 4/24/12                          Space Close: 9/4/12 On Sale: 10/30/12
      • Cancun, Mexico                                               • Grenada Road Trip
      • Cartagena, Colombia                                          • Virgin Gorda, BVI
      • Slow Food, Caribbean-Style                                   • Five Caribbean Retreats (Yoga, Spiritual,
                                                                       Weight Loss, etc.)
      Special Sections: Family Travel, Villas
                                                                     Special Sections: Puerto Rico, Villas

                                                                                                                        *Schedules and themes are subject to change.
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                                                                                           Digital Media

     CARIBBEANTRAVELMAG.COM                                                                    Media

     Caribbean Travel + Life is the ultimate authority
     on the attainable Caribbean escape. Anchored by and a dedicated team of editors
     and designers, Caribbean Travel + Life Digital Media is
     equipped to present brand messages across multiple
     platforms efficiently and effectively through innovative
     methods with measurable results.

     TRAFFIC                                                Q1 2012         % Growth YOY

     Monthly Unique Visitors                                99,953          51%
     Monthly Page Views                                     643,489         77%

     Page Views Per Visit                                      5
     Time Spent Per Visit                                      5.2 Minutes

     Source: Omniture Site Catalyst Monthly Average, Q1 2012 v.s. Q1 2011

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                                                                                                                            Digital Media

                                                                                                                 728 x 90

      DESTINATIONS: Showcasing the best                               SWEEPSTAKES: Fabulous vacation
      Caribbean destinations to stay and play,                        giveaways and other travel-related
      including hotels, all-inclusive resorts and                     contests from our sponsors.
      villa rentals, organized by location.                                                                                     300 x 250
                                                                      DRINKS: Delicious tropical drink recipes
      HOT DEALS: Travel specials and                                  organized by spirit: rum, vodka, tequila
      packages from the leading Caribbean                             and more.
      resorts, hotels and spas.
                                                                      SITES WE LOVE: Sharing the “best of
      BLOGS: Editor’s picks for hot travel                            the web” from niche Caribbean bloggers,
      destinations, family vacations, romantic                        tourist boards and more.
      getaways, travel tips, dining, drinks,
      cruises, shopping, excursions and more.                         MAGAZINE: Information on the current
                                                                      issue of Caribbean Travel + Life, and
      VIDEO: Caribbean Travel + Life’s                                subscriber services.
      signature “Best of the Caribbean” series
      plus additional footage from our travels.

      RUN OF SITE DISPLAY ADS:                                        HOMEPAGE BRAND BLOCKING:
      728 x 90 Leaderboard: $55 CPM                                   Includes: 728 x 90 Leaderboard and
      300 x 250 Medium Rectangle                                      300 x 250 Medium Rectangle (Top and
      TOP: $55 CPM
                                                                      RATE: $2,100 for two weeks
      BOTTOM: $40 CPM

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                                                                                                                                                    Digital Media

                                                                                                                              Custom eBlast

      EMAIL OPPORTUNITIES                                                        Editorial eNewsletter
      Our emails reach a digital audience of
      engaged readers who have asked to receive
      information from Caribbean Travel + Life
      and our marketing partners. We offer
      several different email opportunities, from
      sponsorship advertising in our editorial
      eNewsletters to custom eBlasts devoted
      entirely to your brand.

        Edit eNewsletter Subscribers                                  85,000
        Custom eBlast Subscribers                                     95,000
                                                                                 Editorial eNewsletter Subscribers   85,000

     EDITORIAL ENEWSLETTER:                            CUSTOM EBLAST:
     728 x 90 -or- 300 x 250                           Your exclusive message.
     RATE: $2,975, per email                           RATE: $9,500, per email                                                Custom eBlast Subscribers   95,000

     Travel Special
     RATE: $1,700, per email

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                                                                                                                          Television & Video

    Each episode of the “Best of the Caribbean” features a different
    Caribbean destination and showcases its best beaches, resorts
    and hotels, attractions, dining, shopping and nightlife.

    1. SPONSORSHIPS                                               3. PRODUCTION & EXECUTION
    A Caribbean destination signs on                              BONNIER will take care of all the
    to be a Destination Sponsor. The                              details, from script development, to
    entire episode will be about that                             filming and editing, to scheduling
    destination, and named after that                             television air time, to marketing and
    destination (For example, “Best of                            promotions.
    Puerto Rico”). Our sales team will
    then seek out Segment and Mini-                               4. PROMOTION
    Segment Sponsors to be featured                               Destination Sponsor will also receive
    within the segments of the episode.                           online and digital promotions on the
    Segments Include: Best Places to                              Best of the Caribbean microsite,
    PLAY, STAY, EAT and SHOP.                                     eNewsletter, and Digital Destination
                                                                  Guides for the iPad. BONNIER will
    2. PRODUCTION SCHEDULE                                        work with the Sponsor to build these
    A television production schedule                              digital elements.
    will be created, beginning with
                                                                                                          Presented By:
    the initial content development                               5. PERFORMANCE RECAP
    meeting between BONNIER and the                               BONNIER will provide a Sponsor
    destination, followed by on-location                          Recap Report at the end of the series   Airs On:
    film dates, production dates, and the                          that includes all air dates, print
    premiere air date on the Discovery                            schedules and online metrics.

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                                                                                                            Television & Video

          The “Best of the Caribbean” show affords advertisers the
          unique opportunity to be directly connected to a brand that
          promotes experiental travel through on-site brand integrations.

          SERIES SPONSOR                                              DESTINATION SPONSOR
          Sponsor of all episodes in the                              This sponsorship is ideal for a
          series. This highest-level sponsor                          specific destination. One entire
          receives top billing in every episode                       episode will promote the Sponsor’s
          on television, on the TV show                               destination with segments on
          microsite and in the campaigns                              where to stay, play, dine and shop.
          to promote the show. Includes                               Includes extended promotion via
          extended exposure in all series                             print, online, email, social media
          promotion via print, online, email,                         and more.
          social media and more.
                                                                      SEGMENT SPONSOR
          EXCLUSIVE EPISODE                                           Perfect for a resort, restaurant,
          SPONSOR                                                     spa, attraction or product that
          This sponsorship is designed for a                          wants to have their business
          destination, cruise line, hotel chain                       featured in the editorial content
          or other travel-related business                            of the show or receive in-show
          that wishes to be the only sponsor                          promotions/ product placements.
          (other than the series sponsor)                             Includes extended promotion via
          featured in one episode.                                    online, email, social media. One

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                                                                                                                              Custom Opportunities

                                                                      CUSTOM OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                      Caribbean Travel + Life has developed strategic partnerships and custom
                                                                      programs with industry leaders including the Caribbean Tourism Organization,
                                                                      Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, Travelocity and BlackBerry. Along with
                                                                      these partnerships, Caribbean Travel + Life also offers a full portfolio of custom
                                                                      marketing opportunities.

                                                                      PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOS                              APPS
                                                                      Cut out the middleman. Let Caribbean Travel       We are engaging our expanding digital
                                                                      + Life’s experienced creative team produce        audience through custom apps that deliver
                                                                      world-class photography and videos that tie       premium content on demand. These iPhone
                                                                      the content our readers are most hungry for       and iPad accessible apps are also available
                                                                      to your brand message.                            as turnkey, white-label apps for your
                                                                                                                        brand, including both IOS development and
                                                                      CONTESTS                                          compelling content that we can create for
                                                                      Online contests are among the most popular        you.
                                                                      features on our website. Not only are contests
                                                                      a great way to promote your destination,          CREATIVE SERVICES
                                                                      property or product, but they also include opt-   Not only can Caribbean Travel + Life provide
                                                                      in email database generation, providing you       you with the platforms to deliver your
                                                                      with a list for future marketing opportunities.   message, but we can also help you with a
                                                                                                                        myriad of consultative services pre- and post-
                                                                      DESTINATION PAGE/BRAND CHANNEL                    campaign. These services include, but are
                                                                      Continuing coverage of your brand                 not limited to market research, competitive
                                                                      throughout the year can be aggregated             analysis, brand audits, campaign messaging,
                                                                      into this co-branded, focused web content         creative design services, custom printing
                                                                      experience that includes articles, photo          solutions and campaign research.
                                                                      galleries and more. Your destination page/
                                                                      brand channel will be accessible through
                                                                      the main navigation bar on the homepage of           Contact your Regional Director
                                                                                          for custom pricing according to
                                                                                                                                    your marketing needs.

Contact your Regional Director or to advertise.
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                                                                                                                                                                          2012 PRINT AD RATE CARD

   GENERAL DISPLAY                                                                                     1x                   4x                         8x
   Spread                                                                                              $45,990              $43,005                    $40,705
   Full Page                                                                                           $22,995              $21,500                    $20,350
   2/3 Page                                                                                            $18,175              $16,995                    $16,085
   1/2 Page                                                                                            $14,375              $13,440                    $12,720
   1/3 Page                                                                                            $9,955               $9,310                     $8,810

   COVERS                                                                                              1x                   4x                         8x
   2nd + Pg 3 (Cover Spread)                                                                           $50,590              $47,305                    $44,770
   2nd                                                                                                 $27,595              $25,800                    $24,425            FREQUENCY           8x

   3rd                                                                                                 $25,295              $23,650                    $22,385
   4th                                                                                                 $29,895              $27,950                    $26,455            EFFECTIVE JAN/FEB 2012
   VILLA VACATIONS                                                                                     1x                   4x                         8x                 CIRCULATION 150,000
   Full Page (March Issue Only)                                                                        $13,795              $12,900                    $12,210
   1/3 Page                                                                                            $5,975               $5,585                     $5,285             READER FACTS
   1/6 Page                                                                                            $3,450               $3,225                     $3,050                •	56%/44% Male/Female
                                                                                                                                                                             •	51 Average Age
   MARKETPLACE                                                                                         1x                   4x                         8x
   Display/Inch                                                                                        $500                 -                          -                     •	$154,200 Median Household
   Per Word                                                                                            $10.05               -                          -
                                                                                                                                                                             •	$583,500 Median
                                                                                                                                                                               Net Worth
                                                                                                                 SPACE          MATERIALS   ON              ON eREADER/      •	99% Own a Valid Passport
  ISSUE                                THEME                          SPECIAL SECTIONS                           CLOSE          DUE         SALE            TABLET
                                                                                                                                                                             •	$5,261 Average Spent on a
  January/February                     Ultimate Beaches               Romantic Caribbean                         10/25/11       10/28/11    12/20/11        12/10/11           Typical Caribbean Trip
  March                                All-Inclusives                 Mexican Caribbean; Dominican Republic      12/20/11       12/23/11    2/14/12         2/4/12
                                                                                                                                                                          CONTACT INFO
  April                                Snorkeling Issue               Puerto Rico; Aruba                         1/24/12        1/27/12     3/20/12         3/10/12       For more information, contact
  May                                  The Food Issue                 Family Travel; Villas                      2/28/12        3/2/12      4/24/12         4/14/12       your Regional Director or

  June/July                            Villas Made Simple             Puerto Rico; Turks + Caicos                4/3/12         4/6/12      5/29/12         5/19/12       Ernie Renzulli, Group Publisher
                                                                                                                                                                          407-571-4615 / 212-219-7404
  August/September                     Caribbean Confidential          Cayman Islands; St. Lucia                  5/22/12        5/25/12     7/17/12         7/7/12
  October/November                     Cruising Issue                 Belize; St. Martin/St. Marteen             7/10/12        7/13/12     9/11/12         9/1/12
  December                             Top Spots for 2013             Puerto Rico, Villas                        9/4/12         9/7/12      10/30/12        10/20/12      Sources: 2011 Caribbean Travel + Life,
                                                                                                                                                                          Reader Survey, HHI $100k+, Walker
 *Schedules and themes are subject to change.                                                                                                                             Communications

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                                                                                                                                                    2012 PRINT ADVERTISING TERMS + CONDITIONS

   1. Rates on this card are e ective until superceded and are stated in U.S. Dollars.

   2. Submission of advertising for publication constitutes acceptance of these terms by Advertiser and Agency. No conditions other than those set forth on this rate card and the insertion order
   shall be binding on the Publisher unless speci cally agreed to in writing by the Publisher.

   3. All advertisements and their content are subject to Publisher’s approval. Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, insertion order, space reservation or position
   commitment at any time. Publisher shall not be liable for any costs or damages if for any reason Publisher fails to publish an advertisement, or for errors in key number or advertiser index.

   4. Conditions, other than rates, are subject to change by Publisher without notice. Rates are subject to change upon notice from the Publisher. Cancellation of any space reservation by the
   Advertiser or its Agency for any reason other than a change in rates will result in an adjustment of the rate (shortage) based on past and subsequent insertions to re ect actual space used at
   the earned frequency or volume rate. Advertiser and Agency agree to pay for incomplete contracts at the shortage rate.

   5. Cancellation or changes in orders may not be made by the Advertiser or its Agency after the closing date. Advertisements not received by closing date will not be entitled to approval or
   revision by Advertiser or its Agency. Publisher is not responsible for loss or damage of any advertising materials.

   6. Positioning of advertisements is at the discretion of the Publisher except where request for a speci c position is granted, in writing, by the Publisher.

   7. Publisher is not liable for delays in delivery, or non-delivery, in the event of an Act of God, action by any governmental or quasi-governmental entity, re, ood, insurrection, riot, explosion,
   embargo, strikes whether legal or illegal, labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind, work slow down, or any condition beyond the control of Publisher a ecting production
   or delivery in any manner.

   8. Advertiser and its Agency shall be jointly and severally liable for monies due and payable to Publisher for advertising ordered and published. Should collection e orts become necessary,
   Advertiser and its Agency agree to pay attorney fees, expenses, and costs incurred in connection with collection of all monies due.

   9. Advertiser and its Agency warrant that they are properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter of all advertising submitted for publication. Advertiser and its Agency
   agree to indemnify and hold Publisher harmless from and against any loss, expense or other liability resulting from any claims or suits for misappropriation, libel, violation of rights of privacy,
   plagiarism, copyright infringement and any other claims or suits that may arise out of the publication of such advertisement. When advertisements containing the names, likenesses and/or
   testimonials of living persons are submitted for publication, the order or request for the publication thereof constitutes a warranty by the Advertiser and its Agency that they have obtained written
   consent of the use of the name, likeness and/or testimonial of each and every living person which is contained therein.

   10. Until credit is approved, Advertisements are run on a prepaid basis only. After approval, credit terms are Net 30 days.

Contact your Regional Director or to advertise.
17 | | 2012 MEDIA KIT | Last Updated 04/2012
                                                                                                                                                                        2012 PRINT ADVERTISING SPECIFICATIONS

  BOOK SPECIFICATIONS                                                           Match Print, Progressive Press Proof, Fuji Pictro, Fuji Final Proof.   SHIPPING INFORMATION: (All nal ad materials as well as
  Trim Size: 8 1/8" x 10 3/4" Bleed Size: 8 3/8" x 11" No live matter           Proofs are required regardless of le delivery mode. If contract        photos, copy, logos, etc. for ad design services at Caribbean
  within 1⁄4" of nal trim size. On spreads allow 1/8" safety on each            proof is not supplied, we will generate an Epson proof, and            Travel+Life)
  side of the gutter. All marks should be o set at least .125” from             additional charges may apply. The publisher and printer will not
                                                                                accept responsibility when contract proofs are not submitted.          MICHELLE DOSTER, Caribbean Travel + Life
  trim. All ads supplied must be CMYK. For ads requiring a spot                                                                                        460 North Orlando Avenue, Suite 200, Winter Park, FL 32789
  color, please contact your production manager for speci cations.                                                                                     407-571-4782 /
                                                                                MEDIA TRANSFER: CD, DVD
  Binding: Perfect Bound Jog: to Foot                                           ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSIONS
                                                                                Ad les can be delivered via our Ad Portal at adportal.bonniercorp.     MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS
  Supplied materials that do not comply with the following                      com. For ads supplied electronically, advertiser must supply an        Display Ad                       Width                       Height
  speci cations will be corrected and the advertiser billed for the             additional content proo ng le. If one is not supplied, a con rmation
                                                                                PDF proof will be sent to advertiser for approval and an Epson proof   Full Page With Bleed             8-3/8”(8.375”)              11”
  required production.
                                                                                will be made for full page ads and spreads, and additional charges     Full Page Non-Bleed              7-7/8” (7.875)              10-1/2” (10.5”)
  AD SIZES: All ads must be created to exact size speci cations                 may apply. We do not accept ads via e-mail.
  listed on the rate card or will incur charges for resizing.                   Electronic les are stored for one year, unless otherwise               2-Page Spread Trim*              16-1/4” (16.25”)            10-3/4” (10.75”)
                                                                                requested in writing.
                                                                                                                                                       2-Page Spread With Bleed* 16-1/2” (16.5”)                    11”
  *Please supply spread les as a single spread document. Hold
  live matter 1/4” from trim on all sides of spreads and full page              INSERTS: Consult your advertising representative. Production,          2/3 Page Vertical                4-9/16” (4.5625”)           10”
  ads.                                                                          design and prepress services are available; rates upon request.
                                                                                                                                                       1/2 Page Horizontal              7”                          4-7/8” (4.875”)
  REQUIRED FORMAT: PDF/X-1a format is the required le                           Materials Requirements for In-House Design Services:                   1/3 Page Vertical                2-3/16” (2.1875”)           10”
  format for submission. When preparing PDF/X-1a les, careful                   Photos: Color scans should be 300 dpi in CMYK. B/W scans should
                                                                                be 300 dpi grayscale.                                                  1/3 Page Square                  4-9/16” (4.5625”)           4-7/8” (4.875”)
  attention must be paid to ensure they are properly created and will
  reproduce correctly. Please see                                                                                       1/6 Page Vertical                2-3/16” (2.1875”)           4-7/8” (4.875”)
  acrobat/standards.html for guidelines and instructions. Files                 LOGOS: Vector .eps or .ai les are preferred. Type should be
                                                                                converted to outlines unless the fonts are provided. Jpgs should       1/12 Page Square                 2-3/16” (2.1875”)           2-3/8” (2.375”)
  should conform to SWOP guidelines, and total ink density should
  not exceed 300%. View speci cations online at                       be 300 dpi.
                                                                                                                                                       *Please Supply Spread Files As A Single Spread Document.
  PROOFS: For full page and spread ads, advertisers MUST submit                 If you are supplying native les for us to work with, they must          Hold live matter 1/4” (.25”) from trim on all four sides.
  a contract-level digital proof at full size that conforms to SWOP             be accompanied by the fonts used in those les. Black type on
  standards (including a color bar) for all digital les. Client-supplied        light background should be de ned as 100% black ONLY. Files
  contract proof is required to guarantee color. Acceptable contract            should conform to SWOP guidelines, and total ink density should
  proofs include: Epson Contract Proof, IRIS, Kodak Approval, Digital           not exceed 300%.

                                                                                                  SPACE        MATERIALS       ON          ON eREADER/
   ISSUE             THEME                          SPECIAL SECTIONS                              CLOSE        DUE             SALE        TABLET
   JAN/FEB           Ultimate Beaches               Romantic Caribbean                            10/25/11     10/28/11        12/20/11    12/10/11
                                                                                                                                                                              FULL PAGE            FULL PAGE
   MAR               All-Inclusives                 Mexican Caribbean; Dominican Republic         12/20/11     12/23/11        2/14/12     2/4/12                               BLEED              NON-BLEED

   APR               Snorkeling Issue               Puerto Rico; Aruba                            1/24/12      1/27/12         3/20/12     3/10/12
   MAY               The Food Issue                 Family Travel; Villas                         2/28/12      3/2/12          4/24/12     4/14/12
   JUN/JUL           Villas Made Simple             Puerto Rico; Turks + Caicos                   4/3/12       4/6/12          5/29/12     5/19/12
   AUG/SEPT          Caribbean Confidential          Cayman Islands; St. Lucia                     5/22/12      5/25/12         7/17/12     7/7/12                                                    2/3

   OCT/NOV           Cruising Issue                 Belize; St. Martin/St. Marteen                7/10/12      7/13/12         9/11/12     9/1/12                             1/2 PAGE                         1/6
                                                                                                                                                                             NON-BLEED                        VERT.

   DEC               Top Spots for 2013             Puerto Rico, Villas                           9/4/12       9/7/12          10/30/12    10/20/12

   *Schedules and themes are subject to change.

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                                                                                                                                                                                        2012 DIGITAL AD RATE CARD

  EMAIL                                                           RATE      INFO

  Custom eBlast                                                   $9,500    Your exclusive message. Price is per email.

  Editorial eNewsletter Display Ad                                $2,975    728 x 90 or 300 x 250. Price is per email.

  Editorial eNewsletter Travel Special                            $1,700    Includes image and description. Price is per special, per email.

  Editorial eNewsletter Sweepstakes/Contest Promotion             $1,700    Includes image and description. Price is per promotion, per email.

  DISPLAY ADS                                                     RATE      INFO

  728 x 90 Leaderboard                                            $55 CPM   Run of Site
  300 x 250 Medium Rectangle (Top)                                $55 CPM   Run of Site                                                                                                         AVERAGE MONTHLY
                                                                                                                                                                                                   PAGE VIEWS
  300 x 250 Medium Rectangle (Bottom)                             $40 CPM   Run of Site

  Homepage Brand Blocking                                         $2,100
                                                                            Includes exclusive sponsorship of 3 homepage ad units for two weeks — one 728 x 90 Leaderboard
                                                                            and two 300 x 250 Medium Rectangles.
                                                                                                                                                                                                AVERAGE MONTHLY
  SWEEPSTAKES / CONTESTS                                          RATE      INFO                                                                                                                 UNIQUE VISITORS

                                                                            Includes promotion: 1X Custom eBlast sent to brand database; 1X Editorial eNewsletter promotion;
  Sweepstakes/Contest with Promotion                              $9,820
                                                                            45,000 (below the fold) ROS impressions; Database of opt-in leads
                                                                                                                                                                                                MINUTES AVERAGE
  Sweepstakes/Contest                                             $1,000    Includes hosting and ful llment. Sponsor provides prize.                                                              TIME ON SITE

  TRAVEL SPECIAL                                                  RATE      INFO                                                                                                                   85,000+
  Travel Special                                                  $100      Per special, per month.                                                                                          EDITORIAL ENEWSLETTER
  ONLINE DESTINATION GUIDE                                        RATE      INFO

  Ultimate Travel Guides for Destinations                         $7,500
                                                                            Price is per year. Includes custom content about your destination featuring the best places to eat, play,              95,000+
                                                                            explore and more.                                                                                                     CUSTOM EBLAST

For more information, contact your Regional Director or Ernie Renzulli, Group Publisher,                                                                                                       FACEBOOK FANS AND
407-571-4615 / 212-219-7404,                                                                                                                                   TWITTER FOLLOWERS

                                                                                                                                                                                              Sources: Omniture Site Catalyst Monthly
                                                                                                                                                                                              Average Q1 2012; Silverpop, August

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                                                                                                                                                                                        2012 DIGITAL AD SPECS

   STANDARD GUIDELINES: These guidelines are consistent               MOUSE OVER/MOUSE OFF                                             AD SIZES
   with the Interactive Advertising Bureau speci cations              •	 Ad should expand upon mouse over or click on expand
   (                                                         button                                                        AD UNIT                     DIMENSIONS        FILE SIZE           FILE TYPE
   •	 Doubleclick is used to serve all Bonnier corp                   •	 Ad should retract upon mouse o or clicking a close            Leaderboard                 728x90 Pixels     72 dpi, 30 kb max   gif, jpg, swf
      Advertisments                                                      button
                                                                      •	 If the ad expands with user click, the panel still must       Medium Rectangle            300x250 Pixels    72 dpi, 30 kb max   gif, jpg, swf
   •	 There is a 24-hour turnaround time once all creatives are
      submitted to Online Advertising Operations                         retract when mouse is removed                                 eNews Med Rectangle         300x250 Pixels    72 dpi, 30 kb max   gif, jpg
   •	 All ad units must launch a new browser window when              •	 Any sound should be user initiated by click, not mouse        Custom eBlast               600 Pixels Wide   72 dpi, 30 kb max   html
      clicked on
                                                                      FLASH AD UNITS                                                   Video Hosting               608x300 pixels    40 mb max            v, avi, mov
   •	 All static ads types are accepted (.jpg, .gif, .swf, .html)
                                                                      •	 Flash les served via DoubleClick must be coded properly       Logo Sponsorship            150x40 Pixels     30 kb max           gif, jpg
   •	 Max initial load le size should not exceed 30k                     for proper click and impression tracking
   Below is a list of the most commonly used third party                                                                               Travel Special              n/a               72 dpi, 30 kb max   gif, jpg
                                                                      •	 All Flash les must be submitted as a .SWF le with
   vendors. For a complete list of approved vendors please               accompanying back up gif/jpg for display to users who
   contact the Ad Ops team. Bonnier has the ability to serve             do not accept Flash
   third party tags that are not on the list of approved vendors
   but we will not be able to track click-throughs.                   •	 A click through URL must be supplied
                                                                      •	 We accept ash version 6-10                                                     728 x 90
   PARTY AD TAGS                     PARTY RICH MEDIA                 Flash MX/All Versions
   Atlas                             Eyeblaster                       A clickable ash object such as a button or hitarea in the
   Bluestreak                        EyeReturn                          ash movie clip will require some actionscript attached to           300 x 250

   DoubleClick                       Eyewonder                        it.
   Interpolls                        Pointroll                        1. Associate the on(release) event with that object.
   Mediaplex                         Unicast
                                                                      2. The object will now listen for that particular event. When
                                                                      the event occurs it will trigger actionscript instructions.
                                                                      3. Place the ‘getURL(clickTAG);’ actionscript as the
   •	 Third Party tags should be served via JavaScript Ad calls,      instructions. The ash ad code generated will be
      not iframes                                                     programmed to pass in the ‘clickTAG’ as a parameter to that
   •	 Audio needs be user initiated with a clearly recognizable         ash ad upon which clicking on the ad will direct the user to
      on/o button                                                     the click through URL value found in the clickTAG.
   •	 All oating ad units should have a clearly recognizable          4. Make sure to check o the “Expression” checkbox for the
      close button                                                    URL eld that is the variable for the getURL actionscript
   •	 Max initial load le size should not exceed 30k
   •	 Additional polite download should not exceed 80k                Button Code: on (release) {getURL (_level0.clickTag, “_
   •	 Frame rate per second should not exceed 18fps                   blank”);}
   •	 Animation length should not exceed 15 seconds
                                                                      The extra parameter for the getURL function determines
                                                                      the target window for the redirected content. “_blank” will
   EXPANDING ADS                                                      generate a new browser window.
   Most Common Sizes:                 Expanded Dimension:
   728x90                             728x225
                                                                      Kari Ardelean
   300x250                            400x350, 300x600,      / 407-571-3245

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                                                                         Contact Information

      Scott Harrell / / 407-571-4819

      John Graham / / 212-779-5158

      Julie Kittredge / / 813-877-6959

      Valerie Aguilar / / 805-452-0679

      Viveca Caldara / / 407-461-9388

      Kerry Neujhar / / 407-571-4898

      >>> Ernie Renzulli, Group Publisher

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