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					Domains Are Secure :: Legal Issues :: Subpoena Policy          

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Domains Are Secure :: Legal Issues :: Subpoena Policy    

                 Legal Issues                                          How to get a Private
                 Subpoena Policy
                                                                       Our private registration
                 DOMAINS ARE SECURE                                    services are available
                 Civil Subpoena Policy                                 through affiliated Registars
                                                                       who bill our services directly
                                                                       and help you:
                  Domains ARE SECURE Civil Subpoena
                  Policy                                               You can also order a private
                                                                       registration by yourself.
                  Domains Are Secure Privacy Policy prohibits
                  the release of customer or account                   Get a Private Registration
                  information without express permission from          (click here)
                  the customer, except when required by law,
                  to conform to the edicts of the law, or to           Public vs. Private
                  comply with legal process properly served on         (DomainsAreSecure)
                  Domains Are Secure or one of its affiliates.         registration:
                  If you seek the identity or account
                  information of a Domains Are Secure                          SHOW THE
                  customer in connection with a civil legal
                  matter, you must fax, mail, or serve Domains               DIFFERENCES
                                                                       Getting an SSL Certificate ?
                  Are Secure with a valid subpoena.
                                                                       Private Registration Prices
                  Submission of Subpoenas
                                                                       Another Great Privacy
                  Domains Are Secure is headquartered in               Product!
                  HENGELO OV, The Netherlands and all civil
                  subpoenas should be served at that location
                  or mailed to:
                  Domains Are Secure
                  Kettingbrugweg 6
                  7552 CW HENGELO OV
                  THE NETHERLANDS

                  Alternatively, the civil subpoena can be faxed
                  Attn: Domains Are Secure Compliance
                  Notice to Customer and Response Time
                  Upon the receipt of a valid civil subpoena,
                  Domains Are Secure will promptly notify the
                  customer whose information is sought via
                  e-mail or postal. mail. If the circumstances
                  do not amount to an emergency, Domains
                  Are Secure will not immediately produce the
                  customer information sought by the
                  subpoena and will provide the customer an
                  opportunity to move to quash the subpoena
                  in court. Domains Are Secure reserves the
                  right to charge an administration fee to the
                  customer by charging the Payment Method
                  the customer has on file with Domains Are

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Domains Are Secure :: Legal Issues :: Subpoena Policy                 

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