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					                     The Beach & Country Guild
                    Minutes of September 7, 2011

Welcome and Opening Remarks:

Colleen Clayton called the meeting to order at 9:40 a.m. The meeting was held
at the home of Maria Parnell.

Members Present:

Colleen Clayton             Marie Daniels               Lynn Owen
Shelia Chue                 Kathy McElhinney            Penelope Kozeny
Andrene Dziubinski          Ashley Roberts              Cele Huntzinger
Angela Sharma               Francine Miley              Jean Carlo
Dusty Kinnear               Maria Parnell               Ilene Lamb
Dee Gordon                  Fran Anderson               Sabrina Heft
Cruz Zahran

The minutes were approved by Andrene Dziubinski and the motion was
seconded by Dusty Kinnear.

Colleen thanked our home hostess Maria Parnell and our treat hostess, Kari
Tradition is that the new President gives a gift to the exiting President, on behalf
of the Beach & Country Guild and UCP:
"Andrene, you are inspirational, fabulous, beautiful, talented, smart and the list
goes on… We are all very lucky to have you lead our team, be part of our team
and be a great friend!"
Colleen handed Andrene a vase which is ingrained with the new Beach &
Country Guild logo. It's in honor of her Presidency last year.
Andrene was so thankful and truly felt it was beautiful.

Angela received a call from a lady in La Jolla who saw our cover in GB
Magazine. When she saw we were having our event at The Grand, she decided
she would like to attend and that this venue would attract women from La Jolla.

Registration: Access is by either- or or simply call Angela at 858-663-6214

Questions with MaestroSoft (technical): Call The Care Team 1-800-438-6498 x2

Dru Ludwig | Client Experience Specialist
1-800-438-6498 x113 or
Dru will be providing us with a one hour training which will cost us $100. We
hope we have many students who can join us.

Please visit this link for additional training:
The Beach & Country Guild
Serial #: AMP3707

We'd like the Finance committee to discuss the option to 'roundup.' A process
we have to learn with MaestroSoft -where our guests' statements will be rounded
up which in turn will increase our overall number/donation.

Colleen: Why do we need everyone to be knowledgeable with MaestroSoft: In
the past, one or two people know how to use the program. We need to In-power
as many people who would like to learn it so we're not in the hands of the power
of one person. We need a team of 8 people who could get in there.

Shelia has been working with AuctionPro. It's capable to do Thank you letters
with our logo depending on the category (donor, attendee etc.) It does not
maintain a full database. So we keep the date base and they'll capture it on an
event to event basis. It's important to keep our database up to date.
Marie: File maker is compatible with MaestroSoft… It will pull the information
from MaestroSoft for auction and registration and will give new records for
them.—worth looking into.

Publicity- we have a donation page live on the website- to make a straight
donation (Nancy Sappington's idea). Availability on every page of the website to
purchase tickets and donation drawing tickets. We have our first publication on
Dia del Sol—Giving Back Magazine! We're on the cover and we have a 2 page
spread on BCG about what we do.
1st press release –what's confirmed: Ranch & Coast, Giving Back Magazine,
Local community Fairbanks Ranch Newsletter, Fine Magazine, RSF Review, and
most likely: Del Mar Times and Carmel Valley News.

Invitation/Signage Coordinator: Dee Gordon
2,000 Invitations are out! Theme came from GB Magazine. Usual format.
Saved money by having color on the outside only. Thank you to everyone who
dedicated over 4 hours to get the invitations out. Shelia dropped them at
UCP. Color matches the program. Invitations look AMAZING!
*We would like to use the same graphics on a 5x7 post card size card with our
bidder numbers. We can use extra for thank you cards. This is expensive so it
may not work. Different ideas are being considered.

Decoration Diva: Lynn Owen
40 center pieces for 40 tables. Gene Carlo got orchids donated by Home Depot!
Creating a pot--- Same red color that you see on the front of the invitation. Table
and dishes are white so the colonial red is our punch of color. Orchids is a mix of
colors. Pots are finished with gold leaf. Some micro-bead work. The look will be
very cool!
All the members should get a table and gather their friends!

Marketing Chair: Maria Parnell
Excited about The Grand- new venue.

Home & Fashion Chair: Francine Miley
Retailers are all ready. Transporting clothes is handled by the store. Scheduling
the bag pick up.

Colleen: About 10 gorgeous kid models. Kids are excited and have been
looking forward to it. Many of our beautiful children have to work-up to do this
fashion show, to have the strength and stamina. We are grateful to have them!

Sponsorship: Nordstrom, Real Living Lifestyle providing a living room with wine.
US Bank will provide water bottles and brochures, Rose Foundation, Terri and
Joe Davis, Linda Fleger Edwards is excited to attend, dress up and loves the

Marlene- Donation drawing:
Current sales = $1150! Way to go ladies! Lizzy and Carole are asking for 2 more ladies
to help them sell tickets and take information during the Event.
1 ticket for $25
2 tickets for $50
8 tickets for $100
Last year we broke all records.
Tiffany: an 18 carrot white gold Atlas medallion pendent necklace. Valued at 1k.
Hermes: a beautiful silk scarf. Valued at $500
4 Padres baseball tickets for opening night.
Dinner for 2 at the University Club. Valued at $250
Burberry travel tote bag. Valued at $250
2 Champaign circle tickets for next year's Dia del Sol.

Rays of Light: Colleen on behalf of Judith Judy
We have received a few Ray of Light donations…  Ray of Lights is a monetary
donation gift to the Guild/UCP, typically by those members that are Life, Angel, or
Honored as a way to continue their contribution and shine financial light for our
friends at UCP

Silent auction and LIVE Auction donations: Cruz Zahran
12 members have sent items. We need to reach out to our members for more
items. 7 items in children's corner- need more. Sport and Entertainment is going
well, 16 items for sports… 3k value. Some things are coming in without a value.
We need the donation form to be completed. Need this before it goes on the
website. We cannot create the certificate, the individual whose donating has to
create that certificate to avoid fraud.

Confusion on the Categories—so here they are:
Children's corner and pets – (7) need help
Sports and Entertainment- doing well
Dining and Entertaining
Great Escapes (0)
Beauty and Fitness (10)

We can drop items off at Terri Davis' office.

The RALLY is on to make another great year of Auctions – actually, we would
love to see THE BEST EVER!!!! Table Captains are set! We will have
volunteers from NCL to help man the tables, AND to help “call-out” bidders
during Live Auction!!

LIVE Auction update! Leslie Anderson
    Giving Back San Diego Life-Style package
    Grand Del Mar Resort Weekend package
    Sea Dream Luxury 7 night Mediterranean cruise for 2
    Skin Authority Spa and Sport Dream give-away for 2 at The old course St.
      Andrews Links, Scotland
    GranSueno, Baja California Sur’s Finest Luxury Retreat for 4
    Dinner for 6 with Rancho Santa Fe Firefighters at the firehouse
    Meadowood stay for 2, and luncheon at Joseph Phelps Winery
Gift Bags: Kari Ravazzolo and “the Court” ;)
Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone sample, Hermes fragrance samples, candy, UCP
pamphlets….???? What else can we bring to make these fabulous?! We need
275 treasures. 50 shopping bags from each of these fashion presenters – Kate
Spade, Nicole Miller, Lily Pulitzer, Karen Millen

Does anyone keep in contact with some of our Beach and Country Guild ladies
from the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's? We would love to connect with them, and honor
them at Dia del Sol. Please let Dee Gordon ( or Colleen

FAV 5 lists from ALL…. who can we add to our invitation list? We all have 5
lovely lady friends who would love to attend Dia Del Sol… Let's invite them!!

**Remember to ask your company if they participate in a matching gift/donation
program. Many US organizations match dollar-for-dollar, up to an aggregate
amount, per calendar year. Please remember to take advantage of this**

Please send us any address or email change.

   We want to have a slide-show on a large screen with shots of UCP, BCG,
    Sponsors, Donors, Rays of Light, Angel Members, etc…. have ideas or
    photos, please sent to me!
   Boutique off-site shopping will still be available, but AFTER the luncheon
   Bobbi Brown lead for make-up touch up “tables” at Event -- Nordstrom of
    UTC artists
   There will be an “Estate Tour” available at the Grand! 4 groups of tours
    will be open after the Live auction for tours of the villas, suites, etc. on
    property at the Grand.

Membership dues: May 15, 2011

Password: bcgmembersonly (Go to member's logon, top of the website, then
enter the password)

NEXT MEETING: October 5th. Need Host home, Angela Sharma is treat

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