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					                            A Flu Hope, or Horror?
                                 By Charles Krauthammer
                                 Friday, October 14, 2005

While official Washington has been poring over Harriet Miers's long-ago doings on the
Dallas City Council and parsing the byzantine comings and goings of the Patrick
Fitzgerald grand jury, relatively unnoticed was perhaps the most momentous event of
our lifetime -- what is left of it, as I shall explain. It was announced last week that U.S.
scientists have just created a living, killing copy of the 1918 "Spanish" flu.

This is big. Very big.

First, it is a scientific achievement of staggering proportions. The Spanish flu has not
been seen on this blue planet for 85 years. Its re-creation is a story of enterprise,
ingenuity, serendipity, hard work and sheer brilliance. It involves finding deep in the
bowels of a military hospital in Washington a couple of tissue samples from the lungs of
soldiers who died in 1918 -- in an autopsy collection first ordered into existence by
Abraham Lincoln -- and the disinterment of an Alaskan Eskimo who died of the flu and
whose remains had been preserved by the permafrost. Then, using slicing and dicing
techniques only Michael Crichton could imagine, they pulled off a microbiological
Jurassic Park: the first-ever resurrection of an ancient pathogen. And not just any
ancient pathogen, explained virologist Eddie Holmes, but "the agent of the most
important disease pandemic in human history."

Which brings us to the second element of this story: Beyond the brilliance lies the sheer
terror. We have brought back to life an agent of near-biblical destruction. It killed more
people in six months than were killed in the four years of World War I. It killed more
humans than any other disease of similar duration in the history of the world, says
Alfred W. Crosby, who wrote a history of the 1918 pandemic. And, notes New Scientist
magazine, when the re-created virus was given to mice in heavily quarantined
laboratories in Atlanta, it killed the mice more quickly than any other flu virus ever tested

Now that I have your attention, consider, with appropriate trepidation, the third element
of this story: What to do with this knowledge? Not only has the virus been physically re-
created, but its entire genome has also now been published for the whole world, good
people and very bad, to see.

The decision to publish was a very close call, terrifyingly close.

On the one hand, we need the knowledge disseminated. We've learned from this
research that the 1918 flu was bird flu, "the most bird-like of all mammalian flu viruses,"
says Jeffery Taubenberger, lead researcher in unraveling the genome. There is a bird
flu epidemic right now in Asia that has infected 117 people and killed 60. It has already
developed a few of the genomic changes that permit transmission to humans.
Therefore, you want to put out the knowledge of the structure of the 1918 flu, which
made the full jump from birds to humans, so that every researcher in the world can
immediately start looking for ways to anticipate, monitor, prevent and counteract similar
changes in today's bird flu.

We are essentially in a life-or-death race with the bird flu. Can we figure out how to
preempt it before it figures out how to evolve into a transmittable form with 1918 lethality
that will decimate humanity? To run that race we need the genetic sequence universally
known -- not just to inform and guide but to galvanize new research.

On the other hand, resurrection of the virus and publication of its structure open the
gates of hell. Anybody, bad guys included, can now create it. Biological knowledge is far
easier to acquire for Osama bin Laden and friends than nuclear knowledge. And if you
can't make this stuff yourself, you can simply order up DNA sequences from commercial
laboratories around the world that will make it and ship it to you on demand.
Taubenberger himself admits that "the technology is available."

And if the bad guys can't make the flu themselves, they could try to steal it. That's not
easy. But the incentive to do so from a secure facility could not be greater. Nature,
which published the full genome sequence, cites Rutgers bacteriologist Richard Ebright
as warning that there is a significant risk "verging on inevitability" of accidental release
into the human population or of theft by a "disgruntled, disturbed or extremist laboratory

Why try to steal loose nukes in Russia? A nuke can only destroy a city. The flu virus,
properly evolved, is potentially a destroyer of civilizations.

We might have just given it to our enemies.

Have a nice day.



(Note from David: We present this as information only. We do not prescribe to the idea that
vitamins are the cure for anything. Believing the Gospel is. 1 Pet. 2:24... by whose stripes ye
were healed.)

Every time I read an article like this [below] (which sounds so "far-fetched" or bazaar) I
am reminded of the LION OF ZION vision my sis had a couple of years ago. She saw a
vaccine which she knew was extremely evil being forced on the American population...
or maybe people would be "scared to death" into taking it. Either way, it will be evil.
Vaccines for bird flu and small pox seem to be the two most probable candidates. She
Just a thought.

Judy lovejoy@whidbey.com

Prepare for Avian Influenza!

(Updated 10/12/2005)

Various U. S. and U. N. agencies and the Council on Foreign Relations are spreading
the word that the Avian Influenza, if it breaks out this fall or winter, could be as severe
as the worldwide Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918, and they are predicting hundreds
of millions of deaths worldwide.

This influenza, currently isolated in China, is a hemorrhagic illness. It kills half of its
victims by rapidly depleting ascorbate (vitamin C) stores in the body, inducing scurvy
and collapse of the arterial blood supply, causing internal hemorrhaging of the lungs
and sinus cavities.

Most people today have barely enough vitamin C in their bodies (typically 60 mg per
day) to prevent scurvy under normal living conditions, and are not prepared for this kind
of illness. (Vitamin C deficiency is the root cause of many infant and childhood deaths
worldwide, and it is the root cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS.)

The way to prepare yourself and protect your family from this influenza is not a vaccine
or anti-viral drug. If vaccines and/or anti-viral drugs are offered to you, please refuse
them. These actually reduce your immunity; vaccines contain many toxic components,
such as aluminum and mercury, and anti-viral drugs interfere with critical body
processes. Historical evidence of vaccinations has shown that they actually increase the
chances of becoming severely ill. The best way to prepare for influenza is by enhancing
your immune system and increasing the amount of vitamin C in your body. [A natural
therapy recommended by Jonathan Campbell, Health Consultant, are available at this
link: http://www.cqs.com/influenza.htm.]

Thursday, October 13, 2005 - FreeMarketNews.com
Little known but much too broad, Project Bioshield is a $5.6 billion program Bush signed into
law in July 2004 that would apparently strip U. S. citizens of any recourse in the event that the
feds decide on certain health-care remedies. These would presumably include the mandatory
application of unproven vaccines to counter real or perceived health threats worldwide.
Recent reports use the term "Bio-Fascism" to characterize initiatives such as Project Bioshield,
describing it as "the merging of the military medical establishment with public health
bureaucracies, to enforce the will of the ostensible federal regulator (the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA)) and Big Pharma. The latter is a descriptive term for the gigantic
transnational drug companies who have used their enormous clout to generate government
programs that mandate the use of their products for so-called public safety purposes. Too often,
as has been seen recently, what is initially perceived as a drug for the public good evolves into a
danger because of unforseen side effects. Vaccines are usually rushed into production without
prior testing, allowing side effects to manifest themselves only through broad application.
President Bush's recent remarks about mandating vaccinations for avian flu is further evidence of
the militarization of public health care and would also seem to reflect a dangerous
misunderstanding about disease and palliative methodologies. Medical science, especially in its
initial stages, is replete with side effects and even ramifications that can carry over into the next
generation. What is perhaps even more worrisome than Bush's plans to militarize public health
care is his focus, one might say obsession, on martial law as a curative for almost every weighty
issue of his second term.
According to an article recently posted on a major alternative news sight entitled Avian Flu
Fright - Politically-Timed For Global 'Iatrogenocide,' Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH
writes that the current hysteria over Avian flu, which Bush seems to share, is actually resulting in
its manufacture in military laboratories in the United States and abroad.
He points out that the Avian Flu, currently causing the slaughter of thousands of wild birds, has
shown no propensity to "mutate" and jump to humans - and in fact such a mutation is highly
unlikely. Rather, what will happen, he predicts, should the hysteria continue unabated is that the
West will respond to public concerns by first creating and then making available a vaccine for
which there is as yet no disease; in other words - since a vaccine is a weak form of what it is
intended to combat - introduce into the real world the deadly virus that probably would not
otherwise make its appearance.
"To make the human vaccine specific for the H5N1 mutant virus," he writes, "you must start
with the human virus which does not yet exist, except in perhaps military-biomedical-
pharmaceutical laboratories. In fact, this is precisely what is being prepared based on news
reports. To produce the human pathogen, the avian virus must be cultured for lengthy periods of
time in human cell cultures, then injected into monkeys and ultimately humans to see if these
experimental subjects get the same feared flu. Thus, the flu virus the world currently fears most
is either:
1) Now being prepared in labs paid by industrialists with massive wealth-building incentives to
"accidentally release the virus; or

2) has already been prepared in such labs to take advantage of this current fright and
future sales following the virus's release.

Remember, to be effective against a virus, a vaccine is said to require specificity. If authorities
were to now have the main H5N1 Avian flu strain feared to spread at some future date there's no
assurance by the time they developed the vaccine the strain would remain sufficiently the same
for the vaccine to be effective anyway due to expected viral mutations. Viral mutations over time
is a function of the agent's newness. New man-made viruses, laboratory creations, like the ones
currently being prepared for vaccine trials, are less stable not having evolved over the millennia.
Thus, the entire vaccine effort is largely, if not entirely, a sham with ulterior motives."
And he adds, "Remember too, that a vaccine's reliability requires years, or at least months, of
testing in the targeted population. Vaccine injury data must, or should, be meticulously collected
over this period to assure the vaccine is not killing and maiming more persons than it is helping
or saving. Can you seriously believe this assurance will be provided by government or
pharmaceutical industry officials in this pandemic's wake? FEMA's failed Katrina response pales
by comparison to this public health liability and vaccine-injury certainty." -ST
IAHF Webmaster: Breaking News, What's New, What to Do, Genocide
IAHF List: Please read the thought provoking article (below) by Jonathan Campbell who has
extrapolated from Horowitz recent article to ask some questions and to examine aspects of this
nightmarish situation that Horowitz failed to explore.

I share Jonathan's concerns and agree with his thoughts on what to do. Something
ELSE to do: Please forward this article to your Congressman, and demand to know how
it makes sense for the government to contract two vaccine manufacturers to test an
avian flu vaccine on 450 people in Los Angeles CA, Rochester NY and Baltimore MD
given that some percentage of these test subjects will GET AVIAN FLU from the
vaccine and that they'll PASS IT ON to more people and there's NO NATURAL

If you want to CREATE A PANDEMIC where none would otherwise OCCUR, and you want to
trigger martial law this is certainly one way to do this. QUESTION: Does congress just intend to
sit back and ALLOW our country to be DESTROYED FROM WITHIN this way? If I lived in or
near LA, Rochester, or Baltimore right now, I would MOVE!! If you live in these cities, you
must especially RAISE HELL about this! Communicate with City Hall. Make an appointment
with them. Show them this article. Make an appointment with your Senator's and Congressman's
office, and if no one listens: MOVE!! Also, see this interview on this subject with Congressman
Ron Paul who also shares our concerns:
Will government experimentation cause an Avian Flu Epidemic? by Jonathan Campbell
Dr. Len Horowitz has recently expounded on the origins of epidemics and their causes, in a
wide-ranging article - Avian Flu Fright: Politically Timed for Global "Iatrogenocide" - a copy of
which I have placed on my website at http://www.cqs.com/horowitz.htm since I cannot yet find
it published anywhere else. (In the article, Dr. Horowitz specifically gives permission for anyone
to do so to get the word out.)
While I do not subscribe to everything Dr. Horowitz says in the article, he has some profound
observations about epidemics and their connection to vaccines. And he reminds us: Vaccines are
based on existing virus cultures, since they use "attenuated" or "inactivated" copies of the viruses
to supposedly invoke the human immune system to create antibodies.
Now add to this information: a small percentage of people who are treated with vaccines actually
get the full-blown illness. This still happens with all the vaccines for childhood illness, even with
polio vaccine. Since Avian Influenza supposedly kills more than 50% of its victims, and since
there is no natural immunity in the rest of the population, this is an extremely serious matter.
How would they prevent those unfortunate enough to get the full-blown illness from spreading it
to the mostly-unprotected population?
After reading Dr. Horowitz's article, I remembered that there have been recent press releases
about experimental vaccines that are being prepared - right now - for Avian Influenza, and
federal authorities were concerned that not enough will be available if there is an outbreak or
epidemic. But something doesn't make sense: Other articles have stated that the Avian Flu
hasn't mutated yet to be able to spread from human to human easily. So how are they
creating a vaccine for a virus that doesn't exist yet? And how are they testing such a
vaccine, for a virus that supposedly kills more than 50% of its victims?
The answer was even more horrifying than the question: two U. S. companies have been
contracted to create and test Avian Flu vaccines on 450 voluntary human subjects in three cities:
Rochester, NY, Baltimore MD, and Los Angeles, CA, using a culture of H5N1 Avian Flu
isolated in China in 2004. In this article published by the National Institute of Allergy and
Infectious Diseases (NIAID), there is no mention of quarantine for the test subjects:
What does this mean? They are playing with fire. 450 people in three major cities are being
"vaccinated" with an "experimental" vaccine with a supposedly "inactivated" virus that kills
more than half of its victims if it is fully active, and for which there is not yet any natural
immunity. If a minor error is made in the "inactivation" of the virus, many of those volunteers
could contract full-blown Avian Influenza. And, statistically, even if no errors are made in
vaccine creation, it is likely that at least one of them will contract the illness and may spread it to
Finally, even if the vaccine is "successful" and then used to vaccinate thousands or even millions
of people, a small percentage of people who are vaccinated will likely become ill, and likely to
spread the virus to others who are not vaccinated. In other words, this experimentation is likely
What to do?
From the information above, it now seems likely that there WILL be an Avian Flu epidemic this
winter, either carried here from the Far East or caused by vaccine experimentation. Please read
and refer people to the Avian Flu protection article at http://www.cqs.com/influenza.htm
Stock up on the immune-boosting supplements suggested in the article. Tell people that it is not
necessary (or even advisable) to seek the vaccine or anti-viral drugs currently being promoted by
the government. Finally, if forced vaccinations and quarantines come to pass, the suggested acute
illness regimen in that article can offset the toxic effects of the vaccine and likely protect against
contracting illness from it. This article is available at http://www.cqs.com/epidemic.htm.
Jonathan Campbell
Health Consultant

              Aboriginal People Inoculated and Dying
The Mask Slips, for Those with Eyes to See: Preparing for the Real Pandemic
by Kevin D. Annett, M.A., M.Div.

Last week, many of the aboriginal people in the remote west coast village of Ahousaht
were inoculated with the Tamiflu vaccine. Today, over a hundred of them are sick, and
the sickness is spreading.

In the same week, body bags were sent to similarly remote native reserves in northern
Manitoba that have also received the Tamiflu vaccine.

On the face of things, it appears that flu vaccinations are causing a sickness that is
being deliberately aimed at aboriginal people across Canada, and this sickness will be
fatal: a fact acknowledged by the Canadian government by their "routine" sending of
body bags to these Indian villages.

Before you express your shock and denial at the idea that people are being racially
targeted and killed, remember that murdering Indians with vaccinations is not a new or
abnormal thing in Canada. Indeed, it's how we Europeans "won the land", and it's one
of the ways we keep it.

In 1862, Anglican church missionaries Rev. John Sheepshanks and Robert Brown
inoculated interior Salish Indians in B.C. with a live smallpox virus that wiped out entire
native communities within a month, just prior to the settlement of this native land by gold
prospectors associated with these missionaries and government officials.

In 1909, Dr. Peter Bryce of the Indian Affairs department in Ottawa claimed that
Catholic and Protestant churches were deliberately exposing native children to smallpox
and tuberculosis in residential schools across Canada, and letting them die untreated.
Thousands of children died as a result. (Globe and Mail, April 24, 2007)

In 1932, B.C. provincial police attempted to lay charges against Catholic missionaries
who had sent smallpox-laden Indian children back among their families along the Fraser
river near Mission, BC. The RCMP intervened and protected the church, even though
whole villages were wiped out as a result of the church's actions.

In 1969, native children who escaped from the Nanaimo Indian Hospital on
Vancouver Island described being inoculated with shots that caused many of them to
die "with bloated up bodies and scabs all over", to quote one survivor.

Knowing this history, it's not surprising when Indians on isolated Canadian reserves
start sickening and dying en masse from sudden illnesses, after receiving flu shots.
After all, it's still the law in Canada, under the apartheid Indian Act, that no on-reserve
Indian can refuse medical treatments or experimentation. So it's small wonder that
these reserves are the places being targeted first to be injected with untested, unsafe
and potentially lethal flu vaccines.

As an entire race of involuntary test subjects, Indians in Canada are a weather vane for
what will befall all of us, and very soon. For the very techniques and weapons of
genocide perfected against aboriginal people are now being deployed against
"mainstream" Canadians.

Under Bill C-6, which is about to pass third reading in Parliament and become the law,
no Canadian will be allowed to refuse inoculations for the swine flu, despite the fact that
it is relatively benign and mild, and has killed only people who are already immune-
compromised. Indeed, it is astounding that such coercion and dictatorial laws are being
employed to deal with what the chief Canadian Health Officer has called a "mild
seasonal flu".

Clearly, another agenda is at work; but the time to ascertain and challenge that agenda
has all but run out. This coming month, forced inoculations and imprisonment of those
who refuse them may be a reality across Canada. And for what reason? Clearly, not for
public health, considering the sickness and death caused by previous swine flu

I believe that the real pandemic is about to be unleashed through the very vaccines
being pushed by governments and pharmaceutical giants like Novartis and Glaxo
SmithKline. The shots will be the cause, not the cure, of the pandemic. Of course, those
in power can disprove this by simply being the first people to take the swine flu shot: an
event about as likely as these companies forgoing the multi-billion dollar profits they will
reap from the mass vaccinations.

It's indeed ironic that, very soon, many "white" Canadians may be suffering the same
fate that aboriginal people have for centuries. Perhaps it's fitting. For if we are indeed
being targeted for extermination, or at the least martial law and dictatorship, we finally
can have the chance to shed our complicity in the genocide of other people, and get on
the right side of humanity - simply by having to fight the system that is causing mass

                     Avian Flu in Vaccine Materials
Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine
Materials Sent to 18 Countries
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor
(NaturalNews) There's a popular medical thriller novel in which a global pandemic is
intentionally set off by an evil plot designed to reduce the human population. In the
book, a nefarious drug company inserts live avian flu viruses into vaccine materials that
are distributed to countries around the world to be injected into patients as "flu shots."
Those patients then become carriers for these highly-virulent strains of avian flu which
go on to infect the world population and cause widespread death.

There's only one problem with this story: It's not fiction. Or, at least, the part about live
avian flu viruses being inserted into vaccine materials isn't fiction. It's happening right

Deerfield, Illinois-based pharmaceutical company Baxter International Inc. has just
been caught shipping live avian flu viruses mixed with vaccine material to medical
distributors in 18 countries. The "mistake" (if you can call it that, see below...) was
discovered by the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada. The World Health
Organization was alerted and panic spread throughout the vaccine community as health
experts asked the obvious question: How could this have happened?

As published on LifeGen.de (http://www.lifegen.de/newsip/showne...), serious questions
like this are being raised:

"Baxter International Inc. in Austria 'unintentionally contaminated samples with the bird
flu virus that were used in laboratories in 3 neighbouring co! untries, raising concern
about the potential spread of the deadly disease'. Austria, Germany, Slowenia and the
Czech Republic - these are the countries in which labs were hit with dangerous viruses.
Not by bioterrorist commandos, but by Baxter. In other words: One of the major global
pharmaceutical players seems to have lost control over a virus which is considered by
many virologists to be one of the components leading some day to a new pandemic."

Or, put another way, Baxter is acting a whole lot like a biological terrorism
organization these days, sending deadly viral samples around the world. If you mail
an envelope full of anthrax to your Senator, you get arrested as a terrorist. So why is
Baxter -- which mailed samples of a far more deadly viral strain to labs around the world
-- getting away with saying, essentially, "Oops?"

But there's a bigger question in all this: How could this company have accidentally
mixed LIVE avian flu viruses (both H5N1 and H3N2, the human form) in this vaccine

Was the viral contamination intentional?
The shocking answer is that this couldn't have been an accident. Why? Because Baxter
International adheres to something called BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3) - a set of laboratory
safety protocols that prevent the cross-contamination of materials.

As explained on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biosaf...):

"Laboratory personnel have specific training in handling pathogenic and potentially
lethal agents, and are supervised by competent scientists who are experienced in
working with these agents. This is considered a neutral or warm zone. All procedures
involving the manipulation of infectious materials are conducted within biological safety
cabinets or other physical containment devices, or by personnel wearing appropriate
personal protective clothing and equipment. The laboratory has special engineering and
design features."

Under the BSL3 code of conduct, it is impossible for live avian flu viruses to
contaminate production vaccine materials that are shipped out to vendors around the

This leaves only two possibilities that explain these events:
Possibility #1: Baxter isn't following BSL3 safety guidelines or is so sloppy in following
them that it can make monumental mistakes that threaten the safety of the entire human
race. And if that's the case, then why are we injecting our children with vaccines made
from Baxter's materials?

Possibility #2: A rogue employee (or an evil plot from the top management) is present
at Baxter, whereby live avian flu viruses were intentionally placed into the vaccine
materials in the hope that such materials might be injected into humans and set off a
global bird flu pandemi! c. It just so happens that a global bird flu pandemic would
sell a LOT of bird flu vaccines. Although some naive people have a hard time
believing that corporations would endanger human beings to make money, this is
precisely the way corporations now behave in America's ethically-challenged free-
market environment. (Remember Enron? Exxon? Merck? DuPont? Monsanto? Need I
go on?)

Make no mistake: Spreading bird flu is a clever way to create demand for bird flu
vaccines, and we've all seen very clearly how drug companies first market the problem
and then "leap to the rescue" by selling the solution. (Disease mongering of ADHD,
bipolar disorder, etc.)

Why it all suddenly makes sense
Until today, I would not have personally believed such a story. I personally thought talk
of bird flu vaccines being "weaponized" was just alarmist hype. But now, in light of the
fact that LIVE bird flu viruses are being openly found in vaccine materials that are
distributed around the world, I must admit the evidence is increasingly compelling that
something extremely dangerous is afoot.

Baxter, through either its mistakes or its evil intentions, just put the safety of the entire
human race at risk. Given all the laboratory protocols put in place to prevent this kind
of thing, it is difficult to believe this was just a mistake.

There is some speculation, in fact, that the 1918 influenza pandemic, which killed up to
50 million people worldwide (http://images.google.com/images?hl=...), was intentionally
started by injecting servicemen with "experimental" flu vaccines that actually contained
live, "weaponized" flu material just like the material being distributed by Baxter today.

Examine the historical record. You'll find that the 1918 flu originated with servicemen.
Even more interestingly, it began in multiple cities, simultaneously! There is no single
point of origin with the 1918 flu. It appears to have "spontaneously" sprung up across
multiple cities all at once, including a military base in Kansas. (Kansas? Yep. So how
did it get to Kansas in an era when air traffic was virtually non-existent? Vaccines, of

All those cities and servicemen have one thing in common: Flu shot vaccinations given
to them by the military.
If you put the pieces together on this, it's not too difficult to suspect that influenza could
potentially be used as a tool of control by governments or drug companies to catalyze
outrageous profit-taking or power grabbing agendas. A desperate, infected population
will gladly give up anything or pay anything for the promise of being cured.

Or was it just an innocent mistake? Oops!
But for the skeptics who dismiss any such talk of conspiracy theories, let's examine the
other possibility: That a global avian flu pandemic was nearly unleashed unintentionally
due to the outrageous incompetence of the companies handling these viral strains.

As we just saw, this is a very real possibility. Had this live bird flu virus not been
detected, it could have very easily found its way into vaccines that were injected into
human beings. And this, in turn, could have unleashed a global avian flu pandemic.

If the drug companies making and handling these materials are so careless, then it
seems like it's only a matter of time before something slips through the safety
precautions again and gets unleashed into the wild. And that leads to essentially the
same scenario: A global pandemic, widespread death, health care failures and a
desperate population begging for vaccines.

So either way -- whether it's intentional or not -- you essentially get the same result.

Why a global pandemic is only a matter of time
I am on the record stating that a global pandemic is only a matter of time. The living
conditions under which humans have placed themselves (crowded cities, suppressed
immune systems, etc.) are ideal for the spread of infectious disease. But I never
dreamed drug companies could actually be accelerating the pandemic timeline by
contaminating vaccine materials with live avian flu viruses known to be highly infectious
to humans. This, it seems, is a whole new cause for concern.

You can believe what you will. Maybe you agree with the nefarious plot theory and you
agree that corporations are capable of great evils in their quest for profits. Or perhaps
you can't accept that, so you go with the "accidental contamination" theory, in which
your beliefs describe a very dangerous world where biohazard safety protocols are
insufficient to protect us from all the crazy viral strains being toyed with at drug
companies and government labs all across the world.

In either case, the world is not a very safe place when deadly viral strains are placed in
the hands of the inept.

We are like children playing God with Mother Nature, rolling the dice in a global game of
Viral Roulette where the odds are not in our favor. With companies like Baxter engaged
in behaviors that are just begging to see the human race devastated by a global
pandemic wipeout, it might be a good time to question the sanity of using viral strains in
vaccines in the first place.
Vaccine-pushing scientists are so proud of their vaccines. They think they've conquered
Mother Nature. Imagine their surprise when one day they learn they have actually killed
100 million human beings by unleashing a global pandemic.

We came close to it this week. A global pandemic may have just been averted by the
thinnest of margins. Yet people go on with their lives, oblivious to what nearly

What's! inescapable at this point is the fact that the threat of a pandemic that looms for
all of human civilization, and that drug companies may, themselves, be the source of
that threat.

Important Resources

Read my book How to Beat the Bird Flu here: http://www.truthpublishing.com/bird...

See a remarkable collection of quotes and accounts from authors writing about the 1918
influenza pandemic here: www.NaturalNews.com/025759.html

Stories about Baxter International, Inc. and its avian influenza "oops" moment

The Canadian Press: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ca...

Bloomberg.com: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?...

LifeGen.de: http://www.lifegen.de/newsip/showne...


       Bees Forecast Famine and Economic Destruction
                                 Bee killer imperils crops.

A tiny parasite, colloquially known as a 'vampire mite,' is devastating honeybees.
That worries experts because honeybee-pollinated crops are valued at more than
$15 billion a year.

By Susan Salisbury Palm Beach Post Staff Writer, Monday, March 28, 2005

More than $15 billion in U.S. crops rides each year on the tiny legs of an insect.
The honeybee is the major carrier of pollen for seeded fruits and just about anything
that grows on a vine. Everything, in other words, from apples to zucchini.

Mark McCoy walks among the hives with a smoker to keep bees calm, which allows
beekeepers to work.

McCoy's father, also named Mark, is a Loxahatchee beekeeper. The queen bee in one
of his hives is in the lower left (photos not included), and can be distinguished from the
worker bees by her larger body and less-pronounced stripes.

                                      The Bee Crisis

• The varroa mite has killed or severely weakened an estimated 40 percent to 60
percent of honeybees in the United States during the past six months.

• Millions of acres of U.S. fruit, nut, vegetable, seed and legume crops depend on insect
pollination. An estimated 80 percent of insect crop pollination is accomplished by

• Crops that require bees for pollination include apples, avocados, blueberries, cherries,
cranberries, oranges, grapefruit, sunflowers, tangerines and watermelon. In addition,
the production of most beef and dairy products depends on alfalfa, clover and other
plants that require pollination.

• Honeybees are ideal for pollination because they can be managed easily and moved
to where they are needed. They also will pollinate a wide variety of crops without
harming the plants.

"If honeybees ceased to exist, two-thirds of the citrus, all of the watermelons, the
blueberries, strawberries, pecans and beans would disappear," said Jerry Hayes, apiary
inspection chief with the state's Division of Plant Industry.

But now it's the bee itself that is disappearing.

Under attack from a Southeast Asian parasite, vast numbers of the creatures are dying
off, worried industry experts say. More than 50 percent of the bees in California, critical
to the success of the Golden State's almond crop, have died during the past six months.
Frantic growers there have sent out the call around the world, including Florida, for

Not only California is suffering the ravages of the determined pest. As many as 40
percent to 60 percent of the bees nationwide have perished during the same six-month
period, experts say.

"It's the biggest crisis that has ever faced the U.S. beekeeping industry," said Laurence
Cutts of Chipley, president of the Florida State Beekeepers Association and a retired
apiary inspector with the state Department of Agriculture.

Cutts lost two-thirds of his beehives to the predator, an eight-legged animal no bigger
than a grain of salt that attaches itself to a bee and slowly sucks out its internal fluids.

The pest is the varroa mite, which has been in the United States since 1986, when it
first showed up in Florida. But the pace of devastation has increased only during the
past year. An entire hive can be wiped out within less than a year as the parasites,
colloquially known as "vampire mites," lodge in a hive and begin to reproduce.

"The varroa mites have become resistant to the chemicals we use to kill them," said
Loxahatchee beekeeper Mark McCoy.

McCoy is one of hundreds of beekeepers from around the country and as far away as
Australia who responded to California's need for an additional 400,000 hives. He
packed up more than 1,500 hives, housing 30 million-plus bees, last month and shipped
them west on two flatbed semis.

"The bees are the only tool we have to pollinate the trees," said Colleen Aguiar, a
spokeswoman for the California Almond Board, based in Modesto.

The state grows about 80 percent of the global almond crop, which is some 1 billion
pounds of nuts a year. It takes 1.2 million hives to pollinate those groves, Aguiar said.

And almonds are only the beginning of the crisis. Apple growers in Virginia normally call
on their own state's beekeepers for pollination help, but not this year, said Troy Fore,
executive director of the 1,200-member American Beekeeping Federation Inc., based in
Jesup, Ga.

"Now those apple growers have also turned to Florida beekeepers to provide pollination
because they have lost bees in Virginia to the mite," Fore said.

But Florida itself needs its bees, and some industry observers suggest it might already
have given away too many.

"I really think you will see a crunch here in Florida in a couple of months," said David
Hackenberg, who operates hives in Dade City and Lewisburg, Pa. "A lot of guys have
lost a lot of bees. The watermelon guys are just starting and they are already
scrambling for bees."

Hackenberg and others in the business said the state's largest beekeeper, Horace Bell
of DeLand, sold his more than 40,000 hives to companies in California this year and
went out of business. That automatically reduces Florida's 200,000 bee colonies by 20

A spokeswoman at Bell's office said she could not confirm that Bell had left the
business, but did say he was "semi-retired." Bell did not return phone calls seeking

The honeybee emergency has not gone unnoticed in the scientific community.

Hundreds of researchers across the globe are looking for a solution, either through new
treatments or by breeding mite-resistant bees. So far, the search hasn't yielded much
success, said Jay Evans, a geneticist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Bee
Research Lab in Beltsville, Md.

"Beekeepers need something this year or next to keep their colonies going," Evans
said. "For the longer-term focus, we need to understand how the mites are so
successful as parasites and breed bees that have a defense against them."

The loss of bee hives during the past year has been so catastrophic, Evans said, that
researchers are questioning whether factors other than the varroa mite are at work.

Officials are scrambling for money to get to the heart of the problem.

The state Agriculture Department is seeking $300,000 from the legislature for bee
research. As of Thursday, the request was heading for a conference committee, said
Carolee Howe, assistant director of agriculture policy at the Florida Farm Bureau in

The American Bee Federation has asked the federal government for help. The group
wants the USDA to spend $16 million a year, twice what it now allocates, on bee

Howe said the mite problem is getting worse.

"These mites are getting stronger," she said. "One day you will have a healthy hive. The
next day your hives can be dead."

Those who work in the bee industry feel that the crops that don't need bees sometimes
get more attention than they do. It's also admittedly difficult to evoke a passion for bees
in the public mind, which often views them only as a stinging nuisance.

"We have this wonderful insect that can do marvelous things. It's not warm and fuzzy,"
said Hayes, the state apiary inspection chief. "It's not like a manatee. You can't cuddle
and pet it.

"Yet without it, we have a negative impact on how our society eats. Maybe we can help
people not love the bee, but at least appreciate it more."

Mystery Ailment Strikes Honeybees
By GENARO C. ARMAS (Associated Press Writer)

From Associated Press

February 11, 2007 6:12 PM EST

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - A mysterious illness is killing tens of thousands of honeybee
colonies across the country, threatening honey production, the livelihood of beekeepers
and possibly crops that need bees for pollination.

Researchers are scrambling to find the cause of the ailment, called Colony Collapse

Reports of unusual colony deaths have come from at least 22 states. Some affected
commercial beekeepers - who often keep thousands of colonies - have reported losing
more than 50 percent of their bees. A colony can have roughly 20,000 bees in the
winter, and up to 60,000 in the summer.

"We have seen a lot of things happen in 40 years, but this is the epitome of it all," Dave
Hackenberg, of Lewisburg-based Hackenberg Apiaries, said by phone from Fort Meade,
Fla., where he was working with his bees.

The country's bee population had already been shocked in recent years by a tiny,
parasitic bug called the varroa mite, which has destroyed more than half of some
beekeepers' hives and devastated most wild honeybee populations.

Along with being producers of honey, commercial bee colonies are important to
agriculture as pollinators, along with some birds, bats and other insects. A recent report
by the National Research Council noted that in order to bear fruit, three-quarters of all
flowering plants - including most food crops and some that provide fiber, drugs and fuel
- rely on pollinators for fertilization.

Hackenberg, 58, was first to report Colony Collapse Disorder to bee researchers at
Penn State University. He notified them in November when he was down to about 1,000
colonies - after having started the fall with 2,900.

"We are going to take bees we got and make more bees ... but it's costly," he said. "We
are talking about major bucks. You can only take so many blows so many times."

One beekeeper who traveled with two truckloads of bees to California to help pollinate
almond trees found nearly all of his bees dead upon arrival, said Dennis vanEnglesdorp,
acting state apiarist for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

"I would characterize it as serious," said Daniel Weaver, president of the American
Beekeeping Federation. "Whether it threatens the apiculture industry in the United
States or not, that's up in the air."
Scientists at Penn State, the University of Montana and the U.S. Department of
Agriculture are among the quickly growing group of researchers and industry officials
trying to solve the mystery.

Among the clues being assembled by researchers:

- Although the bodies of dead bees often are littered around a hive, sometimes carried
out of the hive by worker bees, no bee remains are typically found around colonies
struck by the mystery ailment. Scientists assume these bees have flown away from the
hive before dying.

- From the outside, a stricken colony may appear normal, with bees leaving and
entering. But when beekeepers look inside the hive box, they find few mature bees
taking care of the younger, developing bees.

- Normally, a weakened bee colony would be immediately overrun by bees from other
colonies or by pests going after the hive's honey. That's not the case with the stricken
colonies, which might not be touched for at least two weeks, said Diana Cox-Foster, a
Penn State entomology professor investigating the problem.

"That is a real abnormality," Hackenberg said.

Cox-Foster said an analysis of dissected bees turned up an alarmingly high number of
foreign fungi, bacteria and other organisms and weakened immune systems.

Researchers are also looking into the effect pesticides might be having on bees.

In the meantime, beekeepers are wondering if bee deaths over the last couple of years
that had been blamed on mites or poor management might actually have resulted from
the mystery ailment.

"Now people think that they may have had this three or four years," vanEnglesdorp said.

              Danger of Coming Forced Vaccinations
Note from David: Should Christians physically fight with flesh and blood to "take
America back" from the moral, political and legal corruption it is now falling into? Should
we fight with the government and conspirators or is there a purpose in this? God told
me that the Scriptural understanding of this would save the lives of many Christians.
The Word shows us that a civil war is coming to America and that Christians will get the
blame when the right-wing loses. Great persecution is coming. Make sure it's not your
                   Project Camelot Interviews Jane Bürgermeister


David and Goliath might be an appropriate title for this video. Because Jane
Bürgermeister, as a committed Christian, possesses an almost unreasonable amount of
courage in her single-handed stand – against what many perceive as being a giant that
few people are equipped to fight.

Jane is a young woman living in Vienna who, while working as a medical editor, was
horrified to learn in early 2009 of the fiasco in which a Baxter International research
facility in Orth-Donau, Austria, sent a quantity of human H3N2 viral material to 18
European laboratories.

Such a supply of experimental material would have been totally normal – except that in
this instance the H3N2 had been somehow contaminated with live H5N1… the far more
lethal Avian Flu.

As a medical editor, Jane immediately realized the import of what had happened – and
what had nearly happened – and raised the alarm. But no-one in the Austrian media
was interested. She then took matters into her own hands and filed legal charges
against those who she considered the perpetrators to be.

Very soon after, Jane was dismissed from her job without explanation. Undeterred, she
sought support on the internet and continued her campaign. In the months since then
she has attracted committed followers – and critics – all over the world. She is not alone
in suspecting that there exists a literally diabolical plan which is nothing less than the
genocide of potentially hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Project Camelot can understand how she has inspired many others to wake up and take
action: it’s a little harder to understand some of her critics. When we learned that a
number of serious accusations had been leveled against her, the obvious thing to do
was to seek her out and talk to her on camera – one of the things that Project Camelot
is equipped to do best.

So, this we have done. The result speaks for itself. We bring you the real Jane
Bürgermeister: feisty, determined, passionate, articulate, and authentic.

     Police and Military Train to Intern Swine Flu Vaccine "Refusniks"
                              Paul Joseph Watson -9/17/09

Law enforcement and military personnel are training to set up checkpoints in order to
catch people who refuse to take the swine flu vaccination according to whistle blowers,
while health authorities are laying the groundwork for a mass vaccination campaign by
warning that serious and potentially deadly health problems will be blamed on the H1N1

In a You Tube video, a woman describing herself as a soldier explains how she was
part of a drill in California centered around setting up roadblocks and checkpoints so
authorities could check who has received the swine flu vaccine. Those who have had
the shots will be fitted with an RFID bracelet so they can be tracked. Those who have
not taken the shot will be offered it there and then and if they still refuse, will be carted
off to an internment camp, according to the woman.

Watch the clip.


This individual needs to go public with her full name and position because she will
already be known to authorities. By remaining anonymous to the public only, her
testimony can be dismissed as just someone ranting on You Tube. However, her
statements about tracking people who have taken the vaccine via RFID bracelets is
something that has already been beta tested by health authorities.

Former Kansas state trooper Greg Evensen underscored this claim back in July. “Have
you been made aware of the massive roadblock plans to stop all travelers for a vaccine
bracelet (stainless steel band with a micro-chip on board) that will force you to take the
shot?” Evensen wrote on July 29. “Refuse it? You will be placed on a prison bus and
taken to a quarantine camp. What will you do when your children are NOT allowed into
school without the shot? What will you do when you are not allowed into the workplace
without the vaccine paperwork? Buy groceries? Go to the bank? Shop anywhere?? Get
on a plane, bus or train? Use the toilet in the mall? Nope. Police officers will become
loathed, feared, despised and remembered for their ‘official’ duties.”

Mr. Evensen made the following comment at an event in Texas:


Authorities in Boston have already trialed such technology, with the purpose of creating
a “vaccination map” charting which people have taken the vaccine and which have not,
or “creating a citywide registry of everyone who has had a flu vaccination,”as a Boston
Globe article describes.

Participants were given a bracelet with a unique identifier code, exactly as described in
the You Tube clip.

“Infectious disease specialists in Boston and elsewhere predicted that the registry
approach could prove even more useful if something more sinister strikes: a
bioterrorism attack or the long-feared arrival of a global flu epidemic. In such crises, the
registry could be used to track who received a special vaccine or antidote to a deadly
germ,” according to the article.

“Anything you can do to better pinpoint who’s vaccinated and who’s not, that’s
absolutely vital,” said Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease
Research & Policy at the University of Minnesota. “I wish more cities were doing this
kind of thing.”

While governments have publicly backed away from talk of mandatory mass vaccination
programs, their actions behind closed doors indicate that they are preparing for a state
of medical martial law.

An international swine fu conference held recently in Washington DC and attended by
the world’s top health authorities featured workshops on enforced quarantines, mass
vaccinations, and how to “control and diffuse social unrest and public disorder.”
Individuals who attempted to gain access to the conference representing the media
were turned away by officials at the conference.

As we reported earlier this month,a shocking internal document outlines the French
government’s plan to impose a mass swine flu vaccination program on the entire
population which would be focused around regional vaccination centers and would be
carried out by H1N1 injection teams, completely bypassing medical establishments and

Legislation has also been passed in the U.S. that would allow state vaccine teams to go
door to door to conduction immunization “interventions” and look for people who have
not taken the shot.

It is unclear how authorities plan to enforce any such mandatory vaccination campaign,
especially in light of anecdotal evidence suggesting that a large majority of the public
will refuse to take the shots.Polls taken in the UK indicate that a majority of nurses and
other health workers, the primary targets for the first round of vaccinations, will refuse to
be vaccinated.

It is likely that threats, intimidation and removal of rights and conveniences will force
most holdouts to take the shot. Once governments start imposing quarantines and
travel bans on people for not taking the shot, a sizeable number are likely to acquiesce.

Since the dangerous ingredients that will be included in the H1N1 shots became known
to the public, opposition to proposed mass vaccination programs has snowballed.

As we have previously documented, theswine flu vaccine was rushed through safety
procedures while governments have provided pharmaceutical companies with blanket
immunity from lawsuits arriving out of the vaccine causing deaths and injuries.
It was previously revealed that some batches of the vaccine will contain mercury, a toxin
linked with autism and neurological disorders. The vaccine will also contain
thedangerous ingredient squalene, which has been directly linked with cases of Gulf
War Syndrome and a host of other debilitating diseases.

It was also recently reported that the UK governmentsent a confidential letter to senior
neurologists telling them to be on the alert for cases of a brain disorder called Guillain-
Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine. The CDC in
Americareplicated this warning weeks later.

As a result of the dangers of the vaccine becoming widely known, authorities are
moving to get out ahead of the story by acknowledging that millions of health problems
in the aftermath of a vaccination campaign will be blamed on the vaccine, citing the
1976 swine flu debacle when the shot proved far deadlier than the actual virus.

Reuters reports that public health officials, “Expect an avalanche of so-called adverse
event reports, which are reports of death, illness or other health trauma that occur within
two weeks after receiving treatment — in this case, the swine flu vaccine,” in reaction to
an estimated “one million heart attacks, 700,000 strokes and 900,000 miscarriages.”

“We are going to be overwhelmed with potential events,” said Mike Osterholm, a public
health expert at the University of Minnesota.

By coming out early and claiming that these problems would have occurred without the
swine flu vaccine anyway, authorities are creating plausible deniability for when side-
effects from the shot begin to appear.

A number of factors now indicate that authorities in both America and Europe are not
only preparing mass vaccination programs, but are also training law enforcement and
military assets on how to deal with those who refuse to take the shot. Given the fact that
around 150 million Americans own guns and would be prepared to use them to defend
their families against police and troops forcibly jabbing needles into them, it seems
unlikely that health authorities in the U.S. will go down this route. However, by
implementing travel bans, school bans and other forms of general quarantine, a good
number of those refusniks may eventually be intimidated into taking the dangerous shot.

But a good number of them will stand firm – and that’s probably where the internment
camps and martial law will come into play.

Only by diffusing the rampant hype behind the relatively harmless swine flu virus and re-
affirming our right to reject enforced medical procedures conducted against our will
under the Nuremberg code will the swine flu hoax, which is being used by governments
as a smokescreen to accelerate and implement the police state, be defeated.
               Drought and Famine Upon the World
                                  ByEric deCarbonnel

After reading about the droughts in two major agricultural countries, China and
Argentina, I decided to research the extent other food producing nations were also
experiencing droughts. This project ended up taking a lot longer than I thought. 2009
looks to be a humanitarian disaster around much of the world

To understand the depth of the food Catastrophe that faces the world this year, consider
the graphic below depicting countries by USD value of their agricultural output, as of

 Now, consider the same graphic with the countries experiencing droughts highlighted.
The countries that make up two thirds of the world’s agricultural output are experiencing
drought conditions. Whether you watch avideo of the drought in China, Australia, Africa,
South America, or the US, the scene will be the same: misery, ruined crop, and dying


The drought in Northern China, the worst in 50 years, is worsening, and summer
harvest is now threatened. The area of affected crops has expanded to 161 million mu
(was 141 million last week), and 4.37 million people and 2.1 million livestock are facing
drinking water shortage. The scarcity of rain in some parts of the north and central
provinces is the worst in recorded history.

The drought which started in November threatens over half the wheat crop in eight
provinces - Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong, Shaanxi and Gansu.

China's largest crop producing province, Henan, has issued the highest-level drought
warning. Henan has received an average rainfall of 10.5 millimeters since November
2008, almost 80 percent less than in the same period in the previous years. The Henan
drought, which began in November, is the most severe since 1951.

Anhui Province issued a red drought alert, with more than 60 percent of the crops north
of the Huaihe River plagued by a major drought.

Shanxi Province was put on orange drought alert on Jan. 21, with one million people
and 160,000 heads of livestock are facing water shortage.

Jiangsu province has already lost over one fifth of the wheat crops affected by drought.
Local agricultural departments are diverting water from nearby rivers in an emergency
effort to save the rest.

Over 100 million cubic meters of water has been channeled in from outside the province
to fight Hebei’s drought.

1.34 million acres of crops across the bone-dry Shanxi province are affected by the
worsening drought.

Since last November, Shandong province has experienced 73 percent less rain than the
same period in previous years, with little rainfall forecast for the future.

Relief efforts are under way. The Chinese government has allocated 86.7 billion yuan
(about $12.69 billion) to drought-hit areas. Authorities have also resorted to cloud-
seeding, and some areas received a sprinkling of rain after clouds were hit with 2,392
rockets and 409 cannon shells loaded with chemicals. However, there is a limit to what
can be done in the face of such widespread water shortage.

As I have previously written,China is facing hyperinflation, and this record drought will
make things worse. China produces 18% of the world's grain each year.


Australia has been experiencing an unrelenting drought since 2004, and 41 percent of
Australia's agriculture continues to suffer from the worst drought in 117 years of record-
keeping. The drought has been so severe that rivers stopped flowing, lakes turned toxic,
and farmers abandoned their land in frustration:

A) The Murray River stopped flowing at its terminal point, and its mouth has closed up.
B) Australia’s lower lakes are evaporating, and they are now a meter (3.2 feet) below
sea level. If these lakes evaporate any further, the soil and the mud system below the
water is going to be exposed to the air. The mud will then acidify, releasing sulfuric acid
and a whole range of heavy metals. After this occurs, those lower lake systems will
essentially become a toxic swamp which will never be able to be recovered. The
Australian government's only options to prevent this are to allow salt water in, creating a
dead sea, or to pray for rain.

For some reason, the debate over climate change is essentially over in Australia.
The United States

California is facing its worst drought in recorded history. The drought is predicted to be
the most severe in modern times, worse than those in 1977 and 1991. Thousands of
acres of row crops already have been fallowed, with more to follow. The snowpack in
the Northern Sierra, home to some of the state's most important reservoirs, proved to be
just 49 percent of average. Water agencies throughout the state are scrambling to adopt
conservation mandates.

The Texan drought is reaching historic proportion. Dry conditions near Austin and San
Antonio have been exceeded only once before—the drought of 1917-18. 88 percent of
Texas is experiencing abnormally dry conditions, and 18 percent of the state is in either
extreme or exceptional drought conditions. The drought areas have been expanding
almost every month. Conditions in Texas are so bad cattle are keeling over in parched
pastures and dying. Lack of rainfall has left pastures barren, and cattle producers have
resorted to feeding animals hay. Irreversible damage has been done to winter wheat
crops in Texas. Both short and long-term forecasts don't call for much rain at all, which
means the Texas drought is set to get worse.

Augusta Region (Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina)
The Augusta region has been suffering from a worsening two year drought. Augusta’s
rainfall deficit is already approaching 2 inches so far in 2009, with January being the
driest since 1989.

Florida has been hard hit by winter drought, damaging crops, and half of state is in
some level of a drought.

La Niña likely to make matters worse
Enough water a couple of degrees cooler than normal has accumulated in the eastern
part of the Pacific to create a La Niña, a weather pattern expected to linger until at least
the spring. La Niña generally means dry weather for Southern states, which is exactly
what the US doesn’t need right now.
South America

The worst drought in half a century has turned Argentina's once-fertile soil to dust and
pushed the country into a state of emergency. Cow carcasses litter the prairie fields,
and sun-scorched soy plants wither under the South American summer sun. Argentina's
food production is set to go down a minimum of 50 percent, maybe more. The country's
wheat yield for 2009 will be 8.7 million metric tons, down from 16.3 million in 2008.
Concern with domestic shortages (domestic wheat consumption being approximately
6.7 million metric ton),Argentina has granted no new export applications since mid

Brazil has cut its outlook for the crops and will do so again after assessing damage to
plants from desiccation in drought-stricken regions. Brazil is the world's second-biggest
exporter of soybeans and third-largest for corn.

Brazil's numbers for corn harvesting:

Harvested in 2008: 58.7 million tons
January 8 forecast: 52.3 million tons
February 6 forecast: 50.3 metric tons (optimistic)
Harvested in 2009: ???

Severe drought affecting Paraguay's economy has pushed the government to declare
agricultural emergency. Crops that have direct impact on cattle food are ruined, and the
soy plantations have been almost totally lost in some areas.

Uruguay declared an "agriculture emergency" last month, due to the worst drought in
decades which is threatening crops, livestock and the provision of fresh produce.
The a worsening drought is pushing up food and beverage costs causing Uruguay's
consumer prices to rise at the fastest annual pace in more than four years in January.

There hasn’t been a drop of rain in Bolivia in nearly a year. Cattle dying, crops ruined,

The severe drought affecting Chile has caused an agricultural emergency in 50 rural
districts, and large sectors of the economy are concerned about possible electricity
rationing in March. The countries woes stem from the "La Niña" climate phenomenon
which has over half of Chile dangling by a thread: persistently cold water in the Pacific
ocean along with high atmospheric pressure are preventing rain-bearing fronts from
entering central and southern areas of the country. As a result, the water levels at
hydroelectric dams and other reservoirs are at all-time lows.

Horn of Africa

Africa faces food shortages and famine. Food production across the Horn of Africa has
suffered because of the lack of rainfall. Also, half the agricultural soil has lost nutrients
necessary to grow plant, and the declining soil fertility across Africa is exacerbating
drought related crop losses.

Kenya is the worst hit nation in the region, having been without rainfall for 18 months.
Kenya needs to import food to bridge a shortfall and keep 10 million of its people from
starvation. Kenya’s drought suffering neighbors will be of little help.

A poor harvest due to drought has prompted Tanzania to stop issuing food export
permits. Tanzania has also intensified security at the border posts to monitor and
prevent the export of food. There are 240,000 people in need of immediate relief food in

Crops in the north of Burundi have withered, leaving the tiny East African country facing
a severe food shortage

Severe drought in northeastern Uganda's Karamoja region has the left the country on
the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. The dry conditions and acute food shortages,
which have left Karamoja near starvation, are unlikely to improve before October when
the next harvest is due.

South Africa
South Africa faces a potential crop shortage after wheat farmers in the eastern part of
the Free State grain belt said they were likely to produce their lowest crop in 30 years
this year. South Africans are "extremely angry" that food prices continue to rise.

Other African nations suffering from drought in 2009 are: Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland,
Somalia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tunisia, Angola, and Ethiopia.

Middle East and Central Asia

The Middle East and Central Asia are suffering from the worst droughts in recent
history, and food grain production has dropped to some of the lowest levels in decades.
Total wheat production in the wider drought-affected region is currently estimated to
have declined by at least 22 percent in 2009. Owing to the drought's severity and
region-wide scope, irrigation supplies from reservoirs, rivers, and groundwater have
been critically reduced. Major reservoirs in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria are all at low
levels requiring restrictions on usage. Given the severity of crop losses in the region, a
major shortage of planting seed for the 2010 crop is expected.

In Iraq during the winter grain growing period, there was essentially no measurable
rainfall in many regions, and large swaths of rain-fed fields across northern Iraq simply
went unplanted. These primarily rain-fed regions in northern Iraq are described as an
agricultural disaster area this year, with wheat production falling 80-98 percent from
normal levels. The USDA estimates total wheat production in Iraq in 2009 at 1.3 million
tons, down 45 percent from last year.

Syria is experienced its worst drought in the past 18 years, and the USDA estimates
total wheat production in Syria in 2009 at 2.0 million tons, down 50 percent from last
year. Last summer, the taps ran dry in many neighborhoods of Damascus and residents
of the capital city were forced to buy water on the black market. The severe lack of rain
this winter has exacerbated the problem.

Lack of rainfall has led Afghanistan to the worst drought conditions in the past 10 years.
The USDA estimates 2008/09 wheat production in Afghanistan at 1.5 million tons, down
2.3 million or 60 percent from last year. Afghanistan normally produces 3.5-4.0 million
tons of wheat annually.

Jordan's persistent drought has grown worse, with almost no rain falling on the kingdom
this year. The Jordanian government has stopped pumping water to farms to preserve
the water for drinking purposes.

Other Middle Eastern and Central Asian nations suffering from drought in 2009 are: The
Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Israel, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Tajikistan,
Turkmenistan, Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan,
Cyprus, and Iran.

Lack of credit will worsen food shortage

A lack of credit for farmers curbed their ability to buy seeds and fertilizers in 2008/2009
and will limit production around the world. The effects of droughts worldwide will also be
amplified by the smaller amount of seeds and fertilizers used to grow crops.

Low commodity prices will worsen food shortage

The low prices at the end of 2008 discouraged the planting of new crops in 2009. In
Kansas for example, farmers seeded nine million acres, the smallest planting for half a
century. Wheat plantings this year are down about 4 million acres across the US and
about 1.1 million acres in Canada. So even discounting drought related losses, the US,
Canada, and other food producing nations are facing lower agricultural output in 2009.

Europe will not make up for the food shortfall

Europe, the only big agricultural region relatively unaffected by drought, is set for a big
drop in food production. Due to the combination of a late plantings, poorer soil
conditions, reduced inputs, and light rainfall, Europe’s agricultural output is likely to fall
by 10 to 15 percent.

Stocks of foodstuff are dangerously low

Low stocks of foodstuff make the world’s falling agriculture output particularly
worrisome. The combined averaged of the ending stock levels of the major trading
countries of Australia, Canada, United States, and the European Union have been
declining steadily in the last few years:

2002-2005: 47.4 million tons
2007: 37.6 million tons
2008: 27.4 million tons

These inventory numbers are dangerously low, especially considering the horrifying
possibility thatChina’s 60 million tons of grain reserves doesn't actually exists.

Global food Catastrophe

The world is heading for a drop in agricultural production of 20 to 40 percent, depending
on the severity and length of the current global droughts. Food producing nations are
imposing food export restrictions. Food prices will soar, and, in poor countries with food
deficits, millions will starve.
The deflation debate should end now

The droughts plaguing the world’s biggest agricultural regions should end the debate
about deflation in 2009. The demand for agricultural commodities is relatively immune to
developments in the business cycles (at least compared to that of energy or base
metals), and, with a 20 to 40 percent decline in world production,already rising food
prices are headed significantly higher.

In fact, agricultural commodities NEED to head higher and soon, to prevent even
greater food shortages and famine. The price of wheat, corn, soybeans, etc must rise to
a level which encourages the planting of every available acre with the best possible
fertilizers. Otherwise, if food prices stay at their current levels, production will continue
to fall, sentencing millions more to starvation.

Competitive currency appreciation

Some observers are anticipating “competitive currency devaluations” in addition to
deflation for 2009 (nations devalue their currencies to help their export sector). The
coming global food shortage makes this highly unlikely. Depreciating their currency in
the current environment will produce the unwanted consequence of boosting exports—
of food. Even with export restrictions like those in China, currency depreciation would
cause the outflow of significant quantities of grain via the black market.

Instead of “competitive currency devaluations”, spiking food prices will likely cause
competitive currency appreciation in 2009.Foreign exchange reserves exist for just this
type of emergency. Central banks around the world will lower domestic food prices by
either directly selling off their reserves to appreciate their currencies or by using them to
purchase grain on the world market.

Appreciating a currency is the fastest way to control food inflation. A more valuable
currency allows a nation to monopolize more global resources (ie: the overvalued dollar
allows the US to consume 25% of the world's oil despite having only 4% of the world's
population). If China were to selloff its US reserves, its enormous population would start
sucking up the world's food supply like the US has been doing with oil.

On the flip side, when a nation appreciates its currency and starts consuming more of
the world’s resources, it leaves less for everyone else. So when china appreciates the
yuan, food shortages worldwide will increase and prices everywhere else will jump
upwards. As there is nothing that breeds social unrest like soaring food prices, nations
around the world, from Russia, to the EU, to Saudi Arabia, to India, will sell off their
foreign reserves to appreciate their currencies and reduce the cost of food imports. In
response to this, China will sell even more of its reserves and so on. That is competitive
currency appreciation.

When faced with competitive currency appreciation, you do NOT want to be the world’s
reserve currency. The dollar is likely to do very poorly as central banks liquidate trillions
in US holdings to buy food and appreciate their currencies.

                    Forced Swine Flu Vaccinations?
                               Bill and Patti Rowe - 10/11/09
                                    (David's notes in red)

The following was sent to me today from a dear friend and brother in the Lord named
Kenny. He used to rent our other house. He has since moved to Oklahoma City, where
he has a street and prison ministry. We know the man he mentions (Danny). See how
the police are making the homeless get the swine flu vaccinations:


We were in bed last night. We got a phone call from detox that said, "We have a man
here named Danny and he wants you to come pick him up." He was a homeless man
we brought in our home because he wanted to serve the Lord and get his life together.
He was with us four months and fell away and went back to drinking and living under
the bridge. So we got out of bed and went and got him. He wasn't feeling well so we
brought him to our home and gave him a shower, washed his laundry and let him sleep
on the couch. He was coughing some through the night.

We woke this morning and asked him if he wanted a bowl of cereal and toast. He said
yes. As he sat at the table, we began to ask him why the police took him to detox. He
said five homeless people were sitting up against the wall at Buy for Less grocery store.
The police drove up and asked them what they were doing. They saw one of the guys
had a bottle. So they called for backup. Danny said they loaded them up and said they
were taking them to detox. Instead of taking them to detox, they took them to OU
Medical Center. Danny asked, “Why are you taking us here?” They said, “So you can
get checked.” They took each one of them to a room and made them take a shot. He
asked, "Why do we have to take a shot?" They said, "It isn't anything bad." (Deception;
they refused to tell them what it was so they would not be liable.) Three out of the five
got sick and Danny vomited and felt like he was dying. (The symptoms of the swine flu
shot that many receive.) He said the other two didn't seem to be affected by it. I don't
know exactly what the shot was but I know they had no rights in the matter. But they
were drunk and couldn't do much about it if they wanted to. He said he is feeling better
this morning. The homeless rate is growing monthly. I trust the Lord will bring those out
who are His. We are living in the days where many people are not going to have a
choice but to trust in the Lord.
What would happen to those in hospitals who get shots every day when they don’t know
what they are getting?

Another note of interest: Kenny and Danny went to the hospital yesterday and asked
what kind of injection it was that Danny and the other homeless people were given. The
person at the desk insisted they had no record of them ever being there! Danny said
they gave him and one woman an IV, besides the injection. He still has the needle mark
and bruises where the IV was inserted. He did say they were taken through a different
door, not a main entrance. Kenny has no doubt about what happened.

                       Forced Swine Flu Shots on Children

Deputies Hold Boy Who Fled Flu Shot
Student refused; was held down for vaccination

By SHELLEY HANSON Staff Writer POSTED:November 11, 2009

WHEELING - It took the strength of two sheriff's deputies to keep a middle schooler still
enough to receive a shot of the swine flu, or H1N1, vaccine at a recent clinic.

During a regular Wheeling-Ohio County Health Board meeting Tuesday, health
department Administrator Howard Gamble told board members about the student's
attempt to flee Wheeling Middle School during a vaccination clinic held there last Friday.

He noted the boy's mother could not bear to watch the scene and left the gymnasium.
Out of apparent fear of receiving the injection, the student ran out of the building. The
school's resource officer, Ohio County Sheriff's Deputy John Haglock, coaxed the boy
back inside. Once at the shot station, however, Haglock apparently needed some help
keeping the boy still, and another deputy assisted.

"He tried to run. I looked over and saw two sheriff's deputies holding a kid down,"
Gamble said. "Mom took off, she couldn't take it. You had one nurse with the needle,
two deputies holding him, one nurse is grabbing hands - because that's what they want
to do, to go after the needle. And that's the last thing you want."

Gamble said as soon as the nurse gave the boy his injection and told him he was done,
he hopped up like nothing had happened.

"For the most part they go very easy. As far as the shots, every once in awhile you have
to hold down one or two - but that's why mom is there or dad is there," Gamble said.

He added after the meeting that Friday's incident was the only time Ohio County
deputies have held a student during a shot.
"They're mostly there for parking and directions. They also know the kids. ... They were
our first line of contact when setting up the clinics," Gamble said.

Neither Sheriff Pat Butler nor Haglock could be reached for comment. A sheriff's
department official said Haglock is on vacation for the next two weeks.

During a clinic Tuesday at Bridge Street Middle School, similar scenes took place -
though not quite as dramatic and not involving officers of the law. A couple sets of
parents could be seen keeping their children from wiggling away while a nurse quickly
administered the vaccine.

Ten-year-old Austin Price, the son of Jennifer and Josh Price, decided to take the shot
standing up and with no assistance from his mom or dad. He even smiled for a

And on a scale of 1-10, how painful was the shot?

A "4," he answered.

By 7:30 p.m., 391 students from Bridge Street and Elm Grove and Middle Creek
elementary schools had been vaccinated. Gamble expected that by the clinic's end at 8
p.m., more than 400 would have received the inoculation.

The final two student clinics in Ohio County are:

      For students of Warwood Middle School, Corpus Christi, Warwood and West
       Liberty Elementary schools from 3:30-8 p.m. Thursday at Warwood Middle
       School Gym.
      For students of Wheeling Park High School from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at
       WPHS Activities Center.

Tuesday's health board meeting was held in the county commission board room -
located on the second floor of the City-County Building - due to the health department's
board room being used for storage.

              GBS from H1N1 & Seasonal Flu Shots
Woman claims swine-flu shot caused paralysis
CDC: 10 reports of Guillain-Barre Syndrome following H1N1 vaccine in last 2 months

Posted: December 11, 2009
12:10 am Eastern
By Chelsea Schilling
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

A Tennessee woman is learning to walk again after she came down with a deadly nerve
disease only eight days after receiving the swine-flu vaccine.

Clarksville resident Suzanne Hogan is recovering at Vanderbilt University Medical
Center's Stallworth Rehabilitation Center from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, or GBS, an
illness she believes is associated with the H1N1 vaccination.

GBS attacks the lining of the nerves, causing paralysis and inability to breathe, and can
be fatal. Symptoms may include "pins and needles" sensations in fingers and toes;
weakness or tingling in legs and upper body; inability to walk; difficulty with eye
movement, facial movement, speaking, chewing or swallowing; severe lower back pain;
difficulty with bladder control or intestinal functions; very slow heart rate or low blood
pressure; difficulty breathing; choking on saliva and even complete paralysis of legs,
arms and breathing muscles over the course of a few hours.

Hogan was hospitalized Nov. 14 when she lost function of her legs and was unable to
walk without assistance. She is now learning how to master motor skills.

Suzanne's husband, Shannon, told the Leaf-Chronicle no one else in his family will take
the H1N1 vaccine.

"They expect Suzanne to have a 100 percent recovery. We just want people to know
the risk," he said. "If you've ever watched anyone go through Guillain-Barre, you would
rather go through the flu."

Other GBS cases after H1N1 vaccination

In November, a 14-year-old Virginia boy also came down with GBS only hours after
receiving the H1N1 vaccine. He became weak and struggled to walk.

Jordan McFarland, a high school athlete from Alexandria, left the hospital in a
wheelchair after he developed severe headaches, muscle spasms and weakness in his
legs following the shot, MSNBC reported. He now requires assistance of a walker and
extensive physical therapy.

"The doctor said I'll recover fully, but it's going to take some time," he said.

Also during November, awoman in France was diagnosed with GBS only six days after
receiving the H1N1 vaccine.

Another unnamed adult in Canada was diagnosed with GBS only three weeks after
receiving the H1N1 flu shot in November.
Likewise, a 16-year-old boy experienced dizziness right after his Nov. 16 shot and
contracted GBS. He was admitted to a hospital when his arms and legs became
paralyzed, theKorea Herald reported.

More recently, a family in Albuquerque, N.M., claim the H1N1 vaccine may have been
responsible for their14-month-old daughter's nervous system disorder called ataxia.

"In that two-week period after [the shot], she just started gradually going down and
going down, her father told KOAT-TV. "She would stand up and she would just collapse

The girl's parents say a neurologist told them the condition may have been an adverse
effect of the H1N1 vaccine.

GBS link to H1N1?

Use of a similar swine flu vaccine in the United States in 1976 resulted in 25 people
suffering from severe paralysis and dying from respiratory failure after being injected
with the vaccine – more than the number of lives claimed from the virus itself.

In 1976, health officials found nearly 500 cases of GBS, and the vaccine was withdrawn
10 weeks after the link with GBS was suspected. Following the 1976 vaccination
against swine flu in the U.S., a retrospective study found a likely eight-fold increase in
the incidence of GBS. Although the vaccine was withdrawn when the connection was
made, the U.S. government paid millions to settle suits by those injured or killed.

As WND reported in August this year, two letters from the U.K.'s Health Protection
Agency to top neurologists warned doctors to watch for an increase in cases of the fatal

"I would not have the swine-flu jab because of the GBS risk," a senior neurologist told
London's Mail.

The HPA letters noted the lack of testing on the new vaccine and called on neurologists
to monitor and report every incident of GBS so the product could be withdrawn if
problems were identified.

CDC: GBS a 'rare' reaction to vaccines

However, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that between
3,000 to 6,000 Americans develop GBS each year – regardless of whether they receive
a vaccination.

"On very rare occasions, they may develop GBS in the days or weeks following
receiving a vaccination," the CDC notes.
The CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, indicates the CDC
received 10 reports of GBS specifically following H1N1 vaccines in October and
November. Two of the occurrences took place in October and eight in November – just
as H1N1 shots were becoming more accessible to the public.

But the GBS occurrence rate is only a fraction of the rate reported following seasonal flu
shots. An additional 24 GBS cases were reported in October and 24 more in November
following administration of seasonal flu shots and nasal mists.

      48 cases of Guillian-Barre Syndrome reported in October and November following seasonal flu vaccinations (chart: CDC)

Among those 10 who reported GBS symptoms following H1N1 vaccination, one was a
life-threatening event, one involved permanently disability, seven were hospitalized,
eight went to an emergency room and four had less serious reactions.

Six of the 10 patients reported experiencing GBS onset within one day of receiving the
H1N1 shot. One reported GBS symptom onset within two days, while three people
experienced onset after 10 days.
                  Guillain-Barre Syndrome cases reported following H1N1 vaccinations (Chart: CDC)

ACDC summary of 2009 monovalent (immunizes against a single antigen or single
microorganism) H1N1 vaccine data reveals the following:

As of Nov. 24, the VAERS system received 3,783 adverse event reports following 2009
monovalent H1N1 vaccination.
Of the 3,783 reports, 204 were reports that involved what would be considered serious
health events (defined as life threatening or resulting in death, major disability, abnormal
conditions at birth, hospitalization or extension of an existing hospitalization.) Nerve and
muscle conditions, pneumonia, allergic reactions and gastrointestinal disorders are
among the problems reported.

Among the 204 reports of serious health events, there were 13 reports of death. The
CDC contends that these cases are under review, and preliminary findings "do not
indicate a common cause or pattern to suggest these deaths were associated with the
The CDC warns that its system cannot determine cause and effect and that a report of
an adverse event doesn't mean it was caused by a vaccine – only that the issue
occurred sometime after administration of the vaccine.

SomeH1N1 vaccine inserts located at the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services website mention GBS as a possible side effect.

Dr. Keiji Fukuda, special adviser on pandemic influenza to the director general of the
World Health Organization, recentlytold reporters the WHO has been monitoring safety
and regulatory agencies of countries using the H1N1 vaccine and that there are no
recorded side effects, such as paralysis.

"I think there's a confusion between the concern people are raising and what is really
factual," he said, "and the fact is that a lot of people have been vaccinated and have
been monitored very carefully and have not detected any Guillain-Barre Syndrome."
He continued, "GBS typically appears four to six weeks after vaccination and the peak
period probably between six to eight weeks ... [But] with the current vaccine, we have
not seen it and the level of watchfulness is very high."

TheWHO website states, "A small number of deaths have occurred in people who have
been vaccinated. All such deaths, reported to WHO, have been promptly investigated.
Although some investigations are ongoing, results of completed investigations reported
to WHO have ruled out a direct link to pandemic vaccine as the cause of death."

                     Gulf Oil Superbug & Humans
In May of 2010, Dr. Terry Hazen, considered the foremost crude oil bioremediation
expert in the world, stated: “…we could introduce a genetic material into indigenous
bugs via a bacteriophage…a lab could create a completely new organism that
thrives in the ocean, eats oil, and needs a certain stimulant to live…”

Shortly thereafter, lo and behold, he and his colleagues at the U.S. government’s
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ‘discovered’ a previously unknown species
of cold-water hydrocarbon-eating bacteria have been feasting on the underwater
oil plumes degrading them at accelerated rates.

In an interview in September 2010, Mike Utsler, the Chief Operating Officer of BP’s Gulf
Coast Restoration, publicly admitted there was “a new form of microbiology” attacking
the oil.

This is an incredibly well-documented report analyzing the use of synthetic organisms in
the U.S. Gulf.

(Note: After a BP subsidiary created this bug, everyone is finding out that it attacks
other biologicals, like sea life and humans, like a flesh-eating disease.)

The Perfect Genetic Storm – Synthetic DNA and
the Gulf Blue Plague
                        By Michael Edward http://blueplague.org //Radio Broadcast video at
bottom of article//

There’s a new proprietary recipe being force-fed to all of us here on the Gulf of Mexico that is
now becoming available worldwide. Although this recipe has been closely guarded for 8 months,
we were able to break it down after examining the plentiful supply us “Gulf Coasters” have
available here. The ingredients are abundantly available while both the recipe and the brewing
process are not as secret as everyone had thought.


Fill a large bowl with saline ocean water, add a generous proportion of thick crude oil, then pour
in a cup of liquid Correct-it (available from Nalco under the brand name Corexit) making sure
you don’t spill any on yourself, stir gently, and then let it sit for a day or two. As the newly
thinned oil mixture begins to sink to the bottom of the bowl, make sure the resulting gasses are
allowed to ever-so-slightly bubble in orange foam on the surface. This will let you know you’re
ready for the next and most important step.

Quickly add Syn-Bio (available from JCVI, SGI, and other private companies) along with a
colloidal mixture containing iron, copper, and other natural elements to begin the interactive
brewing process. Let it sit for no less than 6-9 months making sure nothing is allowed to disturb
it. When there is no more gas coming to the surface and the mixture on the bottom turns into a
gelatinous black goo, the first stage of the recipe is finished.

The amazing thing about this new state-of-the-art recipe is what it becomes after the initial first
stage brewing process is finished. No-one knows! It’s no wonder some have begun to refer to it
as The Blue Plate (BP) Special. You can be assured that once the second stage of this concoction
begins to release its mutated biological ingredients, as it appears to have done so already, the
rest of the world will abruptly notice.


There was never a BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010. When you fill a glass with water, bump into
something while holding it in your hand, and then some of the water splashes out, that’s a spill.
When you turn on a water faucet and allow a continual flow to fill the glass so that it’s constantly
overflowing, that’s not a spill. Because the multiple BP drilling operations that began at
Mississippi Canyon 252 in 2009 fractured the floor of the Gulf of Mexico sometime before April
22, 2010, there is a continuous flow of crude oil and, especially, oil derived gasses such as
methane. That’s called an oil and gas flow.

Since the Gulf has a steady flow of toxic crude oil and gasses, then how do you stop it? You
can’t. The only solution to the problem is to find a way to eliminate it before it has a chance to
surface en mass. This is exactly what has, is, and will continue to occur in the Gulf of Mexico.

Toxic crude oil and gas can be changed, altered, or eliminated by microbes. Natural
microorganisms in all the oceans, such as bacteria, have been known to do this over time,
usually lasting decades and beyond. It’s a slow natural process. Yes, natural biology can do the
job, but under continual flow conditions there is no possible way all the hydrocarbon-hungry
microbes in the entire world can eliminate that much oil and gas fast enough. Time is the critical

For the past decade, synthetic biology has been the new science realm. We now have engineered
genetic biology that synthetically creates RNA and DNA sequences for both viruses and bacteria.

In the 1980’s, the fad was designer jeans. Now, we have designer genes.

Soon after the Deepwater Horizon inferno, U.S. government scientists – with grant funds
supplied by British Petroleum – started giving us solid clues as to what they were doing with all
that crude oil and gas. In May 2010, National Geographic quoted Dr. Terry Hazen from the U.S.
government’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who said,

“…we could introduce a genetic material into indigenous bugs via a bacteriophage – a
virus that infects bacteria – to give local microbes DNA that would allow them to break
down oil. Either that, he said, or a lab could create a completely new organism that
thrives in the ocean, eats oil, and needs a certain stimulant to live…”

There were two possible solutions according to Dr. Hazen, who is considered to be the foremost
crude oil bioremediation expert in the world. Either use synthetically engineered viruses called
bacteriophages, or ‘phages’, to infect and alter the genetics of indigenous Gulf bacteria; or,
synthetically create an entirely new organism, i.e. a new species of bacteria, to eat up the oil
and/or gas and introduce it into the Gulf of Mexico.

In September 2010, Duke University gave us another confirmation as to what was going on in
the Gulf:

“In a paper published in the journal Science, Terry Hazen and his colleagues at Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory discovered in late May through early June 2010 that a previously
unknown species of cold-water hydrocarbon-eating bacteria have been feasting on the
underwater oil plumes degrading them at accelerated rates.”

Natural microorganisms are well known to biologists and their genetic sequences are catalogued
in a worldwide library. The public can even access the entire genetic library on the internet. But
here we have a new and never before identified species of bacteria that suddenly “appears” in
the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s eating up the oil at a much faster speed than any natural bacteria
possibly could or ever has.

In August 2010, Science Magazine reported about bacteria that were gobbling up the Gulf oil and
how it was being done by microorganisms that were not typical:

Hazen’s team found that microbes inside the plume samples were packed more than twice as
densely as microbes outside it. Even more encouraging, the genes specifically geared to
degrade hydrocarbons were more common in the plume as well, implying that it’s not
just general bacteria that are taking on the plume.

Terry Hazen had described how the genes of a certain microbe that were “geared” (created) to
eat-up crude oil were not just thriving within the oil plume, but were rapidly duplicating more
than twice as fast as those same microbes outside the oil plume. He reveals that indigenous
“general” or natural bacteria in the Gulf are not responsible for this amazing outcome. Obviously,
he knows exactly what’s doing the job at such an accelerated rate: Synthetic genome bacteria
created specifically to consume hydrocarbons, crude oil.

Dr. Terry Hazen is just one source, so I don’t expect you to believe synthetically engineered
organisms are being used in the Gulf based solely on what he has said, even though he’s an
absolute expert scientist in his field. What if I were to tell you that British Petroleum has
admitted to using synthetic designer gene organisms in the Gulf? Would that help convince you?

In September 2010, reporter Stephen Fry of the UK’s BBC was granted a video interview with
Mike Utsler, the Chief Operating Officer of BP’s Gulf Coast Restoration. Here’s what Mr. Utsler
publicly admitted on camera:

“There is a new form of microbiology that is attacking this (oil) plume and using it as a
food source”.

You can view him saying this on our YouTube Channel or on our Gulf Blue Plague internet blog at
BP Admits Using Synthetic Microbes in Gulf of Mexico. This 17 second video snippet is taken from
a November 7, 2010 broadcast entitled Has the Oil Really Gone? which is available for viewing at
BBC TWO.* Note how Utsler is cut off by his own people at BP immediately after stating this and
the interview was abruptly ended.

* It appears that the BBC has now restricted this video so that it can no longer be viewed from
within the US.


A “new form of microbiology” is not a natural biological organism. Genome scientist J. Craig
Venter, PhD, the founder of Synthetic Genomics Inc. and JCVI, clearly defined this new biological
structure on May 27, 2010 in his prepared testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on Energy and Commerce:

“One of the major advantages of synthetic genomics is that there is no need to have access to a
physical supply of a particular DNA sequence. Sequence fragments are simply created de
novo by chemical synthesis and assembled into entire chromosomes and organisms.
This ability to synthesize (write) DNA and use it in the construction of new cells can
catalyze a major change in what organisms can be engineered to do. …these [synthetic
genome] technologies could be used to produce bioremediation techniques. In 2003, JCVI
successfully synthesized a small virus, approximately six thousand base pairs long, that
infects bacteria. By 2008, the JCVI team was able to synthesize a small bacterial

Now it’s easy to understand exactly what Terry Hazen, PhD, and BP’s Mike Utsler were revealing
with regards to the creation of new genetically engineered microorganisms – either viruses that
attack bacteria or bacteria themselves – within the Gulf of Mexico.


The latest development in the Gulf is how an incomprehensible bacterium is remarkably eating
up the methane gas. It appears that engineered designer genes have also been used to remove
the gas just as they have been used to consume the oil. The common denominator is that
neither of these microbes are natural microorganisms. This should come as no surprise.
Microbiologist David Valentine at the University of California at Santa Barbara stated,

“Within a matter of months, the bacteria completely removed that methane. The
bacteria kicked on more effectively than we expected.”

It sounds to me that this created synthetic genome microbe far exceeded the engineering and
programming expectations.

According to a Fox Business report,

“This discovery offered a rare glimpse into the remarkable abilities of an obscure
family of microbes in the depths of the Gulf”.

I agree. It is scientifically incomprehensible that any natural microorganism could do this and
synthetically engineered microbes are definitely obscure by comparison.

University of Georgia microbiologist Samantha Joye, who has been independently analyzing
methane from the Gulf of Mexico, also agrees with me. She said,

“It would take a superhuman microbe to do what they are claiming.”

So it has, Samantha. It was specifically engineered and its “superhuman” genetics were created

In a January 7, 2011 article, the UK Register wrote how the scientists were particularly

“surprised at the speed with which the bacteria consumed their enormous meal”.

They also brought up the fact that earlier studies elsewhere in the world suggested methane
levels around Deepwater Horizon would be well above normal for years ahead. It’s remarkable
what highly engineered designer genes can do.

On January 6, 2011, the Christian Science Monitor reported how the study’s leaders boldly stated
that rates of methane decomposition after the Gulf oil spill

“were faster than had ever been recorded in any other place on the planet.”

That’s because these are not natural microbes. You can’t compare apples to grapefruit.


In the same CS Monitor report, University of Georgia microbiologist Samantha Joye stated how

“[The Gulf] is not well stocked with trace elements the bacteria need to survive –
among them, copper, which bacteria specifically use to deal with the methane.
Shortages of copper, as well as other trace elements, likely would have slammed the
brakes on the exponential growth in bacterial populations needed to get rid of the
methane in fewer than four months.”

The same applies to hydrocarbon-eating bacteria that consume oil, except that iron is needed
more than the other trace elements. Since copper and iron are not prevalent mineral elements
normally found in the Gulf of Mexico, the synthetic bacterium eating both the oil and the
methane would not be able to do so at the remarkable speed they have without such essential
earth elements. The only possible way these synthetic bacterium could have done this is by
adding the required elements to the Gulf. Spraying a highly dissolved or colloidal mixture of
trace elements onto and into the Gulf of Mexico would be absolutely required to accomplish this.

In our October 21, 2010 research article The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE (BP): It’s Not Wise To Fool
Mother Nature, we had revealed the abnormally high amounts of elements found in the Gulf and
that it was being sprayed along with or separately from the oil dispersants. In August 2010, rain
water samples were tested by the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana where rain coming
directly from the Gulf had unusually high concentrations of iron, copper, nickel, aluminum,
manganese, and arsenic.

Without a doubt, the synthetically created bacterium introduced into the Gulf of Mexico to
consume the oil and gasses were – and continue to be – fed these essential trace elements.
Otherwise, they could not have thrived or reproduced at the accelerated rate they have. The
continued spraying in the Gulf by aircraft and by boat is not Corexit or other oil dispersal
chemicals. Consider the current spraying to have the same effect of adding liquid fertilizer to
your crops.


In early December, 2010 the research vessel WeatherBird II, owned by the University of
Southern Florida (USF), went back to the Gulf of Mexico for follow-up water and core samples. As
reported by Naomi Klein on January 13, 2011 in Hunting the Ocean for BP’s Missing Millions of
Barrels of Oil,

“…these veteran scientists have seen things that they describe as unprecedented …evidence of
bizarre sickness in the phytoplankton and bacterial communities…”

This “bizarre sickness” in the indigenous Gulf microorganisms is the direct result of the synthetic
microbes that are still creating genetic sicknesses by mutating the DNA of the natural microbes.
We had alerted our readers to this in DNA Mutations Confirmed in Gulf of Mexico on September
28, 2010 when we stated,

“DNA mutations are occurring within the Gulf of Mexico at a microscopic cellular level. The
obvious effect this has on marine life as well as humans is a Pandora Box of unknowns.”

Tampa Bay Online gave further insight to this in an interview with Dr. John Paul, an
oceanography biology professor at USF, regarding the oil plume they had discovered 40 miles off
the Florida Panhandle:

It was found to be toxic to microscopic sea organisms, causing mutations to their DNA. If this
plankton at the base of the marine food chain is contaminated, it could affect the whole
ecosystem of the Gulf.

“The problem with mutant DNA is that it can be passed on and we don’t how this will
affect fish or other marine life,” he says, adding that the effects could last for decades.

In Naomi Klein’s article, she describes how Paul introduced healthy bacteria and phytoplankton
to Gulf water samples and what happened shocked him. The responses of the organisms “were
genotoxic or mutagenic”. According to Paul, what was so “scary” about these results is that such
genetic damage was “heritable,” meaning the mutations can be passed on.
Genotoxins pass on genetic changes to successors who have never been exposed to the original
gene. Healthy microorganisms are then genetically changed and will pass on their DNA mutations
to their descendants. This is a genetic chain-reaction as each mutated microbe interacts with and
affects other microorganisms, especially with regards to the food chain:

“…the phytoplankton, the bacteria, and the [microorganisms] that graze on them – the
zooplankton – seem to be the most potentially impacted.” – Dr. David Hollander, USF
Marine Geochemist: December 6, 2010: Video interview on WeatherBird II.


In a Bridging The Gap radio interview with Dr. John Waterman on September 9, 2010, he stated,

“Microbes can morph, they can change. Viruses can turn into bacteria and bacteria can turn into
fungi. In the Gulf we have bacteria that can morph. It can morph [mutate] because it’s
attacked by a virus. The virus can change the genetics of the bacteria so that it morphs
[mutates] into something very deadly.

Some of these changed bacteria can become deadly, Ebola deadly. When you have a morphed
bacterium that gets airborne, now you’re going to see it go from person to person.

We’re on the verge of something that can become a deadly pandemic. They had to know
that was the case. All it has to do is enter the human host… and once it gets started, it’s
going to be impossible to stop.”

In October, 2010, I was contacted by Riki Ott, PhD who had written a book on the effects of the
Exxon Valdez tanker spill in Alaska. Her Master’s Science degree is in marine biology with
emphasis on the effects oil has on zooplankton. She had just read my It’s Not Wise To Fool
Mother Nature article and wanted to talk. So far, she is the only U.S. based scientist who has
agreed with me that there were genetically bio-engineered bacteria eating the oil in the Gulf.

In an article she published while in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, entitled Bio-Remediation or Bio-
Hazard? Dispersants, Bacteria & Illness in the Gulf, she recounts how comments made by a local
grandmother made her re-evaluate her thoughts on crude oil bio-remediation. That grandmother
said she felt the oil-eating bacteria were “running amok and causing skin rashes”. Here’s part of
what Dr. Ott wrote:

“To make things a little scarier, some of the oil-eating bacteria have been genetically
modified, or otherwise bio-engineered, to better eat the oil – including Alcanivorax
borkumensis and some of the Pseudomonas.”

Pseudomonas alcaligenes is a Gram-negative aerobic bacterium used for bio-remediation
purposes because it can degrade aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene or methane.
Alcanivorax borkumensis is also a Gram-negative bacterium used for bio-remediation purposes
because it can degrade oil hydrocarbons. There we have it. Confirmation once again that
synthetic designer genes are the reason the oil and gas are being eaten up at alarming rates
within the Gulf.

But why are these Gram-negative bacteria so important? Because, as Riki Ott said,

“Oil-eating bacteria produce bio-films. Studies have found that bio-films are rapidly
colonized by other Gram-negative bacteria – including those known to infect humans.”
A nurse Riki Ott was working with in the Gulf, Nurse Schmidt, put it this way:

“This is like a major bacterial storm. It could be the reason we are seeing a variance of
symptoms in different individuals. In some people, we see respiratory complications, while in
others we see skin or GI symptoms. I think it is due to a multitude of colonized bacteria.”

But this is not just a typical bacterial storm. In this instance, there are synthetically created bio-
remediation bacteria that have mutated untold species of natural organisms in the Gulf water
and in the air. As different colonies begin to grow and colonize, you are witnessing the perfect
genetic storm.


I’ve written numerous articles in various forums since July, 2010 trying my best to warn not only
my own family and friends, but the entire world with what has been evolving in the Gulf of
Mexico. I’ve described in detail precisely how it was and is still evolving. For the record, I’ve
researched and published these findings in the World Vision Portal forum, WVP’s YouTube
channel, in the Blue Plague blog, and in weekly radio broadcasts on the Living Light Network. In
August, I appropriately named the ensuing pandemic The Gulf Blue Plague.

To my frustration, few have cared to listen. I’ve been ignored and shunned on most internet
sites owned and controlled by those who purportedly claim to be representing those of us living
along the Gulf coast. Many of them simply don’t represent us at all. They exist for their own
agendas, such as to find clients for their attorney practices. Some have exploited Gulf victims to
only make a name for themselves. Some simply disappeared when BP and government agencies
said the Gulf oil disaster was finished. The truth of the matter is that it’s not finished in the least.
The worst part is yet to come this spring and summer as the warmer water and air accelerates
the growth of the synthetically mutated viruses and bacteria.

What’s taking place in the Gulf of Mexico is not a regional problem just for those of us who live
here. It’s a worldwide problem. Subtle viral and bacterial signs are beginning to show up
everywhere. Mysterious unexplained diseases affecting fish, sea mammals, animals, fowl, trees,
plants and mankind are occurring because of the synthetic genomes that are changing and
mutating the natural organisms in the oceans and in the air.

I’ve been constantly interviewing both family members and friends who are physicians,
scientists, Registered Nurses, ship captains, shrimpers, and fishermen. All of them agree that the
scientifically confirmed mutated organisms – directly caused by synthetically engineered
genomes interjected into the Gulf – can and most assuredly will become a pandemic or even
multiple pandemics. As my RN friend with over 30 years of trauma and clinical experience in
Louisiana put it,

“This is like an opera where the main characters are Frankenstein and King Neptune. When the
fat lady of the Gulf finally sings in the last act, there may not be much of an audience left to hear

In summary, all I can say is what I’ve been saying for months now….

   “Wherever the Gulf wind blows and the Gulf water flows”

NOTES & ADDENDUM From The Gulf Blue Plague is Evolving – Part II


Bacteriophages are viruses that change the DNA of bacteria. Many types of bacteriophages exist.
Some simply infect the host bacteria while others insert into and alter the bacterial chromosome.

Some of the viruses donate their DNA materials to the host cell and cause alteration in the
genetic code. Some bacteriophages can enter the host cell, but instead of immediately making
new viral material the bacteriophages DNA will integrate into the chromosome of the bacteria.


Bacteria are a large group of single cell microorganisms that grow to a fixed size and then
reproduce through a form of asexual reproduction. Under optimal conditions, bacteria can grow
and divide rapidly and some bacterial populations can double as quickly as every 9.8 minutes.
Most bacteria have a single circular chromosome and inherit identical copies of their parent’s
genes (they clone themselves).

However, all bacteria can evolve through changes made to their genetic material DNA caused by
mutations. Mutations come from errors made during the replication of DNA or from exposure to
mutagens (mutating agents), such as certain chemicals or bacteriophages (viruses). Mutations
are changes in the DNA or RNA sequence of a virus. It can occur at both a Gene level – called a
Gene Mutation – and at a Chromosome level – called a Chromosome Mutation. This process of
change is called Mutagenesis. The result is a mutated virus that quickly duplicates itself,
develops into maturity, and then discharges itself into the environment. A water environment
discharge will become airborne due to high temperatures or as a result of storms.

Despite their apparent simplicity, bacteria can also form complex associations with other
organisms. If bacteria form a parasitic association, they are classed as pathogens. Pathogenic
bacteria are a major cause of human death and disease. MRSA and other flesh eating bacterium
are pathogenic.


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   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/riki-ott/bio-remediation-or-bio-ha_b_720461.html

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29 Comments for “The Perfect Genetic Storm – Synthetic
DNA and the Gulf Blue Plague”

        mike says:

        July 20, 2012 at 5:09 pm

        False flag environmental terrorism is what the Gulf spill and Fukushima have in common.
        This is not the end of this type of warfare. Wait and watch Fox news for the next
        sensational event. Anyone who pretends to know what is going on is a joke. This is the
        end of life as we know it. Those responsible will be punished in ways that they deserve.
        We will all be held accountable for our actions.


        George says:

        July 7, 2012 at 10:57 pm

        Hello folks. I was looking for the information on this topic trying to make sense of
        something that is happening on the Atlantic Coast in Virginia (and I am certain as well as
        other Atlantic States). I just came back from my regular hike through Back Bay National
        Wildlife Refuge and False Cape State Park – those are on the Atlantic Cost between
        Virginia Beach and the North Carolina border – and saw a sad evidence of something that
        is really wrong: I saw NO Blue Crabs in the water where I saw hundreds of them just last
        July; the sand there has a dark (black) residue covering it, and the Ocean smells like
        rotten flesh. Really shocking I must say. Another thing is the abundance of the obnoxious
        biting flies that are following you everywhere – last year my baby daughter was sleeping
        on the beach there for an hour and NOTHING disturbed her.
        If what Michael is writing here even partially true – the symptoms of the Blue Plague are
        … terrible, to say the least: after playing in the water with my son I felt weird that there
        were no marine life around, except for some rare fish. I hope that anything mentioned in
        this article stayed away from us…

    Systembuster says:

    June 7, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    I have been following the Gulf Oil disaster for a long time from far away British Columbia,
    Canada, I have been very concerned for all life there. To turn a blind eye to what’s going
    is, in my mind, criminal. When the time comes to answer for who and what you are
    comes, that day will be the reckoning. No one will be able to hide from their deeds. I
    welcome that day. I cry silently in my soul for Mother Earth and hope we can overcome
    this before it is too late. God bless you all.


    Nicole says:

    May 26, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    I just wanted to tell you thank you for opening my eyes. I completely believe you over
    the BP associates who insist that nothing wrong is going on. I am doing a research paper
    and this blog has helped immensely. My teacher is very interested in the topic of these
    mutant organisms and so am I. Thank you for pursuing this and making me realize how
    twisted this is. I have never heard anything about this until now, and I know why.


    Ron McMullin says:

    February 19, 2012 at 12:05 am

    The double mouthed trout pictured was not caught in the gulf of Mexico, rather, in a lake
    in Nebraska. It has nothing to do with the gulf oil spill. If you mince your facts, why
    believe anything? I guess that as long as people don’t bother to check, in the end, you
    win because the end justifies the means….The fish was smoked and eaten by the
    fisherman that caught it.


            Michael Edward says:
            February 28, 2012 at 3:46 pm

            No one ever implied it was from the Gulf, Ron. The picture was never spoken of in
            the article, either. If you want some uglier pictures of mutated, sick and deformed
            fish from the Gulf, just do a Google image search. They make the trout picture
            look normal.


    Maggie says:

    May 1, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    Thank you for your dedicated research. Just because it’s not on the mainstream media
    doesn’t mean people aren’t still interested and investigating info as much as possible
    online. There are still parts of Louisiana off-limits to independent scientists, journalists,
    and researchers. BP whistle-blowers are dying in non-coincidental numbers. A lot of us
    know the game is rigged, we just don’t know how without people like you. Thanks again!


    John says:

    February 3, 2011 at 12:52 am

    Dear Michael,

    Thanks for your continuous research and efforts. Very much appreciated.
    Could you advise your direct email for sending some questions and materials?

    Best regards,


            admin says:

            February 3, 2011 at 6:20 am

            John, use the CONTACT US link at the top of every page to send any questions.

    TONY says:

    February 1, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    When we speak of ‘pathogenic viruses’ – viruses that allegedly cause disease in human
    beings – we usually take it for granted that such dreaded and deadly viruses physically
    exist. We have already been brainwashed into accepting their unquestioable existence as
    if the science has all been done and dusted. To say that mutations occur in the DNA of
    alleged viruses that haven’t even been isolated as COMPLETE VIRUSES just presupposes
    what has to be proved.

    To the best of my knowledge no scientist has come forward to date with any conclusive
    and convincing scientific evidence that ANY of the so-called human disease causing
    viruses physically exist in nature, have been isolated as complete viruses, photographed
    and biochemically characterized – NOT ONE.

    Sure enough there are plenty of textbook references to secondary sources, computer
    enhanced photographs, and much BS referring to ‘gene sequences’ that is passed off as
    ‘science’ but no hard evidence to back up ANY claim that any single complete pathogenic
    virus has ever been isolated to date and really does CAUSE what it is alleged to cause.


    Mike says:

    January 25, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    Thanks for the very interesting article. For the readers: I wouldn’t fear a thing, that is if
    you believe in god and gods plan. From my perspective, The Great One has it under
    control, even if you don’t like the scenery. I suggest you get in sync with what is and
    simply enjoy the ride. It is going to get interesting.


            Auntie M says:

            January 25, 2011 at 9:52 pm

            Great advice! Be still and know…make sure you’ve got oil in your lamps…and hold
            on for the ride. Jesus is Lord of all. In this world we are promised tribulation. We
            live now and our hope remains in Him.

    ehswan says:

    January 23, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    I agree with Beverly. Compelling and I hope wrong. If true the consequences could be
    biblical. If true I can’t imagine that those who developed and released this bug did not
    know about the potential consequences. If they did know, might this be part of a
    depopulation agenda?


    James Stuart Sinclair says:

    January 23, 2011 at 1:45 am

    Larry says “WE HAVE KILLED OUR MOTHER”. Not yet, Larry, but we are doing our best —
    and if we do not start living properly, as recommended by the Gaiene Communion (dot
    org) and countless other voices, She will kill us. Count on it.


    Jean-Claude says:

    January 22, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    The man who quotes Revelation is right. The sea is dying along with the rest of the planet
    and so many souls. Look at the giant island of plastic in the Pacific Ocean the size of
    France … it will only grow.

    Biological weapons and Bio/chem weapons we don’t know how to get rid of. Nuclear
    waste … Russia has sleek new nukes and China is not far behind … others will follow. But
    they are America’s friends, right? Who are they aiming their missile at? Each other?

    The truth is, the Russians and Chinese, among others, are saying, “Why should be let
    America, with her children dressed in rapper gang clothes, rule the world and infect us
    with the disease of her oxygen stealing parasite culture of gang bangers and Paris Hilton
    and Dennis Rodman?”

    Godless people raising godless children, child militias, Sudan, Burma, Congo, Mugabe,
    Winny Mandela, commies in the White House, open border with Mexico, drugs all over the
    show, culture in the sewer, Satanic leaders, Monopoly Money makers, scams in the Fed
    Bank, Wall St. fraud, Madison Avenue and Hollywood and MTV “values …”

    If this is not the End Times, what is?

    Larry says:

    January 21, 2011 at 5:53 pm



    ssigrl says:

    January 21, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    God help us all. Thank you to every person working help save our beautiful earth. I pray
    this type of evidence & research will continue & everyone will join the fight to protect &
    restore our ecosystems.


    pjr says:

    January 21, 2011 at 12:49 am

    Rev 8:8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire
    was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

    Rev 8:9 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died…

    Rev 16:3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the
    blood of a dead [man]: and every living soul died in the sea.

    The “as it were a great mountain burning with fire” is the Deepwater Horizon rig “cast
    into the sea”. We know what color the water turned afterward, as the oil rose to the
    surface. We, also, know the death caused, and continuing to be caused, to sea life.

    The “rest of the story” still has to play out, but with those ‘gineered microbes, is there
    any doubt that Rev. 16:3b (and every living soul died in the sea) is the conclusion?


            Auntie M says:
            January 24, 2011 at 7:10 am

            Our God is bigger than this mess. Hopefully Christians everywhere will open their
            eyes and ears. Matthew 24:33: “So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these
            things, know that it is near, even at the doors.” Prayers and blessings.


    Gerd says:

    January 20, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    Yeah, wasn’t Duncan Kunz one of the major “pooh-poohers”(skeptics) of the late Gene
    Shoemaker (Shoemaker-Levy 9)? And wasn’t he the one who was always asking Dr.
    Alvarez where the hole was from the asteroid the killed off the dinosaurs? Say Duncan,
    how do you propose anyone gets funding, or generates interest, in any scientific
    endeavor without talking about their ideas? You are no scientist. Scientists are open
    minded. Your constant demands of “prove it, prove it to MY satisfaction” are getting old.
    What exactly do you do besides ridcule and challenge the ideas of real scientists anyway?
    I am pretty confident that you have been proven wrong many times, but refuse to see
    the errors of your ways. If you have something to add? Let’s hear it! If you just want to
    tear down what others are trying to build? Well, if that is the case, then please, spare us
    your rigid, and brittle, views.


    molecule says:

    January 20, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    Crude oil comes out of the ground raw with plenty of minerals in tow, like iron, copper,
    aluminum, magnesium, etc. — the “oil” is mixed with contaminated water and rock junk
    and etc. Viscosity of raw crude is difficult to estimate in advance, making it difficult to
    estimate flow rates on long pipes. I had investigated viscosity because people were
    coming up with bullshit numbers for the pressure in the bottom of the well … it didn’t
    correspond with the visible flows (if the videos we were looking at were the wel head).
    Crude oil would have plenty of minterals for the mutant microorganisms to multiply, if
    they need them.

    When the microbes (mutant or natural) consume raw crude, what do they poop out …
    anyone know what the by-products of oil digestion and of the death of the microbes are?
    They could be toxic as well.

    Winyan Staz says:

    January 20, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    And how will they stop these things from eating all the oil on the planet? Or the oil in our
    bodies? Or the oil in plants? This is insanity and will kill the planet.
    It was nice knowing you Mother Earth.
    I am so sorry and broken hearted what your children have done to you and to us all.
    All the Earth will weep with me when Mother Earth has died.” ~OmenZ


    Duncan Kunz says:

    January 20, 2011 at 11:31 am

    I read through your entire post and all I could see were guesses and assumptions. There
    isn’t any evidence of such a deliberately mutated organism.

    If you have any actual evidence that the bacteria which seem to be breaking down the
    petroleum products are genetically engineered, or if the mixing of the spill and seawater
    somehow gives rise to a new strain of bacteria, why don’t you give it to us? Such news is
    much too important to be left to guesses and gossip, especially if there’s no evidence to
    back it up!


            admin says:

            January 20, 2011 at 12:44 pm

            Duncan — You obviously haven’t bothered to read anything else on this blog. A
            90% genome match for the oil eating synthetic genome bacteria we named
            Syntholeispirea Gulfmexicana was posted at The Source of the Gulf Blue Plague
            (BP). How are the black government projects with your employer, Boeing
            Aerospace, doing these days Duncan?


                    Po says:
                       January 20, 2011 at 6:42 pm

                       Duncan Kunz is everywhere these days
                       If it’s not chemtrails hes debunking it’s this… that… or… anything else he is
                       TOLD to

                       waiting to be debunked my him myself


       Destino says:

       January 19, 2011 at 8:48 pm

       I have also been a voice in the forest… no-one seems to listen or care or care to think too
       deeply. I write on spiritual matters and have followed your articles, I know we are in the
       deep deep end…


               Beverly McClain says:

               January 20, 2011 at 7:04 pm

               Even though I’ve been advocating for the Gulf since the explosion (from a
               distance as I’m in the NE) this is the first time I’ve allowed myself to read more
               on this aspect of the situation down there. While it can be dismissed by some as
               over the top fear mongering, I think you’ve made a compelling case and I thank
               you for that. I just hope, for the sake of our planet, that you’re wrong!



    Half of GPs Refuse Swine Flu Vaccine Over Testing
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at8:42 AM on 25th August 2009

Up to half of family doctors do not want to be vaccinated against swine flu.
GPs will be first in the line for the jabs when they become available but many will
decline, even though they will be offering the vaccine to their patients.
More than two thirds of those who will turn the jab down believe it has not been tested
enough. Most also believe the flu has turned out to be so mild in the vast majority of
cases that the vaccine is not needed.

Last night Government experts criticised GPs who decide not to have the jab, saying
they will put vulnerable patients needlessly at risk.

A week ago, a poll of nurses showed that a third would turn down the opportunity of
being vaccinated against swine flu.

News that medics are unconvinced by the need for a vaccine will cause grave concern
to patients who will be invited for the jab over the next few months.
A poll of doctors for Pulse magazine found that 49 per cent would reject the vaccine
with 9 per cent undecided.

A separate survey for GP magazine found that 29 per cent would definitely opt out of
having the jab, while a further 29 per cent were unsure. Just 41 per cent said they would
definitely have the jab.

Of those who said they did not want to jab, 71 per cent said it was because of safety

Richard Hoey, editor of Pulse, said: 'The medical profession has yet to be convinced by
the Government's whole approach to swine flu, with most GPs now feeling that the
Department of Health overreacted in its policy on blanket use of Tamiflu.

'Inevitably, that has coloured feelings about the planned immunisation campaign.

'The view among many doctors is that the Government hasn't yet made its case for why
such a huge vaccination programme needs to be rushed in for what seems to be an
unusually mild illness.'

But Professor David Salisbury, the Department of Health's director of immunisation, told
GP magazine that frontline health workers had a duty to themselves regarding

'They have a duty to their patients not to infect their patients and they have a duty to
their families,' he said.

The Pulse survey questioned 15 doctors, while GP spoke to 216.

The poll raised further questions over the Government's planned mass vaccination
programme. The jab, currently being processed, will be fast tracked and will not be fully
tested before it is administered to patients.
There are also concerns the jab can spark cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome, which can
lead to paralysis and even death.

A mass swine flu vaccination programme in the U.S. in 1976 caused far more deaths
than the disease it was designed to combat, and the Health Protection Agency
watchdog has asked doctors to look out for cases of GBS when the vaccinations begin.

Earlier this month, Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson announced that the jab will
be given to people in high-risk groups, such as those with asthma or diabetes, as well
as health workers such as GPs and nurses.

Some 14million people will be covered by the first wave of the vaccination programme,
with everyone else following over the next few months.

The BMA is still negotiating with doctors over how they should be paid to give out the
jabs. The union is demanding £7 for every injection.

A spokesman for the BMA said: 'The new vaccine has been thoroughly tested and we
believe it should provide good protection against swine flu.

'It is important that doctors are among the first to be offered the vaccine as it will not
only protect them but the patients they care for.

However, doctors like all individuals have the right to decide whether they are
vaccinated or not.'

                   Microchipping in Healthcare Bill?
Microchips in Obamacare? Not yet
Analysis: While not explicit, law opens door to future possibility

Posted: April 13, 2010
8:30 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

The warnings are everywhere in the Internet: "Obamacare requires being
microchipped," "Obamacare Bugging You! It Will With a Microchip," and "RFID Chip
Impact in 36 Months," but a new legal analysis says there just isn't any language in
President Obama's newly adopted takeover of the American health care system that
requires such an invasive procedure.

Not that language in the bill couldn't eventually be interpreted to include such a plan if
Big Brother ever decided to go that direction, but, "the individual micro-chipping of
Americans is not currently and explicitly laid out in Obamacare," concludes a new report
from a law firm that has worked on a number of challenges to the sitting president.

Reports that are circulating commonly cite a reference in H.R. 3200 to a "National
Medical Device Registry" that involves a "class II device that is implantable, life-
supporting, or life-sustaining."

The explanations warn that the FDA considers that an "implantable radio frequency
transponder system for patient identification and health information" and that "when fully
implemented," the law sets up the framework for "making the United States the first
nation in the world to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in
them a radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip for the purpose of controlling
who is, or isn't, allowed medical care in their country."

But H.R. 3200 wasn't passed; the bill was H.R. 3590 and it contains differences from the
many earlier generations of the bill.

And according to the analysis, released by attorney Gary Kreep of the United States
Justice Foundation, while "bells and whistles are ringing far and wide" over the many
legitimate concerns raised by Obamacare, the requirement for people to be implanted
with healthcare devices just isn't there – yet.

"While this is a very real potential repercussion, it is not, currently the case," said the
analysis written by USJF staff attorney Chris Tucker.

He explained that the legislation's reference to such "devices" focuses on the medical
device, not the person.

"The language of this section makes it very clear that the Secretary of Health and
Human Services … is given broad power over the collection of data pertaining to
medical devices," he wrote.

"No part of [the health care bill] explicitly calls for the mandatory implantation of medical
recording or tracking devices into individuals," he said.

However, the door was opened, he concluded.

"Since [the Health and Human Services Secretary] is responsible for 'validating
methods for analyzing patient safety and outcomes data from multiple sources and for
linking such data with the information included in the registry,' … it would seem
incumbent upon him or her to not only track the medical devices, but to also track the
health and lifestyle of each patient treated, so as to properly analyze 'postmarket safety
and outcome data,'" the analysis said.

"It can certainly be argued then, that for proper collection of data to determine a medical
device's performance would be to eliminate the 'human factor.' If someone does not
follow the prescribed course of care to make a treatment effective, it would tend to skew
the results of a device's effectiveness. To ensure that the device did or did not work
properly, it would be necessary to monitor each patient's lifestyle habits, so as to make
a proper determination as to the effectiveness of the medical device," the analysis said.

There would, of course, be issues on which to challenge such actions constitutionally,
he wrote. The "strict scrutiny" test, which demands that a government show its actions
are necessary for a compelling government interest, probably wouldn't be applied, since
abortion involves a similarly intrusive action, and the test doesn't apply in those cases.

There, the analysis said, the test is whether a government restriction is an "undue

But even that may not be directly applicable, since that "determines the level of
roadblock or speed bump placed by the government in the way of a woman obtaining
abortive services," the analysis said.

"With potential micro-chipping, there is no roadblock placed by the government, but a
mandate that, healthy or not, guilty of a crime or not, one must be subjected to physical
bodily invasion and constant monitoring," the analysis said.

"Sadly, under Obamacare, since the government now has a fully and deeply rooted
monetary and political interest in the health of its citizens (not to mention an ego interest
in forcing this round peg into a square hole), many things that would have fallen short of
meeting this strict constitutional standard can now soar effortlessly over this ever
shortening standard of scrutiny," the analysis said.

The analysis suggests there also could be questions over 4th Amendment protections
against "unreasonable searches and seizures," because wiretapping has been ruled
inappropriate but taking blood at a DUI checkpoint has been approved, even though
that's short of chipping plans that would allow the government to follow an individual into
his or her own home.

"If this were allowed in the future, it would not only fly in the face of the Constitution, but
God, the natural law, and each and every individual right that has been recognized
since the beginning of time," the analysis warned.

WND previously reported when, a least according to one congressman, the
constitutionality might not be an issue.

The comment came in a heated exchange recorded recently between Rep. Phil Hare,
D-Ill., and constituents.
While being pressed on the complications of the "Obamacare" plan, as critics have
dubbed it, he was asked, "Where in the Constitution?"

"I don't worry about the Constitution on this to be honest," Hare said.

Instead, he said, he worries about peoples' lives:

"It's people's lives. It's people's children. It's when you take your child to the hospital and
you think it's really bad and your heart is thumping, thumping, thumping while you're
waiting for the doctor to tell you what it is and then the doctor comes out and says it's
going to be ok, except you don't have insurance and you're stuck with a $10 or $15,000
bill. …"

In an Examiner commentary by David Thornton, he suggested, "Obamacare contains
plenty of things that will be bad for patients, doctors, and the economy in general. It is
not necessary to create things that aren't there."

U HAVE 2 C THIS! Obamas New World Order And The RFID

AMERICANS –3/18/10

Required RFID implanted chip
Sec. 2521, Pg. 1000 – The government will establish a National Medical Device
Registry. What does a National Medical Device Registry mean?

National Medical Device Registry from H.R. 3200 [Healthcare Bill], pages 1001-1008:

(g)(1) The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection
referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data
on each device that— ‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; ‘‘(B) and is— ‘‘(i) a
class III device; or ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-

Then on page 1004 it describes what the term “data” means in paragraph 1, section B:

‘‘(B) In this paragraph, the term ‘data’ refers to information respecting a device
described in paragraph (1), including claims data, patient survey data, standardized
analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data
environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the

What exactly is a class II device that is implantable? Approved by the FDA, a class II
implantable device is an “implantable radio frequency transponder system for patient
identification and health information.” The purpose of a class II device is to collect data
in medical patients such as “claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files
that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments,
electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary.”

See it for yourself.

This new law – when fully implemented – provides the framework for making the United
States the first nation in the world to require each and every one of its citizens to have
implanted in them a radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip for the purpose of
controlling who is, or isn’t, allowed medical care in their country.

Don’t believe it? Look it up yourself. Healthcare Bill H.R. 3200.

Pages 1001-1008 “National Medical Device Registry” section.
Page 1006 “to be enacted within 36 months upon passage”
Page 503 “… medical device surveillance”

Why would the government use the word “surveillance” when referring to citizens? The
definition of “surveillance” is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing
information, usually of people and often in a secret manner. The root of the word
[French] means to “watch over.”

In theory, the intent to streamline healthcare and to eliminate fraud via “health chips”
seems right. But, to have the world’s lone superpower (America, for now) mandate
(page 1006) a device to be IMPLANTED is scary!

Microchipping included in Healthcare Bill?

Coverage under Obamacare will require an implantable microchip?

                    New Ice Age Will Bring Famine
Experts: Food and fuel shortages imminent as new Ice Age dawns
Terrence Aym

With an Ice Age comes abrupt change, and with change comes death—sometimes
death on a massive scale.

More of the world's top scientists in the disciplines of geology, ecology, meteorology,
astrophysics, and heliology [Downloadable list] are predicting that the two major cooling
cycles are converging—the short term and long term Ice Ages—and Earth has just
entered the beginnings of the dangerous cooling.

Both cooling periods are due and both seem to have started just as the sun's about to
reach its solar maximum. When the sun goes quiet after 2012, it's expected to stay quiet
for at least the next 30 to 50 years. During that time, the sun will generate significantly
less heat and the planets—including Earth—will cool rapidly.

Mass migrations and famines

Now other scientists—including John L. Casey, the Director of the Space and Science
Research Center—are warning that people in the coming decades are facing food and
fuel shortages.

Some northern countries will be abandoned as the ice marches down from the Arctic;
energy production will be interrupted; and shortened growing periods in the Northern
Hemisphere will precipitate mass migrations, famines, food riots, regional conflicts and
a loss of human life that could be measured on an apocalyptic scale.

Imminent crop damage was forecast back in 2007 and predicted to start by 2010.

Right on schedule the damage has been occurring as cold has gripped the Northern
Hemisphere as far south as Cuba and southern Italy.
During the next 30 months the world's temperatures are predicted to drop even more
dramatically and at a faster clip than the worldwide plunge recorded during 2007 to

Sun entering an extended "hibernation period"

According to Casey, “The Earth typically makes adjustments in major temperature
spikes within two to three years. In this case as we cool down from El Nino, we are
dealing with the combined effects of this planetary thermodynamic normalization and
the influence of the more powerful underlying global temperature downturn brought on
by the solar hibernation. Both forces will present the first opportunity since the period of
Sun-causedglobal warming period ended to witness obvious harmful agricultural
impacts of the new cold climate. Analysis shows that food and crop derived fuel will for
the first time, become threatened in the next two and a half years. Though the SSRC
does not get involved with short term weather prediction, it would not be unusual to see
these ill-effects this year much less within the next 30 months.”

Other scientists concur and some see the speed at which the temperatures will drop as

Casy's organization has been at the forefront of the climate change controversy,
correctly predicting in advance three important changes in the climate that many others
missed: the end of global warming cycle (1999), a long term drop in the Earth’s
temperatures (starting in 2006 to 2007) the unsettling prospect of an historic contraction
of the Sun’s energy resulting in a never-before-seen solar hibernation. The hibernation
is now recognized byNASA's Long Range Solar Forecast through 2022 and as well as
the stunning slowdown of sun's activity.

At the urging of colleagues from around the globe that concur with him, Casey has
taken an unprecedented step. "In view of the importance of this new forecast I have
notified the Secretary of Agriculture to take immediate actions to prepare the nation’s
agricultural industry for the coming crop damage.”

Mini or major Ice Age - either are a disaster

While Casey sees a so-called mini-Ice Age occurring and lasting about 40 to 50 years,
others like Robert Felix believes the data is there that supports a real possibility of a
major Ice Age that could last several thousands of years. Felix believes the Earth's
already entered the first stages of the mini-Ice Age and a bigger one might be close on
its heels.

Felix warns: " The next Ice Age could begin any day. Next week, next month, next
year...it's not a question of if, only when. One day you'll wake up—or you won't wake up,
rather—buried beneath nine stories of snow. It's all part of a dependable, predictable
cycle, a natural cycle that returns like clockwork every 11,500 years."

The last Ice Age happened to end almost exactly 11,500 years ago.

Casey explains that "The present [solar] hibernation is proceeding in almost lock step as
the last one which occurred from 1793 to 1830. If it continues on present course, while
the cold weather impacts on food and fuel announced today are certainly important,
they do not compare with what is to follow later. At the bottom of the cold cycle of this
hibernation in the late 2020’s and 2030’s there will likely be years with devastating to
total crop losses in the Canadian and northern US grain regions.”

A scientific paper that presents his model, "The Theory of Relational Cycles of Solar
Activity" (also called the "RC Theory"), is gaining followers in the scientific community.

Perhaps that's because of the fact that of his three predictions based on the RC Theory
climate model, all three are occurring.

            People Will Resist Vaccines, Quarantines
                                  Alex Newman -9/23/09
Judicial analyst and former federal judge Andrew Napolitano blasted a controversial bill
in Massachusetts and warned that the public would resist. During aninterview on Fox
News, the well-known freedom advocate also described various powers the legislation
purports to authorize — e.g., forcibly quarantining residents without a warrant — in the
name of quelling a public-health threat such as that supposedly presented by the swine
flu virus. And he told the Fox News show host that the legislation appeared to be on
track for passage.


The legislation purports to authorize search and seizure without warrants, price controls,
government prohibitions on freedom of assembly, warrantless arrests, and other
alarming powers. The bill also claims it would shield virtually everybody involved from
liability — including the vaccine manufacturers on down to the people injecting it. The
bill passed the Commonwealth’s Senate unanimously, though the House clerk’s office
told The New American that the bill had not yet cleared the House of Representatives.

After explaining that the H1N1 (swine flu) virus had made thousands of Americans sick
and that some worry it could become a pandemic, the Fox host said the proposed bill
claims to authorize warrantless quarantines and even the imposition of martial law.
“Could that possibly be constitutional?” Regardless, the state’s chief executive plans to
sign it, according to Napolitano.

The bill would allow the governor to declare an emergency and authorize “non-
healthcare-licensed personnel” — which Napolitano suggested would be police — to
vaccinate people against their will. The former judge noted that instead of forcing adults
to take the shot, the statute authorizes incarceration without a warrant, charges or a
trial. Children, on the other hand, could be removed from their parents and force-
vaccinated, he added.

The screen read “Unconstitutional law?” and “bill being called ‘draconian’” underneath
while the host described the bill as troubling on many levels. He wondered if the
government would compile a list of everybody who received the swine flu shot, and if it
would encourage neighbors to snitch on each other for failing to take the vaccine.

“Look, this is the reason why we have federal judges,” explained Napolitano, though
other legal experts have warned that the courts would not step in. “Because federal
judges in Massachusetts will have to take this statute and compare it to the Constitution.
And the Constitution says the police can’t break into your home, and the police can’t
take your children away, and parents decide what medication the children get, not the

If this nightmarish scenario comes to fruition and police were to force-vaccinate
children, “it’s going to hit the fan,” the host warned. Napolitano also cautioned against
passage of the bill, saying: “The state of Massachusetts will be sorry it enacted this,
because people will revolt against it.”
There has already been widespread criticism and opposition mounting against the bill,
with groups like the Liberty Preservation Association of Massachusetts leading the
charge. Natural News editor Michael Adams warned that the state was delving into
medical fascism and said the bill transforms the Commonwealth of Massachusetts into
a “medical police state” while turning citizens into government property.

The bill is indeed wildly overstepping the bounds imposed by the Supreme Law of the
Land, but it is symptomatic of a larger trend across the country. Dozens of states
already have forced-vaccination and quarantine statutes, while the federal government
claims the authority to detain Americans indefinitely over medical issues and even more
frightening powers than the states have allowed. It would certainly be a welcome
development for the courts to step in, but as Napolitano warned, the prospect of citizens
revolting against these draconian measures is not hard to imagine.

Nurses Plan Rally to Protest Mandatory Swine Flu Shot
Paul Joseph Watson -9/22/09

Albany health professionals question safety of hastily introduced H1N1 vaccine

Albany nurses and other health professionals are planning to stage a rally next week to
protest a state regulation that mandates they will lose their jobs if they refuse to take the
swine flu shot, as fears grow about the vaccine’s dangerous ingredients and
government plans to forcibly inoculate whole populations with the H1N1 jab.

Earlier today we reported on the case of “Clare,” a daycare worker in Albany who,
despite having minimal contact with hospital staff who work in a separate building, an
exemption allowed in the official decree, was ordered to take the seasonal flu shot on
the spot or be fired. She was also advised that the same procedure would be in place
for the swine flu shot, as is outlined in the New York State Department of Health’s
emergency regulation issued in August.

Now nurses across the state are standing up against government intimidation to take
the shot, pointing out that the vaccine has not been properly tested and contains
mercury, squalene and other dangerous additives.

The New York State Nurses Association is supporting a demonstration on behalf of
nurses set to take place next week, reports Newsday.

“This vaccine has not been clinically tested to the same degree as the regular flu
vaccine,” said Tara Accavallo, a registered nurse in Stony Brook’s neonatal intensive
care unit, the division that has produced a number of protesters. “If something happens
to me, if I get seriously injured from this vaccine, who’s going to help me?”
Accavallo says she is willing to lose her job if need be, which is exactly what will happen
to thousands of other health professionals on November 30 if the government refuses to
back down.

Rob Kozik, another registered nurse in Stony Brook’s neonatal intensive care unit, said
he has no problems with a seasonal vaccine but he has deep concerns about being
immunized against H1N1. “I usually get vaccinated against the flu, but they are
mandating an untested and unproven vaccine,” Kozik told Newsday

“The H1N1 vaccine already has a poor track record,” he added. “Back in 1976 there
was vaccine [to protect against swine flu] that caused death and Guillain-Barre
syndrome,” said Kozik, referring to a nerve-damaging disorder that some people linked
to the vaccine. He said he also worries about the vaccine additive thimerosal, which is
used as a preservative in some doses of the vaccine.

According to Dr. Steven Walerstein, medical director of Nassau University Medical
Center where H1N1 vaccinations have already started, 25 workers at the institution
refused to take the shot and were later “referred to human resources and counseling.”

If polls are proven accurate, at least a third of nurses and health workers in the U.S. and
the UK will refuse to take the shot, with another third still undecided.

The fact that health professionals, and even employees loosely affiliated with hospitals,
are being intimidated into taking the shot, proves President Obama’s claim that the
vaccine will be voluntary to be deceptive and misleading. At the very least people’s
livelihoods are on the line if they refuse to be injected and elsewhere, in countries such
as Ireland and Greece, authorities have threatened large fines and jail time for people
who refuse the vaccine.

As we have previously documented, the swine flu vaccine was rushed through safety
procedures while governments have provided pharmaceutical companies with blanket
immunity from lawsuits arriving out of the vaccine causing deaths and injuries.

It was previously revealed that some batches of the vaccine will contain mercury, a toxin
linked with autism and neurological disorders. The vaccine will also contain the
dangerous ingredient squalene, which has been directly linked with cases of Gulf War
Syndrome and a host of other debilitating diseases.

It was also recently reported that the UK government sent a confidential letter to senior
neurologists telling them to be on the alert for cases of a brain disorder called Guillain-
Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine. The CDC in America
replicated this warning weeks later.

As a result of the dangers of the vaccine becoming widely known, authorities are
moving to get out ahead of the story by acknowledging that millions of health problems
in the aftermath of a vaccination campaign will be blamed on the vaccine, citing the
1976 swine flu debacle when the shot proved far deadlier than the actual virus.

Reuters reports that public health officials, “Expect an avalanche of so-called adverse
event reports, which are reports of death, illness or other health trauma that occur within
two weeks after receiving treatment — in this case, the swine flu vaccine,” in reaction to
an estimated “one million heart attacks, 700,000 strokes and 900,000 miscarriages.”

                                Plagues Coming?
I wonder if it is a coincidence that most of the countries having a problem with Hoof and
Mouth (livestock anthrax) are western allies and most of the countries covertly creating
anthrax (poor mans nuclear bomb) are east block and Muslim.

In the following scenario the Livestock pestilence went up in smoke and spread
throughout the earth. A friend just told me that live hoof and mouth is being found in the
ashes. Downwind some are getting the same symptoms as the cattle. Did you ever see
a computer generated plume from a volcano circle the earth and because of the air
streams cover the globe? However it spreads, the curses in Exodus will be fulfilled in
the coming days and for the same purpose, to deliver Gods people from bondage.
Normal livestock anthrax does not spread to humans. With the discovery of strange
strains of livestock anthrax having been stolen from a lab several months before the
outbreak we really do not know what we have. We do know that God is going to repeat
the Exodus plagues to set Gods people free from modern day spiritual Egypt.


Ex 9:3 behold, the hand of Jehovah is upon thy cattle which are in the field, upon
the horses, upon the asses, upon the camels, upon the herds, and upon the flocks:
[there shall be] a very grievous murrain (pestilence). {9:4} And Jehovah shall make a
distinction between the cattle of Israel and the cattle of Egypt; and there shall nothing
die of all that belongeth to the children of Israel (Christians believe for your
livestock). {9:6} And Jehovah did that thing on the morrow; and all the cattle of Egypt
died; but of the cattle of the children of Israel died not one. {9:7} And Pharaoh sent, and,
behold, there was not so much as one of the cattle of the Israelites dead. But the heart
of Pharaoh was stubborn, and he did not let the people go. {9:8} And Jehovah said unto
Moses and unto Aaron, Take to you handfuls of ashes of the furnace, and let
Moses sprinkle it toward heaven (are you watching the contaminated ashes from
the burning livestock go up) in the sight of Pharaoh. {9:9} And it shall become small
dust over all the land of Egypt, and shall be a boil breaking forth with blains upon
man and upon beast, throughout all the land of Egypt . {9:10} And they took ashes of
the furnace, and stood before Pharaoh; and Moses sprinkled it up toward heaven;
and it became a boil breaking forth with blains (pustules that burst and spread
disease) upon man and upon beast (sounds like a description of the spread of
anthrax). {9:11} And the magicians could not stand before Moses because of the boils;
for the boils were upon the magicians, and upon all the Egyptians.

Rev.16:2 And the first went, and poured out his bowl into the earth; and it became a
noisome and grievous sore upon the men that had the mark of the beast, and that
worshipped his image.

Rev.16:2 is not yet but we may be seeing a trial run. Notice that the true Christians that
abode in Goshen (Christ) were exempt.

Gal.3:13 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for
us; for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree: {3:14} that upon the
Gentiles might come the blessing of Abraham in Christ Jesus

Here is the curse Jesus bore for believers only. Deut.28:18 Cursed shall be the fruit of
thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, the increase of thy cattle, and the young of thy
flock. 27} Jehovah will smite thee with the boil of Egypt, and with the emerods, and
with the scurvy, and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be healed. 35} Jehovah will
smite thee in the knees, and in the legs, with a sore boil, whereof thou canst not be
healed, from the sole of thy foot unto the crown of thy head.

John Lallier's vision, I saw Moslem women coming into America and in their inner body
parts vials of anthrax and bio chemicals. I saw 180 million Americans die in a 72 hr
period, then I saw New York, Florida, Nevada, Texas, California nuked, we will be
invaded, Russia and China will do it.

Ps 91:3; Eze 14:15; Eze 14:21; Rev 16:2 AKA "Mad Cow" disease AKA "Hoof and
Mouth" disease AKA "Foot and Mouth" disease AKA "A Virus" Hogs, Sheep and Cows
are involved!!

March 17, 2001 http://www.SierraTimes.com "None Dare Call it Anthrax" [noisome

On March 14, The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) took action to temporarily
prohibit U.S. imports of animals and animal products from the European Union. The
action was taken following confirmation of hoof-and-mouth disease in France. This
move was supported by the National Cattleman's Beef Association, but hardly came as
a surprise.

This action does not affect the beef industry because the U.S. has not imported any
beef from the United Kingdom (UK) since 1985. Import of ruminant animals and
ruminant products from the UK and other countries with BSE was banned in 1989 and
import of live ruminant animals and animal products from all European countries was
banned in 1997.
Hoof and Mouth Disease is an airborne virus. It should be noted that hoof and
mouth disease is also called anthrax since they are related pathogens. In the
United States, it has always been referred to as livestock anthrax. The disease
spreads by infected animals, contaminated people or even vehicles or other
contaminated inanimate objects. Meat from animals, which were infected when
slaughtered, can also transmit the virus to animals and previous outbreaks have
been linked to imports of infected meat. Infected animals, particularly pigs, also
excrete the virus several days before symptoms develop so virus particles can be
dispersed by the wind. There is documentation that the virus has traveled
airborne as far as 156 miles.

According to wire reports, Germany is contemplating the use of armed troops along the
inside of its borders as part of its effort to keep the disease from infecting their herds.
Both the French and the Germans are deploying special troops trained in chemical and
biological warfare.

The preliminary diagnosis of anthrax for the illness of a worker of a meat-packing
plant in the Russian city of Novosibirsk has not been confirmed, Russian
Agriculture Ministry officials told Itar-Tass on Friday. The lesion on the worker's
arm was described as an "ordinary boil" [noisome], and the worker himself was
labeled a "drug addict."

However, an ordinary boil [noisome] has little to do with being a drug addict, and
there was no explanation on why the place where he worked and his home were
disinfected or why production was suspended after he was hospitalized. Medical
control was also kept over persons who had contacts with the man. Veterinarian
inspectors took all necessary measures to find a source of infection.

From New Delhi, Indian health experts are calling the reappearance of human
anthrax (that's what they call it) in several parts of southern India ``an extremely
disturbing phenomenon.'' 23 news cases have cropped up this year.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the "foot and mouth disease" epidemic has
struck areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority. This was reported be
Palestinian Army Radio.

So far, three infected cows have been discovered near Jenin and Hebron, and
another 10 suspected cases are being investigated, the PA agriculture minister


The USDA had previously banned import of hogs and pork products from Great Britain
following the hoof-and-mouth disease outbreak there. In 2000, the U.S. imported $216
million (64.4 thousand metric tons) of pork from the European Union. This represented
about a third of all U.S. pork imports and most of these imports were from Denmark.
Now, the USDA has put the breaks on all of this.

According to Walt Barnhart of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, "There hasn't
been an outbreak of this disease on the North American Continent since 1929" The
USDA backs up those figures, but Canada states their last outbreak, though small was
in 1952. Evidence of the disease has also been confirmed in France, United Arab
Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Germany (Germany retracted their confirmation

Still some are concerned here.

Should hoof-and-mouth disease (read: anthrax) spread to the U.S., the
implications are disastrous. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the
losses would reach into billions of dollars very quickly. Animal health officials are
watching with concern the relentless westward march of hoof-and-mouth
disease. New York's Department of Agriculture and the USDA office in Texas are
already stepping up preventative emergency "biosecurity" programs and
ordering additional supplies of Virkon(R) S broad spectrum disinfectant - The
only EPA registered farm disinfectant with a label claim against foot-and-mouth

Restaurants have been receiving inquiries about sources of their animal products.
Outback Steakhouse, Inc. announced Friday that it had been overwhelmed by media
contacts regarding possible supply problems resulting from the U.S. Government
banning the importation of meat products from Europe. The company said in a press
release that the only meat product it currently imports from Europe is Danish "Baby
Back" pork ribs. This product is currently subject to the USDA ban. McDonalds earlier
this week expressed the same concern.

In a fact sheet about the disease, the Department of Agriculture goes on to warn
that "this disease could spread rapidly to all sections of the country by routine
livestock movements unless it was detected early.''

Although there has been some speculation that this recent outbreak could be man
made, different strains have popped up in too many places around the world. And to
date, no one is saying anything other than, "a virus." No one on this side of the
Atlantic is using the word "anthrax" yet.

Stateside, the US Department of Agriculture said on Friday it would seize flocks
of Vermont sheep suspected of carrying an ailment related to mad cow disease.
The decision contradicts a March 6 pledge by a USDA spokesman that the agency
would wait for a federal appeals court to decide the matter. The first hearing in
the appeal is set for April 10 in New York.
The department's decision confirms news earlier on Friday that one of the owners
of the sheep had said the government had notified the owners of some of the
sheep that the animals will be seized and slaughtered. This means that someone
clearly, believes that whatever it is, it may have already reached U.S. soil.

The Dupont Chemical Corporation has announced that will supply the Antec
Corporation, a British based company the much-needed supply of Oxone(R). "We
are pleased that we've been able to assist in helping prevent the spread of Foot and
Mouth Disease," said Thomas H. Samples, Oxone(R) market and business manager.

Antec International has now increased production of the Virkon(R) S disinfectant
to 24 hours per day -- producing 54 million liters of the disinfectant in seven days and
shipping it globally -- and intends to continue producing the disinfectant around the

"In our partnership with Antec, we've been able to provide assistance to farmers and
governments around the world during this difficult time." In Florida, extra steps are being
taken due to the high numbers of tourists each day. Florida Farm Bureau Federation,
the state's largest general interest agricultural organization, wants travelers to
understand the importance of "these exclusionary measures."

Carl B. Loop, Jr., Florida Farm Bureau president stated, "Now that foot-and-mouth
disease has been detected in parts of Europe, South America and the Middle East, we
must keep this dangerous disease out of our state and out of the United States."

The organization released a public statement saying, "We aren't importing live animals
from Europe, and we need to assure foot-and-mouth disease does not enter the country
in any other way."

Loop called on Florida's agriculture and tourism industries to work to help the public
understand the importance of cooperating with authorities. The U.S. Department of
Agriculture has established a toll-free telephone center to respond to questions from the
public, industry, and media regarding USDA's response to the outbreak of hoof-and-
mouth disease in Europe. The toll-free number is 1-800-601-9327. International callers
can reach the center by dialing 01-301-734-9257.

The phone center is staffed by veterinarians and import/export experts from USDA's
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service who can explain the restrictions and
regulations impacting people and products arriving at U.S. ports-of-entry from hoof-and-
mouth disease affected countries. The USDA says the disease is not a human health
threat, but is a significant threat to the economic health of the cattle, hog and sheep
industry in any country where it appears. In Europe for example, the commodities
market is expected to drop through the floor.

See also God's Protection from Weapons of Mass Destruction

Subtitle: Even as British farmers are facing financial disaster, and their farms being
poisoned by the burning of carcasses, Environmentalist advocates are suddenly
proposing a "rewilding" of this farm land, letting it go back to Nature! This is the ultimate
goal, and the Blair Government seems to be implementing the U.N. Biosphere Plan.
The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New
World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see
it progressing in your daily news!!

Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again.



For those of you who have not heard of the New Age term, 'rewilding,' please stop and
click on this two-year-old article, entitled, The Rewilding of America, NEWS1101; then,
please NEWS1368. You need the background information provided by these two
articles to understand the shocking revelation this article is to provide.

NEWS BRIEF: "Environmentalists and Farmers Clash Over The Future of Farming:
Horns Locked In Combat", The Herald, April 19, 2001, Rural Viewpoint Section. [NOTE:
This is a British paper]

" 'The loss of sheep from hillsides as a result of foot-and-mouth epidemic may be good
for the rural environment' ... That is the view being put forward by Morgan Parry, head of
the Worldwide Fund For the Future (WWF) in Wales. Speaking from his home in Rhos
Isaf, Mr. Parry said: 'Their sheer numbers on many hills reduced the landscape and
wildlife value dramatically. Many formerly common birds ... are near to extinction in
Wales ... The cost of keeping the sheep is equal to, or greater than, their sale value. If
the sheep were to be removed tomorrow, the loss to the rural economy would be

Animal Rights advocates and their counterparts, the Extreme Environmentalists, have
long been espousing the ultimate viewpoint of Radical Humanism. This viewpoint says
that, while man is the most sophisticated animal in the world right now, he is also an evil
predator that needs to be constrained if Mother Gaia [Earth] is to survive. You see, they
believe that man has used his temporary mental intelligence superiority to rule harshly
over Mother Nature, and to cause the death of countless numbers of animals, and
extinction of entire species.

Man must be forced to curtail his ruinous ways, especially men of today's Industrial
Civilization. Such advocates firmly believe man must be removed from enormous
stretches of the landscape, if the indigenous creatures that have lived there in the past
are to survive. Extreme Environmentalists and Animal Rights advocates have long
called for an end to the killing of animals for meat, and for letting the land go back to
Nature. Such advocates have even coined a term for this position -- "re-wilding", i.e.,
letting the land go back to the normal Nature that existed before wicked modern man
came on the scene.

We have reported on this extremely dangerous aspect in the above articles, and we
point out that this viewpoint was firmly supported by the Clinton Administration. Many of
Clinton's Executive Orders setting aside land by preventing any Industrial Civilization
development of it, were issued because Clinton and Gore were firmly supportive of this
radical viewpoint.

Now, let us go back to our feature article, above, as Morgan Perry outlines his radical
views that the English countryside should just now go back to the wild.

"The hard economic reality is that there is no money in keeping sheep in the hills. A
major shift in rural policy now could be hugely beneficial to the rural economy, from
wildlife conservation, tourism, to woodland management."

The terms, "wildlife conservation" and "woodland management" are code words within
Radical Environmentalism for "re-wilding". They literally mean forcing human beings
with their modern despicable farming methods, off the land, and allowing the land to
return to its natural state. Fortunately for our understanding, Mr. Parry makes this point
rather clear in his next statement.

"For wildlife, the benefits would come very quickly. Ungrazed land ... would develop a
rich mosaic of grasses, rushes, and herbs under scattered shrubs and individual trees.
Far from being a problem, hawthorn, hazel, and willow scrub is marvelously rich in bird
and insect life. In time, some woodland would develop and more could be planted. With
or without management, scrub and woodland is infinitely better for wildlife than sheep
pasture. The benefits for amenity and tourism is obvious: a diversity of landscapes
would develop where previously there was a treeless terrain ... but sheep are holding us

This radical environmentalist is actually saying that the end result of all this Foot-and-
Mouth disease might be a more glorious future than the present and the past have
been! He is saying that, while he "feels the pain" of the farmers losing their livelihoods,
their farms, and their entire way of life, he is glad that the opportunity is presenting itself
to completely change the lifestyle of man, thus allowing the "re-wilding" of the English
landscape. All the action that Mr. Perry feels is necessary to make these former ranches
into Utopian Paradise is for the Tony Blair government to change its Rural Policy.
Before you scoff at this idea, or scoff at the radical viewpoint of Morgan Parry, the
Director Worldwide Fund for the Future, consider that the actions of the Blair
Government seem to be taking the country to this very radical concept! If the Blair
Government were to be secretly moving the country toward this Extreme
Environmentalist goal of "re-wilding" the English countryside, and "cleansing" the land
so it could become part of the U.N. Biosphere Plan, what would it have to accomplish?

1. It would have to remove the present animal occupants from their land.

2. It would have to so destroy the meat processing industry that it would never again
return to normal. This goal means that enough animals would have to be destroyed for
a long enough of a period of time, that the entire industries of ranching and meat
processing would die and disappear.

3. People would have to be persuaded to adopt a meat-less diet; in other words, the
people would have to move to Vegetarianism.

4. To ensure that no concerted effort to reestablish ranching would be successful, the
Blair Government might want to so poison the land that no one could live on it, or farm
it, or raise animals on it, for years.

5. Then, some "enlightened" British politician would stand up one day to propose that
the British Government just cede this land to the United Nations as a Nature Preserve.

Now, let us consider the current crisis to see if any of these objectives are being met by
this current crisis.

NEWS BRIEF: "Foot-and-Mouth Disease Spreads To Humans?", by Linda Moulton
Howe, Earth Files, Science Section, April 24, 2001,

"The total number of confirmed cases in the U.K. is 1,465, with 13 new ones reported
today. To counter the virus epidemic, Britain has slaughtered 1,974,000 cows, sheep
and other hoofed animals. A quarter million animals are left to slaughter."

"In England protesters are worried about airborne contaminations and pollutants. Many
have challenged and blocked the burning of thousands of dead, diseased animals on
huge cremation piles forcing the British government to try bury the carcasses despite
high water tables on the island. Some people claim their well water is now poisoned and
the U. K. government has had to finally admit that all the burning of dead animals
covered with chlorine-bearing disinfectants, pesticides and other chemicals has now
produced massive airborne emissions of the carcinogenic poison, dioxin. Scientists say
that, so far, 63 grams of dioxins were emitted from burning dead animals, which is
nearly the amount released from all of England's factories in a year! Dioxins are so toxic
that the World Health Organization recommends that the average-sized person not be
exposed to more than 30 billionths of a gram in any year. That means that burning all
the slaughter foot-and-mouth carcasses has now delivered a dangerous dose of dioxin
throughout the English countryside."

Slaughtering and burning 2,250,000 animals in open fields is a huge undertaking.
Further, it literally means the English countryside is filled with mountains of burning
carcasses. As we have previously reported, such open field burning is grossly
inefficient, compared to burning the animals in a closed container. The fire releases
gases, toxins, and even the virus, spreading it downwind. Thus, the burning of the
animals just spreads the problem rather than containing it.

This fact means that more land may be polluted than just the land covered by the actual
ranches on which the Foot-and-Mouth Disease was found. In fact, a great deal of Great
Britain may be polluted through this aerial spreading of the disease and the toxins the
burning is emitting.

Then, this article continues:

"Making all of this even worse, if possible, dioxin contamination of soil and water can
last for years afterwards ... the dioxin levels are shocking and expect farmland to be
'unusable as a result of the Government's short-sighted obsession with slaughter'."

In other words, the farms on which the burning and the burying of the animal carcasses
has been carried out are being poisoned by the dioxin levels being emitted. The land
itself is going to be 'unusable'. If it is rendered unusable for farming and ranching, what
is to be done with it?

One result is very clear if the land is rendered unusable for "years afterwards" -- the
farming, ranching, and general animal husbandry industry will die and die quickly, as it
is dependent upon a steady flow of money coming into and out of the industry, just as
any private enterprise is so dependent. Therefore, family farms and ranches will go out
of business, as will the transportation and meat processing industry that supports the
farms and ranches. As one subscriber from Britain lamented, "what are they going to do
with an empty countryside"?

Now, you may know the answer. Someone in the Blair Government will come forward
with the idea that the empty countryside may have to be allowed to lie fallow for some
years while the dioxins in the soil dissipate. Thus, the "re-wilding" efforts of the Extreme
Environmentalists will bear much "fruit", literally, as their vision of a countryside
suddenly teeming with a rich diversity of plants, trees, shrubs, wildlife, and birds will be
allowed to become reality. In a very short amount of time, we will probably hear
scientists marvel at how rapidly Mother Nature has healed herself, how rapidly a rich
diversity of plants and animals has reappeared on this formerly poisoned land.

At this point, what will likely happen when someone suggests that the farms and
ranches be allowed back on the land, is that government officials will say "No. Your
former way of life and of ranching is what poisoned the land in the first place. We will
continue to allow Mother Nature to manage that land Herself". Thus, the final scenario
envisioned by the New World Order will have occurred: the former way of life is totally
destroyed and the land and its creatures now dwell together in "harmony".

But, you may say, if the land is so polluted by dioxin that it cannot support the raising of
livestock, isn't it going to be too polluted to grow grain? You are probably right.
However, remember that the New World Order Plan envisions killing two-thirds of
mankind as Mother Earth goes through her "cleansing" action. ["Progress As If Survival
Mattered", Friends of the Earth: 1981, p. 68-70, quoting David Browder, Friends of the
Earth Chairman, former head of Sierra Club, as quoted in "A Planned Deception: The
Staging of a New Age 'Messiah', by Constance E. Cumbey, Pointe Publishers, Inc.,
East Detroit, MI, 1985, p. 164-5.]

With this fact firmly in your mind, let us look at this article again.

Now we learn that burning these animal carcasses releases the highly carcinogenic
poison, dioxin. People are not to be exposed to more than 30 billionths of a gram of
dioxin in any given year! Yet, the poor British people downwind from this burning have
been exposed to 63 grams! This dosage sounds like it could be deadly.

Indeed, people downwind from this burning are getting sick. Some of them are
developing symptoms similar to the symptoms of the animals diagnosed with Foot-and-
Mouth Disease. But, people are also complaining of sore throats, burning eyes and
noses, and other irritant effects. If people are being subjected to 63 grams of dioxin,
when only 30-billionths of a gram is considered the maximum dosage, are people going
to start dying?

We can shudder, and only hope not. But, from the aspect of land use and management,
the over-reaction of the Blair Government to a mild disease from which three-fourths of
the afflicted animals recover, and which poses no threat to humans, seems to be
furthering the goals of the Extreme Environmentalists. The fact is, we see farmers and
ranchers losing their land, their herds, their income, and being threatened with the loss
of their entire way of life.

To visually see that the actions of the Blair Government seem to eerily parallel the
dreams of the Extreme Environmentalist, we offer these maps for your consideration.

Map United Nations Biodiversity Dreams http://www.unesco.org/mab/br/brdir/europe-

Map of FMD Actual Killing Zones

Notice that the actual FMD Killing Zones begin southward at Braunton Burrows'
Biodiversity Zone, and then continue northward, passing by Biodiversity Zones Dyfi,
Moor House Upper-Teesdale, Caerlavaerock, Cairnsmore of Fleet, Claish Moss,

These U.N. Biospheres are not small, either. Consider the area of these zones.
Remember, also, that the United Nations may secretly plan on expanding out the
existing area of these Biospheres. As you will see, there is a considerable difference
between the areas of the U.N. Biosphere, whereas the map makes them all look the
same size, and none of them look too large.

Here are the affected U.N. Biospheres and their current area:

Braunton Burrows 596 Hectares -- 1,472 Acres

Dyfi 1,589 Hectares -- 3,925 Acres

Moor House Upper-Teesdale 7,399 Hectares -- 18,275 Acres

Caerlavaerock 5,010 Hectares -- 12,375 Acres

Cairnsmore of Fleet 1,922 Hectares -- 4,747 Acres

Claish Moss 480 Hectares -- 1,186 Acres

Taynish 353 Hectares -- 872 Acres

Thus, you can see the eerie resemblance between the United Nations' Biodiversity
Biosphere Zones and the FMD Killing Zones! Now, you tell me; is the Blair Government
acting out the U.N. Plan, or is this just coincidence?


One of the most fundamental facts about how the Illuminati operates is that it will never
attempt something on a large scale that it has not first tested on a smaller scale. We
can only wonder if the Brits were chosen to be the guinea pigs, before the Foot-and-
Mouth Disease was unleashed upon America. Certainly, we have seen evidences that
this scenario might be beginning.

We have seen officials from Iowa and Minnesota planning on how to react to an
outbreak of FMD within their states. They are drawing heavily upon the British
experience [Read NEWS1492 for full details].

We have seen that the North Carolina Legislature passed a bill, which the Governor
signed, that allows the State Veterinarian, or any authority he designates who can act
on his behalf, to stop any vehicle on any road, public or private, to inspect it for animal
carrying FMD. Such authorities do not need a court warrant, nor do they need to
establish "probable cause" for believing that the vehicle is even carrying an infected
animal. [Read NEWS1491 for full details]

This law needs to be struck down quickly, as it tramples all over our Fourth Amendment
rights. It sets a dangerous precedent that other states could follow.

We have seen evidences that American officials are prepared to over-react with the
same panic as their British counterparts. At some appointed time, we believe we will
see FMD beginning to break out on American farms and ranches. If that should occur,
will we then see the mountains of burning animal carcasses now seen on British farms
and ranches?

If the Illuminist government of Britain is taking action through the Kill Zones of the Foot-
and-Mouth Disease scenario to clear the ground for the U.N. Biosphere Plan, might we
not expect them to do the same in America? Since we believe this is likely to be the
case, what is the U.N. Biosphere Map of the United States?



As you can see from this USA Biosphere Map, the United Nations has designated 47
different areas as Biosphere Areas. We are not sure exactly how large each Biosphere
is planned to be, but we have a hint that they may be rather large, maybe a whole lot
larger than they look on the map. Notice that the following designated areas seem to be
very large, even though they show up only as circles on this map.

1. Area #40 -- Carolinian-South Atlantic

2. Area #37 -- Central Gulf Coast Plain

3. Area #38 -- South Atlantic Coastal Plain

4. Area #9 -- Everglades and Dry Tontugas

5. Area #19 -- Rocky Mountain

6. Area #4 -- Central Plains

Thus, the actual area covered by these U.N. Biosphere Zones could be huge, much
larger than the relatively small red dot on the map.

Will the Illuminist American government follow the lead of the Illuminist British
government in "cleansing" the land of its evil meat-producing, meat-slaughtering
business, so that it can go back to the pristine condition of 400 years ago, before
Mother Gaia was so offended by our Industrial Civilization?

In the beginning of this article, above, we extensively quoted the remarks of the British
Extreme Environmentalist, Morgan Parry, Director of the Worldwide Fund For the
Future, Wales. We wonder if the Extreme Environmentalist dream for America might not
be the map of the USA created by the Woodlands Project, where they delineated the
areas in which human habitation would be prohibited, others in which Buffer Zones
would be created that would have no human activity, and then those zones in which
humans would be allowed to live. We reported this in NEWS1368, but we show it again,

Mandated by the Convention on Biological Diversity, The Wildlands Project, U.N. and
U.S.A. Man and the Biosphere Program, and Various U.N. and U.S. Heritage Programs

The disturbing fact about this map is that its top heading says that it is backed by the
Man and the Biosphere Program of the U.N. Biological Diversity Program. This is the
same program as the Biosphere Map of Great Britain! In other words, the same people
who created the British Biosphere map are the ones who created this most extreme
U.S.A. Woodlands Project Map.

When you look at this Woodlands Project Map, you can easily see that, before it can be
implemented, the nation has to have gone through the planned two-thirds population
reduction. And look at California! It is pictured as being nearly devoid of population!

We do not believe this scenario will occur until and unless the Middle East blows up to
begin the Third World War, and all other planned crises designed to produce Antichrist.
The burning mountains of animals now dominating the British countryside seems like a
portent of things in the immediate future for America.

May God help us all. Events of the day truly seem to presage the coming of the final
calamities that are designed to produce Antichrist. Are you spiritually ready? Is your
family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this
ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you
develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been
thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of
discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have
seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time
when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very
lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for
forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy
of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality
and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life,
you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior,
you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already
there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn
people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in
their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you. You can write us at:

Cutting Edge Ministries
11 Robert Toner Blvd., Ste 5-393
North Attleboro, MA 02763-1156

                         PLAGUE, DREAMS AND VISIONS

I'm seeing light now that the lord took me and put me in a classroom. I feel like Elijah, all
alone and the lord purposed it [dieing to self]. The told me he is preparing me for
hospital ministry and he said i wont have to prove myself to people, that people will talk
about me. I'm not to pray with everyone, but he will tell me which room I'm to go into. It
will be a healing and deliverance ministry, praise God. To God be the glory and he will
get it all. In a vision I saw a train of buildings that looked like portable buildings and the
buildings were full of sick people and had arms and legs missing and I got off my
motorcycle and went into the buildings and their was no end to them. Nothing but pain
and hurt and they were stacked to the roof, the lord told me it will be this summer. I just
wonder what bad thing is going to happen to fill up the hospitals this summer?????? I
just wonder if is actual hospitals or the church.

John Lallier

I believe you are right. We have had several dreams of hospitals being the Church. The
Church is supposed to be a place to heal and maintain life but it hasn't been doing its
job because its leaders have departed from the word. We are supposed to be the hands
of the great healer ( Greek - not physician), Christ. Healing and deliverance are the
"children's bread", not the dogs. The only condition is they have to believe. Consider
that arms could symbolize our works and legs could symbolize our walk. These are two
ways in which the church is sick and falls short. The train of buildings could mean the
beginning of a ministry in the churches that will continue on. We should pray for these
people now.


Your ministry could be both to the church and in the hospitals. Note the arms and legs
in this testimony. A Christian couple that we know testified Sat. night in our bible study
that the Lord gave them a vision of a rendezvous with a car wreck in which they were to
pray for the occupant. The accident happened as was seen while they were on the
interstate. The car flipped over several times. They prayed over the woman who was
bleeding profusely and the bleeding stopped. When this woman was in the hospital they
went to see her. She turned back to the Lord with some of her family. The other
occupant in the room had a disease that no one would speak about. She had lost a leg.
The doctors and nurses wore full gear with face masks and shields around her. Her
flesh was being devoured quickly by this disease. The sister relating the story said she
questioned why the accident victim would be in the same room, not having all the same
protective equipment as the medical personnel. After bringing in specialists to deal with
a mold that was spreading in the infected areas of the disease they quarantined the
room. The accident victim also lost an arm, part of the back of her head, and I think the
other arm before she died. These two women died after two weeks, bleeding from the
eyes and nose, a sure sign of Ebola. After doing research the couple was sure it was
Ebola virus. They were obviously covering it up.


In hospital settings when people are severely ill as you have described, it is not
uncommon for molds to get into serious lesions that are open as you would have in that
instance. They come from the environment. The infections are known as hospital
acquired infection. They usually are not the cause of death particularly when there is
profuse bleeding it would not be appropriate to say it is the cause of death. Most of the
time they are just there. There are some times they tip the scales along with the initial
physical problem. They are not a concoction of man so to speak. They are everywhere
in the environment, air, soil. It is almost impossible to keep a hospital free of them and it
is not necessary to do so. Most wounds are covered and washed, but in the setting that
was described it would be almost impossible to do anything constructive.

Helen Pollock (microbiologist)

Mike Finley sent this dream,

I had this dream 2 years ago that myself and a another brother were looking at these
metal boxes that our government had used for experiments. Each box had a small
window to see what was inside. We came upon one box that was used to kill anthrax
carrying insects. As I was looking at the box my friend had and he broke the seal and
opened the box. We saw dead insects that were carriers of anthrax...they were
triangular in shape. their legs and bodies were long but triangular and their heads were
triangular. all of a sudden one of the insects came to life and then others...I wanted to
close the box back up, but my friend said "no, let them do their job" and with that they
flew out of the box to cover the whole earth. as I watched them fly away the fear of the
Lord was great ....the sky was cloudy and dark like a storm was about to come and the
insects got bigger the further they flew away from us.

I believe your dream is clear. A government biological warfare experiment will escape. I
have heard of this in dreams before. This will be a judgment from God through and for
His people. The judgments of the coming tribulation will be spoken through Gods
prophets for the purpose of loosing His people from bondage just as the Exodus
judgments. The two witnesses loose judgments in Rev.11. The bugs resurrected and
that is what the 3 sides indicate, death, burial, resurrection which is also deliverance
from bondage. 3 sides also indicate that they will spread in every direction which they
faced. The farther they went from ground zero the more judgment multiplied as is
normal with biologicals.

Isa.26:8 Yea, in the way of thy judgments, O Jehovah, have we waited for thee; to thy
name, even to thy memorial [name], is the desire of our soul. 9 With my soul have I
desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee earnestly: for
when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.
10 Let favor be showed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness; in the land of
uprightness will he deal wrongfully, and will not behold the majesty of Jehovah. 16
Jehovah, in trouble have they visited thee; they poured out a prayer [when] thy
chastening was upon them. 17 Like as a woman with child, that draweth near the time
of her delivery, is in pain and crieth out in her pangs; so we have been before thee, O

Your servant in Christ,

Hi Dave,
With respect to Mikes dreams a light bulb just came on. The Lord reminded me of the
so called removal of all samples of smallpox virus from the world (Hmm). I do not
believe it. CDC just a mile and a half from me was really concerned about doing this
because they couldn't trust that every nation in the world has done it. Smallpox has
supposedly been eradicated from the world. It causes skin lesions and sores. It use to
be common practice to vaccinate young children, but not anymore. It is a virus carried
on the air and on the legs of insects and is very deadly. If you are looking for something
dead that may live again , this is a candidate.
Helen Pollock (microbiologist)

Connie Lindler's vision:

Have you read about the NEW strain of AIDS in Africa??? It is so contagious that the
doctors and nurses wear space suits for protection. The entire medical community is
convinced that this planet is doomed, and that NONE will live. A Christian friend of
mine, a Doctor returned from the big Paris conference on disease, she called and met
with me, and we talked OVER two hours. Since then, their spoken FEARS have
become reality. This virus, a different more VIRULENT form of AIDS IS air born.

About eight years ago..while waiting in the Orlando Airport for a friends plane to
arrive..the Lord SPOKE TO ME..He said.."LOOK at that other waiting room"..(it was an
area of seats, and it was empty..I walked UP to take a
closer LOOK and was STOPPED..feeling an UNSEEN wall)...THEN the Lord said to
me," DO NOT GO THERE...DO NOT WALK THERE..."HE had me sit down in the
opposite area and just WATCH the people arriving on other flights. A man and a woman
got off a plane from the Orient..they were NOT oriental..but fair skinned...almost
Swedish looking. They sat ALONE on the other side..in the room GOD told me was
restricted. I sat and watched them..and HE SPOKE and said.."They carry the end time
plague"..and immediately I "saw" (in the Spirit realm) groups of people..HUNDREDS
coming into a terminal..as they walked and talked..and LAUGHED...suddenly..one
would LOOK SUPRISED..GASP..and fall to the floor..DEAD. HUNDREDS of people did
this..while those alive RAN to leave the terminal. I (saw myself) walking up to several
bodies..The Lord said.."THAT ONE"..I would PRAY and SPEAK.."resurrection LIFE to
them" and they would RISE UP..SMILING...and PRAISING GOD..and they would leave
me..I did this ALL over the terminal. (The Lord showed me MANY OTHERS, men and
women, ALL OVER THE WORLD..doing the same thing I was doing in the
terminal..although some of them were in buildings, stores, hospitals, even out in fields
and open streets).

SUDDENLY I was BACK in the airport...STARING at this couple....They LOOKED at
ME and then ONE ANOTHER..and shouted.."SHE KNOWS"..and RAN to board a
plane....(I got up and followed them to that departure gate..to see where they were
going) they were heading for Africa.(No..this part was NOT a vision I BELIEVE this
couple was flesh and blood..and this was IN the natural realm) As they ran past a group
of arrivals..my friend (a Prophet) looked at me chasing them..and she stopped me. I
asked her IF SHE HAD SEEN THEM..she replied.."YES"..and then DESCRIBED them.
I told her what God had shown me. AS WE WALKED towards the forbidden section of
the terminal..a HORRIBLE ODOR came up to us..and she ALSO felt the invisible wall. It
was WORSE than the smell of death...it was just..NOT to be described. (I worked as a
Hospital Chaplin for twelve years...and have NEVER smelled anything LIKE this odor).
We both smelled it..and God spoke and told us.."THIS is the smell of the end time
DEATH.....People WILL NOT KNOW they have been infected...and will die within thirty
minutes, falling to the ground, dead, by the time the symptoms arrive." ONLY THOSE
that are BLOOD WASHED...IN and WITH the Blood of Jesus and have APPLIED the
91st Psalm over themselves and their HOUSE..will STAND.AND they will DO the
GREATER WORKS THAN THESE..... For over two years..this disease has been
KNOWN to exist in Africa. They PRAY it is CONTAINED..but no one believes that it
IS.....The couple that had been "SENT" were sent by a communist block country.....their
doctrine of devils is NOT deceased nor has it evaporated. (The Lord spoke this to me
the following day).

             Poland / Ukraine Plague Coming Here?
                                 Bob Aicardi - 11/14/09

I have been seeing articles about Poland and Ukraine with a runaway epidemic that
they don't know what to do with. Many say that some of the affected come from those
who have had the swine flu vaccine. It's hard to believe the nightmare that we might be
facing may be here soon. You won't believe some of this.

Check out the problems that these poor, blinded people are having in Poland and the
Ukraine with this swine flu vaccine -- and more!

*Swine Flu? Typhus? Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever? Pneumonic Plague? Panic Explodes
As A Mystery Illness Rips Through Ukraine
(They are saying that those who take the vaccine have these symptoms.)

*Polish TV News on Baxter & Contaminated Vaccines
(Also, Jane Burgermeister, previously a snitch against Baxter and specialist from
Austria, on the streets is asked questions.)

Capture of a bioengineer trying to bring a warning to the U.S. about Baxter vaccine
manufacturer which was creating a deadly vaccine. He was arrested, then extradited.
He knows about this killer plague they engineered for Baxter that will be coming to

*What Might Be Spreading In The Ukraine?
What is really going on in the Ukraine? Here are comments from some professionals. A
madman has created a virus combining the DNA of the 1918 flu with H5 bird flu. The
last casualty count was 50 million dead in the global pandemic of 1918. The deadliest
pathogen in history. The question is why is this being created?

Information concerning the swine flu and what "they" are planning.
     Riots, Instability Spread As Food Prices Skyrocket
(CNN) -- Riots from Haiti to Bangladesh to Egypt over the soaring costs of basic foods
have brought the issue to a boiling point and catapulted it to the forefront of the world's
attention, the head of an agency focused on global development said Monday.

"This is the world's big story," said Jeffrey Sachs, director of Columbia University's Earth

"The finance ministers were in shock, almost in panic this weekend," he said on CNN's
"American Morning," in a reference to top economic officials who gathered in
Washington. "There are riots all over the world in the poor countries ... and, of course,
our own poor are feeling it in the United States."

World Bank President Robert Zoellick has said the surging costs could mean "seven
lost years" in the fight against worldwide poverty.

"While many are worrying about filling their gas tanks, many others around the world are
struggling to fill their stomachs, and it is getting more and more difficult every day,"
Zoellick said late last week in a speech opening meetings with finance ministers.

"The international community must fill the at least $500 million food gap identified by the
U.N.'s World Food Programme to meet emergency needs," he said. "Governments
should be able to come up with this assistance and come up with it now."

The White House announced Monday evening that an estimated $200 million in
emergency food aid would be made available through the U.S. Agency for International

"This additional food aid will address the impact of rising commodity prices on U.S.
emergency food aid programs, and be used to meet unanticipated food aid needs in
Africa and elsewhere," the White House said in a news release.

"In just two months," Zoellick said in his speech, "rice prices have skyrocketed to near
historical levels, rising by around 75 percent globally and more in some markets, with
more likely to come. In Bangladesh, a 2-kilogram bag of rice ... now consumes about
half of the daily income of a poor family."

The price of wheat has jumped 120 percent in the past year, he said -- meaning that the
price of a loaf of bread has more than doubled in places where the poor spend as much
as 75 percent of their income on food.

"This is not just about meals forgone today or about increasing social unrest. This is
about lost learning potential for children and adults in the future, stunted intellectual and
physical growth," Zoellick said.
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, also
spoke at the joint IMF-World Bank spring meeting.

"If food prices go on as they are today, then the consequences on the population in a
large set of countries ... will be terrible," he said.

He added that "disruptions may occur in the economic environment ... so that at the end
of the day most governments, having done well during the last five or 10 years, will see
what they have done totally destroyed, and their legitimacy facing the population
destroyed also."

InHaiti, the prime minister was kicked out of office Saturday, and hospital beds are filled
with wounded following riots sparked by food prices.

The World Bank announced a $10 million grant from the United States for Haiti to help
the government assist poor families.

In Egypt, rioters have burned cars and destroyed windows of numerous buildings as
police in riot gear have tried to quell protests.

Images fromBangladesh and Mozambique tell a similar story.

In the United States and other Western nations, more and more poor families are
feeling the pinch. In recent days, presidential candidates have paid increasing attention
to the cost of food, often citing it on the stump.

The issue is also fueling a rising debate over how much the rising prices can be blamed
on ethanol production. The basic argument is that because ethanol comes from corn,
the push to replace some traditional fuels with ethanol has created a new demand for
corn that has thrown off world food prices.

Jean Ziegler, U.N. special rapporteur on the right to food, has called using food crops to
create ethanol "a crime against humanity."

"We've been putting our food into the gas tank -- this corn-to-ethanol subsidy which our
government is doing really makes little sense," said Columbia University's Sachs.

Former President Clinton, at a campaign stop for his wife in Pennsylvania over the
weekend, said, "Corn is the single most inefficient way to produce ethanol because it
uses a lot of energy and because it drives up the price of food."

Some environmental groups reject the focus on ethanol in examining food prices.

"The contrived food vs. fuel debate has reared its ugly head once again," the
Renewable Fuels Association says on its Web site, adding that "numerous statistical
analyses have demonstrated that the price of oil -- not corn prices or ethanol production
-- has the greatest impact on consumer food prices because it is integral to virtually
every phase of food production, from processing to packaging to transportation."

Analysts agree the cost of fuel is among the reasons for the skyrocketing prices.

Another major reason is rising demand, particularly in places in the midst of a
population boom, such as China and India.

Also, said Sachs, "climate shocks" are damaging food supply in parts of the world. "You
add it all together: Demand is soaring, supply has been cut back, food has been
diverted into the gas tank. It's added up to a price explosion."

                                Seeds of Famine
                                  Anonymous - 6/16/08
MAJOR FOOD MANUFACTURERS affected by Iowa floods
Famine coming... The following all have major plants in Cedar Rapids:

Quaker Oats - Closed Indefinitely - HUGE silos of grain up to their necks in flood water.

General Mills - my sister said it will not be producing for a LONG time.

Cargill - Their huge grain storage bins are filled with water and the RR in and out

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is one of the world's largest agricultural
processors of soybeans, corn, wheat and cocoa. - Under water.

Penford Corporation: Nature. Science. Solutions. - flooded out - RR access gone
Manufactures modified starches, dextrin, spherical dextrose, potato starch and fiber,
tapioca starch, breading, cryoprotectants and other food additives.

  Seven Years of Famine Follows Seven Years of Plenty
UN Chief: Food Crisis Is Now Emergency
Apr 14 02:09 PM US/Eastern By EDITH M. LEDERER Associated Press
UNITED NATIONS (AP) - A rapidly escalating global food crisis has reached
emergency proportions and threatens to wipe out seven years of progress in the fight
against poverty, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned Monday.

He called for short-term emergency measures in many regions to meet urgent food
needs and avoid starvation and longer-term efforts to significantly increase production
of food grains.

The "international community will also need to take urgent and concerted action in order
to avoid the larger political and security implications of this growing crisis," Ban told
international finance and trade officials who came to a U.N. meeting following weekend
talks in Washington.

The secretary-general echoed World Bank President Robert Zoellick's appeal to
governments on Sunday to quickly provide the U.N. World Food Program with $500
million inemergency aid that it needs by May 1.

Zoellick said the international community has "to put our money where our mouth is" to
deal with rapidly rising food prices that have caused hunger and deadly violence in
several countries.

Ban said the recent steep rise in food prices "has already raised the cost of WFP's
needs to maintain its current operations from $500 million to $755 million."

WFP, the world's largest humanitarian agency, issued an "extraordinary emergency
appeal" to donor countries for $500 million last month, saying the money was needed by
May 1 to avoid cutting rations to some of the world's most impoverished regions. The
Rome-based agency said its funding gap was growing weekly.

"The rapidly escalating crisis of food availability around the world has reached
emergency proportions," Ban said.

"The World Bank has estimated that the doubling of food prices over the last three years
could push 100 million people in low income countries deeper into poverty," he said.

Ban echoed Zoellick in warning that that the food crisis "could mean seven lost years
in the fight against worldwide poverty."

The United Nations is at a midpoint in its campaign to reduce global poverty and
improve living standards of the world's bottom billion. The Millennium Development
Goals, adopted at a U.N. summit in 2000, include cutting extreme poverty by half by
                     'Silent' Famine Sweeps Globe
Rice, fertilizer shortages, food costs, higher energy prices equal world crisis

Posted: April 01, 2008
8:59 pm Eastern

WASHINGTON – From India to Africa to North Korea to Pakistan and even in New York
City, higher grain prices, fertilizer shortages and rising energy costs are combining to
spell hunger for millions in what is being characterized as a global "silent famine."

Global food prices, based on United Nations records, rose 35 percent in the last year,
escalating a trend that began in 2002. Since then, prices have risen 65 percent.

Last year, according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization's world food index,
dairy prices rose nearly 80 percent and grain 42 percent.

"This is the new face of hunger," said Josetta Sheeran, director of the World Food
Program, launching an appeal for an extra $500 million so it could continue supplying
food aid to 73 million hungry people this year. "People are simply being priced out of
food markets. ... We have never before had a situation where aggressive rises in food
prices keep pricing our operations out of our reach."

The WFP launched a public appeal weeks ago because the price of the food it buys to
feed some of the world's poorest people had risen by 55 percent since last June. By the
time the appeal began last week, prices had risen a further 20 percent. That means
WFP needs $700 million to bridge the gap between last year's budget and this year's
prices. The numbers are expected to continue to rise.

The crisis is widespread and the result of numerous causes – a kind of "perfect storm"
leading to panic in many places:

      In Thailand, farmers are sleeping in their fields because thieves are stealing rice,
       now worth $600 a ton, right out of the paddies.
      Four people were killed in Egypt in riots over subsidized flour that was being sold
       for profit on the black market.
      There have been food riots in Morocco, Senegal and Cameroon.
      Mexico's government is considering lifting a ban on genetically modified crops, to
       allow its farmers to compete with the United States.
      Argentina, Kazakhstan and China have imposed restrictions to limit grain exports
       and keep more of their food at home.
      Vietnam and India, both major rice exporters, have announced further restrictions
       on overseas sales.
      Violent food protests hit Burkina Faso in February.
      Protesters rallied in Indonesia recently, and media reported deaths by starvation.
      In the Philippines, fast-food chains were urged to cut rice portions to counter a
       surge in prices.
      Millions of people in India face starvation after a plague of rats overruns a region,
       as they do cyclically every 50 years.
      Officials in Bangladesh warn of an emerging "silent famine" that threatens to
       ravage the region.

According to some experts, the worst damage is being done by government mandates
and subsidies for "biofuels" that supposedly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fight
climate change. Thirty percent of this year's U.S. grain harvest will go to ethanol
distilleries. The European Union, meanwhile, has set a goal of 10 percent bio-fuels for
all transportation needs by 2010.

"A huge amount of the world's farmland is being diverted to feed cars, not people,"
writes Gwynne Dyer, a London-based independent journalist.

He notes that in six of the past seven years the human race has consumed more grain
than it grew. World grain reserves last year were only 57 days, down from 180 days a
decade ago.

One in four bushels of corn from this year's U.S. crop will be diverted to make ethanol,
according to estimates.

"Turning food into fuel for cars is a major mistake on many fronts," said Janet Larsen,
director of research at the Earth Policy Institute, an environmental group based in
Washington. "One, we're already seeing higher food prices in the American
supermarket. Two, perhaps more serious from a global perspective, we're seeing higher
food prices in developing countries where it's escalated as far as people rioting in the

Palm oil is also at record prices because of biofuel demands. This has created
shortages in Indonesia and Malaysia, where it is a staple.

Nevertheless, despite the recognition that the biofuels industry is adding to a global food
crisis, the ethanol industry is popular in the U.S. where farmers enjoy subsidies for the
corn crops.

Another contributing factor to the crisis is the demand for more meat in an increasingly
prosperous Asia. More grain is used to feed the livestock than is required to feed
humans directly in a traditional grain-based diet.

Bad weather is another problem driving the world's wheat stocks to a 30-year low –
along with regional droughts and a declining dollar.

"This is an additional setback for the world economy, at a time when we are already
going through major turbulence," Angel Gurria, head of the Organization for Economic
Co-operation and Development, told Reuters. "But the biggest drama is the impact of
higher food prices on the poor."

According to the organization, as well as the U.N., the price of corn could rise 27
percent in the next decade.

John Bruton, the European Union's ambassador to the U.S., predicts the current trend is
the beginning of a 10-15 year rise in food costs worldwide.

The rodent plague in India occurs about every half century following the heavy flowering
of a local species of bamboo, providing the rodents with a feast of high-protein foliage.
Once the rats have ravaged the bamboo, they turn on the crops, consuming hundreds
of tons of rice and corn supplies.

Survivors of the previous mautam, which heralded widespread famine in 1958, say they
remember areas of paddy fields the size of four soccer fields being devastated

In Africa, rats are seen as part of the answer to the food shortage. According to Africa
News, Karamojongs have resorted to hunting wild rats for survival as famine strikes the

Supplies of fertilizer are extremely tight on the worldwide market, contributing to a
potential disaster scenario. The Scotsman reports there are virtually no stocks of
ammonium nitrate in the United Kingdom.

Global nitrogen is currently in deficit, a situation that is unlikely to change for at least
three years, the paper reports.

South Koreans are speculating, as they do annually, on how many North Koreans will
starve to death before the fall harvest. But this year promises to be worse than usual.

Severe crop failure in the North and surging global prices for food will mean millions of
hungry Koreans.

Roughly a third of children and mothers are malnourished, according to a recent U.N.
study. The average 8-year-old in the North is 7 inches shorter and 20 pounds lighter
than a South Korean child of the same age.

Floods last August ruined part of the main yearly harvest, creating a 25-percent shortfall
in the food supply and putting 6 million people in need, according to the U.N. World
Food Program.

Yesterday, the Hong Kong government tried to put a stop to panic-buying of rice in the
city of 6.9 million as fears mounted over escalating prices and a global rice shortage.
Shop shelves were being cleared of rice stocks as Hong Kong people reacted to news
that the price of rice imported from Thailand had shot up by almost a third in the past
week, according to agency reports.

Global food prices are even hitting home in New York City, according to a report in the
Daily News. Food pantries and soup kitchens in the city are desperately low on staples
for the area's poor and homeless.

The Food Bank for New York City, which supplies food to 1,000 agencies and 1.3
million people, calls it the worst problem since its founding 25 years ago.

Last year, the Food Bank received 17 million pounds of food through the Emergency
Food Assistance Program, less than half of the 35 million pounds it received in 2002.
And donations from individuals and corporations are also down about 50 percent,
according to the report.

High gas prices, increased food production costs and a move to foreign production of
American food are contributing to the problem.

                                The New Plagues
            Why 'superbugs,' TB, leprosy and other pestilences are invading U.S.
           Posted: February 04, 2008 1:00 am Eastern © 2008 WorldNetDaily.com

Americans have long taken the wonders of medical science for granted, watching as
disease after disease has been conquered with antibiotics, vaccines, better nutrition and
pharmaceutical "miracle drugs." But today, the magic isn't working -- and something
scary is happening.

Thanks to self-destructive "alternative lifestyles," out-of-control immigration, the overuse
of antibiotics and other causes, long-"vanquished" illnesses are once again ravaging the
U.S., puzzling scientists and terrifying millions of victims and their loved ones.

That's the explosive subject of the February edition of WND's elite monthly
Whistleblower magazine, titled "THE NEW PLAGUES."

Consider this:

            The once-"conquered" scourge of tuberculosis has made a terrifying
       comeback, especially in America's inner cities (the American Lung Association
       has called TB "out of control"), and drug-resistant TB accounts for more and
       more new cases. The reason? Record legal and illegal immigration levels.
       Indeed, the highest numbers of multi-drug-resistant TB cases are in New York,
      California, Texas and Florida -- states with the highest populations of new
             Leprosy, the contagious skin disease evoking thoughts of biblical and
      medieval times, is now making its mark in the United States, and many believe
      the influx of illegal aliens is the main factor.
             A new study reveals that homosexuals are much more likely to become
      infected with the dreaded "superbug" MRSA -- methicillin-resistant
      Staphylococcus aureus -- than are heterosexuals. Some are even calling MRSA
      the "new HIV." Although previous MRSA contagion has been confined primarily
      to hospitals, it is now being spread in major cities through homosexual contact.
      But since staph is also transmissible through non-sexual contact, the University
      of California researcher who headed up the study warns: "Once this reaches the
      general population, it will be truly unstoppable."
             Avian influenza -- or "bird flu" -- has caused such concern at the highest
      level of the U.S. government that in 2005, the Congressional Budget Office
      reported that a severe pandemic of avian flu hitting the U.S. would kill 2 million
      Americans and throw the country into a major recession.
             Other diseases once virtually unknown in America, like Chagas disease
      and Dengue fever, are cropping up in southern border areas, while old and
      much-feared plagues like polio and malaria are also on the upswing.

Compounding all of this, the astronomical number of illegal aliens swarming into the
United States is forcing the closure of dozens of hospitals, spreading previously
vanquished diseases and threatening to destroy America's prized health-care system.

                        Vaccines Linked to Autism
"It’s The Vaccines, Stupid!"

Part I: Evidence Linking Autism Rise in Children to Vaccinations
Global Research,
September 5, 2009

By F. William Engdahl

The WHO and US
Government CDC are
escalating a public
psychological conditioning
to create hysteria and panic
among an uninformed
public about an alleged
“virus” H1N1 Influenza A, aka Swine Flu, whose alleged effects to date appear
comparable with a common cold. Before people line up in the streets demanding their
vaccinations for their children and themselves, it would be wise to remember, to
paraphrase a 1992 campaign statement of Bill Clinton to George H.W. Bush: “It’s the
vaccination, Stupid!”
By countless scientific accounts, far more dangerous to human health than any reported
incidences of Swine Flu are the dangers of severe health issues including paralysis,
brain damage and even death arising from what is added to vaccines by virtually every
major vaccine maker. Almost without exception, all commercial vaccines today contain
various substances known as adjuvants designed to make the vaccine “work.” These
adjuvants are the source of horrendous and sometimes deadly damage.
It has been speculated for some time that there might be a link in the alarming rise in
cases of autism among tiny infants and children and massive multiple vaccinations
today given routinely to infants and children from the first hours of birth. There is clear
and shocking evidence of the link between the two. If you do not have a strong
constitution, you are advised not to read further.
A new study shows a direct link between standard childhood vaccination series, MMR,
and autism-like symptoms in monkeys. The principal scientist involved in the study, Dr.
Laura Hewitson of the University of Pittsburgh, presented the alarming conclusions as
an abstract pending publication at the International Meeting for Autism Research. It has
been presented at scientific conferences in both London and Seattle, USA.

The study compared vaccinated macaque monkeys with non-vaccinated macaques. No
major flaws in the study have been revealed by any attending scientist. The vaccines
included the popular MMR series. The study found a marked increase in
“gastrointestinal tissue gene expression” and “inflammation issues” with those monkeys
which received vaccinations. They are a common symptom of children with regressive

The study also found marked behavior changes and development differences in those
monkeys given the vaccines versus those who were not. "Compared with unexposed
animals, significant neuro-developmental deficits were evident for exposed animals in
survival reflexes, tests of color discrimination and reversal, and learning sets," the
study`s authors reported. "Differences in behaviors were observed between exposed
and unexposed animals and within the exposed group before and after MMR
US Government-mandated research approved by Congress was to begin this year, but
the funds were rescinded in early January. Claiming "conflict of interest" because of
ongoing court cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a long-
time supporter of infant vaccinations, withdrew the research plans.
The most shocking of all is the recent and now common medical practice, reinforced by
an aggressive pharmaceutical industry, of giving multiple vaccines, often virtually within
hours of birth, to infants despite the fact that no study including all of the vaccine series
commonly given to children in the US and UK, about 30 in all, has been conducted until
now. The practice of newborn multiple vaccinations has become widespread in
Germany and other EU countries over the past decade. Significantly there have
surfaced reports of dramatically increased instances of autism in newborn and infants in
various German hospitals over the past decade, precisely the period multiple
vaccinations of newborn and infants has become routine.

US Government coverup

Tragically, the US Government agency theoretically entrusted with guarding public
health, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as with the case of health dangers of
GMO foods, as well with the dramatic evidence of the link between autism and
adjuvants used in typical vaccines, is accepting the argument of big and politically
powerful Pharmaceutical companies.

The Food and Drug Administration considers vaccines safe but, just as with GMO, they
have done no studies into the effects of multiple vaccinations as given in the common
childhood series which started in the 1990s in the USA and spread to the UK and now
across the EU.

According to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., son of the late Attorney General and an attorney
active in campaigning to expose mercury (Thimerosal) and other toxicity dangers in
vaccines, recently stated, “as autism is a behavioral affliction rather than a precisely
defined biological injury -- epidemiological studies are critical to establishing its
causation. But the greatest source of epidemiological data is the Vaccine Safety
Datalink (VSD) -- the government maintained medical records of hundreds of thousands
of vaccinated children -- which Health and Human Services Department has gone to
great lengths to keep out of the hands of plaintiffs' attorneys and independent
scientists…The raw data collected in the VSD would undoubtedly provide the
epidemiological evidence needed to understand the relationship between vaccines and
autism. The absence of such studies makes it easy for judges to say to plaintiffs they
have not met their burden of proving causation.”

Autism was virtually unknown in the United States until 1943 when it was diagnosed
and identified eleven months after Thimerosal, a mercury-based vaccine “adjuvant” was
first added to baby vaccines along with various aluminium compounds in the United
States. Thimerosal is often used to stem fungi and bacterial growth in vaccines despite
massive evidence of its severe effects as a potent neurotoxin. Following independent
studies, Russia, Japan, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Britain have banned Thimersol
from childrens’ vaccines. Germany to date has no such ban. The toxin was developed in
1930 by Eli Lilly. Tragically in 1991, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary the
US Government’s Center for Disease Control (CDC), the same agency fuelling the
current hysteria over the non-proven H1N1 Swine Flu virus danger, recommended that
infants be injected with a series of mercury-containing vaccines in some cases within 24
hours of birth for Hepatitis B and two months for diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis.

Before 1989 US pre-school children received eleven vaccinations—polio, diphtheria-
tetanus-pertussis, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR). By 1999, because of the various
CDC recommendations, the number of vaccinations was twenty two before first grade of
school. Parallel with this explosive rise in vaccinations of the very young in the United
States, according to Kennedy, the rate of autism among children. The state of Iowa
reported a 700% increase in autism in children beginning in the 1990’s and along with
California has banned mercury in vaccines. Despite evidence, however the US FDA
continues to allow drug makers to include Thimerosal in numerous over-the-counter
non-prescription medications as well as steroids and injected collagen. The US
Government ships vaccines preserved with Thimerosal to numerous developing
countries as well, where some are reporting sudden explosion of autism rates as well. In
China, where autism was unknown before introduction of Thimerosal by US drug
makers in 1999, press reports indicate there are almost two million autistic children.

Instances of autism in the US exploded as some 40 million children were injected during
the 1990’s with Thimersol-based vaccines, giving them unprecedented accumulations of
mercury poison. The level of ethylmercury in a vaccine routinely given then to children
of two months age was 99 times greater than the US Government’s daily limit for
exposure. As with the current WHO pandemic declaration around H1N1 Swine Flu, the
CDC Vaccine Advisory Committee is filled with scientists with close ties to the
pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Sam Katz, chairman of the committee was a paid
consultant to most companies producing the vaccines he “recommended.”

The aluminium danger remains

While vaccines available in the US today exist with no Thimerosal (50% mercury),
virtually all vaccines still contain aluminum, which has been linked to impaired
neurological development in children. Aluminum has not replaced thimerosal as a
vaccine preservative; it has always been used in vaccines.

In the recent past, most US chioldren got exposed to both thimerosal and aluminum
simultaneously with the hepatitis B, Hib, DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) and
pneumococcal vaccines. Combining mercury with aluminum increases the likelihood
that the mercury will damage human tissue.

According to a recent report by Michael Wagnitz, an American chemist, “Currently eight
childhood vaccines that contain aluminum ranging from 125 to 850 micrograms (mcg).
These vaccines are administered 17 times in the first 18 months of life, an almost six-
fold increase compared to the vaccine schedule of the 1980s.”

Wagnitz adds, “According to the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition,
based on IV feeding solutions, a child should not exceed a maximum daily dose of 5
mcg of aluminum per kilogram of weight per day. That means if a child weighs 11
pounds, the child should not exceed 25 mcg in a day. This level was determined to be
the maximum safety limit based on a study published in the New England Journal of
Medicine titled "Aluminum Neurotoxicity in Preterm Infants Receiving Intravenous
Feeding Solutions."

The hepatitis B vaccine, administered at birth, contains 250 mcg.
In a 1996 policy statement, "Aluminum Toxicity in Infants and Children," the American
Academy of Pediatrics states, "Aluminum can cause neurological harm. People with
kidney disease who build up bloodstream levels of aluminum greater than 100 mcg per
liter are at risk of toxicity. The toxic threshold of aluminum in the bloodstream may be
lower than 100 mcg per liter." What level of aluminium toxicity is contained in vaccines
routinely given German, French and other children n the EU is not known. It might be
time for a public demand for such information to be disclosed, and before governments
launch mass vaccination campaigns for untested vaccines against a non-proven H1N1
Swine Flu threat.

        Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks
The Engineering of 'Pandemics'
By A. True Ott, PhD, ND

The year was 1921. America was entering a decade of robust prosperity. Later called
"The Roaring Twenties", it was a time of unparalleled economic expansion. Debt money
from Wall Street banks was plentiful and easy to obtain. The "Great War" was over.
America was flexing her industrial muscles. Factories were being built and expanded in
every major city. Automobiles began rolling off Detroit assembly lines in record
numbers. The stock market began making millionaires. People were HEALTHY and
HAPPY largely because the dreaded "world mystery disease" (which decades later
became known as the "1918 Flu Pandemic") had disappeared. Two entire years had
passed with no dreaded "mystery deaths" being reported. America had cause to
celebrate, and celebrate they did!
As a matter of fact, the American Public in general was so optimistic and HAPPY in
1921, that relatively few people were unhealthy as well. For the first time in decades,
hospital beds were empty. The fledgling American Medical Association, formed by John
D. Rockefeller just a few years earlier, was worried. Business was sagging.
Profits from vaccines and drugs were spiraling. Something had to be done, and done
immediately. False, faux epidemics of smallpox were created to solve the problem, and
keep the Medical Mafia's cash registers ringing.
We know this dastardly plan actually happened, thanks to a citizen's WATCHDOG
GROUP in Kansas City, Missouri named "The Advertiser's Protective Bureau", who
filed, and successfully prosecuted criminal charges against the Missouri state chapter of
the AMA the Jackson Medical Society. The 'Protective Bureau's" official report of this
cold-blooded plot reads as follows:
"In the Fall of 1921, the health of the city was unusually good, but slow for the doctors.
So the Jackson Medical Society met and resolved to make an epidemic in the city.
According to the minutes of this meeting: 'MOTION WAS MADE AND SECONDED,
(Investigation later revealed that there was NO SIGN OF AN EPIDEMIC at the time, in
the city, or anywhere in the state or region!)
'It was moved and seconded that a day be set aside, termed VACCINATION DAY, on
which physicians would be stationed at ALL SCHOOLS, clinics, public buildings and
hospitals to vaccinate "free of charge". (Vaccinations are never "free". The taxpayers
are always forced to pay for every one of the "free" vaccines.)
The Protective Bureau proved in court that there WAS NO EPIDEMIC before the
vaccinations!! The court records show that the Medical Society manufactured vast
amounts of posters, fliers, newspaper stories and ads featuring horrific and lurid
pictures of diseased children covered with massive smallpox sores and open wounds.
Some pictures actually showed children's corpses covered with the same ugly sores.
The PANIC-DRIVEN message was clear --- VACCINATE EVERYONE, or face a deadly
public disease. There was a "sweeping epidemic" in the city; the disease was "highly
contagious" and would "strike anyone who was not vaccinated" was the bill of goods
sold! (Does this sound at all familiar today 88 years later??)
The Medical Mafia's propaganda blitz was successful, and over a million previously
healthy and happy American citizens were hypnotized and terrorized into placing the
vaccine toxins into their bloodstreams. All public school children in the region were
vaccinated while at school! Parents who dared question the vaccination of their children
were ostracized and publicly vilified.
following the "mass vaccinations" the area's hospital beds were filled to over-flowing
Tens of thousands of people became ill, and many hundreds of innocents died, and
many more were permanently crippled! Of course, THE NEWSPAPERS THEN
THE VACCINES stating how much worse the death toll would have been without the
vaccination campaign!! Untold MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of profit was generated by this
massive "medical" fraud.
Thanks to the ADVERTISER'S PROTECTIVE BUREAU, however; the massive fraud
was exposed and criminally prosecuted to a successful conviction. During the trial, three
amazing facts were proven beyond any "reasonable doubt".
Fact 1: The poster and advertising pictures showing the diseased and dying children
used so successfully by the "doctors", WERE NOT EVEN CASES OF LOCAL
documented that they were pictures of ENGLISH CHILDREN who were victims of
"court-proven" cases of SMALLPOX VACCINE POISONING!! One of the pictures was
of a 5-week-old baby named Mona Stevenson, of Humphrey Street, Burnley, England.
A previously healthy and happy baby, Little Mona had been vaccinated for smallpox at 5
weeks of age. Four weeks later, her pox-ridden little body was placed in a tiny coffin and
buried. The horrific photos of Little Mona and others in England had previously been
published in British newspapers where details of the resulting CRIMINAL TRIALS were
also given. The full details of the trials, as well as the pictures, were also included in a
comprehensively large medical boot titled "THE HISTORY AND PATHOLOGY OF
VACCINATION" by Edgar M Crookshank, MD professor of Bacteriology at the ultra-
elite Kings College, London England.
Fact 2: Vaccines containing LIVE VIRUSES, weakened (i.e. attenuated) or otherwise
universally causes more diseases than the vaccine ever could prevent.
Fact 3: Vaccine-Induced-Disease (VID) is an extremely effective socio-economic tool. It
has the potential to generate BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF WINDFALL PROFITS, while
permanently changing the social structures of large groups of people.
While the Protective Bureau won the criminal court case the American People lost. The
case should have made front-page headlines around the nation, showing the Modus
Operandi of certain corrupt "medical practitioners". How, by means of fraud, treachery,
and trickery, they made millions of dollars in windfall profits while thousands of innocent,
trusting, and naïve Americans suffered and died. The entire sordid affair, with all its
damning details, was kept out of the American Press. John D. Rockefeller's AMA, with
its millions of dollars of influence made sure of that!
Amazingly, even though thousands of people had died or become crippled by this
managed manslaughter, the doctors involved were only given a light penalty in the form
of a token fine. The medical establishment as a whole was not upset in the least by the
exposure and has continued on unabated perpetuating the same crimes against
humanity creating vaccine-induced-diseases while fleecing the people continually until
this present day.
It is a proven (albeit little-known) fact, EPIDEMIC/PANDEMIC MANUFACTURING IS
STANDARD PRACTICE with the world-wide "Medical Mafia" circles. In order to
maximize profits and re-shape geographical regions, they often manufacture a false-flag
"emergency". If there is an outbreak of mild seasonal virus, they call it an influenza
pandemic, give it a fancy new name, and then actually CREATE THE PANDEMIC by
means of mass vaccinations using ATTENUATED, or LIVE VIRUSES!! Remember the
shocking words of the AMA's Dr. Simon Louis Katzoff who said: " DOCTORS LIVE BY
OTHER DOCUMENTED CASES OF V.I.D.E.O.s (Vaccine Induced Disease Epidemic
Case 1: Following the lead of their colleagues in Kansas City, the exact same events
occurred in Pittsburgh, PA under the direction of Pittsburgh's "Health Director", Dr. C.J.
Voux in the autumn of 1924. As in Kansas City, a group of public watchdogs brought
suit against Voux and his vaccine-promoters. As in Kansas City, the vaccine promoters
were found guilty. The case documented that over 1,000,000 vaccine shots were "sold"
to the residents of Pennsylvania, even though there had been ZERO documented cases
of smallpox in the region. It was successfully proven that ONLY AFTER the million shots
had been given, that a smallpox epidemic began.
This vaccine-induced, manmade "epidemic" resulted in 330 deaths and at least 1,680
cases of severe smallpox that caused permanent, crippling damage to the survivors.
Moreover, it cost the city a total monetary loss of $3,069,616; although Dr. Voux and his
accomplices had collected more than $10 million in hospital and related care revenues
they were not forced to pay for damages or reparations. As in the Kansas City trial, a
small, insignificant fine was levied, and the case was not widely publicized.
Case 2: The initial batches of Dr. Jonas Salk's polio vaccine produced thousands of
cases of poliomyelitis in vaccinated individuals. (One such case was Franklin D.
Roosevelt who was stricken weeks after receiving a vaccine.) This was due to an
unsafe amount of LIVE VIRUSES in the vaccine itself. Dr. Sabin then introduced his
"improved" vaccine with "attenuated" or "weakened' live viruses in 1958, and the
following year his vaccine was made to be compulsory (mandatory) in all school-age
children in a number of states. As a result, polio increased a whopping 300% in these
states. For example, Tennessee reported 119 polio cases in 1958, after "vaccination"
this total increased to 386 cases in 1959, Ohio 17 cases in 1958, 52 cases in 1959,
Connecticut 45 cases in 1958, 123 cases in 1959, and North Carolina: 78 cases in
1958 compared to 312 cases in 1959 AFTER forcing compulsory shots in school
children. The modern record is equally damning. The ONLY cases of recorded polio in
the modern era is immediately following vaccinations.
Poliomyelitis, you see, is a water-borne virus and is caused by drinking contaminated
During the early 60's, water-treatment facilities became standardized across America
small amounts of CHLORINATION effectively wiped out polio viruses. The conquering
of polio had NOTHING TO DO with the vaccine needles and swallowing sugar cubes.
In fact, as author Ed Haslem documents so well in his book,
"http://doctormarysmonkey.com/" Dr. Mary's Monkey, the Sabin vaccines were actually
contaminated with mutated GREEN MONKEY VIRUSES (SV-40 viruses to be specific)
which has caused untold millions of SOFT-TISSUE CANCERS and deaths worldwide.
(The cancer "industry" has reaped BILLIONS of dollars from this "contamination" over
the years, of course.) "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edikv0zbAlU" Dr. Maurice
Hilleman has actually confessed as being a part of this very activity.
Case 3: Knowingly added to "hepatitis" vaccines, HIV viruses were inoculated into
thousands of homosexual men and intravenous drug users in America's inner cities
resulting in the "AIDS epidemic" in the 80's. Purposefully placed in SMALLPOX
VACCINE SYRINGES, HIV was also introduced into African nations as a tool of ethnic
cleansing and GENOCIDE. The covert development and weaponization of the
HIV/AIDS virus and its monkey-virus origins, along with the amazing story of how the
scientists involved are tied to President Kennedy's assassination is well documented in
"http://doctormarysmonkey.com/" Dr. Mary's Monkey. The covert biological
experimentation labs responsible for this mayhem are today consolidated into the NIH,
the NAIDS, the National Cancer Institute, and Ft. Detrick, Maryland. The Centers for
Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta became the centralized hub of pandemic and
epidemic creations and propagation.
Case 4: The 1976 "Swine Flu" Fiasco and Fraud is perpetrated. A solitary soldier at Ft.
Dix collapses and dies following a reaction to an "experimental" vaccine while
completing an intense physical "forced march" exercise at Ft. Dix. Immediately, the
CDC swings into action, declaring a nationwide SWINE FLU PANDEMIC is pending.
Providentially, of course, the CDC just happens to have 200+MILLION DOSES of Swine
Flu vaccine already stockpiled, prepared with ATTENUATED (live, yet weakened)
viruses and experimental ADJUVANTS.
President Gerald Ford, (with proven ties to Big Pharma and Nixon's covert viral
weapons labs also a key member of the "Warren Commission's" obfuscation of the JFK
murder) rolls up his sleeves on national TV and dutifully takes the vaccine. 40 million
vaccines are given to naïve American human guinea pigs. A rash of auto-immune
disorders (Guillan-Barre Syndrome GBS, and lupus) as well as a large number of
deaths is immediately attributed to the vaccine, and the mass vaccination campaign is
halted. (What happened to the other 140 million vaccines, one may ask?) In 1979, the
television news magazine 60 Minutes did a documentary investigation on this travesty-
for-money scandal. Against all odds and the threats of Big Pharma, the OBJECTIVELY
FAIR 60 Minutes program aired ONE TIME. There was no follow-up story, No criminal
indictments were ever issued. There was no MASS- MURDER-FOR-HIRE trial. As a
result, America has largely forgotten the 1976 SWINE FLU SCANDAL! Click here for
"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lcJt4jX1Vo" Part I of the 60 Minutes story; and
Part II.
Case 5: During the first Gulf War Operation Desert Storm, an experimental anthrax
vaccine was forcibly given to 140,000 rear-echelon support troops. This experimental
vaccine included an oil-in-water adjuvant called squalene (aka MF-59 made by
NOVARTIS). Despite voluminous studies showing dangerous toxicity factors conducted
on "oil-in-water" adjuvants at such prestigious research labs as UCLA the U.S. Military
brass consented to the experimental injections. As a result, ALL 140,000 troops
developed a condition subsequently named "Gulf War Syndrome". This sordid tale is
explained in a very honest and credible book by "http://www.vaccine-a.com/" Gary
Matsumoto, called, Vaccine-A.
As this author has repeatedly declared during many public radio interviews, the deadly
1918 Influenza Pandemic was the direct result of live-virus-contaminated Typhus Fever
Vaccines mandatorily given to U.S. and Allied military personnel during World War I.
During that era, viruses were not yet discovered and diseases were thought to be
bacterial only. These deadly typhus fever vaccines were manufactured by John D.
Rockefeller's research labs and Chinese pharma factories. The vaccine "seed stock"
consisted of viruses harvested from human typhoid fever patients, cross-injected into
swine herds to create increased "seed stock", and then injected into chicken and turkey
eggs for further incubation of the pathogens. The final, harvested "vaccine material"
then was injected into HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF HUMAN VEINS. The result was a
massive 'pandemic' that claimed the lives of as many as 50 million people worldwide.
In 1918, the viral pandemic was an honest mistake the result of a combination of a very
bad vaccine and gross ignorance about viruses and the diseases they cause. However,
the continued denial of these FACTS, and the subsequent REVERSE ENGINEERING
OF THE KILLER VIRUS in Ft. Detrick labs (1997-2003) is inexcusable and constitutes a
veritable crime against humanity.
Moreover, the ONLY WAY a modern "SWINE FLU PANDEMIC" can actually materialize
is by injection of certain LIVE VIRUSES via vaccine needles. Make no mistake, the
world is NOT experiencing a true pandemic explosion at this time but it most assuredly
WILL when and if the planned mass influenza vaccinations are completed worldwide.
"Modern Medical Practitioners", including some well-meaning "osteopaths", would have
the world believe the MYTH that vaccines containing attenuated (weakened) live viruses
cannot cause the viral disease conditions they are targeting. This is a most dangerous
misconception for the following SCIENTIFIC reasons.
Traditional "common" vaccines targeting measles, mumps and rubella for instance,
contain small amounts of "attenuated" live viruses which have been "weakened" but not
100% killed outright. Research has shown that these weakened "live" viruses create a
very mild form of the disease in the human that has been vaccinated, which in turn
creates a cellular immunity from that pathogen. The science behind this is correct, and
valid for the most part. To keep the targeted viral pathogen in a perpetually weakened
state, specific amounts of formaldehyde and ether are typically added, and in some
formulations, mercury in the form of thimerasol is added as a preservative to keep the
egg albumin cells from decaying and dying prematurely. The established theory behind
all of this 'vaccination' is the "protect the herd" theory which originated with Pasteur in
the late 19th century. As in all vaccines, a certain small percentage of the herd will
develop severe, 'full blown' disease states CAUSED by the attenuated viruses in the
vaccine itself, and another percentage will exhibit side effects from the chemicals added
to the vaccine but if the vast majority of the herd is "protected" from the disease
condition the vaccine is approved and stamped "safe and effective".
Science has also proven that each viral pathogen has its own unique characteristics
that produce its own set of symptoms in the human hosts. Thus, each viral pathogen
has its own unique fingerprints of replication and reproduction as well. Each virus also
has a different level of effectiveness in its attenuated (weakened) state.
Moreover, some viruses have shown the ability to "drift" and acquire additional genetic
RECOMBINATION VIRUSES that have been "reverse engineered" in the world's
weapons laboratories!
When the RNA of the virus is spliced with other viral genes, the resulting "Franken-
virus" is very unpredictable. Studies conducted (yet currently unpublished) by Terrence
Tumpey, Jeffrey Taubenberger, and others at the NIH and CDC show that these
'resurrected pandemic viruses' do not exhibit the NORMAL tendencies of traditional,
NATURAL influenza viruses such as seasonal H3N2 human strains. They are best
described as "Viral Wild Cards".
This is just one problem with the headlong, mad rush to vaccinate Americans with a
series of reverse-engineered lab-created viruses, attenuated or otherwise, in an
UNTESTED, UNTRIED, EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE that has not been subjected to
To supposedly minimize this "safety" issue, the CDC is now recommending a DUPLEX
vaccination, of all things. A "duplex" vaccination basically involves a two-shot series.
The first shot consists of a VERY WEAK, HIGHLY ATTENUTATED dose of the live
This is intended to create an initial immune response patterning the specific virus
injected. Within a couple of weeks of the 1st shot, a BOOSTER SHOT is given. The
booster shot has only lightly attenuated, or even FULL STRENGTH VIRUSES in the
injection. This 2nd shot is then intended to create a full-strength immune system
response in the human subject.
This is, at the very least, BAD SCIENCE and borders on insanity for self-evident and
fairly obvious reasons. By their own admissions, the NIH scientists in their various
writings have declared that the level of potency of these REVERSE ENGINEERED
VIRUSES show abnormal, almost RANDOM tendencies in their attenuated states.
Nobody really knows what will happen over time as the inevitable "genetic drifts" occur.
It is a literal crap shoot. It is highly probable that even the HIGHLY ATTENUATED
FRANKEN-VIRUSES can swiftly regain their FULL POTENCY even in the presence of
ether and formaldehyde. (See Addendum Below) Secondly, the full-strength BOOSTER
shot viruses could just as easily "DRIFT" into something much more deadly than the
"original' recombinant virus that it is targeting.
I submit that the scientists responsible for this "pandemic" are not stupid. They have to
know these facts as well as I do.
Therefore, I can only conclude that this entire affair is following the Modus Operandi of
the medical elite since the 1920 engineered smallpox epidemics. It is all being
ORCHESTRATED first and foremost for MONEY, and secondly, for social and
geographical restructuring of the "human herd".
Also, it must be understood that this "Novel 2009 Influenza" is not easily nor readily
transmissible between humans. (See published study in the addendum). If this report is
accurate, how then did the "Pandemic" begin, and why the need for mass vaccinations
at all?? Like the "study" shows, the only way the test ferrets could contract or transmit
the 2009 "Novel Swine Flu" was by and through INOCULATION OF THE DISEASE!!
Humanity demands an answer, and demands it NOW!!!
A.True Ott, Phd, ND
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana
Those who are ignorant of the past, cannot be expected to remember it.
True Ott, PhD, ND

            Warning: Vaccine Miscarriages Mounting
(Editor's note: Even the package that the H1N1 shot comes in tells you it is unsafe for
babies and pregnant women.)

Sunday, November 29, 2009
From Ken-Welch.Com To All Lists

Vaccine Warning #2 - Miscarriages

I was horrified when I heard that Big Brother had determined that pregnant women
should be the next unlucky group to have the H1N1 "Swine Flu" vaccine pushed on
them, after blacks and North American Indians. I cannot fathom the reasoning behind
this, but the fact that we are dealing with a totally evil ruling class on this planet may
simply mean that we will never understand the purpose of all they do.

Some people who are still awake wondered why, if the H1N1 vaccine was not safe for
babies up to six months old, it would magically become safe for babies still in the womb.
It turns out, of course, that the vaccine was never actually tested on pregnant women in
the first place. Apparently no one cared. How typical of a world seemingly gone mad
while our masters play out their end-game for the U.S.A.

Reports of miscarriages are now pouring in. See this report:Miscarriage Report for
H1N1 Swine Flue Vaccine

Countless mothers-to-be, at this very moment, are paying the price for trusting a poison-
pushing, white-coated disease-care robot to take care of their health and the health of
their babies. If you know someone who is pregnant, please do everything you can to get
her to see this report.

I don't know what we are going to do about allopathic MDs, but obviously we are going
to have to do something. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from their
never-cure mistreatment and even more are seriously ill. My Great Uncle George tells
me that in the old days we could tar-and-feather them (which was often fatal) and run
them out of town to protect the community.

Or just shoot 'em if that was more convenient.

No point, I suppose, in wishing for simpler times.

Ken Welch

PS: If you haven't read it, see our originalVaccine Warning / Pandemic Warning.

                                by Ken Welch in Houston
                                       November 5, 2009

After working with Reversed Speech on government officials for more than ten
years I can tell you that there is indeed a long-running plan to dissolve the Federal
government and remake the world into what you might call a global corporate
feudalism. This plan is coming to its climax right now. Although the final moves
have been postponed several times, all indications are that there can be no more
delays, and a global killer pandemic is the first step in that plan.

You are getting a lot of scare stories from the media (and the Pentagon’s billion
dollar Internet propaganda machine) about the Swine Flu. But the swine flu is a
joke, and almost everyone knows it. The real pandemic is still seven to ten weeks

We’ve recently learned the secret behind the Swine Flu Vaccine that is being pushed
so strongly on the public. While the vaccine may make you sick, its real purpose is
to greatly increase the fast-kill mechanism of the pandemic still to come. Worse yet,
the vaccine is being used to target specific groups of people who are simply not
welcome             in            our           brave           new           world.

In the USA these include Blacks, American Indians, and Baby Boomers.


I first picked up on this ten years ago. I was intensely interested in Chemtrails, those
bizarre streaks in the sky that first appeared in the week following Pearl Harbor
Day, 1998. They were linked to a banned pesticide, Ethylene Dibromide, right off
the bat. Most of the later stories you’ve read about chemtrails have been designed to
draw you away from this initial identification. Throughout 1999 I used RS to
eavesdrop on Washington. I got what I wanted, but it seemed of no value. I learned
that the chemtrail operation was part of a billion dollar CIA-run program called
Starwars. No, it has nothing to do with space. It’s named for the first Starwars film
which, if you’ll think back, featured a monstrous weapon aimed at an entire planet.

I also found that the Starwars program had a second component. This involved
CREATING a disease, and that something about this process involved BIRDS.
Unfortunately, this information made no sense. Remember, this was the time of
Y2K. A lot of things didn't make sense then. In this case, how would dosing people
with the world’s nastiest pesticide be related to a killer influenza, and what was the
disease         to         be           used          for?          And         why?

That year was also odd because a propaganda campaign designed to convince
everyone that the world was overpopulated kicked into high gear. You still run
across it today, but it was intense when it first started. The result is that most
Americans believe that they are simply rubbing shoulders with too many people.
Excepting four or five of our largest cities, the reality is that you need only drive for
20 minutes beyond the edge of your town, and you will see nothing but nearly empty
land. Overpopulation is a myth designed to make you feel better in a post-pandemic

I watched that year as government money financed three different expeditions to
find 1918 burial sites where frozen samples of killer virus might be found and
retrieved. I also learned that, although there are good indications this virus was
introduced in injections given to Europe-bound U.S. troops at Ft. Riley, Kansas, the
genetic origins of what was soon called Spanish Flu suggest that it’s genetic source
involved birds – either in the wild or in a vaccine laboratory.

It wasn't until 2004 that I understood why the "illuminati" were interested in
creating a killer pandemic. That was the year I ran across an article in a magazine
devoted to real estate that talked about the massive shift of wealth that would be
happening in the future. The author was writing about the retirement of the Baby
Boomers. Later I would learn that this would be the greatest financial threat our
western             governments             have             ever            faced.

The hunt for the 1918 virus was public knowledge, as was the failure to find any
living samples. Also made public was the commitment on the part of CDC and
others to find some other way to recreate the virus since the search for the original
had failed. It wasn’t too much later that one of those attempts scared the medical
community half to death. A Chinese laboratory, working under contract to recreate
the virus by working backward from current bird flu allowed their creation to
escape. Rather than give this virus a proper scientific designation, it’s genetic origin
was hidden by calling it SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

Anyone who knew the symptoms of the 1918 pandemic would have recognized
SARS immediately as a virtual clone of the 1918 virus. In fact, virtually everything
we know about how to protect people from pandemic influenza (which is much
more than the government or media will tell you) was learned in the SARS
outbreak. But SARS had a significant flaw. It was not seriously contagious until
after the victim was already showing signs of illness. Intercepting people with
symptoms stopped it from spreading. The real pandemic influenza is contagious
before symptoms appear, which is why it will spread like wildfire once it is released
on the public. But it will kill in exactly the same way.

As reported in normal news channels, the 1918 killer flu was in fact rebuilt from
scratch using the latest gene technology, made to match viral DNA that was brought
back from the original expeditions. In a civilized world this would be a capital
offense. But that is a world that mankind has yet to create.

In the meantime, governments have spent hundreds of billions of dollars preparing
for the moment that the “Bird Flu” is finally released. Do you think they would do
this based on a rumor or perhaps a psychic reading? All that money has been spent
in preparing for the “continuity” of government, the control of civilian populations,
and the methods for dealing with millions of dead or dying civilians in the most
efficient and cost effective manner. How much did they spend on protecting or
saving you? Not a dime. The public is still being told that everything will be fine if
they      just    make       sure      their    kids      wash      their     hands.

Now, you may be wondering how the various governments expect their countries to
keep functioning in the aftermath of an engineered pandemic that could take out a
huge percentage of the workforce. Actually that problem has been solved. If you will
think back to 1999, you'll realize that was the time that Washington began its open-
door policy for illegal aliens. Likewise for Europe, and in both cases entirely against
the wishes of their citizens. So we now have an extra 20-25 million "illegals," all of
whom have a lifetime of experience in societies where you don't fight city hall.
Although six or eight million may lose their lives in the Pandemic, there will be
plenty left over to answer the need for labor. They will be there to take the jobs, buy
the empty houses and, in return for legalization, pay the taxes. No problemo, amigo!

The REAL Pandemic Is On Its Way

Our Project (and this website) was created three years ago to track and expose
repeated attempts to use a false-flag nuclear weapon to trigger the destruction of
Iran and the theft of its vast oil reserves. This plan is code-named GAMBIT, and the
latest version is running right now. Gambit has failed many times, much to the
outrage of the Oil Cartel that conceived it. Each time it has failed, the date for the
killer pandemic has had to be postponed as well. You can see an actual example in
the                report                    on                 this             page:


Just scroll down to the first reversed-speech segment, which features George Bush
absolutely furious because a 2007 attempt to set off a nuke in southeast Texas has
failed. Note that he says the failure will require another billion dollars for Starwars,
the chemtrail/pandemic project that now must wait another year before it can be

The current version of Gambit involves a nuclear tipped missile aimed at some
sparsely populated area in Israel. Although we don’t know the date, we do know
that the White House and Downing Street have been told repeatedly that this is
Gambit’s last chance. It cannot be recycled and tried again.

Why have Obama, Gordon Brown and others been told that this is the last chance
for Gambit? Because the “Bird Flu” Pandemic simply cannot be postponed for
another year. Once it begins, large scale military operations will become impossible,
and the U.S. will need its military here at home, perhaps for a very long time. Ready
to go at least three years ago, the pandemic has been postponed each time a previous
Gambit attempt failed. Everyone is being told that this is not going to happen this

Postponements have been a nuisance for our Illuminati masters, because each time
has meant another billion dollars for the chemtrail program in North America, and
a similar amount in Europe. Chemtrails and the Pandemic are two parts of the same
operation. We didn't understand why until we learned that pesticide poisoning
distorts hormonal functions, and reduces adrenal availability. The invisible part of
chemtrails, the pesticide Ethylene Dibromide that falls to earth immediately and
blows through your neighborhood, is reducing your ability to fight off the Cytokine
Storm, the fast-kill mechanism of the recently recreated 1918 virus.

As I’ve told our newsletter readers many times, the Pandemic has nothing to do
with imaginary overpopulation, Satanic goals, or any other strangeness. It’s strictly
about money. All the welfare states, including Russia, are going broke. In the U.S.
retiring Baby Boomers are about to suck away the government’s last penny. Unless
something is done, the Illuminati-run North American Union designed to replace the
current circuses in Washington and Ottawa will quickly bleed to death if it must
pick up the same welfare burden. Socialism has only one answer for problems like
this: mass murder. And it simply can’t be put off any longer.

There is a word we are finding quite often now in reversed speech from Washington
and London: DECEMBER. It’s always there, like the uninvited guest lurking in the
corner of the room. When we are following current plans as they appear in the
reversed speech, nothing seems to go past the next six weeks or so, and the thoughts
trail off as the word DECEMBER appears again. Like a dark cloud on the horizon.
It seems to be something so terrible that no one wants to think about it directly. All
my experience with reversed speech, and ten years of tracking the
chemtrail/pandemic conspiracy, tells me that middle or late December is the current
target       for    the    release     of     the      recreated     1918       virus.

You will be told that swine flu has made it into bird populations and magically
mutated to create a deadly, rapidly spreading form of Bird Flu. There will be no
truth to this at all. The virus they will release is the recreated 1918 virus, already in
many bio labs, and perhaps boosted a bit from the original 1918 variety in terms of
lethality. You are being given a psychological practice run for this scenario right
now,       with       scary     but     exaggerated        stories    from      Ukraine.

The world will be told that there are no vaccines that can touch it. It will spread
slowly at first, but by mid January it will be sweeping the globe. Make no mistake.
This is the one I’ve been warning about, and you will literally see bodies on the
sidewalk if the records from 1918 are to be believed.

Swine Flu Vaccine A Deadly Trap

In comic contrast, the swine flu is a joke, and at least half the world knows it. Even
its official designation is a joke. The original 1918 virus is H1N1. This new bug,
which does not appear to be natural in any way, would have some other number if
the murderous clowns at the CDC were even remotely honest. A lot of very sharp
people have been looking at the swine flu and swine flu vaccine program, but they
don’t                know               the               larger              picture.

The puzzle they cannot solve is why western governments are so adamant about
getting people to actually take the shots. Most of us understand that these big
vaccine campaigns are simply money-making programs for Big Pharma, third in the
pantheon of corporate players that own and operate virtually all western
governments. But does it make sense this time? After all, these vaccines are already
paid for. They could be dumped in a landfill and the manufacturers wouldn’t care
at                                                                                all.

It’s virtually impossible that anyone could actually benefit from the swine flu
vaccine, especially with the nasty components included in the batches for the general
public. (Big scandal in Europe now about VIP’s getting clean batches instead.) So
why           does           “Obama”           want           you           injected?

Two years ago, when anti-flu products were designated for different age groups
(workers, elderly, young people) the implications were clear. Remember this is a
welfare-driven                                                      emergency.

The secret purpose of the swine flu vaccine is not obvious until you fully understand
what the vaccine does. And you must combine that information with the
understanding that the real Pandemic is just around the corner.

I don’t want to seem omniscient here, so I’ll have to confess the real secret of the
swine flu vaccine just came across my desk on Wednesday. Someone sent me a
couple paragraphs attributed to Dr. Russell Blaylock, the MD that produces the
Blaylock Wellness Report, a subscription newsletter. Here’s the paragraph that says
it all:
No one should take the swine flu vaccine – it is one of the most dangerous vaccines
ever devised. It contains an immune adjuvant called squalene MF-59 which has been
shown to cause severe autoimmune disorders such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis and
Lupus. This is the vaccine adjuvant that is strongly linked to the Gulf War syndrome,
which killed over 10,000 soldiers and caused a 200% increase in the fatal disease ALS
(Lou Gehreg disease). This [swine flu] virus kills by causing a cytokine storm, which
means that it causes the body's immune system to overreact and that is why it is
killing young people and is a mild disease in the elderly. (The elderly have weakened
immune systems.) This vaccine is a very powerful immune stimulator and carries the
real possibility of making the lethality of the virus much greater.

What Dr. Blaylock is saying, is that the vaccine will greatly boost the Cytokine Storm,
increasing the chance that people will die from the silly swine flu virus before the
vaccine can kill it off. He doesn't realize that a disease with twenty times the Cytokine
effect             is            just             around            the           corner.

In our newsletters I’ve been talking about the Cytokine Storm for almost three years.
It is the quick-kill factor in the original 1918 virus that killed several hundred million
people around the globe. In simple terms it is a form of rapid inflammation, similar to
an allergic reaction to the toxins produced by the virus as it multiplies in your gut. The
inflammation takes place in the lungs, and if it is too strong, or lasts too long, it will kill
you. Often within a single day. A popular saying in 1918 and 1919 was, "Healthy in the
morning,                        dead                      by                     nightfall."

Populations of all western nations practicing socialized welfare systems have already
had their ability to shut down the Cytokine Storm greatly impaired by six to ten years
of chemtrail spraying. Now, if the part of your immune system that produces the
Cytokine Storm is put on hyperdrive by the swine flu shot, when the real H1N1 virus
comes along in December or January, your chances of survival are going to be very

No wonder Homeland Security has spent thousands of man-hours trying to locate sites
for mass burials! Those folks are not stupid, and they know what is coming. You, on
the other hand, are assumed to be both stupid and powerless.

LINKS: Infowars Global Research Socioecohistory Blog.
Who Is Being Targeted For Death?

I’ve told you all along the Baby Boomers are the primary target. The financial
disaster caused by their retirement has been known for twenty years or more via
simple arithmetic. But the rest of the story is even uglier.

As you know, the big news on the vaccine front is that shipments have been delayed
and, although every state has received some, supplies are limited. This has been
beautifully orchestrated to produce a specific result. Limited supply means that
specific     groups     can     be     selectively      targeted    for     death.

Last week a man I know personally visited his doctor. This man is a good Pharma
slave – he visits an MD regularly and does whatever he is told. He went for a quick
check-up and his seasonal flu shot (yuck!), which he got with no problem. Naturally,
he also asked about getting a swine flu shot. He was told the same thing that others
around             the         country           were           being           told.

Because of “limited availability” the only people who could get swine flu shots at
that time, whether paid or for free, were Blacks and American Indians.

I checked around and found that other people had been told the same thing.

Did I tell you this is a Welfare-driven emergency? Although grossly unfair, it
appears that our masters have determined that Blacks and Indians are the “welfare
classes” in our society, and their numbers must be drastically reduced.

Canada is marching to the same drummer. Benevolent Canadian functionaries have
made sure to send the first batches of swine flu vaccine, along with unusually
generous supplies of body bags to Canada’s Indian nations. Just off the top of my
head, I'd say that Canada is expecting the vaccine to produce something other than
the lifesaving effect being advertised! Do you remember the stories of blankets laden
with Smallpox given to Indian tribes in the 1800s? Yes, it's same thing all over
again. Sure it’s genocide, but in the chaos to come you are not supposed to notice.

Just in case you do notice a post-pandemic statistical strangeness, the Pentagon’s
domestic propaganda teams are already working on it. The same people responsible
for about 80 per cent of the goofiness you see on the web have begun recirculating
old stories about diseases created to attack specific ethnic groups. At least two e-
mails on this topic specifically using the term “genocide” have crossed my desk this

This is a typical tactic. If you should discover later that deaths among the Indian
Nations or African Americans are disproportionately high, then you have a wild
goose story already prepared to lead you away from the fact that these people were
selected for death in their own doctor’s office.

Growing Resistance Not What You Think

There is a growing sense of resistance in this country. We certainly see it, loud and
clear, in regard to the swine flu vaccine program. Guess what? I’ve tracked about a
third of the anti-vaccine material back to known Pentagon propaganda mills.

Why would they do this? Two reasons. They are very strong right now on fostering
disgust and rebellion against the Obama administration. They apparently feel this
will make their job much easier down the road, when it is time to dissolve the
central government in Washington, and “white hat” generals help to put in the new
one. They also want to make sure there is enough anti-vaccine hysteria on the
Internet that fact-based warnings like this one, or Dr. Blaylock's simply can't be

However, just to show how difficult it must be inside what Orwell would have called
the Ministry Of Truth, other offices inside this massive operation must churn out
Swine Flu hysteria pieces at the same time. Naturally, this is putting the gullible in a
serious dilemma: Get the shot that allegedly will kill me tomorrow, or risk the flu
which might kill me next week. To get the flavor of all this, check out this popular
propaganda outlet to see what I mean. You'll see why this article will never be
referenced                                                                        there.

We've built up a good store of remedies and other Pandemic information in our
private archives; stuff that no one else has. Due to the nearness of the Starwars
"Death Star" I'm working as fast as I can to get all that material out and into public
view. Save your spare cash and skip the Christmas presents, because you will be
wanting to use that money to protect yourself and your family.

Good                   luck                  to                 us                  all,

KEN                                                                           WELCH
                            What's in the Vaccine?
List of vaccines and their contents

Some information regarding aborted fetal tissues in vaccines

Very informative site regarding ingredients and mixing foreign DNA, causing mutations
in the recipient

Brochure with information about aborted fetal tissue and the link with autism

          Wheat Fungus Could Cause Mass Starvation
                  Aftershock of the Strongest Arabian Sea Hurricane


When Tropical Cyclone Gonu swept through
the Arabian Sea in June 2007, there was
wonderment at its size – the first recorded
Category 5 hurricane in that part of the world
– and concern over both loss of life and loss
of oil infrastructure in the Persian Gulf region.

But the larger concern may be an epidemic of
world hunger, as new research shows.

That's because Cyclone Gonu blew a wheat
fungus out of Africa and toward the Asian
breadbasket, speeding by an estimated two years the spread of the devastating crop
disease, called Ug99.

Already in Iran, the fungus may also have reached Pakistan and the Punjab region
considered the Asian breadbasket.

"Scientists met this week in Syria to decide on emergency measures to track Ug99’s
progress. They hope to slow its spread by spraying fungicide or even stopping farmers
from planting wheat in the spores’ path," New Scientist reports. "The only real remedy
will be new wheat varieties that resist Ug99, and they may not be ready for five years.
The fungus has just pulled ahead in the race."