Do You Need Gallbladder Surgery?

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					              Do You Need Gallbladder Surgery?
The gallbladder plays a key role in helping your body metabolize fat, but you can lead a normal life without it. In fact, many people
have the small organ surgically removed due to gallbladder stones or other health problems. The need for surgery can be difficult to
determine, but with proper guidance and monitoring of symptoms to inform your doctor, it can be done. Some things to consider

1. Keep a Health Diary

A diary can help you keep track of digestive issues and other symptoms
related to the gallbladder. You can take the diary with you to the doctor’s
office so that you and your doctor can discuss your symptoms and
determine whether surgery is a good treatment option.

2. Assess your Risk Factors

Studies have shown that Native Americans and Mexican Americans have
a higher risk of developing gallbladder problems. Other factors that
increase the chances of the condition include diabetes, being over 40
years of age, estrogen medication, and pregnancy.

3. Check for Pain

Pain in the right side of the abdomen that lasts more than half an hour and travels to your back can be a sign of gallbladder disease.
It is important to note how long the episodes of pain last and how many times they occur so that you can tell your doctor.

4. Evaluate Gallbladder Symptoms

Common symptoms associated with gallbladder problems include nausea, vomiting, gas, diarrhea, chills, and fever. A series of tests
may be ordered by your doctor if the symptoms are persistent.

5. Ask About Tests

Tests that are helpful in determining whether gallbladder surgery is required include CT scan, MRI, x-rays, HIDA (used to evaluate
the gallbladder’s function) test, blood work, ultrasound, and ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography). A positi ve
result for any one of these tests is a strong indicator that surgical removal of the gallbladder is necessary.

For some people, medication is sufficient to manage the disease, but for others surgery is the best option. Visit Bay Surgical
Specialists at for more information about gallbladder surgery.

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Description: Although the gallbladder has a function in the body, it is not a vital organ. People with gallstones, gallbladder disease, and other health issues related to the organ can have it surgically removed and lead a normal life. In order to determine if surgery is the best treatment option for you it is essential that you first get an accurate diagnosis. Visit: