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Nov. 2, 2001, 12:00 PST -- On Oct. 31 the French daily Le Figaro dropped a bombshell. While in a Dubai
hospital receiving treatment for a chronic kidney infection last July, Osama bin Laden met with a top CIA
official -- presumably the chief of station. The meeting, held in bin Laden's private suite, took place at
the American hospital in Dubai at a time when he was a wanted fugitive for the bombings of two U.S.
embassies and last year's attack on the USS Cole. Bin Laden was eligible for execution according to a
2000 intelligence finding issued by President Bill Clinton before leaving office in January. Yet on July 14,
2001 he was allowed to leave Dubai on a private jet, and there were no Navy fighters waiting to force
him down.

In 1985 Oliver North -- the only member of the Reagan-Bush years who doesn't appear to have a hand in
the current war -- sent the Navy and commandos after terrorists on the cruise ship Achille Lauro. In his
1991 autobiography "Under Fire," while describing terrorist Abu Abbas North wrote, "I used to wonder:
how many dead Americans will it take before we do something?" One could look at the number of
Americans Osama bin Laden is alleged to have killed before Sept. 11 and ask the same question.

It gets worse, much worse. A more complete timeline listing crucial events both before and after the
Sept. 11 suicide attacks, which have been blamed on bin Laden, establishes CIA foreknowledge of them
and strongly suggests that there was criminal complicity on the part of the U.S. government in their
execution. It also makes clear that the events that have taken place since Sept. 11 are based upon an
agenda that has little to do with the attacks.

[June 19, 2002] -- As the revelations of Bush Administration foreknowledge have progressed from
silence, to trickle, to cascade, the question has now changed from forcing the evidence into the open
into one of forcing both the media and the people to avoid denying this information in the hopes that
their desire for a sense of "normalcy" can be fulfilled. As many of us have known for years, normalcy
went out the window forever when the first plane hit the tower. And what has been revealed will not be
resolved with an expensive fact-finding commission, a few firing, or even an impeachment proceeding.
What is needed in America -- and in the global economic system -- is an overhaul, not a tune up.

1. 1991-1997 - Major U.S. oil companies including ExxonMobil, Texaco, Unocal, BP Amoco, Shell and
Enron directly invest billions in cash bribing heads of state in Kazakhstan to secure equity rights in the
huge oil reserves in these regions. The oil companies further commit to future direct investments in
Kazakhstan of $35 billion. Not being willing to pay exorbitant prices to Russia to use Russian pipelines,
the major oil companies have no way to recoup their investments. [Source: "The Price of Oil" by
Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker, July 9, 2001 - The Asia Times, "The Roving Eye Part I Jan. 26, 2002.]
2. January 1995 - Philippine police investigating a possible attack on the Pope uncover plans for
Operation Bojinka, connected to World Trade Center (WTC) bomber Ramsi Youssef. Parts of the plan call
for crashing hijacked airliners into civilian targets. Details of the plan are disclosed in Youssef's 1997 trial
for the 1993 WTC bombing. [Source: Agence France-Presse, Dec. 7, 2001]

3. Dec. 4, 1997 - Representatives of the Taliban are invited guests to the Texas headquarters of Unocal
to negotiate their support for the pipeline. Subsequent reports will indicate that the negotiations failed,
allegedly because the Taliban wanted too much money. [Source: The BBC, Dec. 4, 1997]

4. Feb. 12, 1998 - Unocal Vice President John J. Maresca -- later to become a special ambassador to
Afghanistan -- testifies before the House that until a single, unified, friendly government is in place in
Afghanistan, the trans-Afghani pipeline needed to monetize the oil will not be built. [Source: Testimony
before the House International Relations Committee:]

5. August 1998 - After the U.S. cruise missile attacks on Al Qaeda targets in Afghanistan in retaliation for
the African embassy bombings, Unocal officially withdraws from participation in the CentGas trans-
Afghani gas pipeline project. [Various sources, Unocal]

6. 1998 - The CIA ignores warnings from Case Officer Robert Baer that Saudi Arabia was harboring an Al
Qaeda cell led by two known terrorists. A more detailed list of known terrorists is offered to Saudi
intelligence in August 2001 and refused. [Source: Financial Times Jan. 21, 2001; "See No Evil" by Robert
Baer (release date February 2002)]

7. April 1999 - Enron with a $3 billion investment to build an electrical generating plant at Dabhol, India
loses access to plentiful LNG supplies from Qatar to fuel the plant. Its only remaining option to make the
investment profitable is a trans-Afghani gas pipeline to be built by Unocal from Turkmenistan that would
terminate near the Indian border at the city of Multan. [Source: The Albion Monitor, Feb. 28, 2002]

8. July 4, 1999 - President Clinton signs Executive Order 13129, which freezes Taliban assets in the U.S.
and prohibits trade between the Afghan fundamentalist regime and U.S. entities. [Source: Federal
Register, Vol. 64, No. 129, July 7, 1999]

9. 1998 and 2000 - Former President George H.W. Bush travels to Saudi Arabia on behalf of the
privately owned Carlyle Group, the 11th largest defense contractor in the U.S. While there he meets
privately with the Saudi royal family and the bin Laden family. [Source: Wall Street Journal, Sept. 27,
2001. See also FTW, Vol. IV, No. 7 - "The Best Enemies Money Can Buy"]

10. March 2000 - An FBI agent, reportedly angry over a glitch in Carnivore that has somehow mixed
innocent non-targeted emails with those belonging to Al Qaeda, destroys all of the FBI's Denver-based
intercepts of bin Laden's colleagues in a terrorist investigation. [Source: The Washington Post, May 29,
11. 2000 (est.) - The FBI refuses to disclose the date of an internal memo stating that a Middle Eastern
nation had been trying to purchase a flight simulator. [Source: Los Angeles Times, May 30, 2002]

12. August 2000 -- Suspected Al Qaeda operatives wiretapped by Italian police made apparent
references to plans for major attacks involving airports, airplanes and the United States according to
transcripts obtained by the Los Angeles Times. The Times suggests that the information might not have
been passed to U.S. authorities (hard to believe), but it did report that Italian authorities would not
comment on the report. The Times also noted that "Italian and U.S. anti-terrorism experts cooperate
closely." [Source: The Los Angeles Times, May 29, 2002]

13. Oct. 24-26, 2000 - Pentagon officials carry out a "detailed" emergency drill based upon the crashing
of a hijacked airliner into the Pentagon. [Source: The Mirror, May 24, 2002]

14. January 2001 - The Bush Administration orders the FBI and intelligence agencies to "back off"
investigations involving the bin Laden family, including two of Osama bin Laden's relatives (Abdullah and
Omar) who were living in Falls Church, Va. -- right next to CIA headquarters. This followed previous
orders dating back to 1996 that frustrated efforts to investigate the bin Laden family. [Source: BBC
Newsnight, Correspondent Gregg Palast, Nov. 7, 2001]

15. Jan. 30, 2001 - Sept. 11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah was questioned in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A
number of UAE, Middle Eastern, European, and U.S. sources were cited in this CNN report, which said
the CIA requested Jarrah be interrogated because he had been in Afghanistan and was suspected to
have ties to terrorists. An unnamed CIA spokesman said the other sources' claims that the agency knew
anything about Jarrah before Sept. 11 were "flatly untrue." Jarrah's Jan. 30 detainment at the airport in
Dubai, UAE came six months after he took flying lessons in the U.S. Jarrah was released because "U.S.
officials were satisfied," said the report. [Source: CNN, Aug. 1, 2002]

16. Feb. 13, 2001 - UPI terrorism correspondent Richard Sale -- while covering a trial of bin Laden's Al
Qaeda followers -- reports that the National Security Agency has broken bin Laden's encrypted
communications. Even if this indicates that bin Laden changed systems in February, it does not mesh
with the fact that the government insists that the attacks had been planned for years.

17. May 2001 - Secretary of State Colin Powell gives $43 million in aid to the Taliban regime,
purportedly to assist hungry farmers who are starving since the destruction of their opium crop in
January on orders of the Taliban regime. [Source: Los Angeles Times, May 22, 2001]

18. May 2001 - Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, a career covert operative and former Navy
Seal, travels to India on a publicized tour, while CIA Director George Tenet makes a quiet visit to Pakistan
to meet with Pakistani leader Gen. Pervez Musharraf. Armitage has long and deep Pakistani intelligence
connections. It would be reasonable to assume that while in Islamabad, Tenet, in what was described as
"an unusually long meeting," also met with his Pakistani counterpart, Lt. Gen. Mahmud Ahmad, head of
the ISI. [Source: The Indian SAPRA news agency, May 22, 2001]
19. June 2001 - German intelligence, the BND, warns the CIA and Israel that Middle Eastern terrorists
are "planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American
and Israeli culture." [Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Sept. 14, 2001; See]

20. June 8, 2001 - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) publishes a story headlined, "Central Asia:
Charges Link Russian Military to Drug Trade." According to the article, figures for 1999 published in a
report by the United Nations Drug Control Program (UNDCP) revealed that 80 percent of the heroin
consumed in Western Europe originated in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The UNDCP report also revealed
half of the drugs in that 80 percent traveled through Central Asia. A study by the Carnegie Endowment
for International Peace published in March 2000 said Russian soldiers headquartered in Tajikistan were
suspected of helping drug traffickers by providing them with transportation facilities. This was
confirmed by a Russian intelligence officer who told the Moscow News weekly, "You can come to an
arrangement [with custom officials] so that the search of military transport planes remains purely
formal. The same goes for train convoys carrying military cargo [to Russia from Tajikistan]." [Source:]

21. July 2001 - FBI agents in Arizona write a memorandum warning about suspicious activities involving
a group of Middle Eastern men taking flight training lessons in Phoenix. The memorandum specifically
mentions Osama bin Laden and warns of connections to terrorist activities. [Source: The New York
Times, May 14, 2002]

22. summer 2001 - The National Security Council convenes a Dabhol working group as revealed in a
series of government e-mails obtained by the Washington Post and the New York Daily News. [Source:
The Albion Monitor, Feb. 28, 2002]

23. summer 2001 - According to a Sept. 26 story in Britain's The Guardian, correspondent David Leigh
reported that "U.S. department of defense official, Dr. Jeffrey Starr, visited Tajikistan in January. The
Guardian's Felicity Lawrence established that U.S. Rangers were also training special troops in
Kyrgyzstan. There were unconfirmed reports that Tajik and Uzbek special troops were training in Alaska
and Montana."

24. summer 2001 (est.) - Pakistani ISI Chief Gen. Ahmad (see above) orders an aide to wire transfer
$100,000 to Mohammed Atta who was, according to the FBI, the lead terrorist in the suicide hijackings.
Ahmad recently resigned after the transfer was disclosed in India and confirmed by the FBI. The
individual who makes the wire transfer at Ahmad's direction is Ahmad Umar Sheik, the lead suspect in
the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. [Source: The Times of India,
Oct.11, 2001.]

25. summer 2001 - The online newswire reports on Sept. 14 that an Iranian man phones U.S.
law enforcement to warn of an imminent attack on the WTC in the week of Sept. 9. German police
confirm the calls but state that the U.S. Secret Service would not reveal any further information.
[Source: ]

26. summer 2001 - Jordanian intelligence, the GID, makes a communications intercept deemed so
important that King Abdullah's men relay it to Washington, probably through the CIA station in Amman.
To make doubly sure the message got through it was passed through an Arab intermediary to a German
intelligence agent. The message: A major attack was planned inside the U.S., and aircraft would be used.
The code name of the operation was "The Big Wedding." "When it became clear that the information
was embarrassing to Bush Administration officials and congressmen who at first denied that there had
been any such warnings before Sept. 11, senior Jordanian officials backed away from their earlier
confirmations." This case was authenticated by ABC reporter John K. Cooley. [Source: International
Herald Tribune (IHT), May 21, 2002]

27. summer 2001 (est.) - The National Security Agency intercepts telephone conversations between bin
Laden aide Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Mohammed Atta and does not share the information with
any other agencies. [Source: Jonathan Landay, Knight Ridder Newspapers, June 6, 2002]

28. June 26, 2001 - The magazine states that "India and Iran will 'facilitate' U.S. and
Russian plans for 'limited military action' against the Taliban." The story indicates that the fighting will
be done by U.S. and Russian troops with the help of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. [Source:,
June 26, 2001]

29. summer 2001 - Russian intelligence notifies the CIA that 25 terrorist pilots have been specifically
training for missions involving hijacked airliners. This is reported in the Russian press and news stories
are translated for FTW by a retired CIA officer. (Note: The story currently on the Izvestia web site has
been edited to delete a key paragraph.) [Source: Izvestia, Sept. 12, 2001,]

30. July 4-14, 2001 - Osama bin Laden receives treatment for kidney disease at the American hospital in
Dubai and meets with a CIA official, who returns to CIA headquarters on July 15. [Source: Le Figaro, Oct.
31, 2001] Figaro_osama_dubai.html

31. July 15, 2001 - Members of the G8, meeting in Genoa, Italy, discuss the Taliban, pipelines, and the
handing over of Osama bin Laden. According to Pakistani representative Ambassador Naiz Naik, the U.S.
delegation, led by former Clinton Ambassador to Pakistan Tom Simmons warned of a "military option" if
the Taliban did not change position. [Source: Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie, "Bin Laden: La
Verite Interdite," pp76-7. Thanks to Prof. Peter Dale Scott]

32. July 2001 - Immediately after the G8 Summit three American officials -- Tom Simmons (former U.S.
ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs) and
Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South Asia) -- meet with Pakistani and Russian
intelligence officers in Berlin and tell them that the U.S. is planning military strikes against Afghanistan in
October. A French book released in November, "Bin Laden - La Verite Interdite," discloses that Taliban
representatives often sat in on the meetings. British papers confirm that the Pakistani ISI relayed the
threats to the Taliban. [Source: The Guardian, Sept. 22, 2001; the BBC, Sept. 18, 2001; The Inter Press
Service, Nov. 16, 2001; Alexander's Gas and Oil Connections, Feb. 21, 2002]

33. July 2001 - The G8 summit at Genoa, Italy is surrounded by anti-aircraft guns, and local airspace is
closed off after Italian and Egyptian officials (including President Hosni Mubarak) warn American
intelligence that airliners stuffed with explosives might be used to attack President Bush. U.S. officials
state that the warnings were "unsubstantiated." (But I wonder if they would have taken away the anti-
aircraft artillery?) [Source: Los Angeles Times, Sept. 27, 2001]

34. July 26, 2001 - CBS News reports that John Ashcroft has stopped flying commercial airlines due a
threat assessment. Ashcroft told the press that he didn't know anything about what had caused it.

35. Aug. 2, 2001 - U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, Christine Rocca (a former CIA officer), meets in
Islamabad with a Taliban ambassador and demands the extradition of bin Laden. This was the last
known meeting on the subject. [Source: Brisard and Dasquie, p 79. Thanks to Prof. Peter Dale Scott]

36. August 2001 - The FBI arrests an Islamic militant linked to bin Laden in Boston. French intelligence
sources confirm that the man is a key member of bin Laden's network and the FBI learns that he has
been taking flying lessons. At the time of his arrest the man is in possession of technical information on
Boeing aircraft and flight manuals. [Source: Reuters, Sept. 13, 2001]

37. Aug. 11 or 12, 2001 ‚ U.S. Navy Lt. Delmart "Mike" Vreeland, jailed in Toronto on U.S. fraud charges
and claiming to be an officer with U.S. naval intelligence, writes details of the pending WTC attacks and
seals them in an envelope, which he gives to Canadian authorities. [Source: The Toronto Star, Oct. 23,
2001; Toronto Superior Court Records]

38. August 2001 - As reported in the IHT both a French magazine (name not given) and a Moroccan
newspaper simultaneously report that a Moroccan agent named Hassan Dabou had penetrated Al
Qaeda to the point of getting close to bin Laden, who was "very disappointed" that the 1993 bombing
had not toppled the WTC. Dabou was called to the U.S. after reporting this, which curtailed his ability to
stay in touch with the organization and gather additional intelligence that might have prevented the
attacks. Though not proved beyond a doubt, these stories have been met with a wall of silence. [The
IHT, May 21, 2002]

39. August 2001 - Russian President Vladimir Putin orders Russian intelligence to warn the U.S.
government "in the strongest possible terms" of imminent attacks on airports and government
buildings. [Source: MSNBC interview with Putin, Sept. 15, 2001]

40. August 2001 - President Bush receives classified intelligence briefings at his Crawford, Texas ranch
indicating that Osama bin Laden might be planning to hijack commercial airliners. [CBS News; CNN, May
15, 2002]
41. late-August 2001 - Prince Turki, the pro-U.S. head of Saudi intelligence (also known to be close to
bin Laden), is replaced by his more neutral half-brother, Prince Nawwaf who is an ally of Crown Prince
Abdullah. [Source: Saudi Arabian Information Resource, Aug. 31, 2001; -
Thanks to Prof. Peter Dale Scott]

42. August/September 2001 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average drops nearly 900 points in the three
weeks prior to the attack. A major stock market crash is imminent.

43. August/September 2001 - According to a detailed 13-page memo written by Minneapolis FBI legal
officer Colleen Rowley, FBI headquarters ignores urgent, direct warnings from French intelligence
services about pending attacks. In addition, a single Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) in Washington
expends extra effort to thwart the field office's investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui, in one case
rewriting Rowley's affidavit for a search warrant to search Moussaoui's laptop. Rowley's memo uses
terms like "deliberately sabotage," "block," "integrity," "omitted," "downplayed," "glossed over," "mis-
characterize," "improper political reasons, "deliberately thwarting," "deliberately further undercut,"
"suppressed," and "not completely honest." These are not terms describing negligent acts but rather,
deliberate acts. FBI field agents desperately attempt to get action, but to no avail. One agent speculates
that bin Laden might be planning to crash airliners into the WTC, while Rowley ironically noted that the
SSA who had committed these deliberate actions had actually been promoted after Sept. 11. [Source:
Associated Press, May 21, 2002]

44. Sept. 3-10, 2001 - MSNBC reports on Sept. 16 that a caller to a Cayman Islands radio talk show gave
several warnings of an imminent attack on the U.S. by bin Laden in the week prior to 9-11.

45. early-September 2001 - An FBI internal document, based upon field notes from Minnesota field
agents discloses that the agents had been investigating and had questioned the "20th hijacker," Zacarias
Moussaoui. The field notes speculate that Moussaoui, who had been taking flight lessons, might crash
an airliner into the WTC. Interestingly, the field agents' requests to obtain a search warrant for his
personal computer were denied. French intelligence confirms to the FBI that Moussaoui has ties to
terrorist groups and may have traveled to Afghanistan. The agents also had no knowledge of the
Phoenix memo (See Item #18). One news story states that agents were in "a frenzy," absolutely
convinced that he was "going to do something with a plane." [Source: Newsweek, May 20, 2002 issue,
story by Michael Isikoff].

46. Sept. 1-10 2001 - In an exercise, called Operation "Swift Sword" and planned for four years, 23,000
British troops are steaming toward Oman. Although the 9-11 attacks caused a hiccup in the deployment,
the massive operation was implemented as planned. At the same time two U.S. carrier battle groups
arrive on station in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast. Also at the same time, some 17,000
U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt for Operation "Bright Star." All of these forces
are in place before the first plane hits the WTC. [Sources: The Guardian; CNN; Fox; The Observer;
International Law Professor Francis Boyle, the University of Illinois.]

47. Sept. 4-5, 2001 - A freshman at Brooklyn's New Utrecht High School who had recently emigrated
from Pakistan reportedly predicts the destruction of the World Trade Center a week prior to the 9-11
attacks, according to the JournalNews newspaper in White Plains, N.Y. Citing "three police sources and a
city official familiar with the investigation" as well as confirmation from the FBI that the bureau had
received this information, the paper reported that in the midst of a heated class discussion the student
pointed to the World Trade Center from a third story window and said, "Do you see those two
buildings? They won't be standing there next week." New York City Board of Education spokeswoman
Catie Marshall confirmed for the JournalNews "that school officials reported the matter to police within
minutes of the Sept. 11 attack" and students told the paper that "FBI agents and NYPD detectives
descended on the school on Sept. 13 to interrogate the student [who made the prediction] and others in
his class," which was "an English class for Arab-American students." [Source: The JournalNews, Oct. 11,

48. Sept. 5, 2001 - "Five hundred websites -- many of them with an Arab or Muslim connection -- crash
when an anti-terrorism taskforce raids InfoCom Corp. in Texas," reported Britain's the Guardian on Sept.
10, 2001. A taskforce of approximately 80 federal agents and officials from the FBI, Secret Service, INS,
Customs, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, IRS, and Commerce Department occupied InfoCom's office
building in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, Texas for four days, "copying every hard disc they could
find." InfoCom hosts many websites for Middle Eastern clients and is located across the street from the
Holy Land Foundation, a charitable organization which has been alleged to have connections with
terrorist groups. InfoCom's vice president of marketing, Ghassan Elashi, is also the chairman of the Holy
Land Foundation. [Source: The Guardian, Sept. 10, 2001,,7792,549590,00.html]

49. Sept. 7, 2001 - Florida Governor Jeb Bush signs a two-year emergency executive order (01-261)
making new provisions for the Florida National Guard to assist law enforcement and emergency-
management personnel in the event of large civil disturbances, disaster or acts of terrorism. [Source:
State of Florida website listing of Governor's executive orders]

50. Sept. 6-7, 2001 - Put options (a speculation that the stock will go down) totaling 4,744 are
purchased on United Air Lines stock, as opposed to only 396 call options (speculation that the stock will
go up). This is a dramatic and abnormal increase in sales of put options. Many of the United puts are
purchased through Deutschebank/A.B. Brown, a firm managed until 1998 by the current executive
director of the CIA, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. [Source: The Herzliyya International Policy Institute for
Counterterrorism (ICT),, Sept. 21, 2001 (Note:The ICT article on possible terrorist
insider trading appeared eight days *after* the 9/11 attacks.); The New York Times; The Wall Street
Journal; The San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 29, 2001]

51. Sept. 10, 2001 - Put options totaling 4,516 are purchased on American Airlines as compared to 748
call options. [Source: Herzliyya Institute - above]

52. Sept. 6-11, 2001 - No other airlines show any similar trading patterns to those experienced by
United and American. The put option purchases on both airlines were 600 percent above normal. This at
a time when Reuters (Sept. 10) issues a business report stating, "Airline stocks may be poised to take
53. Sept. 6-10, 2001 - Highly abnormal levels of put options are purchased in Merrill Lynch, Morgan
Stanley, AXA Re(insurance) which owns 25 percent of American Airlines, and Munich Re. All of these
companies are directly impacted by the Sept. 11 attacks. [Source: ICT, above;

FTW, Oct. 18, 2001,]

54. 2001-2002 - It has been documented that the CIA, the Israeli Mossad, and many other intelligence
agencies monitor stock trading in real time using highly advanced programs reported to be descended
from Promis software. This is to alert national intelligence services of just such kinds of attacks. Promis
was reported as recently as June 2001 to be in Osama bin Laden's possession and, as a result of recent
stories by Fox, both the FBI and the Justice Department have confirmed its use for U.S. intelligence
gathering through at least summer 2002. This would confirm that CIA had additional advance warning of
imminent attacks. [Sources: The Washington Times, June 15, 2001; Fox, Oct. 16, 2001;

FTW, Oct. 26, 2001, -

FTW, Vol. IV, No. 6, Sept. 18, 2001 -;

FTW, Vol. III, No. 7, Sept. 30, 2000 -]

55. Sept. 9, 2001 - President George W. Bush is presented with detailed war plans to overthrow Al
Qaeda, according to U.S. and foreign sources speaking to NBC News. [Source: MSNBC, May 16, 2002.
Thanks to Prof. Peter Dale Scott]

56. Sept. 10, 2001 - This item has been removed solely at the request of the party previously named in
this entry. Recent court proceedings – which occurred after the news story we had cited - have indicated
that there was no connection between the story listed here, the person named therein and the attacks
of 9-11-01. At the request of the previously named party, FTW has replaced the $1,000 reward with a
$1,000 donation to The Childrens Defense Fund on behalf of the named party and the issue is now
amicably resolved without any hard feelings between that party and FTW.

57. Sept. 10, 2001 - According to Newsweek, a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly cancelled travel
plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns. [Source: Newsweek, Sept. 24,

58. Sept. 10, 2001 - The Houston Chronicle reports the FBI was notified of a fifth grader from a Dallas
suburb who told his teacher, "Tomorrow, World War III will begin. It will begin in the United States, and
the United States will lose." The Chronicle was unclear on specifically when Garland, Texas school
district officials told the FBI about the incident, but it was some time between Sept. 13, 2001 and the
story's publication date of Sept. 19, 2001. [Source: Houston Chronicle, Sept. 19, 2001]

59. Sept. 10, 2001 - San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown receives a call from what he described as "his
security people at the airport" eight hours before the terrorist attacks "advising him that Americans
should be cautious about their air travel," as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. Brown was
scheduled to fly to New York from San Francisco International Airport. He told the Chronicle the call
"didn't come in any alarming fashion, which is why I'm hesitant to make any alarming statement."
[Source: San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 12, 2001,]

60. Sept. 11, 2001 - The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the federal agency that runs many of
the nation's spy satellites, schedules an exercise involving a plane crashing into one of the agency's
buildings. "On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001," according to a website advertising a homeland security
conference in Chicago run by the National Law Enforcement and Security Institute, CIA official John
Fulton and his team "were running a pre-planned simulation to explore the emergency response issues
that would be created if a plane were to strike a building. Little did they know that the scenario would
come true in a dramatic way." Fulton is the head of the NRO's strategic gaming division. [Source:
National Law Enforcement and Security Institute,,

61. Sept. 11, 2001 - After the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon occur, National Public
Radio's congressional correspondent David Welna reports, "I spoke with congressman Ike Skelton, a
Democrat from Missouri and a member of the Armed Services Committee, who said that just recently
the director of the CIA warned that there could be an attack -- an imminent attack - on the United States
of this nature. So this is not entirely unexpected." [Source:]

62. Sept. 11, 2001 - United Air Lines flight 23, scheduled to fly from New York City to Los Angeles was
delayed after four Muslim passengers began demanding that the plane take off immediately. This
happened apparently after the first plane had hit the WTC. The passengers were thrown off the flight.
[Source: The Globe and Mail, June 13, 2002]

63. Sept. 11, 2001 - Gen. Mahmud of the ISI (see #16), friend of Mohammed Atta, is visiting Washington
on behalf of the Taliban. He is meeting with the Chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence
Committees, Rep. Porter Goss, R-Fla., and Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., [Source: MSNBC, Oct. 7, 2001; The
New York Times, Feb. 17, 2002]

64. Sept. 11, 2001 - Employees of Odigo, Inc. in Israel, one of the world's largest instant messaging
companies with offices in New York, receive threat warnings of an imminent attack on the WTC less than
two hours before the first plane hits. Law enforcement authorities have gone silent about any
investigation of this. The Odigo research and development offices in Israel are located in the city of
Herzliyya, a ritzy suburb of Tel Aviv that is the same location as the Institute for Counter Terrorism,
which eight days later reports details of insider trading on 9-11. [Source: CNN's Daniel Sieberg, Sept. 28,
2001; MSNBC Newsbytes, Brian McWilliams, Sept. 27, 2001; Ha'aretz, Sept. 26, 2001]

65. Sept. 11, 2001 - For 50 minutes, from 8:15 AM until 9:05 AM, with it widely known within the FAA
and the military that four planes have been simultaneously hijacked and taken off course, no one
notifies the President of the United States. It is not until 9:30 that any Air Force planes are scrambled to
intercept, but by then it is too late. This means that the National Command Authority waited for 75
minutes before scrambling aircraft, even though it was known that four simultaneous hijackings had
occurred. [Source: CNN; ABC; MSNBC; Los Angeles Times; The New York Times;]

66. Sept. 11-12, 2001 - Nearly a month before the first reported outbreak, White House officials start
taking the powerful antibiotic Cipro to treat anthrax. By the end of the year it will be known that the
Ames strain of anthrax used in the attacks against Sens. Leahy and Daschle was produced by CIA
programs coordinated through Fort Detrick, the Batelle Memorial Institute and the Dugway Proving
Ground. [Source: NBC; CNN;,]

67. Sept. 13, 2001 - China is admitted to the World Trade Organization quickly, after years of
unsuccessful attempts. [Source: The New York Times, Sept. 30, 2001]

68. Sept. 14, 2001 - Canadian jailers open the sealed envelope from Mike Vreeland in Toronto and see
that is describes attacks against the WTC and Pentagon. The U.S. Navy subsequently states that
Vreeland was discharged as a seaman in 1986 for unsatisfactory performance and has never worked in
intelligence. [Source: The Toronto Star, Oct. 23, 2001; Toronto Superior Court records]

69. Sept. 15, 2001 - The New York Times reports that Mayo Shattuck III has resigned, effective
immediately, as head of the Alex Brown (A.B.) unit of Deutschebank.

70. Sept. 29, 2001 - The San Francisco Chronicle reports that $2.5 million in put options on American
and United airlines are unclaimed. This is likely the result of the suspension in trading on the New York
Stock Exchange after the attacks, which gave the Securities and Exchange Commission time to be
waiting when the owners showed up to redeem their put options.

71. Oct. 10, 2001 - The Pakistani newspaper The Frontier Post reports that U.S. Ambassador Wendy
Chamberlain has paid a call on the Pakistani oil minister. A previously abandoned Unocal gas pipeline
project from Turkmenistan, across Afghanistan, to Pakistan is now back on the table "in view of recent
geopolitical developments."

72. Oct. 11, 2001 - The Ashcroft Justice Department takes over all terrorist prosecutions from the U.S.
Attorneys office in New York, which has had a highly successful track record in prosecuting terrorist
cases connected to Osama bin Laden. [Source: The New York Times, Oct. 11, 2001]

73. mid-October 2001 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average, after having suffered a precipitous drop has
recovered most of its pre-attack losses. Although still weak and vulnerable to negative earnings reports,
a crash has been averted by a massive infusion of government spending on defense programs, subsidies
for "affected" industries and planned tax cuts for corporations.

74. Oct. 29, 2001 - The Bush Administration drafts "an executive order that would usher in a new era of
secrecy for presidential records and allow an incumbent president to withhold a former president's
papers even if the former president wanted to make them public," wrote the Washington Post. The
order also required members of the public to prove "at least a demonstrated, specific need'" for a
president's papers to be released. Critics contend this would overturn the 1978 Presidential Records Act,
which releases documents after 12 years. The White House maintained that a Supreme Court decision in
1977 allows presidents various privileges for their records. [Source: Washington Post, Nov. 1, 2001,]

75. Nov. 21, 2001 - The British paper The Independent runs a story headlined, "Opium Farmers Rejoice
at the Defeat of the Taliban." The story reports that massive opium planting is underway all over the

76. Nov. 25, 2001 - The Observer runs a story headlined "Victorious Warlords Set To Open the Opium
Floodgates." It states that farmers are being encouraged by warlords allied with the victorious
Americans are "being encouraged to plant as much opium as possible."

77. Dec. 4, 2001 - Convicted drug lord and opium kingpin Ayub Afridi is recruited by the U.S.
government to help establish control in Afghanistan by unifying various Pashtun warlords. The former
opium smuggler who was one of the CIA's leading assets in the war against the Russians is released from
prison in order to do this. [Source: The Asia Times Online, Dec. 4, 2001]

78. Dec. 25, 2001 - Newly appointed Afghani Prime Minister Hamid Karzai is revealed as being a former
paid consultant for Unocal. [Source: Le Monde]

79. Jan. 3, 2002 - President Bush appoints Zalmy Khalilzad as a special envoy to Afghanistan. Khalilzad, a
former employee of Unocal, also wrote op-eds in the Washington Post in 1997 supporting the Taliban
regime. [Source: Pravda, Jan. 9, 2002]

80. Jan. 4, 2002 - Florida drug trafficking explodes after 9-11. In a surge of trafficking reminiscent of the
1980s the diversion of resources away from drug enforcement has opened the floodgates for a new
surge of cocaine and heroin from South America. [The Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 4, 2002]

81. Jan. 10, 2002 - In a call from a speaker phone in open court, attorneys for Mike Vreeland call the
Pentagon's switchboard operator, who confirms that Vreeland is indeed a naval lieutenant on active
duty. She provides an office number and a direct dial phone extension to his office in the Pentagon.
[Source: Attorney Rocco Galati; Toronto Superior Court records]

82. Jan. 10, 2002 - Attorney General John Ashcroft recuses himself from the Enron investigation
because Enron had been a major campaign donor in his 2000 Senate race. He fails to recuse himself
from involvement in two sitting federal grand juries investigating bribery and corruption charges against
ExxonMobil and BP Amoco, which have massive oil interests in Central Asia. Both were major Ashcroft
donors in 2000. [Source: CNN, Jan. 10, 2002; FTW, "The Elephant in the Living Room, Part I," April 4,

83. Jan. 23, 2002 - Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is kidnapped in Pakistan. Pearl is reported
dead on Feb. 21. Lead suspect Ahmad Umar Sheik, former colleague of Gen. Ahmad, is arrested on Feb.
12 and named as the lead suspect in the kidnapping and murder. Legal sources close to the Pakistani
government tell FTW that Pearl was investigating the ISI. [Source:]

84. Feb. 9, 2002 - Pakistani leader Gen. Musharraf and Afghan leader Hamid Karzai announce their
agreement to "cooperate in all spheres of activity," including the proposed Central Asian pipeline.
Pakistan will give $10 million to Afghanistan to help pay Afghan government workers. [Source: The Irish
Times, Feb. 9, 2002]

85. Feb. 18, 2002 - The Financial Times reports that the estimated opium harvest in Afghanistan in the
late-spring 2002 will reach a world record 4,500 metric tons.

86. mid-April, 2002 - World Bank chief James Wolfensohn, at the opening of the World Bank's offices in
Kabul, states he has held talks about financing the Trans-Afghanistan gas pipeline. He confirms $100
million in new grants for the interim Afghani government. Wolfensohn also states that a number of
companies have already expressed interest in the project. [Source: Alexander's Gas and oil Connections,
citing an Agence France-Presse story]

87. May 13, 2002 - The BBC reports that Afghanistan is about to close a deal for construction of the $2
billion gas pipeline to run from Turkmenistan to Pakistan and India. The story states, "work on the
project will start after an agreement is expected to be struck" at a summit scheduled for the end of the
month. Unocal will build the pipeline. [Source: BBC, May 13, 2002]

88. May 2002 - A number of sources report progress on both oil and gas pipelines. Regional sources
state that Unocal will re-emerge as a pipeline contender after withdrawing from the CentGas pipeline
project in 1998. Unocal denies plans to revive the gas pipeline but curiously neglects to mention
whether or not it has any interest in the oil pipeline, which local sources say is moving ahead. [Source:
The Dawn Group of Newspapers, May 7, May 17, May 22, 2002]

89. May 30, 2002 - Afghanistan's interim leader, Hamid Karzai, Turkmenistan's President Niyazov, and
Pakistani President Musharraf meet in Islamabad to sign a memorandum of understanding on the trans-
Afghanistan gas pipeline project. The three leaders will meet for more talks on the project in October.
The Turkmen-Afghan-Pakistani gas pipeline accord has been published and can be viewed at the
following website: [Source: NewsBase, June 5,

90. May 16, 2002 - White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer states unequivocally that while President
Bush had been warned of possible hijackings, "The president did not -- not -- receive information about
the use of airplanes as missiles by suicide bombers." [Source: CBS News, May 15, 2002]

91. May 19, 2002 - Former FBI Agent Tyrone Powers, now a professor at Anne Arundel Community
College states on radio station KISS 98.7 that he has credible evidence suggesting that the Bush
Administration did in fact allow the Sept. 11 attacks to further a hidden agenda. [Source: - May 20, 2002]
92. May 31, 2002 - FBI Agent Robert Wright delivers a tearful press conference at the National Press
Club describing his lawsuit against the FBI for deliberately curtailing investigations that might have
prevented the 9-11 attacks. He uses words like "prevented," "thwarted," "obstructed," "threatened,"
"intimidated," and "retaliation" to describe the actions of his superiors in blocking his attempts to shut
off money flows to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. These are not words of negligence. They are
words describing deliberate and malicious actions. [Source: C-SPAN website]

93. June 4, 2002 - Air Force Lt. Col. Steve Butler, who had called President Bush a joke and accused him
of allowing the Sept. 11 attacks to happen, is suspended from his post at the Defense Language School
in Monterey, Calif. and could face a court martial. [Source: Associated Press, June 4, 2002]

94. June 14, 2002 - Common Dreams website publishes an account from a former member of the
1/118th Infantry Battalion of the South Carolina National Guard: "My unit reported for drill in July 2001
and we were suddenly and unexpectedly informed that all activities planned for the next two months
would be suspended in order to prepare for a mobilization exercise to be held on Sept. 14, 2001. We
worked diligently for two weekends and even came in on an unscheduled day in August to prepare for
the exercise. By the end of August all we needed was a phone call, which we were to expect, and we
could hop into a fully prepared convoy with our bags and equipment packed." [Source: Common

95. June 17, 2002 - Reuters reports that Butler's case has been resolved without the necessity of a court
martial. (I guess so. There's enough material here to prove him right. -- MCR) [Reuters, June 17, 2002]

96. July 2, 2002 - Motions from Zacarias Moussaoui are unsealed in federal court, indicating that
Moussaoui wants to testify before both a grand jury and Congress about the Sept. 11 attacks.
Moussaoui claims to have information showing that the U.S. government wanted the attacks to happen.
[Source: The Washington Post, July 3, 2002]

97. July 3, 2002 - The first-ever shipment of Russian oil, 200,000 metric tons, arrives in Houston.
[Source: The Moscow Times, July 6, 2002].

98. July 6, 2002 - Afghan Vice President Hajji Abdul Qadir is assassinated by Afghan warlords. The New
York Times reports that Qadir may have been assassinated by opium warlords upset by Qadir's efforts to
reduce the rampant opium farming and processing that has taken place since the U.S. occupation. Qadir
had been overseeing a Western-backed eradication program, according to the Times. However, the
opium warlords of the region are same ones sponsored, protected, and in some cases released from
prison by the CIA and who have been protected by President Bush's special envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad. It is
reported that the raw opium is being refined near U.S. bases at Kandahar. [Sources: The New York
Times, July 8, 2002; Far Eastern Economic Review, April 18, 2002]

99. July 26, 2002 - White House security prevented the legal watch-group Judicial Watch from serving
Vice President Cheney with a lawsuit filed on behalf of Halliburton shareholders. Before becoming vice
president Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, which has filed for bankruptcy. [Source: Cybercast News
100. Aug. 2, 2002 - The FBI asked members of the House and Senate intelligence committees to take lie-
detector tests as investigators try to determine who leaked information to CNN about communications
in Arabic that made vague references to an impending attack on the United States. The communications
were intercepted by the National Security Agency on Sept. 10 but weren't translated until Sept. 12.
[Source: Associated Press story published in the Boston Globe, Aug. 2, 2002,]

101. Aug. 5, 2002 - The Associated Press reported Russia's major role over the last five years in the
trafficking of Afghan heroin into Europe. [Source: Santa Fe New Mexican, Aug. 5, 2002,]

102. Aug. 16, 2002 - A Knight Ridder story discloses that members of Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld's staff have created a special planning unit for an invasion of Iraq. The unit is composed
primarily of civilians and was spearheaded by conservative members of Rumsfeld's staff, such as Deputy
Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. The story was headlined, "White House Methodically Preparing for
Iraq Campaign." [Source: Knight Ridder Newspapers,

103. Aug. 28, 2002 - The Globe and Mail of Canada reports Afghanistan will become the world's top
producer of opium this year, surpassing Southeast Asia. [Source: the Globe and Mail, Aug. 28, 2002]

Now, let's go back to the Oct. 31 story by Le Figaro -- the one that has Osama bin Laden meeting with a
CIA officer in Dubai in July 2001.

The story says, "Throughout his stay in the hospital, Osama Bin Laden received visits from many family
members [There goes the story that he's a black sheep! --MCR] and Saudi Arabian Emirate personalities
of status. During this time the local representative of the CIA was seen by many people taking the
elevator and going to bin Laden's room.

"Several days later the CIA officer bragged to his friends about having visited the Saudi millionaire. From
authoritative sources, this CIA agent visited CIA headquarters on July 15, the day after bin Laden's
departure for Quetta.

"According to various Arab diplomatic sources and French intelligence itself, precise information was
communicated to the CIA concerning terrorist attacks aimed at American interests in the world,
including its own territory.

"Extremely bothered, they [American intelligence officers in a meeting with French intelligence officers]
requested from their French peers exact details about the Algerian activists [connected to bin Laden
through Dubai banking institutions], without explaining the exact nature of their inquiry. When asked
the question, What do you fear in the coming days?' the Americans responded with incomprehensible
"On further investigation, the FBI discovered certain plans that had been put together between the CIA
and its 'Islamic friends' over the years. The meeting in Dubai is, so it would seem, consistent with 'a
certain American policy.'"

Even though Le Figaro reported that it had confirmed with hospital staff that bin Laden had been there
as reported, stories printed on Nov. 1 contained quotes from hospital staff that these reports were
untrue. On Nov. 1, as reported by the Ananova press agency, the CIA flatly denied that any meeting
between any CIA personnel and Osama bin Laden at any time.

Who do you believe?



America's Secret Warriors

BORGER and JOHN J. LINDSAY in Washington, ROBERT RIVARD in san Salvador and bureau reports


LENGTH: 3835 words

HIGHLIGHT: Under William Casey, the CIA is back in business with a new set of missions.
In a string of Turkish citi s and towns agents of the Central Intelligence Agency have arranged covert
support for Iranian exile groups seeking the overthrow of Ayatollah Khomeini. Two thousand miles
away, in the Pakistani cities of Peshawar and Islamabad, other undercover operatives are coordinating
the flow of money and materiel vital to rebel tribesmen battling Soviet invasion troops across the border
in Afghanistan. The agency also supplies secret aid to friendly forces in Chad, Ethiopia, Angola and the
Sudan -- and has launched the massive campaign of espionage, air strikes, propaganda and other
support for a now notorious "secret war" against the leftist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. Clearly, the
cloaks and daggers have come out of cold storage at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. For better or
worse, the Company is back in the business of covert action -- with a global scope and an intensity of
resources unmatched since its heyday 20 years ago.

Under the most unlikely director of central intelligence in the agency's history -- a mumbling, often
maddening tax lawyer and businessman named William J. Casey (page 40) -- the CIA has found its ranks
expanded, redirected and re-energized for covert confrontation with hostile forces around the world.
Casey also has streamlined basic analysis and reporting functions, helped swaddle the agency in a
cocoon of controversial new secrecy orders and moved it forcefully into two areas of stepped-up
national concern: the fight to keep tons of deadly drugs from coming into the United States each year
and the battle to keep scores of critical high-tech advances from being pirated out. Casey's ability to get
things done stems in large part from his close and frequent contact with the president (at least two
meetings each week, plus frequent phone conversations) and with fellow members of the cabinet
(Casey is the first DCI with cabinet rank).

'Mushroooms': Still, the increase in covert action has raised old questions about the wisdom, propriety
and effectiveness of American intelligence activities. Critics on and off Capitol Hill say Casey shows an
old cold warrior's insensitivity to the potential embarrassment and diplomatic danger that secret
missions always pose -- and a high-handed disregard for the role of congressional oversight in this most
sensitive area. "We are like mushrooms," says California's Democratic Rep. Norman Mineta of the
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. "They keep us in the dark and feed us a lot of manure."

The most dramatic showdown so far came this past summer when the House Intelligence Committee
voted to cut off all funds for further covert support of the anti-Sandinist contra rebels in Nicaragua -- a
largely symbolic act, since the Senate never concurred. The national debate will flare again in the next
few weeks as Congress begins to consider the nation's 1984 intelligence budget, which is reported to
have grown at a rate of 17 percent annually for the past three years, faster even than Pentagon
spending, to regain the level it held before big cutbacks began back in 1973. The prospects for making
any substantial cuts in the face of new Soviet aggressiveness -- both the shootdown of a Korean Air Lines
jetliner and Moscow's hostile rejection of the latest U.S. arms-control proposals (page 26) -- "are not
promising," concedes committee chairman Edward Boland of Massachusetts. Dubious, too, are
prospects for a proposal by Georgia's Democratic Rep. Wyche Fowler Jr. to require advance
congressional approval of all major covert operations. "Many in Congress don't want to have that
authority," says Arizona Rep. Bob Stump, a Republican member of Boland's committee, which might
have to share the blame for a mission gone awry.

A return to covert action was forecast in the 1980 platform of the Republican Party. 'We will provide our
goverment with the capability to help influence international events vital to our national security
interests, a capability which only the United States among major powers has denied itself," it
proclaimed, in pointed reference to the decimation of CIA undercover ranks under President Jimmy
Carter and CIA Director Stansfield Turner (operatives were pared down to perhaps 300 from a high point
of thousands in the early 1960s).

The contrast with the Carter years could not be more clear. In that period, the House Intelligence
Committee was informed of two or three major covert operations, or "findings," each year
(congressional watchdogs classify as "major" any covert operation costing between $5 million and $7
million -- or one that is designed to undermine a foreign government). The total under Casey is already
12 to 14, seven or eight of them considered major, although administration policy now encourages use
of the term "special activities" instead of "covert action." The number of covert operatives has risen to
more than 1,000, many of them retired or cashiered agency veterans who have been hired back on a
contract basis because so few experienced operators remain at the agency.

So eager was Casey to get the covert build-up under way, well-placed sources report, that within weeks
of taking office the administration had approved plans developed under Carter for assisting anti-
Khomeini forces. Less than a month later there was an OK for early planning of operations in Libya and
Nicaragua (although insiders say the secret war was instigated largely by the then Secretary of State
Alexander Haig and Assistant Secretary Thomas O. Enders).

Some necessarily sketchy details on CIA operations under Casey:

* Central America. In one of the agency's most exposed undercover missions, covert operatives are
spending an estimated $80 million to direct a widespread war against the regime in Nicaragua -- helping
to supply some 10,000 troops in the field, conducting air strikes and espionage raids against installations
within Nicaragua and master-minding a variety of propaganda activities to destabilize the Sandinistas.
All this is coordinated from U.S. operational centers in Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador. Airlifts of
ammunition, inedicine and other supplies are now being flown to the rebels from San Salvador in
Salvadoran C-47 transport planes, NEWSWEEK'S Robert Rivard has learned; American pilots have now
been replaced by Salvadorans. The goal, U.S. officials say, is "to get those guys to hustle." The CIA, State
Department and Pentagon all agree the guerrillas have no more than six months -- perhaps only three --
to prove their "rebellion" can spread successfully throughout Nicaragua. "The Sandinistas can wait
forever, but Congress won't," says one U.S. official.

"Our position is that we don't even acknowledge that the CIA is in El Salvador," says the U.S. Embassy's
deputy chief of mission there, Kenneth Bleakley. But several lower-ranking State Department officers
with experience in the country say that CIA operations go beyond the Nicaraguan effort to operations
involving El Salvador itself -- covert support for the country's weak political parties and electoral process
and a "propaganda and disinformation campaign" in the Salvadoran press aimed at "convincing the
civilian population that the guerrillas, not the Army, are the real bad guys," according to one source.

* Afghanistan. Supplying about $100 million in arms and ammunition to the Afghan rebel groups, agency
undercover operatives work through contacts in Pakistan and conduits in the Middle East. Intelligence
watchers say the CIA has also stepped up operations within Pakistan to keep tabs on -- and props under
-- the pro-American military regime of President Mohammad Zia ul-Haq (page 45).

* Iran. The CIA is providing support for Iranian exiles in Turkey who continue to work for the ayatollah's
overthrow. Presumably they bring intelligence from Iran back across the largely unguarded border, and
they may be useful as agents or sources should they ultimately succeed and return to their homeland.
Iranian exiles in France are receiving similar CIA support.

* Africa. The agency provides intelligence as well as overt aid and training to the forces fighting Libyan
incursions into Chad. Training, arms and financial assistance are also given to military forces in Ethiopia,
Angola and the Sudan. Two covert operations were aborted because of strong congressional opposition,
NEWSWEEK has learned: a plan to provide arms for anti-Libyan forces in Mauritius and for opponents of
strongman Muammar Kaddafi inside Libya itself.

* Asia. The CIA, NEWSWEEK has confirmed, helped with communications training and intelligence
gathering for raids by Thailand's military forces against heroin production and processing centers in their
own country and across the border in Burma. The agency also is working with the Chinese to supply
arms to the forces of former Cambodian ruler Pol Pot, now waging hit-and-run attacks on the current
Saigon-supported regime.

Despite all the administration rhetoric about the damage done by leaks of secret information, the
operations aimed at Nicaragua, Libya and Afghanistan have been relatively thinly disguised. And in the
cases of Libya and Nicaragua, some intelligence veterans have been surprised by the coordination of
covert activities with highly visible naval maneuvers. All of which leads some to suspect supposedly
secret missions are valued in part for their contribution to the hard-nosed image President Reagan
wants for U.S. foreign policy.
Whatever the motives behind Casey's covert operations, mounting them has seriously strained the CIA's
depleted resources. "The single biggest constraint to Casey's plans was the lack of competent, trained
manpower," says one knowledgeable source. Since the preparation and positioning of undercover
operators is a process that takes years, the director of clandestine services -- a 51-year-old professional
named John Stein -- was virtually detached to reorganize a recruitment and training operation. Casey,
meanwhile, was forced to seek short-term contracts with some of the 800 veterans of covert operations
who had been let go between 1977 and 1980 -- few ofthem, unfortunately, expert in the supply and
training of clandestine military operations. The CIA also applied strong pressure for an increase of the
Army's Special Forces -- often, in the past, a prime source of paramilitary expertise for the Company
(page 46).

Also difficult to obtain were the wide range of secret support services and "proprietary" companies that
the Company once could call on in an instant: two full-fledged commercial airlines, several banks in the
United States and abroad, at least one major international arms company and a variety of cover
operations in such useful fields as import-export. This shortfall explains the embarrassing details about
U.S. equipment that turned up in so many early stories about the contra forces in Nicaragua. Well-
placed sources told NEWSWEEK that the CIA simply could not obtain and ship to Central America the
kind of untraceable materiel -- Belgian, Czech, West German or captured Soviet stocks -- that normally
provide cover in such situations. According to these sources, the United States has now arranged for
Israel to feed the CIA-supported guerrillas with equipment captured in Lebanon. Foreign intelligence
services have a generally positive view of Casey's rebuilding efforts, but they are still wary of the
weakened and jury-rigged state of CIA intelligence networks where they still exist.

Independent: In part to compensate for the Company's reduced resources in covert operations, the
Reagan administration also has encouraged the development of a top-secret and totally independent
Army Intelligence Support Activity (AISA), about which even many intelligence watchdogs in Congress
were unaware until an accidental mention of it during hearings earlier this year. AISA was reportedly
formed for commando-style missions and support in the wake of the disastrous joint military attempt to
rescue the U.S. hostages in Iran -- an effort made more difficult because the CIA did not have a single
agent left on the ground in that country. Although Casey himself has refused to answer questions on the
subject, some administration officials say the CIA director has assigned the group a number of covert

If the rebuilding of the CIA's own cloak-and-dagger capabilities is a long-term process, however, Casey
has pressed quickly to improve the Company's ability to analyze and interpret the overwhelming flood
of intelligence that pours into it from spy satellites, radio intercepts and an impressive array of other
electronic and human intelligence collectors (ELINT and HUMINT in CIA pariance). "Casey has good
instincts on the process of producing National Intelligence Estimates," says one administration
"consumer" of these vital agency reports. "He has tried to make them shorter, blunter and more timely."

Up to Date: CIA analysts now pound out 50 NIE's a year instead of the dozen that were done before. And
there is less bickering among the various agencies of the intelligence community, insiders say, because
Casey has found ways to give more prominence to dissenting views. Aware of competing sources of
intelligence, including the news media, Casey has also created a Weekly Watch Report and an even
more up-to-the-minute "typescript memorandum that reports unexpected developments immediately
to the president and other top officials.

In general, the agency's predictions have been early and accurate on important matters: the elevation of
Soviet leader Yuri Andropov and his subsequent health problems, the Libyan invasion of Chad, the
resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and the imposition of martial law in Poland. But
one Washington official complains that the CIA predicted far greater resistance by the Polish people
than actually occurred, and there was even more embarrassment when Israeli forces pressed far deeper
into Lebanon than they had promised. "The analysts did write that they [the Israelis] would go further
than anyone expected," one intelligence expert recalls, but they were fairly low key.

Similarly, says one administration intelligence official, the CIA produced a fair amount of warning about
the building threat to Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat, "but it never penetrated -- it wasn't done forcefully
enough to overcome the bosses' love affair with Sadat." Some critics fear that U.S. ties to regimes in
Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Philippines could also blind the CIA or its masters to major upheavals in
those countries in the near future.

To further upgrade its analysis and reporting, the CIA has stepped up recruiting for specialists in high
technology and area studies, especially the Third World -- and the nation's college campuses are
responding with more enthusiasm, or at least tolerance, than they have for decades. "I still don't agree
with what they do, but for those people who are inclined to work for them, they should be allowed to
interview," says University of Wisconsin senior Jay Todd Pinkert. Today's tight job market helps the CIA,
but it often must compete for bright students with well-paying international banking firms,
multinational corporations and high-tech industries.

Status Assignment: Robert Gates, 39, the agency's fast-rising deputy director for intelligence, is trying to
make up with status what he cannot provide in pay envelopes. Increasingly he has let the experts who
write the analyses brief the administration's top policymakers personally. "I know analysts who can walk
out of here and double their salaries," says Gates. "But when one of our people goes alone to brief the
secretary of state or an assistant secretary, that can last a long time."

The demand for people with technical backgrounds is prompted both by the agency's own increasingly
sophisticated collection capabilities and by Casey's decision to make the prevention of high-tech
espionage a top priority. The CIA has developed a massive data base on the methods by which Iron
Curtain operatives obtain critical plans and equipment from U.S. firms and has used this information to
raise consciousness on the issue among domestic research-and-development firms and allied
intelligence services. "They responded, naturally, to their own security interests," says Casey, chortling
over the expulsion from Europe and Japan of more than 100 enemy intelligence agents, most of whom
were caught stealing high technology. "The biggest setback the KGB ever had," the CIA boss claims.
Intelligence officials say that their increasing involvement with high-tech America -- the better to entrap
Soviet spies and safeguard U.S. scientific secrets -- will not result in improper domestic surveillance or
infiltration of American business. But some outside critics of the agency fear that excesses in this area
are inevitable.

Conflicts: Casey also has volunteered the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies for more active duty
than ever in the nation's war on narcotics, and this too may lead to conflicts. The Drug Enforcement
Administration, for example, refuses to provide cover for CIA agents. Beyond that, the people best able
to get sensitive military and political information out of closed countries like Iran or Afganistan are
sometimes those adept at taking narcotics out as well. On several occasions in recent years, the Justice
Department and Drug Enforcement Administration have pursued major drug-traffic suspects -- only to
learn, late in the game, that as valuable paid assets of the CIA they were virtually untouchable.

Still, Casey has concluded that the nation's drug problem is fully as serious as its national-security
concerns. He even suspects that international communism vies with Mafia capitalism in mobilizing much
of the world's drug trade. "We think we've identified that," says the DCI. "We can't prove it in court."
The danger in focusing the intelligence agencies on these activities is that they may be carried willy-nilly
into the province of domestic operations and law enforcement.

The same danger shadows the CIA's stepped-up counterintelligence campaign. Under Casey, the agency
is free of the non-productive, self-destructive mole hunting of years past -- when entire careers were
made or broken in the choice between which of several Soviet defectors to believe about the existence
or nonexistence of a high-level Soviet agent within the CIA. Any such sleeper agent high in the Company
20 years ago would presumably be long gone today. Instead, insiders say, the CIA is now plagued by a
security consciousness that some think is counterproductive and potentially unconstitutional.
Flak: NIE reports are so highly classified that almost no officials can retain them in office safes for
leisurely reading; they must be perused immediately and returned to a waiting messenger. The result:
quick skimming of the basic document and increasing reliance on shorter, less sophisticated digests. And
after months of agonizing work -- and considerable flak from Congress -- Casey's CIA finally got an
executive order to tighten security. It makes the use of lie detectors more widespread among
intelligence employees and requires government clearance for almost any publication by employees
who work with national-security information, even years after they leave their posts.

On Capitol Hill, Casey got a far more limited statute than he had wanted to bar disclosure of CIA agents'
names, and nothing approaching his notion of exempting the CIA from requirements of the Freedom of
Information Act. Casey also ran into opposition on his requests for more vigorous investigation ofleaks
by the FBI and Justice Department. "Some CIA people think that if you say something nasty about the
director, that's a leak and it has to be investigated and people have to be punished," says one lawyer
who has handled many national-security cases. In the end, the number of leak investigations conducted
by Justice and the FBI under Reagan has not risen markedly from the number pursued at any time during
the Carter years: 15 to 20 open cases, 10 of them active.

In addition, FBI Director William Webster has fended off Casey's appeal for a special squad of FBI agents
to be assigned to the CIA for in-house investigations -- a questionable domestic arm for an agency
otherwise barred from such activity. Still, FBI officials insist that relations between Langley and their
Hoover Building headquarters have rarely been smoother. Webster, indeed, went out of his way to deny
a published report that he had called Casey a "buffoon."

Relations between Casey and Congress, by contrast, are hostile enough to warrant the War Powers Act.
Many Democrats were furious from the first at Reagan's nomination of a political aide to the sensitive
post of DCI and at Casey's early (and short-lived) appointment of businessman Max Hugel -- another
campaign crony with no major intelligence background -- as director of clandestine operations. The CIA
chief did little to win them over with his consistent mangling of facts during congressional appearances.
"You are treating this committee like it is something you would like to see go away," he was told at one
point by a GOP member of the House intelligence panel, Rep. Bill Young of Florida. Most inflammatory
was Casey's original description of the contra campaign as an effort to interdict arms shipments from
Nicaragua to El Salvador. "He's just loose with the facts," says one disgruntled Democrat. "Truth isn't
part of his vocabulary."
The CIA's more recent rationale for covert action in Nicaragua -- to force an end to alleged Sandinista
subversion throughout Central America -- seemed only slightly less misleading and more vague to many
congressmen. Moreover, it pointed up basic questions about covert action itself. Such clandestine
operations can be useful if employed with restraint on a political level or -- in the case of paramilitary
operations -- as a last resort, but only if brought off with extreme finesse. And even then the risk of
subsequent disclosure remains.

As the investigation headed by Sen. Frank Church in 1975 disclosed, covert capabilities may lure
presidents into a false sense of omnipotence -- the misguided belief that they can change hostile
governments and eliminate their leaders with impunity. That investigation paved the way for
congressional restraints on a president's use of covert action, and subsequent developments in Iran may
well have done more than any theoretical debate to prove their wisdom: although the CIA could and did
reinstate a friendly shah on the throne in 1953, it could not blot out that connection or prevent the
fierce anti-American bitterness that developed over time and ultimately undermined both the shah and
the entire U.S. presence in Iran. It is not a scenario that many Americans would care to see play out
again in El Salvador, Nicaragua or anywhere else.

(70%); US DEMOCRATIC PARTY (64%); LAWYERS (52%);



(93%); PAKISTAN (92%); ETHIOPIA (79%); CHILE (79%); GUATEMALA (79%); THAILAND (79%); VIET NAM




GRAPHIC: Cover photo, The Secret Warriors, The CIA Is Back in Business, Steve Phillips, photo by Mark
Kozlowski. Inset photo by Douglas Kirkland -- Sygma; Illustration 1, no caption; Picture 1, THE DCI AT
LANGLEY: A covert clientele, Wally McNamee -- NEWSWEEK; Map, no caption; Picture 2, NICARAGUA:
Anti-Sandinista contras, John Hoagland -- Gamma-Liaison; Picture 3, AFGHANISTAN: Arms for rebel
tribesmen, Pascal Pugin -- Outline; Picture 4, CHAD: A fight against Libyan incursion, Aral -- Sipa-Black
Star; Picture 5, IRAN: Support for anti-Khomeini exiles, David Burnett -- Contact; Picture 6, THAILAND:
Trying to stop the opium crop, Nik Wheeler -- Black Star; Picture 7, WIN SOME, LOSE SOME: A
SCRAPBOOK, The new CIA, set up after World War II, drew on men and experience of William Donovan's
Office of Strategic Services; Illustration 2, and Picture 8, Warnings against intervention did not stop the
CIA from engineering the ouster of Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz in 1954. Covert action also
helped depose Iran's Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953; Illustration 3 and Picture 9, The agency was flying
high with spying missions over the Soviet Union by U-2 jets until one of them -- flown by Francis Gary
Powers -- was shot down in 1960. It was embarrassed again by the abortive 1961 Bay of Pigs assault on
Fidel Castro and several futile murder plots against him; Picture 10, During the war in Vietnam, CIA
analysts provided a fairly accurate -- if not always appreciated -- assessment of enemy strength. The
agency's counterinsurgency experts, meanwhile, organized the bloodyd Phoenix program -- notorious
for its murders of suspected members of the Viet Cong -- and ran a secret war in neighboring Laos;
Picture 11, Bay of Pigs veteran Howard Hunt helped to drag the agency into the Watergate scandal.
Another former CIA officer, James McCord, exposed the cover-up of the White House burglary; Picture
12, In 1975, a Senate panel investigated a futile CIA plot to block Salvador Allende from becoming Chile's
president. No CIA tie to Allende's overthrow has ever been confirmed; Picture 13, Despite a long history
in Iran, the CIA was largely blind-sided by Khomeini's rebellion, the takeover of the U.S. Embassy and the
seizing of the hostages.

Copyright 1983 Newsweek
Credible UFO Quotes from prominent individuals:

"It is impossible for any man-made machine to make a sudden appearance in front of a jumbo jet that is
flying 910 kilometers per hour and to remain in steady formation paralleling our aircraft. ... Honestly, we
were simply breathtaken."

Japan Airlines pilot Kenju Terauchi in 1986

"This is the first sighting in Zimbabwe where airborne pilots have tried to intercept a UFO. As far as my
Air Staff is concerned, we believe implicitly that the unexplained UFOs are from civilizations beyond our

Air Commodore David Thorne, Director of General Operations for the Zimbabwe Air Force in 1985.

"The security guard called and said,Sir, there's a glowing red object hovering right outside the front gate.
I've got all the men out here with their weapons drawn. We lost between

16-18 ICBMs (nuclear tipped Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) at the same time UFOs were in the area.
(A high ranking Air Force officer) said,"Stop the investigation; do no more on this and do not write a final
report. I heard that many of the guards that reported the incident were sent off to Vietnam."

Captain Robert Salas, USAF, during a videotaped interview for the Disclosure program.

"It was the darndest thing I've ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed colours, and it was
about the size of the moon. We watched it for ten minutes, but none of us could figure out what it was.
One thing's for sure: I'll never make fun of people who say they've seen unidentified flying objects in the

Former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter following his sighting along with many others of a
UFO at Leary, Georgia in October 1969.
"I have frequently been asked why a person of my background 'a former Chief of the Defence Staff, a
former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee' why I think there is a cover-up (of) the facts about
UFOs. I believe governments fear that if they did disclose those facts, people would panic. I don't believe
that at all. There is a serious possibility that we are being visited by people from outer space. It behoves
us to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want."

Lord Admiral Hill-Norton (GCB), Chief of Defense Staff, Ministry of Defense, Britain; Chairman, Military
Committee of NATO; Admiral of the Fleet; Member of House of Lords.

"It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings. Behind the scenes high
ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and
ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense."

Admiral Hillenkoetter-the first Director of the CIA, 1947-50.

February 27, 1960.

"Headquarters wouldn't let us go after it and we played around a little bit. We got to watching how it
made 90 degree turns at this high speed and everything. We knew it wasn't a missile of any type, so
then we confirmed it with the radar control station, and they kept following it, and then it crashed
somewhere off between Texas and the Mexico border."

Colonel Robert Willingham, USAF from an Sworn Affidavit in the 1970's when discussing a sighting of a
UFO whilst he was navigating an F94 jet on September 6th 1950.

"Flying saucers are real. Too many good men have seen them, that don't have hallucinations."

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker. World War I air ace.

"UFOs sighted in Indonesia are identical with those sighted in other countries. Sometimes they pose a
problem for our Air Defence and once we were obliged to open fire on them."
Air Marshall Nurjadin Roesmin, Commander in Chief of the Indonesian Air Force in 1967.

"The most spectacular UFO incident in Indonesia occurred when during the height of President
Sukarno's confrontation in Malaysia, UFOs penetrated a well defended area in Java for two weeks at a
stretch, and each time were welcomed with perhaps the heaviest anti-aircraft barrage in history."

Air Commodore J. Salutun, National Aerospace Council of Indonesia, and a Member of the Indonesian
Parliament in 1967.

"And don't tell me they were reflections, I know they were solid objects."

Lieutenant D. A Swimley, USAF in 1953 following the sighting of 8 UFOs that were confirmed on radar
and witnessed numerous other people including commercial pilots and police officers.

"Something is going on in the skies that we do not understand. If all the airline pilots and Air Force pilots
who have seen UFOs and sometimes chased them have been the victims of hallucinations, then an awful
lot of pilots should be taken off and forbidden to fly."

Captain Kervendal, French Gendarmerie.

"The Air Force had put out a secret order for its pilots to capture UFOs. For the last six months we have
been working with a congressional committee investigating official secrecy concerning proof that UFOs
are real machines under intelligent..."

Major Donald Keyhoe,during a live TV broadcast on CBS in 1958 in which he was pulled from the air
when he began to deviate from the prepared format of the programme.
"It appears to be a metallic object...tremendous in size, directly ahead and slightly above.I am trying to
close for a better look."

Captain Thomas Mantell, USAF. These were his last words as he closed in on a UFO in 1948. Minutes
later his plane was to crash and he was to lose his life.

"This was no ordinary UFO. Scores of people saw it. It was no illusion, no deception, no imagination."

Air Marshall Azim Daudpota, Zimbabwe speaking about a UFO sighting over the country in 1985.

"More than 10,000 sightings have been reported, the majority of which cannot be accounted for by any
scientific explanation, eg that they are hallucinations, the effects of light refraction, meteors, wheels
falling from aeroplanes, and the like. They have been tracked on radar screens and the observed speeds
have been as great as 9,000 mph. I am convinced that these objects do exist and they are not
manufactured by any nation on earth. I can therefore see no alternative to accepting the theory that
they come from an extraterrestrial source."

Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding, Commanding Officer of the RAF during WWII.

"I am convinced there was thought behind the thing's manoeuvres".

Lieutenant George Gorman, F51 pilot after being in a 30 minute dogfight with a small UFO in 1948.

"UFOs are real and they may come from outer space."

General Kanshi Ishikawa, Chief of Air Staff, 1967.

"Air Force interceptors still pursue UFOs as a matter of national security to this country and to
determine technical aspects involved."
Major General Joe W. Kelly, 1957.

"Congressional investigations...are still being held on the problem of unidentified flying objects and the
problem is one in which there is quite a bit of interest.

Since most of the material presented to the committee is classified, the hearings are never printed."

Congressman William H. Ayres, 1958.

"Saucers exist (I saw two). They were intelligently flown or operated (evasive tactics, formation flight,
hovering). They were mechanisms, not United States weapons, nor Russian. I presume they are

Lt. Colonel Richard Headrick, radar bombing expert, 1959.

"My own present opinion, based on two years of careful study, is that UFOs are probably extraterrestrial
devices engaged in something that might very tentatively be termed 'surveillance'.

Dr James McDonald before Congress, 1968.

"These UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the Earth, either manned or under
remote control, or both.Information on UFOs, including sighting reports, has been and is still being
officially withheld."

Colonel Joseph J. Bryan III, founder member of the CIAs psychological warfare staff, advisor to NATO

"Before we could do anymore, the army, after conferring with (US) officials, ordered the investigation
Dr Paul Santorini regarding UFOs seen over Greece in 1946.

"Maximum security exists concerning the subject of UFOs."

CIA Director, Allen Dulles, 1955.

"I have discussed this matter with the effected agencies of the government, and they are of the opinion
that is it not wise to publicize this matter at this time."

Senator Richard Russell, head of the Armed Services Committee, following his sighting of a UFO during
an official trip to the Soviet Union in 1955.

"Reliable reports indicate there are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds and
controlled by thinking intelligences."

Navy Admiral Delmar Fahrney in a public statement during 1957.

"It is the considered opinion of some elements that the object may in fact represent an interplanetary
craft of some kind."

Brig. General George Shulgen

From a Draft Intelligence Collections Memorandum by Brig. Geneneral George Shulgen, Oct. 28, 1947

"Every time I get skeptical, I think of the other reports made by experienced pilots and radar operators,
scientists, and other people who know what they are looking at. These reports were thoroughly
investigated and they are still unknowns.
We have no aircraft on this earth that can at will so handily outdistance our latest jets... The pilots, radar
specialists, generals, industrialists, scientists, and the man on the street who have told me, I wouldn't
have believed it either if I hadn't seen it myself, knew what they were talking about. Maybe the Earth is
being visited by interplanetary space ships.

When four college professors, a geologist, a chemist, a physicist, and a petroleum engineer report
seeing the same UFOs on fourteen different occasions, the event can be classified as, at least, unusual.
Add the fact that hundreds of other people saw these UFOs and that they were photographed, and the
story gets even better. Add a few more facts, that these UFOs were picked up on radar and that a few
people got a close look at one of them, and the story begins to convince even the most ardent skeptic."

Captain Edward J. Ruppelt

Chief of Project Blue Book, from his book, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, 1956.

"From their maneuvers and their terrific speed I am certain their flight performance was greater than
any aircraft known today".

Colonel Carl Sanderson

USAF, commenting on his sighting of two circular silver UFOs in close proximity to his plane over
Hermanas, New Mexico. The UFOs were said to make a series of seemingly impossible maneuvers
before disappearing at an astonishing speed and showing up again over El Paso, Texas.

"We had a number of reports from reputable individuals (well-educated serious-minded folks, scientists
and fliers) who surely saw something".

As Air Force Chief of Staff, in his 1965 autobiography, Mission With LeMay, stated that although the bulk
of UFO reports could be explained as conventional or natural phenomena, some could not.

Many of the mysteries might be explained away as weather balloons, stars, reflected lights, all sorts of
odds and ends. I don't mean to say that, in the unclosed and unexplained or unexplainable instances,
those were actually flying objects. All I can say is that no natural phenomena could be found to account
for them... Repeat again: There were some cases we could not explain. Never could.

General Curtis LeMay

Statement from 1965 autobiography Mission With LeMay, with MacKinlay Kantor, New York:
Doubleday, 1965.
"Sightings of unexplained objects at great altitude and traveling at high speeds in the vicinity of major
US defense installations are of such nature that they are not attributable to natural phenomena or
known types of aerial vehicles."

Dr .H Marshall Chadwell, former assistant director of the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence, in a
December, 1952 memo to then-director of the CIA, General Walter B. Smith.

"Much evidence tells us UFOs have been tracked by radar; so, UFOs are real and they may come from
outer space."

General Kanshi Ishikawa,Commander Chief of Air Staff of Japan's Air Self-Defense Force,1967.

"UFOs are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head. . . . I'm so concerned about what the
consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something".

Paul Hellyer, Canada's Defence Minister from 1963-67, September 25, 2005.

"The evidence that there are objects which have been seen in our atmosphere, and even on terra firma,
that cannot be accounted for either as man-made objects or as any physical force or effect known to our
scientists seems to me to be overwhelming... A very large number of sightings have been vouched for by
persons whose credentials seem to me unimpeachable. It is striking that so many have been trained
observers, such as police officers and airline or military pilots. Their observations have in many
instances... been supported either by technical means such as radar or, even more convincingly, by...
interference with electrical apparatus of one sort or another..."

Admiral Lord Hill-Norton (GCB), Chief of Defense Staff, Ministry of Defense, Britain; Chairman, Military
Committee of NATO; Admiral of the Fleet; Member of House of Lords.
"The phenomenon of UFOs does exist, and it must be treated seriously".

Mikhail Gorbachev,

Premiere of the Soviet Union.

Interview as reported in 'Soviet Youth',May 4th,1990.

"There are many reasons to beleive that they(UFOs)do exist:there is so much evidence from reliable

Prince Philip,

Duke of Edinburgh,

London sunday Dispatch,March 28th,1954.

"For the government to continue to maintain that UFOs are non-existent in the face of the documents
already released and of other cogent evidence presented in this book is puerile and ,in a sense, an insult
to the American people".

Dr J Allen Hyneck,Phd,

Former scientist with Project Bluebook.

"We have stacks of reports about flying saucers.We take them seriously when you consider we have lost
many men and planes trying to intercept them".

General Benjamin Chidlaw,

Air Defense Command.
"The number of thoughtful,intelligent,educated people in full possession of their faculties who have
'seen something' and described it grows every day.We can say catergoricaly that mysterious objects
have indeed appeared and continue to appear in the sky that surrounds us".

General Lionel M Chassin,

French Air Forces,

Air Defense Coodinator of the allied forces of NATO.

"UFO sightings are now so common,the military doesn't have time to worry about them....When a UFO
appears,they simply ignore it.Unconventional targets are ignored because apparently we are only
interested in the Russian targets,possible enemy targets.Something that hovers in the air ,then shoots
off at 5000 miles per hour doesn't interest us because it can't be the enemy.

UFOs are picked up by ground and air radar and they have been photographed by gun camera all
along.There are so many UFOs in the sky that the airforce has had to employ special radar networks to
screen them out".

Lee Katchen,

NASA atmospheric physicist,June 7th,1968.

"Of course it is possible that UFO's really do contain aliens as many people believe, and the Government
is hushing it up."

Comment by Stephen Hawking (world renowned astrophysicist) on C Span Television-guest lecturer at
the second Millennium Evening at the White House on March 6, 1998.

"We must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For instance, in the La case the Army grabbed it and
would not let us have it for cursory examination."

J Edgar Hoover-authenticated memo.
"In my official status, I cannot comment on ET contact. However, personally, I can assure you, we are
not alone!

Charles J. Camarda (Ph.D.) NASA Astronaut

More than 10,000 sightings have been reported, the majority of which cannot be accounted for by any
scientific explanation... I am convinced that these objects do exist and that they are not manufactured
by any nation on Earth." "I can therefore see no alternative to accepting the theory that they come from
some extraterrestrial source.

Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Air Force Fighter Command during
the Battle of Britain, printed in Sunday Dispatch, London, July 11, 1954.

"I've been convinced for a long time that the flying saucers are real and interplanetary. Another words
we are being watched by beings from outer space."

Albert M. Chop, deputy public relations director, National Aeronautics and Space Administration,(NASA)
and former United States Air Force spokesman for Project Blue Book.

"It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system.There
is no doubt in my mind that these objects are interplanetary craft of some sort. I and my colleagues are
confident that they do not originate in our solar system."

Dr. Herman Oberth (The father of modern rockerty)

"I am completely convinced that UFOs have an out-of-world basis."

Dr. Walther Riedel (Once chief designer and research director at the German rocket center in
"The possibility of reduced-time interstellar travel either by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations at
present or ourselves in the future, is not fundamentally constrained by physical principles."

Dr. Harold Puthoff (Director, Institute for advanced studies at Austin, Author of fundamentals of
Quantum Electronics)

The least improbable explanation is that these things are artificial and controlled ... My opinion for some
time has been that they have an extraterrestrial origin."

Dr. Maurice Biot (leading aerodynamicists and mathematical physicist)

I feel that the Air Force has not been giving out all the available information on the Unidentified Flying
Objects. You cannot disregard so many unimpeachable sources."

John W. McCormack, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States. January (1965)

"I certainly believe in aliens in space, and that they are indeed visiting our planet. They may not look like
us, but I have very strong feelings that they have advanced beyond our mental capabilities."

Senator Barry Goldwater (1965)

(Retired Air Force Brigadier General and pilot with many decades of flying experience)

"I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe
it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs and to produce the greatest possible
enlightenment on this subject"

President Gerald Ford (1966)
"I looked out the window and saw this white light.It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and
said,Have you ever seen anything like that? He was shocked and he said, "Nope." And I said to him:
"Let's follow it!" We followed it for several minutes. It was a bright white light.We followed it to
Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When I got
off the plane I told Nancy all about it."

President Ronald Reagen (Describing his 1974 UFO encounter to veteran newsman Norman C. Miller,
then Washington bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal.)

"I was testing a P-51 fighter in Minneapolis when I spotted this object. I was at about 10,000 feet on a
nice, bright, sunny afternoon. I thought the object was a kite, then I realized that no kite is gonna fly that

As I got closer it looked like a weather balloon, gray and about three feet in diameter. But as soon as I
got behind the darn thing it didn't look like a balloon anymore. It looked like a saucer, a disk.

About the same time, I realized that it was suddenly going away from me -- and there I was, running at
about 300 miles per hour. I tracked it for a little way, and then all of a sudden the damn thing just took
off. It pulled about a 45 degree climbing turn and accelerated and just flat disappeared."

Donald Slayton, Mercury astronaut, 1951

"The Air Force has arrived at the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena has been
produced in Belgian airspace.

The numerous testimonies of ground observations reinforced by the reports of the night March 30-31
(1990) have led us to face the hypothesis that a certain number of unauthorised aerial activities have
taken place.

The day will undoubtedly come when the phenomenon will be observed with the technological means
of detection and collection that won't leave a single doubt about its origin.

This should lift a part of the veil that has covered the mystery for a long time; a mystery that continues
to be present.

But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an important conclusion."

Colonel Wilfred De Brouwer, Chief of Operations for the Belgian Air Force in 1990 following a spate of
sightings over the country witnessed by hundreds of people. Many of the sightings were confirmed on


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The Local-Sweden, July 26, 2011

Bought bomb parts in Sweden

STOCKHOLM...collected 150 kilogrammes of aluminium powder from Schenkers terminal in Karlstad,
according to the Göteborgs-Posten daily.

...he spent €240,000 ($347,300) on the attacks and despite not having any income to speak of.
According to the Norwegian tax authorities he has declared a total income of only 5,223 kronor since
Pat Dollard, July 23, 2011

OSLO--Dealer Rena confirmed to Bergens Tidende that the man was registered as a customer of them,
and that he bought fertilizer there.

...3 tons of different ammonium nitrate, and about 3 tons of the substance kalkammonsalpeter.

On the same farm in 2006, established a marijuana plantation, probably funded by money from the
NOKAS robbery, according to Bergens Tidende. Three men were sentenced to prison for this.

(from Yahoo blog:)

"Oddny Estenstad, a spokeswoman for agricultural material supplier Felleskjopet, confirmed Saturday
that the suspect in custody purchased six tons of fertilizer 10 weeks ago. Artificial fertilizer is highly
explosive and can be used in homemade bombs."

Let Freedom Rain, July 23, 2011

(AP)--(AP) A police official has told The Associated Press that the bomb used in the attack at the
Norwegian prime minister's office was "some kind of Oklahoma City-type" device made of fertilizer and
diesel fuel.

The official said it remains unclear what kind of detonator was used for the bomb, which investigators
say was packed into a panel truck and killed at least seven people when it went off.

Lubbock Online, May 02, 1997

The McVeigh Bomb

DENVER (AP)--Prosecutors say nitromethane fuel, often used in drag racing, was mixed with ammonium
nitrate fertilizer to make the truck bomb.

The McVeigh bomb weighed just under 5000 pounds and cost less than $5000.A combination of
fertilizer, tovex, blasting caps and racing fuel was used. It is possible that the Breivik bomb had a similar
construction with electric blasting caps that may have been detonated by a cellphone signal, much as
Middle East devices.


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MEMO: AUG 04, 2011..........






"It would be naive to believe that there will be attempts at terrorist attacks in Norway that PST will not
be able to see in advance,"



















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LONDON--There's always a fall guy, a patsy, a sucker; the smart guy who thinks he's doing it all for God
and country.In a good spy novel, British especially, there are usually a number of turns and twists to
keep the reader in suspense in order for the outcome to become even more intriguing.
Reading the excerpts from the Breivik diary, one can draw another conclusion: that the government and
special intelligence agencies knew all along about his plan to pull off a big, reckless operation
somewhere, but they didn't know where. And it didn't matter anyway. Clever politicians would work it
to their advantage. If Breivik had a photo of Machiavelli on his Facebook page, the government had one
of "The Prince" on theirs.

Take, for instance, a couple of entries early on, after the fertilizer had been dropped off at the farm.
Breivik returned one day to see a couple of police patrol cars in the vicinity and the barn door open.

"Sat 21 May Day 20: Went to the capital to pick up a few parcels … On my way home to the farm I
noticed what I believed to be a civilian police vehicle south of the southern town... As I came closer to
the farm I noticed what I believed to be another civilian police car...The barn door had probably been
opened by the wind. I decided then and there that I would not allow paranoia to get the best of me

His reaction was not to become paranoid and instead to drink a couple more gallons of testosterone.

The cops were already on to him but the orders came down to let it go. Intel had already pegged him on
the web as a right-wing fringe element ready to go off in a blast of glory somewhere. He already had the
explosives. Anders, late in the development stages, according to the diary, was concerned that someone
had found the weapons cache.

"Mon 4 July Day 64 Updated log for a few hours. I then began the preparations for a trip to extract the
armour cache, I had dug down a year ago in July 2010. I am really concerned that someone has
somehow found the cache."

As for the vehicles, there was no indication anywhere that the Avis leased vans had tracking devices
installed. In any event, intel could easily have installed one as the FBI did on the frame of the vehicle
Any movement at all of the Fiat van would have been followed carefully, including a visit to the weapons
cache. Did Breivik check constantly to see if any devices had indeed been installed? More than likely not,
they would be difficult to detect anyway.

The motive, not of Breivik, but of the Norwegian government, in letting it go is twofold.

First: A terror attack from the radical right would allow a crackdown on all the other fringe element lone
wolves out there plotting the overthrow of the establishment.

Second: The youth movement, if indeed it was the target, although the government might have only
speculated it was, would allow them to be brought under control. Of late, the AUF was making
unreasonable demands on the Stoltenberg regime regarding the recognition of Palestine, the boycott of
Israel and placing an offshore drilling ban on the Lofoten Islands.

Another indication of the patsy Breivik being taken in is the mention of all the soldiers out on maneuvers
from the nearby military base; some of whom came within distance of the farm to discover the
operation in progress.

"Wed 11 May Day 10: When I returned from the southern town later that day, I saw two military 12-
man teams, armed to the teeth, just 2000m south of my farm. They have notified all their neighbours,
me included, that they are conducting a large military training session.."

2000 meters is little more than a mile, certainly not enough to raise the alarm but Breivik's entire
security system was based mainly on reaction to whatever happened on a particular day. One example
is when the neighbor discovered him in the chemical mixing suit, the other when the landlord's girlfriend
dropped by to fetch something from the barn. He had no plan for security at all, other than to cover up
the fertilizer purchases by forming an agribusiness. It seems odd also that the landlord who rented him
the barn, had just been sent up for growing marijuana and along comes another loner buying up tons of
fertilizer that could be converted to making a large bomb. It is a stretch of the imagination to think that
he was not under surveillance even before his covert activity; from his rants on the internet against
multiculturalism, immigration and socialism.

Cutting to the chase in the spy novel; it was probably no coincidence at all that the politicians were
nowhere to be found, either in the government buildings or out on the island giving speeches to the
young socialists; and, the police helicopter was grounded.
Following the leads further from the previous post: (

Name: Grorud Mandskor

Address: Kristian Bognerudsvei 23, 0953 Oslo Kristian Bognerudsvei 23, 0953 Oslo

Email address: Ikke oppgitt Not specified

Orgnr: 993851108 993851108

Legal form: FLI FLI

Joined: 11.03.2009 11.03.2009

Contact: Bjørn Walther Slette Bjorn Walther Delete

Roles of Differences Mandskor:

Walther Slette Bjørn Walther Delete Bjorn Chairman

Søgård Per Deputy Chairman

Sigurd Delete Tore Director

Øivind Leif Syversen Director

Henry Johansen Jarle Director

Tveter Ole-Kristian Deputy

Authen Svendsen Thorbjørn Deputy
Name: Authen Svendsen Thorbjørn

Født: Born: 1950 1950

Naf Dept Oslo region Director

Name: Naf Dept Oslo region

Address: Haslevangen 45 D, 0579 Oslo Haslevangen 45 D, 0579 Oslo

Email address: Not specified

Orgnr: 970333517

Legal form: BA BA

Joined: 20.02.1995 20.02.1995

Contact: Frederick Andersen

Andersen Fredrick Andersen Frederick Chairman

Steen Roar N Deputy Chairman

Backe Margrethe Eriksen Director

Tom Henning Gundersen Director

Authen Svendsen Thorbjørn Director
Østmo Sverre Adm.dir. CEO.

Name: Andersen Frederick

Born: 1955

Prolys As Chairman

As Bislet Car Chairman

Frederick Borg Holding AS Chairman

Prospect Real Estate AS Deputy

Name: As Bislet Car

Address: Pilestredet 70, 0354 Oslo Pilestredet 70, 0354 Oslo

Email address: Not specified

Orgnr: 951485586

Legal form: AS AS

Joined: 20.06.1989 20.06.1989

Contact: Fredrick Andersen Frederick Andersen

K Røberg Thorstein Director

Lasse Dahl Director

Name: Dahl Lasse Lasse Dahl
Born: 1967 1967

Linus Invest AS Chairman

Medical Transport AS Director

Bislet Limousine AS Director

Amundsen Dahl Cathrine Deputy

Name: Amundsen Dahl Cathrine Amundsen Dahl Cathrine

Born: 1968 1968

Chechnya Peace Forum Chechnya Peace Forum Director


Behring and Kerner Marketing:


Name: Kerner Erling

Født: Born: 1977 1977

Behring & Kerner Marketing
Abc Auto Equipment

Name: Abc Auto Equipment

Address: Verkseier Furulundsv 43, 0668 Oslo Works Victory Furulundsv 43, 0668 Oslo

Email address: Not specified

Orgnr: 968882163 968882163

Legal form: AS

Joined: 25.03.1994 25.03.1994

Contact: Odd Lorang Kerner

Lorang Kerner Odd Chairman

Kerner Erling Deputy

Shareholders of the ABC Auto Equipment:

Lorang Kerner 50.00

Alna Invest AS 30.00

Kerner Erling 20.00

Name: Alna Invest AS

Address: Venåsv 26, 0672 Oslo Venåsv 26, 0672 Oslo

Email address: Not specified

Orgnr: 954976262 954976262

Legal form: AS AS
Joined: 22.02.1990 22.02.1990

Contact: Odd Lorang Kerner

also associated with Alna Invest:

Delete Anne-Karin

Name: Delete Anne-Karin

Born: 1940

Delete Anne-Karin's name is linked in to:

Name: Sasa AS

Address: Kristian Bogneruds Vei 23, 0956 Oslo Kristian Bogneruds Road 23, 0956 Oslo

Email address: Not specified

Orgnr: 923873597 923873597

Legal form: AS AS

Joined: 11.10.1989 11.10.1989

Contact: Bjørn Walther Slette Bjorn Walther Delete

Walther Delete Bjorn


Name: Walther Slette Bjørn Walther Delete Bjorn

Born: 1937
Walther Delete Bjorn has a role in:

Grorud Mandskor Chairman

Grorud Samfunnshus A / l Chairman

Sasa AS Chairman

Online Regnskap Online Accounting Deputy

Grorud Mandskor Adm.dir. CEO.

Name: Grorud Mandskor (a choir)

Address: Kristian Bognerudsvei 23, 0953 Oslo Kristian Bognerudsvei 23, 0953 Oslo

Email address: Not specified


Legal form: FLI FLI

Joined: 11.03.2009 11.03.2009

Contact: Bjørn Walther Slette Bjorn Walther Delete

Industry: Performing artists and entertainment business in music

Names associated with Grorud Mandskor:

Walther Slette Bjørn Walther Delete Bjorn Chairman

Søgård Per Deputy Chairman

Sigurd Slette Tore, Sigurd Delete Tore Director

Øivind Leif Syversen Director

Henry Johansen Jarle Director
Tveter Ole-Kristian Deputy

Authen Svendsen Thorbjørn Deputy

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JULY 27, 2011.........................CLASSIFIED





sharia law 201,000

english defence 60,500

edl english 33,100

edl league 33,100

islamic defence league 2,900

englishdefenceleague 720

english defence league march 320

english defence league protest 260

Members Only 140







JULY 27, 2011.........................CLASSIFIED/A1






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JULY 27, 2011.........................CLASSIFIED




WEBSITE WORTH: $8,617.65



ALEXA RANK: 254,135


COMPETE RANK: 1,531,774




CC: DIR, DATA, FILES, S2, S3, G2, G4



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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Saturday, April 9, 2011RAID ON AJDABIYA




On Saturday, 09 April 2011, a large Libyan government commando raid was executed against TNC
opposition forward position; the city of Ajdabiya. The city itself is now nearly deserted as most of the
residents have evacuated as the Libyan government forces are approaching from the west. Details of the
raid are as follows:

TIME/LENGTH OF RAID: Mid-morning under rocket and artillery barrage; commenced most of the
afternoon as pockets of commandos were eventually driven off by helicopter gunship supproit from

SIZE OF RAIDING PARTY: 50 SUV pickup trucks and GRAD mobile rocket launcher units; with 1-4
commandos in each vehicle; size est.: 60-100 regular Libyan government militia, special forces,

APPROACH: The vehicles came in abruptly from two western highways and across the southern desert,
which was not under surveillance and thus the forces in the city were taken by surprise. The desert
approach units crossed approx. 50 mi. unobserved.

TACTICS: The SUVs fanned out into the streets of the city and patrols dismounted, beginning door to
door searches for opposition forces; most of whom had already fled to the northeast toward Benghazi.
Snipers immediately positioned themselves on rooftops to act as cover fire for the street patrols.

COUNTERATTACK: Reinforced components arrived from Benghazi by midday and a pitched running
battle through the deserted streets ensued until the government forces withdrew by dusk.

CASUALTIES: KIA-4 probable TNC opposition; government forces-3-5; foreign mercenaries with Chad,
Algerian IDs reported.: WIA-currently undetermined.
PRISONERS: Unconfirmed reports of 3-4 Libyan government regular forces captured, including one
officer, possibly field-grade rank.

STATUS QUO: Situation in the streets of Ajdabiya tonight appear settled, guards and patrols posted, raid
assessment and debriefing in progress


DISTR> g2, g3, g4..

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011AJDABIYA: DEFENSIVE PLAN

Ajdabiya is the rebel army's last line of defense before the heart of the opposition which is located in the
port city of Benghazi. At present, it is poorly defended and with very little planning in setting up a
defensive perimeter not just around the city, but to secure the roads as well.

The above map shows at least one plan for the defense of Ajdabiya which can be implemented with a
concerted effort in a short amount of time; a week to ten days.

CHECKPOINTS: These vital points in the defensive plan need be monitored 24 hours a day; all vehicles
passing through thorougly inspected, passengers need identification and questioned about their
itinerary. In addition, all the checkpoints should not be open to traffic all the time, in order to better
control the flow in and out of the city. The closure schedule need only be known to command and not
posted to the general public; this will make it difficult for Libyan enemy snipers and infiltrators to enter
and leave the city.

TOWERS: These can be hastily constructed and fortified; could also be any type of mobile unit that will
allow an elevated view of road approaches; such as a lift truck or a fire vehicle with a boom ladder.
Improvisation is the key here; the highest point in the city needs to be set up with adequate
communications, especially of the western approaches.

GUN EMPLACEMENTS: Certainly, the core of the defensive weapons would need to be trained on the
western approaches to the city, since those roads are the most likely direction the enemy will use to
make its assault.

COMMAND: The large stadium on the western approach would make an ideal staging area for military
organization and a field hospital setup as well.

CITY PATROLS: These should be run on a continuous basis but not to a strict route so as not to allow the
enemy to predict military movements inside the city.

CURFEW: If the city comes under attack from rocket and mortar fire, a curfew may have to be put into
place to keep curious onlookers in the safety of their homes, where injury may be minimized.

OBSERVERS: Mobile squads sent out on the highway to the west to observe enemy movement, but not
engage and give away a position. These observers are extremely valuable as spotters for NATO aircraft.
The problem now is the Allies have no clear picture on ground movement and need to be wary of firing
on friendly forces. The rebels need to back off their campaign of haphazard engagement and set up a
system to communicate enemy positions to NATO command.

The city of Ajdabiya needs to be the command and control center, where lines of communication can be
established long before any rebel sorties and patrols are sent into the field beyond the city to the west.
Otherwise, the status quo will remain unchanged, there will be more friendly fire casualties, and the
opposition will make no headway at all.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011Revised Chain-of-Command

"Thanks to the Japanese, we now command a rabble," Colonel Nicholson, played by Alec Guinness, tells
his subordinates in "The Bridge on the River Kwai" (1957). This appears to be what has happened to the
Libyan opposition rebel military under the command of the Transitional National Council, and its choice
of defected Interior Minister Abdel Younis as commander of the forces in the field.

Following the inital Odyssey Dawn takedown of the Libyan air defenses, the opposition military gave up
ground faster than it was taking it; probably prompting the appearance on the scene of the CIA
operatives, and opposition defense ministry spokesman, Colonel Omar Bani, announcing that Khalifa
Haftar was now in command of the forces in the field. Haftar has been linked to a CIA-backed
paramilitary outfit that was set to ouster Khadaffi before the revolt, but has now returned and
presumably assumed a role as a field commander. No doubt the Western alliance, and now NATO, was
unhappy with Younis' dismal performance in the field, which included the friendly fire casualties on
Friday; and welcomed the bad weather which allowed the air campaign to regroup and get better
perspective of the situation on the ground.
As Col. Nicholson said, "Some of these crews are actually working against each other," in the building of
the bridge across the river Kwai.

Above chain-of-command diagrammed from report in The Guardian UK, by Chris McGreal in Benghazi on
Sunday, 03 April, 2011.

Ghoga has stated that Hariri is opposition defense minister and Younis is military commander of forces
in the field. Bani has announced that Haftar is in command of field forces, not Younis.

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Rothschild Involements 1743-2006.


There is a type of Jew called the Ashkenazi Jews. This is a person of a particular Jewish Decent that
originates out of Germany. The problem with this is many of them are not. In fact many of them are
what are known as Khazars. I will explain. They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the
land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now predominantly occupied by
Georgia. Many of these people claim to be Jewish is that the Khazars under the instruction of the King,
converted to the Jewish faith in 740 A.D., but of course that did not include converting their Asiatic
Mongolian genes to the genes of the Jewish people. Of particular interest as far as this particular Type of
Jewish decent is concerned is because of a Certain Family. The Rothschild Family. These people
knowingly lie to the world with their claims that the land of Israel is theirs by birthright, when in actual
fact their real homeland is over 800 miles away in Georgia. Nothing against Real members of the Jewish
decent and faith. I say this because I myself have nothing against Jewish people. but I DO have
something against Liars. I'll explain this next as I go through a Timeline of the Rothschild Family History
This will all cuilminate in several more points so Settle in for a Very long read.
1743: Mayer Amschel Bauer, an Ashkenazi Jew, is born in Frankfurt, Germany, the son of Moses
Amschel Bauer, a money lender and the proprietor of a counting house.

Moses Amschel Bauer places a red sign above the entrance door to his counting house. This sign is a red
hexagram (which some claim geometrically and numerically translates into the number 666 either way is
og little consiquence here all you need to know is it was a "red sign") which under Rothschild instruction
will end up on the Israeli flag some two centuries later.

1753: Gutle Schnaper, an Ashkenazi Jew (future wife of Mayer Amschel Bauer), born to respected
merchant, Wolf Salomon Schnaper.

1760: During this decade Mayer Amschel Bauer works for a bank owned by the Oppenheimers' in
Hanover, Germany. He is highly successful and becomes a junior partner. Whilst working at the bank he
becomes acquainted with General von Estorff.

Following his father's death, Bauer returns to Frankfurt to take over his father's business. Bauer
recognises the significance of the red hexagram and changes his name from Bauer to Rothschild, after
the red hexagram or sign signifying 666 hanging over the entrance door ("Rot," is German for, "Red,"
"Schild," is German for, "Sign").

Now Mayer Amschel Rothschild, he discovers that General von Estorff is now attached to the court of
Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau, one of the richest royal houses in Europe, which gained its' wealth by
the hiring out of Hessian soldiers to foreign countries for vast profits (a practice that continues today in
the form of exporting, "peacekeeping," troops throughout the world).
He therefore makes the General's re-acquaintance on the pretext of selling him valuable coins and
trinkets at discounted prices. As he plans, Rothschild is subsequently introduced to Prince William
himself who is more than pleased with discounted prices he charges for his rare coins and trinkets, and
Rothschild offers him a bonus for any other business the Prince can direct his way.

Rothschild subsequently becomes close associates with Prince William, and ends up doing business with
him and members of the court. He soon discovers that loaning money to governments and royalty is
more profitable than loaning to individuals, as the loans are bigger and are secured by the nation's

1769: Mayer Amschel Rothschild is given permission by Prince William to hang a sign on the front of his
business premises declaring that he is, "M. A. Rothschild, by appointment court factor to his serene
highness, Prince William of Hanau."

1770: Mayer Amschel Rothschild draws up plans for the creation of the Illuminati (Don't worry we'll
explain this in a minute its not quite what you're thinking of.) and entrusts Ashkenazi Jew, Adam
Weishaupt, a Crypto-Jew who was outwardly Roman Catholic, with its organization and development.
The Illuminati is to be based upon the teachings of the Talmud, which is in turn, the teachings of
Rabbinical Jews. It was to be called the Illuminati as this is a Luciferian term which means, keepers of
the light. (again before you run away screaming I'll explain this too.)

Mayer Amschel Rothschild marries Gutle Schnaper.

I'm gonna stop for a moment to explain a couple of things here:
1: Luciferian: Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed
to Lucifer, originally a name referring to the planet Venus when it rises ahead of the Sun. Luciferianism is
identified by some people as an auxiliary of Satanism, due to the popular identification of Lucifer with
Satan. Some Luciferians accept this identification or consider Lucifer as the light bearer aspect of Satan.
Others reject it, arguing that Lucifer is a more positive ideal than Satan. They are inspired by the ancient
Egyptian mythology, Roman mythology, Greek mythology, Gnosticism and Western occultism.

It is important to know that Luciferian does NOT equate a Satanist. Doesn't mean you can't be both but
its not the same thing.

I'll Come back to explain the Illuminati part in a minute.

1773: Amschel Mayer Rothschild born, the first of Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s sons. He like all his
brothers who follow him, will enter the family business at the age of 12.

1774: Salomon Mayer Rothschild born.

1776: Adam Weishaupt officially completes his organisation of the Illuminati on May 1 of this year. The
purpose of the Illuminati is to divide the goyim (all non-Jews) through political, economic, social, and
religious means. The opposing sides were to be armed and incidents were to be provided in order for
them to: fight amongst themselves; destroy national governments; destroy religious institutions; and
eventually destroy each other.

Weishaupt soon infiltrates the Continental Order of Freemasons with this Illuminati doctrine and
establishes lodges of the Grand Orient to be their secret headquarters. This was all under the orders
and finance of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and the concept has spread and is followed within Masonic
Lodges worldwide to the present day.
It is worth noting that this not something openly accepted by The Freemasons themselves but is
something some individual members are part of. Many members of Freemasonry today actual Depise
the Illuminati mostly for ruing the Free Mason name and actively seek to restrict their membership. This
is why today's Free masons are more secretive and restrictive about new members. Unfortunately this
does not help their image very much either. <-- Information personally taken from a real life Free mason
in an interview before his death.

Weishaupt also recruits 2,000 paid followers including the most intelligent men in the field of arts and
letters, education, science, finance,and industry. They were instructed to follow the following methods
in order to control people.

1) Use monetary and sex bribery to obtain control of men already in high places, in the various levels of
all governments and other fields of endeavour. Once influential persons had fallen for the lies, deceits,
and temptations of the Illuminati they were to be held in bondage by application of political and other
forms of blackmail, threats of financial ruin, public exposure, and fiscal harm, even death to themselves
and loved members of their families.

2) The faculties of colleges and universities were to cultivate students possessing exceptional mental
ability belonging to well-bred families with international leanings, and recommend them for special
training in internationalism, or rather the notion that only a one-world government can put an end to
recurring wars and strife. Such training was to be provided by granting scholarships to those selected by
the Illuminati.

3) All influential people trapped into coming under the control of the Illuminati, plus the students who
had been specially educated and trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all
governments as experts and specialists. This was so they would advise the top executives to adopt
policies which would in the long-run serve the secret plans of the Illuminati one-world conspiracy and
bring about the destruction of the governments and religions they were elected or appointed to serve.
4) To obtain absolute-control of the press, at that time the only mass-communications media which
distributed information to the public, so that all news and information could be slanted in order to make
the masses believe that a one-world government is the only solution to our many and varied problems.

This was done through Free masonry at the time because The Free masons already had established
Political and various other Aristocratic and Government Ties through their many years of services to
various people and Governments. as such they were very well informed and connected.

1777: Nathan Mayer Rothschild born.

1784: Adam Weishaupt issues his order for the French Revolution to be started by by Maximilien
Robespierre in book form. This book was written by one of Weishaupt's associates, Xavier Zwack, and
sent by courier from Frankfurt to Paris. However en route there, the courier is struck by lightning, the
book detailing this plan discovered by the police, and handed over to the Bavarian authorities.

As a consequence, the Bavarian government orders the police to raid Weishaupt's masonic lodges of the
Grand Orient, and the homes of his most influential associates. Clearly, the Bavarian authorities were
convinced that the book that was discovered was a very real threat by a private group of influential
people, to use wars and revolutions to achieve their political ends.

1785: The Bavarian government outlaw the Illuminati and close all the Bavarian lodges of the Grand
Mayer Amschel Rothschild moves his family home to a five storey house in Frankfurt which he shares
with the Schiff family.

1786: The Bavarian government publish the details of the Illuminati plot in a document entitled, "The
Original Writings of The Order and Sect of The Illuminati." They then send this document to all the
heads of church and state throughout Europe, but sadly their warning is ignored.

This is sad because many people had already been convinced by the media that anyone who believed in
the existence of Illuminati was a "Crack pot" But obviously it was real enough to be outlawed by
Government due to it being a serious enough threat. The shame here is if people would've took notice
right here. many of the problems that came later could've been avoided..

1788: Kalmann (Carl) Mayer Rothschild Born.

1789: Due to the European ignorance of the Bavarian government's warning, the Illuminati's plan for a
French Revolution succeeded from this year to 1793. This revolution was a bankers' dream, it
established a new constitution and passed laws that forbade the Roman Church from levying tithes
(taxes) and also removed its exemption from taxation.

Adherents of most historical models identify many of the same features of the Ancien Régime as being
among the causes of the Revolution. Economic factors included hunger and malnutrition in the most
destitute segments of the population, due to rising bread prices (from a normal 8 sous for a four-pound
loaf to 12 sous by the end of 1789), after several years of poor grain harvests. Bad harvests (caused in
part by extreme weather from El Niño along with volcanic activity at Laki and Grímsvötn in 1783–1784),
rising food prices, and an inadequate transportation system that hindered the shipment of bulk foods
from rural areas to large population centers contributed greatly to the destabilization of French society
in the years leading up to the Revolution. And before anyone says it. No they didn't know it was El Niño
back then we just know that it was now. And for those who don't know what that is:

El Niño/La Niña-Southern Oscillation, or ENSO, is a quasiperiodic climate pattern that occurs across the
tropical Pacific Ocean roughly every five years. It is characterized by variations in the temperature of the
surface of the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean—warming or cooling known as El Niño and La Niña
respectively—and air surface pressure in the tropical western Pacific—the Southern Oscillation. The two
variations are coupled: the warm oceanic phase, El Niño, accompanies high air surface pressure in the
western Pacific, while the cold phase, La Niña, accompanies low air surface pressure in the western
Pacific. Mechanisms that cause the oscillation remain under study.

As a side note: My personal bet is it is largely due to a build up of temperate ocean waters due to the
natural currents formed in the ocean as the earth rotates and the waters flow in and out of polar

That aside..

1790: Mayer Amschel Rothschild states,

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws."

Why is this important you ask? Just look at what happened next..
1791: The Rothschilds get, "control of a nation's money," through Alexander Hamilton (their agent in
George Washington’s cabinet) when they set up a central bank in the USA called the First Bank of the
United States. This is established with a 20 year charter. (remember this because we'll come back to it.)

1792: Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild born.

1795: Maria Schicklgruber was born in the village of Strones in the Waldviertel area. She was the
daughter of Theresia Pfeisinger (7 September 1769 – 11 November 1821), and farmer Johannes
Schicklgruber (29 May 1764 – 12 November 1847). Maria was a Catholic; what is known about her is
based on church and other public records.

Maria was one of 11 children, only six of whom survived infancy. Her early life was that of a poor
peasant child in a rural forested area, in the northwest part of Lower Austria, northwest of Vienna.

1796: Amschel Mayer Rothschild marries Eva Hanau.

Now remember how I said not all Freemasons are Illuminati...

1798: John Robison publishes a book entitled, "Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and
Governments of Europe Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and Reading
Societies." In this book, Professor Robison of the University of Edinburgh, one of the leading intellects of
his time, who in 1783 was elected general secretary of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, gave details of
the whole Rothschild Illuminati plot.

He advised how he had been a high degree mason in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and had been
invited by Adam Weishaupt to Europe, where he had been given a revised copy of Weishaupt's
conspiracy. However, although he pretended to go along with it, Professor Robison did not agree with it
and therefore published his aforementioned book. The book included details of the Bavarian
government's investigation into the Illuminati and the French Revolution.

That same year on July 19th, David Pappen, President of Harvard University, lectured the graduating
class on the influence illuminism was having on American politics and religion.

At the age of 21, Nathan Mayer Rothschild leaves Frankfurt for England, where with a large sum of
money given to him by his father, he sets up a banking house in London.

1800: Salomon Mayer Rothschild marries Caroline Stern.

1806: Napolean states that it is his,

"object to remove the house of Hess-Cassel from rulership and to strike it out of the list of powers."
On hearing this, Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau, flees Germany, goes to Denmark and entrusts his
fortune valued at $3,000,000 at that time to Mayer Amschel Rothschild for safekeeping.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild marries Hannah Barent Cohen the daughter of a wealthy London merchant.

1808: Nathan Mayer Rothschild has his first son born Lionel Nathan de Rothschild.

1810: Sir Francis Baring and Abraham Goldsmid die. This leaves Nathan Mayer Rothschild as the
remaining major banker in England.

Salomon Mayer Rothschild goes to Vienna, Austria and sets up the bank, M. von Rothschild und Söhne.

What's interesting about this period is the Untimely deaths of Sir Francis baring and Abraham Goldsmid.
The only record I've found of which is an 1887 document which I will now show to you:

The Goldsmids, whose head and representative enjoys a baronetcy in England and the dignity of a baron
in Portugal, may well form in this series a companion picture to the stories of the rise of the Rothschilds,
Thellussons, and Barings.* Little is known of their early history except that they came from Cassel, in
Germany, and that in all probability they derived their name from the branch of trade which they
followed at a time when a goldsmith and a banker were pretty nearly one and the same thing.

   We are told that Aaron, the second son of Benedict Goldsmid, of Hamburg, settled in Leman Street,
Goodman's Fields, near Whitechapel Church, as a merchant, in the early part of the last century. His son
George was the father of two sons, Abraham and Benjamin Goldsmid, who, by their splendid capacities
for business, strict integrity, and singular good fortune, succeeded in raising their firm from competitive
obscurity to be the head and front of Change Alley. At an early period of life these brothers kept a
broker's shop in Goodman’s Fields, where their promptitude and honorable dealings soon gained them a
considerable amount of credit. This success encouraged them to enlarge their sphere of operations.
Accordingly, in 1792 they set up as stockbrokers and money-lenders in Capel Court. Here they made the
acquaintance of Mr. Abraham Newland, the chief cashier of the Bank of England, whose name,
appearing as it did at the bottom of the national paper currency for more than half a century, was for a
long time almost a household word in this country.

   Inspired with a liking for the two brothers, Mr. Newland made them his financial agents, and through
him they speedily attained the summit of stock broking activity. Thus taken in hand by the 'great man,'
and with the aid of their talents, prudence, and foresight, the success of the Goldsmids was rapid. In
1801 they became for the first time competitors for a portion of the Government loan of five millions, a
speculation which proved so lucrative that at the next loan they were enabled to treble their former
subscription. They were the first members of the Stock Exchange who competed with the bankers for
the favors of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and succeed in diverting into more legitimate sources the
profits hitherto absorbed by the bankers. In the course of five years the brothers had amassed a fortune
variously estimated from £600,000 t' £800,000. Naturally fond of show and society, and possessed of
great benevolence of character, they spent their money freely. No sordid parsimony was theirs. ‘The
daily paper,’ writes Francis, in his ‘Characters of the Stock Exchange,' 'bore almost daily testimony to
their uniform and boundless generosity. Naturally open-handed, the poor of all classes found in them
kindly benefactors. On one day the grand doings at an entertainment to royalty were recorded; and on
the next a few words related a visit of mercy to a condemned cell.

   At another, mansions vying in architectural beauty with those of our nobility were described; and,
again, some gracious act of charity was dwelt upon. Banquets to princes and ambassadors reviving the
glories of the Arabian Nights were frequent, and galleries with works of art worthy of the magnificence
of the Medici graced their houses.' They were awhile fortune's child and especial favorites. When in
1793 almost every mercantile house in England experienced the baneful effects of the well-nigh
unprecedented number of bankruptcies, and when the bank in one day discounted £4,400,000, their
loss amounted but to fifty pounds. One year they gained two sweepstakes by naming the thousand in
which the first and last ticket in the lottery happened to be drawn, together with several other prizes in
subsequent lotteries.

   But this career of splendid prosperity was cut short in the most melancholy manner. On the morning
of April 12th, 1808, the valet of Mr. Benjamin Goldsmid, the younger of the two brothers, on entering
his master's room, found him hanging suspended from a cord attached to the tester of the bed. It having
been brought forward in evidence that for some time previously he had been laboring under depression
of spirits, the jury brought in a verdict of lunacy. Mr. Abraham Goldsmid, it is said, felt the loss if his
brother so severely that he never recovered d from the shock; and so intimate had been the relations
existing between the two members of the house of Goldsmid, that the firm, reduced to one partner,
was unable to do its accustomed work. Hitherto invariably successful in all its undertakings, it now
became the reverse. Soon calamity after calamity overtook the surviving partner, until, driven to
desperation, he staked the remainder of his fortune, formerly amounting to about eight millions, in one
transaction. Mr. Goldsmid was a joint contractor for the loan of fourteen millions with the house of Sir
Francis Baring; but, Sir Francis dying, the support of the market was left to his companion. Taking the
largest possible range, that he had dealt amongst his friends one half the sum allotted to him, the loss
sustained by the remainder at sixty-five per thousand was a strain which no individual fortune could
sustain. About the middle of September, Abraham Goldsmid's loss amounted to about two hundred and
fifty thousand pounds, and still the prices kept sinking lower and lower. Towards the end of the month,
the ' Omnium' had fallen to 6 1/2 per cent. Ever since the decline of Omnium from par, Abraham
Goldsmid's spirits drooped progressively; but when it reached five and six per cent. discount, beyond all
probability of ultimate recovery, the unfortunate gentleman became restless and disturbed in his mind.
His transactions with the East Indian Company also increased his embarrassments. The aid granted to
them by Parliament was advanced in exchequer bills, which were put into Mr. Goldsmid's hands to
negotiate. Of the five hundred thousand pounds which they advanced, the Company had received one
hundred and fifty thousand pounds, and they had announced to Mr. Goldsmid that they would want the
remainder on the 1st of October. For that sum they held Omnium as security. On Thursday, 29th of
September, while on 'Change, the sadly harassed man, it seems, betrayed more than his usual
impatience and irritability,’ and spoke very incoherently of the revenge he promised himself in the
punishment of the two parties opposed to him in the money-market. In the evening he received some
friends at his house at Morden, in Surrey, and even joined them in a game of cards. About half-past
seven on the following morning, be was seen passing over the bridge which led to a part of the
shrubbery called the Wilderness, in the grounds at the back part of the house; suddenly a pistol shot
was heard, and he was discovered shortly afterwards lying mortally wounded. In spite of everything that
medical aid could do, he expired about ten o'clock, surrounded by his sorrowing family. As soon as
intelligence of the dreadful event reached the City, it created a sensation unparalleled by the loss of any
single individual. 'Expresses were sent with the news to the King and the Prince of Wales; Consols fell in
a few minutes from 66 1/2 to 66 3/4, and Omnium declined from about 6 1/2 to about 10 1/4 discount,
and remained steady at that price for some time; the jobbers of Capel Court crowded in anxious inquiry;
the merchants of the Exchange assembled before their usual time; the thoroughfares resounded with
rapid questions and hurried replies, and little or no business was done; and it is said the great question
of peace and war never created a similar confusion.' 'A hundred fortunes,' writes the late Mr. Frederick
Martin, 'went to pieces under the fall of the most trusted pillar of the Stock Exchange.'

    The jury recorded the usual verdict, and the remains of the deceased were interred in the Jews' burial
ground at Mile End. The funeral procession was followed to the place of interment by a number of poor
persons, who, having partaken of Mr. Goldsmid's charity in his lifetime, wished to honor him in death,
their moans and sobs attesting the sincerity of their sorrow. The high priest and the elders of the
synagogue who were present paid every distinction in their power to the remains of their departed
friend, but, in accordance with the Mosaic law, they withheld from him their customary funeral rites,
and he was buried without the pale of consecrated ground.

    It is said of Mr. Abraham Goldsmid, as of his brother Benjamin, that a man more truly amiable in all
the social relations of life never existed. His general philanthropy, his ready munificence, his friendly
demeanor, his mild and conciliatory manner, made him beloved and esteemed by a large circle of
friends, and by the commercial public at large. He was the promoter of all charitable institutions, and
there were not many men who ever performed kind acts in social life, or more liberal ones in what may
be termed his public one, than Mr. Abraham Goldsmid.
  'It is stated,' says Francis, 'that, noticing a great depression in the waiter who usually attended him
while he dined, he inquired the cause, ascertained that it was pecuniary, gave the astonished man
double the amount he required, and refused to listen to the thanks of the recipient.'

   Another story is extant to the same purport. He became acquainted, by accident, with one of those
simple and single-minded country curates whose poverty was the disgrace and whose piety was the
glory of the Church of England. This was the man for Abraham Goldsmid at once to appreciate and to
benefit. He obtained all necessary particulars of his case, and in a few weeks the parson received a letter
which told him that he had been allotted a share in a new loan. The letter was a mystery to the country
clergyman, who placed it on one side with a confused idea that a hoax was intended. He had not long to
wait. The next day brought a second letter, and with it comfort and consolation in the shape of a large
sum of money, which had been received on the allotment.

   Mr. Goldsmid, before the committal of his last desperate act, had determined, if possible, to fulfill all
his contracts at the Stock Exchange, hoping still to have a competency left to retire with into private life
from the wreck of his fortune. With this end in view, he had already commenced retrenchments by
discharging all the workmen and out-door laborers employed on his extensive premises at Morden.

   An investigation having been made into the affairs of the deceased and his partner, Mr. Moxon, by
desire of the Government, it appeared that the house of Goldsmid and Company had originally retained
to themselves £800,000 of the loan, £600,000 of the English and £200,000 of the Irish. The purchases, of
Omnium since, in order to sustain it, had alone occasioned the difficulties which, in a moment of frenzy,
led to the sad act. The amount of the purchased Omnium was not stated; but it was positively asserted
by those who had looked into the affairs of the house, that there would be a considerable surplus for
the family of the deceased after fulfilling all engagements of the firm, provided the holders of the
Omnium (as security for the money advanced) did not imprudently bring it to the market in a hurry, but
retained it till there was a public demand for it. The account between the Treasury and Mr. Goldsmid
was completely balanced, so that no interruptions occurred to prevent the winding-up of his affairs. Mr.
Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, nephew of the celebrated brothers Abraham and Benjamin Goldsmid, was created
a baronet in 1841. He was also made Baron de Goldsmid and de Palmeira in Portugal---titles conferred
upon him by the Queen of Portugal in recognition of the important services rendered by him to her
country, and further was authorized to wear his Portuguese honors in England. His son and his grandson
have held seats in the House of Commons, and they own the noble estate of Somerhill, near Tunbridge,
which the second baronet purchased from the Alexanders about forty years ago. [Chapters From the
Family Chests, 1887 from the British Isles Genealogy.]

You can speculate on this event about any involvement all day but the only facts here is the resulting
financial turmoil created by the only other major bankers in the area suddenly turning up dead. This of
course makes a perfect oppurtunity for The Rothschilds to take over all banking in England.
Now I want to remind you of a few things before we continue. It is exactly 1 year before the charter for
the US Bank is up for renew and Rothschild now has control over all banking in England. These are all
100% Indisputable Historical Facts. I've left out all speculation. So get ready it's about to get bumpy.

1811: The charter for the Rothschilds Bank of the United States runs out and Congress votes against its
renewal. Nathan Mayer Rothschild is not amused and he states,

"Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved
in a most disastrous war."

However the United States stands firm and the Charter is not renewed, which causes Nathan Mayer
Rothschild to issue another threat,

"Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to colonial status."

1812: Backed by Rothschild money, and Nathan Mayer Rothschild's orders, the British declare war on
the United States. The Rothschilds plan was to cause the United States to build up such a debt in fighting
this war that they would have to surrender to the Rothschilds and allow the charter for the Rothschild
owned First Bank of the United States to be renewed.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild dies. In his will he lays out specific laws that the House of Rothschild were to
follow: all key positions in the family business were only to be held by family members; only male
members of the family were allowed to participate in the family business, this included a reported sixth
secret bastard son (It is important to note that Mayer Amschel Rothschild also has five daughters, so
today the spread of the Rothschild Zionist dynasty without the Rothschild name is far and wide, and
Jews believe the mixed offspring of a Jewish mother is solely Jewish); the family was to intermarry with
it’s first and second cousins to preserve the family fortune (of the 18 marriages by Mayer Amschel
Rothschild’s grandchildren, 16 were between first cousins - a practice known today as inbreeding); no
public inventory of his estate was to be published; no legal action was to be taken with regard to the
value of the inheritance; the eldest son of the eldest son was to become the head of the family (this
condition could only be overturned when the majority of the family agreed otherwise).
This was straightaway the case and Nathan Mayer Rothschild was elected head of the family following
his father, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s death.

Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild goes to Paris, France to set up the bank, de Rothschild Frères.

Nathaniel de Rothschild, the son in law of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild, born.

Many people argue the fact that Rothschild ordered the war but regardless of who ordered it. It was still
a prime oppurtunity to have an already mad at the Americans Government exploit a potential weakness
in their enemy so I'm sure even if it wasn't ordered they hardly had to be convinced and with a
stranglehold on all of England Finances not too hard to blackmail people if they had to. Also keep in
mind Mayer Amschel Rothschild still had the $3,000,000 Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau had
entrusted to Mayer Amschel Rothschild for safekeeping.

1814: With regard to the $3,000,000 Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau had entrusted to Mayer Amschel
Rothschild for safekeeping, for an account of what happened next we turn to the Jewish Encyclopaedia,
1905 edition, Volume 10, page 494, which states,

"According to legend this money was hidden away in wine casks, and, escaping the search of Napoleon's
soldiers when they entered Frankfurt, was restored intact in the same casks in 1814, when the elector
(Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau) returned to the electorate (Germany). The facts are somewhat less
romantic, and more businesslike."
This last line indicates the money was never returned by Rothschild to Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau.
The encyclopaedia goes on to state,

"Nathan Mayer Rothschild invested this $3,000,000 in, gold from the East India Company knowing that it
would be needed for Wellington's peninsula campaign."

On the stolen money Nathan made,

"no less than four profits:

i) On the sale of Wellington's paper which he bought at 50 cents on the dollar and collected at par;

ii) on the sale of gold to Wellington;

iii) on its repurchase; and

iv) on forwarding it to Portugal."

1815: The five Rothschild brothers work to supply gold to both Wellington's army (through Nathan in
England) and Napoleon's army (through Jacob in France), and begin their policy of funding both sides in
wars. The Rothschilds love wars because they are massive generators of risk free debt.

This is because they are guaranteed by the government of a country, and therefore the efforts of the
population of that country, and it doesn't matter if that country loses the war because the loans are
given on the guarantee that the victor will honour the debts of the vanquished.

Whilst the Rothschilds are funding both sides in this war, they use the banks they have spread out across
Europe to give them the opportunity to set up an unrivalled postal service network of secret routes and
fast couriers. The post these couriers carried was to be opened up by these couriers and their details
given to the Rothschilds so they always were one step ahead of current events.
Furthermore, these Rothschild couriers were the only merchants allowed to pass through the English
and French blockades. It was these couriers who also kept Nathan Mayer Rothschild up to date with
how the war was going so he could use that intelligence to buy and sell from his position on the stock
exchange in accordance with that intelligence.

One of Rothschild's couriers was a man named Rothworth. When the outcome of the Battle of
Waterloo was won by the British, Rothworth took off for the Channel and was able to deliver this news
to Nathan Mayer Rothschild, a full 24 hours before Wellington's own courier.

At that time British bonds were called consuls and they were traded on the floor of the stock exchange.
Nathan Mayer Rothschild instructed all his workers on the floor to start selling consuls. The made all the
other traders believe that the British had lost the war so they started selling frantically.

Therefore the consuls plummeted in value which was when Nathan Mayer Rothschild discreetly
instructed his workers to purchase all the consuls they could lay their hands on.

When news came through that the British had actually won the war, the consuls went up to a level even
higher than before the war ended leaving Nathan Mayer Rothschild with a return of approximately 20 to
1 on his investment.

This gave the Rothschild family complete control of the British economy, now the financial centre of the
world following Napolean's defeat, and forced England to set up a new Bank of England, which Nathan
Mayer Rothschild controlled.
Interestingly 100 years later the New York Times would run a story stating that Nathan Mayer
Rothschild's grandson had attempted to secure a court order to suppress publication of a book which
had this insider trading story in it. The Rothschild family claimed the story was untrue and libellous, but
the court denied the Rothschilds request and ordered the family to pay all court costs.

Back to 1815, this is the year Nathan Mayer Rothschild makes his famous statement,

"I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never
sets. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British
money supply."

He would go onto brag that in the 17 years he had been in England he had increased the £20,000 stake
given to him by his father, 2500 times to £50 million.

The Rothschilds also use their control of the Bank of England to replace the method of shipping gold
from country to country and instead used their five banks spread across Europe to set up a system of
paper debits and credits, the banking system of today.

By the end of this century, a period of time that was known as the, "Age of the Rothschilds," it is
estimated that the Rothschild family controlled half the wealth of the world.

However something that did not go well for the Rothschilds this year was the Congress of Vienna, which
started in September, 1814 and concluded in June of this year. The reason for this Congress of Vienna,
was for the Rothschilds to create a form of world government, to give them complete political control
over much of the civilized world.
Many of the European governments were in debt to the Rothschilds, so they figured they could use that
as a bargaining tool. However the Tsar Alexander I of Russia, who had not succumbed to a Rothschild
central bank, would not go along with the plan, so the Rothschild world government plan failed.

Enraged by this, Nathan Mayer Rothschild swore that some day he or his descendants would destroy the
Tsar Alexander I's entire family and descendants. Unfortunately he was true to his word and 102 years
later Rothschild funded Bolsheviks would act upon that promise.

Interestingly, world government fanatic and Ashkenazi Jew, Henry Kissinger, did his doctoral dissertation
on the Congress of Vienna.

1816: The American Congress passes a bill permitting yet another Rothschild dominated central bank,
which gives the Rothschilds control of the American money supply again. This is called the Second Bank
of the United States and is given a twenty year charter. The British war against the America therefore
ends with the deaths of thousands of British and American soldiers, but the Rothschilds get their bank.

The Second Bank of the United States provided a way for the government to handle its financial affairs.
The bank was created when James Madison and Albert Gallatin found the government unable to finance
the country in the aftermath of the War of 1812. The War of 1812 had put the United States in
significant debt, and the First Bank of the United States had closed in 1811. The debt of the nation led to
an increase in banknotes among the new private banks, and as a result, inflation increased greatly. As a
result, Madison and Congress agreed to form the Second Bank of the United States.

After the war, despite the debt, the United States also experienced an economic boom, due to the
devastation of the Napoleonic Wars. In particular, because of the damage to Europe's agricultural
sector, the U.S. agricultural sector underwent an expansion. The Bank aided this boom through its
lending, which encouraged speculation in land. This lending allowed almost anyone to borrow money
and speculate in land, sometimes doubling or even tripling the prices of land. The land sales for 1819,
alone, totaled some 55 million acres (220,000 km). With such a boom, hardly anyone noticed the
widespread fraud occurring at the Bank as well as the economic bubble that had been created.

1818: Following the French securing massive loans in 1817 in order to help rebuild after their disastrous
defeat at Waterloo, Rothschild agents bought vast amounts of French government bonds causing their
value to increase.

On November 5th they dumped the lot on the open market causing their value to plummet and France
to go into a financial panic. The Rothschilds then stepped in to take control of the French money supply.
This was the same year the Rothschilds were able to loan £5,000,000 to the Prussian government.

In the summer of 1818, the national bank managers realized the bank's massive over-extension, and
instituted a policy of contraction and the calling in of loans. This recalling of loans simultaneously
curtailed land sales and slowed the U.S. production boom due to the recovery of Europe. The result was
the Panic of 1819 and the situation leading up to McCulloch v. Maryland 17 U.S. 316 (1819).

McCulloch v. Maryland, 17 U.S. 316 (1819), was a landmark decision by the Supreme Court of the United
States. The state of Maryland had attempted to impede operation of a branch of the Second Bank of the
United States by imposing a tax on all notes of banks not chartered in Maryland. Though the law, by its
language, was generally applicable to all banks not chartered in Maryland, the Second Bank of the
United States was the only out-of-state bank then existing in Maryland, and the law was recognized in
the court's opinion as having specifically targeted the U.S. Bank. The Court invoked the Necessary and
Proper Clause of the Constitution, which allowed the Federal government to pass laws not expressly
provided for in the Constitution's list of express powers, provided those laws are in useful furtherance of
the express powers of Congress under the Constitution.

This fundamental case established the following two principles:

The Constitution grants to Congress implied powers for implementing the Constitution's express
powers, in order to create a functional national government.
State action may not impede valid constitutional exercises of power by the Federal government.

The opinion was written by Chief Justice John Marshall.

What's interesting about this is that there was a similar case before this one with a very different verdict
under Justice John Marshall.

Marbury v. Madison (1803) was the first important case before Marshall's Court. In that case, the
Supreme Court invalidated a provision of the Judiciary Act of 1789 on the grounds that it violated the
Constitution by attempting to expand the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Marbury was the
first and only case in which the Marshall Court ruled an act of Congress unconstitutional, and thereby
reinforced the doctrine of judicial review. Thus, although the Court indicated that the Jefferson
administration was violating another law, the Court said it could not do anything about it due to its own
lack of jurisdiction. President Thomas Jefferson took the position that the Court could not give him a
mandamus (i.e. an order) even if the Court had jurisdiction:

“In the case of Marbury and Madison, the federal judges declared that commissions, signed and sealed
by the President, were valid, although not delivered. I deemed delivery essential to complete a deed,
which, as long as it remains in the hands of the party, is as yet no deed, it is in posse only, but not in
esse, and I withheld delivery of the commissions. They cannot issue a mandamus to the President or
legislature, or to any of their officers."

More generally, Jefferson lamented that allowing the Constitution to mean whatever the Court says it
means would make the Constitution "a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, which they may
twist and shape into any form they please."
Because Marbury v. Madison decided that a jurisdictional statute passed by Congress was
unconstitutional, that was technically a victory for the Jefferson administration (so it could not easily
complain). Ironically what was unconstitutional was Congress' granting a certain power to the Supreme
Court itself. The case allowed Marshall to proclaim the doctrine of judicial review, which reserves to the
Supreme Court final authority to judge whether or not actions of the president or of the congress are
within the powers granted to them by the Constitution. The Constitution itself is the supreme law, and
when the Court believes that a specific law or action is in violation of it, the Court must uphold the
Constitution and set aside that other law or action, assuming that a party has standing to properly
invoke the Court's jurisdiction. Chief Justice Marshall famously put the matter this way:

"It is emphatically the province and duty of the Judicial Department to say what the law is. Those who
apply the rule to particular cases must, of necessity, expound and interpret that rule. If two laws conflict
with each other, the Courts must decide on the operation of each."

The Constitution does not explicitly give judicial review to the Court, and Jefferson was very angry with
Marshall's position, for he wanted the President to decide whether his acts were constitutional or not.
Historians mostly agree that the framers of the Constitution did plan for the Supreme Court to have
some sort of judicial review; what Marshall did was make operational their goals. Judicial review was not
new and Marshall himself mentioned it in the Virginia ratifying convention of 1788. Marshall's opinion
expressed and fixed in the American tradition and legal system a more basic theory—government under
law. That is, judicial review means a government in which no person (not even the President) and no
institution (not even Congress or the Supreme Court itself), nor even a majority of voters, may freely
work their will in violation of the written Constitution. Marshall himself never declared another law of
Congress or act of a president unconstitutional.

Now this next section may start to piss of the Catholics but bear with me here.

1821: Kalmann (Carl) Mayer Rothschild was sent to Naples, Italy. He would end up doing a lot of
business with the Vatican and Pope Gregory XVI subsequently conferred upon him the Order of St.
Also, whenever the Pope received Kalmann, he would give him his hand rather than the customary toe
to kiss, which showed the extent of Kalmann's power over the Vatican.

Maria's mother died in 1821 when Maria was 26. She received an inheritance of 74.25 gulden, which she
left invested in the Orphans' Fund until 1838. By that time it had more than doubled to 165 gulden. At
that time, a breeding pig cost 4 gulden, a cow 10-12 gulden and an entire inn 500 gulden. Werner Maser
wrote she was a "thrifty, reserved, and exceptionally shrewd peasantwoman."

Other than saving her inheritance, which indicates she was not destitute during that period of her life,
little is known about Maria's life until she was over 40.

1822: The emperor of Austria made the five Rothschild brothers Barons. Nathan Mayer Rothschild
chose not to take up the title.

1823: The Rothschilds take over the financial operations of the Catholic Church, worldwide.

Many people don't know that the centralized vatican Bank is operated by The Rothschild Family. That
Explains a lot of those bank errors now don't it?

1827: Sir Walter Scott publishes his nine volume set, The life of Napolean and in volume two he states
that the French Revolution was planned by the Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt) and was financed by the
money changers of Europe (The Rothschilds).
1832: President Andrew Jackson (the 7th President of the United States from 1829 to 1837), runs the
campaign for his second term in office under the slogan, "Jackson And No Bank!" This is in reference to
his plan to take the control of the American money system to benefit the American people, not for the
profiteering of the Rothschilds.

1833: President Andrew Jackson starts removing the government's deposits from the Rothschild
controlled, Second Bank of the United States and instead deposits them into banks directed by
democratic bankers.

This causes the Rothschilds to panic and so they do what they do best, contract the money supply
causing a depression. President Jackson knows what they are up to and later states,

"You are a den of thieves vipers, and I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you

1834: The Italian revolutionary leader, Guiseppe Mazzini, is selected by the Illuminati to direct their
revolutionary program throughout the world and would serve in that capacity until he died in 1872.

1835: On January 30, an assassin tries to shoot President Jackson, but miraculously both of the
assassin's pistols misfired. President Jackson would later claim that he knew the Rothschilds were
responsible for that attempted assassination. He is not the only one, the assassin, Richard Lawrence,
who was found not guilty by reason of insanity, later bragged that powerful people in Europe had hired
him and promised to protect him if he were caught.
The Rothschilds acquire the rights in the Almadén quicksilver mines in Spain. This was at the time the
biggest concession in the world and as quicksilver was a vital component in the refining of gold or silver
this gave the Rothschilds a virtual world monopoly.

1836: Following his years of fighting against the Rothschilds and their central bank in America, President
Andrew Jackson finally succeeds in throwing the Rothschilds central bank out of America, when the
bank's charter is not renewed. It would not be until 1913 that the Rothschilds would be able to set up
their third central bank in America, the Federal Reserve, and to ensure no mistakes are made, this time
they will put one of their own bloodline, Jacob Schiff, in charge of the project.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild dies and the control of his bank, N. M. Rothschild & Sons is passed on to his
younger brother, James Mayer Rothschild.

1837: The Rothschilds send one of their own, August Belmont, an Ashkenazi Jew, to America to salvage
their banking interests defeated by President Andrew Jackson.

Alois Schicklgruber was born in the village of Strones in the Waldviertel, a hilly forested area in
northwest Lower Austria just north of Vienna, to a 42-year-old unmarried peasant, Maria Anna
Schicklgruber, whose family had lived in the area for generations. After he was baptized at the nearby
village of Döllersheim, the space for his father's name on the baptismal certificate was left blank and the
priest wrote "illegitimate". Alois was cared for by his mother in a house she shared at Strones with her
elderly father, Johannes Schicklgruber. As you may know from before this area has been under the
control of the Barons Rothschild now for about 15 years. It is worth note that as previously stated
Rothschilds are in the habit of intentionally siring "illegitimate" children to expand the bloodline. Other
than The possibility of a Rothschild father only 3 other potential fathers ever are theorized.
Johann Georg Hiedler, he was put on Alois's birth certificate later in his life and who was officially
accepted as the father of Alois (paternal grandfather of Adolf Hitler) by the Third Reich.

Johann Nepomuk Hiedler, Georg's brother and Alois's step-uncle, who raised Alois through adolescence
and later willed him a considerable portion of his life savings but who, if he was the real father of Alois
he never found it expedient to admit it publicly.

Leopold Frankenberger, rumoured by Hans Frank, Frankenberger had supposidely impregnated Maria
Shicklgruber whilse she was working as a maid for a Jewish family. Frank's speculation has many
contradictions as he said that Maria came from "Leonding near Linz", when in fact she came from the
hamlet of Strones, near the village of Döllersheim. He also said "The fact that Adolf Hitler was not Jewish
blood in his veins, had, from what has been his whole manner so blatant that it needs no further word".
There also has been no documents to ever prove that a "Frankenburger" even existed, or to support any
of Frank's unsupported claim so it is widely regarded as baseless.

Maria soon took up residence with her father at house #22 in Strones. After an unknown period, the
three Schicklgrubers were joined by Johann Georg Hiedler, an itinerant journeyman miller.

1840: The Rothschilds become the Bank of England’s bullion brokers. They set up agencies in California
and Australia.

1841: President John Tyler (the 10th President of the United States From 1841 to 1845) vetoed the act
to renew the charter for the Bank of the United States. He goes on to receive hundreds of letters
threatening him with assassination. (notice a pattern yet?)
1842: On 10 May 1842, five years after Alois was born, Maria Anna Schicklgruber married Johann Georg
Hiedler in the nearby village of Döllersheim. Maria was 47, her new husband was 50.

Whether or not Johann Georg Hiedler was actually the biological paternal grandfather of Hitler will
remain unknown as he was not put as the father on Alois's birth certificate. This came into question
when Hitler began to rise in power as one of Nazism's principles was that to be considered a pure
"Aryan" one had to have a documented ancestry certificate (Ahnenpass), as Johann Georg Hielder was
officially declared the paternal grandfather by the Third Reich, Hitler was considered an Aryan.

Some time after Maria was married (but no more than five years later) Alois was sent to live with Johann
Georg's brother, Johann Nepomuk Hiedler, who had a modest but prosperous farm in the village of
Spital. Maria and Johann Georg then moved to Klein-Motten. The reason why Alois was sent away is not
known. There is some speculation that Johann Nepomuk may have been Alois' biological father.

1844: Salomon Mayer Rothschild purchases the United Coal Mines of Vítkovice and Austro-Hungarian
Blast Furnace Company that would go on to be one of the top ten global industrial concerns.

Benjamin Disraeli, an Ashkenazi Jew (who would go on to become British Prime Minister twice - the only
admitted Ashkenazi Jew to do so) publishes Coningsby, in which he characterises Nathan Mayer
Rothschild as,

"the Lord and Master of the money markets of the world, and of course virtually Lord and Master of
everything else. He literally held the revenues of Southern Italy in pawn, and Monarchs and Ministers of
all countries courted his advice and were guided by his suggestions."

1845: The Great American Patriot, Andrew Jackson (7th President of the United States) dies.

Before his death he is asked what he regarded his as greatest achievement. He replies without
"I Killed The Bank,"

This is in reference to the fact he banished the Rothschilds Second Bank of the United States in 1836.

Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild (who by now had married his niece, Betty, Salomon Mayer Rothschild's
daughter), now known as Baron James de Rothschild, wins the contract to build the first major railway
line across the country.

This was called the Chemin De Fer Du Nord and ran initially from Paris to Valenciennes and then joined
with the Austrian rail network built by his brother (and wife's father - all sounds a bit sordid doesn't it)
Salomon Mayer Rothschild.

1847: Lionel De Rothschild now married to the daughter of his uncle, Kalmann (Carl) Mayer Rothschild,
is elected to the parliamentary seat for the City of London.

A requirement for entering parliament was to take an oath in the true faith of a Christian. Lionel De
Rothschild refused to do this as he was Jewish and his seat in parliament remained empty for 11 years
until new oaths were allowed. He must have been an invaluable representative for his constituency,
bearing in mind he could never vote on any bill as he never entered parliament! I wonder how he
managed to keep his parliamentary seat for 11 years?

Maria died during the sixth year of her marriage, at the age of 52 in Klein-Motten where she was living
with her husband in the home of kin, the Sillip family. She died of "consumption resulting from pectoral
(thoracic) dropsy" in 1847. She was buried at the parish church in Döllersheim.
1848: Karl Marx, an Ashkenazi Jew, publishes, "The Communist Manifesto." Interestingly at the same
time as he is working on this, Karl Ritter of Frankfurt University was writing the antithesis which would
form the basis for Freidrich Wilhelm Nietzsche's, "Nietzscheanism." This Nietzecheanism was later
developed into Fascism and then into Nazism and was used to forment the first and second world wars.

Marx, Ritter, and Nietzsche were all funded and under the instruction of the Rothschilds. The idea was
that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in those two so-called ideologies
to enable them to divide larger and larger factions of the human race into opposing camps so that they
could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other, and particularly, to
destroy all political and religious institutions. The same plan put forward by Weishaupt in 1776.

Eva Hanau, Amschel Mayer Rothschild’s wife dies.

1849: Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife dies. Before her death she would nonchalantly

"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none."

1850: Construction begins this decade on the manor houses of Mentmore in England and Ferrières in
France, more Rothschilds Manors will follow throughout the world, all of them filled with works of art.
Jacob (James) Rothschild in France is said to be worth 600 million francs, which at the time was 150
million francs more than all the other bankers in France put together.

1852: N.M. Rothschild & Sons begins refining gold and silver for the Royal Mint and the Bank of England
and other international customers.

1853: Nathaniel de Rothschild, the son in law of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild, purchases Château
Brane Mouton, the Bordeaux vineyard of Mouton, and renames it Château Mouton Rothschild.

1854: Caroline Stern, Salomon Mayer Rothschild’s wife, dies.

1855: Amschel Mayer Rothschild dies.

Salomon Mayer Rothschild dies.

Kalmann (Carl) Mayer Rothschild dies.

In response to a recruitment drive by the Austrian government offering employment in the civil service
to people from rural areas, Alois Schicklgruber AKA Alois Hitler joined the frontier guards (customs
service) of the Austrian Finance Ministry in 1855 at the age of 18.
1857: John Pierpont Morgan went into banking in 1857 at his father's London branch, moving to New
York City in 1858 where he worked at the banking house of Duncan, Sherman & Company, the American
representatives of George Peabody & Company. From 1860 to 1864, as J. Pierpont Morgan & Company,
he acted as agent in New York for his father's firm. By 1864–1872, he was a member of the firm of
Dabney, Morgan, and Company. In 1871, he partnered with the Drexels of Philadelphia to form the New
York firm of Drexel, Morgan & Company. Anthony J. Drexel became Pierpont's mentor at the request of
Junius Morgan.

1858: Lionel De Rothschild finally takes his seat in parliament when the requirement to take an oath in
the true faith of a Christian is broadened to include other oaths. He becomes the first Jewish member of
the British parliament.

1861: President Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States from 1860 till his assassination in
1865) approaches the big banks in New York to try to obtain loans to support the ongoing American civil
war. As these large banks were heavily under the influence of the Rothschilds, they offer him a deal
they know he cannot accept, 24% to 36% interest on all monies loaned.

Lincoln is very angry about this high level of interest and so he prints his own debt free money and
informs the public that this is now legal tender for both public and private debts.

1862: By April $449,338,902 worth of Lincoln’s debt free money has been printed and distributed. He
states of this,
“We gave the people of this republic the greatest blessing they ever had, their own paper money to pay
their own debts.”

That same year The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement,

"If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become
indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay
off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce.

It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The
brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it
will destroy every monarchy on the globe."

1863: President Abraham Lincoln discovers the Tsar of Russia, Alexander II (1855 – 1881), was having
problems with the Rothschilds as well as he was refusing their continual attempts to set up a central
bank in Russia. The Tsar then gives President Lincoln some unexpected help.

The Tsar issued orders that if either England or France actively intervened in the American Civil War, and
help the South, Russia would consider such action a declaration of war, and take the side of President
Lincoln. To show that he wasn't messing about, he sent part of his Pacific Fleet to port in San Francisco
and another part to New York.

The Rothschild banking house in Naples, Italy, C. M. de Rothschild e figli, closes following the unification
of Italy. The Rothschilds use one of their own in America, John D. Rockefeller, to form an oil business
called Standard Oil which eventually takes over all of its competition.
1864: Rothschild, August Belmont, who by now is the Democratic Party's National Chairman, supports
General George McClellan as the Democratic nominee to run against President Abraham Lincoln in this
year's election. Much to the anger of Belmont, President Lincoln wins the election.

1865: In a statement to Congress, President Abraham Lincoln states,

"I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me, and the financial institutions in the rear.
Of the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe."

Later that year, on April 14, President Lincoln is assassinated, less than two months before the end of
the American Civil War.

Following a brief training period in the Rothschilds London Bank, Jacob Schiff, a Rothschild, born in their
house in Frankfurt, arrives in America at the age of 18, with instructions and the finance necessary to
buy into a banking house there. The purpose of this was to carry out the following tasks.

1. Gain control of America's money system through the establishment of a central bank.

2. Find desirable men, who for a price, would be willing to serve as stooges for the Illuminati and
promote them into high places in the federal government, the Congress, Supreme Court, and all the
federal agencies.

3. Create minority group strife throughout the nations, particularly targeting the whites and blacks.

4. Create a movement to destroy religion in the United States, with Christianity as the main target.

Nathaniel de Rothschild becomes Member of Parliament for Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.
I hope by now it should be obvious that these members of the decidedly Vatican-esque group The
Illuminati are not only pawns of Rothschild but also frequently go to "see the pope" so they can stop and
launder money in the Vatican Central Bank which is owned by the Rothschilds.

Noted members include people like Bush. Not quite smart enough to act on his own but willing to do
anything for enough money to go score some more blow. Political Puppets.

1868: Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild dies, shortly after purchasing Château Lafite, one of the four great
premier grand cru estates of France. He is the last of Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s sons to die.

1869: J. P. Morgan wrested control of the Albany and Susquehanna Railroad from Jay Gould and Jim
Fisk. He also led the syndicate that broke the government-financing privileges of Jay Cooke, and soon
became deeply involved in developing and financing a railroad empire by reorganizations and
consolidations in all parts of the United States.

1870: Nathaniel de Rothschild dies.

1871: An American General named, Albert Pike, who had been enticed into the Illuminati by Guissepe
Mazzini, completes his military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the
world, culminating into moving this great conspiracy into its final stage.

The first world war is to be fought for the purpose of destroying the Tsar in Russia,as promised by
Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815. The Tsar is to be replaced with communism which is to be used to
attack religions, predominantly Christianity. The differences between the British and German empires
are to be used to forment this war.
The second world war is to be used to forment the controversy between facism and political zionism
with the slaughter of Jews in Germany a lynchpin in bringing hatred against the German people. This is
designed to destroy fascism (which the Rothschilds created) and increase the power of political zionism.
This war is also designed to increase the power of communism to the level that it equalled that of united

The third world war is to be played out by stirring up hatred of the Muslim world for the purposes of
playing the Islamic world and the political zionists off against one another. Whilst this is going on, the
remaining nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual and
economic exhaustion.

On August 15th of this year, Albert Pike writes a letter (now catalogued in the British Museum) to
Guiseppe Mazzini in which he states the following,

"We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all
its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of
most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the people will be forced to defend themselves against the world minority of the
world revolutionaries and will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitudes
disillusioned with Christianity whose spirits will be from that moment without direction and leadership
and anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the true light
through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out into public view.

A manifestation which will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction
of Christianity and Atheism; both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

Pike, who having been elected as Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry's
Southern Jurisdiction in 1859, was the most powerful Freemason in America. He would retain that post
for 32 years until his death in 1891. He also published a book on the subject in 1872 entitled, "Morals
and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry," in which he candidly states the

"LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darknesss! Lucifer, the
Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual
or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!"

1872: Prior to Guiseppe Mazzini's death this year, he makes another revolutionary leader named Adrian
Lemmy his successor. Lemmy will be subsequently succeeded by Lenin and Trotsky, then by Stalin. The
revolutionary activities of all these men are financed by the Rothschilds.

1873: The loss making Rio Tinto copper mines in Spain, are purchased by a group of foreign financiers
including the Rothschilds. These mines represented Europe’s largest source of copper.

Alois was 36 when he married for the first time. Anna Glasl-Hörer was a wealthy, 50-year-old daughter
of a customs official. She was sick when Alois married her and was either an invalid or became one
shortly afterwards.

Not long after marrying his first wife, Anna, Alois Hitler began an affair with 19-year-old Franziska
"Fanni" Matzelsberger, one of the young female servants employed at the Pommer Inn, house #219, in
the city of Braunau am Inn, where he was renting the top floor as a lodging.

1875: On January 1 of this year Jacob Schiff, now Solomon Loeb's son-in-law after marrying his daughter,
Teresa, takes control of the banking house, Kuhn, Loeb & Co. He goes on to finance John D.
Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company, Edward R. Harriman's Railroad Empire, and Andrew Carnegie's Steel
Empire. This is all with Rothschild money.
He then identifies the other largest bankers in America at that time. They are, J.P. Morgan who controls
Wall Street, and the Drexels and the Biddles of Philadelphia. All the other financiers, big and little,
danced to the music of those three houses. Schiff then gets the European Rothschilds to set up
European branches of these three large banks on the understanding that Schiff, and therefore
Rothschild, is to be the boss of banking in New York and therefore America.

N M Rothschild & Sons undertake a share issue to raise capital for the first channel tunnel project to link
France to England, with half of its capital coming from the Rothschild owned Compagnie du Chemin de
Fer du Nord.

This year Lionel De Rothschild also loans Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli the finance for the British
government to purchase the shares in the Suez Canal, from Khedive Said of Egypt. This was done as the
Rothschilds needed this access route to be held by a government they controlled, so they could use that
government's military to protect their huge business interests in the Middle East.

1876: Otto von Bismarck states,

"The division of the United States into two federations of equal force was decided long before the civil
war by the high financial power of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they
remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economical and financial independence, which
would upset their financial domination over the world.

The voice of the Rothschilds predominated. They foresaw the tremendous booty if they could substitute
two feeble democracies, indebted to the financiers, to the vigorous Republic, confident and self-

Therefore they started their emissaries in order to exploit the question of slavery and thus dig an abyss
between the two parts of the Republic."
Three years after Alois Hitler married Anna, he had hired Klara Pölzl as a household servant. She was the
16-year-old granddaughter of Hitler's step-uncle (and possible father or biological uncle) Nepomuk. If
Nepomuk was Hitler's father, Klara was Hitler's half-niece. If his father was Johann Georg, she was his
first cousin once removed. Matzelsberger demanded that the "servant girl" Klara find another job, and
Hitler sent Pölzl away.

1877: As a rising young junior customs official, Alois Schicklgruber used his birth name of Schicklgruber,
but in mid-1876, 39 years old and well established in his career, he asked permission to use his
stepfather's family name. He appeared before the parish priest in Döllersheim and asserted that his
father was Johann Georg Hiedler, who had married his mother and now wished to legitimize him. Three
relatives appeared with him as witnesses, one of whom was Johann Nepomuk, Hiedler's son-in-law. The
priest agreed to amend the records, the civil authorities automatically processed the church's decision,
and Alois Schicklgruber had a new name. The official change, registered at the government office in
Mistelbach in 1877 transformed him into "Alois Hitler". It is not known who decided on the spelling of
Hitler instead of Hiedler.

Smith states that Alois Schicklgruber openly admitted having been born out of wedlock before and after
the name change.[4] Alois may have been influenced to change his name for the sake of legal
expediency. Historian Werner Maser claims that in 1876, Franz Schicklgruber, the administrator of Alois'
mother's estate, transferred a large sum of money (230 gulden) to him.

Supposedly, Johann Georg Hiedler relented on his deathbed and left an inheritance to his illegitimate
son (Alois) together with his name.

Some Schicklgrubers remain in Waldviertel. One of this extended clan, Aloisia Veit, who was mentally ill,
died in 1940 at the age of 49, in an Austrian Nazi gas chamber.

1878: Thomas Alva Edison formed the Edison Electric Light Company in New York City with several
financiers, including J. P. Morgan and the members of the Vanderbilt family. Edison patented the sound
recording and reproducing phonograph.
1879: Lionel de Rothschild dies. Edison made the first public demonstration of his incandescent light
bulb on December 31, 1879, in Menlo Park. It was during this time that he said: "We will make electricity
so cheap that only the rich will burn candles."

1880: Rothschild agents begin formenting a series of pogroms predominantly in Russia, but also in
Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. These pogroms resulted in the slaughter of thousands of innocent Jews,
causing approximately 2 million to flee, mainly to New York, but also to Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston
and Los Angeles.

The reason these pogroms were initiated, was to create a large Jewish base in America, who when they
arrived, would be educated to register as Democrat voters. Some twenty years later, this would result in
in a massive Democratic power base in the United States and be used to elect Rothschild front men such
as Woodrow Wilson, to the Presidency, to carry out the bidding of the Rothschilds.

(for those who dont know a pogrom is like a violent riot and hate filled mob that attack minority

U.S. Patent#223898: Electric-Lamp. Issued January 27, 1880.

Smith states that Alois had numerous affairs in the 1870s, resulting in his wife initiating legal action; on 7
November 1880 Alois and Anna separated by mutual agreement. Matzelsberger became the 43-year-old
Hitler's girlfriend, but the two could not marry since under Roman Catholic canon law, divorce is not
1881: President James A. Garfield (The 20th President of the United States who lasted only 100 Days)
states two weeks before he is assassinated,

“Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and
commerce…and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by
a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression

Edmond James de Rothschild has a son Maurice de Rothschild.

(notice how they always seem to die 2 weeks after they say something? Its EXACTLY like a mafia hit.)

A power transformer developed by Lucien Gaulard of France and John Dixon Gibbs of England was
demonstrated in London and attracted the interest of Westinghouse. Transformers were not new, but
the Gaulard-Gibbs design was one of the first that could handle large amounts of power and was easily

1882: Nikola Tesla moved to Paris, to work as an engineer for the Continental Edison Company,
designing improvements to electric equipment brought overseas from Edison's ideas. According to his
autobiography, in the same year he conceived the induction motor and began developing various
devices that use rotating magnetic fields for which he received patents in 1888.
George Westinghouse's company bought Philip Diehl's competing induction lamp patent rights for
$25,000, forcing the holders of the Edison patent to charge a more reasonable rate for the use of the
Edison patent rights and lowering the price of the electric lamp. On September 4, 1882, Edison switched
on the world's first electrical power distribution system, providing 110 volts direct current (DC) to 59
customers in lower Manhattan, around his Pearl Street laboratory.

On 13 January 1882, Matzelsberger gave birth to Alois Hitler's illegitimate son, also named Alois, but
since they were not married, the child's last name was Matzelsberger, making him "Alois

1883: Alois Hitler kept Matzelsberger as his wife while his lawful wife (Anna) grew sicker and died on 6
April 1883. The next month, on 22 May at a ceremony in Braunau with fellow custom officials as
witnesses, Alois Hitler, 45, married Matzelsberger, 21. He then legitimized his son as Alois Hitler, Jr.

After 6,000 feet of tunnel in the channel tunnel project being excavated, the British government halt the
project citing the fact that it would be a threat to Britain’s security.

On October 8, 1883, the US patent office ruled that Edison's patent was based on the work of William
Sawyer and was therefore invalid. Litigation continued for nearly six years.

1884: On 6 June 1884, Tesla first arrived in the United States, in New York City with little besides a letter
of recommendation from Charles Batchelor, a former employer. In the letter of recommendation to
Thomas Edison, it is claimed that Batchelor wrote, 'I know two great men and you are one of them; the
other is this young man', but the exact contents of the letter is disputed in McNichol's book. Edison
hired Tesla to work for his Edison Machine Works. Tesla's work for Edison began with simple electrical
engineering and quickly progressed to solving some of the company's most difficult problems. Tesla was
even offered the task of completely redesigning the Edison company's direct current generators.
Tesla claimed he was offered US$50,000 (~ US$1.1 million in 2007, adjusted for inflation) if he
redesigned Edison's inefficient motor and generators, making an improvement in both service and

Alois Hitler was secure in his profession and no longer an ambitious climber. Alan described Alois as a
"hard, unsympathetic, and short-tempered" man. Matzelsberger went to Vienna to give birth to Angela
Hitler. Matzelsberger, still only 23, acquired a lung disorder and became too ill to function. She was
moved to Ranshofen, a small village near Braunau. During the last months of Matzelsberger's life, Klara
Pölzl returned to Alois' home to look after the invalid and the two children (Alois Jr and Angela).
Matzelsberger died in Ranshofen on August 10, 1884 at the age of 23. After the death of his second
wife, Pölzl remained in his home as housekeeper. Pölzl was soon pregnant by Hitler. Smith writes that if
Hitler had been free to do as he wished, he would have married Pölzl immediately but because of the
affidavit concerning his paternity, Hitler was now legally Pölzl's first cousin once removed, too close to
marry. He submitted an appeal to the church for a humanitarian waiver.

1885: Permission came, and on 7 January 1885 a wedding was held at Hitler's rented rooms on the top
floor of the Pommer Inn. A meal was served for the few guests and witnesses. Hitler then went to work
for the rest of the day. Even Klara found the wedding to be a short ceremony. Throughout the marriage,
she continued to call him uncle.

On 17 May 1885, five months after the wedding, the new Frau Klara Hitler gave birth to her first child,
Gustav. A year later, on 25 September 1886, she gave birth to a daughter, Ida. Her son Otto followed Ida
in 1887, but he died shortly after birth. Later that year, diphtheria struck the Hitler household, resulting
in the deaths of both Gustav and Ida. Klara had been Hitler's wife for three years, and all her children
were dead, but Hitler still had the children from his relationship with Matzelsberger, Alois Jr., and

Nathaniel Rothschild, son of Lionel De Rothschild, becomes the first Jewish peer and takes the title of
Lord Rothschild.

J. P. Morgan reorganizes the New York, West Shore & Buffalo Railroad, leasing it to the New York
Westinghouse imported a number of Gaulard-Gibbs transformers and a Siemens AC generator to begin
experimenting with AC networks in Pittsburgh.

Tesla inquired about the payment for his work, Edison replied, "Tesla, you don't understand our
American humor", thus breaking his word. Earning US$18 per week, Tesla would have had to work for
53 years to earn the amount he was promised. The offer was equal to the initial capital of the company.
Tesla immediately resigned when he was refused a raise to US$25 per week.

1886: The French Rothschild bank, de Rothschild Frères obtains substantial amounts of Russia's oil fields
and forms the Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Company, which quickly becomes the world's second
largest oil producer.

Nikola Tesla formed his own company, Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing. The initial financial
investors disagreed with Tesla on his plan for an alternating current motor and eventually relieved him
of his duties at the company.

Tesla worked in New York as a laborer from 1886 to 1887 to feed himself and raise capital for his next

Assisted by William Stanley, and Franklin Leonard Pope, Westinghouse worked to refine the transformer
design and build a practical AC power network. Westinghouse and Stanley installed the first multiple-
voltage AC power system in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The network was driven by a hydropower
generator that produced 500 volts AC. The voltage was stepped up to 3,000 volts for transmission, and
then stepped back down to 100 volts to power electric lights. That same year, Westinghouse formed the
"Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company", which was renamed the "Westinghouse Electric
Corporation" in 1889. Thirty more AC lighting systems were installed within a year, but the scheme was
limited by the lack of an effective metering system and an AC electric motor.

1887: Opium trafficker in China, Edward Albert Sassoon, marries Aline Caroline de Rothschild, the grand-
daughter of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild. Aline Caroline's father, Gustave, together with his brother,
Alphonse, took over the Rothschild's french arm following their father Jacob's death.

The Rothschilds finance the amalgamation of the Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa. They
subsequently become the biggest shareholders of this company, De Beers, and mine precious stones in
Africa and India.

Congress passes the Interstate Commerce Act. The Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 is a United States
federal law that was designed to regulate the railroad industry, particularly its monopolistic practices.[1]
The Act required that railroad rates be "reasonable and just," but did not empower the government to
fix specific rates. It also required that railroads publicize shipping rates and prohibited short haul/long
haul fare discrimination, a form of price discrimination against smaller markets, particularly farmers. The
Act created a federal regulatory agency, the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), which it charged
with monitoring railroads to ensure that they complied with the new regulations.

The Act was the first federal law to regulate private industry in the United States. It was later amended
to regulate other modes of transportation and commerce.

Nikola Tesla constructed the initial brushless alternating current induction motor, which he
demonstrated to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (now IEEE) in 1888. In the same year, he
developed the principles of his Tesla coil, and began working with George Westinghouse at
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company's Pittsburgh labs. Westinghouse listened to his ideas
for polyphase systems which would allow transmission of alternating current electricity over long
 In the same year, he developed the principles of his Tesla coil, and began working with George
Westinghouse at Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company's Pittsburgh labs. Westinghouse
listened to his ideas for polyphase systems which would allow transmission of alternating current
electricity over long distances.

In April 1887, Tesla began investigating what would later be called X-rays using his own single terminal
vacuum tubes (similar to his patent #514,170). This device differed from other early X-ray tubes in that it
had no target electrode. The modern term for the phenomenon produced by this device is
bremsstrahlung (or braking radiation). We now know that this device operated by emitting electrons
from the single electrode through a combination of field electron emission and thermionic emission.
Once liberated, electrons are strongly repelled by the high electric field near the electrode during
negative voltage peaks from the oscillating HV output of the Tesla Coil, generating X rays as they collide
with the glass envelope. He also used Geissler tubes.

1888: Noémie Halphen, future wife of Maurice de Rothschild born.

Westinghouse and his engineer Oliver B. Shallenberger developed a power meter, with a design that
mimicked a gas meter. The same basic meter technology remains in use today. An AC motor was a more
difficult task, but a design was already available as Nikola Tesla had already devised the principles of a
polyphase electric motor. Tesla had conceived the rotating magnetic field principle in 1882 and used it
to invent the first brushless AC motor or induction motor in 1883, but was employed by Thomas Edison
since 1884.

However, by 1886, Tesla and Edison had abruptly parted ways in what would become a well-publicized
quarrel, at which point Westinghouse was able to contact Tesla and obtain patent rights to his AC
motor. Westinghouse hired him as a consultant for a year and from 1888 onwards the wide scale
introduction of the polyphase AC motor began. The work led to the modern US power-distribution
scheme: three-phase AC at 60 Hz, chosen as a rate high enough to minimize light flickering, but low
enough to reduce reactive losses, an arrangement also conceived by Tesla.

Westinghouse's promotion of AC power distribution led him into a bitter confrontation with Edison and
his DC power system. The feud became known as the "War of Currents". Edison claimed that high
voltage systems were inherently dangerous. Westinghouse replied that the risks could be managed and
were outweighed by the benefits. Edison tried to have legislation enacted in several states to limit
power transmission voltages to 800 volts, but failed.

The battle went to an absurd level when, in 1887, a board appointed by the state of New York consulted
Edison on the best way to execute condemned prisoners. At first, Edison wanted nothing to do with the

Probably the most famous American electric chair—Old Sparky from Sing-Sing Prison.

Westinghouse AC networks were clearly winning the battle of the currents, and the ultra-competitive
Edison saw a last opportunity to defeat his rival. Edison hired an outside engineer named Harold P.
Brown, who could pretend to be impartial, to perform public demonstrations in which animals were
electrocuted by AC power. Edison then told the state board that AC was so deadly that it would kill
instantly, making it the ideal method of execution. His prestige was so great that his recommendation
was adopted. Harold Brown then sold gear for performing electric executions to the state for $8,000.

1889: J.P. Morgan set up conferences in 1889 and 1890 that brought together railroad presidents in
order to help the industry follow the new laws and write agreements for the maintenance of "public,
reasonable, uniform and stable rates." The conferences were the first of their kind, and by creating a
community of interest among competing lines paved the way for the great consolidations of the early
20th century.

On April 20, 1889, Klara Pölzl gave birth to another son, future Nazi dictator Adolf. He was a sickly child,
and his mother fretted over him. Alois was 51 when he was born. Hitler had little interest in child rearing
and left it all to his wife. When not at work he was either in a tavern or busy with his hobby, keeping

1890: J. P. Morgan takes control of J. S. Morgan & Co. after the death of his father.
 In August a convict named William Kemmler became the first person to be executed by electrocution.
Westinghouse hired the best lawyer of the day to defend Kemmler and condemned electrocution as a
form of "cruel and unusual punishment". Of the first 17 seconds that the current flowed, meant to kill
the man, he survived. People were horrified and scrambled to turn the current back on, although no one
is quite sure how long the second burst lasted. A reporter got a hold of Westinghouse in Pittsburgh and
asked about the execution. "I do not care to talk about it. It has been a brutal affair. They could have
done better with an axe." The electric chair became a common form of execution for decades, although
it had been proven to be unsatisfactory for the task. However, Edison failed to coin the term
"Westinghoused" for what happened to those sentenced to death. Edison also failed to discredit AC
power, whose advantages outweighed its hazards.

1891: Tesla demonstrated wireless energy transmission and Westinghouse was able to build pivotal
projects using AC power such as the Ames Hydroelectric Generating Plant.

Thomas Edison built a Kinetoscope, or peep-hole viewer. This device was installed in penny arcades,
where people could watch short, simple films. The kinetograph and kinetoscope were both first publicly
exhibited May 20, 1891.

Tesla established his South Fifth Avenue laboratory in New York and On 30 July 1891, at the age of 35,
he became a naturalized citizen of the United States. Later, Tesla established his Houston Street
laboratory in New York at 46 E. Houston Street. He lit electric lamps wirelessly at both of the New York
locations, providing evidence for the potential of wireless power transmission.
The British Labour Leader makes the following statement on the subject of the Rothschilds,

"This blood-sucking crew has been the cause of untold mischief and misery in Europe during the present
century, and has piled up its prodigious wealth chiefly through fomenting wars between States which
ought never to have quarrelled.

Whenever there is trouble in Europe, wherever rumours of war circulate and men’s minds are distraught
with fear of change and calamity you may be sure that a hook-nosed Rothschild is at his games
somewhere near the region of the disturbance."

Comments like this worry the Rothschilds and towards the end of the 1800’s they purchase Reuters
news agency so they can have some control of the media.

1892: Tesla was awakened from a dream in which his mother had died. He returned to Europe for her
funeral. After her death, Tesla fell ill. He spent two to three weeks recuperating in Gospić and the village
of Tomingaj near Gračac, his mother's birthplace.

Some of Tesla's closest friends were artists. He befriended Century Magazine editor Robert Underwood
Johnson, who adapted several Serbian poems of Jovan Jovanović Zmaj (which Tesla translated). Also
during this time, Tesla was influenced by the Vedic philosophy (i.e., Hinduism) teachings of the Swami
Vivekananda; so much so that, after his exposure to Hindu-Vedic thought, Tesla started using Sanskrit
words to name some of his fundamental concepts regarding matter and energy.

Nikola Tesla's AC dynamo used to generate AC which is used to transport electricity across great
distances. It is contained in U.S. Patent 390,721.

When Tesla was 36 years old, the first patents concerning the polyphase power system were granted.
He continued research of the system and rotating magnetic field principles. Tesla served, from 1892 to
1894, as the vice president of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, the forerunner (along with
the Institute of Radio Engineers) of the modern-day IEEE.
Westinghouse's General Electric, absorbed Edison General Electric

Alois Hitler was transferred from Braunau to Passau. He was 55, Klara 32, Alois Jr. 10, Angela 9 and Adolf
was three years old.

1893: In a significant victory, the Westinghouse company was awarded the contract to set up an AC
network to power the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, giving the company and the technology
widespread positive publicity. Westinghouse also received a contract to set up the first long-range
power network, with AC generators at Niagara Falls producing electricity for distribution in Buffalo, New
York, 40 kilometers (25 mi) away.

With AC networks expanding, Westinghouse turned his attention to electrical power production. At the
outset, the available generating sources were hydroturbines where falling water was available, and
reciprocating steam engines where it was not. Westinghouse felt that reciprocating steam engines were
clumsy and inefficient, and wanted to develop some class of "rotating" engine that would be more
elegant and efficient.

One of his first inventions had been a rotary steam engine, but it had proven impractical. British
engineer Charles Algernon Parsons began experimenting with steam turbines in 1884, beginning with a
10 horsepower (7.5 kW) unit. Westinghouse bought rights to the Parsons turbine in 1885, and improved
the Parsons technology and increased its scale. over the next 40 years both Edison and Westinghouse's
health would deteriorate and their companies be absorbed by other companies. so basically at this point
Tesla is the only one left involved in all these energy patents. I know we're taking a long way around but
stick with it!

At the 1893 World's Fair, the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, an international exposition was
held which, for the first time, devoted a building to electrical exhibits. It was a historic event as Tesla and
George Westinghouse introduced visitors to AC power by using it to illuminate the Exposition. On
display were fluorescent lamps developed by Westinghouse and single node bulbs. An observer noted:
Within the room was suspended two hard-rubber plates covered with tin foil. These were about fifteen
feet apart, and served as terminals of the wires leading from the transformers. When the current was
turned on, the lamps or tubes, which had no wires connected to them, but lay on a table between the
suspended plates, or which might be held in the hand in almost any part of the room, were made
luminous. These were the same experiments and the same apparatus shown by Tesla in London about
two years previous, "where they produced so much wonder and astonishment".

Tesla also explained the principles of the rotating magnetic field and induction motor by demonstrating
how to make an egg made of copper stand on end in his demonstration of the device he constructed
known as the "Egg of Columbus".

1894: Alois Hitler was re-assigned to Linz. Klara had just given birth to Edmund, so it was decided she
and the children would stay in Passau for the time being.

1895: Edmond James de Rothschild the youngest son of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild visits Palestine
and subsequently supplies the funds to found the first Jewish colonies there, this is to further their long
term objective of creating a Rothschild owned country.

In 1895, at the depths of the Panic of 1893, the Federal Treasury was nearly out of gold. President
Grover Cleveland accepted Morgan's offer to create join with the Rothschilds and supply the U.S.
Treasury with 3.5 million ounces of gold to restore the treasury surplus in exchange for a 30-year bond
issue. The episode saved the Treasury but hurt Cleveland with the agrarian wing of the Democratic Party
and became an issue in the election of 1896, when banks came under withering attack from William
Jennings Bryan. Morgan and Wall Street bankers donated heavily to Republican William McKinley, who
was elected in 1896 and reelected in 1900. (see how they just rigged that election?)

In February 1895 Alois Hitler purchased a house on a nine acre (36,000 m²) plot in Hafeld near Lambach,
approximately 30 miles (48 km) southwest of Linz. The farm was called the Rauscher Gut. He moved his
family to the farm and retired on 25 June 1895 at the age of 58 after 40 years in the customs service. He
found farming difficult; he lost money, and the value of the property declined. Adolf attended school in
nearby Fischlham, and in his free time, he played Cowboys and Indians. Hitler became fixated on
warfare after finding a picture book about the Franco-Prussian War among his father's belongings.

1896: Adolph Simon Ochs, who owned the Chattanooga Times, secured financing from Morgan to
purchase the financially struggling New York Times. It became the standard for American journalism by
cutting prices, investing in news gathering, and insisting on the highest quality of writing and reporting.

On 21 January 1896, Paula, Adolf's younger sister, was born. She was the last child of Alois Hitler and
Klara Pölzl. Hitler was often home with his family. He had five children ranging in age from infancy to 14;
Smith suggests he yelled at the children almost continually and made long visits to the local tavern.

1897: The Rothschilds found the Zionist Congress to promote Zionism (a political movement with the
sole aim of moving all Jews into a singularly Jewish nation state) and arrange its first meeting in Munich.
However due to extreme opposition from local Jews, who are quite happy where they are, this meeting
has to be moved to Basle, Switzerland and takes place on 29 August. The meeting is chaired by
Ashkenazi Jew, Theodor Herzl, who would state in his diaries,

"It is essential that the sufferings of Jews….become worse….this will assist in realization of our plans….I
have an excellent idea….I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth….The anti-Semites will
assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites
shall be our best friends."

Herzl is subsequently elected President of the Zionist Organisation which adopts the, "Rothschild Red
Hexagram or Sign," as the Zionist flag which 51 years later will end up as the flag of Israel.

Edward Henry Harriman becomes a director of the Union Pacific Railroad and goes on to take control of
the Southern Pacific Railroad. This is all financed by the Rothschilds.
Adolf Hitler attended a Catholic school in an 11th-century Benedictine cloister, the walls of which bore
engravings and crests that contained the swastika symbol. In Lambach the eight-year-old Hitler took
singing lessons, sang in the church choir, and even entertained thoughts of becoming a priest.

1898: Ferdinand de Rothschild dies.

1899: Tesla decided to move and began research in Colorado Springs, Colorado in a lab located near
Foote Ave. and Kiowa St., where he would have room for his high-voltage, high-frequency experiments.
Upon his arrival he told reporters that he was conducting wireless telegraphy experiments transmitting
signals from Pikes Peak to Paris. Tesla's diary contains explanations of his experiments concerning the
ionosphere and the ground's telluric currents via transverse waves and longitudinal waves. At his lab,
Tesla proved that the earth was a conductor, and he produced artificial lightning (with discharges
consisting of millions of volts, and up to 135 feet long). Tesla also investigated atmospheric electricity,
observing lightning signals via his receivers. Reproductions of Tesla's receivers and coherer circuits show
an unpredicted level of complexity (e.g., distributed high-Q helical resonators, radio frequency feedback,
crude heterodyne effects, and regeneration techniques). Tesla stated that he observed stationary waves
during this time.

Tesla researched ways to transmit power and energy wirelessly over long distances (via transverse
waves, to a lesser extent, and, more readily, longitudinal waves). He transmitted extremely low
frequencies through the ground as well as between the Earth's surface and the Kennelly–Heaviside
layer. He received patents on wireless transceivers that developed standing waves by this method. In his
experiments, he made mathematical calculations and computations based on his experiments and
discovered that the resonant frequency of the Earth was approximately 8 hertz (Hz). In the 1950s,
researchers confirmed that the resonant frequency of the Earth's ionospheric cavity was in this range
(later named the Schumann resonance).

In Colorado Springs Tesla carried out various long distance wireless transmission-reception experiments.
Tesla effect is the application of a type of electrical conduction (that is, the movement of energy through
space and matter; not just the production of voltage across a conductor). Through longitudinal waves,
Tesla transferred energy to receiving devices. He sent electrostatic forces through natural media across
a conductor situated in the changing magnetic flux and transferred electrical energy to a wireless

In the Colorado Springs lab, Tesla observed unusual signals that he later thought may have been
evidence of extraterrestrial radio wave communications coming from Venus or Mars. He noticed
repetitive signals from his receiver which were substantially different from the signals he had noted
from storms and earth noise. Specifically, he later recalled that the signals appeared in groups of one,
two, three, and four clicks together. Tesla had mentioned that he thought his inventions could be used
to talk with other planets. There have even been claims that he invented a "Teslascope" for just such a

1900: Morgan began talks with Charles M. Schwab, president of Carnegie Co., and businessman Andrew
Carnegie in 1900. The goal was to buy out Carnegie's steel business and merge it with several other
steel, coal, mining and shipping firms to create the United States Steel Corporation. His goal was almost
completed in late 1900 while negotiating a deal with Robert D. Tobin and Theodore Price III, but was
then retracted immediately. In 1901 U.S. Steel was as the first billion-dollar company in the world with
an authorized capitalization of $1.2 billion—much larger than any other industrial firm, and comparable
in size to the largest railroads.

U.S. Steel aimed to achieve greater economies of scale, reduce transportation and resource costs,
expand product lines, and improve distribution. It was also planned to allow the United States to
compete globally with Britain and Germany. U.S. Steel's size was claimed by Charles M. Schwab and
others to allow the company to pursue distant international markets-globalization. U.S. Steel was
regarded as a monopoly by critics, as the business was attempting to dominate not only steel but also
the construction of bridges, ships, railroad cars and rails, wire, nails, and a host of other products. With
U.S. Steel, Morgan had captured two-thirds of the steel market, and Schwab was confident that the
company would soon hold a 75 percent market share. However, after 1901 the businesses' market share
dropped. Schwab resigned from U.S. Steel in 1903 to form Bethlehem Steel, which became the second
largest U.S. producer on the strength of such innovations as the wide flange "H" beam—precursor to the
I-beam—widely used in construction. Labor policy was a contentious issue. U.S. Steel was non-union and
experienced steel producers, led by Schwab, wanted to keep it that way with aggressive tactics to
identify and root out trouble makers. The lawyers and bankers who had organized the merger, notably
Morgan and the CEO Elbert "Judge" Gary were more concerned with long-run profits, stability, good
public relations, and avoiding trouble. The bankers' views generally prevailed, and the result was a
paternalistic labor policy.

Morgan financed inventor Nikola Tesla and his Wardenclyffe Tower with $150,000 (51% from J. Pierpont
Morgan) for experiments in transmitting energy.
Edmund Hitler (the youngest of the boys) died of measles on 2 February 1900. Alois wanted his son
Adolf to seek a career in the civil service. However, Adolf had become so alienated from his father that
he was repulsed by whatever Alois wanted. Adolf sneered at the thought of a lifetime spent enforcing
petty rules. Alois tried to browbeat his son into obedience while Adolf did his best to be the opposite of
whatever his father wanted.

Robert G. L. Waite noted, "Even one of his closest friends admitted that Alois was 'awfully rough' with
his wife [Klara] and 'hardly ever spoke a word to her at home'." If Hitler was in a bad mood, he picked on
the older children or Klara herself, in front of them. William Patrick Hitler says that he had heard from
his father, Alois Jr, that Alois Hitler, Sr. used to beat his children. After Hitler and his oldest son Alois Jr.
had a climactic and violent argument, Alois Jr. left home, and the elder Alois swore he would never give
the boy a penny of inheritance beyond what the law required. According to reports, Alois Hitler liked to
lord it over his neighbors.

The death of Edmund deeply affected Adolf Hitler. He changed from being confident and outgoing and
an excellent student, to a morose, detached, and sullen boy who constantly fought with his father and
his teachers.

Alois had made a successful career in the customs bureau and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps.
Hitler later dramatised an episode from this period when his father took him to visit a customs office,
depicting it as an event that gave rise to a unforgiving antagonism between father and son who were
both equally strong-willed. Ignoring his son's desire to attend a classical high school and become an
artist, in September 1900 Alois sent Adolf to the Realschule in Linz, a technical high school of about 300
students. (This was the same high school that Adolf Eichmann would attend some 17 years later.) Hitler
rebelled against this decision, and in Mein Kampf revealed that he did poorly in school, hoping that once
his father saw "what little progress I was making at the technical school he would let me devote myself
to my dream."

Hitler started to become obsessed with German nationalism from a young age as a way of rebelling
against his father, who was proudly serving the Austrian government. Although many Austrians
considered themselves Germans, they were loyal to Austria. Hitler expressed loyalty only to Germany,
despising the declining Habsburg Monarchy and its rule over an ethnically variegated empire. Hitler and
his friends used the German greeting "Heil", and sang the German anthem "Deutschland Über Alles"
instead of the Austrian Imperial anthem.

1901: The Jews from the colonies set up in Palestine by Edmond James de Rothschild, send a delegation
to him which tell him,
"If you wish to save the Yishuv (The Jewish settlement) first take your hands from it, and…for once
permit the colonists to have the possibility of correcting for themselves what needs correcting."

Edmond James de Rothschild is very angry about this and states,

"I created the Yishuv, I alone. Therefore no men, neither colonists nor organisations have the right to
interfere in my plans."

The Rothschild banking house in Frankfurt, Germany, M. A. von Rothschild und Söhne, closes as there is
no male Rothschild heir to take it on.

1902: Philippe de Rothschild born.

In June, Tesla's lab operations were moved to Wardenclyffe from Houston Street. The tower was
dismantled for scrap during World War I. Newspapers of the time labeled Wardenclyffe "Tesla's million-
dollar folly".

Morgan suffered a rare business defeat when he attempted to enter the London Underground field. The
notorious transit magnate Charles Tyson Yerkes thwarted Morgan's effort to obtain parliamentary
authority to build an underground road that would have competed with "Tube" lines controlled by
Yerkes. Morgan called Yerkes' coup "the greatest rascality and conspiracy I ever heard of."

J. P. Morgan & Co. financed the formation of International Mercantile Marine Company, an Atlantic
shipping combine which absorbed several major American and British lines. IMM was a holding
company that controlled subsidiary corporations that had their own operating subsidiaries. Morgan
hoped to dominate transatlantic shipping through interlocking directorates and contractual
arrangements with the railroads, but that proved impossible because of the unscheduled nature of sea
transport, American antitrust legislation, and an agreement with the British government.
1903: Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower is nearly completed but still not yet functional due to last-minute
design changes that introduced an unintentional defect. When Morgan wanted to know "Where can I
put the meter?" Tesla had no answer.

On the morning of January 3, 1903, Alois Hitler went to the Gasthaus Wiesinger (No.1
Michaelsbergstrasse, Leonding) as usual to drink his morning glass of wine.

He was offered the newspaper and promptly collapsed. He was taken to an adjoining room and a doctor
was summoned, but Alois Hitler died at the inn, probably from a pleural hemorrhage. The large leather
couch on which he died can still be seen today in the inn.

Adolf Hitler says in Mein Kampf that he died of a "stroke of apoplexy". He was 13 when his father died.

After Alois' sudden death on 3 January 1903, Hitler's behaviour at the technical school became even
more disruptive, and he was asked to leave in 1904. He enrolled at the Realschule in Steyr in September
1904, but upon completing his second year, he and his friends went out for a night of celebration and
drinking. While drunk, Hitler tore up his school certificate and used the pieces as toilet paper. The
stained certificate was brought to the attention of the school's principal, who "... gave him such a
dressing-down that the boy was reduced to shivering jelly. It was probably the most painful and
humiliating experience of his life." Hitler was expelled, never to return to school again.

1904: the US Patent Office reversed its decision and awarded Guglielmo Marconi the patent for radio,
and Tesla began his fight to re-acquire the radio patent. By July, Morgan (and the other investors) finally
decided they would not provide any additional financing. Morgan also advised other investors to avoid
the project.
1905: A group of Rothschild backed Zionist Jews led by Georgi Apollonovich Gapon attempt to
overthrow the Tsar in Russia in a Communist Coup. They fail and are forced to flee Russia only to be
given refuge in Germany.

J. P. Morgan acquired the bank Guaranty Trust as part of his efforts to consolidate New York City

The Jewish Encyclopaedia (Vol. 2, p.497) states,

"It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that
at the present time the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure."

From 1905, Hitler lived a bohemian life in Vienna financed by orphan's benefits and support from his
mother. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna rejected him twice, in 1907 and 1908, because of his
"unfitness for painting", and the director recommended that he study architecture. However, he lacked
the academic credentials required for architecture school. He would later write:

In a few days I myself knew that I should some day become an architect. To be sure, it was an incredibly
hard road; for the studies I had neglected out of spite at the Realschule were sorely needed. One could
not attend the Academy's architectural school without having attended the building school at the
Technik, and the latter required a high-school degree. I had none of all this. The fulfillment of my artistic
dream seemed physically impossible.

1906: On his 50th birthday Tesla demonstrated his 200 hp (150 kW) 16,000 rpm bladeless turbine.
During 1910–1911 at the Waterside Power Station in New York, several of his bladeless turbine engines
were tested at 100–5000 hp.
The Rothschilds claim that due to growing instability in the region and increasing competition from
Rockefeller (the Rockefeller family are Rothschild descendants through a female bloodline) owned
Standard Oil, this is why they sell their Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Company to Royal Dutch and
Shell. This is another example of the Rothschilds trying to hide their true wealth.

1907: Rothschild, Jacob Schiff, the head of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., in a speech to the New York Chamber of
Commerce, warns that,

"Unless we have a Central Bank with adequate control of credit resources, this country is going to
undergo the most severe and far reaching money panic in its history."

Suddenly America finds itself in the middle of another typical run of the mill Rothschild engineered
financial crisis, which ruins as usual ruins the lives of millions of innocent people throughout America
and makes billions for the Rothschilds.

The Panic of 1907 was a financial crisis that almost crippled the American economy. Major New York
banks were on the verge of bankruptcy and there was no mechanism to rescue them until Morgan
stepped in personally and took charge, resolving the crisis. Treasury Secretary George B. Cortelyou
earmarked $35 million of federal money to quell the storm but had no easy way to use it. Morgan now
took personal charge, meeting with the nation's leading financiers in his New York mansion; he forced
them to devise a plan to meet the crisis. James Stillman, president of the National City Bank, also played
a central role. Morgan organized a team of bank and trust executives which redirected money between
banks, secured further international lines of credit, and bought plummeting stocks of healthy
corporations. A delicate political issue arose regarding the brokerage firm of Moore and Schley, which
was deeply involved in a speculative pool in the stock of the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad
Company. Moore and Schley had pledged over $6 million of the Tennessee Coal and Iron (TCI) stock for
loans among the Wall Street banks. The banks had called the loans, and the firm could not pay. If Moore
and Schley should fail, a hundred more failures would follow and then all Wall Street might go to pieces.
Morgan decided they had to save Moore and Schley. TCI was one of the chief competitors of U.S. Steel
and it owned valuable iron and coal deposits. Morgan controlled U.S. Steel and he decided it had to buy
the TCI stock from Moore and Schley. Judge Gary, head of U.S. Steel, agreed, but was concerned there
would be antitrust implications that could cause grave trouble for U.S. Steel, which was already
dominant in the steel industry. Morgan sent Gary to see President Theodore Roosevelt, who promised
legal immunity for the deal. U.S. Steel thereupon paid $30 million for the TCI stock and Moore and
Schley was saved. The announcement had an immediate effect; by November 7, 1907, the panic was
over. Vowing to never let it happen again, and realizing that in a future crisis there was not likely to be
another Morgan, banking and political leaders, led by Senator Nelson Aldrich devised a plan that
became the Federal Reserve System in 1913. The crisis underscored the need for a powerful mechanism,
and Morgan supported the move to create the Federal Reserve System.

On 21 December 1907, Hitler's mother died at age 47. He worked as a casual labourer and eventually as
a painter, selling watercolours. After being rejected a second time by the Academy of Arts, Hitler ran out
of money. In 1909, he lived in a shelter for the homeless, and by 1910, he had settled into a house for
poor working men on Meldemannstraße.

Hitler stated that he first became an antisemite in Vienna, which had a large Jewish community,
including Orthodox Jews who had fled the pogroms in Russia.

There were few Jews in Linz. In the course of centuries their outward appearance had become
Europeanised and had taken on a human look; in fact, I even took them for Germans. The absurdity of
this idea did not dawn on me because I saw no distinguishing feature but the strange religion. The fact
that they had, as I believed, been persecuted on this account sometimes almost turned my distaste at
unfavorable remarks about them into horror. Thus far I did not so much as suspect the existence of an
organized opposition to the Jews. Then I came to Vienna.

Once, as I was strolling through the Inner City, I suddenly encountered an apparition in a black caftan
and black hair locks. Is this a Jew? was my first thought. For, to be sure, they had not looked like that in
Linz. I observed the man furtively and cautiously, but the longer I stared at this foreign face, scrutinizing
feature for feature, the more my first question assumed a new form: Is this a German?

Hitler's account has been questioned by his childhood friend, August Kubizek, who suggested that Hitler
was already a "confirmed antisemite" before he left Linz for Vienna. Brigitte Hamann has challenged
Kubizek's account, writing that "of all those early witnesses who can be taken seriously Kubizek is the
only one to portray young Hitler as an anti-Semite and precisely in this respect he is not trustworthy." If
Hitler was an antisemite even before settling in Vienna, apparently he did not act on his views. He was a
frequent dinner guest in a wealthy Jewish home; he interacted well with Jewish merchants and sold his
paintings almost exclusively to Jewish dealers.

At the time Hitler lived there, Vienna was a hotbed of traditional religious prejudice and 19th-century
racism. Fears of being overrun by immigrants from the East were widespread, and the populist mayor,
Karl Lueger, was adept at exploiting the rhetoric of virulent antisemitism for political effect. Georg
Schönerer's pangermanic ethnic antisemitism had a strong following and base in the Mariahilf district,
where Hitler lived. Local newspapers such as the Deutsches Volksblatt, which Hitler read, fanned
prejudices, as did Rudolf Vrba's writings, which played on Christian fears of being swamped by an influx
of eastern Jews. He probably read occult writings, such as the antisemitic magazine Ostara, published by
Lanz von Liebenfels. Hostile to what he saw as Catholic "Germanophobia", he developed an admiration
for Martin Luther. Luther's antisemitic writings were to play a role in later Nazi propaganda.

1908: Harold Stanley graduated from Yale University Where He was a member of the Skull and Bones
secret society.

1909: Jacob Schiff founds the National Advancement for the Association of the Coloured People
(NAACP). This was done to incite black people into roiting, looting and other forms of disorder, in order
to cause a rift between the black and white communities. Jewish historian, Howard Sachar, states the
following in his book, "A History of the Jews in America,"

The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Marconi for radio.

Maurice de Rothschild marries Ashkenazi Jew, Noémie Halphen.

1911: Werner Sombart, in his book, "The Jews and Modern Capitalism," stated that from 1820 on, it was

"Age of the Rothschild," and concluded that there was, "Only one power in Europe, and that is
1912: In December 1912, Morgan testified before the Pujo Committee, a subcommittee of the House
Banking and Currency committee. The committee ultimately found that a cabal of financial leaders were
abusing their public trust to consolidate control over many industries: the partners of J.P. Morgan & Co.
along with the directors of First National and National City Bank controlled aggregate resources of
$22.245 billion. Louis Brandeis, later a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, compared this sum to the value of all
the property in the twenty-two states west of the Mississippi River.

In the December issue of, "Truth," magazine, George R. Conroy states of banker Jacob Schiff,

"Mr Schiff is head of the great private banking house of Kuhn, Loeb, and co, which represents the
Rothschilds interests on this side of the Atlantic.

He has been described as financial strategist and has been for years the financial minister of the great
impersonal power known as Standard Oil.

He was hand in glove with the Harrimans, the Goulds, and the Rockefellers in all their railroad
enterprises and has become the dominant power in the railroad and financial power of America."

1913: In 1890–1913, 42 major corporations were organized or their securities were underwritten, in
whole or part, by J. P. Morgan and Company.


American Bridge Company

American Telephone & Telegraph

Associated Merchants

Atlas Portland Cement

Boomer Coal & Coke
Federal Steel Company

General Electric

Hartford Carpet Corporation

Inspiration Consolidated Copper

International Harvester

International Mercantile Marine

J. I. Case Threshing Machine

National Tube

United Dry Goods


Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway

Atlantic Coast Line

Central of Georgia Railroad

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad

Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy

Chicago Great Western Railway

Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railroad

Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway

Erie Railroad

Florida East Coast Railway

Hocking Valley Railway

Lehigh Valley Railroad

Louisville and Nashville Railroad

New York Central System
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad

New York, Ontario and Western Railway

Northern Pacific Railway

Pennsylvania Railroad

Pere Marquette Railroad

Reading Railroad

St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad

Southern Railway

Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis

After JP Morgan’s death in 1913 the firm became “Morgan Stanley & Co”

On March 4, Woodrow Wilson is elected the 28th President of the United States. Shortly after he is
inaugurated, he is visited in the White House by Ashkenazi Jew, Samuel Untermyer, of law firm,
Guggenheim, Untermyer, and Marshall, who tries to blackmail him for the sum of $40,000 in relation to
an affair Wilson had whilst he was a professor at Princeton University, with a fellow professor's wife.

President Wilson does not have the money, so Untermyer volunteers to pay the $40,000 out of his own
pocket to the woman Wilson had had the affair with, on the condition that Wilson promise to appoint to
the first vacancy on the United States Supreme Court a nominee to be recommended to President
Wilson by Untermyer. Wilson agrees to this.

Jacob Schiff sets up the Anti Defamation League (ADL) in the United States. This organisation is formed
to slander anyone who questions or challenges the Rothschild global conspiracy as, "anti-semitic."
Strangely enough, the same year that they do this they also set up their last and current central bank in
America, the Federal Reserve. Congressman Charles Lindbergh stated following the passing of the
Federal Reserve Act on December 23,

"The Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this Bill, the invisible
government of the monetary power will be legalized.......The greatest crime of the ages is perpetrated
by this banking and currency bill."

It is important to note that the Federal Reserve is a private company, it is neither Federal nor does it
have any Reserve. It is conservatively estimated that profits exceed $150 billion per year and the Federal
Reserve has never once in its history published accounts.

Hitler received the final part of his father's estate in May 1913 and moved to Munich. He wrote in Mein
Kampf that he had always longed to live in a "real" German city. In Munich, he further pursued his
interest in architecture and studied the writings of Houston Stewart Chamberlain, who, a decade later,
was to become the first person of national—and even international—repute to align himself with Hitler
and the Nazi movement. Hitler also may have left Vienna to avoid conscription into the Austrian army;
he was disinclined to serve the Habsburg state and was repulsed by what he perceived as a mixture of
"races" in the Austrian army. After a physical exam on 5 February 1914, he was deemed unfit for service
and returned to Munich. When Germany entered World War I in August 1914, he successfully petitioned
King Ludwig III of Bavaria for permission to serve in a Bavarian regiment.

1914: The start of World War I. In this war, the German Rothschilds loan money to the Germans, the
British Rothschilds loan money to the British, and the French Rothschilds loan money to the French.

Futhermore, the Rothschilds have control of the three European news agencies, Wolff (est. 1849) in
Germany, Reuters (est. 1851) in England, and Havas (est. 1835) in France.
The Rothschilds use Wolff to manipulate the German people into a fervour for war. From around this
time, the Rothschilds are rarely reported in the media, because they own the media.

Before World War I, Tesla looked overseas for investors to fund his research. When the war started,
Tesla lost the funding he was receiving from his patents in European countries. After the war ended,
Tesla made predictions regarding the relevant issues of the post-World War I environment, in a printed
article (20 December 1914). Tesla believed that the League of Nations was not a remedy for the times
and issues. Tesla started to exhibit pronounced symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder in the years
following. He became obsessed with the number three; he often felt compelled to walk around a block
three times before entering a building, demanded a stack of three folded cloth napkins beside his plate
at every meal, etc. The nature of OCD was little understood at the time and no treatments were
available, so his symptoms were considered by some to be evidence of partial insanity, and this
undoubtedly hurt what was left of his reputation.

"Professor Emeritus Joel Spingarn of Columbia University became chairman of the NAACP and recruited
for its board such Jewish leaders as Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf, and Rabbi Stephen Wise."

Other Ashkenazi Jew co-founders included Julius Rosenthal, Lillian Wald and Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch.

Harold Stanely married Edith Thurston, daughter of William Harris Thurston. She dies in 1934.

Hitler served as a runner on the Western Front in France and Belgium in the Bavarian Reserve Infantry
Regiment 16. He experienced major combat, including the First Battle of Ypres, the Battle of the Somme,
the Battle of Arras, and the Battle of Passchendaele. He was decorated for bravery, receiving the Iron
Cross, Second Class.

Morgan played a prominent part in financing World War I. Following its outbreak, he made the first loan
of $12,000,000 to Russia. In 1915, a loan of $50,000,000 was made to France. The firm's involvement
with British and French interests fueled charges the bank was conspiring to maneuver the United States
into supporting the Allies in order to rescue its loans. By 1915 it became apparent the war was not going
to end quickly, the company decided to forge formal relationships with France. Those dealings became
strained over the course of the war as a result of poor personal relations with French emissaries,
relationships that were heightened in importance by the unexpected duration of the conflict, its costs,
and the complications flowing from American neutrality. Contributing to the tensions was the favoritism
displayed by Morgan officials to British interests. His firm was the official purchasing agent for the British
government, buying cotton, steel, chemicals and food. Morgan organized a syndicate of about 2200
banks and floated a loan of $500,000,000 to the Allies. The British sold off their holdings of American
securities and by late 1916 were dependent on unsecured loans for further purchases.

At the beginning of World War I, US Treasury Secretary William McAdoo and others in the Wilson
administration were very suspicious of J. P. Morgan & Co.'s enthusiastic role as British agent for
purchasing and banking. When the United States entered the war, this gave way to close collaboration,
in the course of which Morgan received financial concessions.

On 3 July 1915, an intruder, Eric Muenter, entered Morgan's Long Island mansion and shot him twice in
an attempt to assassinate him. This was ostensibly in protest of his profiteering from war. Morgan,
however, quickly recovered from his wounds.

Tesla filed a lawsuit against Marconi attempting, unsuccessfully, to obtain a court injunction against
Marconi's claims. After Wardenclyffe, Tesla built the Telefunken Wireless Station in Sayville, Long Island.
Some of what he wanted to achieve at Wardenclyffe was accomplished with the Telefunken Wireless.
1916: On June 4, Ashkenazi Jew, Louis Dembitz Brandeis is appointed to the Supreme Court of the
United States by President Wilson as per his agreed blackmail payment to Samuel Untermyer some
three years earlier. Justice Brandeis is also the elected leader of the Executive Committee for Zionist
Affairs, a position he has held since 1914.

The middle of World War II. Germany were winning the war as they were being financed by the
Rothschilds to a greater extent than France, Italy and England, because Rothschilds, did not want to
support the Tsar in Russia, and of course Russia was on the same side as France, Italy and England.

Then a significant event occurred. Germany, although they were winning the war and not one foreign
soldier had set foot on their soil, offered armistice to Britain with no requirement of reparations. The
Rothschilds were anxious to make sure this didn't happen as they were expecting to make far more
money off this war, so they played another card they had up their sleeve.

Whilst the British were considering Germany's offer, Rothschild agent Louis Brandeis sends a Zionist
delegation from America to Britain to promise to bring America into the war on the side of the British,
provided the British agree to give the land of Palestine to the Rothschilds.

The Rothschilds wanted Palestine for the following reason. They had great business interests in the far
east and desired their own state in that area along with their own military which they could use as an
aggressor to any state that threatened those interests.

The British subsequently agree to the deal for Palestine and the Zionists in London contact their
counterparts in America and inform them of this fact. Suddenly all the major newspapers in America
that up to that point had been pro-German turned on Germany running propaganda pieces such as:
German soldiers were killing Red Cross Nurses; German soldiers were cutting off babies hands, etc, in
order to manipulate the American public against the Germans.
This same year, President Woodrow Wilson, ran a re-election campaign under the slogan, "Re-Elect The
Man Who Will Keep Your Sons Out Of The War."

On December 12, Germany and her allies offer peace terms to end the war.

Harold Stanley became a vice-president of the bond department of the Guaranty Trust Company of New

During his service at the headquarters, Hitler pursued his artwork, drawing cartoons and instructions for
an army newspaper. During the Battle of the Somme in October 1916, he was wounded either in the
groin area or the left thigh by a shell that had exploded in the dispatch runners' dugout.

1917: Hitler spent almost two months in the Red Cross hospital at Beelitz, returning to his regiment on
5 March 1917.

As a result of Germany's offer of peace the Rothschild war machine goes into overdrive in America,
spreading propaganda which leads to President Wilson under the instructions of American Zionist leader
and Supreme Court Justice, Louis Dembitz Brandeis, reneging on his promise to the electorate and
taking America into the first world war on April 6.
As per the Rothschild Zionist promise to the British, to take America into the war, they decide they want
something in writing from the British to prove that they will uphold their side of the bargain. The British
Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour therefore drafts a letter which is commonly known as the,
"Balfour Declaration," which is reprinted below.

Foreign Office

November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following
declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by,
the Cabinet.

His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the
Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being
clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of
existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any
other country.

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour

The Rothschilds order the execution by the Bolsheviks they control, of Tsar Nicholas II and his entire
family in Russia, even though the Tsar had already abdicated on March 2. This is both to get control of
the country and an act of revenge for Tsar Alexander I blocking their world government plan in 1815 at
the Congress Of Vienna, and Tsar Alexander II siding with President Abraham Lincoln in 1864.

It is extremely important for them to slaughter the entire family including women and children in order
to make good on the promise to do so made by Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815. It is designed to show
the world what happens if you ever attempt to cross the Rothschilds.

U.S. Congressman Oscar Callaway informs Congress that J. P. Morgan is a Rothschild front and has taken
control of the American media industry. He states,

"In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interest, and their
subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to
select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control
generally the policy of the daily press...

...They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers...An agreement
was reached. The policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month, an editor was furnished
for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness,
militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to
the interests of the purchasers."

At this time, Tesla was staying at The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, renting in an arrangement for deferred
payments. Eventually, the Wardenclyffe deed was turned over to George Boldt, proprietor of the
Waldorf-Astoria, to pay a US$20,000 debt. The Wardenclyffe Tower was then Torn down my Marines
and demolished by Boldt to make the land a more viable real estate asset, Tesla received AIEE's highest
honor, the Edison Medal.

Tesla, in August 1917, first established principles regarding frequency and power level for the first
primitive radar units.

1918: Recommended by Hugo Gutmann, Adolf received the Iron Cross, First Class, on 4 August 1918, a
decoration rarely awarded to one of Hitler's rank (Gefreiter). Hitler's post at regimental headquarters,
where he had frequent interactions with senior officers, may have helped him receive this decoration.
The regimental staff, however, thought Hitler lacked leadership skills, and he was never promoted. He
also received the Wound Badge on 18 May 1918

On 15 October 1918, Hitler was temporarily blinded by a mustard gas attack and was hospitalised in
Pasewalk. It has been suggested that his blindness may have been the result of conversion disorder
brought on by Hitler's realisation of the reversal of Germany's war fortunes.

Hitler became embittered over the collapse of the war effort, and his ideological development began to
firmly take shape. He described the war as "the greatest of all experiences", and was praised by his
commanding officers for his bravery. The experience made Hitler a passionate German patriot, and he
was shocked by Germany's capitulation in November 1918. Like other German nationalists, he believed
in the Dolchstoßlegende (Stab-in-the-back legend), which claimed that the German army, "undefeated
in the field," had been "stabbed in the back" on the home front by civilian leaders and Marxists, later
dubbed the "November Criminals".

The Treaty of Versailles stipulated that Germany must relinquish several of its territories and
demilitarise the Rhineland. The treaty imposed economic sanctions and levied heavy reparations on the
country. Many Germans perceived the treaty—especially Article 231, which declared Germany
responsible for the war—as a humiliation. The economic, social, and political conditions in Germany
affected by the war and the Versailles treaty were later exploited by Hitler for political gains.
1919: In January, Ashkenazi Jews, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, are killed as they attempt to
lead another Rothschild funded Communist coup, this time in Berlin, Germany.

The Versailles peace conference is held to decide reparations that the Germans need to pay to the
victors following the end of the first world war. A delegation of 117 Zionists headed up by Ashkenazi
Jew, Bernard Baruch, bring up the subject of the promise of Palestine for them. At this point the
Germans realised why America had turned on them and under whose influence, the Rothschilds.

The Germans, naturally, felt they had been betrayed by the Zionists. This is because, at the time the
Rothschilds made their deal with Britain for Palestine, in exchange for bringing America into the war,
Germany was the most friendly country in the world towards the Jews, indeed the German
Emancipation Edict of 1822 guaranteed Jews in Germany all civil rights enjoyed by Germans.

Also, Germany was the only country in Europe which did not place restrictions on Jews, even giving
them refuge when they had to flee from Russia after their first attempted Communist coup failed there
in 1905.

Nevertheless, the Rothschilds had held up their side of the bargain to spill the blood of millions of
innocents and as a result, Palestine is confirmed as a Jewish homeland, and whilst its handover to the
Rothschilds takes place it is to remain under the control of Britain as the Rothschilds control Britain. At
that time less than one percent of the population of Palestine was Jewish. Interestingly, the host of the
Versailles peace conference is its boss, Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

The Versailles peace conference is also used as an attempt by the Rothschilds to set up a world
government under the pretext of ending all wars (which they create). This was called the, "League of
Nations." Fortunately not enough countries accepted it and so it soon died.
On March 29th The Times of London reports on the Bolsheviks in Russia,

"One of the curious features of the Bolshevist movement is the high percentage of non Russian
elements among its leaders. Of the twenty or thirty commissaries, or leaders, who provide the central
machinery of the Bolshevist movement, not less than 75% were Jews."

It is reported that the Rothschilds were angry with the Russians because they were not prepared to
allow them to form a central bank within their nation. They therefore gathered groups of Jewish spies
and sent them into Russia to drum up a revolution for the benefit of the common man, which was
actually a takeover of Russia by a Rothschild controlled satanic elite.

These Jewish spies were, in age old deceptive Ashkenazi tradition, given Russian names, for example
Trotsky was a member of the first group and his original name was Bronstein. These groups were sent to
areas throughout Russia to incite riots and rebellion.

The Jewish Post International Edition, week ending January 24th 1991, confirms Vladimir Lenin was
Jewish. Lenin is also on record as having stated,

“The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation.”

These Jewish, Rothschild funded Bolsheviks would go on in the course of history to slaughter 60 million
Christians and Non-Jews in Soviet controlled territory. Indeed the author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his
work, “Gulag Archipelago, Vol 2,” affirms that Zionist Jews created and administered the organized
Soviet concentration camp system in which these tens of millions of Christians and Non-Jews died.

On page 79 of this book he even names the administrators of this the greatest killing machine in the
history of the world. They are Aron Solts, Yakov Rappoport, Lazar Kogan, Matvei Berman, Genrikh
Yagoda, and Naftaly Frenkel. All six are Zionist Jews. In 1970 Solzhenitsyn would be awarded the Nobel
Peace Prize for literature.
N. M. Rothschild & Sons’ are given a permanent role to fix the world’s daily gold price. This takes place
in the City of London offices, daily at 1100 hours, in the same room until 2004.

After World War I, Hitler remained in the army and returned to Munich. In July 1919 he was appointed
Verbindungsmann (intelligence agent) of an Aufklärungskommando (reconnaissance commando) of the
Reichswehr, both to influence other soldiers and to infiltrate the German Workers' Party (DAP). While
he studied the activities of the DAP, Hitler became impressed with founder Anton Drexler's antisemitic,
nationalist, anti-capitalist, and anti-Marxist ideas.[64] Drexler favoured a strong active government, a
"non-Jewish" version of socialism, and solidarity among all members of society. Impressed with Hitler's
oratory skills, Drexler invited him to join the DAP. Hitler accepted on 12 September 1919, becoming the
party's 55th member.

A copy of Adolf Hitler's German Workers' Party (DAP) membership card

At the DAP, Hitler met Dietrich Eckart, one of its early founders and a member of the occult Thule
Society. Eckart became Hitler's mentor, exchanging ideas with him and introducing him to a wide range
of people in Munich society. Hitler thanked Eckart and paid tribute to him in the second volume of Mein
Kampf. To increase its appeal, the party changed its name to the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche
Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers Party – NSDAP). Hitler designed the party's banner of
a swastika in a white circle on a red background.

1920: Winston Churchill (whose mother, Jenny (Jacobson) Jerome, was Jewish – meaning he is Jewish
under Ashkenazi law as he was born of a Jewish mother) writes in an article in the Illustrated Sunday
Herald, dated February 8th,

"From the days of Illuminati leader Weishaupt, to those of Karl Marx, to those of Trotsky, this worldwide
conspiracy has been steadily growing.

And now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of
Europe and America, have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and become the
undisputed masters of that enormous empire."
The NAACP appointed its first black president, James Weldon Johnson.

After World War I and the Versailles Treaty, Morgan Guaranty managed Germany's reparation
payments. After the war, Morgan made several trips to Europe to investigate and report on financial
conditions there. By the 1920s, Guaranty had become one of the world's most important banking
institutions, as a leading lender to Germany and Europe. He worked extremely hard to defeat Franklin D.
Roosevelt's plan for the New Deal during The Depression, and secured about US$100 million in loans to
Italian dictator Benito Mussolini prior to World War II.

In 1920 he gave his London residence, 14 Princes Gate (near Imperial College London), to the U.S.
government for use as its embassy

After his discharge from the army in March 1920, Hitler began working full time for
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers Party – NSDAP)

1921: Under the orders of Jacob Schiff the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is founded by Ashkenazi
Jews, Bernard Baruch and Colonel Edward Mandell House. Schiff gave his orders prior to his death in
1920, as he knew an organisation in America needed to be set up to select politicians to carry on the
Rothschild conspiracy, and the formation of the CFR was actually agreed in a meeting on May 30, 1919
at the Hotel Majestic in Paris, France.

The CFR membership at the start was approximately 1000 people in the United States. This membership
included the heads of virtually every industrial empire in America, all the American based international
bankers, and the heads of all their tax free foundations. In essence all those people who would provide
the capital required for anyone who wished to run for Congress, the Senate or the Presidency.

The first job of the CFR was to gain control of the press. This task was given to John D. Rockefeller who
set up a number of national news magazines such as Life, and Time. He financed Samuel Newhouse to
buy up and establish a chain of newspapers all across the country, and Eugene Meyer also who would go
on to buy up many publications such as the Washington Post, Newsweek, ant The Weekly Magazine.

The CFR also needed to gate control of radio, television and the motion picture industry. This task was
split amongst the international bankers from, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, the Warburgs, and the

In February 1921—already highly effective at speaking to large audiences—Hitler spoke to a crowd of
over six thousand in Munich. To publicise the meeting, two truckloads of party supporters drove around
town waving swastika flags and throwing leaflets. Hitler soon gained notoriety for his rowdy, polemic
speeches against the Treaty of Versailles, rival politicians, and especially against Marxists and Jews. At
the time, the NSDAP was centred in Munich, a major hotbed of anti-government German nationalists
determined to crush Marxism and undermine the Weimar Republic.

In June 1921, while Hitler and Eckart were on a fundraising trip to Berlin, a mutiny broke out within the
DAP in Munich. Members of the DAP's executive committee, some of whom considered Hitler to be too
overbearing, wanted to merge with the rival German Socialist Party (DSP). Hitler returned to Munich on
11 July 1921 and angrily tendered his resignation from the DAP. The committee members realised that
his resignation would mean the end of the party. Hitler announced he would rejoin on the condition that
he would replace Drexler as party chairman, and that the party headquarters would remain in Munich.
The committee agreed; he rejoined the party as member 3,680. He still faced some opposition within
the DAP: Hermann Esser and his allies printed 3,000 copies of a pamphlet attacking Hitler as a traitor to
the party. In the following days, Hitler spoke to several packed houses and defended himself to
thunderous applause. His strategy proved successful: at a general DAP membership meeting, he was
granted absolute powers as party chairman, with only one nay vote cast.

Hitler's vitriolic beer hall speeches began attracting regular audiences. Early followers included Rudolf
Hess, the former air force pilot Hermann Göring, and the army captain Ernst Röhm. The latter became
head of the Nazis' paramilitary organisation, the Sturmabteilung (SA, "Storm Division"), which protected
meetings and frequently attacked political opponents. A critical influence on his thinking during this
period was the Aufbau Vereinigung, a conspiratorial group formed of White Russian exiles and early
National Socialists. The group, financed with funds channelled from wealthy industrialists like Henry
Ford, introduced him to the idea of a Jewish conspiracy, linking international finance with Bolshevism.

1923: Henry Sturgis Morgan joins J.P. Morgan & Co. Appears on the Cover of Time Magazine 24
September 1923

(how funny since the Rothschilds have another agent funding the magazine and controlling its contents.)

Hitler enlisted the help of World War I General Erich Ludendorff for an attempted coup known as the
"Beer Hall Putsch" (also known as the "Hitler Putsch" or "Munich Putsch"). The Nazi Party had used
Italian Fascism as a model for their appearance and policies, and in 1923, Hitler wanted to emulate
Benito Mussolini's "March on Rome" by staging his own "Campaign in Berlin". Hitler and Ludendorff
sought the support of Staatskommissar (state commissioner) Gustav von Kahr, Bavaria's de facto ruler.
However, Kahr, along with Police Chief Hans Ritter von Seisser (Seißer) and Reichswehr General Otto
von Lossow, wanted to install a nationalist dictatorship without Hitler.

Hitler wanted to seize a critical moment for successful popular agitation and support. On 8 November
1923, he and the SA stormed a public meeting of 3,000 people that had been organised by Kahr in the
Bürgerbräukeller, a large beer hall in Munich. Hitler interrupted Kahr's speech and announced that the
national revolution had begun, declaring the formation of a new government with Ludendorff. With his
handgun drawn, Hitler demanded and got the support of Kahr, Seisser, and Lossow. Hitler's forces
initially succeeded in occupying the local Reichswehr and police headquarters; however, neither the
army nor the state police joined forces with him. Kahr and his consorts quickly withdrew their support
and fled to join Hitler's opposition. The next day, Hitler and his followers marched from the beer hall to
the Bavarian War Ministry to overthrow the Bavarian government on their "March on Berlin", but the
police dispersed them. Sixteen NSDAP members and four police officers were killed in the failed coup.

Hitler fled to the home of Ernst Hanfstaengl, and by some accounts he contemplated suicide. He was
depressed but calm when he was arrested on 11 November 1923 for high treason.
1924: Hitler's trial began in February 1924 before the special People's Court in Munich, and Alfred
Rosenberg became temporary leader of the NSDAP. On 1 April Hitler was sentenced to five years'
imprisonment at Landsberg Prison. He received friendly treatment from the guards and a lot of mail
from supporters. The Bavarian Supreme Court issued a pardon and he was released from jail on 20
December 1924, against the state prosecutor's objections. Including time on remand, Hitler had served
just over one year in prison. While at Landsberg, Hitler dictated most of the first volume of Mein Kampf
(My Struggle; originally entitled Four and a Half Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice)
to his deputy, Rudolf Hess. The book, dedicated to Thule Society member Dietrich Eckart, was an
autobiography and an exposition of his ideology. Mein Kampf was influenced by The Passing of the
Great Race by Madison Grant, which Hitler called "my Bible". Published in two volumes in 1925 and
1926, it sold 228,000 copies between 1925 and 1932. One million copies were sold in 1933, Hitler's first
year in office. The book laid out Hitler's plans for transforming German society into one based on race
by means of genocide.

1925: This year's Jewish Encyclopaedia, states of the existence of Ashkenazi Jews (who represent
approximately 90% of so-called world Jewry), with the startling admission that the so called enemy of
the Jews, Esau (also known as Edom, see Genesis 36:1), now actually represents the Jewish race, when
on page 42 of Volume V it is stated,

"Edom is in modern Jewry."

So what they're basically saying is that these Ashkenazi Jews, who represent 90% of the so-called Jewish
population, are actually gentiles or goyim themselves.

During Hitler's release from prison, politics in Germany had become less combative, and the economy
had improved. This limited Hitler's opportunities for political agitation. As a result of the failed Beer Hall
Putsch, the NSDAP and its affiliated organisations were banned in Bavaria. In a meeting with Prime
Minister of Bavaria Heinrich Held on 4 January 1925, Hitler agreed to respect the authority of the state:
he would only seek political power through the democratic process. The meeting paved the way for the
ban on the NSDAP to be lifted. However, Hitler was barred from public speaking, a ban that remained in
place until 1927. To advance his political ambitions in spite of the ban, Hitler appointed Gregor Strasser,
Otto Strasser, and Joseph Goebbels to organise and grow the NSDAP in northern Germany. A superb
organiser, Gregor Strasser steered a more independent political course, emphasising the socialist
element of the party's programme.

Hitler ruled the NSDAP autocratically by asserting the Führerprinzip ("Leader principle"). Rank in the
party was not determined by elections—positions were filled through appointment by those of higher
rank, who demanded unquestioning obedience to the will of the leader.

1926: N. M. Rothschild & Sons refinance the Underground Electric Railways Company of London Ltd
which has a controlling interest in the entire London Underground transport system.

Maurice de Rothschild has a son, Edmond de Rothschild.

1927: Harold Stanley spins the division of Guaranty Trust Company of New York off into a separate and
subsidiary securities company, the Guaranty Company, where he worked in cooperation with J. P.
Morgan, who invited Stanley to become a partner in his firm in 1927. He made his name as a leader of
the investment banking industry at J.P. Morgan, making the firm a strong player in securities offerings
and especially the bond market, particularly after the Glass–Steagall Act separated commercial and
investment banking.

1928: Henry Sturgis Morgan become a full partner of J.P. Morgan & Co.

Tesla received his last patent in 1928 for an apparatus for aerial transportation which was the first
instance of VTOL aircraft.

1929: The Rothschilds crash the United States economy by contracting the money supply.
The stock market in the United States crashed on 24 October 1929. The impact in Germany was dire:
millions were thrown out of work and several major banks collapsed. Hitler and the NSDAP prepared to
take advantage of the emergency to gain support for their party. They promised to repudiate the
Versailles treaty, strengthen the economy, and provide jobs. (remember this line. you'll be hearing it a
lot for years to come.)

1930: The first Rothschild world bank, the, "Bank for International Settlements (BIS)," is established in
Basle, Switzerland. The same place as where 33 years earlier the first ever World Zionist Congress was
held. (funny how this was done during a time when nobody had any money right?)

The Great Depression in Germany in 1930 provided a political opportunity for Hitler. Germans were
ambivalent to the parliamentary republic, which faced strong challenges from right- and left-wing
extremists. The moderate political parties were increasingly unable to stem the tide of extremism, and
the German referendum of 1929 had helped to elevate Nazi ideology. The elections of September 1930
resulted in the break-up of a grand coalition and its replacement by a minority cabinet. Its leader,
chancellor Heinrich Brüning of the Centre Party, governed through emergency decrees from the
president, Paul von Hindenburg. Governance by decree would become the new norm and paved the
way for authoritarian forms of government. The NSDAP rose from obscurity to win 18.3% of the vote
and 107 parliamentary seats in the 1930 election, becoming the second-largest party in parliament.

Hitler made a prominent appearance at the trial of two Reichswehr officers, Lieutenants Richard
Scheringer and Hans Ludin, in the autumn of 1930. Both were charged with membership of the NSDAP,
at that time illegal for Reichswehr personnel. The prosecution argued that the NSDAP was an extremist
party, prompting defence lawyer Hans Frank to call on Hitler to testify in court. While testifying on 25
September 1930, Hitler stated that his party would pursue political power solely through democratic
elections. Hitler's testimony won him many supporters in the officer corps.

Brüning's austerity measures brought little economic improvement and were extremely unpopular.
Hitler exploited this weakness by targeting his political messages specifically to the segments of the
population that had been affected by the inflation of the 1920s and the Depression, such as farmers,
war veterans, and the middle class.
1932: Hitler formally renounced his Austrian citizenship on 7 April 1925, but at the time did not acquire
German citizenship. For almost seven years Hitler was stateless, unable to run for public office, and
faced the risk of deportation. On 25 February 1932 the interior minister of Brunswick, who was a
member of the NSDAP, appointed Hitler as administrator for the state's delegation to the Reichsrat in
Berlin, making Hitler a citizen of Brunswick, and thus of Germany.

In 1932 Hitler ran against von Hindenburg in the presidential elections. The viability of his candidacy was
underscored by a 27 January 1932 speech to the Industry Club in Düsseldorf, which won him support
from many of Germany's most powerful industrialists. However, Hindenburg had support from various
nationalist, monarchist, Catholic, and republican parties and some social democrats. Hitler used the
campaign slogan "Hitler über Deutschland" ("Hitler over Germany"), a reference to both his political
ambitions and to his campaigning by aircraft. Hitler came in second in both rounds of the election,
garnering more than 35% of the vote in the final election. Although he lost to Hindenburg, this election
established Hitler as a strong force in German politics.

The absence of an effective government prompted two influential politicians, Franz von Papen and
Alfred Hugenberg, along with several other industrialists and businessmen, to write a letter to von
Hindenburg. The signers urged Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as leader of a government "independent
from parliamentary parties", which could turn into a movement that would "enrapture millions of

Hindenburg eventually reluctantly agreed to appoint Hitler as chancellor after two further parliamentary
elections—in July and November 1932—had not resulted in the formation of a majority government.
Hitler was to head a short-lived coalition government formed by the NSDAP and Hugenberg's party, the
German National People's Party (DNVP).

1933: In a meeting with German military leaders on 3 February 1933, Hitler spoke of "conquest for
Lebensraum in the East and its ruthless Germanisation" as his ultimate foreign policy objectives. In
March, Prince Bernhard Wilhelm von Bülow, secretary at the Auswärtiges Amt (Foreign Office), issued a
major statement of German foreign policy aims: Anschluss with Austria, the restoration of Germany's
national borders of 1914, rejection of Part V of the Treaty of Versailles, the return of the former German
colonies in Africa, and a German zone of influence in Eastern Europe. Hitler found Bülow's goals to be
too modest. In his speeches of this period, he stressed the peaceful goals of his policies and willingness
to work within international agreements. At the first meeting of his Cabinet in 1933, Hitler prioritised
military spending over unemployment relief.

On 30 January 1933 the new cabinet was sworn in during a brief and simple ceremony in Hindenburg's
office. The NSDAP held three of the eleven posts: Hitler was named chancellor, Hermann Göring was
named minister without portfolio, and Wilhelm Frick was appointed minister of the interior.

On January 30, Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. He drives Jews, many of which were
Communist out of Governmental positions within Germany. As a result of this, in July, the Jews hold a
World Conference in Amsterdam during which they demand that Hitler re-instate every Jew back to his
former position.

Hitler refuses and as a result of this, Samuel Untermyer, the Ashkenazi Jew who blackmailed President
Wilson,and is now the head of the American delegation and the president of the whole conference,
returns to the United States, and makes a speech on radio which was transcribed in the From the New
York Times, Monday, August 7, 1933. In the speech he made the following statements,

"...the Jews are the aristocrats of the world...Our campaign is...the economic boycott against all German
goods, shipping and services...What we are to prosecute a purely defensive economic
boycott that will undermine the Hitler regime and bring the German people to their senses by
destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends...

...Each of you, Jew and Gentile alike...must refuse to deal with any merchant or shopkeeper who sells
any German-made goods or who patronizes German ships or shipping."
As two thirds of Germany's food supply had to be imported, and could only be imported with the
proceeds of what they exported, if Germany could not export, two thirds of Germany's population
would starve, as there would be not enough food for more than one third of the population.

As a result of this boycott, Jews throughout America, would protest outside and damage any stores in
which they found any products with, "Made in Germany," printed on them, causing stores to have to
dump these products or risk bankruptcy.

Once the effects of this boycott began to be felt in Germany, the Germans, who had demonstrated no
violence towards the Jews up to this point, simply began boycotting Jewish stores in the same way the
Jews had done to stores selling German products in America.

As chancellor, Hitler worked against attempts by the NSDAP's opponents to build a majority
government. Because of the political stalemate, Hitler asked President Hindenburg to again dissolve the
Reichstag, and elections were scheduled for early March. On 27 February 1933, the Reichstag building
was set on fire. Göring blamed a communist plot, because Dutch communist Marinus van der Lubbe was
found in incriminating circumstances inside the burning building. At Hitler's urging, Hindenburg
responded with the Reichstag Fire Decree of 28 February, which suspended basic rights, including
habeas corpus. Activities of the German Communist Party were suppressed, and some 4,000 communist
party members were arrested. Researchers, including William L. Shirer and Alan Bullock, are of the
opinion that the NSDAP itself was responsible for starting the fire.

In addition to political campaigning, the NSDAP engaged in paramilitary violence and the spread of anti-
communist propaganda in the days preceding the election. On election day, 6 March 1933, the NSDAP's
share of the vote increased to 43.9%, and the party acquired the largest number of seats in parliament.
However, Hitler's party failed to secure an absolute majority, necessitating another coalition with the

On 21 March 1933, the new Reichstag was constituted with an opening ceremony at the Garrison
Church in Potsdam. This "Day of Potsdam" was held to demonstrate unity between the Nazi movement
and the old Prussian elite and military. Hitler appeared in a morning coat and humbly greeted President
von Hindenburg.
To achieve full political control despite not having an absolute majority in parliament, Hitler's
government brought the Ermächtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act) to a vote in the newly elected Reichstag.
The legislation gave Hitler's cabinet full legislative powers for a period of four years and (with certain
exceptions) allowed deviations from the constitution. Since the bill required a two-thirds majority to
pass, it needed very broad support. Leaving nothing to chance, the Nazis used the provisions of the
Reichstag Fire Decree to keep several Social Democratic deputies from attending; the Communists had
already been banned.

On 23 March, the Reichstag assembled at the Kroll Opera House under turbulent circumstances. Ranks
of SA men served as guards inside the building, while large groups outside opposing the proposed
legislation shouted slogans and threats toward the arriving members of parliament. The position of the
Centre Party, the third largest party in the Reichstag, turned out to be decisive. After Hitler verbally
promised party leader Ludwig Kaas that President von Hindenburg would retain his power of veto, Kaas
announced the Centre Party would support the Enabling Act. Ultimately, the Enabling Act passed by a
vote of 441–84, with all parties except the Social Democrats voting in favour. The Enabling Act, along
with the Reichstag Fire Decree, transformed Hitler's government into a de facto legal dictatorship.

Having achieved full control over the legislative and executive branches of government, Hitler and his
political allies embarked on systematic suppression of the remaining political opposition. After the
dissolution of the Communist Party, the Social Democratic Party was also banned and all its assets
seized. While many trade union delegates were in Berlin for May Day activities, SA stormtroopers
demolished trade union offices around the country. On 2 May 1933 all trade unions were forced to
dissolve and their leaders were arrested; some were sent to concentration camps. The German Labour
Front was formed to represent all workers, administrators, and company owners together as one group.
This new trade union reflected the concept of national socialism in the spirit of Hitler's
"Volksgemeinschaft" (community of all German people).

By the end of June, the other parties had "voluntarily" dissolved, and with the help of the SA, Hitler
pressured his nominal coalition partner, Hugenberg, into resigning from cabinet. On 14 July 1933 Hitler's
Nazi Party was declared the only legal political party in Germany.
Rothschild financed IBM, supply machines to the Nazis which produce punch cards to help organize and
manage the initial identification and social expulsion of Jews, the confiscation of their property and their

Germany withdrew from the League of Nations and the World Disarmament Conference in October

On November 16, President Roosevelt recognizes the Zionist regime of Stalin in Russia without
consultation with Congress even as 8,000 Ukrainians march in protest in New York.

Also this year, President Roosevelt, born of a Jewish mother, therefore satisfying Ashkenazi rules of
being Jewish, orders the all-seeing eye to be placed upon all new dollar bills along with the motto,
"Novus Ordo Seclorum." This is latin for, "A New Order of the Ages."

1934: Swiss banking secrecy laws are reformed and it becomes an offence resulting in imprisonment for
any bank employee to violate bank secrecy. This is all in preparation for the Rothschild engineered
Second World War in which as usual they will fund both sides.

Edmond de Rothschild dies.

Tesla made remarkable claims concerning a "teleforce" weapon. The press called it a "peace ray" or
death ray. In total, the components and methods included:
An apparatus for producing manifestations of energy in free air instead of in a high vacuum as in the
past. This, according to Tesla in 1934, was accomplished.

A mechanism for generating tremendous electrical force. This, according to Tesla, was also

A means of intensifying and amplifying the force developed by the second mechanism.

A new method for producing a tremendous electrical repelling force. This would be the projector, or
gun, of the invention.

Tesla worked on plans for a directed-energy weapon from the early 1900s until his death. In 1937, Tesla
wrote a treatise entitled "The Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-dispersive Energy through the Natural
Media", which concerned charged particle beams. Tesla published the document in an attempt to
expound on the technical description of a "superweapon that would put an end to all war." This treatise
describing the particle beam is currently in the Nikola Tesla Museum archive in Belgrade. It describes an
open-ended vacuum tube with a gas jet seal that allows particles to exit, a method of charging particles
to millions of volts, and a method of creating and directing nondispersive particle streams (through
electrostatic repulsion).

His records indicate that the device is based on a narrow stream of atomic clusters of liquid mercury or
tungsten accelerated via high voltage (by means akin to his magnifying transformer). Tesla gives the
following description concerning the particle gun's operation:

[The nozzle would] send concentrated beams of particles through the free air, of such tremendous
energy that they will bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 200 miles from a
defending nation's border and will cause armies to drop dead in their tracks.

The weapon could be used against ground based infantry or for antiaircraft purposes. Tesla tried to
interest the US War Department in the device. He also offered this invention to European countries.
None of the governments purchased a contract to build the device. He was unable to act on his plans.

The demands of the SA for more political and military power caused much anxiety among military,
industrial, and political leaders. Hitler responded by purging the entire SA leadership in what became
known as the Night of the Long Knives, which took place from 30 June to 2 July 1934. Hitler targeted
Ernst Röhm and other political adversaries (such as Gregor Strasser and former chancellor Kurt von
Schleicher). Röhm and other SA leaders, along with a number of Hitler's political enemies, were rounded
up, arrested, and shot. While some Germans were shocked by the murders, many saw Hitler as the one
who restored order to the country.
On 2 August 1934 President von Hindenburg died. The previous day, the cabinet had enacted a law to
take effect upon Hindenburg's death which abolished the office of president and combined its powers
with those of the chancellor. Hitler thus became head of state as well as head of government, and was
formally named as Führer und Reichskanzler (leader and chancellor). This law violated the Enabling Act
as well as the constitution: the Enabling Act specifically barred Hitler from passing any law that
tampered with the presidency, and in 1932, the constitution had been amended to make the president
of the High Court of Justice, not the chancellor, acting president pending new elections. With this law,
Hitler removed the last legal remedy by which he could be removed from office—and with it, the last
check on his power.

As head of state, Hitler became Supreme Commander of the armed forces. The traditional loyalty oath
of soldiers and sailors was altered to affirm loyalty directly to Hitler, rather than to the office of supreme
commander. On 19 August, the merger of the presidency with the chancellorship was approved by a
plebiscite with support of 90% of the electorate.

1935: Henry Sturgis Morgan co-founded the company Morgan Stanley in 1935, together with Harold
Stanley when the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 forced the separation on investment banking and
commercial banking.

In March 1935 Hitler announced an expansion of the German army to 600,000 members—six times the
number stipulated in Part V of the Versailles treaty—including development of an Air Force (Luftwaffe)
and increasing the size of the Navy (Kriegsmarine). Britain, France, Italy, and the League of Nations
condemned these plans as violations of the Versailles treaty.

The Anglo-German Naval Agreement (AGNA) of 18 June 1935 allowed German tonnage to increase to
35% of that of the British navy. Hitler called the signing of the AGNA "the happiest day of his life" as he
believed the agreement marked the beginning of the Anglo-German alliance he had predicted in Mein
Kampf. France and Italy were not consulted before the signing, directly undermining the League of
Nations and putting the Treaty of Versailles on the path towards irrelevance.
In 1935 Hitler appointed Hjalmar Schacht as Plenipotentiary for War Economy, in charge of preparing
the economy for war. Reconstruction and rearmament were financed through Mefo bills, printing
money, and seizing the assets of people arrested as enemies of the State, including Jews.
Unemployment fell substantially, from six million in 1932 to one million in 1936. Hitler oversaw one of
the largest infrastructure improvement campaigns in German history, leading to the construction of
dams, autobahns, railroads, and other civil works. Wages were slightly reduced in the pre–World War II
years over those of the Weimar Republic, while the cost of living increased by 25%.

Hitler's government sponsored architecture on an immense scale. Albert Speer, instrumental in
implementing Hitler's classicist reinterpretation of German culture, was placed in charge of the
proposed architectural renovations of Berlin.

One of Hitler's central and most controversial ideologies was the concept of what he and his followers
termed racial hygiene. On 15 September 1935 he presented two laws—known as the Nuremberg Laws—
to the Reichstag. The laws banned marriage between non-Jewish and Jewish Germans, and forbade the
employment of non-Jewish women under the age of 45 in Jewish households. The laws deprived so-
called "non-Aryans" of the benefits of German citizenship.[169] Hitler's early eugenic policies targeted
children with physical and developmental disabilities in a programme dubbed Action T4.

Hitler's idea of Lebensraum, espoused in Mein Kampf, focused on acquiring new territory for German
settlement in Eastern Europe. The Generalplan Ost ("General Plan for the East") called for the
population of occupied Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union to be deported to West Siberia, used as
slave labour, or murdered; the conquered territories were to be colonised by German or "Germanised"
settlers. The original plan called for this process to begin after the conquest of the Soviet Union, but
when that failed to happen, Hitler moved the plans forward.

1936: Hitler opened the summer Olympic games in Berlin.

With regard to the increase in anti-semitism in Germany, Samuel Landman (at the time, secretary to the
World Zionist Organisation), in his 1936 book, Great Britain, The Jews, and Palestine states the following
of the United States entry into World War 1,
"The fact that it was Jewish help that brought USA into the War on the side of the Allies has rankled ever
since in German – especially Nazi – minds, and has contributed in no small measure to the prominence
which anti-Semitism occupies in the Nazi programme."

Germany reoccupied the demilitarised zone in the Rhineland in March 1936, in violation the Versailles
treaty. Hitler sent troops to Spain to support General Franco after receiving an appeal for help in July
1936. At the same time, Hitler continued his efforts to create an Anglo-German alliance. In response to a
growing economic crisis caused by his rearmament efforts, Hitler issued a memorandum ordering
Hermann Göring to carry out a Four Year Plan to have Germany ready for war within the next four years.
The "Four-Year Plan Memorandum" of August 1936 laid out an imminent all-out struggle between
"Judeo-Bolshevism" and German national socialism, which in Hitler's view required a committed effort
of rearmament regardless of the economic costs.

Count Galeazzo Ciano, foreign minister of Benito Mussolini's government, declared an axis between
Germany and Italy, and on 25 November, Germany signed the Anti-Comintern Pact with Japan. Britain,
China, Italy, and Poland were also invited to join the Anti-Comintern Pact, but only Italy signed in 1937.

1937: Hitler abandoned his dream of an Anglo-German alliance, blaming "inadequate" British
leadership. He held a secret meeting at the Reich Chancellery with his war and foreign ministers and
military chiefs that November. As recorded in the Hossbach Memorandum, Hitler stated his intention of
acquiring Lebensraum ("living space") for the German people, and ordered preparations for war in the
east, which would commence as early as 1938 and no later than 1943. He stated that the conference
minutes were to be regarded as his "political testament" in the event of his death.[165] He felt the
German economic crisis had reached a point that a severe decline in living standards in Germany could
only be stopped by a policy of military aggression—seizing Austria and Czechoslovakia. Hitler urged
quick action, before Britain and France obtained a permanent lead in the arms race.

1938: In early 1938, Hitler forced his War Minister, Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg, to resign when
a police dossier was discovered showing that Blomberg's new wife had a record for prostitution. Hitler
removed army commander Colonel-General Werner von Fritsch after the Schutzstaffel (SS) produced
allegations that he had taken part in a homosexual relationship. Both men had already fallen into
disfavour when they objected to his demand that they have the Wehrmacht ready to go to war as early
as 1938. Hitler used this incident, known as the Blomberg–Fritsch Affair, to consolidate his hold over the
military—the only force left in the country with enough power to remove him. He assumed Blomberg's
old title of Commander-in-Chief, thus taking personal command of the armed forces. He also replaced
the Ministry of War with the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (High Command of the Armed Forces, or
OKW), headed by General Wilhelm Keitel. On the same day, sixteen generals were stripped of their
commands and 44 more were transferred; all were suspected of not being pro-Nazi enough. By early
February 1938, twelve other generals had been removed.

Having consolidated his political powers, Hitler suppressed or eliminated his opposition by a process
termed Gleichschaltung ("bringing into line"). He attempted to gain additional public support by vowing
to reverse the effects of the Depression and the Versailles treaty.

In the wake of the Blomberg–Fritsch Affair, Hitler asserted control of the military-foreign policy
apparatus. Dismissing Neurath as Foreign Minister, he assumed the role and title of the Oberster
Befehlshaber der Wehrmacht (supreme commander of the armed forces). From early 1938 onwards,
Hitler was carrying out a foreign policy that had war as its ultimate aim.

In February 1938, on the advice of his newly appointed Foreign Minister, the strongly pro-Japanese
Joachim von Ribbentrop, Hitler ended the Sino-German alliance with the Republic of China to instead
enter into an alliance with the more modern and powerful Japan. Hitler announced German recognition
of Manchukuo, the Japanese-occupied state in Manchuria, and renounced German claims to their
former colonies in the Pacific held by Japan. Hitler ordered an end to arms shipments to China, and
recalled all German officers working with the Chinese Army. In retaliation, Chinese General Chiang Kai-
shek cancelled all Sino-German economic agreements, depriving the Germans of many Chinese raw
materials, though they did continue to ship tungsten, a key metal in armaments production, through to

On 12 March 1938 Hitler declared unification of Austria with Nazi Germany in the Anschluss. Hitler then
turned his attention to the ethnic German population of the Sudetenland district of Czechoslovakia.
On 28–29 March 1938 Hitler held a series of secret meetings in Berlin with Konrad Henlein of the
Sudeten Heimfront (Home Front), the largest of the ethnic German parties of the Sudetenland. Both
men agreed that Henlein would demand increased autonomy for Sudeten Germans from the
Czechoslovakian government, thus providing a pretext for German military action against
Czechoslovakia. In April 1938 Henlein told the foreign minister of Hungary that "whatever the Czech
government might offer, he would always raise still higher demands ... he wanted to sabotage an
understanding by all means because this was the only method to blow up Czechoslovakia quickly". In
private, Hitler considered the Sudeten issue unimportant; his real intention was a war of conquest
against Czechoslovakia.

In April 1938 Hitler ordered the OKW to prepare for Fall Grün ("Case Green"), the code name for an
invasion of Czechoslovakia. As a result of intense French and British diplomatic pressure, on 5
September 1938 Czechoslovakian President Edvard Beneš unveiled the "Fourth Plan" for constitutional
reorganisation of his country, which agreed to most of Henlein's demands for Sudeten autonomy.
Henlein's Heimfront responded to Beneš' offer with a series of violent clashes with the Czechoslovakian
police that led to the declaration of martial law in certain Sudeten districts.

Germany was dependent on imported oil; a confrontation with Britain over the Czechoslovakian dispute
could curtail Germany's oil supplies. Hitler called off Fall Grün, originally planned for 1 October 1938. On
29 September 1938 Hitler, Neville Chamberlain, Édouard Daladier, and Benito Mussolini attended a one-
day conference in Munich that led to the Munich Agreement, which handed over the Sudetenland
districts to Germany.

Chamberlain was satisfied with the Munich conference, calling the outcome "peace for our time", while
Hitler was angered about the missed opportunity for war in 1938. Hitler expressed his disappointment
over the Munich Agreement in a speech on 9 October 1938 in Saarbrücken. In Hitler's view, the British-
brokered peace, although favourable to the ostensible German demands, was a diplomatic defeat which
spurred Hitler's intent of limiting British power to pave the way for the eastern expansion of Germany.
As a result of the summit, Hitler was selected Time magazine's Man of the Year for 1938. (funny
considering the reasons why TIME was founded.)
On 7th November, a Jew, Herschel Grynszpan, assassinated Ernst vom Rath, a minor official at the
German Embassy in Paris. As a result of this German hostility towards Jews in Germany started to turn

The Rothschilds Austrian banking house in Vienna, S. M. von Rothschild und Söhne, closes following the
Nazi occupation of Austria.

After the Anschluss of Austria in 1938, a search failed to find Maria Schicklgruber's( Adolf Hitler's
paternal grandmother.) grave so she was given an "Honor Grave" next to the church wall. This grave was
tended by local Hitler Youth groups.

1939: I.G. Farben the leading producer of chemicals in the world and largest German producer of steel
dramatically increases its production. This increased production is almost exclusively used to arm
Germany for the Second World War. This company was controlled by the Rothschilds and would go on
to use Jews and other disaffected peoples as slave labour in the concentration camps. I.G. Farben also
created the lethal Zyklon B gas that was used to exterminate the Jews.

In late 1938 and early 1939, the continuing economic crisis caused by the rearmament efforts forced
Hitler to make major defence cuts. On 30 January 1939 Hitler made an "Export or die" speech, calling for
a German economic offensive to increase German foreign exchange holdings to pay for raw materials
such as high-grade iron needed for military weapons.

"If the international Jewish financiers outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more
into a world war, then the result will not be the bolshevisation of the earth, and thus the victory of
Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!" — Adolf Hitler, address to German parliament,
30 January 1939.
On 15 March 1939, in violation of the Munich accord and possibly as a result of the deepening economic
crisis requiring additional assets, Hitler ordered the Wehrmacht to invade Prague, and from Prague
Castle proclaimed Bohemia and Moravia a German protectorate.

In private discussions in 1939, Hitler described Britain as the main enemy that had to be defeated. In his
view, Poland's obliteration as a sovereign nation was a necessary prelude to that goal. The eastern flank
would be secured, and land would be added to Germany's Lebensraum. Hitler wanted Poland to become
either a German satellite state or be otherwise neutralised to secure the Reich's eastern flank, and to
prevent a possible British blockade. Initially, Hitler favoured the idea of a satellite state; this was
rejected by the Polish government. Therefore, Hitler decided to invade Poland; he made this the main
German foreign policy goal of 1939. Hitler was offended by the British "guarantee" of Polish
independence issued on 31 March 1939, and told his associates that "I shall brew them a devil's drink".
In a speech in Wilhelmshaven for the launch of the battleship Tirpitz on 1 April 1939, Hitler first
threatened to denounce the Anglo-German Naval Agreement if the British persisted with their
guarantee of Polish independence, which he perceived as an "encirclement" policy. On 3 April 1939
Hitler ordered the military to prepare for Fall Weiss (Case White), the plan for a German invasion on 25
August 1939. In a speech before the Reichstag on 28 April Hitler renounced both the Anglo-German
Naval Agreement and the German–Polish Non-Aggression Pact. In August Hitler told his generals that his
original plan for 1939 was to "... establish an acceptable relationship with Poland in order to fight
against the West". Since Poland refused to become a German satellite, Hitler believed his only option
was the invasion of Poland. Historians such as William Carr, Gerhard Weinberg, and Ian Kershaw have
argued that one reason for Hitler's rush to war was his morbid and obsessive fear of an early death, and
hence his feeling that he did not have long to accomplish his work.

Hitler was initially concerned that a military attack against Poland could result in a premature war with
Britain. However, Hitler's foreign minister—and former Ambassador to London—Joachim von
Ribbentrop assured him that neither Britain nor France would honour their commitments to Poland, and
that a German–Polish war would only be a limited regional war. Ribbentrop claimed that in December
1938 the French foreign minister, Georges Bonnet, had stated that France considered Eastern Europe as
Germany's exclusive sphere of influence; Ribbentrop showed Hitler diplomatic cables that supported his
analysis. The German Ambassador in London, Herbert von Dirksen, supported Ribbentrop's analysis with
a dispatch in August 1939, reporting that Chamberlain knew "the social structure of Britain, even the
conception of the British Empire, would not survive the chaos of even a victorious war", and so would
back down. Accordingly, on 21 August 1939 Hitler ordered a military mobilisation against Poland.

Hitler's plans for a military campaign in Poland in late August or early September required tacit Soviet
support. The non-aggression pact (the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) between Germany and the Soviet
Union, led by Joseph Stalin, included secret protocols with an agreement to partition Poland between
the two countries. In response to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact—and contrary to the prediction of
Ribbentrop that the newly-formed pact would sever Anglo-Polish ties—Britain and Poland signed the
Anglo-Polish alliance on 25 August 1939. This, along with news from Italy that Mussolini would not
honour the Pact of Steel, caused Hitler to postpone the attack on Poland from 25 August to 1
September. In the days before the start of the war, Hitler tried to manoeuvre the British into neutrality
by offering a non-aggression guarantee to the British Empire on 25 August and by having Ribbentrop
present a last-minute peace plan with an impossibly short time limit in an effort to then blame the war
on British and Polish inaction.

As a pretext for a military aggression against Poland, Hitler claimed the Free City of Danzig and the right
to extraterritorial roads across the Polish Corridor, which Germany had ceded under the Versailles
treaty. Despite his concerns over a possible British intervention, Hitler was ultimately not deterred from
his aim of invading Poland, and on 1 September 1939 Germany invaded western Poland.

On 1 September, the Second world war starts when Germany invades Poland. This was because the
German leadership were a Christian leadership, who understood that Soviet Russia was led by
Rothschild funded Communists, and they feared that as the Soviet Union grew in strength, these Jewish
Communists would invade and wipe all the Christians off the map. In response, Britain and France
declared war on Germany on 3 September. This surprised Hitler, prompting him to turn to Ribbentrop
and angrily ask "Now what?" France and Britain did not act on their declarations immediately, and on 17
September, Soviet forces invaded eastern Poland.
"Poland never will rise again in the form of the Versailles treaty. That is guaranteed not only by
Germany, but also ... Russia."

— Adolf Hitler, public speech in Danzig at the end of September 1939

The fall of Poland was followed by what contemporary journalists dubbed the "Phoney War" or Sitzkrieg
("sitting war"). Hitler instructed the two newly-appointed Gauleiters of north-western Poland, Albert
Forster and Arthur Greiser, to "Germanise" the area, and promised them "There would be no questions
asked" about how this was accomplished. To Himmler's chagrin, Forster had local Poles sign forms
stating that they had German blood, and required no further documentation. On the other hand, Greiser
carried out a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign on the Polish population in his purview. Greiser
complained to Hitler that Forster was allowing thousands of Poles to be accepted as "racial" Germans
and thus, in Greiser's view, endangering German "racial purity". Hitler told Himmler and Greiser to take
up their difficulties with Forster, and not to involve him. Hitler's handling of the Forster–Greiser dispute
has been advanced as an example of Kershaw's theory of "working towards the Führer": Hitler issued
vague instructions and expected his subordinates to work out policies on their own.

1940: Another dispute broke out between different factions. One side, represented by Himmler and
Greiser, championed carrying out ethnic cleansing in Poland, and another side, represented by Göring
and Hans Frank, called for turning Poland into the "granary" of the Reich. At a conference held at
Göring's Karinhall estate on 12 February 1940, the dispute was initially settled in favour of the Göring–
Frank view of economic exploitation, which ended the economically disruptive mass expulsions. On 15
May 1940, however, Himmler presented Hitler with a memo entitled "Some Thoughts on the Treatment
of Alien Population in the East", which called for expulsion of the entire Jewish population of Europe
into Africa and reducing the remainder of the Polish population to a "leaderless class of labourers".
Hitler called Himmler's memo "good and correct"; he scuttled the so-called Karinhall agreement and
implemented the Himmler–Greiser viewpoint as German policy for the Polish population.
Hansjurgen Koehler in his book, "Inside The Gestapo," states the following, of Maria Anna
Schicklgruber, Adolf Hitler's grandmother,

"A little servant girl…….came to Vienna and became a domestic servant…….at the Rothschild
mansion…….and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for in this magnificent house."

This is backed up by Walter Langer in his book, "The Mind Of Hitler," in which he states,

"Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber…….Maria Anna
Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. At that time she was employed as a servant
in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back
home…….where Alois was born."

On the surface, it would appear Hitler was unlikely to be a Rothschild, but then again, when you discover
the benefits that the Rothschilds got out of this war, both financially and politically, a Rothschild
connection does not appear as outlandish as it may initially seem.

Hitler commenced building up military forces on Germany's western border, and in April 1940, German
forces invaded Denmark and Norway. In May 1940, Hitler's forces attacked France, and conquered
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Belgium. These victories prompted Mussolini to have Italy join forces
with Hitler on 10 June 1940. France surrendered on 22 June 1940.

Britain, whose forces were forced to leave France by sea from Dunkirk, continued to fight alongside
other British dominions in the Battle of the Atlantic. Hitler made peace overtures for to the British, now
led by Winston Churchill, and when these were rejected he ordered bombing raids on the United
Kingdom. Hitler's prelude to a planned invasion of the UK was a series of aerial attacks in the Battle of
Britain on Royal Air Force airbases and radar stations in South-East England. However, the German
Luftwaffe failed to defeat the Royal Air Force.

On 27 September 1940 the Tripartite Pact was signed in Berlin by Saburō Kurusu of Imperial Japan,
Hitler, and Italian foreign minister Ciano. The agreement was later expanded to include Hungary,
Romania, and Bulgaria. They were collectively known as the Axis powers. The purpose of the pact was to
deter the United States from supporting the British. By the end of October 1940, air superiority for the
invasion of Britain—Operation Sea Lion—could not be achieved, and Hitler ordered the nightly air raids
of British cities, including London, Plymouth, and Coventry.

1941: In the Spring of 1941, Hitler was distracted from his plans for the East by military activities in
North Africa, the Balkans, and the Middle East. In February, German forces arrived in Libya to bolster the
Italian presence. In April, Hitler launched the invasion of Yugoslavia, quickly followed by the invasion of
Greece. In May, German forces were sent to support Iraqi rebel forces fighting against the British and to
invade Crete. On 23 May, Hitler released Führer Directive No. 30.

On 22 June 1941, contravening the Hitler-Stalin non-aggression pact of 1939, three million German
troops attacked the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa.[248] The invasion seized a huge area,
including the Baltic states, Belarus, and Ukraine. However, the German advance was stopped barely
short of Moscow in December 1941 by the Russian Winter and fierce Soviet resistance.

With generals Keitel, Paulus and von Brauchitsch, discussing the situation on the Eastern Front in
October 1941

Soviet troop concentrations on Germany's western border in the spring of 1941 may have prompted
Hitler to engage in a Flucht nach vorn ("flight forward") to get in front of an inevitable conflict. Viktor
Suvorov, Ernst Topitsch, Joachim Hoffmann, Ernst Nolte, and David Irving have argued that the official
reason for Barbarossa given by the German military was the real reason—a preventive war to avert an
impending Soviet attack scheduled for July 1941. This theory, however, has been faulted; American
historian Gerhard Weinberg once compared the advocates of the preventive war theory to believers in
"fairy tales".

In September 1941, after medical disqualification by the Army for his chronic lower back problems, John
Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy joined the U.S. Navy, with the influence of the director of the Office of Naval
Intelligence (ONI), former naval attaché to Joseph Kennedy. Kennedy was an ensign serving in the office
of the Secretary of the Navy when the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred. He then attended the Naval
Reserve Officer Training Corps and Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Training Center, was assigned duty in
Panama and later in the Pacific theater where he earned the rank of lieutenant, commanding a patrol
torpedo (PT) boat.

The Wehrmacht invasion of the Soviet Union reached its peak on 2 December 1941, when the 258th
Infantry Division advanced to within 15 miles (24 km) of Moscow, close enough to see the spires of the
Kremlin. However, they were not prepared for the harsh conditions of the Russian winter, and Soviet
forces drove back German troops over 320 kilometres (200 mi).

President Roosevelt takes America into the second world war by refusing to sell Japan any more steel
scrap or oil. Japan was in the midst of a war against China and without that scrap steel and oil, Japan
would be unable to continue that war. Japan was totally dependent upon the United States for both
steel scrap and oil. Roosevelt knew this action would provoke the Japanese to attack America, which
they subsequently did at Pearl Harbor.

On 7 December 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Four days later, Hitler's formal declaration of
war against the United States engaged Germany in war against a coalition that included the world's
largest empire (the British Empire), the world's greatest industrial and financial power (the United
States), and the world's largest army (the Soviet Union).

On 18 December 1941 Himmler met with Hitler, and in response to Himmler's question "What to do
with the Jews of Russia?", Hitler replied "als Partisanen auszurotten" ("exterminate them as partisans").
Israeli historian Yehuda Bauer has commented that the remark is probably as close as historians will
ever get to a definitive order from Hitler for the genocide carried out during the Holocaust.

1942: January 1942 the decision had been taken to kill the Jews and other deportees that were
considered undesirable.
The Holocaust (the "Endlösung der jüdischen Frage" or "Final Solution of the Jewish Question") was
organised and executed by Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich. The records of the Wannsee
Conference—held on 20 January 1942 and led by Reinhard Heydrich, with fifteen senior Nazi officials
(including Adolf Eichmann) participating—provide the clearest evidence of systematic planning for the
Holocaust. On 22 February Hitler was recorded saying to his associates, "we shall regain our health only
by eliminating the Jews". Approximately thirty Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps were
used for this purpose. By summer 1942 the facility at Auschwitz concentration camp was modified to
accept large numbers of deportees for killing or enslavement.

Although no specific order from Hitler authorising the mass killings has surfaced, he approved the
Einsatzgruppen, killing squads that followed the German army through Poland and Russia, and he was
well informed about their activities. During interrogations by Soviet intelligence officers, the records of
which were declassified over fifty years later, Hitler's valet, Heinz Linge, and his adjutant, Otto Günsche,
stated that Hitler had a direct interest in the development of gas chambers.

Between 1939 and 1945, the SS, assisted by collaborationist governments and recruits from occupied
countries, were responsible for the deaths of eleven to fourteen million people, including about six
million Jews, representing two-thirds of the Jewish population in Europe, and between 500,000 and
1,500,000 Roma. Deaths took place in concentration and extermination camps, ghettos, and through
mass executions. Many victims of the Holocaust were gassed to death, whereas others died of
starvation or disease while working as slave labourers.

Hitler's policies also resulted in the killings of Poles and Soviet prisoners of war, communists and other
political opponents, homosexuals, the physically and mentally disabled, Jehovah's Witnesses, Adventists,
and trade unionists. Hitler never appeared to have visited the concentration camps and did not speak
publicly about the killings.

The area of Maria Schicklgruber's( Adolf Hitler's paternal grandmother.) grave became part of an
artillery training area and the local inhabitants were moved out. Military training continued under the
Soviets after 1945, and also under the Austrian Army until about 1985, by which time most of the towns
and villages were in ruins. The church at Döllersheim is now preserved and undergoing reconstruction.
The cemetery is being tended, but there is no grave marker there now for Maria Schicklgruber.

Some Schicklgrubers remain in Waldviertel. One of this extended clan, "Aloisia V" aged 49, died in 1940,
in a Nazi gas chamber in Austria.
Prescott Bush, father of future American Presidents’ George Herbert Walker and George W, has his
company seized under the, “Trading With The Enemy,” Act. He was funding Hitler from America, whilst
American soldiers were being killed by German soldiers.

Jews are also being slaughtered by these same soldiers. Interestingly the ADL never criticizes any of the
Bushes for this.

(It the in the opinion of the researcher that it would appear while not itself a Rothschild organization at
the time The members of the Skull and Bones Society were being recruited into the Rothschild
Organization because of their leadership qualities and potentially powerful families.)

1943: Tesla died on 7 January 1943 at age 86 from heart thrombus, alone in room 3327 of the New
Yorker Hotel. A few days after Tesla's death, the information center of the Yugoslav royal government-
in-exile released a statement giving a short review of Tesla's achievements and the schedule for his
memorial service and funeral. The speech, written by Louis Adamic, was read in a live broadcast on
Radio New York by the mayor of New York City, Fiorello La Guardia, on 10 January 1943. The remains of
Nikola Tesla were taken to Campbell cemetery. The protocol anticipated the funeral service would be
conducted on 12 January in the cathedral of Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in Manhattan. Bishop
William T. Manning delivered the introductory and the last prayer in English. The funeral service was
conducted in the name of the Serbian Orthodox Church by priest Dusan Sukletovic, the superior of the
Church of St. Sava of the New York parish. The bereaved family members present at the funeral were
Sava Kosanovic and Nikola Trbojevic. A state funeral was attended by 2000 people. Tesla's casket was
draped with U. S. and Yugoslav flags. The pallbearers were Nobel prize winners. Telegrams of
condolence were received from many notables including the first lady, Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt and Vice-
President Henry A. Wallace. Tesla's body was cremated and his ashes taken to Belgrade, Serbia, then-
Yugoslavia in 1957. The urn containing his ashes was placed in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.
Despite having sold his AC electricity patents, Tesla died with significant debts. Later that year the US
Supreme Court upheld Tesla's patent number 645576 in a ruling that served as the basis for patented
radio technology in the United States.
Soon after his death Tesla's safe was opened by his nephew Sava Kosanović. Shortly thereafter Tesla's
papers and other property were impounded by the United States' Alien Property Custodian office in
Tesla's compound at the Manhattan Warehouse, even though he was a naturalized citizen.

Dr. John G. Trump was the main government official who went over Tesla's secret papers after his death
in 1943. At the time, Trump was a well-known electrical engineer serving as a technical aide to the
National Defense Research Committee of the Office of Scientific Research & Development, Technical
Aids, Div. 14, NTRC (predecessor agency to the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence). Trump was also a
professor at M.I.T., and had his feelings hurt by Tesla's 1938 review and critique of M.I.T.'s huge Van de
Graaff generator with its two thirty-foot towers and two 15-foot-diameter (4.6 m) balls, mounted on
railroad tracks—which Tesla showed could be out-performed in both voltage and current by one of his
tiny coils about two feet tall. Trump was asked to participate in the examination of Tesla's papers at the
Manhattan Warehouse & Storage Co. Trump reported afterwards that no examination had been made
of the vast amount of Tesla's property, that had been in the basement of the New Yorker Hotel, ten
years prior to Tesla's death, or of any of his papers, except those in his immediate possession at the time
of his death. Trump concluded in his report, that there was nothing that would constitute a hazard in
unfriendly hands.

At the time of his death, Tesla had been working on the Teleforce weapon, or 'death ray,' that he had
unsuccessfully marketed to the US War Department. It appears that Teleforce was related to his
research into ball lightning and plasma, and was conceived as a particle beam weapon. The US
government did not find a prototype of the device in the safe.

After the FBI was contacted by the War Department, his papers were declared to be top secret. The
personal effects were sequestered on the advice of presidential advisers; J. Edgar Hoover declared the
case most secret, because of the nature of Tesla's inventions and patents. One document stated that
"[he] is reported to have some 80 trunks in different places containing transcripts and plans having to do
with his experiments [...]". Altogether, in Tesla's effects, there were the contents of his safe, two
truckloads of papers and apparati from his hotel, another 75 packing crates and trunks in a storage
facility, and another 80 large storage trunks in another storage facility. The Navy and several "federal
officials" spent two days microfilming some of the material at the Office of Alien Properties storage
facility in 1943, and that was it, until Oct., 1945.

Tesla's family and the Yugoslav embassy struggled with the American authorities to gain these items
after his death because of the potential significance of some of his research. Eventually Mr. Kosanović
won possession of the materials, which are now housed in the Nikola Tesla Museum.
February 18th, Zionist, Izaak Greenbaum, head of the Jewish Agency Rescue Committee, in a speech to
the Zionist Executive Council states,

“If I am asked, could you give from the UJA (United Jewish Appeal) monies to rescue Jews, I say, no and I
say again no!”

He would go onto state,

“One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland!”

This is not a surprise, the whole idea of Zionist support for the slaughter of innocent Jews was to scare
the survivors into believing that their only place of safety was Israel. How else do you think the Zionists
could ensure Jews leave the beautiful European cities in which they live, in order to settle in a desert!?

On August 2, 1943, Kennedy's boat, PT-109, along with PT-162 and PT-169, were ordered to continue
nighttime patrol near New Georgia in the Solomon Islands, when it was rammed by the Japanese
destroyer Amagiri. Kennedy gathered his surviving crew members together in the water around the
wreckage, to vote on whether to "fight or surrender". Kennedy stated, "There's nothing in the book
about a situation like this. A lot of you men have families and some of you have children. What do you
want to do? I have nothing to lose." Shunning surrender, the men swam towards a small island.
Kennedy, despite re-injury to his back in the collision, towed a badly burned crewman through the water
with a life jacket strap clenched between his teeth. He towed the wounded man to the island and later
to a second island from where his crew was subsequently rescued. For these actions, Kennedy received
the Navy and Marine Corps Medal with the following citation:

For extremely heroic conduct as Commanding Officer of Motor Torpedo Boat 109 following the collision
and sinking of that vessel in the Pacific War Theater on August 1–2, 1943. Unmindful of personal danger,
Lieutenant (then Lieutenant, Junior Grade) Kennedy unhesitatingly braved the difficulties and hazards of
darkness to direct rescue operations, swimming many hours to secure aid and food after he had
succeeded in getting his crew ashore. His outstanding courage, endurance and leadership contributed to
the saving of several lives and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval
In October 1943, Kennedy took command of a PT boat converted into a gun boat, PT-59, which in
November took part in a Marine rescue on Choiseul Island.

1944: While Kennedy was still serving, his older brother Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. was killed in action on
August 12, 1944 while part of Operation Aphrodite. Since Joe Jr. had been the family's political standard-
bearer, the task now fell on John.

On 6 November Lord Moyne, British Minister Resident in the Middle East was assassinated in Cairo by
two members of the Jewish terrorist group, the Stern Gang, led by future Prime Minister of Israel,
Yitzhak Shamir. He is also responsible for an assassination attempt against Harold MacMichael, the
High Commissioner of the British Mandate of Palestine, this same year.

Interestingly he also masterminds another successful assassination this year against the United Nations
representative in the Middle East, Count Folke Bernadotte who, although he had secured the release of
21,000 prisoners from German camps during World War II, was seen by Yitzak Shamir and his terrorist
collaborators as an anti-Zionist.

In Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, two further Rothschild world banks are created. The International
Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank.

By late 1944, the Red Army had driven the German army back into Western Europe, and the Western
Allies were advancing into Germany.
1945: After being informed of the failure of his Ardennes Offensive, Hitler realised that Germany was
going to lose the war. His hope, buoyed by the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt on 12 April 1945, was to
negotiate peace with America and Britain. Acting on his view that Germany's military failures had
forfeited its right to survive as a nation, Hitler ordered the destruction of all German industrial
infrastructure before it could fall into Allied hands. Execution of this scorched earth plan was entrusted
to arms minister Albert Speer, who quietly disobeyed the order.

Hitler celebrated his 56th birthday on 20 April in the Führerbunker ("Führer's shelter") below the
Reichskanzlei (Reich Chancellery) gardens. By 21 April, Georgi Zhukov's 1st Belorussian Front had broken
through the last defences of German General Gotthard Heinrici's Army Group Vistula during the Battle
of the Seelow Heights and advanced into the outskirts of Berlin. In denial about the increasingly dire
situation, Hitler placed his hopes on the units commanded by Waffen SS General Felix Steiner, the
Armeeabteilung Steiner ("Army Detachment Steiner"). Hitler ordered Steiner to attack the northern
flank of the salient and the German Ninth Army, was ordered to attack northward in a pincer attack.

During a military conference on 22 April, Hitler asked about Steiner's offensive. After a long silence,
Hitler was told that the attack had never been launched and that the Russians had broken through into
Berlin. This news prompted Hitler to ask everyone except Wilhelm Keitel, Hans Krebs, Alfred Jodl,
Wilhelm Burgdorf, and Martin Bormann to leave the room. Hitler then launched a tirade against the
treachery and incompetence of his commanders, culminating in his declaration—for the first time—that
the war was lost. Hitler announced that he would stay in Berlin until the end and then shoot himself.

Joseph Goebbels made a proclamation on 23 April urging the citizens of Berlin to courageously defend
the city. That same day, Göring sent a telegram from Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, arguing that since Hitler
was cut off in Berlin, he, Göring, should assume leadership of Germany. Göring set a time limit, after
which he would consider Hitler incapacitated. Hitler responded angrily by having Göring arrested, and
when writing his will on 29 April, he removed Göring from all his positions in the government.

Berlin became completely cut off from the rest of Germany. On 28 April, Hitler discovered that Himmler
was trying to discuss surrender terms with the Western Allies. He ordered Himmler's arrest and had
Hermann Fegelein (Himmler's SS representative at Hitler's HQ in Berlin) shot.

After midnight on 29 April, Hitler married Eva Braun in a small civil ceremony in a map room within the
Führerbunker. Antony Beevor stated that after Hitler hosted a modest wedding breakfast with his new
wife, he then took secretary Traudl Junge to another room and dictated his last will and testament. The
event was witnessed and documents signed by Hans Krebs, Wilhelm Burgdorf, Joseph Goebbels, and
Martin Bormann. Later that afternoon, Hitler was informed of the assassination of Italian dictator Benito
Mussolini, which presumably increased his determination to avoid capture.

On 30 April 1945, after intense street-to-street combat, when Soviet troops were within a block or two
of the Reich Chancellery, Hitler and Braun committed suicide; Braun bit into a cyanide capsule and Hitler
shot himself with his 7.65 mm Walther PPK pistol. Hitler had at various times contemplated suicide, and
the Walther was the same pistol that his niece, Geli Raubal, had used in her suicide in 1931. The lifeless
bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun were carried up the stairs and through the bunker's emergency exit to
the bombed-out garden behind the Reich Chancellery, where they were placed in a bomb crater and
doused with petrol. The corpses were set on fire and the Red Army shelling continued.

Berlin surrendered on 2 May, and there were conflicting reports about what happened to Hitler's
remains. Records in the Soviet archives—obtained after the fall of the Soviet Union—showed that the
remains of Hitler, Eva Braun, Joseph and Magda Goebbels, the six Goebbels children, General Hans
Krebs, and Hitler's dogs, were repeatedly buried and exhumed.

The end of the Second World War. It is reported that I.G. Farben plants were specifically not targeted in
the bombing raids on Germany. Interestingly at the end of the war, they were found to have only
sustained 15% damage.

The tribunals held at the end of the Second World War, to investigate Nazi War Crimes, censored any
materials recording Western assistance to Hitler.

The Rothschilds take a giant step towards their goal of world domination when the second, "League of
Nations," called the, "United Nations," was approved this year.
Kennedy was honorably discharged in early 1945, just prior to Japan's surrender. Kennedy's other
decorations in World War II included the Purple Heart, American Defense Service Medal, American
Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with three bronze service stars, and the World War II
Victory Medal. When later asked by a reporter how he became a war hero, Kennedy joked: "It was
involuntary. They sank my boat."

1946: On July 22 the future Prime Minister of Israel, Ashkenazi Jew, David Ben-Gurion, orders another
future Prime Minister of Israel, Ashkenazi Jew, Menachem Begin, to carry out a terrorist attack on the
King David Hotel in Palestine, to try and drive out the British. As a result of this 91 people were killed,
most of them civilians: 28 British, 41 Arabs, 17 Jews, and 5 others. Around 45 people are injured.

Menachem Begin went on to proudly proclaimed himself as, "the father of modern terrorism." Just to
put the gravity of the attack on the King David Hotel into perspective, it was at the time the biggest
death toll as a result of single terrorist action ever and was only surpassed over forty years later by the
Bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie.

U.S. Representative James Michael Curley vacated his seat in the strong Democratic 10th Congressional
district in Massachusetts to become mayor of Boston. Kennedy ran for the seat, beating his Republican
opponent by a large margin; this, despite not having previously included politics in his career planning.
He was a congressman for six years but had a mixed voting record, often diverging from President Harry
S. Truman and the rest of the Democratic Party.

1947: The British who prior to World War 2 declared that there would be no more immigration of Jews
to Palestine in order to protect the Palestinians from their acts of terror against both them and British
soldiers, transfer control of Palestine to the United Nations. The United Nations resolve to have
Palestine partitioned into two states, one zionist and one arab, with Jerusalem to remain as an
international zone to be enjoyed by all religious faiths.
This transfer was scheduled to take place on May 15, 1948. The United Nations had no right to give
Arab property to anyone, as indeed even thought the Jews owned 6% of Palestine at that time,
resolution 181 granted the Jews 57% of the land leaving the Arabs who at that time had 94% with only

Information collected by the ADL in its spy operations on US citizens is used by the House Select
Committee on Unamerican Activities. Subcommittee Chair Clare Hoffman dismisses the ADL’s reports on
suspected communists as "hearsay."

1948: In the Spring of this year, the Rothschilds bribe President Harry S. Truman (33rd President of the
United States 1945 – 1953) to recognise Israel (Rothschild owned Zionist not Jewish territory) as a
sovereign state with $2,000,000 which they give to him on his campaign train.

They then declare Israel to be a sovereign Jewish state in Palestine and within half an hour President
Truman declared the United States to be the first foreign nation to recognise it.

The Flag of Israel is unveiled. Despite tremendous opposition the emblem on the flag is a blue coloured
version of the Rothschild, "Red Hexagram or Sign."

This angers many Jews who realise this Hexagram was used in the ancient mystery religions as the
symbol of, "Moloch," (described as a demon of unwilling sacrifice and is also interestingly the name of
the stone owl the elite worship at Bohemian Grove), and, "Astaroth," (described as the Lord Treasurer of
The Hexagram was also used to represent Saturn, which has been identified as the esoteric name for,
"Satan." This indicates that anyone killed in the name of Israel is actually a sacrifice to Satan. These
dissenting Jews believe the, "Menorah," the oldest Jewish symbol should be used and pointed out that
the Hexagram is not even a Jewish symbol, but of course as the Rothschild Zionists use it that is what
ends up on the Rothschild, I mean Zionist, I mean Israeli flag.

In the early hours of April 19, 132 Jewish terrorists from the Irgun gang, led by future Israeli Prime
Minister Menachem Begin, and the Stern gang, led by future Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir,
brutally massacre 200 men, women and children as they are sleeping peacefully in the Arab village of
Deir Yassin.

Following the United Nations transfer of Palestine to an independent Jewish state and an independent
Arab state on May 15, the Israelis launched a military assault on the Arabs with blaring loudspeakers on
their trucks informing the Arabs that if they did not flee immediately, they would be slaughtered.

800,000 Arabs with the recent memory of the Deir Yassin massacre at the forefront of their minds, fled
in panic. They asked for help from nighbouring Arab states, but those states did not get involved as they
were no match for the Israelis whose up to date military hardware had been supplied by the Jewish
Stalinist regime in Russia. Following this assault, the Jews now controlled 78% of the former Palestine as
oppose to the 57% that had been given to them illegally by the United Nations.

The Palestinians, many of them Christians, were never paid compensation for their homes, property and
businesses stolen from them during this illegal Jewish assault, and these people ended up in slum
refugee cities of tents. Futhermore at least half of the Palestinians in their hurry to flee, left their birth
certificates behind. The State of Israel then passed a law that only those who could prove citizenship
were allowed to return to Israel, thus meaning these 400,000 Palestinians could not return and lost all
their property they had left there.
Ashkenazi Jew, David Ben-Gurion, one of the father founders of Israel and its first Prime Minister,
candidly describes Zionist aims in his diary (21 May 1948) as follows,

“The Achilles heel of the Arab coalition is the Lebanon. Muslim supremacy in this country is artificial and
can easily be overthrown. A Christian State ought to be set up there, with its southern frontier on the
river Litani.

We would sign a treaty of alliance with this State. Thus when we have broken the strength of the Arab
Legion and bombed Amman, we could wipe out Trans-Jordan, after that Syria would fall. And if Egypt
still dared to make war on us, we would bomb Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo.

We should thus end the war and would have but paid to Egypt, Assyria and Chaldea on behalf of our

1949: On October 1, Mao Tse Tsung declares the founding of the People's Republic Of China in
Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He is funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the
following Rothschild agents: Solomon Adler, a former United States Treasury official who was a Soviet
Spy; Israel Epstein, the son of a Jewish Bolshevik imprisoned by the Tsar in Russia for trying to forment a
revolution there; and Frank Coe, a leading official of the Rothschild owned IMF.

1950: Israel passes their law of return, guaranteeing every Jew worldwide the right to dwell in the state
of Israel, however the Palestinians even though they had lived there for 1300 years, were denied that

John Davitt, former chief of the Justice Department's internal security section notes that the Israeli
intelligence service is the second most active in the United States after the Soviets and of course both
Israel and the Soviet Union are run by an Ashkenazi Jewish leadership.
1951: On 1 April the Israeli Secret Intelligence Agency the Mossad, which will go on to terrorize the
world, is formed. The motto of the Mossad is probably the most disgusting secret service motto in the
world, it is,

"By Way Of Deception,

 Thou Shalt Do War."

1952: In 1952, JFK defeated incumbent Republican Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. for the U.S. Senate. The
following year he was married to wife Jacqueline.

Kennedy underwent several spinal operations over the following two years, was at times critically ill and
received Catholic last rites, and was often absent from the Senate.

1953: N. M. Rothschild & Sons found the British Newfoundland Corporation Limited to develop 60,000
square miles of land in Newfoundland, Canada, which comprised a power station to harness the power
of the Hamilton (later renamed Churchill) Falls. At the time this was the largest construction project ever
to be undertaken by a private company.

1954: "The Lavon Affair." Israeli agents recruit Egyptian citizens of Jewish descent to bomb Western
targets in Egypt, and plant evidence to frame Arabs, in an apparent attempt to upset American/Egyptian
relations. Israeli defense minister, Ashkenazi Jew, Pinhas Lavon is eventually removed from office,
though many think real responsibility lay with David Ben-Gurion.
A hidden microphone planted by the Israelis is discovered in the Office of the US Ambassador in Tel Aviv.

1955: Edmond de Rothschild founds Compagnie Financiere, Paris.

1956: Telephone taps are found connected to two telephones in the residence of the US military attaché
in Tel Aviv.

During his convalescence in 1956, JFK published Profiles in Courage, a book about U.S. Senators who
risked their careers for their personal beliefs, and which received the Pulitzer Prize for Biography in
1957. Rumors that this work was co-authored by his close adviser and speechwriter, Ted Sorensen, were
confirmed in Sorensen's 2008 autobiography.

At the 1956 Democratic National Convention, Kennedy was nominated for Vice President, for the
presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson, but finished second in that balloting to Senator Estes Kefauver of
Tennessee. Kennedy received national exposure from that episode; his father thought it just as well that
his son lost, due to the political debility of his Catholicism, and the strength of the Eisenhower ticket.

1957: James de Rothschild dies and it is reported (by the Rothschild owned media) that he bequeaths a
large sum of money to the state of Israel to pay for the construction of their parliament building, the
Knesset. He states that the Knesset should be,

"a symbol, in the eyes of all men, of the permanence of the State of Israel."

On page 219 of his book, "Tales of the British Aristocracy," L.G. Pine, the Editor of Burke’s Peerage,
states that the Jews,
"have made themselves so closely connected with the British peerage that the two classes are unlikely
to suffer loss which is not mutual. So closely linked are the Jews and the lords that a blow against the
Jews in this country would not be possible without injuring the aristocracy also."

Maurice de Rothschild dies in Paris.

One of the matters demanding Kennedy's attention in the Senate was President Eisenhower's bill for the
Civil Rights Act of 1957 Kennedy cast a procedural vote on this which was considered by some as an
appeasement of Southern Democratic opponents of the bill. Kennedy did vote for Title III of the act,
which would have given the Attorney General powers to enjoin, but Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson
agreed to let the provision die as a compromise measure. Kennedy also voted for Title IV, termed the
"Jury Trial Amendment". Many civil rights advocates at the time criticized that vote as one which would
weaken the act. A final compromise bill, which Kennedy supported, was passed in September 1957.

1958: Kennedy was re-elected to a second term in the Senate, defeating his Republican opponent,
Boston lawyer Vincent J. Celeste, by a wide margin.

1960: January 2, 1960, Kennedy initiated his campaign for President in the Democratic primary election,
where he faced challenges from Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and Senator Wayne Morse of
Oregon. Kennedy defeated Humphrey in Wisconsin and West Virginia, Morse in Maryland and Oregon,
as well as token opposition (often write-in candidates) in New Hampshire, Indiana, and Nebraska.
Kennedy made a point of visiting a coal mine in West Virginia; most miners and others in that
predominantly conservative, Protestant state were quite wary of Kennedy's Roman Catholicism. His
victory in West Virginia confirmed his broad popular appeal. At the Democratic Convention, he gave his
well-known "New Frontier" speech, saying: "For the problems are not all solved and the battles are not
all won—and we stand today on the edge of a New Frontier ... But the New Frontier of which I speak is
not a set of promises—it is a set of challenges. It sums up not what I intend to offer the American
people, but what I intend to ask of them."
Kennedy gave a speech at Saint Anselm College on May 5, 1960, regarding America's conduct in the
emerging Cold War. The address detailed how American foreign policy should be conducted towards
African nations, noting a hint of support for modern African nationalism by saying that "For we, too,
founded a new nation on revolt from colonial rule".

With Humphrey and Morse eliminated, Kennedy's main opponent at the Los Angeles convention was
Senator Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas. Kennedy overcame this formal challenge as well as informal ones
from Adlai Stevenson, the Democratic nominee in 1952 and 1956, Stuart Symington, as well as several
favorite sons, and on July 13 the Democratic convention nominated Kennedy as its candidate. Kennedy
asked Johnson to be his Vice Presidential candidate, despite opposition from many liberal delegates and
Kennedy's own staff, including brother Robert. He needed Johnson's strength in the South to win what
was considered likely to be the closest election since 1916. Major issues included how to get the
economy moving again, Kennedy's Roman Catholicism, Cuba, and whether the Soviet space and missile
programs had surpassed those of the U.S. To address fears that his being Catholic would impact his
decision-making, he famously told the Greater Houston Ministerial Association on September 12, 1960,
"I am not the Catholic candidate for President. I am the Democratic Party candidate for President who
also happens to be a Catholic. I do not speak for my Church on public matters – and the Church does not
speak for me." Kennedy questioned rhetorically whether one-quarter of Americans were relegated to
second-class citizenship just because they were Catholic, and once stated that, "No one asked me my
religion [serving the Navy] in the South Pacific."

In September and October, Kennedy appeared with Republican candidate Richard Nixon, then Vice
President, in the first televised U.S. presidential debates in U.S. history. During these programs, Nixon,
with a sore injured leg and his "five o'clock shadow", looked tense, uncomfortable, and perspiring, while
Kennedy, choosing to avail himself of makeup services, appeared relaxed, leading the huge television
audience to favor Kennedy as the winner. Radio listeners either thought Nixon had won or that the
debates were a draw. The debates are now considered a milestone in American political history—the
point at which the medium of television began to play a dominant role in politics. After the first debate
Kennedy's campaign gained momentum and he pulled slightly ahead of Nixon in most polls. On Tuesday,
November 8, Kennedy defeated Nixon in one of the closest presidential elections of the 20th century. In
the national popular vote Kennedy led Nixon by just two-tenths of one percent (49.7% to 49.5%), while
in the Electoral College he won 303 votes to Nixon's 219 (269 were needed to win). Another 14 electors
from Mississippi and Alabama refused to support Kennedy because of his support for the civil rights
movement; they voted for Senator Harry F. Byrd of Virginia. He was the youngest man elected president,
succeeding Eisenhower who was then the oldest (Ronald Reagan surpassed Eisenhower as the oldest
president in 1981).
1961: John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th President at noon on January 20, 1961. In his inaugural
address he spoke of the need for all Americans to be active citizens, famously saying, "Ask not what your
country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." He also asked the nations of the world to
join together to fight what he called the "common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease, and war
itself". He added: "All this will not be finished in the first one hundred days. Nor will it be finished in the
first one thousand days, nor in the life of this Administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this
planet. But let us begin." In closing, he expanded on his desire for greater internationalism: "Finally,
whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of
strength and sacrifice which we ask of you."

In its scope, the address also reflected Kennedy's confidence that his administration would chart a
historically significant course in both domestic policy and foreign affairs. The contrast between this
optimistic vision and the pressures of managing daily political realities at home and abroad would be
one of the main tensions running through the early years of his administration.

Kennedy brought to the White House a stark contrast in organization compared to the decision making
structure of the former general, Eisenhower; and he wasted no time in dismantling it. Kennedy
preferred the organizational structure of a wheel, with all the spokes leading to the president. He was
ready and willing to make the increased number of quick decisions required in such an environment,
and did a monumental job of selecting his cabinet and other appointments, some experienced and some
not. In those cases of inexperience, he stated, "we can learn our jobs together". There were a couple
instances where the president got ahead of himself, as when he announced in a cabinet meeting,
without prior notice, that Edward Lansdale would be Ambassador to South Vietnam, a decision which
Secretary of State Rusk later had Kennedy alter. There was also the rapid appointment of Harris Wofford
who was summoned and arrived at the White House for swearing in, without knowing the position he
was to assume.

Kennedy further demonstrated his decision making agility with Congress and his staff. Much to the
chagrin of his economic advisors who wanted him to reduce taxes, he quickly agreed to a balanced
budget pledge when this was needed in exchange for votes to expand the membership of the House
Rules Committee in order to give the Democrats a majority in setting the legislative agenda. The
president insisted on a focus upon immediate and specific issues facing the administration, and quickly
voiced his impatience with ponderings of deeper meanings. Deputy national security advisor, Walt
Whitman Rostow, once began a diatribe about the growth of communism and Kennedy abruptly cut him
off, asking, "What do you want me to do about that today?"
President Kennedy's foreign policy was dominated by American confrontations with the Soviet Union,
manifested by proxy contests in the early stage of the Cold War. In 1961, Kennedy anxiously anticipated
a summit with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Unfortunately, the President started off on the wrong
foot by reacting aggressively to a routine Khrushchev speech on Cold War confrontation in early 1961.
The speech was intended for domestic audiences in the Soviet Union, but Kennedy interpreted it as a
personal challenge. His mistake helped raise tensions going into the Vienna Summit. On the way to the
June 1961 summit, Kennedy stopped in Paris to meet Charles de Gaulle, whose advice to Kennedy was
to expect and ignore Khrushchev's abrasive style. The French president was nationalistic, and disdainful
of the United States' presumed influence in Europe, in his talks with Kennedy. Nevertheless de Gaulle
was quite impressed with the young president and his family. Kennedy picked up on this in his speech in
Paris, saying he would be remembered as "the man who accompanied Jackie Kennedy to Paris."

On June 4, 1961 the president met with Khrushchev in Vienna and left the meetings angry and
disappointed that he had allowed the Premier to bully him, despite warnings received. Khrushchev, for
his part, was impressed with the president's intelligence but thought him weak. Kennedy did succeed in
conveying the bottom line to Khrushchev on the most sensitive issue before them, a proposed treaty
between Moscow and East Berlin. He made it clear that any such treaty which interfered with U.S access
rights in West Berlin would be regarded as an act of war.

Shortly after the president returned home, the U.S.S.R. announced an intent to sign a treaty with East
Berlin, abrogating any third party occupation rights in either sector of the city. A depressed and angry
president then assumed his obligation was to prepare the country for nuclear war as the only option,
and which he then personally thought had a one in five chance of occurring.

In the weeks immediately after the Vienna summit, more than 20,000 people fled from East Berlin to the
western sector in reaction to statements from the USSR. Kennedy began intensive meetings on the
Berlin issue, where Dean Acheson took the lead in recommending a military buildup with NATO allies as
the appropriate response. In a July 1961 speech, Kennedy announced his decision to add $3.25 billion to
the defense budget, along with over 200,000 additional troops for the military, saying an attack on West
Berlin would be taken as an attack on the U.S. The speech received an 85% approval rating. The
following month, the Soviet Union and East Berlin officials began blocking any further passage of East
Berliners into West Berlin, erecting barbed wire fences across the city, which were quickly upgraded to
the Berlin Wall. Kennedy's initial reaction was to ignore this, as long as free access from West to East
Berlin continued. This course was altered when it was learned that the West Berliners had lost
confidence in the defense of their position by the United States. Kennedy sent Vice President Johnson,
along with a host of other military personnel, in convoy through West Germany, including Soviet armed
checkpoints, to demonstrate the continued commitment of the U.S. to West Berlin.
Prior to Kennedy's election to the presidency, the Eisenhower Administration created a plan to
overthrow the Fidel Castro regime in Cuba. Central to the plan, led by the Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA) with help from the U.S. military, but with no covert help from the United States, was the arming of
a counter-revolutionary insurgency composed of U.S.-trained anti-Castro Cuban exiles, led by CIA
paramilitary officers were to invade Cuba and instigate an uprising among the Cuban people in hopes of
removing Castro from power. On April 17, 1961, Kennedy ordered the previously planned invasion of
Cuba to proceed. In what is known as the "Bay of Pigs Invasion", 1,500 U.S.-trained Cubans, called
"Brigade 2506", returned to the island in the hope of deposing Castro. In keeping with prior plans, no
U.S. air support was provided. As CIA director Allen Dulles later stated, they thought that once the
troops were on the ground any action required for success would be authorized by the president to
prevent failure. By April 19, 1961, the Cuban government had captured or killed the invading exiles, and
Kennedy was forced to negotiate for the release of the 1,189 survivors. After twenty months, Cuba
released the captured exiles in exchange for $53 million worth of food and medicine. Furthermore, the
incident made Castro wary of the U.S. and led him to believe that another invasion would occur.
According to biographer Richard Reeves, Kennedy primarily focused on the political repercussions of the
plan rather than the military considerations; when it failed, he was convinced the plan was a set up to
make him look bad. Nevertheless, in the end, Kennedy took the blame himself. Afterwards, he opined,
"...We got a big kick in the leg and we deserved it. But maybe we'll learn something from it."

Late in 1961 the White House formed the "Special Group (Augmented)", headed by Robert Kennedy and
including Edward Lansdale, Secretary McNamara and others. The group's objective, to overthrow Castro
via espionage, sabotage and other covert tactics, was never pursued.

Arguing that "those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable,"
Kennedy sought to contain communism in Latin America by establishing the Alliance for Progress, which
sent aid to troubled countries and sought greater human rights standards in the region. He worked
closely with Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Muñoz Marín for the development of the Alliance of Progress,
as well as developments in the autonomy of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

When the president took office the Eisenhower administration, through the CIA, had begun putting into
place assassination plots in Cuba against Castro and in the Dominican Republic against Rafael Trujillo.
Kennedy instructed the CIA privately that any such planning must include plausible deniability by the
U.S. His public position was in opposition. In June 1961 the Dominican Republic's leader was
assassinated; in the days following the event, Undersecretary of State Chester Bowles led a cautious
reaction by the nation, and Robert Kennedy, substituting for his brother who was in France, and who
saw an opportunity for the U.S., called him "a gutless bastard" to his face.
As one of his first presidential acts, Kennedy asked Congress to create the Peace Corps. His brother-in-
law, Sargent Shriver was the first director. Through this program, Americans volunteer to help
underdeveloped nations in areas such as education, farming, health care, and construction. The
authorization grew to 5,000 members by March 1963 and 10,000 the following year. Since 1961, over
200,000 Americans have joined the Peace Corps, serving in 139 countries.

When briefing Kennedy, Eisenhower emphasized the communist threat in Southeast Asia as requiring
priority; Eisenhower considered Laos to be "the cork in the bottle" in regards to the regional threat. In
March 1961, Kennedy voiced a change in policy from supporting a "free" Laos to a "neutral" Laos,
indicating privately that Vietnam, and not Laos, should be deemed America's tripwire for communism's
spread in the area. In May 1961, he dispatched Lyndon Johnson to meet with South Vietnam's President
Ngo Dinh Diem. Johnson assured Diem of more aid in molding a fighting force that could resist the
Communists. Kennedy announced a change of policy from support to partnership with Diem in defeat of
communism in South Vietnam.

Kennedy initially followed Eisenhower's lead, by using limited military action to fight the Communist
forces led by Ho Chi Minh. Kennedy continued policies providing political, economic, and military
support for the South Vietnamese government. Late in 1961, the Viet Cong began assuming a
predominant presence, initially seizing the provincial capital of Phuoc Vinh. Kennedy increased the
number of helicopters, military advisors and undeclared U.S. Special Forces in the area, but he was still
reluctant to order a full scale deployment of troops.

1962: Kennedy formally authorized escalated involvement when he signed the "National Security Action
Memorandum – Subversive Insurgency (War of Liberation)" in early 1962. Secretary of State, Dean Rusk
voiced strong support for U.S. involvement, as illustrated in his emphatic statement in fall 1962 that,
"...neutralism [in South Vietnam] is not neutralism at all; it's tantamount to surrender". "Operation
Ranch Hand", a broad scale aerial defoliation effort began on the roadsides in South Vietnam.

On October 14, 1962, CIA U-2 spy planes took photographs in Cuba of intermediate-range ballistic
missile sites under construction by the Soviets in previous months. The deployment of these missiles
had come to the attention of the intelligence community when Soviet shipments to Cuba began and a
debate had ensued in the National Security Council (NSC) as to whether the intended use of the
weapons was offensive or defensive. The photos were shown to Kennedy on October 16, 1962, and a
consensus was reached that the missiles were offensive in nature and thus posed an immediate nuclear
threat. Kennedy faced a dilemma: if the U.S. attacked the sites, it might lead to nuclear war with the
U.S.S.R., but if the U.S. did nothing, it would be faced with the increased threat from close range nuclear
weapons. The U.S. would as well appear to the world as less committed to the defense of the
hemisphere. On a personal level, Kennedy needed to show resolve in reaction to Khrushchev, especially
after the Vienna summit.

More than a third of the members of the NSC favored an unannounced air assault on the missile sites,
but for some of them this conjured up an image of "Pearl Harbor in reverse". There was as well some
reaction from the international community (asked in confidence) that the assault plan was an
overreaction in light of U.S. missiles placed in Turkey by Eisenhower. There also could be no assurance
from the Council that the assault would be 100% effective. In concurrence with a majority vote of the
NSC, Kennedy decided on a naval quarantine, and on October 22 dispatched a message of this to
Khrushchev and announced the decision on TV.

The U.S. Navy would stop and inspect all Soviet ships arriving off Cuba, beginning October 24. The
Organization of American States surprisingly gave unanimous support to the removal of the missiles. The
president exchanged two sets of letters with Khrushchev to no avail. UN Secretary General U Thant
requested both parties reverse their decisions and allow a cooling off period. Khrushchev said yes but
Kennedy replied no. After one Soviet-flagged ship was stopped and boarded, on October 28 Khrushchev
agreed to dismantle the missile sites subject to UN inspections. The U.S. publicly promised never to
invade Cuba and privately agreed to remove its Jupiter missiles in Turkey, which were at that time
obsolete and had been supplanted by missile-equipped US Navy Polaris subs. This crisis had brought the
world closer to nuclear war than at any point known before or since. In the end, "the humanity" of the
two men prevailed. The crisis improved the image of American willpower and the president's credibility.
His approval rating increased from 66% to 77% immediately thereafter.

de Rothschild Frères establishes Imétal as an umbrella company for all their mineral mining interests.

Frederic Morton publishes his book, The Rothschilds, in which he states,
"Though they control scores of industrial, commercial, mining and tourist corporations, not one bears
the name Rothschild. Being private partnerships, the family houses never need to, and never do, publish
a single public balance sheet, or any other report of their financial condition."

This attitude reveals the true aim of the Rothschilds, to eliminate all competition and create their own
worldwide monopoly.

1963: Kennedy called his domestic program the "New Frontier". It ambitiously promised federal funding
for education, medical care for the elderly, economic aid to rural regions, and government intervention
to halt the recession. Kennedy also promised an end to racial discrimination. In his 1963 State of the
Union, he proposed substantial tax reform and reduction, in income tax rates, from the current range of
20–90% to a range of 14–65%; he proposed a reduction in the corporate tax rates from 52 to 47%.
Congress did not act until 1964, after his death. To the Economics Club of N.Y., he spoke in 1963 of
"...the paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high and revenues too low; and the soundest way to raise
revenue in the long term is to lower rates now." Few of Kennedy's major programs passed Congress
during his lifetime, although, under his successor Johnson, Congress did vote them through in 1964–65

In April 1963, Kennedy expressed his assessment of the situation in Vietnam: "We don't have a prayer
of staying in Vietnam. Those people hate us. They are going to throw our asses out of there at any point.
But I can't give up that territory to the Communists and get the American people to re-elect me".

Kennedy encountered problems with the Israeli government regarding the production of nuclear
weapons in Dimona. After the existence of a nuclear plant was initially denied by the Israeli government,
David Ben-Gurion, in a speech to the Israeli Knesset on December 21, 1960, stated that the purpose of
the nuclear plant at Beersheba was for "research in problems of arid zones and desert flora and fauna".
When Ben-Gurion met with Kennedy in New York, he claimed that Dimona was being developed to
provide nuclear power for desalinization and "for the time being the only purposes [of the nuclear plant]
are for peace". Kennedy did not believe this, and in May 1963 sent a letter to Ben-Gurion stating, "this
commitment and this support would seriously be jeopardized in the public opinion in this country and
the West as a whole if it should be thought that this Government was unable to obtain reliable
information on a subject as vital to peace as Israel's efforts in the nuclear field." Ben-Gurion repeated
previous reassurances that Dimona was being developed for peaceful purposes, and Israel firmly
resisted American pressure to open its nuclear facilities to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
inspections. According to Seymour Hersh, the Israelis set up false control rooms to show American
inspectors. Abe Feinberg stated, "It was part of my job to tip them off that Kennedy was insisting on [an
inspection]." The State Department argued that if Israel wanted arms, it should in return accept
international supervision of its nuclear program. Kennedy had tried to control the arms being sold and
given to Israel because the Israelis would not sign the IAEA compacts for the Dimona nuclear site, would
not fully admit its purpose and continued to insist it was for peaceful energy purposes. In early March
1965, the director of the State Department's Office of Near Eastern Affairs, Rodger P. Davies, had come
to the conclusion that Israel was developing nuclear weapons. He reported that the target date for
acquisition of a nuclear capability by Israel was 1968–69. A science attache at the embassy in Tel Aviv
concluded that parts of the Dimona facility had been "purposely mothballed" to mislead American
scientists during their visit. Dimona was never placed under IAEA safeguards. On May 1, 1968,
Undersecretary of State Katzenbach told President Johnson that Dimona was producing enough
plutonium to produce two bombs a year. Attempts to write Israeli adherence to the Nuclear Non-
Proliferation Treaty (NPT) into contracts for the supply of U.S. weapons continued throughout 1968.

In 1963, the Kennedy administration backed a coup against the government of Iraq headed by General
Abdel Karim Kassem, who five years earlier had deposed the Western-allied Iraqi monarchy. The CIA
helped the new Ba'ath Party government led by Abdul Salam Arif in ridding the country of suspected
leftists and Communists. In a Ba'athist coup, the government used lists of suspected Communists and
other leftists provided by the CIA, to systematically murder untold numbers of Iraq's educated elite—
killings in which Saddam Hussein himself is said to have participated. The victims included hundreds of
doctors, teachers, technicians, lawyers, other professionals, military and political figures. According to
an op-ed in The New York Times, the U.S. sent arms to the new regime, weapons later used against the
same Kurdish insurgents the U.S. supported against Kassem and then abandoned him. American and UK
oil and other interests, including Mobil, Bechtel, and British Petroleum, were conducting business in

On June 10, 1963, Kennedy delivered the commencement address at American University in
Washington, D.C., "to discuss a topic on which too often ignorance abounds and the truth is too rarely
perceived – yet it is the most important topic on earth: world peace...I speak of peace because of the
new face of an age when a singular nuclear weapon contains ten times the explosive force
delivered by all the allied forces in the Second World age when the deadly poisons produced by
a nuclear exchange would be carried by wind and air and soil and seed to the far corners of the globe
and to generations yet unborn...I speak of peace, therefore, as the necessary rational end of rational peace, like community peace, does not require that each man love his neighbor – it requires
only that they live together in mutual tolerance...our problems are man-made – therefore they can be
solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants." The president also made two announcements –
that the Soviets had expressed a desire to negotiate a nuclear test ban treaty and that the U.S had
postponed planned atmospheric tests.

In 1963, Germany was enduring a time of particular vulnerability, due to Soviet aggression to the east,
de Gaulle's French nationalism to the west, and the impending retirement of German Chancellor
Adenauer. On June 26, 1963, Kennedy visited West Berlin and gave a public speech reiterating American
commitment to Germany and criticizing communism; he was met with an ecstatic response from a
massive audience. Kennedy used the construction of the Berlin Wall as an example of the failures of
communism: "Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to
put a wall up to keep our people in." The speech is known for its famous phrase "Ich bin ein Berliner" ("I
am a citizen of Berlin"). Nearly five-sixths of the population was on the street for the speech. He
remarked to Ted Sorensen afterwards: "We'll never have another day like this one, as long as we live."

By July 1963, Kennedy faced a crisis in Vietnam; despite increased U.S. support, the South Vietnamese
military was only marginally effective against pro-Communist Viet Cong forces.

On August 21, just as the new U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge arrived, Ngo Dinh Diem, and his
brother Ngo Dinh Nhu ordered South Vietnam forces, funded and trained by the CIA, to quell Buddhist
demonstrations. The crackdowns heightened expectations of a coup d'état to remove Diem with (or
perhaps by) his brother, Nhu. Lodge was instructed to try to get Diem and Nhu to step down and leave
the country. Diem would not listen to Lodge. Cable 243 (DEPTEL 243), dated August 24, followed,
declaring Washington would no longer tolerate Nhu's actions, and Lodge was ordered to pressure Diem
to remove his brother, Nhu. If Diem refused, the Americans would explore alternative leadership. Lodge
replied, stating the only workable option was to get the South Vietnamese generals to overthrow Diem
and Nhu, as originally planned. At week's end, Kennedy learned from Lodge that the Diem government
might, due to France's assistance to Nhu, be dealing secretly with the Communists – and might ask the
Americans to leave; orders were sent to Saigon and throughout Washington to "destroy all coup cables".
At the same time, the first formal anti-Vietnam war sentiment was expressed by U.S. clergy from the
Ministers' Vietnam Committee.

A White House meeting in September was indicative of the very different ongoing appraisals; the
President was given updated assessments after personal inspections on the ground by the Department
of Defense (Gen. Victor Krulak) and the State Department (Joseph Mendenhall). Krulak said the military
fight against the communists was progressing and being won, while Mendenhall stated that the country
was civilly being lost to any U.S. influence. Kennedy reacted, saying, "Did you two gentlemen visit the
same country?" The president was unaware the two men were at such odds they did not speak on the
return flight.

In October 1963, the president appointed Defense Secretary McNamara and Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor to a
Vietnam mission in another effort to synchronize the information and formulation of policy. The
objective of the McNamara Taylor mission "emphasized the importance of getting to the bottom of the
differences in reporting from U.S. representatives in Vietnam". In meetings with McNamara, Taylor and
Lodge, Diem again refused to agree to governing measures insisted upon by the U.S., helping to dispel
McNamara's previous optimism about Diem. Taylor and McNamara were also enlightened by Vietnam's
Vice President, Nguyen Ngoc Tho (choice of many to succeed Diem should a coup occur), who in
detailed terms obliterated Taylor's information that the military was succeeding in the countryside. The
mission report, after it had been through the NSC, nevertheless retained, at Kennedy's insistence, a
recommended schedule for troop withdrawals: 1000 by year's end and complete withdrawal in 1965,
something the NSC considered strategic fantasy. The final report also portrayed military progress, an
increasingly unpopular Diem-led government, not vulnerable to a coup, albeit possible internal

In late October, intelligence wires again reported a coup of the Diem government was afoot. The source,
Duong Van Minh a/k/a "Big Minh" wanted to know the U.S. position. Kennedy's instructions to Lodge
were to offer covert assistance to the coup, excluding assassination, but to ensure deniability by the U.S.
Later that month, as the coup became imminent, Kennedy ordered all cables routed through him, and a
policy of "control and cut out" was initiated – to insure presidential control of U.S. responses, while
cutting him out of the paper trail. On November 1, 1963, South Vietnamese generals, led by "Big Minh",
overthrew the Diem government, arresting and then killing Diem and his brother Nhu. Kennedy was
shocked by the deaths and by finding out afterwards that Minh had asked the CIA field office to secure
safe passage out of the country for Diem and Nhu, but was told 24 hours was needed to get a plane.
Minh responded that he could not hold them that long and thus handed them a death sentence. Initially
after news of the coup, there was renewed confidence in America and South Vietnam, that now the war
might be won.[107] McGeorge Bundy drafted a National Security Action Memo to present to Kennedy
upon his return from Dallas. It reiterated U.S. resolve to fight communism in Vietnam, with both military
and economic aid at a higher level, including operations in Laos and Cambodia. Before leaving for Dallas,
Kennedy told Mike Forrestal that "after the first of the year ... [he wanted] an in depth study of every
possible option, including how to get out of there ... to review this whole thing from the bottom to the
top". When asked what he thought the president meant, Forrestal said, "it was devil's advocate stuff."
Historians disagree on whether Vietnam would have escalated to the point it did, had Kennedy survived
and been re-elected in 1964. Fueling the debate are statements made by Secretary of Defense Robert
McNamara in the film, "The Fog of War", that Kennedy was strongly considering pulling out of Vietnam
after the 1964 election. The film also contains a tape recording of Lyndon Johnson stating that Kennedy
was planning to withdraw, a position Johnson states he strongly disapproved. Further, Kennedy had
signed National Security Action Memorandum (NSAM) 263, dated October 11, 1963, which ordered the
withdrawal of 1,000 military personnel by the end of 1963. It is unclear, however, whether official action
was taken on the memo by the President or whether it was intended to place further pressure for
political and military reform on the South Vietnamese government. Nevertheless, given the reasons
stated for the overthrow of the Diem government, such action would have been a policy reversal, but
Kennedy was moving in a less hawkish direction since his acclaimed speech about World Peace at
American University on June 10, 1963. Some of the details of Kennedy's involvement in Vietnam were
classified until the release of the Pentagon Papers in 1971.

U.S. involvement in the region escalated until Lyndon Johnson, his successor, directly deployed regular
U.S. military forces for fighting the Vietnam War. After Kennedy's assassination, the new President
Lyndon B. Johnson immediately passed his own NSAM 273 on November 26, 1963, which reaffirmed the
policy lines of his predecessor to expand assistance to the South Vietnamese, but also restated the
objective of a planned phased withdrawal of U.S. forces announced publicly by President Kennedy
shortly before his death.

On the occasion of his visit to the Republic of Ireland in 1963, President Kennedy joined with Irish
President Éamon de Valera to form The American Irish Foundation. The mission of this organization was
to foster connections between Americans of Irish descent and the country of their ancestry. Kennedy
furthered these connections of cultural solidarity by accepting a grant of armorial bearings from the
Chief Herald of Ireland. Kennedy had near-legendary status in Ireland, due to his ancestral ties to the
country. Irish citizens who were alive in 1963 often have very strong memories of Kennedy's momentous
visit. He also visited the original cottage at Dunganstown, near New Ross, where previous Kennedys had
lived before emigrating to America, and said: "This is where it all began ..." On December 22, 2006, the
Irish Department of Justice released declassified police documents that indicated that Kennedy was the
subject of three death threats during this visit. Though these threats were determined to be hoaxes,
security was heightened.
Troubled by the long-term dangers of radioactive contamination and nuclear weapons proliferation,
Kennedy and Khrushchev agreed on the desirability of negotiating a nuclear test ban treaty, originally
conceived in Adlai Stevenson's 1956 presidential campaign. In their Vienna summit meeting in June
1961, Khrushchev and Kennedy reached an informal understanding against nuclear testing, but
Khrushchev began testing nuclear weapons that September and Kennedy responded by conducting tests
five days later. Shortly thereafter, new U.S. satellites began delivering images which made it clear that
the Soviets were substantially behind the U.S. in the "missile gap". Nevertheless, the greater nuclear
strength of the U.S. was of little value as long as the U.S.S.R. perceived themselves to be at parity.

In July 1963 the stage was set for negotiations, and Kennedy sent Averell Harriman to Moscow to
negotiate a treaty with the Soviets. The introductory sessions began with Khrushchev, who then
delegated Soviet representation to Andrei Gromyko. It quickly became clear that the stated objective of
a comprehensive test ban would not reach fruition, due largely to the reluctance of the Soviets for
inspections to verify compliance. Ultimately, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet
Union were the initial signatories to a limited treaty, which prohibited atomic testing on the ground, in
the atmosphere, or underwater, but not underground; the U.S. Senate ratified this and Kennedy signed
it into law in October 1963. France was quick to declare that it was free to further develop and test its
nuclear defenses.

The turbulent end of state-sanctioned racial discrimination was one of the most pressing domestic
issues of the 1960s. The Supreme Court of the United States had ruled in 1954 in Brown v. Board of
Education that racial segregation in public schools was unconstitutional. Many schools, especially in
southern states, did not obey the Supreme Court's decision. Segregation had also been prohibited by
the Court at other public facilities (e.g. buses, restaurants, theaters, courtrooms, bathrooms, and
beaches) but continued nonetheless. Kennedy verbally supported racial integration and civil rights;
during the 1960 campaign he telephoned Coretta Scott King, wife of the Reverend Martin Luther King,
Jr., who had been jailed while demonstrating for equal access of African Americans; Kennedy secured
the early release of King, which drew additional black support to his candidacy.

Nevertheless President Kennedy believed the grass roots movement for civil rights would anger many
Southern whites and make it more difficult to pass civil rights laws in Congress, which was dominated by
conservative Southern Democrats, and he distanced himself from it. He also was more concerned with
other issues early in his presidency, e.g. the "Bay of Pigs" fiasco and Southeast Asia. As articulated by
brother Robert, the administration's early priority was to "keep the president out of this civil rights
mess". As a result, many civil rights leaders viewed Kennedy as lukewarm, especially concerning the
Freedom Riders who organized an integrated public transportation effort in the south, and who were
repeatedly met with violence by whites, including law enforcement both federal and state. Kennedy
assigned federal marshals to protect the Freedom Riders as an alternative to using federal troops or
uncooperative FBI agents. Robert Kennedy, speaking for the president, urged the Freedom Riders to
"get off the buses and leave the matter to peaceful settlement in the courts."

In September 1962, James Meredith enrolled at the University of Mississippi, but was prevented from
entering. Attorney General Robert Kennedy responded by sending some 400 U.S. Marshals, while
President Kennedy reluctantly federalized and sent 3,000 troops after the situation on campus turned
violent. Campus Riots left two dead and dozens injured, but Meredith did finally enroll in his first class.
On November 20, 1962, Kennedy signed Executive Order 11063, prohibiting racial discrimination in
federally supported housing or "related facilities".

In early 1963, Kennedy related to Martin Luther King, Jr., about the prospects for civil rights legislation:
"If we get into a long fight over this in Congress, it will bottleneck everything else, and we will still get no
bill." However, civil rights clashes were very much on the rise that year. Brother Robert and Ted
Sorenson pressed Kennedy to take more initiative on the legislative front. On June 11, 1963, President
Kennedy intervened when Alabama Governor George Wallace blocked the doorway to the University of
Alabama to stop two African American students, Vivian Malone and James Hood, from attending.
Wallace moved aside only after being confronted by Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach and
the Alabama National Guard, which had just been federalized by order of the President, and which had
hours earlier been under Wallace's command. That evening Kennedy gave his famous civil rights address
on national television and radio, launching his initiative for civil rights legislation – to provide equal
access to public schools and other facilities, and greater protection of voting rights. His proposals
became part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The day ended with the murder of a N.A.A.C.P. leader,
Medgar Evers, at his home in Mississippi. As the president had predicted, the day after his TV speech,
and in reaction to it, House Majority leader Carl Albert called to advise him that his two year signature
effort in Congress to combat poverty in Appalachia (Area Redevelopment Administration) had been
defeated, primarily by the votes of Southern Democrats and Republicans.

Kennedy signed the executive order creating the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women on
December 14, 1961. Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt led the commission. The Commission statistics
revealed that women were also experiencing discrimination; their final report documenting legal and
cultural barriers was issued in October 1963. Earlier, on June 10, 1963, Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act
of 1963, a federal law amending the Fair Labor Standards Act, aimed at abolishing wage disparity based
on sex.

Over a hundred thousand, predominantly African Americans, gathered in Washington for the civil rights
March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963. Kennedy feared the March would have
a negative effect on the prospects for the civil rights bills in Congress, and declined an invitation to
speak. He turned over some of the details of the government's involvement to the Dept. of Justice,
which channelled hundreds of thousands of dollars to the six sponsors of the March, including the
N.A.A.C.P. and Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). To ensure a
peaceful demonstration, the organizers and the president personally edited speeches which were
inflammatory and agreed the March would be held on a Wednesday and would be over at 4:00 pm.
Thousands of troops were placed on standby. Kennedy watched King's speech on TV and was very
impressed. The March was considered a "triumph of managed protest", and not one arrest relating to
the demonstration occurred. Afterwards, the March leaders accepted an invitation to the White House
to meet with Kennedy and photos were taken. Kennedy felt the March was a victory for him as well and
bolstered the chances for his civil rights bill.

Nevertheless, the struggle was far from over. Three weeks later, a bomb exploded on a Sunday at the
16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham; at the end of the day six children had died in the explosion
and aftermath. As a result of this resurgent violence, the civil rights legislation underwent some drastic
amendments that critically endangered any prospects for passage of the bill, to the outrage of the
president. Kennedy called the congressional leaders to the White House and by the following day the
original bill, without the additions, had enough votes to get it out of the House committee.

In 1963, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who hated civil-rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and viewed
him as an upstart troublemaker, presented the Kennedy Administration with allegations that some of
King's close confidants and advisers were communists. Concerned that the allegations, if made public,
would derail the Administration's civil rights initiatives, Robert Kennedy and the president both warned
King to discontinue the suspect associations. After the associations continued, Robert Kennedy felt
compelled to issue a written directive authorizing the FBI to wiretap King and other leaders of the
Southern Christian Leadership Conference, King's civil rights organization. Although Kennedy only gave
written approval for limited wiretapping of King's phones "on a trial basis, for a month or so", Hoover
extended the clearance so his men were "unshackled" to look for evidence in any areas of King's life
they deemed worthy. The wire tapping continued through June 1966 and was revealed in 1968.
John F. Kennedy initially proposed an overhaul of American immigration policy that later was to become
the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, sponsored by Kennedy's brother Senator Edward Kennedy.
It dramatically shifted the source of immigration from Northern and Western European countries
towards immigration from Latin America and Asia and shifted the emphasis of selection of immigrants
towards facilitating family reunification. Kennedy wanted to dismantle the selection of immigrants
based on country of origin and saw this as an extension of his civil rights policies.

On June 4th President John F. Kennedy (the 35th President of the United States 1961 – 1963) signs
Executive Order 11110 which returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without
going through the Rosthchilds owned Federal Reserve.

Less than 6 months later on November 22nd , president Kennedy is assassinated by the Rothschilds for
the same reason as they assassinated President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, he wanted to print American
money for the American people, as oppose to for the benefit of a money grabbing war mongering
foreign elite.

This Executive Order 11110, is rescinded by President Lyndon Baines Johnson (the 36th President of the
United States 1963 to 1969) on Air Force One from Dallas to Washington, the same day as President
Kennedy was assassinated.

Another, and probably the primary, reason for Kennedy's assassination is however, the fact that he
made it quite clear to Israeli Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, that under no circumstances would he
agree to Israel becoming a nuclear state. The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz on February 5, 1999, in a
review of, Avner Cohen's book, "Israel and the Bomb," states the following,

"The murder of American President John F. Kennedy brought to an abrupt end the massive pressure
being applied by the U.S. administration on the government of Israel to discontinue the nuclear
program...The book implied that, had Kennedy remained alive, it is doubtful whether Israel would today
have a nuclear option."

Edmond de Rothschild establishes La Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild (LCF), in Switzerland
as a venture capital house. This later develops into an investment bank and asset management company
with many affiliates. He also marries his wife Nadine and they have a son, Benjamin de Rothschild.

President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, at 12:30 pm Central Standard Time on November
22, 1963, while on a political trip to Texas to smooth over frictions in the Democratic Party between
liberals Ralph Yarborough and Don Yarborough (no relation) and conservative John Connally. He was
shot once in the upper back and was killed with a final shot to the head. He was pronounced dead at
1:00 pm. Only 46, President Kennedy died younger than any U.S. president to date. Lee Harvey Oswald,
an employee of the Texas School Book Depository from which the shots were suspected to have been
fired, was arrested on charges for the murder of a local police officer and was subsequently charged
with the assassination of Kennedy. He denied shooting anyone, claiming he was a patsy, but was killed
by Jack Ruby on November 24, before he could be indicted or tried. Ruby was then arrested and
convicted for the murder of Oswald. Ruby successfully appealed his conviction and death sentence but
became ill and died of cancer on January 3, 1967, while the date for his new trial was being set.

President Johnson created the Warren Commission—chaired by Chief Justice Earl Warren—to
investigate the assassination, which concluded that Oswald was the lone assassin. The results of this
investigation are disputed by many. The assassination proved to be an important moment in U.S. history
because of its impact on the nation and the ensuing political repercussions.

(It is of the opinion of this researcher that Lyndon had been threatened with the same fate that was to
befall JFK and was thusly coerced into recinding the bill as well as deeming the investigation of the
assination closed. It is Also more than very likely that Oswald was paid to carry out the assasination by
the Rothschild and when he was just about to talk was assasinated himself in turn by Jack Ruby.
However it is more likely that their involvement with the assasination of Oswald was one of oppurtunity
and thus not paid for.)

A Requiem Mass was held for Kennedy at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle on November 25,
1963. Afterwards, John F. Kennedy's body was buried in a small plot, (20 by 30 ft.), in Arlington National
Cemetery. Over a period of 3 years, (1964–1966), an estimated 16 million people had visited his grave.
On March 14, 1967, Kennedy's body was moved to a permanent burial plot and memorial at the
Cemetery. The funeral was officiated by Father John J. Cavanaugh. It was from this memorial that the
graves of both Robert and Ted were modeled.

The honor guard at JFK's graveside was the 37th Cadet Class of the Irish Army. JFK was greatly impressed
by the Irish Cadets on his last official visit to the Republic of Ireland, so much so that Jackie Kennedy
requested the Irish Army to be the honor guard at the funeral.

Kennedy's wife, Jacqueline and their two deceased minor children were buried with him later. His
brother, Senator Robert Kennedy, was buried nearby in June 1968. In August 2009, his brother, Senator
Edward M. Kennedy, was also buried near his two brothers. JFK's grave is lit with an "Eternal Flame."
Kennedy and William Howard Taft are the only two U.S. Presidents buried at Arlington.

1965: Israel illegally obtains enriched uranium from NUMEC (Nuclear Materials and Equipment
Corporation). (Conveniant given the JFK assassination.)

1967: The treatment of the Palestinians by the Zionist Jews, finally ignites enough anger in the Arab
world for Egypt, Jordan and Syria to mobilise on Israel's borders. All of these three countries are
suddenly attacked by Israel and as a result the Sinai which included Gaza was stolen from Egypt, and the
West Bank and the Jordan River stolen from Jordan.

As a result of this, on June 8, the Israelis launch an attack on the USS Liberty with Israeli aircraft and
motor torpedo boats, in an effort to blame it on Egypt, to bring America into the war on their side, and
of course follow to the letter, their Mossad motto,

"By Way Of Deception,

Thou Shalt Do War."
As a result of their attack, 34 American servicemen were killed and 174 wounded. Israel lies as usual,
claiming it mistook this warship that was flying a large United States flag, for an ancient out-of-service
Egyptian horse carrier El Quseir, that was 180 feet shorter. They also claim the ship was in the war zone,
when it was actually in international waters, far from any fighting. The Israeli's attack on this warship
lasts for 75 minutes during which time they shoot up one of the United States flags, resulting in the
sailors desperately raising another one.

In the aftermath of this attack, the American sailors who survived are warned by the United States
military not to discuss the matter with anyone due to, "national security." This story gets no
prominence in the Rothschild controlled mainstream media and as usual Israel is in no way even
rebuked for their crimes by their subservient country of America.

The following day, June 9th, Israel illegally occupies the Golan Heights which it seizes from Syria. This
area goes on to provide Israel with one third of its fresh water.

Israeli General Matityahu Peled, is quoted in Ha'aretz (19 March 1972) with the following statement,

"The thesis that the danger of genocide was hanging over us in June 1967 and that Israel was fighting for
its physical existence is only bluff, which was born and developed after the war." Another sickening and
deceptive statement but again at least he's consistent with the Mossad motto, "By Way Of Deception,
Thou Shalt Do War."

de Rothschild Frères is renamed Banque Rothschild.

1968: Noémie Halphen, wife of Maurice de Rothschild dies.
1970: On 4 April 1970 a Soviet KGB team with detailed burial charts secretly exhumed five wooden
boxes which had been buried at the SMERSH facility in Magdeburg. The remains from the boxes were
thoroughly burned and crushed, after which the ashes were thrown into the Biederitz river, a tributary
of the nearby Elbe.

While working for Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, Ashkenazi Jew, Richard Perle is caught by the FBI
giving classified information to Israel. Nothing is done.

British Prime Minister Edward Heath makes Lord Victor Rothschild the head of his policy unit. Whilst he
is in that role Britain enters the European Community.

1973: In his book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Gary Allen states,

"One major reason for the historical blackout on the role of the international bankers in political history
is the Rothschilds were Jewish…

….The Jewish members of the conspiracy have used an organisation called The Anti-Defamation League
(ADL) as an instrument to try and convince everyone that any mention of the Rothschilds and their allies
is an attack on all Jews.

In this way they have stifled almost all honest scholarship on international bankers and made the
subject taboo within universities.
Any individual or book exploring this subject is immediately attacked by hundreds of ADL communities
all over the country. The ADL has never let the truth or logic interfere with its highly professional smear

….Actually, nobody has a right to be more angry at the Rothschild clique than their fellow Jews…

….The Rothschild empire helped finance Adolf Hitler."”

George J. Laurer an employee of the Rothschilds controlled IBM, invents the UPC (Universal Product
Code) barcode which will eventually be placed upon every item traded worldwide and bear the number,
666. The Book of Revelation, Chapter 13, Verse 17 through 18, states the following in relation to this

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number
of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of
a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

The whole Satanic aims of the Rothschilds are now in full view of the world, everything bought or sold
carries the mark of the beast, 666.

N. M. Rothschild & Sons British Newfoundland Corporation, Churchill Falls project in Newfoundland,
Canada, is completed.

N. M. Rothschild & Sons also create a new asset management part of the company which traded
worldwide. This eventually became, Rothschild Private Management Limited.
Edmond de Rothschild, a great-grandson of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild, bought the cru bourgeois
estate of Château Clarke in Bordeaux.

1976: Ashkenazi Jew, Harold Rosenthal, aide to Ashkenazi Jew, Senator Jacob Javits, states,

"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer."

1978: Ashkenazi Jew, Stephen Bryen, then a Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffer, is overheard in
a Washington D.C. hotel offering confidential documents to top Israeli military officials.

Bryen obtains a lawyer, Nathan Lewin, and the case heads for the grand jury, but is mysteriously
dropped. Bryen later goes to work for Richard Perle.

1979: The Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty in 1979 was underwritten by United States aid which pledged $3
billion annually to Israel from the United States taxpayer (not even a drop in the ocean when you
consider the amount they make off the Federal Reserve).

Shin Bet (the Israeli internal security agency) tries to penetrate the US Consulate General in Jerusalem
through a “Honey Trap”, using a clerical employee who was having an affair with a Jerusalem girl.
Baron and Baroness Phillipi de Rothschild in a joint venture with Robert Mondavi, begin the construction
of a pyramid in Napa Valley, California, where the leader/founder of the Church Of Satan, Ashkenazi
Jew, Anton LaVey, was based. This is known as Opus 1 (which means, the first work), and the front for
this temple is that it is a winery.

Henry Sturgis Morgan owned a vast 448-acre (1.81 km2) estate comprising the northern tip of Eaton's
Neck, NY. He sold the estate on December 19, 1979 to Caesar L. Pitassy, as Trustee for an undisclosed
party. The estate is still in one piece and owned by the undisclosed party. It is located at #50 Eaton's
Neck Road, Eaton's Neck, New York.

He died on February 7, 1982 at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan.

1980: The global phenomenon of privatisation starts. The Rothschilds are behind this from the very
beginning in order to seize control of all publicly owned assets worldwide.

1981: Banque Rothschild is nationalised by the French government. The new bank is called, Compagnie
Européenne de Banque. The Rothschilds subsequently set up a successor to this French bank, Rothschild
& Cie Banque (RCB), which goes on to become a leading French investment house.

1982: From September 16 to 18, future Prime Minister of Israel and then Defence Minister, Ashkenazi
Jew, Ariel Sharon, orchestrates Israel's invasion of Lebanon, which provided ariel lighting in order to
facilitate the killing of between 1000 and 2000 men, women and children in the Sabra and Shatila

1985: Eustace Mullins publishes, "Who Owns The TV Networks," in which he reveals the Rothschilds
have control of all three major U.S. Networks, which are: NBC; CBS; and ABC.
The New York Times reports the FBI is aware of at least a dozen incidents in which American officials
transferred classified information to the Israelis, quoting (former Assistant Director of the F.B.I.)
Raymond Wannal. The Justice Department does not prosecute.

Richard Smyth, the owner of MILCO, is indicted on charges of smuggling nuclear timing devices to Israel.

N. M. Rothschild & Sons advise the British government on the privatisation of British Gas. They
subsequently advise the British government on virtually all of their other privatisations of state owned
assets including: British Steel; British Coal; all the British regional electricity boards; and all the British
regional water boards.

A British MP heavily involved in these privatisations is future Chancellor of the Exchequer, Norman
Lamont, a former Rothschild banker.

1986: Mordechai Vanunu a technician at Dimona, Israel's nuclear installation, from 1976 to 1985,
discovers that the plant was secretly producing nuclear weapons.

His conscience made him speak out and in 1986 he provided the London Sunday Times with the facts
and photos they used to tell the world about Israel's nuclear weapons programme.
His evidence showed that Israel had stockpiled up to 200 nuclear warheads, with no debate or
authorisation from it own citizens. On 30th September 1986, Vanunu was lured from London to Rome.
There he was kidnapped, drugged and shipped to Israel.

After a secret trial he was sentenced to 18 years for, "treason," and, "espionage," (something Israel are
very familiar with) though he had received no payment and had communicated with no foreign power.

He goes on to be held in complete isolation for 11 years, only allowed occasional visits from his family,
lawyer and a priest, conducted through a metal screen. Although he completes his sentence, the Israeli
government continues to hold him against his will.

1987: Edmond de Rothschild creates the World Conservation Bank which is designed to transfer debts
from third world countries to this bank and in return those countries would give land to this bank. This is
designed so the Rothschilds can gain control of the third world which represents 30% of the land surface
of the Earth.

On April 24 the Wall Street Journal reveals the, "Role of Israel in Iran-Contra Scandal Won't be Explored
in Detail by Panels."

1988: The ADL initiate a nationwide competition for law students to draft anti-hate legislation for
minority groups. That competition is won by a man named, Joseph Ribakoff, whose thesis proposes that
not only must hate motivated violence be banned, but also any words which stimulate: supiscion;
friction; hate; and possible violence, these must also be criminalised.
This ADL prize-winning paper suggests that not only should state-agencies monitor and restrict free
speech in general, but they should also censor all films that criticize identifiable groups. Furthermore,
even if the person making the statement can justify it, for example Christians criticizing homosexuality
because the bible expressly forbids it, Ribakoff asserts that the truth is to be no defence in court.

The only proof a court will need in order to secure a conviction of hate speech is that something has
been said, and a minority group or member of such group has felt emotionally damaged as a result of
such criticism. Therefore, under these proposals which the ADL will have forced into law all over the
world less than 15 years later, Jesus Christ would have been arrested as a hate criminal.

This law is designed to protect the Rothschild conspiracy from being revealed in that if you criticize the
Rothschilds criminal cabal, you will be targeted as anti-semitic, and thus risk imprisonment.

Philippe de Rothschild dies.

1989: Many of the satellite states in Eastern Europe, through the influence of Glasnost, become more
open in their demands of freedom from Communist governance in their Republics.

Many revolutions happen in 1989, most of them involving the overthrow of their respective Communist
governments and the replacement of them with Republics.

Thus, the hold the Communists had over Eastern Europe (the Iron Curtain) becomes very weak.
Eventually, as a result of Perestroika and Glasnost, Communism collapses, not only in the Soviet Union
but also in Eastern Europe.
In Russia, Boris Yeltsin (whose wife is the daughter of Joseph Stalin’s marriage to Rosa Kaganovich) and
the Republican government takes steps to end the power of the Communist party by suspending and
banning the party and seizing all their property.

This symbolised the fall of Communism in Russia, and resulted in the start of a mass exodus of 700,000
Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel.

In the Israeli Journal, Hotam (24 November 1989), there is a report of a speech that then Israeli Deputy
Foreign Minister, Ashkenazi Jew, Binyamin Netanyahu, gave to students at Bar Ilan University in which
he states,

"Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention
focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories."

The London and Paris Rothschilds announce the launch of a new subsidiary, Rothschild GmbH, in
Frankfurt, Germany.

1990: Article taken from "The National Educator", September 1990, P. 9

By JOHN E. KOVACS, Editor, "The U. S. Patriot News"

"Most Americans, even the college educated, know next to nothing about our monetary system. They
would be surprized to know that the U. S. Treasury makes 22 1/2 cents on each quarter it mints, as it
only costs 2 1/2 cents to mint this coin. Similar profits are realized on every other coin (with the possible
exception of the penny) simply because the U. S., when minting coins, is simply following its
Constitutional responsibility--the government alone has the right to print or mint our money. This right
cannot be delegated any more than the right to declare war or collect taxes.

If this is how the Constitution was intended to operate, why then do we allow a private group of foreign
bankers to issue our currency (which they create out of thin air) and then "loan" it to the U. S. at
perpetual interest, an interest that cannot be extinguished? Two of our Presidents asked that same
question and look what happened to them. President Lincoln dared to have the U. S. issue its own
greenbacks, backed with the full faith of the government, and bypassed the central bankers, avoiding
any interest payments to them. For this patriotic act he was killed by John Wilkes Booth, a Rothschilds
agent and contract killer, who was later spirited away to England where he lived out his life comfortably
on a pension provided by the Rothschilds bankers. The greenbacks were immediately stopped and called
in and redeemed at a ridiculous low price set by the central bankers. One point should be made here:
The Rothschild bank financed the North and the Paris branch of the same bank financed the South,
which is the real reason the Civil War was ignited and allowed to follow its long, and bloody course. The
more Americans that dies, the more money the Rothschild bankers made.

In our times this control of the issuance of our currency is in the illegal hands of the Federal Reserve,
called the Fed, and the principal owner of the Fed's "Class A" stock is--you guessed it--the Rothschild
family. The other president brave enough to oppose the banker barons, whose worth was now in the
trillions, was President John F. Kennedy. This first Catholic president of our country enjoyed a deep-roots
popularity--a charisma not enjoyed by most presidents. The Kennedy administration was so confident
that it had the support of most voters that it ignored the Jewish lobby as the Kennedy brothers (John
and Robert, his Attorney General) knew it was unnecessary to have the complete backing of every Jew in
the U. S.

President Kennedy pledged himself to what was the best for America and cared not how the greedy
bankers of the Fed felt. JFK, like Lincoln in the 1860's. dared to have the U. S. Treasury issue U. S. Dollars,
not Federal Reserve notes, and placed them into circulation without paying interest to any bankers, just
as spelled out in the U. S. Constitution.

This alarmed the owners of the Fed like a fifty point tremor on the Richter Scale. This must cease at
once. The Fed bankers found themselves facing an intolerable situation, one which defied them and at
the same time, one which they could not publicly complain without letting the cat out of the bag. Any
complaint by the Fed would put it in a very bad light. The public would soon be aware of the gigantic
scam the Fed has gotten away with since 1913. This scam allowed the Fed to avoid all income taxes and
even audits.

Their response was evident at Dealy Plaza in Dallas."
1991: Following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990, on January 16 of this year the United
States and Britain began an aerial bombing campaign of targets within Iraq. On 24 February the ground
campaign commenced which was to last 100 hours until on February 28 when a horrendous war crime

This crime was the slaughter of 150,000 Iraqi troops with fuel air bombs. These Iraqis were fleeing on a
crowded highway from Kuwait to Basra. President George Herbert Walker Bush ordered United States
military aircraft and ground units to kill these surrendering troops, they were then bulldozed into mass
unmarked graves in the desert, some still alive.

President Bush then ordered a cessation of hostilities. What was the significance of this slaughter and
President Bush declaring the war over on this day? Well it was the day the, "Day of Purim," fell on this
year. This the day the Jews celebrate their victory over Ancient Babylon, now based within the borders
of Iraq and a day when the Jews are encouraged to get bloody revenge against their perceived enemies.

At the Bilderberg Conference on June 6 to 9 of this year, in Baden-Baden, Germany, David Rockefeller (a
Rothschild) made the following statement,

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great
publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for
almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world, if we had been
subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.

But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The
super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national
auto-determination practised in past centuries."
1992: In March, former Federal Reserve Board Chairman, Paul A. Volker became Chairman of the
European banking firm, J. Rothschild, Wolfensohn and Co.

Stephen Bryen, caught offering confidential documents to Israel in 1978, is serving on board of the pro-
Israeli Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs while continuing as a paid consultant, with security
clearance, on exports of sensitive US technology.

“The Samson Option,” by Seymour M. Hersh reports,

“Illicitly obtained intelligence was flying so voluminously from LAKAM (a secret Israeli intelligence unit, a
Hebrew acronym for Scientific Liaison Bureau) into Israeli intelligence that a special code name, JUMBO,
was added to the security markings already on the documents. There were strict orders, Ari Ben-
Menashe recalled, “Anything marked JUMBO was not supposed to be discussed with your American

The Wall Street Journal reports that Israeli agents apparently tried to steal Recon Optical Inc's top-secret
airborne spy-camera system.

On September 16th Britain’s pound collapses when currency speculators led by Rothschild agent,
Ashkenazi Jew, George Soros, borrow pounds and sell them for Deutsche Marks, in the expectation of
being able to repay the loan in devalued currency and to pocket the difference.

This results in the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Norman Lamont, announcing a rise in interest
rates of 5% in one day and as a result drives Britain into a recession which lasts many years as large
numbers of businesses fail and the housing market crashes.

This is right on cue for the Rothschilds, after they had privatised Britain’s state owned assets during the
1980’s, driven the share price up, and then collapsed the markets so they could buy them up for pennies
on the pound, a carbon copy of what Nathan Mayer Rothschild did to the British economy 180 years
before, in 1812.
It cannot be overstated that the Chancellor of the Exchequer at that time, Norman Lamont, prior to
becoming a MP, was a Merchant Banker with N. M. Rothschild and Sons, who he joined after reading
Economics at Cambridge.

1993: Norman Lamont leaves the British government to return to N. M. Rothschild and Sons as a
director, after his mission to collapse the British economy to profit the Rothschilds is accomplished.

Former Congressman, Paul Findley publishes his seminal book, Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the Facts
About the U.S. Israeli Relationship.

In this book he lists the 65 United Nations Member Resolutions against Israel from the period 1955 to
1992, and the 30 United States vetoes on Israel’s behalf which if not made would have seen Israel have
95 resolutions against them at this point.

No matter, even with Israel’s puppet the United States helping them terrorise others, the 65 Resolutions
passed against Israel are more than all the Resolutions passed against all other countries combined.

Not that Israel care too much about the views of the United Nations when you consider that less than
two weeks after Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty (an attack designed to sink the Liberty and blame it on
Egypt prompting the USA into a war with Egypt on behalf of Israeli Lies, remember the Mossad motto,
“By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War”), the Israeli Foreign Minister, Aba Eban, stated of the United
"If the General Assembly were to vote by 121 votes to 1 in favor of, "Israel," returning to the armistice
lines (pre June 1967 borders), "Israel," would refuse to comply with the decision," New York Times – 19
June 1967.

The ADL is caught operating a massive spying operation on critics of Israel, Arab-Americans, the San
Francisco Labor Council, ILWU Local 10, Oakland Educational Association, NAACP, Irish Northern Aid,
International Indian Treaty Council, the Asian Law Caucus and the San Francisco Police.

Data collected was sent to Israel and in some cases to South Africa. Pressure from Jewish organizations
forces the city to drop the criminal case, but the ADL settles a civil lawsuit for an undisclosed sum of

1995: Former atomic energy scientist, Dr Kitty Little claims the Rothschilds now control 80% of the
world’s uranium supplies giving them a monopoly over nuclear power.

The Defense Investigative Service circulates a memo warning US military contractors that,

"Israel aggressively collects (US) military and industrial technology."

The report stated that Israel obtains information using,

"ethnic targeting, financial aggrandizement, and identification and exploitation of individual frailties," of
US citizens.

1996: A General Accounting Office report, "Defense Industrial Security: Weaknesses in US Security
Arrangements With Foreign-Owned Defense Contractors," found that according to intelligence sources,
"Country A," (identified by intelligence sources as Israel, Washington Times, 22 February 1996),

"conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the United States of any US ally."

A pdf file of the report is here:
An unformated text version is here:

The Jerusalem Post (30 August 1996) quoted the report,

"“Classified military information and sensitive military technologies are high-priority targets for the
intelligence agencies of this country."

The report described, "An espionage operation run by the intelligence organization responsible for
collecting scientific and technologic information for (Israel) paid a US government employee to obtain
US classified military intelligence documents."

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (Shawn L. Twing, April 1996) noted that this was,

"a reference to the 1985 arrest of Jonathan Pollard, a civilian US naval intelligence analyst who provided
Israel's LAKAM espionage agency an estimated 800,000 pages of classified US intelligence information."

The GAO report also noted that, "Several citizens of (Israel) were caught in the United States stealing
sensitive technology used in manufacturing artillery gun tubes."

An Office of Naval Intelligence document, "Worldwide Challenges to Naval Strike Warfare" reported
"US technology has been acquired (by China) through Israel in the form of the Lavi fighter and possibly
SAM (surface-to-air) missile technology."

Jane's Defense Weekly (28 February 1996) noted that, "until now, the intelligence community has not
openly confirmed the transfer of US technology (via Israel) to China." The report noted that this,
"represents a dramatic step forward for Chinese military aviation." (Flight International, 13 March 1996).

Amschel Rothschild, 41, is strangled with the heavy cord of his own towel robe in his hotel room in Paris.
French Prime Minister orders the French Police to close their investigation, and, Rupert Murdoch, born
of a Jewish mother and so a Jew by Ashkenazi standards, instructs his editors and news managers
around the world to report it as a heart attack, if they need to report it at all.

On 12 May United Nations Ambassador and Ashkenazi Jew, Madeleine Albright, when appearing on 60
Minutes, was asked the following by correspondent Lesley Stahl, in reference to the years of United
States led economic sanctions against Iraq,

"We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that is more children than died in
Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"

To which Ambassador Albright replied,

"I think that is a very hard choice, but the price, we think, the price is worth it."

Her comments cause no public outcry. In fact, the holocaust of half a million Iraqi children is positively
admired by the United States government when you consider less than 8 months later, President Clinton
appointed Albright as secretary of state. Whilst appearing before the Senate Committee, who were
considering her appointment, Albright is literally chomping at the bit for the blood of more Iraqi children
and she states,

"We will insist on maintaining tough UN sanctions against Iraq unless and until that regime complies
with relevant Security Council resolutions."

1997: An Army mechanical engineer, Ashkenazi Jew, David A. Tenenbaum, "inadvertently," gives
classified military information on missile systems and armored vehicles to Israeli officials (New York
Times, 20 February 1997).
The Washington Post reports US intelligence has intercepted a conversation in which two Israeli officials
had discussed the possibility of getting a confidential letter that then-Secretary of State Warren
Christopher had written to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

One of the Israelis, identified only as, “Dov,” had commented that they may get the letter from, “Mega,”
the code name for Israel’s top agent inside the United States.

US ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, complains privately to the Israeli government about heavy-
handed surveillance by Israeli intelligence agents.

Israeli agents place a tap on Ashkenazi Jew and daughter of a Rabbi, Monica Lewinsky’s, phone at the
Watergate and record phone sex sessions between her and President Bill Clinton. The Ken Starr report
confirms that Clinton warned Lewinsky their conversations were being taped and ended the affair.
Interestingly, at the same time, the FBI’s hunt for, "Mega," is called off.

On 29 October Edmond de Rothschild dies in Geneva. Interestingly on the exact same day Anton
Szandor LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan also dies, who in his book, "Satan Speaks," he states
in relation to The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion,

"The first time I read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, my instinctive reaction was, So what's wrong
with THAT? Isn't that the way any master plan should work? Doesn't the public deserve - nay, demand -
such despotism?"

Kofi Annan becomes Secretary General to the United Nations. He is married to Nane Lagergren, a
Rothschild, who he wed in 1984.
1998: The European Central Bank is set up in Frankfurt, the city from which the Rothschilds originate.

2000: George W. Bush is elected (so they tell me) President of the United States. Bush and his family
claim to be descendants of the House of Plantagenet which is descended from the Royal House of Judah.

2001: On September 11th the attack on the World Trade Center is orchestrated by Israel with the
complicity of Britain and America, under the orders of the Rothschilds as a pretext for removing the
liberty of people worldwide in exchange for security, just as happened with the Reichstag fire in
Germany where the citizens were lied to in order to give up liberty for security.

They also will use the attacks to gain control of the few nations in the world who don’t allow Rothschild
central banks and so less than one month after these attacks, US forces attack Afghanistan, one of only 7
nations in the world who don’t have a Rothschild controlled central bank.

Less than a week before the 9-11 attack on 5 September, the so-called lead hijacker Mohamed Atta and
several other hijackers made a still-unexplained visit onboard one of Pro Israeli lobbyist, Ashkenazi Jew,
Jack Abramoff’s casino boats.

No investigation is undertook as to what they were doing there. It is discovered that US drug agents’
communications have been penetrated. Suspicion falls on two companies, AMDOCS and Comverse
Infosys, both owned by Israelis. AMDOCS generates billing data for most US phone companies and is
able to provide detailed logs of who is talking to whom.
Comverse Infosys builds the tapping equipment used by law enforcement to eavesdrop on all American
telephone calls, but suspicion forms that Comverse Infosys, which gets half of its research and
development budget from the Israeli government, has built a back door into the system that is being
exploited by Israeli intelligence and that the information gleaned on US drug interdiction efforts is
finding its way to drug smugglers.

The investigation by the FBI leads to the exposure of the largest foreign spy ring ever uncovered inside
the United States, operated by Israel. Half of the suspected spies have been arrested when 9-11

On 9-11, 5 Israelis are arrested for dancing and cheering while the World Trade Towers collapse.
Supposedly employed by Urban Moving Systems, the Israelis are caught with multiple passports and a
lot of cash.

Two of them are later revealed to be Mossad. As witness reports track the activity of the Israelis, it
emerges that they were seen at Liberty Park at the time of the first impact, suggesting a foreknowledge
of what was to come. The Israelis are interrogated, and then eventually sent back to Israel.

The owner of the moving company used as a cover by the Mossad agents abandons his business and
flees to Israel. The United States Government then classifies all of the evidence related to the Israeli
agents and their connections to 9-11.

All of this is reported to the public via a four part story on Fox News by Carl Cameron. Pressure from
Jewish groups, primarily AIPAC, forces Fox News to remove the story from their website. Two hours
prior to the 9-11 attacks, Odigo, an Israeli company with offices just a few blocks from the World Trade
Towers, receives an advance warning via the internet.
The manager of the New York Office provides the FBI with the IP address of the sender of the message,
but the FBI does not follow this up. The FBI is investigating 5 Israeli moving companies as possible fronts
for Israeli intelligence.

It is revealed that prior to the attack millions of dollars of put options on both American Airlines and
United Airlines, were traded. The FBI have promised to followed the purchasers up, but have never
revealed their findings. That is because this would lead directly to Israel, the state behind the 911

Following the World Trade Center attack, anonymous letters containing anthrax are sent to various
politicians and media executives. Like the 9-11 attack this is immediately blamed on Al-Qaeda , until it is
discovered that the anthrax contained within those letters is a specific type of weaponized anthrax
made by a United States military laboratory.

The FBI then discover that the main suspect for these anthrax letters is a Ashkenazi Jew, Dr. Philip Zack,
who had been reprimanded several times by his employers due to offensive remarks he made about
Arabs. Dr. Philip Zack, was caught on camera entering the storage area where he worked at Fort Detrick
which is where the Anthrax was kept. At this point, both the FBI and the mainstream media stopped
making any public comments on the case.

Jewish Defence League Chairman since 1985, Ashkenazi Jew, Irv Rubin is jailed for allegedly plotting to
bomb a mosque and the offices of a Arab-American congressman. He dies shortly after slitting his
throat in a suicide attempt, before he can be brought to trial.
One week prior to the WTC attack, the Zim Shipping Company moves out of its offices in the WTC,
breaking its lease and costing the company $50,000. No reason has ever been given, but Zim Shipping
Company is half owned by the State of Israel (The Rothschilds).

On October 3, Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, makes the following statement to Ashkenazi Jew,
Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that....I want to tell you
something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control
America, and the Americans know it."

2002: Webster's Third New International Dictionary (Unabridged), re-printed in 2002, provides a new
definition of Anti Semitism which has not been updated since 1956. It reads,

"Anti-Semitism: (1) hostility toward Jews as a religious or racial minority group, often accompanied by
social, political or economic discrimination (2) opposition to Zionism (3) sympathy for the opponents of

It was definition (2) and (3) that were added in the 2002 edition, just before the USA decide to invade
Iraq under orders from the State of Rothschild, I mean Israel. Also this year, the Prime Minister of
Israel, war criminal, Ariel Sharon, orders the massacre in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank. Best
get that definition updated to protect these criminals.

The DEA issues a report that Israeli spies, posing as art students, have been trying to penetrate US
Government offices. Police near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in southern Washington State stop
a suspicious truck and detain two Israelis, one of whom is illegally in the United States. The two men
were driving at high speed in a Ryder rental truck, which they claimed had been used to, "deliver
The next day, police discovered traces of TNT and RDX military-grade plastic explosives inside the
passenger cabin and on the steering wheel of the vehicle. The FBI then announces that the tests that
showed explosives were, "false positived," by cigarette smoke, a claim test experts say is ridiculous.

Based on an alibi provided by a woman, the case is closed and the Israelis are handed over to INS to be
sent back to Israel. One week later, the woman who provided the alibi vanishes.

2003: The United States invade Iraq on 19 March, which this year is the holy, "Day of Purim," in the
Jewish calendar. This, "Day of Purim," is a day the Jews celebrate their victory over Ancient Babylon,
now based within the borders of Iraq, how interesting.

What is also significant is that the previous U.S. led invasion of Iraq ended on the Day of Purim ten years
earlier with the slaughter of 150,000 fleeing Iraqis under the current President's father, George Herbert
Walker Bush. Purim is also the time when the Jews are encouraged to get bloody revenge against their
perceived enemies.

Ancient Babylon, I mean Iraq, is now one of six nations left in the world who don’t have a Rothschild
controlled central bank. This war is mainly about stealing Iraq’s water supply for Israel and is being
fought with the blood of the American military which the State of Rothschild, I mean Israel control.

Israel has always struggled for water, it had to steal the Golan Heights from Syria which provided Israel
with one third of its fresh water 36 years before, yet still in Israel water extraction has surpassed
replacement by 2.5 billion metres in the last 25 years.
This means the water is far more precious to them than the oil reserves which are the second largest
reserves of oil on the planet.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed states in a speech,

"Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them."

The Police Chief of Cloudcroft stops a truck speeding through a school zone. The drivers turn out to be
Israelis with expired passports. Claiming to be movers, the truck contains junk furniture and several

The Israelis are handed over to immigration. The contents of the boxers are not revealed to the public.

Israel deploys assassination squads into other countries, including the United States. The US
Government does not protest.

2004: Two years into an investigation of AIPAC’s (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee – the
largest political lobbying group in the USA with over 65,000 members whose only purpose is to use the
USA for the purposes of Israel) possible role as a spy front for Israel, Ashkenazi Jew, Larry Franklin, a
mid-level Pentagon Analyst is observed by the FBI giving classified information to two officials of AIPAC
suspected of being Israeli spies.

AIPAC hires lawyer Nathan Lewin to handle their legal defense, the same lawyer who defended
suspected Israeli spy Stephen Bryen in 1978. Larry Franklin worked in the Pentagon Office of Special
Plans, run by Richard Perle, at the time Perle (who was caught giving classified information to Israel back
in 1970) was insisting that Iraq was crawling with weapons of mass destruction requiring the United
States to invade and conquer Iraq.
There were no WMDs, of course, and Perle has dumped the blame for the, "bad intelligence," on George
Tenet. But what is known is that the Pentagon Office of Special Plans was coordinating with a similar
group in Israel, in Ariel Sharon’s office.

With two suspected Israeli spies (at least) inside the office from which the lies that launched the war in
Iraq originated, it appears that the people of the United States are the victims of a deadly hoax, a hoax
that started a war using the blood and money of American citizens for the purposes of Israeli

The leaking of the investigation of AIPAC to the media on August 28th, 2004 gave advance warning to
other spies working with Franklin. The damage to the FBI’s investigation was completed when United
States Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered the FBI to stop all arrests in the case.

Like the Stephen Bryen case and the hunt for, "Mega," this latest spy scandal seems destined by officials
who have their own secret allegiances to protect, barring a massive public outcry.

Police near the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Tennessee stop a truck after a three mile chase, during
which the driver throws a bottle containing a strange liquid from the cab. The drivers turn out to be
Israelis using fake identifications. The FBI refuses to investigate and the Israelis are released.

Two Israelis try to enter Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, home to eight Trident submarines. The truck
tests positive for explosives.
The National Director of the ADL, Abraham H. Foxman, publishes a book entitled, "Never Again? The
Threat Of The New Anti-Semitism," in which he states that the New Testament's "lie," that the ancient
Pharisees were responsible for the death of Christ, has been responsible for anti-semitism throughout
the millennia and thus the New Testament of the bible is, "hate speech," and should be censored or

2005: On January 20, President Bush makes the following statement as part of his second inaugural
address, "When our Founders declared a new order of the ages." This is not true. The founders did not
declare a, "new order of the ages," President Roosevelt did when in 1933, he put it's latin translation,
"Novus Ordo Seclorum," on the dollar bill.

On 7 July the London Underground Network is bombed. Israel’s Finance Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu
is in London on the morning of the attacks in order to attend an economic conference in a hotel over the
underground station where one of the blasts occurred, but stayed in his hotel room instead after he had
been informed by Israeli intelligence officials attacks were expected.

There are now only 5 nations on the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran; North
Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya.

Physics Professor, Stephen E. Jones of Brigham Young University publishes a paper in which he proves
the World Trade Center buildings could have only been brought down in the manner they were by
explosives. He receives no coverage in the mainstream media for his scientific and provable claims.
2006: The Edmond De Rothschild Banque, a subsidiary of Europe's Edmond De Rothschild family bank
group in France, becomes the first foreign family bank that has obtained approval of the China Banking
Regulatory Commission and entered China's financial market.

The ADL ruthlessly leans on governments throughout the world to pass hate crimes legislation, as they
are scared that the criminal cabal that is Israel and the Rothschilds is being exposed more and more on a
daily basis, predominantly on the internet. Their job is to protect this criminal network and what better
way to do it than by passing laws in which anyone who exposes a Jewish criminal becomes a criminal.

David Irving is sentenced to three years in jail in Austria, for denying the holocaust. It is important to
note that the only historical event you can be arrested for questioning is the holocaust. This is because
this has been the Rothschilds greatest weapon in brainwashing YOU, THE STUPID GOY! is that the Jews
are so poor and persecuted when in actual fact they control the vast majority of international finance
and international corporations throughout the world.
Active HBGary Research (v.3.0.1)


From:    "UAS-DTCE" <>


Date:    Mon, 17 May 2010 13:13:36 +0200

Subject: Unmanned Aircraft Experts and Military Leaders Meet in Washington for UAS Defense & Tactics
Conference this July

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Washington, DC -- May 17, 2010 -- New-Fields today announced

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Defense and Tactics to be held in

Washington, DC July 29-30, 2010. This cutting-edge conference

brings together military, federal and local governments,

acquisition executives, program managers, academia and industry

to discuss their plans to expand their UAS use and to address the

challenges facing potential expanded use of UA.

“The UAS Conference will showcase latest advances that industry

and government have made in technology, interoperability

standards, data security and integrating UA into civil airspace―

said Ahmed Farajallah, senior vice president, events and

conferences, New Fields “UASDTC’s presentations and panel
discussions will also include sense & avoid technology

development, weaponization issues and in-depth look at the

current EU and US programs―.

Other featured sessions include:

o       Presentations and Panel Discussions include:

o       Incorporate Human Factors in UAS Design

o       Launch and Recovery Equipment

o       Payload and Sensor Integration

o       Ground Station Command, Control, and Communications (C3)

o       Lost Link Challenges

o       Multi Aircraft Control

o       Full Autonomy

o       Evolution, UAS System-of-Systems

o       UAS Threats

o       UAS Vulnerabilities

o       “Plug and Play― Capabilities

o       Motion Detection and Target Tracking technologies

o       All Weather UAS

o       Modular UAS

o       Net-Centric UAS

o       Mine Countermeasure, IED, Gas and Tunnel Detection

o       Commercial-off-the-shelf Data Link Equipment Problems

o       US Unmanned Aircraft Systems Acquisition
o       EU Unmanned Aircraft Systems Acquisition

o       Platform Technologies

o       Propulsion

o       Military, Civil and Humanitarian Operational Deployments

and Experiences

o       Maritime & Coastal Surveillance Deployments and


For up-to-date agendas and the complete list of confirmed

military speakers, please visit

The UASDT Conference & Expo

The UAS Defense and Tactics Conference and Expo will provide

exhibitors and sponsors the opportunity to network and to have

direct access to senior ranking military officers from US DoD and

European defense agencies as well as international acquisition


About New-Fields

Founded in 1994, New Fields today is a leading information

provider and conference/trade-shows organizer on defense,

homeland security to governments, defense and law enforcement

agencies, industries and academia around the world.
Industry Speaking Opportunities, Sponsorship and Exhibition:

Call Erica Montero at 202-536-5000 or email her at

Military, Government & Academia Rates

In order to extend the education of the Unmanned Aerial Systems

to much wider community that is shaping the UAS evolution.

Special reduced registration rates are available for active

military, government and academia. For complete information

please visit

or call (202) 536-5000

For more information on the UASDTC visit, or

call 202-536-5000.


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Subject: Universal Armored Tactical Vehicle Conference, December 8-10, 2010 in Washington, DC

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Dear Colleague,

Please be informed of our upcoming Universal Armored Tactical Vehicle

Conference on December 8-10, 2010 in Washington, DC. We hope that you

can be a part of this very important event.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me at

202-536-5000 or email me at

An updated full agenda and additional information is available on the

Universal Armored Tactical Vehicle Conference website, please visit


April Young

Project Coordinator

New-Fields Exhibitions

Phone: 202-536-5000

Fax: 202-280-1239


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Date:    Mon, 17 Jan 2011 16:42:00 +0100

Subject: Registration Milipol Paris 2011 18-21 October

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Paris, January 2011


The worldwide meeting-place

for internal State security will hold its 17th edition

from 18th to 21st October 2011

Pavilion 1, Paris Porte de Versailles

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Since its creation in 1984, MILIPOL PARIS has over the years reinforced its position as the leader of
Internal State Security

events, covering all fields of the public and industrial security sector.

Organised under the aegis of the French Ministry of the Interior, MILIPOLPARIS has the support of
French governmental bodies:

National police, National Gendarmerie, Civil Defence, Customs, Defence Expertise andSupport
Command, Municipal Police...

Why exhibit at MILIPOL PARIS 2011?

- MILIPOL PARIS welcomes still more:

> Professional Visitors (almost 28 000 in 2009, 5% up on 2007)
> Official Delegations (71 in 2009, from 49 countries, 22.5% up on 2007)

> Journalists (453 journalists came from 28 countries in 2009)

- 95% of these visitors were satisfied with Milipol Paris 2009 and 93.5% declared that they will visit

- MILIPOL PARIS brought together, even during the crisis of 2009, 900 exhibitors, of which 64% from 42

- Nearly 94% of these exhibitors were satisfied with the quality of visitors

MILIPOL PARIS: the not to be missed international event

of Innovation, Information and Action.

Come and discover it from the inside!

Click here to access the

show brochure,

Participation file and and ensure your space.

We look forward to welcoming you at MILIPOL PARIS 2011, and remain at your disposal for any
additional information.

Yours sincerely,

The sales team:

Flavie ROLLAND, Lorna GRANT, François AMIEL, Maria BARRILLET
If you wish to unscribe, please

click here.


From:    Greg Hoglund <>

To:      April Young <>

Date:    Wed, 19 May 2010 00:26:44 -0700

Subject: Re: 5th Iraq Aviation & Defense Summit

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If you are inviting me to speak on cyber security I am interested.

-Greg Hoglund

CEO, HBGary, Inc.

On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 8:58 PM, April Young <>wrote:

> Dear Colleague,


> Please find enclosed information on our upcoming 5th Iraq Aviation &
> Defense Summit on July 22-23, 2010 in Washington, DC.


> Confirmed Speakers Include:


> · General Anwer Ahmed, Iraqi Air Force Commander, Ministry of

> Defense


> · MG Faisal Ghdban- Chief of Staff, Iraqi Air Force, Ministry of

> Defense


> · Staff MG Ali Hadi- M5 Strategy & Plans, Iraqi Joint Head

> Quarters


> · General Ahmed Hashem- Commander of Baghdad Operations Center

> Command, Prime Ministers Office


> · BG Shihab Ali- Commanding General of Air Surveillances,

> Ministry of Defense


> · BG Shwan Mudher Ali, Director of Air Logistics, Ministry of

> Defense


> · BG Scott Hanson- Director of the Iraqi Training & Advisory

> Mission

> · Saad Yousif- Political Advisor, National Security Council


> · Hamza Shareef- Director General (International Policy),

> National Security Council


> · Dr. Adnan Blebil, Director General, Iraqi Civil Aviation

> Authority


> · Stafford Clarry- Director General, Erbil International Airport



> And many more…..



> One-on-One meetings with high-ranking Iraqi military officers and senior

> government officials are available on first-come, first-served basis.


> We encourage you to register today to reserve a slot for your One-on-One

> meeting, please use the attached registration form and fax to 202-280-1239.

> If you have any question or require further info, please call me at

> 202-558-2545or email


> For more information on the event, please visit


> Regards,

> April Young

> Member, New-Fields’ Iraq Aviation and Defense Task Force

> New-Fields Exhibitions, Inc.

> 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 6th Floor

> Washington, DC 20004

> T (202) 536-5000 F (202) 280-1239

> <>


From:   "ExecutiveBiz" <>

To: <>

Date:   Thu, 29 Jul 2010 11:12:50 -0400

Subject: HR Secrets Revealed: Eight HR Government Contracting leaders share recruiting, retention best

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By Jim Garrettson

July 29, 2010

HR Secrets Revealed: Eight HR Government Contracting leaders share recruiting, retention best practices

Jerry Calhoun

Rich Lakis
Kathy Madaleno

John Heim

Charlie Virtue

Candice Mendenhall

Mary Good

Jim Lawler

Your product is your people. Holding on to them isn't easy. Not when it comes to current challenges
faced by government contracting. The list of challenges is long, topped by the prevailing question over
insourcing. While no one knows for sure where the issue will land, contractors are already seeing more
seasoned and difficult to replace employees move over to the government side. Meanwhile, both
industry and government alike continue to vie for the same pool of talent. And it's shrinking. Click here
to read more

SAIC Announces Structural Changes

SAIC has announced a series of structural changes designed to direct the company's resources and
energy to emerging and high-growth areas.

Click here to read more

Fixing the Human Capital Issue in Cyber

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has released a new report on the human capital
issues currently facing the cybersecurity effort in the United States. The report, titled "A Human Capital
Crisis in Cybersecurity," claims the United States is currently facing a crisis in that not enough skilled
cyber professionals are available to serve the needs of the nation. Click here to read more

New CIA Spy Chief Represents Shift in Agency Priorities

Last week, the CIA announced the nomination of John Bennett, a former station chief and Marine Corps
officer, to head the National Clandestine Service (NCS). As the CIA's station chief in Islamabad, Pakistan,
he oversaw drone strikes that killed at least 20 high-level Al Qaeda leaders, including Baitullah Mehsud,
and he previously led the CIA's Special Activities Division, the CIA's paramilitary wing. Click here to read

Jacob Lew: What's Next at OMB?

Jacob "Jack" Lew, Obama's nominee to replace Peter Orszag as Director of OMB, has served at the State
Department since the last time he served as Director of OMB for President Clinton. Regardless of
whether Orszag's departure resulted from policy differences with President Obama, it's clear that at
least some fiscal policy changes are coming. Click here to read more

Executive Spotlight: Shaara Roman of CGI Federal

Executive Spotlight: Gary Noyes of ATT Government Solutions

Former Redskin John Riggins Speaks at Potomac Officers Club Event
Michael V. Hayden Joins Alion's Board of Directors

SAIC, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Boeing Notch DoD Wins

Northrop Grumman, L-3 Win DoD Deals, BAE Turns Two

Raytheon Wins Navy Deal, Booz Allen Claims Two

SAIC Signs Deal to Support NASA's Goddard Center
Northrop Grumman Inks Deal to Help Protect Troops

Michael Hayden Joins Board at Alion, Bahman Atefi Comments

Daon's Tom Grissen on Strategic Partnership with DieBold
k2AJk4A&sysid=1 Click Here for More GovConwire

House Passes Cyber RD Bill

Cyber Terror Threat on Par with CBRN Weapons Says Punjab Director General of Police

Cyber Camp for NextGen Cyber Warriors

Court Approves Baidu Lawsuit Against Domain Register for Iranian Cyber Army Hack

Cameron and Obama Discuss Pentagon Hacker's Extradition
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Michael V. Hayden Joins Alion's Board of Directors

DARPA, NIST Collaborate on Avant-Garde Translation Technology

CGI Federal's Shaara Roman on the Rise of Social Media

Federal CIO Kundra Says IT Reform Review to Focus on Upping ROI

ManTech's Bill Varner Discusses Priorities, Goals and Direction of Cyber Market
z0DKew&sysid=1 Click Here for More from GovCon Executive

Napolitano Announces Progress in 9/11 Commission Security Recommendations

HHS Awards $9M to Support Preventive-Medicine Professionals

Gen. Stanley McChrystal Retires

NIST, DARPA Develop Cutting-Edge Translation Technology

Maryland Taking Steps to Become Health IT Leader by 2012

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Social media for recruitment: Vangent's Jerry Calhoun finds success beyond traditional HR approaches

A company's greatest asset is its people. That's something that Jerry Calhoun keeps front and center in
his role as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Vangent.

Ever since Calhoun joined the Arlington, Va.-based provider of information management and strategic
business outsourcing services in March 2006, he's focused on ensuring that everyone, from the top on
down, views themselves as a strategic game changer within the company. Click here to read more

Show good faith, and your employees will, too: Rich Lakis on L-3 Services Group HR approach

Everyone's fishing from the same pool of talent.

For defense contractors, it's the top issue of the day. For Rich Lakis, it's one that's being met head-on.

As Senior Vice President of Human Resources for L-3 Services Group (a division of L-3 Communications,
the sixth largest US defense contractor), Lakis holds to one overarching philosophy: Show good faith,
and your employees will do the same. Click here to read more
Early and often: For Alion's Kathy Madaleno, successful recruitment and career development starts here

Career development and challenging work. Both matter now more than ever for government
contractors looking to sustain their employee numbers.

That's how Kathy Madaleno sees it in her role as Senior Vice President and Director of Human Resources
at Alion Science and Technology. Click here to read more

No excuses: John Heim on CSC's bold vision for college recruiting

For federal contractors, it's a delicate balance: Bringing in the next generation of talent, while still
complying with federal contracting requirements that specify a minimum number of years' experience
to perform on a contract. Click here to read more

Charlie Virtue of Agilex: HR secrets to become "hottest government contractor"

Before its meteoric rise as the hottest government contractor in the Washington, DC area, Agilex
Technologies was just a dream. And a building, an empty one at that.

Charlie Virtue recalls that day, three years ago.

Click here to read more
Candice Mendenhall of ICF: Employee retention through meaningful work

Don't let the numbers fool you. Despite a stubbornly high unemployment rate, companies still face
plenty of challenges in employee retention, especially around the Beltway. Attractive benefits packages
aren't enough. Increasingly, so is meaningful work. Click here to read more

SRA's Mary Good: Three steps to solid employee engagement

A lot of companies have a great corporate mission. On paper, anyway. The challenge comes in
translating that mission into practice. Especially when you have employees based around the world,
working in a wide array of specialized fields. Click here to read more

Jim Lawler of TASC: Faster, nimbler, more entrepreneurial culture ahead

When it comes to entrepreneurial spirit, most people think small companies have a monopoly on that
beat, large organizations less so.

It's a perception that Jim Lawler is helping to change. As Chief Human Resource Officer of TASC, Inc.,
Lawler is helping steer the Chantilly, Va.-based advanced engineering and advisory services firm toward
new growth. Click here to read more

yJWWhqYfQ&sysid=1 Geo e-procurement portal

In the fast-paced AEC-Geo world, we understand that you need fast and flexible purchasing of your
technology solutions. That's why we created a new e-procurement portal from DLT Solutions:

From mapping and CAD, to imagery and globes, all can be purchased at a press of a button for all your
government projects.

The portal features special pricing around Autodesk's Master Government Reseller software solutions
including AutoCAD, Map 3D, Civil 3D plus many more. Google Earth and GeoEye Imagery solutions are
available too.

Prefer to speak to a representative directly? DLT has a team of experienced representatives to help.
With over 19 years of working closely with federal, state and local governments, we can help you make
the best purchasing decisions.

For Autodesk products, call 888.447.2223 or send a message to

For Geospatial products, call 877.385.3581 or send a message to

Executive Spotlight: Shaara Roman of CGI Federal

Shaara Roman leads CGI Federal's Human Resources department and sat down with ExecutiveBiz to talk
about a host of areas including social media, executive recruiters and how CGI Federal finds the top
talent. Click here to read more

Executive Spotlight: Gary Noyes of ATT Government Solutions

Gary Noyes oversees the financial performance of ATT Government Solutions as Chief Financial Officer.
He spoke with ExecutiveBiz on a variety of topics including MTIPS, his background and his take on the
DCAA. Click here to read more

Former Redskin John Riggins Speaks at Potomac Officers Club Event

Hall of Fame runningback and former Washington Redskin John Riggins spoke during the Potomac
Officers Club event yesterday in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Click here to read more
Michael V. Hayden Joins Alion's Board of Directors

Gen. Michael V. Hayden, USAF (Ret.) has been named to Alion Science and Technology's board of
directors. Click here to read more

A Letter from the Editor

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J.D. Kathuria

Editor-in-chief ExecutiveBiz

o: 703-226-7010

ExecutiveBiz, 8230 Old Courthouse Road

Vienna, VA


Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to invite you to participate in Iraq Homeland and Border

Control Conference on March 3-4, 2011 in Washington DC.
Iraq Homeland and Border Control Conference (IHBCC) is the world's

largest and most respected event focused on Iraq's homeland and border

control challenges and opportunities.

One-to-One Meetings with top Iraqi officials and decision makers are

available on first-come, first-served basis.

We encourage you to register now and reserve a slot. Please refer to the

attached documents and fax to 202-280-1239. Should you need further

information or assistance, please contact me at 202.370.6439 or email to

*Register before January 14, 2011 and save up to $300.


Lyka Nazario

Sponsorship Sales Manager




New-Fields Exhibitions

1101 Pennsylvania Avenue I NW Suite 600 I Washington, DC 20004I USA

Dear Colleague,

You are invited to participate in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Defense

& Tactics Conference & Expo to be held on July 29-30, 2010 in Hilton

Washington Dulles Airport Hotel, USA.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Gen. Roger A. Brady


Joint Air Power Competency Center, Ramstein Air Base, Germany

Brig. General Robert Hedelund

Commanding General

Marine Corps Warfighting Lab (WCWL)

Hon. Rear Admiral Jay M. Cohen

Former Chief of Naval Research/Former Under Secretary for Science &

Dr. Gerald Sayer

Senior Advisor

Secretary of the Air Force/Air Force Acquisition

Dr. Joel Hayward


Royal Air Force College, Kings College London

Congressman Henry Cuellar


Subcommittee on Border Maritime and Global Counterterrorism

John Stanton, SES

Executive Director

National Air Security Operations, Customs and Border Protection,

Department of Homeland Security

John S. Canning

Chief Engineer

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Team Lead, Lt. Combat Unmanned Systems Branch

Combat Vehicles Division Automotive Directorate

Glenn Rizzi
Deputy Director

US Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center of Excellence, Fort Rucker,


Colonel Dean Bushey, Ph.D

UAS Commander/Program Manager

US Air Force Academy

Col. Robert J. Sova, US Army

Army UAS Capabilities Manager

US Army Training and Doctrine Command

Colonel Dale Fridley


Air Force RPA Task Force

Lt. Col. David W. Heideman


Multinational Doctrine Branch- Lemay Center for Doctrine Development

and Education

Col. Michael Isherwood, USAF (ret.)

Senior Analyst

Aerospace Strategiest, Analysis Center, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Lt. Col. Guy Armstrong

Program Manager

Noctua and JUSTAS UAV Programs, Canadian Forces

Lt. Col. Darrell Marleau

1 Canadian Air Division A3 UAV

Canadian Air force

Lt. Col. Frank Weisskirchen

Subject Matter Expert in UCAV

Combat Air Branch, NATO Joint Air Power Competence Centre

Lt. Col. Michael "BATMAN" Keaton USAF (ret.)

Senior Manager

Business Development, Raytheon

Larry R. Avens, Ph.D.

Inorganic Chemistry, Group Leader

Special Projects, Global Security Directorate, Oak Ridge National


Dr. Virginia "Suzy" Young


Advanced Science and Technology Directorate Research, Development &

Engineering Center U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Redstone
Arsenal, AL

Mr. Robert Englehart, DAF

Deputy Branch Chief

HQ AETC (Air Education and Training Command) UAS Training Branch, USAF

Alan Hobbs, Ph.D

Senior Research Associate

San Jose State University Research Foundation, NASA Ames Research


Mr. William Fredericks

Aerospace Engineer

NASA Langley Research Center

Derek Wadsworth


Intelligence and Robotics, Idaho National Laboratory

Dr. Leo van Breda

NATO representative for the Netherlands


Ronald Stroup

Chief System Engineer for Air-Ground Integration
Air Traffic Organization (ATO), Federal Aviation Agency

Steven Low

Associate Director

M&S Technology System Simulation and Development Directorate US Army

AMRDEC; RDMR-SSM; Redstone Arsenal, AL

Reginald J. Poissant

Senior Analyst

Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Electronics & Special Development Branch,

Soldier Requirements Division, United States Army Manoeuvre Centre of


Ole Vidar Homleid


UAS Norway

Mr. Neil Planzer

Vice President-Strategy

The Boeing Company, Aviation Infrastructure

Michael Leyton


DIMACS Center for Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

Rutgers University
Fidele Moupfouma Ph.D in Eng. and Doctor of Sciences in Physics

Chief Aircraft Electromagnetic Hazards Protection Engineer

Bombardier Aero. Core Electromagnetic Discipline Champion Strategic


John Walker

JSWalkerGroup/Aviation Solutions

Representing RTCA Special Committee 203 - UAS Standards

Edward Herlik

Managing Partner

Market Intel Group

And more.

Limited seats are available at the conference. We encourage you to

register today. You may call me at 202-536-5000 or send me an e-mail at to receive prompt assistance.

For more information, visit

I look forward to hearing from you.

April Young

Project Coordinator

Phone: 202.536.5000

Fax: 202.280.1239

New-Fields Exhibition


Yobie Benjamin, now CTO at Citigroup, helped create HBGary's business proposal (April 2, 2010) (powerpoint included)

Strategic Partners: McAfee, Guidance Software (Encase), Agilex

>HBGary R&D Funding:

Airforce Research Labs:

Next Genration Software Reverse Engineering Tools (Phase I and II)

Kernel Virtual Machine Host Analyzer (Phases I and II)

Virtual Machine Debugger (Phase I)

Department of Homeland Security (HSARPA):

Botnet Detection and Mitigation (Phases I and II)

H/W Assisted System Security Monitor (Phases I and II)

Subcontractor to AFCO Systems Development

HBGary's full products (as of April 2, 2010)

DoD: 13500 Nodes
Civilian Agencies: 31,000 nodes

Government Contractors & Consulting - 23 customers

Fortune 500 - 23 customers

Foreign Governments - 15

Universities & Law Enforcement - 16 Customers

(See Below for known clients)

DigitalDNA (DDNA): Stand Alone Edition (Standard) and Enterprise Edition (comprehensive w/ active

DDNA detects zero-day threats; reverse engineering tecnology, automated, "detects software

Yobie Benjamin writes in, giving HBGary press, specifically about DigitalDNA (DDNA):

{{Yobie Benjamin Bio (mostly from

Yobie Benjamin is an experienced senior executive with expertise in innovation, technology and new
business models. His last startup was a progressive ecommerce company called which
was acquired by a Kleiner Perkins-funded . Before becoming an entrepreneurial founder and
CEO, Yobie was a management consultant and focused on technology, innovation, risk and information
technology. His consulting career started as Chief Knowledge Officer at Cambridge Technology Partners.
Yobie moved on to become a Partner at Ernst and Young where he held three roles - Chief of Strategy,
Distinguished Fellow, CTO - Security and Technology Services. After E&Y, he joined Computer Sciences
Corporation as Partner and Managing Director of the Business and Technology Risk Management group.
He began his career in technology as an engineer at Lotus Development Corporation. <<Now CTO at
Citigroup, tasked with "Reinventing Money">>
Other highlights: writer, social activist, innovator in the consumer products space, software architect
and engineer, and perpetual geek. Interests include: all things technology and music related and good

Currently Principal of, Advisor at, Trustee - University of California at
Merced. Acting as a Chief Technology Officer to three startups. Governance, structuring and financing
mentor to startups. He is also a proud active volunteer for Amnesty International and Art For Amnesty.


Yobie Benjamin, now given the position of CTO at Citigroup : "it is a better place to endorse hbg. you
can say the global cto of citi is behind the product" -

Not currently known if Yobie is still backing HBGary after the leak. Though the business plan would seem
to indicate he has some knowledge of the inner workings of the product.


Known Clients/Contacts

Aviation Management Associates:

Bank of the West:




DigitalGlobe Social Media/Persona training:

Digital Globe Email asking about EndGames




Farallon Research:

Social Media cost-benefit analysis for Farallon Research:



General Dynamics:

Goldman Sachs:

Government Technology Research Alliance:

House of Representatives/CBO:

(notable people at the House; Paul Vann, Brent Conran)




National Defense University:


Palantir (soysauce):

Paradigm Solutions (State Department Contractor):

OSD (Office of the Scretary of Defense):


State Department:


Aaron Barr speaking engagement with the TSA:

Presentation includes info on: Triad, ZeuS botnets, Poison Ivy implant, Stuxnet analysis damaging
infrastructure presentation:



DDNA on a stick (.exe file)



What follows is my revised pitch on the Digital DNA messaging. The new

sauce is my focus on the human factor as opposed to the malware. This

should really get us some attention.

snip --->

HBGary has developed this system called Digital DNA. Customers can use

Digital DNA to identify cyber-threats within the Enterprise and get

actionable intelligence to mitigate the threat. We examine thousands of

malware per day and decompile all the control and data flow automatically -

literally millions of data points, and reduce it to a codified number

sequence that can be used to trace back to the attackers - the organization

that is operating the attack and the individual developers that built the

malware. Because of this, Digital DNA can detect new emerging malware with

no prior signatures. Think of Digital DNA as the next generation of

How does it work? Digital DNA is a codified sequence of numbers calculated

against the root behaviors and code idioms that are visible once the malware

is actually executing in RAM. It can be used to traceback to developers,

toolkit authors, and the source attacker. This is like a digital fingerprint

that can be used to identify the attacker. While Digital DNA can be managed

like a hash, remember that it's fuzzy and it's based on behaviors - this

means you can identify new emerging threats without having any existing

signatures. This fuzzy behavior is what sets it apart from anti-virus.

Instead of tracking specific malware variants, HBGary is tracking the root

sources of the attack, and calculating Digital DNA that identifies the human

behind the malware. When that human or organization develops new variants,

Digital DNA still detects it. There are upwards of 50,000 new malware

released on the Internet daily. Obviously the developers aren't rewriting

50,000 new malware programs every day. The new malware is rebuilt from

toolkits and components using automated systems. Those root components

don't change, even though the malware's specific signature is different


There are several factors that can be used to track back who is operating a

malware attack.

- Communications

Certain organized groups use predictable or known dropsites for data and

command/control. Use of these dropsites is an indicator of who is operating
an attack. Another contributor to this is the protocol used - certain

protocol features might be specific to an attacker's back end systems.

- Command and Control

The logic of the command/control loop in the malware can be very specific.

Even when a developer makes modifications to an existing malware strain,

they usually won't change this central control portion. It's very much like

a fingerprint.

- Development Environment

Malware and toolkit authors all use of certain compilers, libraries, cut and

paste code, and more - all can be identified. When combined together this

reveals a great deal about the development environment - something very

specific to the computer and the programmer who built the weapons package.

- Computer Network Attack (CNA)

CNA components (i.e., the stuff that attacks windows networks, USB

thumb-drives, etc.) are re-used alot in malware development - think of it as

cut-and-paste code. Much of this is custom code sequences that are specific

to the developer - or perhaps shared amongst a small group of developers.

We can draw inferences about relationships and code-sources from this


- Information Security Threats

The Digital DNA can provide alot of information about keylogging systems,
file exfiltration, keyword searching, and other methods used by the

attacker. This represents a set of capabilities and reveals some of the

attacker's intent - especially when combined with any volatile runtime

behaviors. It can give some damage assessment as well, since it reveals

what information has been stolen from the Enterprise.

- Stealth and Antiforensics

Most malware has some method to remain undetected. Alot of this capability

can be traced back to malware toolkits, such as rootkits, that are privately

traded or sold for money. Regardless, most malware doesn't hide very well

when Digital DNA is calculated. The tricks used by malware to hide on a

system are actually anomolies - things that stand out very clearly when

Digital DNA is calculated. The harder rootkits try to hide, the more

clearly they become visible.

- Installation and Deployment

There are several hundred methods for a malware to survive reboot. There

are established ways to inject code into other processes, or decrypt hidden

payloads to the system. These methods are all obvious to Digital DNA and

when combined with other factors create a complete fingerprint of malicious

activity that can be traced back to individuals or organizations.

Bringing the malware problem back to a human problem is a huge step forward

in threat detection. There are perhaps 100+ top tier developers who are

selling malware into the underground. Think of this as a digital arms
bazaar. From these, there are thousands of middle-men that purchase the

weaponry and use it for nefarious purposes. There are three main groups -

Organized Crime, Foreign Intelligence, and Corporate Actors. They all

operate differently, and have different goals, but all three groups use

largely similar cyber-attack technology. Focusing on the malware itself is

short sighted - the real threat comes from the human factors behind the

malware. The malware is just the tip of the spear, an automaton - the

attacker's intent, and thus the real threat, it represented by the human or

organization that is attacking you. You obviously need to detect their

malware, and Digital DNA can do that, but you also need to understand the

threat - what capabilities they have, how often are they upgrading their

attack technology, are they using bargain basement toolkits or high-grade

rootkits? What are they stealing? Are they well funded? This is real

intelligence, stuff you can use to gauge the threat against your

Enterprise. Traditional IDS and AV can't give you any of this information.

HBGary fills a massive gap in the defense-in-depth strategy. When something

gets into your Enterprise, it means that the attacker's technology is

superior to yours. It means the attacker has bypassed your security systems

and is now on the inside. That is the ground truth intelligence that HBGary

can provide you - a hard fact about who is in your network right now,

stealing from you right now.


Kneber Botnet:


whose tasks include searching through the computer hard drive for

Word, Excel and PDF documents and sending them to a server located in



This underscores my stance that "it doesn't matter who is at the other

end of the keyboard" - when there is direct interaction with the host

the compromise should be classified as APT. Most of stuff attacking

your networking is not in this category - about 80% is external

non-targeted, which most people associate with botnets. These

attacks, once analyzed, will not show any interaction with the host -

they are hard coded to steal credentials and such, and for the most

part haven't done any damage. However, around 2-3% of these

infections reveal interaction with the host - this means a command

shell was launched and commands were typed, extra utilities were

downloaded to the host and used, etc. Now everything is different, I

suggest that in this case you have no choice but to treat this as APT.

It doesn't matter if the hacker at the other end of the keyboard is

Russian or Chinese. If you must adhere to the strictest definition of

APT=CSST (Chinese State Sponsored Threat) you still have to consider

the underground market of information trade and access trade. The

hacker may be Eastern European, but the data can still reach the PRC.
The key differentiator between non-targeted and targeted is

interaction with the host. You can detect interaction primarily

through timeline analysis on the target machine. I should mention

that I have analyzed many different botnet infections and found that

the botnet malware contains capability to interact with the host, even

remote control and shells, but that no evidence of such interaction

was found forensically on the machine - so in this case I wouldn't

consider the attack targeted unless I already knew one of the threat

groups were using it (or, found the same malware elsewhere on the

network in conjunction with said interaction). Finally, if I find a

RAT (Remote Access Tool) then the attack is targeted - RAT's are

designed for one purpose only, direct targeted interaction with the

host. Making the call is important, because external non-targeted

attacks should take your response team no more than 15 minutes/machine

to deal with, while a targeted compromise will consume 4 hours or

more/machine - sometimes days/machine if a great deal of evidence is

uncovered. Managing this time is one of the most important challenges

for an IR team, as cost if everything at the end of the day.


Massive RSA PDF:

Everything Soysauce:


Government CIO Summit:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) - Rick Holgate, CIO

Bureau of Economic Analysis - Alan Lorish, CIO

Bureau of Land Management - Ronnie Levine, CIO

CA National Guard - LT Col Keith Tresh, CIO

Cook County Government Chicago, Illinois - Antonio Allan Hylton, CIO

Cook County, Illinois - Antonio Hylton , CIO

Department of Agriculture - Chris Smith, CIO

Department of Commerce - Suzanne Hilding, CIO

Department of Education - Danny Harris, CIO

Department of Homeland Security - Joe Jarzombek, Director of Software Assurance

Department of Homeland Security/TSA - Margie Graves, Deputy CIO

Department of Housing & Urban Development - Jerry Williams, CIO

Department of Justice - Vance Hitch, CIO

Department of State - Gary Galloway, Deputy Director of the Office of Information Assurance

Department of State - Charles Wisecarver, Deputy CIO for Operations and CTO

Department of the Army - Michael Krieger, Deputy CIO

Department of Transportation (DOT) - Jackie Patillo, Deputy CIO

Department of Transportation (DOT) - Nitin Pradhan, CIO

Deputy CTO for Open Government - Beth Noveck,
Environmental Protection Agency - Myra Galbreath, Acting CTO

Federal Aviation Administration - Dave Bowen, CIO

Federal Housing Finance Agency - Kevin Winkler, CIO

Federal Reserve Board - Maureen Hannan, CIO

Federal Trade Commission - Stan Lowe, CIO

FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) - Sanjay Sardar, Deputy CIO

Florida Board of Governors - Ramon Padilla Jr., CIO | AST Vice Chancellor

General Services Administration (GSA) - Casey Coleman, CIO

Hidalgo County, TX - Renan Ramirez, CIO

Institute of Museum and Library Sciences - Derek Scarborough, CIO

Library of Congress - James Gallagher, Director, Information Technology Services

NASA - Jerry L. Davis, Deputy CIO

NASA - Linda Cureton, CIO

NASA AMES Research Center - Chris Kemp, CIO

NASA Glenn Research Center - Sasi Kumar Pillay, CIO

National Archives and Records Administration - Martha Morphy, CIO

National Institutes of Health (NIH) - Kathryn Wimsatt, Executive Officer for Center for information

National Transportation Safety Board - Bob Scherer, CIO

Office of Government Ethics (OGE) - Ty Cooper, CIO

Small Business Administration - Robert Naylor, CIO

Smithsonian Institution - Ann Speyer, CIO

Social Security Administration - Franklin Baitman, CIO

State of Missouri - Dan Lohrman, State CTO

State of Missouri - Ken Thesis, State CIO

State of New York - Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, CIO
State of Ohio - Sam Orth, CIO

State of Ohio Office of Budget & Management - Kumar Rachuri, CIO

State of Utah - Stephen Fletcher, CIO

U.S. Postal Service - John Edgar, VP IT Solutions

United States Cyber Security Coordinator - Howard Schmidt,

US Department of Energy - Pete Tseronis, Deputy Associate CIO

US Patent and Trademark Office - John B. Owens, CIO

Veterans Affairs - Roger Baker, CIO


18:07 <OpNoPro>those that are idling, start your engines

18:07 <MarioBrosR>Hi the google-cache link in the pad : has expired

18:08 <OpNoPro>That is the original letter that Sen. Leahy sent demanding answers to all questions

18:08 <MarioBrosR>anybody have it elsewhere please ?

18:08 <OpNoPro>hold on Mario

18:08 <OpNoPro>The only way they can be done is with the way back machine which I am giving right

18:08 <OpNoPro>I will help you in one minute

18:08 <OpNoPro>Okay question mark

18:08 <OpNoPro>The link doesn't expire it is been removed

18:08 <OpNoPro>Here is the beginning of the questioning by the Congress relative to operation metal

18:09 <OpNoPro>I shall drop it again

18:09 <MarioBrosR>Can someone reposte on ddl maybe ?

18:09 <OpNoPro>
18:09 <MarioBrosR>ok great thx :)

18:09 <OpNoPro>that is not at Mario

18:09 <OpNoPro>We are talking about two different things

18:09 <OpNoPro>Please hold on

18:09 <OpNoPro>We are in the middle of something

18:10 <OpNoPro>If anybody was here for the discussion before, we said that we would share what we
were doing with the congressional oversight committee

18:10 <OpNoPro>That is what started the entire investigation

18:10 <OpNoPro>Does everybody see it?

18:10 <OpNoPro>That was interested in doing research?

18:10 <Shadow|DXS>is anyone awake?

18:11 <l>just got back, was cookin some food

18:11 <l>what's up?

18:11 <OpNoPro>we are ready to drop the documents

18:11 <OpNoPro>We will share our process

18:11 <OpNoPro>On one of him

18:11 - Anon_927 joined

18:11 <OpNoPro>This is what started all the investigations

18:11 <OpNoPro>Please let me know when you have opened it and looked at it

18:11 <aj00200>Shadow|DXS: yeah, I'm awake

18:11 <OpNoPro>These are the questions that the senator demanded

18:12 <OpNoPro>

18:12 <OpNoPro>Please look at that before Shadowrun I take it further

18:12 <Shadow|DXS>i have the next doc ready OpNo, the the PDF's. That is the one you wanted to give
next right?

18:12 <OpNoPro>Please let me know when you are no longer idling
18:12 <l>reading

18:12 <OpNoPro>Not yet shadow

18:12 <OpNoPro>That is the next one though

18:12 <OpNoPro>I just want them to catch up for five minutes and know that they are ready

18:12 <Shadow|DXS>just wanted to make sure that it was the right link

18:12 <OpNoPro>We be good

18:12 <Shadow|DXS>okat

18:12 <Shadow|DXS>okay*

18:12 <OpNoPro>It is the one I got using the way back machine

18:13 <OpNoPro>I am going to discuss the machine first

18:13 <Shadow|DXS>okay

18:13 <OpNoPro>Thank you

18:13 <Shadow|DXS>i will hold off till your ready

18:13 <OpNoPro>yo da man

18:13 - Nico_Robin joined

18:13 <OpNoPro>\Anybody out there see the questions that Sen. Leahy was asking?

18:13 <OpNoPro>Brilliant questions

18:13 <MarioBrosR>wait a minute are sepr the good or bad guys, because we have one user named sepr
in 2 rooms for like 6 weeks

18:13 <MarioBrosR>?

18:13 <OpNoPro>He did this as the head of the oversight committee

18:13 <OpNoPro>Goodnight

18:13 <OpNoPro>Goodnight

18:14 <OpNoPro>good guy

18:14 <MarioBrosR>the doc ?

18:14 <MarioBrosR>ok great
18:14 <OpNoPro>sepr is building our new forms area

18:14 <Shadow|DXS>we have no bad guys unless your just a canon one shot wonder

18:14 <Shadow|DXS>xD

18:14 - Anon_927 quit (Quit: Page closed)

18:14 <OpNoPro>kill loic

18:14 <MarioBrosR>ok :) Really if anybody has copy to US Air Force document, somewhere on hotfile or
anything :) ? I'd be happy

18:15 <OpNoPro>anyone that is looking at that document, DC the 24 questions are so that the senator
was asking

18:15 <OpNoPro>Mario, you will just hold, I have every document the Air Force ever put out including
declassified, sensitive, everything you can imagine

18:15 <OpNoPro>Please hold

18:15 <OpNoPro>Are we clear on a Sen. Leahy letter?

18:15 <OpNoPro>Just waiting for some feedback

18:16 <aj00200>I'm reading it now. What kind of feedback?

18:16 <OpNoPro>just wanna make sure that several people are reviewing it

18:16 <OpNoPro>The feedback should be that this guy is right on

18:16 <OpNoPro>He is the head of the oversight committee and the one that we are working with

18:16 <OpNoPro>Those questions should seem just like the ones you guys would like to ask

18:16 <aj00200>seems that way so far

18:16 <OpNoPro>Those are the ones that we are joining Congress and asking

18:16 <OpNoPro>They get it

18:17 <OpNoPro>Just give us some feedback like yes continue

18:17 <OpNoPro>And we will continue

18:17 <OpNoPro>It is important that you see the process if we are going to open up

18:17 <OpNoPro>The research process

18:17 <Shadow|DXS>we don't want to feel as if we are wasting our time
18:17 - jclfunk is now known as jclfunkin|away

18:17 <OpNoPro>Or your time

18:19 <CuteLostDragon>yes harder? lol

18:19 - anon316 joined

18:19 <aj00200>Yeah, that letter seems perfect

18:19 <OpNoPro>sound sexy

18:19 <OpNoPro>Okay here is what we did

18:19 - The_Patriot set mode: +o sepr

18:19 <OpNoPro>I was researching the letter

18:19 <OpNoPro>Hello sepr

18:20 <OpNoPro>In reading though the lawsuits, it was obvious that there was correspondence and
some remarks pertaining to that letter

18:20 <OpNoPro>The FBI and the Air Force had responded

18:20 <OpNoPro>But they were nowhere to be found

18:20 <sepr>Hey, am just quick jumping in, will be out again in 5 min.

18:20 <OpNoPro>no problem bigeye

18:20 <OpNoPro>Just filling him in our work

18:20 <OpNoPro>Just filling them in on our work

18:20 - opsony564 joined

18:20 <OpNoPro>When I went back to Sen. Leahy's personal website, the document was gone

18:21 <OpNoPro>The letter was no longer posted their

18:21 <OpNoPro>I went to the way back machine, or people familiar with that here?

18:21 <OpNoPro>Remember we did the research with it three weeks ago

18:21 <OpNoPro>We took all of you enjoyed at that time

18:21 <OpNoPro>Into it at that time

18:21 - aaalonymous quit (Ping timeout)
18:21 <OpNoPro>So when I went into the way back machine, I found the same letter although the
senator had added three links to it

18:21 <OpNoPro>Now it looked like this


18:22 <OpNoPro>look closely

18:22 <OpNoPro>See anything different?

18:22 <OpNoPro>That was sitting in the cache

18:22 <OpNoPro>After we found that using the way back machine watch what happened

18:23 <OpNoPro>responses from the Justice Department that were sealed


18:24 <OpNoPro>responses that were classified by released

18:24 <OpNoPro>The government had admitted to Sen. Leahy that they had abused the architecture

18:24 <OpNoPro>Right here


18:25 <OpNoPro>the response to question 19, the most pertinent one in his initial letter was right here


18:25 <OpNoPro>are you beginning to see the picture?

18:25 <OpNoPro>The answer is yes, the FBI and other agencies had acted inappropriately

18:25 <MarioBrosR>Yeah I'm startin' to see a pattern here ...

18:25 <OpNoPro>They were called out on the mat by the oversight committee

18:25 <OpNoPro>New laws were put into effect

18:25 <OpNoPro>Again Sen. Leahy took them on
18:26 <OpNoPro>That is why we chose to work with him

18:26 <OpNoPro>As I've stated earlier, we uncovered over 450,000 PDF files all relating to the project

18:26 <OpNoPro>The sock puppets are less than one half of one percent of the entire metal gear

18:27 <OpNoPro>We can focus on sock puppets and miss the bigger picture, or we can focus on the
bigger picture and stick our dicks in socks?... your choice

18:27 <OpNoPro>We will take it in either direction

18:27 <MarioBrosR>when are the files released though ?

18:27 <OpNoPro> we have every document from 1997 to yesterday

18:27 <OpNoPro>From every department

18:27 <OpNoPro>From every vendor

18:27 <OpNoPro>Every Association

18:27 <OpNoPro>Every organization

18:27 <OpNoPro>I hope that answers it

18:28 <MarioBrosR>nope

18:28 <OpNoPro>Sorry

18:28 <MarioBrosR>I asked *when*

18:28 <OpNoPro>Please clarify

18:28 <OpNoPro>When are they released?

18:28 <OpNoPro>We went to the date they were written

18:28 <MarioBrosR>when are you putting the dox in a torrent already :) ?

18:28 <OpNoPro>We need help, that is why we are coming to you

18:29 <OpNoPro>Just wanna make sure that everybody is going for the same thing

18:29 <OpNoPro>No problem Mario?

18:29 <MarioBrosR>No kust anxious to read them

18:29 <MarioBrosR>s /kust/just
18:29 <OpNoPro>and we don't want old anybody out

18:29 <OpNoPro>To hold anybody out

18:29 <OpNoPro>Hold anybody up

18:29 <MarioBrosR>that is why p2p was invented :)

18:29 <OpNoPro>yes I do

18:30 <OpNoPro> Mario, until this afternoon, nobody has expressed any interest in delving deeper

18:30 <OpNoPro>Please understand the situation

18:30 <MarioBrosR>I hope this isn't going to turn out like the BOA thingie, announcing only :)

18:30 <OpNoPro>We are ready, it is no problem

18:30 <MarioBrosR>I undertsand the situation

18:30 <l>ok i read most of the stuff, it's all pretty old though

18:30 <MarioBrosR>you have to startseeding

18:30 <l>is this leahy guy still probing these abuses?

18:31 <OpNoPro>And we need to start at the beginning, to understand the present

18:31 <OpNoPro>So we will do that

18:31 - opsony564 quit (Quit: Page closed)

18:31 <OpNoPro>It involves thousands of moving pieces, to which we have macro links available for
micro analysis

18:31 <MarioBrosR>I can always go back to the leaked hbgary emails and find back the sockpuppet dox

18:31 <OpNoPro> Mario, this research is not about sock puppets

18:31 <l>this is much bigger than just the sockpuppets now

18:32 <OpNoPro> sock puppets are a tiny part of the whole thing

18:32 <OpNoPro>I've been saying that this is the largest project you will ever take on your lifetime

18:32 <MarioBrosR>omg this is gonna take foreva : if you leak them to P2P you'll multiply your analysis
power by 100

18:32 <OpNoPro>Then we put it in perspective
18:32 <OpNoPro>All of it will go to P2P

18:32 <OpNoPro>And yes, I am intimately familiar with the architecture

18:32 <MarioBrosR>because you can be magnum PI, nobody can outmatch parrallel analysis by 100 ppl

18:32 <OpNoPro>I appreciate you having such an interest

18:32 <MarioBrosR>imho

18:32 <l>afaik a wiki is being set up for information about this project

18:32 <OpNoPro>Your opinion is fine

18:32 <OpNoPro>We both agree

18:33 <OpNoPro>So, figure out what happens with all this stuff, and who is going to deal with all the
macro links that go into all of the micro material

18:33 <OpNoPro>One link has 40,000 documents alone

18:33 <OpNoPro>It is that kind of thing

18:33 <OpNoPro>Nobody has perused all the documents

18:33 <OpNoPro>We have just explored all of the links

18:34 <MarioBrosR>40000 you explored

18:34 <OpNoPro>And it has taken us weeks to get our heads out of our butts because it was amazing

18:34 <MarioBrosR>quick clicker !

18:34 <OpNoPro>I don't click

18:34 - ununu joined

18:34 <OpNoPro>I use software that Shumate

18:34 <OpNoPro> I use concept analysis software

18:34 <OpNoPro>It rips a website apart without visiting it

18:34 <OpNoPro>I don't go there

18:34 - kane quit (Ping timeout)

18:34 <OpNoPro>I review the results

18:34 <OpNoPro>40 years in the industry and I have a very refined system
18:34 <OpNoPro>So let's go

18:35 <nelmapius>Shumate?

18:35 <MarioBrosR>well I'l settle for any backups of sockpuppet docs for now, because you're "getting
ready" to release "the big picture"

18:35 <MarioBrosR>Damn you're making me scan my archives

18:35 <MarioBrosR>it's gotta be on cryptome

18:36 <OpNoPro>do you want news articles about the sock puppets, software that is used as part of the
soft sock puppets?

18:36 <OpNoPro>I have the cryptome files here

18:36 <MarioBrosR>can you give me the urls or the full document names so i can DL them (again) please

18:37 <OpNoPro> wanted to get on boys with me so I don't have to use my speech recognition will go
much faster

18:37 <OpNoPro>We can fly that way

18:37 <OpNoPro>Voice

18:37 <OpNoPro>Mario are you going to take the lead on getting it up to P 2P?

18:37 - kane joined

18:38 <OpNoPro>Do you need my voice contact?

18:38 <OpNoPro>Let's get going

18:38 <OpNoPro>Ready when you are

18:38 <MarioBrosR>hum no, I'm more like trailing, I'm asking for the docs published over 2 months ago
about Hamilton who won over Themis

18:38 <OpNoPro>Pleased to assist

18:38 <MarioBrosR>And I can't even get that

18:38 <MarioBrosR>But I can ask others wait

18:38 <OpNoPro>Are you asking about the point of the 74,000 e-mails?

18:38 - onion joined

18:39 <OpNoPro> do you want the bit torrent that has all the e-mails?
18:39 <OpNoPro>Is that what you're asking?

18:39 <MarioBrosR>Yes, Yes, for over 40 lines now, I've been asking for the initial Hamilton response to
US Airforce

18:39 - onion_ joined

18:39 <OpNoPro>Relax, I will go get it

18:39 <OpNoPro>Now that I understand what you're asking

18:40 - onion quit (NickServ (GHOST command used by onion_))

18:40 - onion_ is now known as onion

18:41 <MarioBrosR>Well I've asked my friends, waiting to see if anybody replies. Don't have a seedbox

18:42 <OpNoPro>okay, give me an e-mail address and I'll send them all to you right now

18:42 <OpNoPro>There are six different warrants

18:42 <OpNoPro>Torrents

18:42 <OpNoPro>You will have only two minutes

18:42 <OpNoPro>You will have them in two minutes

18:42 <OpNoPro>does that work?

18:43 <OpNoPro>Mario?

18:44 <MarioBrosR>yes

18:44 <OpNoPro>give me an e-mail and I'll send them to you

18:44 <OpNoPro>There are six points

18:44 <OpNoPro>Points

18:44 <OpNoPro>You know what I mean

18:45 <OpNoPro>The directory paths are all showing to my personal drive

18:45 <OpNoPro>you will have them in two minutes

18:45 <MarioBrosR>my email

18:45 <OpNoPro>HBGary_leaked_emails.6156166.TPB
18:45 <OpNoPro>put that in your ISO Hunt

18:45 <OpNoPro>Meanwhile I will send them to you now

18:46 <MarioBrosR>thanks waiting :)

18:46 - mun joined

18:48 - mun quit (Quit: )

18:49 - mun joined


18:49 <OpNoPro>try thattry that for a second

18:50 <OpNoPro> for a 2 try that for a second

18:50 <OpNoPro>nd

18:50 <OpNoPro>a magnet link

18:51 - ununu quit (Ping timeout)

18:51 <OpNoPro>HBGary_leaked_emails.6156166.TPB Put those key words in your search

18:51 <OpNoPro>Trying to speed up

18:52 <MarioBrosR>Ok sorry I was misundertood

18:52 <OpNoPro>I have the links

18:52 <OpNoPro>I'm trying to send you the actual files now

18:52 <OpNoPro>try that link

18:52 <MarioBrosR>I don't want the whole archive which I already DL 2 months ago

18:52 <OpNoPro>Or try that description

18:53 <MarioBrosR>When HBGARY lost the contract, they somehow had the paper to the Hamilton
response in their email exchanges

18:53 <OpNoPro>sorry, minor master files

18:53 <OpNoPro>I don't have just sock puppet files

18:53 <MarioBrosR>So I'm seeking the USAirforce official "call for project" initial paper and the Hamilton
18:53 <OpNoPro>you are talking about the one that had about 75 JPEG

18:54 <MarioBrosR>no it was that or pdf can't remember

18:54 <MarioBrosR>listen you just go on with "the big picture" I'll reopen the 7 Gigs

18:54 <MarioBrosR>thanks anyway

18:54 <OpNoPro>no problem

18:54 <OpNoPro>Are you looking for the one that said 10 workstations 50 units of this etc.

18:55 <OpNoPro>The original bid?

18:55 <OpNoPro>At the government office?

18:55 <OpNoPro>Is that what you want?

18:55 - Garth joined

18:55 <MarioBrosR>yes

18:55 <OpNoPro>let me go to my original links

18:55 <OpNoPro>Thank you

18:59 - bufus quit (Client exited)

18:59 - CHC quit (Ping timeout)

19:00 <MarioBrosR>ok got it

19:01 <OpNoPro>

19:01 <OpNoPro>Mario,

19:02 <OpNoPro>That is the database I gave to greg when he was first researching the project

19:02 <OpNoPro>You will see RT number there

19:02 <OpNoPro>That is the key

19:02 <OpNoPro>You use the RT number and the DUNS number of the vendor

19:02 <OpNoPro>if you want to see more here it is

19:02 <OpNoPro>

19:03 <MarioBrosR>yeah thanks, you worked with Greg ? As in HBGary Greg ?
19:03 <OpNoPro>and this is one of the internal paste bids

19:03 <OpNoPro>

19:03 <OpNoPro>greg haush

19:03 - onion quit (Ping timeout)

19:03 <OpNoPro>taught him the database

19:04 <OpNoPro>we learned it together

19:04 <MarioBrosR>ok :)

19:04 <OpNoPro>there are eight other databases if you need them

19:04 <OpNoPro>Anytime you want to drill down further

19:04 <OpNoPro>Thank you

19:04 <OpNoPro>Sorry for the misunderstanding

19:04 <OpNoPro>glad you got it

19:05 <OpNoPro>Anybody here still working on the Leahy document situation?

19:05 <MarioBrosR>I'm ok for drilling (it's a bit late here) : certainly more fun than spreading fag posters
around in my chatrooms

19:05 <OpNoPro>Excellent

19:06 <OpNoPro>what keywords are you using in your search engines?

19:06 <MarioBrosR>Np, I love this. PM me some parts you want me to research and I'll be on it in 12

19:06 <OpNoPro>to use the way back machine?

19:07 <OpNoPro>Do you use it?

19:07 <MarioBrosR>yes often why ?

19:07 <l>currently working on my sobriety situation =)

19:07 <OpNoPro>Do you use namebase?

19:07 <l>OT, sorry

19:07 <MarioBrosR>no I don't use namebase yet but I just saw the results andit's awesome, it's in my
19:08 <OpNoPro>these are the things we started to share with the group at the beginning the project

19:08 <OpNoPro>Namebase has eight parts to it

19:08 <OpNoPro>The strongest one is not the proximity search

19:08 <OpNoPro>The two best ones they are all our

19:08 <OpNoPro>And you wonder how we extract all the data from the block

19:09 <MarioBrosR>not really I'd think you use an email as vertex

19:10 <OpNoPro>Ora URL or a PDF file

19:10 <OpNoPro>Go to the books area and drop a title

19:10 <OpNoPro>It will namebase every name in error and print it out or save to a file all of the
documents that used to gather it

19:10 <OpNoPro>The other one is go to the URL drop and put in a website URL

19:10 <OpNoPro>It will extract all of the documentation of the URL

19:10 <OpNoPro>Proximity searching is only one aspect of namebase

19:10 <OpNoPro>the others will blow your mind

19:10 <OpNoPro>sorry you weren't here at the beginning

19:10 <OpNoPro>?

19:11 <OpNoPro>Why don't I send you a bunch of URLs to that Web address

19:11 <OpNoPro>What you'll enjoy is the bit torrent for the Copernic search tool and summarizer tool

19:11 <OpNoPro>Did you get those two tools

19:11 <OpNoPro>That is how you do 1000 things at once

19:11 <OpNoPro>Where 50,000 things

19:11 <OpNoPro>Do you have those Mario

19:12 <OpNoPro>Use your bit torrent to find those two tools

19:12 <MarioBrosR>No I'm here since november 2010

19:12 <OpNoPro>I can help you set it up for fiber if you have it

19:12 <OpNoPro>I'm talking about this project
19:12 <MarioBrosR>before Anon , on sunshinepress

19:12 <MarioBrosR>no I've missed opMetalGear much to my dismay

19:12 <OpNoPro>No problem

19:13 <OpNoPro>Let me lead you to the key tools

19:13 <OpNoPro>copernic agent professional

19:13 <OpNoPro>copernic summarizer professional

19:13 <OpNoPro>Put those in your torrent

19:13 <MarioBrosR>Ok I've given your pseudo to my friends about P2P posting, they should contact you
in private I suppose

19:14 <OpNoPro>I will help you set them up for fiber downloads

19:14 <OpNoPro>I don't know what speed you are at

19:14 <OpNoPro>It takes us about 10 minutes to put the software on steroids... I was the agent for the

19:14 <OpNoPro>People have been using those

19:14 <OpNoPro>It was written by the Netscape France team who I represent

19:14 <OpNoPro>Amazing search tools, not engines

19:15 <OpNoPro>I will be more than happy to help you for 10 minutes to get it on steroids

19:15 <OpNoPro>If you would like

19:15 <MarioBrosR>Ok OpNoPro I have to go sleep

19:15 <OpNoPro>The torrent link and all of the other search locations were on previous pad

19:15 <OpNoPro>Goodnight

19:15 <OpNoPro>Thank you

19:15 <MarioBrosR>Same here thx \o

19:16 <OpNoPro>I will be back
00:01 <OpNoPro>we have shared this before... but we love it.... enjoyed

00:01 <OpNoPro>

00:01 <onion>hola

00:01 <OpNoPro>a great shocker from our history files

00:01 <onion>checking it out now

00:02 <OpNoPro>I'm just going to fix my speech and I will be right with you

00:02 <OpNoPro>Take it down 100 feet

00:02 <OpNoPro>Set it to satellite

00:02 <OpNoPro>However right above the red which represents the cell signal

00:02 <OpNoPro>Hover

00:02 <OpNoPro>9600 data points

00:02 <OpNoPro>Six months of the guys wife

00:02 <OpNoPro> the guys life

00:02 <OpNoPro>Hit the play button

00:02 <OpNoPro>Each column on the grid below is one day

00:02 <OpNoPro>Blow your mind

00:03 <OpNoPro>I will be right back

00:03 <MobileMutiny>holy shit..

00:03 <MobileMutiny>brilliant

00:05 - onion quit (Quit: )

00:06 <OpNoPro>Testing speech recognition

00:06 <OpNoPro>Okay, profiles are heated up

00:06 <OpNoPro>Ready

00:06 <OpNoPro>That is an amazing thing

00:06 <OpNoPro>Quite frankly one of my favorites
00:07 <OpNoPro>In operation no profile which has been occurring for years and will be starting with this
group shortly, we will be sharing approximately 200 tools that are being used by all the major social
networks, the phone companies, the CIA and the FBI as well as homeland security

00:07 <OpNoPro>It is not to create a state of paranoia however it is to share capabilities so that
everybody can understand exactly what can be done in Orting ass

00:07 <OpNoPro>And already has

00:08 <OpNoPro>The first two weeks of that op will be a fast track of the most amazing research and
tools which we are familiar with as well as

00:08 <MobileMutiny>Nice ^^

00:08 <OpNoPro>All of the contracts with the government and each of the social networks

00:08 <OpNoPro>An analysis of all changes in the terms of service to meet the government legislation

00:09 <OpNoPro>An updated analysis of all capabilities which are paid for by the government and
currently being used by the nine top social networks

00:09 <OpNoPro>The initial part of the operation will be to share with you all of the information and
then all of the tools which were created for proof of concept

00:09 <OpNoPro>We will also be sharing all tools that are public

00:09 <OpNoPro>Analysis will then be forthcoming as to the legalities of the operations

00:10 <OpNoPro>We will then be discussing as a group how to create invalid and corrupted profiles

00:10 <OpNoPro>The exploration of validity and the science of misinformation will be deeply part of the

00:10 <OpNoPro>Operation no profile

00:10 <OpNoPro>We hope that you we see you there

00:11 <MobileMutiny>You're brilliant mate

00:12 <OpNoPro>I have been called crazy

00:12 <OpNoPro>But thank you

00:13 <MobileMutiny>Crazy makes the best kind of genius.

00:14 <MobileMutiny>Crazy is a word people use when they don't understand the sheer brilliance of
what's being said.

00:16 - onion_ joined
00:17 - onion__ joined

00:17 - OpNoPro quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

00:18 - OpNoPro joined

00:18 - The_Patriot set mode: +o OpNoPro

00:19 <OpNoPro>okay... that was fun

00:19 <OpNoPro>don't say anything positive again

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Powerful "Flame" (computer virus) cyber weapon found in Iran

"By Jim Finkle

BOSTON | Mon May 28, 2012 6:17pm EDT

(Reuters) - Security experts said on Monday a highly sophisticated computer virus is infecting computers
in Iran and other Middle East countries and may have been deployed at least five years ago to engage in
state-sponsored cyber espionage.

Evidence suggest that the virus, dubbed Flame, may have been built on behalf of the same nation or
nations that commissioned the Stuxnet worm that attacked Iran's nuclear program in 2010, according to
Kaspersky Lab, the Russian cyber security software maker that took credit for discovering the infections.

Kaspersky researchers said they have yet to determine whether Flame had a specific mission like
Stuxnet, and declined to say who they think built it.

Iran has accused the United States and Israel of deploying Stuxnet.

Cyber security experts said the discovery publicly demonstrates what experts privy to classified
information have long known: that nations have been using pieces of malicious computer code as
weapons to promote their security interests for several years.

"This is one of many, many campaigns that happen all the time and never make it into the public
domain," said Alexander Klimburg, a cyber security expert at the Austrian Institute for International
A cyber security agency in Iran said on its English website that Flame bore a "close relation" to Stuxnet,
the notorious computer worm that attacked that country's nuclear program in 2010 and is the first
publicly known example of a cyber weapon.

Iran's National Computer Emergency Response Team also said Flame might be linked to recent cyber
attacks that officials in Tehran have said were responsible for massive data losses on some Iranian
computer systems.

Kaspersky Lab said it discovered Flame after a U.N. telecommunications agency asked it to analyze data
on malicious software across the Middle East in search of the data-wiping virus reported by Iran.


Experts at Kaspersky Lab and Hungary's Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security who have
spent weeks studying Flame said they have yet to find any evidence that it can attack infrastructure,
delete data or inflict other physical damage.

Yet they said they are in the early stages of their investigations and that they may discover other
purposes beyond data theft. It took researchers months to determine the key mysteries behind Stuxnet,
including the purpose of modules used to attack a uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, Iran.

If Kaspersky's findings are validated, Flame could go down in history as the third major cyber weapon
uncovered after Stuxnet and its data-stealing cousin Duqu, named after the Star Wars villain.

The Moscow-based company is controlled by Russian malware researcher Eugene Kaspersky. It gained
notoriety after solving several mysteries surrounding Stuxnet and Duqu.

Officials with Symantec Corp and Intel Corp McAfee security division, the top 2 makers of anti-virus
software, said they were studying Flame.
"It seems to be more complex than Duqu but it's too early to tell its place in history," said Dave Marcus,
director of advanced research and threat intelligence with McAfee.

Symantec Security Response manager Vikram Thakur said that his company's experts believed there was
a "high" probability that Flame was among the most complex pieces of malicious software ever

At least one rival of Kaspersky expressed skepticism.

Privately held Webroot said its automatic virus-scanning engines detected Flame in December 2007, but
that it did not pay much attention because the code was not particularly menacing.

That is partly because it was easy to discover and remove, said Webroot Vice President Joe Jaroch.
"There are many more dangerous threats out there today," he said.


Kaspersky's research shows the largest number of infected machines are in Iran, followed by Israel and
the Palestinian territories, then Sudan and Syria.

The virus contains about 20 times as much code as Stuxnet, which caused centrifuges to fail at the
Iranian enrichment facility it attacked. It has about 100 times as much code as a typical virus designed to
steal financial information, said Kaspersky Lab senior researcher Roel Schouwenberg.

Flame can gather data files, remotely change settings on computers, turn on PC microphones to record
conversations, take screen shots and log instant messaging chats.

Kaspersky Lab said Flame and Stuxnet appear to infect machines by exploiting the same flaw in the
Windows operating system and that both viruses employ a similar way of spreading.
That means the teams that built Stuxnet and Duqu might have had access to the same technology as the
team that built Flame, Schouwenberg said.

He said that a nation state would have the capability to build such a sophisticated tool, but declined to
comment on which countries might do so.

The question of who built flame is sure to become a hot topic in the security community as well as the
diplomatic world.

There is some controversy over who was behind Stuxnet and Duqu. Some experts suspect the United
States and Israel, a view that was laid out in a January 2011 New York Times report that said it came
from a joint program begun around 2004 to undermine what they say are Iran's efforts to build a bomb.

The U.S. Defense Department, CIA, State Department, National Security Agency, and U.S. Cyber
Command declined to comment.

Hungarian researcher Boldizsar Bencsath, whose Laboratory of Cryptography and Systems Security first
discovered Duqu, said his analysis shows that Flame may have been active for at least five years and
perhaps eight years or more.

That implies it was active long before Stuxnet.

"It's huge and overly complex, which makes me think it's a first-generation data gathering tool," said
Neil Fisher, vice president for global security solutions at Unisys Corp. "We are going to find more of
these things over time."

Others said cyber weapons technology has inevitably advanced since Flame was built.
"The scary thing for me is: if this is what they were capable of five years ago, I can only think what they
are developing now," Mohan Koo, managing director of British-based Dtex Systems cyber security

Some experts speculated that the discovery of the virus may have dealt a psychological blow to its
victims, on top of whatever damage Flame may have already inflicted to their computers.

"If a government initiated the attack it might not care that the attack was discovered," said Klimburg of
the Austrian Institute for International Affairs. "The psychological effect of the penetration could be
nearly as profitable as the intelligence gathered."

(Additional reporting by Jim Wolf in Washington, Daniel Fineran in Dubai and William Maclean in
London; editing by Edward Tobin, Ron Popeski and Mohammad Zargham)"


Identification of a New Targeted Cyber-Attack

"Having conducted multiple investigations during the last few months, the Maher center, the Iranian
CERTCC, following the continuous research on the targeted attacks of Stuxnet and Duqu since 2010,
announces the latest detection of this attack for the very first time.

The attack, codenamed "Flame" is launched by a new malware. The name “Flame” comes from one of
the attack modules, located at various places in the decrypted malware code. In fact this malware is a
platform which is capable of receiving and installing various modules for different goals. At the time of
writing, none of the 43 tested antiviruses could detect any of the malicious components. Nevertheless, a
detector was created by Maher center and delivered to selected organizations and companies in first
days of May. And now a removal tool is ready to be delivered.

Some features of the malware are as follows:

·    Distribution via removable medias
·    Distribution through local networks

·    Network sniffing, detecting network resources and collecting lists of vulnerable passwords

·    Scanning the disk of infected system looking for specific extensions and contents

·    Creating series of user’s screen captures when some specific processes or windows are active

·    Using the infected system’s attached microphone to record the environment sounds

·    Transferring saved data to control servers

·    Using more than 10 domains as C&C servers

·    Establishment of secure connection with C&C servers through SSH and HTTPS protocols

·    Bypassing tens of known antiviruses, anti malware and other security software

·    Capable of infecting Windows Xp, Vista and 7 operating systems

·    Infecting large scale local networks

According to file naming conventions, propagation methods, complexity level, precise targeting and
superb functionality, it seems that there is a close relation to the Stuxnet and Duqu targeted attacks.

The research on these samples implies that the recent incidents of mass data loss in Iran could be the
outcome of some installed module of this threat.

A list of the major infection components of this malware is presented below; these samples would be
available for security software vendors.

                         Table1: Infection Components


Name & Path

Registry key existence

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\Authentication Packages -> mssecmgr.ocx

Malware binaries








September 24, 2010



A computer worm proliferating in Iran targets automated activity in large

industrial facilities. Speculation that the worm represents an effort by a

national intelligence agency to attack Iranian nuclear facilities is

widespread in the media. The characteristics of the complex worm do in

fact suggest a national intelligence agency was involved. If so, the full

story is likely to remain shrouded in mystery.

A computer virus known as a worm that has been spreading on computers

primarily in Iran, India and Indonesia could be a cyberattack on Iranian

nuclear facilities, according to widespread media speculation.

Creating such a program, which targets a specific Siemens software system

controlling automated activity in large industrial facilities, would have

required a large team with experience and actionable intelligence. If a

national intelligence agency in fact targeted Iranian nuclear facilities,

this would be the first deployment of a cyberweapon reported on in the

media. It would also mean that the full details of the operation are not

likely ever to be known.

The so-called Stuxnet worm first attracted significant attention when

Microsoft announced concerns over the situation in a Sept. 13 security

bulletin, though various experts in the information technology community

had been analyzing it for at least a few months. The worm is very

advanced, required specific intelligence on its target, exploits multiple

system vulnerabilities and uses two stolen security certificates,

suggesting a typical hacker did not create it.

On a technical level, Stuxnet uses four different vulnerabilities to gain

access to Windows systems and USB flash drives, identified independently

by antivirus software makers Symantec and Kaspersky Lab. Discovering and

exploiting all four vulnerabilities, which in this case are errors in code

that allow access to the system or program for unintended purposes, would
have required a major effort. Three of them were "zero-day"

vulnerabilities, meaning they were unknown before now. A Polish security

publication, Hakin9, had discovered the fourth, but Microsoft had failed

to fix it. Typically, hackers who discover zero-day vulnerabilities

exploit them immediately to avoid pre-emption by software companies, which

fix them as soon as they learn of them. In another advanced technique, the

worm uses two stolen security certificates from Realtek Semiconductor

Corp. to access parts of the Windows operating system.

Stuxnet seems to target a specific Siemens software system, the Simatic

WinCC SCADA, operating a unique hardware configuration, according to

industrial systems security expert Ralph Langner and Symantec, which both

dissected the worm. SCADA stands for "supervisory control and data

acquisition systems," which oversee a number of programmable logic

controllers (PLCs), which are used to control individual industrial

processes. Stuxnet thus targets individual computers that carry out

automated activity in large industrial facilities, but only will activate

when it finds the right one. Siemens reported that 14 facilities using its

software had already been infected, but nothing had happened. When Stuxnet

finds the right configuration of industrial processes run by this

software, it supposedly will execute certain files that would disrupt or

destroy the system and its equipment. Unlike most sophisticated worms or

viruses created by criminal or hacker groups, this worm thus does not

involve winning wealth or fame for the creator, but rather aims to disrupt

one particular facility, shutting down vital systems that run continuously
for a few seconds at a time.

VirusBlokAda, a Minsk-based company, announced the discovery of Stuxnet

June 17, 2010, on customers' computers in Iran. Data from Symantec

indicates that most of the targeted and infected computers are in Iran,

Indonesia and India. Nearly 60 percent of the infected computers were in

Iran. Later research found that at least one version of Stuxnet had been

around since June 2009. The proliferation of the worm in Iran indicates

that country was the target, but where it started and how it has spread to

different countries remains unclear.

Few countries have the kind of technology and industrial base and security

agencies geared toward computer security and operations required to devise

such a worm, which displays a creativity that few intelligence agencies

have demonstrated. This list includes, in no particular order, the United

States, India, the United Kingdom, Israel, Russia, Germany, France, China

and South Korea.

Media speculation has focused on the United States and Israel, both of

which are seeking to disrupt the Iranian nuclear program. Though a

conventional war against Iran would be difficult, clandestine attempts at

disruption can function as temporarily solutions. Evidence exists of other

sabotage attempts in the covert war between the United States and Israel

on one side and Iran on the other over Iranian efforts to build a

deliverable nuclear weapon.
U.S. President Barack Obama has launched a major diplomatic initiative to

involve other countries in stopping Iran's nuclear activities, so another

country might have decided to contribute this creative solution. Whoever

developed the worm had very specific intelligence on their target.

Targeting a classified Iranian industrial facility would require reliable

intelligence assets, likely of a human nature, able to provide the

specific parameters for the target. A number of defectors could have

provided this information, as could have the plants' designers or

operators. Assuming Siemens systems were actually used, the plans or data

needed could have been in Germany, or elsewhere.

Evidence pinpointing who created the worm is not likely to emerge. All

that is known for certain is that it targets a particular industrial

system using Siemens' programming. Whether the worm has found its target

also remains unclear. It may have done so months ago, meaning now we are

just seeing the remnants spread. Assuming the target was a secret facility

-- which would make this the first cyberweapon reported in the media --

the attack might well never be publicized. The Iranians have yet to

comment on the worm. They may still be investigating to see where it has

spread, working to prevent further damage and trying to identify the

culprit. If a government did launch the worm, like any good intelligence

operation, no one is likely to take credit for the attack. But no matter

who was responsible for the worm, Stuxnet is a display of serious

innovation by its designer.
Copyright 2010 STRATFOR.


January 17, 2011



The New York Times published an article Jan. 15 detailing cooperation

between the United States and Israel in developing the Stuxnet worm. The

report details some elements of unprecedented and extensive operational

cooperation among U.S. and Israeli intelligence services to develop and

release the cyberweapon.


The New York Times published an article Jan. 15 detailing the cooperation

between the United States and Israel in developing the Stuxnet worm.

Speculation has been rife about who created the cyberweapon, and if the

Times' sources are accurate, the list of possibilities has been narrowed

down to a clandestine alliance against the Iranian nuclear program.

Creating Stuxnet involved three major components, which STRATFOR noted

would require major state resources: technical intelligence on the
technology used in Iran's nuclear facilities; programming and testing

capabilities; and human access to the facilities. The report only details

some of the first and second components, describing cooperation among

multiple agencies in the U.S. and Israel. Intelligence services --

particularly British and U.S. intelligence -- have cooperated in the past,

but not at the level that led to Stuxnet's creation.

According to the article in The New York Times, Stuxnet's development goes

back to at least 2008 when German-owned Siemens cooperated with the Idaho

National Laboratory -- a U.S. government lab responsible for nuclear

reactor testing -- to examine the vulnerabilities of computer controllers

that Siemens sells to operate industrial machinery worldwide. Most likely,

the U.S. Department of Energy and Siemens saw it as part of the post-9/11

security procedures for protecting U.S. infrastructure. In July 2008, the

Department of Homeland Security-sponsored project presented its findings

at a public conference in Chicago. While it is possible that those writing

or requesting the report knew this information would be used to attack an

industrial facility run by Siemens' Process Control System 7 (the subject

of the study and system used in Iran's centrifuge facilities), they likely

knew nothing of the United States' and Israel's secret plans.

The CIA had been developing a method to damage Iran's centrifuges since at

least 2004. The Iranians were attempting to operate a domestic copy of

what is known as the P-1 centrifuge -- Pakistan's first-generation

centrifuge, the plans for which were distributed by the A.Q. Khan network.
U.S. and British scientists failed to get the P-1 centrifuge operating

properly. The Israelis were able to operate P-1 centrifuges for testing

purposes at the Dimona nuclear facility (famous for creating Israel's

first nuclear weapon). The New York Times' sources indicate that the

Israelis had a great deal of difficulty running the P-1s. However, they

were able to test Stuxnet in a controlled environment.

Assuming the New York Times' confidential sources are accurate -- the

information in the article does seem to come from a number of U.S. and

Israeli officials -- details are now available on two parts of Stuxnet's

development. The Idaho research would give Stuxnet developers some

targeting characteristics, though it still does not explain how Stuxnet

was able to target Iran's facilities specifically. The testing at Dimona

would also verify that such a program would work and, while spreading to

thousands of computers worldwide, would only damage its very specific


Since news of Stuxnet first became public, various sources have confirmed

its success. Multiple Iranian officials, including President Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad, have admitted it caused some damage to Iran's nuclear

facilities. Reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency describe

major disruptions in Iranian centrifuge operations. In another report, the

Institute for Science and International Security found that 984

centrifuges were taken out of the Natanz enrichment facility in 2009. This

is the exact number of centrifuges linked together that Stuxnet was
targeting, according to Langner, a network security company that first

analyzed Stuxnet.

The New York Times report leaves questions about how intelligence was

gathered in order to target that specific number of centrifuges. It also

does not detail how the worm gained access to the Natanz facility. While

the worm was designed to spread on its own, the United States or Israel

most likely had agents with access to Natanz or access to the computers of

scientists who might unknowingly spread the worm on flash drives. This

would guarantee its infiltration into the Iranian systems and, hopefully

for the developers, its success. In all probability, an operational asset

with access to the Iranian facilities was used to help introduce the

Stuxnet worm into the Iranian computer systems. Many secrets remain about

how the United States and Israel orchestrated this attack, the first

targeted weapon spread on computer networks in history.

What it does show is unprecedented cooperation among U.S. and Israeli

intelligence and nuclear agencies to wage clandestine sabotage operations

against Iran. Rumors of an agreement between the countries have been

swirling since Washington denied permission for a conventional Israeli

attack in 2008. On Dec. 30, 2010, French newspaper Le Canard Enchaine

reported that U.S. and British intelligence services agreed to cooperate

with Mossad in a clandestine program if the Israelis promised not to

launch a military strike on Iran.
The New York Times report, assuming its sources are accurate, verifies

that this kind of cooperation is ongoing. STRATFOR originally listed nine

countries that could have developed Stuxnet and suggested that cooperation

between Washington and other countries might have been behind the worm's

creation. Stuxnet was a major undertaking that it appears one country

could not develop on its own. While international intelligence cooperation

is common -- especially Mossad's development of liaison networks -- most

of this is limited to passing information. Stuxnet could be the first

publicly recorded incident of such extensive operational cooperation

between two or three countries. Usually, individual countries protect

their weapons development and intelligence operations -- of which Stuxnet

is a cyber version -- very carefully. But it appears this weapon was not

something the United States could develop, and perhaps implement, on its

own. While cooperation occurs for major weapons development, such as U.S.

and British cooperation on nuclear weapons, it is rare to cooperate in

intelligence collection, weapons development and covert operations all at


Stuxnet does not address the issue of Iran's emergence as the major power

in the Middle East, though it has without a doubt caused a major delay for

its nuclear program. Iran announced the same day as the New York Times

report that it plans to produce centrifuges domestically -- possibly

because of the Stuxnet worm or because of the unreliability of the P-1

centrifuge. Domestically produced centrifuges will present new challenges

for Iran and could be the reason for the longer timelines U.S. and Israeli
intelligence officials have given for the production of an Iranian nuclear

weapon. While intelligence officers can claim a tactical success in

Stuxnet, intelligence cooperation still faces the challenges of Iran's

conventional military capability; its proxies in Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza;

and ability to attempt to close the Strait of Hormuz -- the true sources

of its regional rise.

Copyright 2011 STRATFOR.

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Jun 20 20:20:04 <h4rp00n>      jester - for you

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Jun 20 20:37:35 <chifmevious>!/th3j35t3r/status/82970192979820546

Jun 20 20:37:38 <chifmevious>         compromised ^

Jun 20 20:37:43 <muddz>       if he was compelty compramised then why didnt they auth with his nick on

Jun 20 20:37:52 <Journalist>     th3j35t3r Tickety Tock Tock


Jun 20 20:38:02 <FTDubbs>       muddz: Not completely, just the Twitter account.

Jun 20 21:56:58 *   th3j35t3r (~th3j35t3r@ has joined #jester

Jun 20 21:57:05 <magikh0e>       tx

Jun 20 21:57:07 <th3j35t3r>      holy shit

Jun 20 21:57:19 <chatterbox>         yeah

Jun 20 21:57:21 <chatterbox>         he's not hacked

Jun 20 21:57:25 <chatterbox>         th3j35t3r you got it close enough

Jun 20 21:57:29 <th3j35t3r>      I not hacked bro

Jun 20 21:57:32 <chatterbox>         th3j35t3r - cock streaming shween biscuit

Jun 20 21:57:34 <chatterbox>         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Jun 20 21:57:35 <magikh0e>       hi th3j35t3r

Jun 20 21:57:36 <chatterbox>         THAT!!

Jun 20 21:57:38 <th3j35t3r>      thats it

Jun 20 21:57:38 <frag_grenade>          then auth in

Jun 20 21:57:45 <DrPizza>      lol

Jun 20 21:57:55 <CryptKper>          Then you wont mind auth'ing with me then, right?

Jun 20 21:58:07 *   Mr_NeonClear is now known as Kalypto
Jun 20 21:58:11 <bluesoul120>      J

Jun 20 21:58:13 <Kalypto>     Hey th3j35t3r

Jun 20 21:58:15 <bluesoul120>      can you auth

Jun 20 21:58:17 <dresden>      It's not him.

Jun 20 21:58:29 <dresden>      Nickserv status 1.

Jun 20 21:58:32 <bluesoul120>      yup

Jun 20 21:58:34 <bluesoul120>      I know this

Jun 20 21:58:43 <chatterbox>     th3j35t3r fucking auth bro

Jun 20 22:00:08 *   frag_grenade eats Ritz crackers and waits

Jun 20 22:00:17 *   CryptKper gives channel operator status to th3j35t3r

Jun 20 22:00:23 <CryptKper>      welcome back, bro.

Jun 20 22:00:27 <cephurs>     good to see you th3j35t3r

Jun 20 22:00:31 <CryptKper>      ID confirmed.

Jun 20 22:00:36 <Sonar_Guy>       Nice to see you th3j35t3r

Jun 20 22:00:52 <Sonar_Gal>      hello th3j35t3r

Jun 20 22:00:58 <bluesoul120>      J!

Jun 20 22:00:59 <bluesoul120>      :)

Jun 20 22:01:05 <chatterbox>     th3j35t3r =D

Jun 20 22:01:06 <dresden>      Long time no see, th3j35t3r.

Jun 20 22:01:10 <Sonar_Guy>       sorry about what was done in #fuckit, but we/I had to make certain

Jun 20 22:01:31 <chatterbox>     Holy shit

Jun 20 22:01:35 -bluesoul120/#jester-      bluesoul120 is inviting mach to #jester.

Jun 20 22:01:36 *   mach (~mach@ has joined #jester
Jun 28 16:21:31 *   j35t3r ( has joined #jester

Jun 28 16:21:34 <Komodo>       truth is we will be having these same discussions 5 years from now.

Jun 28 16:21:55 <T71>      Most likely.

Jun 28 16:21:57 <Komodo>       technology hurls forward, while security may get more money it will
always trail.

Jun 28 16:22:01 <bluesoul120>        j35t3r, fuck off.

Jun 28 16:22:02 <FTDubbs>       Hi, j35t3r.

Jun 28 16:22:10 <Komodo>       boooot him

Jun 28 16:22:13 <Komodo>       boot him

Jun 28 16:22:16 <Denial>     evening all.

Jun 28 16:22:18 <j35t3r>     <<< tis me, but my pass isnt authing am in contact with rodent (well trying to
raise him)

Jun 28 16:22:19 <bluesoul120>        Either auth or leave.

Jun 28 16:22:21 <schwizz>      the nature of the beast

Jun 28 16:22:30 <j35t3r>     hold fire plz.

Jun 28 16:22:43 <bluesoul120>        heh auth on twitter then.

Jun 28 16:22:45 <happydave> Somebody did some article (LA Times maybe?) on how cloud is now all
of a sudden insecure b/c of lulzsec... I tried to reply but didn't feel like registering

Jun 28 16:23:01 <schwizz> thats why a job in security is stressful, the ones who do actually pay for it
you need you to be top of your game

Jun 28 16:23:09 <bluesoul120>        j35t3r, auth on twitter

Jun 28 16:23:21 <Komodo>       brb

Jun 28 16:23:25 <godbert>      boot

Jun 28 16:23:27 <j35t3r>     am in PM with rodent gimme 5 mins

Jun 28 16:23:39 <bluesoul120>        Auth on twitter or leave j35t3r

Jun 28 16:23:47 <j35t3r>     but if ya boot me I will say this - good skillz guys -

Jun 28 16:23:52 <bluesoul120>        that "talking to rodent" shit ain't gonna fly
Jun 28 16:24:14 <redlegion>    O_O

Jun 28 16:24:19 <j35t3r>    okay I got him in PM so will be back - again thanks - I actually mean that.

Jun 28 16:24:23 *    j35t3r ( has left #jester

Logs from #fuckit:

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Mon Jun 20 19:02:17 2011

Jun 20 19:02:17 *    Now talking on #fuckit

Jun 20 19:02:41 <\x00>     knock knock knocking on heavens dooooor

Jun 20 19:02:41 <AnonymousDown>         and hello jester ... problems?

Jun 20 19:02:45 <LinneT>     Jester you should hack tibia someday:D when ur available

Jun 20 19:02:54 *    baconisking ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:03:01 *    revolution488 has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Jun 20 19:03:01 *    tron_ (~tron@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:03:02 <AdobeDreamweave>         And if I can't break you, let me introduce my friend, Fireworks

Jun 20 19:03:04 *    cesaroff (t7DS@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:03:07 *    wackyRaces ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:03:09 *    revolution488 ( has joined

Jun 20 19:03:10 *    sam is now known as avirunes

Jun 20 19:03:13 <F_Agent_MsKitty>      Does anyone know how to get onto ?

Jun 20 19:03:15 *    cesaroff is now known as asdasdasd

Jun 20 19:03:16 <F_Agent_MsKitty>      it's always down

Jun 20 19:03:19 *    asdasdasd has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

Jun 20 19:03:20 <Blank>    Pretty sure Jester doesn't take random requests to hack vague targets.
Jun 20 19:03:21 <F_Agent_MsKitty>       Jester you DDOSing it? :p

Jun 20 19:03:21 <huho>     they moved

Jun 20 19:03:25 *   asdasdasd (t7DS@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:03:28 <\x00>    not a big surprise lol

Jun 20 19:03:29 *   temp ( has
joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:03:30 <Zou>     Fireworks ... a PhotoShop wanna

Jun 20 19:03:31 <huho>     to anonirc or something like that ?

Jun 20 19:03:31 <F_Agent_MsKitty>       oh to where huho ?

Jun 20 19:03:34 *   mrdahl ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:03:47 <baconisking>    Attrition must have got to them

Jun 20 19:03:49 <recon>    pretty sure also they also host it from one of their locations as such it's on

Jun 20 19:03:50 *   thetounge has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Jun 20 19:03:51 <huho>     they moved on anonymous irc server

Jun 20 19:03:52 *   cifer ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:03:53 *   dolosus (dolosus@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:03:54 <watwatwat> How much does anyone want to bet that antisec just turns out to be
DDoSing the PR sites for government agencies?

Jun 20 19:03:56 <recon>    or they just don't have it running all the time

Jun 20 19:03:58 *   Chriscras ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:04:06 *   Xc3 (~Xc3@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:04:08 <cifer>   heys whos a stupid nigger! its jester!

Jun 20 19:04:11 *   sors ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:04:11 *   vertical_dreams ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:04:19 <cifer>   my names lu

Jun 20 19:04:21 <recon>    >.>
Jun 20 19:04:22 <cifer>    nice to meat you

Jun 20 19:04:27 <Chris>     hello lu

Jun 20 19:04:28 <baconisking>           What has antisec actually accomplished today?

Jun 20 19:04:29 <Chris>     my name is Tom

Jun 20 19:04:36 <Chriscras>       Is this a press conference about Doxing Lulzsec?

Jun 20 19:04:37 <AEL>      good question...

Jun 20 19:04:37 <huho>      ha, if all jester's opponent are racist, i'm glad i'm supporting him :)

Jun 20 19:04:38 <Usuario>        nothing

Jun 20 19:04:48 *   dots ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:04:59 <AEL>      there was some pictures up of what looked to be a 14 yro earlier

Jun 20 19:05:03 <watwatwat>             Lulzsec pretty much doxed themselves though. They should get credit

Jun 20 19:05:04 *   goonies ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:05:09 <macabre>         cifer... more like your name is meat. I hope we "luse" you.

Jun 20 19:05:18 <huho>      they got devaluated bitcoin :))

Jun 20 19:05:21 <jester>     BRB

Jun 20 19:05:22 <cifer>    endless summer of lulz

Jun 20 19:05:23 *   wiggly ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:05:23 <Usuario>        rofl

Jun 20 19:05:27 <cifer>    fbi

Jun 20 19:05:40 <AEL>      makes me wonder if lulz are jsut some high schoolers off of school

Jun 20 19:05:44 *   pr0zac ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:05:48 <Aranjedeath>            Bets on feds already being in the room

Jun 20 19:05:52 <LinneT>      Jester:D I dont know who you are but this people like you. So ima like u 2

Jun 20 19:05:54 *   AndroUser2 ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:05:56 <Chriscras>       one of them is 32 yo webdesigner
Jun 20 19:05:57 *   IRAQI (~Unknown_H@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:05:58 <Aranjedeath>         I'll start at 1dollar, and move up from there

Jun 20 19:06:02 <macabre>       yes, yes. follow the crowd.

Jun 20 19:06:02 <timborixos>      jester,

Jun 20 19:06:10 *   timborixos has quit (Quit: AndroIRC)

Jun 20 19:06:11 <Fighterlegend>        AEL: I believe you saw Joepie's pictures

Jun 20 19:06:13 <chatterbox>      He's away

Jun 20 19:06:15 <recon> >.> weird chicks calling me up to hang out, attractive ones too.......Ok signs of
dooms day start Right meow

Jun 20 19:06:17 <chatterbox>      He'll be back folks

Jun 20 19:06:20 <watwatwat>       Jester is the IRL version of Crash_Override/Zero_Cool.

Jun 20 19:06:24 <Chris>   HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Jun 20 19:06:24 *   magik ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:06:26 <dots>    lol

Jun 20 19:06:26 *   blacksoul is now known as bluesoul120

Jun 20 19:06:27 <Chris>   watwatwat

Jun 20 19:06:28 <Chris>   ahahahhaha

Jun 20 19:06:29 *   F_Agent_MsKitty is now known as Ac1dbURn

Jun 20 19:06:31 <Ac1dbURn>       :3

Jun 20 19:06:39 <watwatwat>       ACIDBURN OH SHIT

Jun 20 19:06:39 *   gholers ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:06:40 <Aranjedeath>         :3

Jun 20 19:06:41 <recon>    >.>

Jun 20 19:06:42 <IRAQI>    jester: can target website gov of iraq :p

Jun 20 19:06:43 <watwatwat>       I WAS RIGHT.

Jun 20 19:06:44 <Fighterlegend>        Recon: Never got a call from a girl ever.. I'm forever alone :(
Jun 20 19:06:46 <recon>     Lord Nikon

Jun 20 19:06:48 <Chris>    oh man

Jun 20 19:06:49 *   JazzyJeff is now known as Mitnik

Jun 20 19:06:49 <huho>     ho hey, hello again acidburn

Jun 20 19:06:51 *   re_rock has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

Jun 20 19:06:52 <Ac1dbURn>            ill call you

Jun 20 19:06:52 <Chris>    what are the chances

Jun 20 19:06:52 <Mitnik>       lol

Jun 20 19:06:53 <Ac1dbURn>            and rape ur ears

Jun 20 19:06:53 <Chris>    ahahahaha

Jun 20 19:06:54 *   vltor ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:07:03 <jester>    okay shhh

Jun 20 19:07:06 <Ac1dbURn>            I love u

Jun 20 19:07:14 <Chriscras>          real jester or imposter?

Jun 20 19:07:16 <IRAQI>     Helloo and Salam :D to all

Jun 20 19:07:18 <vertical_dreams>           lol

Jun 20 19:07:18 <Aranjedeath>           both

Jun 20 19:07:19 <\x00>     ^

Jun 20 19:07:24 <jester>    polite person gets the question

Jun 20 19:07:25 <Ac1dbURn>            DIRKA DIRKA MOHAMMEDJIHAD

Jun 20 19:07:26 <watwatwat> That movie taught me hacking is essentially typing really fast and
having some graphical UI that was impossible for the time. Lol.

Jun 20 19:07:27 <huho>     Ac1dbURn: what happened to your "i" ? burnt ?

Jun 20 19:07:28 <kevin_flynn>          All this name calling is so lame.

Jun 20 19:07:30 <dots>     lol

Jun 20 19:07:30 *   Ckeen (~Ckeen@ has joined #fuckit
Jun 20 19:07:31 <wiggly>         ^_^

Jun 20 19:07:33 *   uMad (~uMad@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:07:33 <IRAQI>      jester: really can or cant request this :D

Jun 20 19:07:38 <Ac1dbURn>             hehe

Jun 20 19:07:40 <wiggly>         jester may i ask a question?

Jun 20 19:07:43 <jester>     any trolls = outta here

Jun 20 19:07:49 <chatterbox>           jester did ya auth?

Jun 20 19:07:50 <Nightw4tch3r>            vouching for non-imposter jester

Jun 20 19:07:54 *   Bl3nD (~sup3r.n0v@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:07:55 <Aranjedeath>           This entire room is trolls >_>

Jun 20 19:07:59 <Zou>      lol

Jun 20 19:08:00 <macabre>          I'm just here to listen.

Jun 20 19:08:02 <IRAQI>      jester: !

Jun 20 19:08:03 <[I64u|USA|XP|38>             shhh...let him tal

Jun 20 19:08:03 <jester>     do I need to verify again?

Jun 20 19:08:05 <chatterbox>           Plenty of trolls in here

Jun 20 19:08:07 <h4rp00n>          jester: Auth with POTATO ON HEAD via twitter

Jun 20 19:08:07 <Ac1dbURn>             I'm gonna sssh

Jun 20 19:08:11 <AdobeDreamweave>               Does 2600 irc have nicksev or something like it? (yeah, noob)

Jun 20 19:08:12 <Chriscras>        you guys need mod mode or something

Jun 20 19:08:12 <jester>     np

Jun 20 19:08:14 <Ac1dbURn>             shoe on head

Jun 20 19:08:17 <chatterbox>           Didn't see lol

Jun 20 19:08:17 <Bl3nD>      jester im no troll i support your work and would like to work with you

Jun 20 19:08:20 <\x00>     He's real. He tweeted to come here, and he's the only op :)
Jun 20 19:08:21 <Ac1dbURn>        put shoe on head

Jun 20 19:08:21 <vertical_dreams>       its the real jester

Jun 20 19:08:22 <h4rp00n>       i prefer potato

Jun 20 19:08:23 <huho>     +m would be welcome :)

Jun 20 19:08:26 <chatterbox>      Bl3nD he works alone

Jun 20 19:08:28 <AnonymousDown>          Jester: ?

Jun 20 19:08:33 <huho>     err no, not +m, but conf mode

Jun 20 19:08:35 <IRAQI>     agree Bl3nD :D

Jun 20 19:08:44 <watwatwat>       Jester is Keyser Soze. Fuck.

Jun 20 19:08:46 <Chriscras>     k well then let the man speak!

Jun 20 19:08:49 <Ac1dbURn>        sorry I'll try to be mature just really hard to resist giggling right now

Jun 20 19:08:49 <LinneT>      Jester if you need anyhelp at all. Holla:D

Jun 20 19:08:56 <h4rp00n>!/th3j35t3r/status/82948013856788480

Jun 20 19:08:57 <h4rp00n>!/th3j35t3r/status/82948013856788480

Jun 20 19:08:58 *   mach (~mach@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:09:04 <Asherah>      Heya mach

Jun 20 19:09:06 <IRAQI>     jester: troller better then other because troller can do any thing :D

Jun 20 19:09:07 <chatterbox>      LMAO

Jun 20 19:09:07 <jester>    are we all ofay?

Jun 20 19:09:08 <huho>     Chriscras: he said "BRB" :)

Jun 20 19:09:09 <mrdahl>      im here cause i love the fact he took down the taliban shadow Gov website

Jun 20 19:09:10 <redlegion>      NICE

Jun 20 19:09:11 <chatterbox>      He authed

Jun 20 19:09:14 *   zXuS ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:09:19 *   hah ( has joined #fuckit
Jun 20 19:09:23 <mach>      Hey Asherah

Jun 20 19:09:30 <Nightw4tch3r>        jester: we're good, not sure what you wanna do with all the chatter.

Jun 20 19:09:31 <jester>    so are we clear?

Jun 20 19:09:36 <wiggly>     I have Taco bell! Who is jelly ^_^

Jun 20 19:09:37 <IRAQI>     jester: If you need in Arabic language I'm here :D

Jun 20 19:09:37 <redlegion>     crystal

Jun 20 19:09:40 <h4rp00n>      ^

Jun 20 19:09:42 <macabre>       clearer than this chat is.

Jun 20 19:09:43 *    thisnamewasntta (
has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:09:45 <mach>      Hi everyone else! :)

Jun 20 19:09:49 <hah>      the fuck is this channel?

Jun 20 19:09:53 <IRAQI>     Hi t0o0o

Jun 20 19:09:53 *    superevr ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:09:56 <cifer>    jester hates freedom

Jun 20 19:09:58 <jester>    right first things first

Jun 20 19:09:59 <wiggly>     IRAQI darastu alaquota douliya wa arabiya fee jameat

Jun 20 19:10:02 <Nightw4tch3r>        Everyone wanna be quiet know?

Jun 20 19:10:06 *    jester gives channel operator status to bluesoul120

Jun 20 19:10:07 <bluesoul120>       trolls shut the fuck up

Jun 20 19:10:07 <Nightw4tch3r>        *now

Jun 20 19:10:12 <vertical_dreams>         yes stfu

Jun 20 19:10:13 <cifer>    musilms are useful idiots for the empire

Jun 20 19:10:14 <bluesoul120>       thank you

Jun 20 19:10:14 <Ac1dbURn>         I'm surprised how calm this channel actually is compare to Lulzsec it's
Jun 20 19:10:18 *   jester gives channel operator status to chatterbox

Jun 20 19:10:21 *   bluesoul120 sets mode +m #fuckit

Jun 20 19:10:22 *   blkcrwn (~blkcrwn@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:10:22 <Asherah>      Quiet in the library!

Jun 20 19:10:23 *   #fuckit :Cannot send to channel

Jun 20 19:10:24 *   DarkL1ghtn1ng ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:10:27 <bluesoul120>      let jester talk

Jun 20 19:10:46 <jester>    to be honest I am fine watching

Jun 20 19:10:48 *   RyanDunn (~Ryan@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:10:54 *   mrdahl has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Jun 20 19:10:55 <chatterbox>     Thanks jester

Jun 20 19:10:59 *   Anon253 ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:11:08 *   AnonymousDown (~| has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:11:09 *   jester gives channel operator status to redlegion

Jun 20 19:11:14 *   hah ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:11:24 <redlegion>     thanks, jester

Jun 20 19:11:26 <jester>    mach -gimme your handle

Jun 20 19:11:35 <jester>    you need to be op

Jun 20 19:11:35 *   Sonar_Guy ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:11:47 *   jester gives channel operator status to Sonar_Guy

Jun 20 19:12:10 *   Pirro ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:12:15 *   jester gives channel operator status to mach

Jun 20 19:12:18 *   godbert ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:12:19 *   hah ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:12:20 *   Mr ( has joined #fuckit
Jun 20 19:12:27 *   Ghost ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:12:34 *   losthorizons ( has
joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:12:38 <mach>      :)

Jun 20 19:12:38 *   huho ( has left

Jun 20 19:12:47 <jester>    anyone else here?

Jun 20 19:12:47 *   hah ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:12:50 <jester>    I know?

Jun 20 19:12:58 <jester>    shout up.

Jun 20 19:13:01 *   joepie91 ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:13:16 *   jester has kicked joepie91 from #fuckit (joepie91)

Jun 20 19:13:18 <chatterbox>       RyanDunn - not cool dude

Jun 20 19:13:22 *   stax ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:13:26 *   AdobeDreamweave is now known as AdobeDreamweavr

Jun 20 19:13:26 *   bluesoul120 gives channel operator status to kevin_flynn

Jun 20 19:13:36 <jester>    hey flynn

Jun 20 19:13:36 *   whitekidney (~whitekidn@ has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:13:38 <Asherah>        Hey

Jun 20 19:13:38 *   whitekidney (~whitekidn@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:13:38 *   #fuckit :Cannot send to channel

Jun 20 19:13:39 <kevin_flynn>      chatterbox: Agreed.

Jun 20 19:13:46 <bluesoul120>          jester, my fault I put it +m sorry. He couldn't talk

Jun 20 19:13:54 <kevin_flynn>      jester: Hey bro. Glad to see you. Respect.

Jun 20 19:13:56 *   dizzzy ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:13:59 *   joepie92 ( has joined #fuckit
Jun 20 19:13:59 <jester>    his fault

Jun 20 19:14:09 *   chatterbox gives voice to godbert

Jun 20 19:14:10 *   magik is now known as magikh0e

Jun 20 19:14:13 <chatterbox>     There godbert

Jun 20 19:14:15 <chatterbox>     hah

Jun 20 19:14:16 <godbert>     ty chatterbox

Jun 20 19:14:17 <jester>    right I see a dumpload of PMs

Jun 20 19:14:19 *   On3iroi ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:14:21 <chatterbox>     No problem bro

Jun 20 19:14:21 *   hakey (~chatzilla@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:14:25 <chatterbox>     Onion?

Jun 20 19:14:28 <jester>    I am not accepting pms

Jun 20 19:14:31 <bluesoul120>      shh

Jun 20 19:14:46 <godbert>     can i get an i to #jester chatterbox bluesoul120

Jun 20 19:14:55 <jester>    I would like to say TY to all

Jun 20 19:14:56 <chatterbox>     godbert not op there

Jun 20 19:15:02 *   Pyarpoey ( has
joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:15:05 *   kertoip ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:15:07 *   chatterbox gives voice to Fighterlegend

Jun 20 19:15:19 *   chatterbox gives voice to Asherah

Jun 20 19:15:21 <jester>    that includes

Jun 20 19:15:21 *   Journalist ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:15:22 <jester>    my friends

Jun 20 19:15:22 <Fighterlegend>         Thank you, chatterbox.

Jun 20 19:15:22 <jester>    and my enemies
Jun 20 19:15:26 <Asherah>      TY chatter

Jun 20 19:15:29 <jester>    they both are very telling

Jun 20 19:15:30 <chatterbox>     np Fighterlegend and Asherah

Jun 20 19:15:48 *   pr0zac has quit (Quit: leaving)

Jun 20 19:16:04 *   WhoTookMyNN (~uMad@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:16:08 <jester>    but my friends predominantley

Jun 20 19:16:21 *   CryptKper ( has
joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:16:28 *   chatterbox gives channel operator status to CryptKper

Jun 20 19:16:28 *   Sonar_Gal ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:16:38 *   chatterbox gives channel operator status to Sonar_Gal

Jun 20 19:16:42 *   CryptKper removes channel operator status from CryptKper

Jun 20 19:17:01 <jester>    so now all present.

Jun 20 19:17:08 <Sonar_Gal>     hello jester

Jun 20 19:17:12 *   hah ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:17:13 <jester>    hey gal

Jun 20 19:17:18 *   sd1 ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:17:23 <Sonar_Guy>      Hola J

Jun 20 19:17:28 <jester>    hey sonar

Jun 20 19:17:38 <jester>    sorry for being a dark horse

Jun 20 19:17:42 *   Tim ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:17:45 *   iceache (~iceache@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:17:45 *   zanthrax ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:17:46 *   Digits ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:17:52 <jester>    but its the only way to get shit done
Jun 20 19:17:54 *   jimbo ( has joined

Jun 20 19:18:01 *   hah has quit ()

Jun 20 19:18:12 <kevin_flynn>        Well, you know the result of the other option. ;)

Jun 20 19:18:15 <jester>    so trolls

Jun 20 19:18:17 *   Jeff ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:18:30 <jester>    why so tongue tied?

Jun 20 19:18:32 *   birdman ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:18:38 <Asherah>      lol

Jun 20 19:18:48 <jester>    het asher

Jun 20 19:18:49 <Fighterlegend>         jester: the channel's muted.

Jun 20 19:18:53 <jester>    hey even

Jun 20 19:18:55 <bluesoul120>         should I unmute?

Jun 20 19:18:57 <Asherah>      Hey :D

Jun 20 19:18:59 *   joepie92 is now known as joepie91

Jun 20 19:19:01 *   skratch (leary@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:19:02 <godbert>     muted

Jun 20 19:19:03 <bluesoul120>         I wanted you to get your point across

Jun 20 19:19:04 <jester>    let em at it

Jun 20 19:19:10 *   bluesoul120 sets mode -m #fuckit

Jun 20 19:19:11 *   wiggly yawns

Jun 20 19:19:13 <losthorizons>        hi

Jun 20 19:19:15 <magikh0e>       Arf!

Jun 20 19:19:16 <chatterbox>         Uh oh

Jun 20 19:19:16 <Ac1dbURn>       I'm not a troll was just being silly :(

Jun 20 19:19:17 <zXuS>     Thank fuck for that lol
Jun 20 19:19:17 <On3iroi>     Test.

Jun 20 19:19:17 <Chriscras>        real american hero!

Jun 20 19:19:19 <zXuS>     suP people?!

Jun 20 19:19:20 <fiftyninefifty>      preeze no kicky

Jun 20 19:19:21 <blkcrwn>      !

Jun 20 19:19:24 <switched>         sup CK

Jun 20 19:19:28 <Zou>      So what's the scoop?

Jun 20 19:19:28 <jester>    <<< watchin

Jun 20 19:19:29 <Ac1dbURn> I have a passport photo of one of Lulzsec's ops I exchanged it for boob
pics and they reported my MSN and its locked down now

Jun 20 19:19:29 <IRAQI>     WHyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Jun 20 19:19:32 <godbert>      ... that wasnt good

Jun 20 19:19:37 <baconisking>         Hard to read while driving

Jun 20 19:19:37 <Ac1dbURn>          dont know what they did but it says 'suspicious activity or broken terms
of service'

Jun 20 19:19:38 <birdman>          i brought popcorn :D

Jun 20 19:19:43 <Nightw4tch3r>          And the spam begins. I liked +m better, bluesoul120. :p

Jun 20 19:19:43 <Pirro>     and so the flood gate has been opened

Jun 20 19:19:45 <IRAQI>     That was very very bad

Jun 20 19:19:45 <jester>    okay lockit down bro

Jun 20 19:19:50 <hakey>      +m :)

Jun 20 19:19:50 <dizzzy>     lol

Jun 20 19:19:52 <zXuS>      Hey jester, will you pwnz my girlfriends e-mail with a oob ?!

Jun 20 19:19:54 <On3iroi>     What's the reason for the call, jester?

Jun 20 19:19:55 <godbert>      agreed bluesoul120

Jun 20 19:19:56 <watwatwat>          You can always remute.
Jun 20 19:19:58 *   bluesoul120 sets mode +m #fuckit

Jun 20 19:20:17 <Asherah>     zxus, this isn't #lulzsec

Jun 20 19:20:19 <bluesoul120>     O_o

Jun 20 19:20:20 <jester>    boo

Jun 20 19:20:20 *   Ac1dbURn is now known as Agent_MissKitty

Jun 20 19:20:21 *   Damadmada ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:20:26 <redlegion>    wow... trolls. trolls everywhere.

Jun 20 19:20:37 *   shauder has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Jun 20 19:20:40 *   Agent_MissKitty is now known as acidburn_was_ir

Jun 20 19:20:43 <jester>    I would like to just point out I am not against freedom. I am against dicks.

Jun 20 19:20:46 *   acidburn_was_ir is now known as aburn_was_ironi

Jun 20 19:20:54 *   aburn_was_ironi is now known as aburnWasIronic

Jun 20 19:21:05 <godbert>     hey there redlegion

Jun 20 19:21:07 *   aburnWasIronic is now known as wasjustjoking

Jun 20 19:21:10 *   hakey is now known as dontnickspam^^

Jun 20 19:21:11 *   chatterbox has kicked wasjustjoking from #fuckit (wasjustjoking)

Jun 20 19:21:12 *   evilgofer (~johns@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:21:18 *   wasjustjoking ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:21:19 *   pr0zac ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:21:20 <jester>    if you are a dick with a dog-bomb or a dick with an opinion, ya still a dick

Jun 20 19:21:20 *   automaticman ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:21:23 *   joepie91 ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:21:23 *   wasjustjoking is now known as Agent_MissKitty

Jun 20 19:21:34 *   chatterbox sets ban on *!*cgiirc@*

Jun 20 19:21:37 *   chatterbox has kicked Agent_MissKitty from #fuckit (Agent_MissKitty)
Jun 20 19:21:41 *   Ruan ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:21:46 <jester>     open it up to the world bro.

Jun 20 19:21:52 <jester>     let em speak.

Jun 20 19:21:52 <bluesoul120>         kk

Jun 20 19:21:57 *   bluesoul120 sets mode -m #fuckit

Jun 20 19:21:58 <Ghost>      whats going to happen? =)

Jun 20 19:22:03 <bluesoul120>         God bless.

Jun 20 19:22:03 <Journalist>       What exactly is the topic of this chan?

Jun 20 19:22:07 <Zou>      Yes. Please fill us in.

Jun 20 19:22:08 *   cyk (~luis@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:22:10 <blkcrwn>      !

Jun 20 19:22:16 <Ruan>      hello

Jun 20 19:22:18 *   chatterbox removes ban on *!*cgiirc@*

Jun 20 19:22:22 <dontnickspam^^>           was i supposed to understand something ?

Jun 20 19:22:22 <Chriscras>        Everyone knows you are on the side of good Jester

Jun 20 19:22:23 <meowZ>        point ?

Jun 20 19:22:25 <blkcrwn>      S

Jun 20 19:22:26 *   `2643 ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:22:32 *   Agent_MissKitty ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:22:34 *   AnonymousDown (~| has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:22:36 *   dontnickspam^^ is now known as hakey

Jun 20 19:22:39 <zXuS>      jester, can I PM you ?

Jun 20 19:22:41 <vltor>    Pastebin down...

Jun 20 19:22:42 <wiggly>      hello hakey

Jun 20 19:22:43 <godbert>      wb anonymousdown
Jun 20 19:22:47 <hakey>      'lo

Jun 20 19:22:50 <AnonymousDown>            ty godbert

Jun 20 19:22:50 <watwatwat> Jester according to whatever member was in #jester earlier they are
doing this all for the sake of the internets security. Lol. They are packpeddling their position like crazy.

Jun 20 19:22:50 <bluesoul120>         he's not accepting PM's he said

Jun 20 19:22:51 <wiggly>      ^_^

Jun 20 19:22:51 <kevin_flynn>        zXuS: No PMs, he mentioned earlier.

Jun 20 19:22:52 <AnonymousDown>             hello ruan

Jun 20 19:22:55 <superevr> so theres lulzsec, antisec, anonymous and thejester. Anybody else I
should be paying attention to?

Jun 20 19:23:02 <wiggly>      its storming in Miami :(

Jun 20 19:23:14 <jester>     holdup.

Jun 20 19:23:18 <On3iroi> Honestly, I'd prefer +m. I'd like to know why jester called us... without the
spam, without the flooding.

Jun 20 19:23:26 <Fighterlegend>         kevin_flynn: took the words right out of my mouth.

Jun 20 19:23:32 *    Xee (~Xee@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:23:36 <Chriscras>        Did everyone see anonakmois deleted his twitter account?

Jun 20 19:23:39 <Fighterlegend>         On3iroi: Hey man, how've you been?

Jun 20 19:23:41 <redstick>     so get to the point already, why call ppl here?

Jun 20 19:23:41 <hakey>      but if he's not going to tell, then we don't need +m :)

Jun 20 19:23:42 <notABug>          superevr: There's the NSA whitehats

Jun 20 19:23:44 <jester>     I made myself available, for real Q's

Jun 20 19:23:45 <evilgofer>        So is anonakin = narc?

Jun 20 19:23:45 <MacGregor>          i agree with On3iroi

Jun 20 19:23:48 <whitekidney>         jester: Yeah, why'd you call us ?

Jun 20 19:23:48 *    PiranhaSex (~piranhase@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:23:51 *    On3iroi nods.
Jun 20 19:23:53 <Fighterlegend>        Chriscras: No, he didn't, j35 mispelled anonakomis

Jun 20 19:23:58 <Fighterlegend>        He instead put anonakmois

Jun 20 19:23:58 <AEL>      Chriscras: that's intersting

Jun 20 19:23:59 <Fighterlegend>        :P

Jun 20 19:24:01 -bluesoul120/#fuckit-          No PM's and no Trolling. Thanks

Jun 20 19:24:03 <baconisking>        For account was active a few hours ago

Jun 20 19:24:06 <Chriscras>        oh maybe not LOL

Jun 20 19:24:06 <wiggly>      jester, what is your favorite type of cheese ^_^

Jun 20 19:24:06 <\x00>     Chriscras: I think that's a typo

Jun 20 19:24:09 <Fighterlegend> "Seriously - I am worried about Casey ( @anonakmois ). - It's almost
like he just vanished today?? Who woulda thunk it? "

Jun 20 19:24:11 <chatterbox>        Chriscras!/anonakomis - nope, still there homie

Jun 20 19:24:14 <On3iroi>      Not too bad, Fighterlegend. Yourself?

Jun 20 19:24:17 <jester>     rochfort

Jun 20 19:24:18 <evilgofer>        Damn spell check

Jun 20 19:24:20 *    Bl3nD has quit (Quit: bbs gotta mess with the local municipal building...)

Jun 20 19:24:23 *    fiftyninefifty has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jun 20 19:24:23 <wiggly>      mmm

Jun 20 19:24:24 <Zou>      Provolone

Jun 20 19:24:24 <hakey> if y ou wanted to know you have supporters. you probably have much more
than the server can handle :)

Jun 20 19:24:25 <\x00>     should've ben anonakomis

Jun 20 19:24:26 <PiranhaSex>         holler!

Jun 20 19:24:26 <watwatwat>          I was asking him about antisec and he didn't even seem to know what
his own little protest is about.
Jun 20 19:24:27 <losthorizons> jester: I just wanted to say that you have my respect for what you're
doing. I'm glad that there's people out there like you and I hope that lulzsec members get what's
coming to them very soon.

Jun 20 19:24:29 <Fighterlegend>        On3iroi: Been busy, stressed, looking forward to the weekend. But in
all seriousness, not well.

Jun 20 19:24:33 <wiggly>      its all about the camembert!

Jun 20 19:24:36 <LinneT>      can you guys please mute chat?:S i wanna see what you write not random

Jun 20 19:24:46 <jester>    gracias losthorizons

Jun 20 19:24:46 <WhoTookMyNN>              So what do u think about MSI defending their title at the
Dreamhack Summer in HoN? :)

Jun 20 19:24:55 <AnonymousDown>             jester: lol bro

Jun 20 19:24:57 <Damadmada>           :D

Jun 20 19:24:58 *   Xee (~Xee@ has left #fuckit (Leaving)

Jun 20 19:25:01 <jester>    none of my business

Jun 20 19:25:02 <recon>     wow wtf learn to not gush on irc

Jun 20 19:25:08 <jester>    hey AD

Jun 20 19:25:11 *   s3 has quit ()

Jun 20 19:25:14 <On3iroi>      Fighterlegend I'm sorry to hear that, man.

Jun 20 19:25:14 <blkcrwn>      !

Jun 20 19:25:30 <AnonymousDown>             jester: hey man..good works #justsayin ;)

Jun 20 19:25:33 <Chriscras>        Jester why haven't any of the Lulzsec members been arrested yet?

Jun 20 19:25:37 <wiggly>      is the movie Airplane worth watching

Jun 20 19:25:38 <gholers>      Just wondering what was in the original zipfile (encrypted) on Jester post
wordpress on Anon

Jun 20 19:25:40 <Fighterlegend>        On3iroi: It's life. Ups and downs, what can I say?

Jun 20 19:25:45 <jester>    you know what I always wanted to do - those that know me will know why?

Jun 20 19:25:47 <bluesoul120>         Chriscras, that's LE's job
Jun 20 19:25:48 <Fighterlegend>         Alright, if jester has something to say, we should let him say it.

Jun 20 19:25:51 *   Mark ( has joined

Jun 20 19:25:52 <kevin_flynn>         So, they do behave like this in real life. It's not just some stunt on

Jun 20 19:25:54 <zXuS>      Airplane pwnz =D

Jun 20 19:26:00 *   Zule (~androirc@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:26:05 <wiggly>      rli?

Jun 20 19:26:09 <bluesoul120>          lol kevin_flynn

Jun 20 19:26:09 <watwatwat> I don't think the antisec is something they really care about. Like I said
they can't even seem to explain what it is. Its just a big PR stunt to get people off their identities.

Jun 20 19:26:10 <Asherah>          chriscras, it takes time and the collection of good evidence

Jun 20 19:26:13 *   jester sets ban on *!*

Jun 20 19:26:18 <Asherah>          having names is not enough

Jun 20 19:26:21 <hakey>      so as long as jester is not asking me to hack something for him, i'll support
him :p

Jun 20 19:26:21 <wiggly>      i havent ever seen it, but people keep asking if i have ever been in a turkish
prison zXuS

Jun 20 19:26:23 <jester>     <<< that

Jun 20 19:26:27 *   fiftyninefifty ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:26:27 *   cifer has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 19:26:29 *   On3iroi has quit ()

Jun 20 19:26:32 <AEL>      yeah they put up pictures.... looks like nothing more than grapheti

Jun 20 19:26:36 <Chriscras>        but what about all the chat logs and youtube video

Jun 20 19:26:38 <zXuS>      LoL!, wiggly!

Jun 20 19:26:40 <wiggly>      :<

Jun 20 19:26:46 <Fighterlegend>         Shame on you ops..
Jun 20 19:26:46 <Fighterlegend>        haha

Jun 20 19:26:48 <Usuario>      10 to 1 they're arrested before july 1st

Jun 20 19:26:49 <wiggly>      i only just saw pulp fiction anf top gun for the first time

Jun 20 19:26:52 <Ruan>      kkkkkkkkkkk

Jun 20 19:27:06 *   Rhondus ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:27:07 <Fighterlegend>        wiggly: how old are you? Those are classics man

Jun 20 19:27:07 <jester>    One of lulz is already clinked.

Jun 20 19:27:08 <Aranjedeath>       EJ Hilbert claims to have lulzsec's info

Jun 20 19:27:13 <vltor>    Evidence has to be solid and obtained correctly. takes time.

Jun 20 19:27:14 <hakey>      woops, 1:30AM :(

Jun 20 19:27:15 <wiggly>      i'm 23

Jun 20 19:27:15 <AEL>      wiggy: where you been

Jun 20 19:27:19 <Asherah>       their info is already out

Jun 20 19:27:20 <wiggly>      but i grew up without TV

Jun 20 19:27:21 *   thetounge (~tounge@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:27:21 <godbert>      nakomis jester?

Jun 20 19:27:22 <losthorizons>      was it that ev0 kid?

Jun 20 19:27:23 <Chriscras>     good, he will probably turn state's witness

Jun 20 19:27:30 *   dotsm ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:27:31 <AEL>

Jun 20 19:27:32 <wiggly>      so i guess i just missed some stuff >.>

Jun 20 19:27:34 <superevr>      notABug: all of em?

Jun 20 19:27:40 <zXuS>     You should try hotshots!

Jun 20 19:27:43 <jester>    EJ got his shit from myself and the ninjas.

Jun 20 19:27:48 <wiggly>      Fighterlegend i still havent seen scarface or the godfather
Jun 20 19:27:50 <AEL>      that's the kid creating antilulz logo

Jun 20 19:27:52 <hakey>      wiggly: you missed a qiet channel :)

Jun 20 19:27:53 <Asherah>          vltor has it exactly right

Jun 20 19:27:55 <hakey>      quiet*

Jun 20 19:28:01 <wiggly>         hmm?

Jun 20 19:28:04 *   CryptKper yawns

Jun 20 19:28:07 *   CryptKper ( has left
#fuckit (Ex-Chat)

Jun 20 19:28:08 <Aranjedeath>            jester: How confident are you of your information?

Jun 20 19:28:09 <thetounge>          jester, who found all the info on web ninja site>????

Jun 20 19:28:12 *   SleepyZ ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:28:12 *   On3iroi ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:28:13 <Fighterlegend>           wiggly: Ah, alright. Watch man. :P

Jun 20 19:28:14 *   c1ndy ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:28:17 <wiggly>         im not a man

Jun 20 19:28:19 <mach>       Also, expect delays with the jurisdiction issues. It' not like they all live in the
same flat.

Jun 20 19:28:23 <Asherah>          yes

Jun 20 19:28:24 <wiggly>         but since there are no girls on the internet, i wont argue

Jun 20 19:28:25 <Asherah>          exactly

Jun 20 19:28:26 <Fighterlegend>           wiggly: Erm, watch lady?

Jun 20 19:28:31 <AEL>      lol

Jun 20 19:28:32 <wiggly>         there u go

Jun 20 19:28:32 <jester>     IOt was remarkably easy.

Jun 20 19:28:32 *   cyn ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:28:39 *   SleepyZ has quit ()
Jun 20 19:28:40 <jester>    ya see

Jun 20 19:28:41 *   AnonymousDown (~| has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:28:46 *   blaeks ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:28:51 <dizzzy>    what happened to irc.lulzco?

Jun 20 19:28:52 <wiggly>    hmm

Jun 20 19:28:52 *   Rhondus has quit ()

Jun 20 19:28:54 <Asherah>     There's four countries and several states involved

Jun 20 19:29:00 <vltor>    Mach, also spot on. Some countries may not be helpful.

Jun 20 19:29:00 <watwatwat> First he said antisec is about leaking classified documents. Then he said
it is about stopping whitehats from controlling the net or something. It just made up BS.

Jun 20 19:29:05 *   Bickins ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:29:12 <wiggly>    Fighterlegend

Jun 20 19:29:13 <gholers> jester tell me if I am right-was the encrypted file you had on your Anon post
the dox that ended up with Web Ninjas?

Jun 20 19:29:14 <PiranhaSex> has anyone considered that Casey Gardiner might be working with the
Dark Side to continue the campaign??? it would explain why he hasnt been picked up!

Jun 20 19:29:19 <wiggly>    i saw ghostbusters last year!

Jun 20 19:29:21 <Asherah>     They can't agree because the whole thing was a whim

Jun 20 19:29:22 <Fighterlegend>      ?

Jun 20 19:29:24 <Nightw4tch3r> jester: i'm guessing you care more about exposing LulzSec on a more
personal level rather than trying to take them down like your other targets? i mean, you could DoS their
IRC server and website, but it wouldn't be as effective as what you're doing now.

Jun 20 19:29:25 <wiggly>    DONT CROSS THE STREAMS

Jun 20 19:29:27 <wiggly>    ^_^

Jun 20 19:29:29 <Ghost>     wiggly: LOL xD

Jun 20 19:29:29 <redlegion>    dizzzy: Kayla's bot herding and lulz' many enemies guaranteed
couldn't run an IRC easily
Jun 20 19:29:30 <watwatwat>        Does he think government agencies keep this shit on their PR sites? like

Jun 20 19:29:33 <Fighterlegend>       wiggly: Who you gonna call?

Jun 20 19:29:34 *   MagicWonderPant ( has joined

Jun 20 19:29:34 <Asherah>      and it may be early but there may have been defections already

Jun 20 19:29:38 <wiggly>      hehehe

Jun 20 19:29:40 <Ghost>      wiggly: damn right =]

Jun 20 19:29:43 *   thetounge has quit ()

Jun 20 19:29:45 <wiggly>      ALSO

Jun 20 19:29:47 <jester>    All ya need to know ia the nice guys - have everything. And the tards, have

Jun 20 19:29:53 <On3iroi>      test

Jun 20 19:29:58 <wiggly>      when i was little my bro watch dragonball + dbz a lot

Jun 20 19:29:59 <AEL>      some say Kayla is a guy

Jun 20 19:30:01 <Asherah>      true enough

Jun 20 19:30:04 <redlegion>      ah crap. onion.

Jun 20 19:30:07 <Chriscras>     so as long as we are patient these fools will get what they deserve?

Jun 20 19:30:08 *   CryptKper ( has
joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:30:08 <watwatwat>        Kayla is a guy.

Jun 20 19:30:12 <On3iroi>      I said I'd be good.

Jun 20 19:30:14 <wiggly>      and i had no idea that there were 153 dragonballs, i thought there were only

Jun 20 19:30:17 <hakey> fuck you very very muuuuhuuuuch. 'cuz we hate what you do and we hate
your whole creeew so please don't stay in touuhouuuch \o/

Jun 20 19:30:20 <macabre>       Taking action > patience.

Jun 20 19:30:21 <jester>    kayla is male - true dat.
Jun 20 19:30:21 *   Mark has quit ()

Jun 20 19:30:23 <Asherah>          on3iroi, BOO

Jun 20 19:30:25 <redlegion>         watwatwat: We're all quite aware that Kayla is a guy.

Jun 20 19:30:26 <dizzzy>     redlegion: i see. thx

Jun 20 19:30:26 <Fighterlegend>          wiggly: Me too.

Jun 20 19:30:27 <Ghost>      wiggly: 153? o_O

Jun 20 19:30:27 <PiranhaSex>         kayla = corey barnhill

Jun 20 19:30:28 <On3iroi>      Not here to talk shit. I'm here to listen.

Jun 20 19:30:33 <wiggly>      I KNOW RIGHT!!

Jun 20 19:30:34 *   Ghost_Punk ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:30:36 <Ruan>      kkkkkk

Jun 20 19:30:41 <wiggly>      so now i have them all on my NAS and im watching

Jun 20 19:30:42 <wiggly>      :$

Jun 20 19:30:43 <evilgofer>        Btw, jester, I love how you played the fake jester! Priceless!

Jun 20 19:30:45 <jester>    can I have a minute?

Jun 20 19:30:45 <AEL>      any guess on real age?

Jun 20 19:30:51 <macabre>          +m?

Jun 20 19:30:53 *   wiggly huggles ghost and Fighterlegend

Jun 20 19:30:53 <PiranhaSex>         go!

Jun 20 19:30:54 <Nightw4tch3r>           +m it.

Jun 20 19:30:57 <Aranjedeath>         Just one minute, no more

Jun 20 19:30:58 <hakey>      +1

Jun 20 19:30:58 <jester>    just with onion?

Jun 20 19:31:04 <Ghost>      whats a NAS?

Jun 20 19:31:05 <Ghost>      xD
Jun 20 19:31:08 *   Sonar_Guy sets mode +m #fuckit

Jun 20 19:31:09 *   chifmevious (~mkay@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:31:14 *   [I64u|USA|XP|38 has quit ()

Jun 20 19:31:15 *   mrj1530 ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:31:17 *   [I64u|USA|XP|38 ( has joined

Jun 20 19:31:18 *   chatterbox gives voice to chifmevious

Jun 20 19:31:18 *   Metal has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Jun 20 19:31:19 *   Sonar_Guy gives voice to On3iroi

Jun 20 19:31:20 <Fighterlegend>      bluesoul120, wanna mute and +v onion?

Jun 20 19:31:20 <Asherah>      hey chif

Jun 20 19:31:20 <godbert>     wb chifmevious

Jun 20 19:31:23 *   recon has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 19:31:23 <chatterbox>     Sup chifmevious =D

Jun 20 19:31:29 <chifmevious>       oy oy boys.

Jun 20 19:31:33 <bluesoul120>       It's not my call Fighterlegend

Jun 20 19:31:35 <bluesoul120>       up to j

Jun 20 19:31:35 <Sonar_Guy>      J there you go

Jun 20 19:31:36 <Fighterlegend>      ops, voiced, shush

Jun 20 19:31:40 *   chatterbox gives channel operator status to chifmevious

Jun 20 19:32:04 <jester>    So onoin?

Jun 20 19:32:08 <jester>    ya here?

Jun 20 19:32:11 <On3iroi>    Yes.

Jun 20 19:32:41 <jester>    tell me something you said to me... in your first blog post.

Jun 20 19:32:45 <jester>    10 seconds.

Jun 20 19:32:54 <On3iroi>    Thank you for letting me speak, here. I wasn't expecting so.
Jun 20 19:33:15 *   puckman ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:33:21 <jester>    boot him

Jun 20 19:33:29 <On3iroi>    Hm, which part mate? Taking down wiki, or that DoS isn't effective.

Jun 20 19:33:38 <chatterbox>        jester boot who

Jun 20 19:33:42 *   sors has quit (Quit: Leaving.)

Jun 20 19:33:44 <jester>    tell me

Jun 20 19:33:50 *   chifmevious pauses, about to kick...

Jun 20 19:33:53 <jester>    your first post

Jun 20 19:34:10 <jester>    you said something very specific

Jun 20 19:34:15 <jester>    say it again

Jun 20 19:34:26 *   Sleepy (Sleepy@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:34:27 <On3iroi>    I assume you're looking for a time, here.

Jun 20 19:34:37 *   LOLZ (LOLZ@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:34:41 <jester>    I am looking for a person.

Jun 20 19:34:47 <jester>    and you aint it.

Jun 20 19:34:51 *   Sleepy has quit ()

Jun 20 19:35:20 *   jester has kicked On3iroi from #fuckit (On3iroi)

Jun 20 19:35:21 <jester>    sorry

Jun 20 19:35:30 *   On3iroi ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:35:42 *   Robbert_22 ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:35:56 <Sonar_Guy>         J -m?

Jun 20 19:36:00 *   Ruan has quit (Quit: (( WebIRC Gratuito )) (EOF))

Jun 20 19:36:03 <jester>    nope

Jun 20 19:36:08 <Sonar_Guy>         ok

Jun 20 19:36:12 <jester>    Sonar - ope
Jun 20 19:36:15 <bluesoul120>       He's still waiting for Onion to say something

Jun 20 19:36:19 *   AndroUser ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:36:25 <jester>    (n)

Jun 20 19:36:41 <jester>    onion - you have the floor

Jun 20 19:36:42 *   Ghost_Punk ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:36:43 <Fighterlegend>       He can't say it muted

Jun 20 19:36:43 *   Sonar_Guy gives voice to On3iroi

Jun 20 19:36:48 <chatterbox>       On3iroi he wants you to speak man

Jun 20 19:37:01 <On3iroi>    I don't remember mentioning any names in my first post, Jester

Jun 20 19:37:05 *   Fighterlegend pushes On3iroi a little bit

Jun 20 19:37:09 *   Chriscras has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

Jun 20 19:37:14 *   lu ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:37:20 <jester>    you came to the party onoin.

Jun 20 19:37:21 *   cyk has quit (Quit: exit(0))

Jun 20 19:37:25 *   Chriscras ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:37:50 <On3iroi>    Again.

Jun 20 19:37:58 <On3iroi>    I meantioned a date.

Jun 20 19:37:59 <jester>    we all want to know how you can view PHP source from someone elses site.

Jun 20 19:38:17 <jester>    no seriously we do.

Jun 20 19:38:17 <On3iroi>    Ah.

Jun 20 19:38:20 <Fighterlegend>       LOL

Jun 20 19:38:24 <bluesoul120>       heeh

Jun 20 19:38:26 <On3iroi>    You'll have to wait on that.

Jun 20 19:38:27 <bluesoul120>       hehe

Jun 20 19:38:33 <jester>    no shit
Jun 20 19:38:41 <On3iroi>    I'm designing a site to show.

Jun 20 19:38:43 *   lu is now known as cifer

Jun 20 19:38:45 <jester>    you think I dont see you?

Jun 20 19:39:04 <On3iroi>    You don't.

Jun 20 19:39:05 <chifmevious>     just like you were getting ready to tackle wikileaks with your uber root

Jun 20 19:39:09 *   dogshep ( has joined

Jun 20 19:39:10 <jester>    its impossible on3iroi to view the PHP source.

Jun 20 19:39:24 *   Anonanonanonano ( has joined

Jun 20 19:39:25 <On3iroi>    Not all is server-based.

Jun 20 19:39:27 <Fighterlegend> On3iroi: But then what if the website's using Perl or Python, and not
PHP? Implying you CAN get the PHP source from someone's website.

Jun 20 19:39:30 *   handler (~handler@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:39:31 *   port6969 (~Anton@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:39:32 *   AdobeDreamweavr has quit (Quit: AdobeDreamweavr)

Jun 20 19:39:34 <jester>    you continue to make yourself a noob.

Jun 20 19:39:35 <On3iroi>    Think when you embed .php files in your html.

Jun 20 19:39:36 <Fighterlegend>     On3iroi: What does PHP stand for?

Jun 20 19:40:07 *   bluesoul120 shits a brick

Jun 20 19:40:08 <On3iroi>    From there you can view the source.

Jun 20 19:40:14 <bluesoul120>     Onion you're losing me mate

Jun 20 19:40:16 <chifmevious>     lol google-fu, go!

Jun 20 19:40:19 *   macabre is now known as justgooglephp

Jun 20 19:40:22 <jester>    still bro - it's server side. - what you see is rendered by your browser.

Jun 20 19:40:30 *   justgooglephp is now known as macabre
Jun 20 19:40:34 <Fighterlegend>      ^loll

Jun 20 19:40:38 *   chifmevious shakes his head

Jun 20 19:40:38 <On3iroi>    Not all is, man.

Jun 20 19:40:40 <chifmevious>       what is this joker doing here.

Jun 20 19:40:43 *   comsec ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:40:44 <On3iroi>    Think of a simple time-date script.

Jun 20 19:40:49 *   whitekidney is now known as ilold

Jun 20 19:40:52 *   ilold is now known as whitekidney

Jun 20 19:40:54 *   aw1701 ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:40:54 <jester>    I fully hope anyone that knows anything to fuck this tart up now.

Jun 20 19:41:01 <Fighterlegend>      On3iroi: Unless you're meaning PHP CLI, which runs via client, but
not a web browser..

Jun 20 19:41:36 *   jester sets ban on *!*On3iroi@*

Jun 20 19:41:50 *   On3iroi has quit ()

Jun 20 19:41:58 <jester>    I cant abide that kinda fuck-witty-ness.

Jun 20 19:42:03 <Asherah>     lol

Jun 20 19:42:06 <bluesoul120>       lol

Jun 20 19:42:09 <chifmevious>       onion is a tool box.

Jun 20 19:42:13 <godbert>     heh

Jun 20 19:42:14 <Asherah>     Yes

Jun 20 19:42:14 *   Beige ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:42:22 <jester>    so open up

Jun 20 19:42:26 *   Sonar_Guy sets mode -m #fuckit

Jun 20 19:42:27 <Damadmada>         kill it with fire !

Jun 20 19:42:30 <LinneT>    :D:D:D

Jun 20 19:42:30 <dizzzy>    quite a show.
Jun 20 19:42:33 <Asherah>           Who kills cia ops for fun, don't forget :P

Jun 20 19:42:34 <Chriscras>          Wow that was so serious counterinterrogating

Jun 20 19:42:35 <cyn>      since when did net security become such a child's playground?

Jun 20 19:42:36 <jester>        its a bad host that lets nobody speak/

Jun 20 19:42:40 *   n0d ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:42:45 <MagicWonderPant>              Sorry to interrupt, I guess that onion was fake or not the one
you're looking for?

Jun 20 19:42:48 <bluesoul120>           lol jester

Jun 20 19:42:48 *   aion ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:42:50 <wiggly>        its a bad host who doesnt provide cookies

Jun 20 19:42:54 <wiggly>        !

Jun 20 19:42:56 <cifer>    .

Jun 20 19:43:00 <macabre>           Indeed. Where's the beer?

Jun 20 19:43:00 <sd1>      onion must have the blackbox from sneakers

Jun 20 19:43:03 <wiggly>        ^_^

Jun 20 19:43:05 <LinneT>        What that the person your looking for jester?

Jun 20 19:43:05 <chifmevious>           bad guests who don't break some cookies.

Jun 20 19:43:06 <watwatwat>            He's got a FF addon bro. Lets him read dat source.

Jun 20 19:43:08 <jester>        shame on me regard security.

Jun 20 19:43:08 <Chriscras>          best part was when he just ran for it

Jun 20 19:43:10 <godbert>           depends if you have rude guests jester

Jun 20 19:43:11 <redlegion>          MagicWonderPant: nah, he was probably genuine

Jun 20 19:43:12 <LOLZ>      .

Jun 20 19:43:12 <dizzzy>        MagicWonderPant: No just a big ego show.

Jun 20 19:43:14 <CryptKper>           -NickServ- th3j35t3r is th3j35t3r

Jun 20 19:43:15 <CryptKper>           -NickServ- Time registered: Jan 12 21:21:44 2011 GMT
Jun 20 19:43:15 <CryptKper>       -NickServ- Last seen time: May 01 00:27:58 2011 BST

Jun 20 19:43:15 <CryptKper>       -NickServ- Last quit message: Quit: Leaving

Jun 20 19:43:17 *   bbobo ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:43:18 <CryptKper>       not him.

Jun 20 19:43:18 *   bluesoul120 sets ban on On3iroi!*@*

Jun 20 19:43:19 <AEL>      no it was the right one, he just doesn't understand the server client

Jun 20 19:43:19 <MagicWonderPant>            lol

Jun 20 19:43:22 *   CryptKper has quit (Quit: Nice Scotty, now beam my clothes up too!)

Jun 20 19:43:25 <mach>      That was classic onion unfortunately MagicWonderPant

Jun 20 19:43:32 *   WhoTookMyNN has quit ()

Jun 20 19:43:37 *   ZMoney ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:43:42 <hakey>      so that was all about ?

Jun 20 19:43:43 *   uMad has quit ()

Jun 20 19:43:50 *   n0d ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:43:56 *   handler (~handler@ has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:44:03 *   Ckeen (~Ckeen@ has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:44:07 <jester>     on3iroi is regular troll - and very amusing.

Jun 20 19:44:09 *   fruit (~fruit@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:44:17 <AEL>      yeah

Jun 20 19:44:17 <LinneT>      lol jester fakk him:D

Jun 20 19:44:20 <hakey>      i wasn't amused, but confused

Jun 20 19:44:22 *   Digits has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 19:44:23 <LinneT>      Just ignore that nub

Jun 20 19:44:36 <chatterbox>      I agree with LinneT =]

Jun 20 19:44:40 <AEL>      CryperKper: what you saying?
Jun 20 19:44:41 <dizzzy> hakey: all about someone humiliating someone else in front of everyone to
make theselves appear important.

Jun 20 19:44:43 <jester>    At this pojnt

Jun 20 19:44:43 *   f0rpaxe (mouse@2001:b18:4059:0:e86e:995a:9b6e:236f) has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:44:47 <f0rpaxe>      ohai

Jun 20 19:44:49 <PiranhaSex> jester- is there any chance casey/ananokomis is working for the gov
and/ or CIA..? he seems too connected to NOT be...

Jun 20 19:44:52 <chatterbox>      f0rpaxe ???

Jun 20 19:45:00 <chatterbox>      LOL f0rpaxe man.... be good

Jun 20 19:45:00 <f0rpaxe>      chatterbox, itz-a-me-mariow

Jun 20 19:45:04 <jester>    I would like to offer my sincer thanks to those that know me

Jun 20 19:45:06 <hakey>     dizzzy: didn't work :)

Jun 20 19:45:07 <f0rpaxe>      chatterbox, relax

Jun 20 19:45:07 <wiggly>      mario ^_^

Jun 20 19:45:11 *   vertical_dreams has quit ()

Jun 20 19:45:12 <\x00> technically, you could view the php source of a web page if eg. a GET
parameter is passed to include() or require()

Jun 20 19:45:13 *   pfhor ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:45:15 <aion>     PiranhaSex: no wai

Jun 20 19:45:18 <Chriscras>     yeah isn't casey part of the same military as you are Jester?

Jun 20 19:45:18 <bluesoul120>         thanks jester.

Jun 20 19:45:22 *   r0d3nt ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:45:22 <jester>    those that are here now, and the others that are not.

Jun 20 19:45:22 <f0rpaxe>      chatterbox, all your base are safe with me

Jun 20 19:45:27 <\x00>     index.php?file=php://filter/convert.base64-encode/resource=index.php

Jun 20 19:45:28 <f0rpaxe>      heya r0d3nt

Jun 20 19:45:40 *   zXuS has quit ()
Jun 20 19:45:48 <Ghost> dude, this is 1000x better than the book i was reading last night "Stealing the
Network" Collectors Edition

Jun 20 19:45:52 <chatterbox>       PiranhaSex

Jun 20 19:45:53 <jester>    rod.

Jun 20 19:45:55 *   h00t3r ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:46:05 <dizzzy>    jester: shouldn't you take a bow? thats what usually occurs at the end of a
show like that.

Jun 20 19:46:05 <r0d3nt>      jester: yo

Jun 20 19:46:07 <r0d3nt>      just got home from work

Jun 20 19:46:11 <godbert>      wb h00t3r

Jun 20 19:46:20 <redlegion>      hallo, h00t3r

Jun 20 19:46:21 <jester>    @r0d3nt - I know some shit went down.

Jun 20 19:46:22 <blkcrwn>      Agreed

Jun 20 19:46:23 <r0d3nt>      saw your tweets. i'm just idling. dont mind me everyboday

Jun 20 19:46:29 <r0d3nt>      jester: with?

Jun 20 19:46:33 <h00t3r>      hey guys

Jun 20 19:46:34 <wiggly>    hmmm, so what does everyone thinking about ron johnson leaving Apple for

Jun 20 19:46:36 <jester>    fuckers

Jun 20 19:46:36 <r0d3nt>      i've bene outta the loop a bit

Jun 20 19:46:38 *   chatterbox gives voice to h00t3r

Jun 20 19:46:39 <chifmevious>          yo r0d3nt.

Jun 20 19:46:41 <chatterbox>       There ya go bro

Jun 20 19:46:46 *   bb ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:46:50 <r0d3nt>      i'm just working and things

Jun 20 19:46:54 <h00t3r>      ty sir
Jun 20 19:46:59 <chatterbox>      np man =]

Jun 20 19:47:00 <jester>    ty for 2600

Jun 20 19:47:01 *   werdson ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:47:07 <r0d3nt>      jester: i try. thanks for usingit

Jun 20 19:47:18 <jester>    its all good ;-)

Jun 20 19:47:21 <r0d3nt>      that is what 2600 is all about. ppl should be talking =)

Jun 20 19:47:22 <Chriscras>     wow this is the coolest chat room in the world right now

Jun 20 19:47:23 *   chatterbox gives voice to r0d3nt

Jun 20 19:47:26 *   Undefined ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:47:36 <Fighterlegend>       chatterbox: r0d3nt doesn't need voice, he's server admin..

Jun 20 19:47:39 <r0d3nt>      jester: so not sure what went down, but i'm sure i'll find out soon

Jun 20 19:47:40 *   n0d ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:47:46 <chatterbox>      touche Fighterlegend - touche

Jun 20 19:47:49 <f0rpaxe>     which jester is this?

Jun 20 19:47:52 <r0d3nt>      i'll let you all do what you do best.

Jun 20 19:47:54 *   r0d3nt salutes

Jun 20 19:48:00 *   losthorizons ( has left

Jun 20 19:48:01 <watwatwat> So seriously. Do you think they are gonna do anything but DDoS the pr
sites for various government agencies Jester? Cause so far that seems to be the only thing they have

Jun 20 19:48:02 <jester>    I feel a littel bad for bringing those tards down on 2600

Jun 20 19:48:03 <`2643>     Just to add : works for Department of
Defence, California US

Jun 20 19:48:11 *   n0d has quit ()

Jun 20 19:48:23 <Asherah>      He claims

Jun 20 19:48:24 <jester>    I am all over that ass.
Jun 20 19:48:25 <cifer>    double facepalm

Jun 20 19:48:26 <Asherah>      it's not true

Jun 20 19:48:29 <PiranhaSex>      i knew it!!

Jun 20 19:48:29 <r0d3nt>      jester: no worries. it wasn't like you said " COME DDOS 2600net!! "

Jun 20 19:48:30 <hakey>      watwatwat: they can do sql infection too :D

Jun 20 19:48:36 <chatterbox>      `2643 it's fucking myspace

Jun 20 19:48:36 *   Guard1an ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:48:37 <hakey>      injection*

Jun 20 19:48:43 *   superbofh ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:48:43 <r0d3nt>      anyways. no worries.

Jun 20 19:48:53 *   n0d ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:48:56 <watwatwat>         Yeah but its not like the cia has all their important shit on Lol.

Jun 20 19:48:58 <watwatwat>         You know.

Jun 20 19:49:01 <jester>     heads up - no PMS - at this time.

Jun 20 19:49:09 <wiggly>     oh

Jun 20 19:49:14 <r0d3nt>      jester: /umode +g

Jun 20 19:49:15 <watwatwat>         Those sites are for the people more so than the agencies.

Jun 20 19:49:16 *   traxx ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:49:16 <chatterbox>      hahaa PMS

Jun 20 19:49:18 <wiggly>     i read that as PMS

Jun 20 19:49:20 <wiggly>     yeah

Jun 20 19:49:21 <r0d3nt>      that'll make it so no one canPMS you

Jun 20 19:49:24 <wiggly>     ^5 chatterbox

Jun 20 19:49:30 <redstick>     r0d3nt: have you EVER been asked for logs by anyone?

Jun 20 19:49:32 *   magikh0e ( has left #fuckit (g0ne.)
Jun 20 19:49:36 <r0d3nt>      redstick: not for 2600net

Jun 20 19:49:42 *   sysop ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:49:43 <hakey>      btw. i'am wondering about all the consequences with all that lulzsec hype.

Jun 20 19:49:44 <MagicWonderPant>          god you guys are making paranoid of being hacked, and this is
my first time on irc

Jun 20 19:49:48 <r0d3nt> was siezed though because someone was fucking stupid

Jun 20 19:49:51 <redstick>     k, was curios

Jun 20 19:49:52 <r0d3nt>      2600net doesn't log

Jun 20 19:49:57 <jester>     r0d3nt is 100% trustworthy.

Jun 20 19:49:58 <r0d3nt>      only clients are capable of logging

Jun 20 19:49:59 <jester>     I know

Jun 20 19:50:01 <wiggly>     welcome to the gutter MagicWonderPant

Jun 20 19:50:02 <wiggly>     :D

Jun 20 19:50:04 <MagicWonderPant>          lol

Jun 20 19:50:07 <hakey>      their project about hacking the world obviously won't work, that's for sure.
so what's the point ?

Jun 20 19:50:07 <chifmevious>      jester: please check your PM's.

Jun 20 19:50:10 <\x00>     ips aren't cloaked so what logs would they need :)

Jun 20 19:50:11 <dizzzy>     MagicWonderPant: they're already in your puter dude.

Jun 20 19:50:15 <MagicWonderPant>          ffffuuuu

Jun 20 19:50:18 <IRAQI>      jester: give me op :D

Jun 20 19:50:19 <r0d3nt> the network logs for approx 72 hours of connects.. hybrid has no
functionality to log channels

Jun 20 19:50:23 <r0d3nt>      if you want to look @ the sourcedoed

Jun 20 19:50:25 <r0d3nt>      code*

Jun 20 19:50:26 <jester>     if he wasnt

Jun 20 19:50:27 <jester>     I'd be fucked.
Jun 20 19:50:33 <r0d3nt>     go to

Jun 20 19:50:34 <watwatwat>        Lulzsec claims they are already stealing info from someone. Lol.

Jun 20 19:50:49 *   Cosmos ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:50:52 <r0d3nt>     watwatwat: isnt that what they do?

Jun 20 19:50:57 <jester>    IRAQI: fuck off.

Jun 20 19:50:57 <r0d3nt>     steal infoz from people???

Jun 20 19:50:59 <f0rpaxe>

Jun 20 19:51:03 <wiggly>    hmm, i needa so shopping

Jun 20 19:51:04 <Asherah>      Sabu wants to be famous

Jun 20 19:51:04 <hakey>     MagicWonderPant: you won't be hacker because nobody care about what
may be on your box. :)

Jun 20 19:51:05 *   ShadowDXS ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:51:07 <Undefined>        watwatwat: Key word there is "claims"

Jun 20 19:51:08 <wiggly>    whats for dinner everyone?!

Jun 20 19:51:09 <watwatwat>        Well important info.

Jun 20 19:51:10 <hakey>     hacked*

Jun 20 19:51:12 <\x00>     that's a pretty MOTD.

Jun 20 19:51:13 <jester>    brb

Jun 20 19:51:15 <IRAQI>     jester: Please do not slang :D

Jun 20 19:51:16 *   mrj1530 has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)

Jun 20 19:51:20 <MagicWonderPant>         not porn, no sirree

Jun 20 19:51:22 <ShadowDXS>         O_o

Jun 20 19:51:22 <IRAQI>     :-)*

Jun 20 19:51:23 *   chatterbox has kicked IRAQI from #fuckit (IRAQI)

Jun 20 19:51:23 <godbert>     wb shadowdxs

Jun 20 19:51:31 *   AnonVsBoat ( has joined #fuckit
Jun 20 19:51:33 <ShadowDXS>         what the fuck is this

Jun 20 19:51:35 *    AnonVsBoat has quit ()

Jun 20 19:51:35 <r0d3nt> anyways. don't mind me. i'mnot part of this story or event. i just try and
help keep a irc network up.

Jun 20 19:51:39 *    r0d3nt &

Jun 20 19:51:39 *    IRAQI (~Unknown_H@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:51:40 <godbert>       dunno yet

Jun 20 19:51:40 <watwatwat>        A party.

Jun 20 19:51:41 <Cosmos>        Seems I'm in the right chanel. Just saw the twitter update from jester

Jun 20 19:51:45 <Pirro>    they are stealing all your porn MagicWonderPant

Jun 20 19:51:46 *    SAwut (
has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:51:48 <redlegion>      it's a party, ShadowDXS

Jun 20 19:51:50 <baconisking>      Lull will never be at the same level as CDC

Jun 20 19:51:51 <IRAQI>     chatterbox: why ?? :-) ??

Jun 20 19:51:52 <ShadowDXS>         nice

Jun 20 19:51:53 *    w4tch3r ( has joined

Jun 20 19:51:54 <cifer>    people are bobbing for abbles from inside thejesters gaping anus

Jun 20 19:51:59 *    mrj1530 ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:52:01 <wiggly>    gape gape

Jun 20 19:52:02 <hakey>     hah, bot incoming ?

Jun 20 19:52:05 <dizzzy>    Cosmos: You missed the big announcement.

Jun 20 19:52:08 <chatterbox>       ShadowDXS now's your time to ask jester to unblock you from tiwtter

Jun 20 19:52:13 <Mr>      What big announcement?

Jun 20 19:52:16 <ShadowDXS>         thats not the real jester
Jun 20 19:52:17 <ShadowDXS>         xD

Jun 20 19:52:22 <Fighterlegend>       ShadowDXS: it is, he auth'd

Jun 20 19:52:22 <redlegion>       ShadowDXS: he auth'd

Jun 20 19:52:26 <ShadowDXS>         O_O

Jun 20 19:52:26 <chatterbox>       He authed like

Jun 20 19:52:26 *   lagooned ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:52:26 <Aranjedeath>       yes it is

Jun 20 19:52:27 <watwatwat>        Jester is running for president =D

Jun 20 19:52:28 <chatterbox>       twice

Jun 20 19:52:28 *   n0d has quit ()

Jun 20 19:52:29 <ShadowDXS>         oh no shit

Jun 20 19:52:33 <Undefined>       I'd vote for him

Jun 20 19:52:35 <dizzzy>    lol

Jun 20 19:52:38 <Cosmos>      Is the real jester here?

Jun 20 19:52:38 <Chriscras> So can someone explain how casey gardner can both be working for the
government and lulzsec at the same time?

Jun 20 19:52:39 <godbert>     hahaha shadowdxs

Jun 20 19:52:40 *   n0d ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:52:40 <Mr>      Open mouth, insert foot.

Jun 20 19:52:45 <godbert>     i thought that too

Jun 20 19:52:46 <chatterbox>       LOL Mr

Jun 20 19:52:50 <wiggly>     well when your other choice is romney or bachmann

Jun 20 19:52:50 <[I64u|USA|XP|38>          Comos missed --> nothing ... we are just a dozen of people
wasting our time....

Jun 20 19:52:50 <ShadowDXS>         i guess i need to eat a shoe now

Jun 20 19:52:50 <IRAQI>     chatterbox: Same time respect be in between people will be more better
then bad word :-)
Jun 20 19:52:51 <Chris>    Chriscras: he isn't.

Jun 20 19:52:52 <lagooned>        Oh hell yeah

Jun 20 19:52:52 <Chriscras>       yeah thats what potato on his head was about lol

Jun 20 19:52:55 <hakey>     so much l33t nickname. pick one : 1) bot 2) #lulzsec joined us :)

Jun 20 19:53:06 <jester>   is the real jester here?

Jun 20 19:53:07 <wiggly>      1

Jun 20 19:53:09 *   [fruit] (~fruit@ fruit

Jun 20 19:53:09 *   [fruit] #fuckit

Jun 20 19:53:09 *   [fruit] :Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

Jun 20 19:53:09 *   [fruit] :actually using host

Jun 20 19:53:09 *   [fruit] is connected via SSL (secure link)

Jun 20 19:53:09 *   [fruit] idle 00:01:23, signon: Mon Jun 20 19:43:52

Jun 20 19:53:09 *   [fruit] End of WHOIS list.

Jun 20 19:53:10 <watwatwat>         Lol.

Jun 20 19:53:14 *   n0d has quit ()

Jun 20 19:53:14 <Chris>    jester: no sir.

Jun 20 19:53:16 <Aranjedeath>         oh god

Jun 20 19:53:17 <baconisking>       Just because your in the military doesn't mean you can't be a crook

Jun 20 19:53:18 *   Fighterlegend raises his hand

Jun 20 19:53:18 <Aranjedeath>         meta jokes

Jun 20 19:53:18 <kevin_flynn>       lulzsec was "us" from the beginning.

Jun 20 19:53:20 <Fighterlegend>        hey jester

Jun 20 19:53:20 <Fighterlegend>        haha

Jun 20 19:53:29 <kevin_flynn>       The silly public "we're joining forces" was so lame.

Jun 20 19:53:32 *   wiggly slaps Fighterlegend around a bit with a pink trout
Jun 20 19:53:35 <kevin_flynn>        The world knew before you opened your mouths.

Jun 20 19:53:36 *   Sleepy ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:53:42 <chatterbox>        lmao wiggly

Jun 20 19:53:44 *   Chris *chzzzk* Will the real slim jester, please stand up...? Please stand up... Please
stand up...

Jun 20 19:53:44 <redlegion>      kevin_flynn: agreed

Jun 20 19:53:46 <wiggly>      ^_^

Jun 20 19:53:48 *   BarrettBrown ( has joined

Jun 20 19:53:48 <Undefined>         Lulzsec is the secret sentience of the internet, akin to "Jane" from the
Ender's Game universe.

Jun 20 19:53:50 <wiggly>      old school irc :D

Jun 20 19:53:50 <jester>    will the real jester please stand up?

Jun 20 19:53:52 <BarrettBrown>         Hey

Jun 20 19:53:54 <chatterbox>        HI BarrettBrown !!!!!!1

Jun 20 19:53:56 <Fighterlegend>        wiggly: Can you gut it, fry it and we'll have a feast?

Jun 20 19:53:57 <Undefined>         It all makes sense :P

Jun 20 19:53:58 <jester>    oh deep joy.

Jun 20 19:54:00 <bluesoul120>        oh shit

Jun 20 19:54:02 <BarrettBrown>         You wanna stop putting out nonsense about me?

Jun 20 19:54:04 <bluesoul120>        BarrettBrown is here

Jun 20 19:54:05 <godbert>      barretbrown

Jun 20 19:54:05 <jester>    hey BB

Jun 20 19:54:05 <chifmevious>        oh no.

Jun 20 19:54:06 <wiggly>      Fighterlegend that sounds awsome!

Jun 20 19:54:11 <chifmevious>        BB has joined us.

Jun 20 19:54:12 <Chriscras>     Wow this just got interesting
Jun 20 19:54:12 <wiggly>      i need to go to the shop and buy foooood

Jun 20 19:54:14 <Fighterlegend>            wiggly: :D

Jun 20 19:54:16 <lagooned>        i was just thinking that jester...

Jun 20 19:54:16 <Fighterlegend>            heh

Jun 20 19:54:20 <Aranjedeath>             internet celebrities abound

Jun 20 19:54:21 <wiggly>      >.>

Jun 20 19:54:22 *   chatterbox sets ban on *!*Unknown_H@95.170.223.*

Jun 20 19:54:24 *   m3z_ (mez@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:54:26 <bluesoul120>             BarrettBrown nonsense == the truth now?

Jun 20 19:54:26 <Chriscras>     Hey BB tell us about the Youtube video of you talking about the PBS

Jun 20 19:54:27 *   chatterbox has kicked IRAQI from #fuckit (IRAQI)

Jun 20 19:54:31 <lagooned>        "please stand up"

Jun 20 19:54:32 <jester>    BB I need to go and furiously releive myself because you are here.

Jun 20 19:54:33 <chatterbox>         dumb troll

Jun 20 19:54:33 <jester>    brb

Jun 20 19:54:41 <redlegion>         haha

Jun 20 19:54:43 *   AnonF (~AnonF@ has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:54:44 <watwatwat>           Lol.

Jun 20 19:54:54 <redlegion>         BarrettBrown: HBGary Palantine Unveillance

Jun 20 19:54:57 <gholers>      oh BarrettBrown is such a tool-please leave

Jun 20 19:55:05 <Cosmos>       is this shit for real or a joke? When are they taking the lulz members into

Jun 20 19:55:05 <redlegion>         lol

Jun 20 19:55:05 <jester>    ps if you decide to fuck off while I am gone - thats fine.

Jun 20 19:55:05 <whitekidney>             hey BarrettBrown
Jun 20 19:55:08 <chatterbox>      gholers leave em be for now dude

Jun 20 19:55:09 <Usuario>     facepalm

Jun 20 19:55:13 <hakey> "If they try to censor our progress, we will obliterate the censor with
cannonfire anointed with lizard blood," <- translating to : if they censor us, we'll censor them ? meh.

Jun 20 19:55:20 <BarrettBrown> I'm not a member of Lulzsec and the fact that someone wrote an
account claiming otherwise does not constitute evidence that I am

Jun 20 19:55:21 <gholers>     sorry chatterbox

Jun 20 19:55:21 <redlegion>      sorry, I can't help myself sometimes

Jun 20 19:55:25 <[I64u|USA|XP|38>          @jester : you just made us all waste our time... :) 30 min x nb of
people here... Nice Ddos on our IRL

Jun 20 19:55:28 *   DrPizza (~DrPizza@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:55:28 <mach>      haha - who put up what nonsense about you BarrettBrown?

Jun 20 19:55:30 <ShadowDXS>         O_o

Jun 20 19:55:31 <BarrettBrown>        Jester, you used to talk to Topiary quite a bit

Jun 20 19:55:31 <wiggly>    PETER

Jun 20 19:55:32 <watwatwat>         Cosmos they can't arrest people for blog posts and pastbins. They could
look into now though.

Jun 20 19:55:34 <chatterbox>      gholers all good dude lol, just saying man

Jun 20 19:55:34 *   wiggly pounces on DrPizza

Jun 20 19:55:35 <DrPizza>     hi wiggles

Jun 20 19:55:36 <wiggly>    :D

Jun 20 19:55:37 <DrPizza>     ^_^

Jun 20 19:55:39 <wiggly>    hai pumpkin <3

Jun 20 19:55:40 <wiggly>    ^_^

Jun 20 19:55:40 <whitekidney>       BarrettBrown: why don't you troll them? :D

Jun 20 19:55:41 <hakey>     [I64u|USA|XP|38: :)))

Jun 20 19:55:41 *   aion_ ( has joined #fuckit
Jun 20 19:55:43 *   Kitty ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:55:44 *   redlegion has kicked [I64u|USA|XP|38 from #fuckit (show respect?)

Jun 20 19:55:48 <redlegion>      lol

Jun 20 19:55:50 <ShadowDXS>           lol

Jun 20 19:55:52 <ShadowDXS>           fucking troll

Jun 20 19:55:53 <ShadowDXS>           xd

Jun 20 19:55:56 <ShadowDXS>            xD*

Jun 20 19:55:59 <Chriscras>     What did he talk to topiary about BB lol

Jun 20 19:55:59 <lagooned>      Pick up a weel jester -

Jun 20 19:56:01 <hakey>     i liked it :)

Jun 20 19:56:03 <dizzzy>    Wherez your BB bonafides?

Jun 20 19:56:17 <wiggly>      DrPizza u might need to explain to me who everyone here is

Jun 20 19:56:18 <BarrettBrown>          I don't approve of what Lulzsec does for the most part and was not
involved in creating it

Jun 20 19:56:22 -bluesoul120/#fuckit-         gonna let everyone know that links aren't to be trusted

Jun 20 19:56:27 *   aion has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 19:56:28 *   aion_ is now known as aion

Jun 20 19:56:30 *   SleepyZ (Sleepy@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:56:31 -bluesoul120/#fuckit-         so don't click shit

Jun 20 19:56:32 <DrPizza>     wiggly: heh

Jun 20 19:56:33 <wiggly>      good call bluesoul120

Jun 20 19:56:35 <ShadowDXS>           bullshit BarrettBrown

Jun 20 19:56:35 <lagooned>      lol

Jun 20 19:56:37 <ShadowDXS>            dont lie

Jun 20 19:56:37 <redlegion>      BarrettBrown: you did, however, crack the door with HBGary... right?

Jun 20 19:56:44 <chatterbox>      lagooned - don't be linking short urls
Jun 20 19:56:46 <ShadowDXS>           you know you love it BarrettBrown

Jun 20 19:56:46 <wiggly>      who is BarrettBrown ?

Jun 20 19:56:47 <Chriscras> yeah well you know who did create it and if you were a real man you
would come forward and help stop it

Jun 20 19:56:47 <lagooned>         Gotz it

Jun 20 19:56:50 <cifer>     lulzsec is fucking awesome

Jun 20 19:56:54 *   Bickins ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:56:59 <cifer>     and antisec has been hilarious for years

Jun 20 19:56:59 <Chriscras>        Maybe you need a lesson in accomplice liability?

Jun 20 19:57:00 <cyn>      lulzsec is embarassing itself

Jun 20 19:57:00 *   Zou has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jun 20 19:57:01 <redlegion>        hell, without that, you wouldn't be in your crazed project-pm state, right

Jun 20 19:57:04 <gholers>      BarrettBrown deleted lulzsec tweets said you would try to deny

Jun 20 19:57:05 <chatterbox>         cifer......

Jun 20 19:57:07 <dizzzy>     wiggly: Charlies brother

Jun 20 19:57:10 <macabre>          cifer, wtf?

Jun 20 19:57:12 *   z3r0_c00l (~tota-x@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:57:20 *   avirunes ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 19:57:21 <redstick>     why would anyone hate on BB? reave him arone

Jun 20 19:57:21 <wiggly>      who is charlie

Jun 20 19:57:21 <watwatwat>          Everyone is laughing at lulzsec. Not with them.

Jun 20 19:57:22 <wiggly>      :>

Jun 20 19:57:23 *   c1ndy has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)

Jun 20 19:57:24 <cifer>     endless summer of lulz

Jun 20 19:57:27 <ShadowDXS> Lulzsec is fucking gay, and even if you say they are not gay, just wait
when they get locked up they gonna get buttfucked to the point of liking it.
Jun 20 19:57:28 <ShadowDXS>          :D

Jun 20 19:57:35 *   chatterbox sets ban on *!*adam@*

Jun 20 19:57:37 *   Sleepy has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 19:57:37 *   slug ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:57:38 *   chatterbox has kicked cifer from #fuckit (cifer)

Jun 20 19:57:39 <Usuario>      +1

Jun 20 19:57:40 <redlegion>     ShadowDXS: +1

Jun 20 19:57:40 <watwatwat>          They were all about lulz and now once they got doxed they are

Jun 20 19:57:46 <z3r0_c00l>      fala usuario

Jun 20 19:57:46 <jester>     back

Jun 20 19:57:47 *   SleepyZ has quit ()

Jun 20 19:57:49 <z3r0_c00l>      ^^

Jun 20 19:57:51 <lagooned>      YAY!

Jun 20 19:57:53 <mach> BarrettBrown: I don't know of anyone but the webninja's that said you were
a part of lulzsec. So not sure what to tell you on that.

Jun 20 19:57:55 *   wiggly gives BarrettBrown some smack

Jun 20 19:58:00 <slug>     sup all

Jun 20 19:58:03 <macabre>       apparently, any hacker with media coverage these days = hacktivist.

Jun 20 19:58:06 <lagooned>      now for some engaging conversation

Jun 20 19:58:09 <Tim>      lulzsec is clearly an attempt to recruit popculture retards

Jun 20 19:58:10 <fiftyninefifty> how does lulzsec get away with the shit they do? i've never seen such
an overt display from criminals. they even have a domain name... and a server.. it seems weird

Jun 20 19:58:19 *   Received a CTCP CHEESEY PUFFS TASTE NICE UPSIDE DOWN from meowZ (to

Jun 20 19:58:31 <bluesoul120>         Who says they're getting away with it? ;-)

Jun 20 19:58:33 <\x00>     ^ that
Jun 20 19:58:33 *   redlegion has kicked meowZ from #fuckit (NO CTCPS PLX)

Jun 20 19:58:33 <fiftyninefifty>      not like getting a bunch of naive kids to use LOIC

Jun 20 19:58:40 <ShadowDXS>           thank you meowZ for the CTCP

Jun 20 19:58:41 <watwatwat> I love how their fans totally accepted the switch from lulz pirates to
eknights without any questions.

Jun 20 19:58:43 <m3z_>       Maybe its being allowed to happen?

Jun 20 19:58:43 <ShadowDXS>           oh shit

Jun 20 19:58:44 *   meowZ ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:58:44 *   fruit has quit (Quit: ciao)

Jun 20 19:58:48 <Cosmos>        Seriuosly though, are these fuckwads every gonna get taken into custody?

Jun 20 19:58:51 <PiranhaSex> everything LulzSec does will benefit the govt and the policies they want
to push. Thats why casey gardiner is in bed with DoD and friens with mccains son! anyone here really
thing hes doing it without help from the Datk Side?

Jun 20 19:58:54 <Journalist>       I just5 got a CTCP what does that mean?

Jun 20 19:58:55 <Mr>       Lulzsec has fans?

Jun 20 19:59:00 <\x00>      set +CT

Jun 20 19:59:01 <Mr>       Is there a Facebook group to join?

Jun 20 19:59:01 <ShadowDXS>           fag got kicked before i could say anything

Jun 20 19:59:01 <Fighterlegend>         redlegion: lol, ignored :D

Jun 20 19:59:18 *   chatterbox has kicked meowZ from #fuckit (for CTCPSing me too, knock it off)

Jun 20 19:59:20 <ShadowDXS>           hey can fatty get voice up in this bitch?

Jun 20 19:59:20 <lagooned>       Mr: maybe

Jun 20 19:59:25 <Sonar_Guy>         jester: can you auth and use your actual nick from #2600?

Jun 20 19:59:28 <fiftyninefifty>      really, mr. it wouldnt' surprise me

Jun 20 19:59:28 <slug>      lulzsec == packetkiddies with a couple lfi rfi skiddies

Jun 20 19:59:30 *   stumps ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:59:32 <jester>     <<< softly softly catcha monkey
Jun 20 19:59:35 *   bennylava ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:59:35 <Mr>       lagooned, fiftyninefifty: lol

Jun 20 19:59:37 *   meowZ ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 19:59:42 <jester>     sonar

Jun 20 19:59:44 <ShadowDXS>           guess not...

Jun 20 19:59:49 <jester>     pm me

Jun 20 19:59:59 <redstick>      he doesnt reg nicks

Jun 20 20:00:03 *   dizzzy ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 20:00:07 <Asherah>       Casey does not work for the gov't

Jun 20 20:00:08 <r0d3nt>       slug: ^

Jun 20 20:00:16 <f0rpaxe>       i wonder if this works in here ? DCC SEND WEEEEEEEEEE

Jun 20 20:00:18 <hakey> so. how about bringing some kind of education and information about what
lulzsec and antisec is (NOT) doing instead of fighting against windmill ? :)

Jun 20 20:00:20 *   wiggly watches dragonball some more

Jun 20 20:00:20 <Cosmos>        Do any of them work for he govt?

Jun 20 20:00:22 <PiranhaSex>          problem.. reaction... solution

Jun 20 20:00:23 <Chriscras>      I thought Casey has a background in military intelligence no?

Jun 20 20:00:23 <jester>     in fact lets go back to the old days

Jun 20 20:00:24 <jester>     gimme a word

Jun 20 20:00:24 <ShadowDXS>           Casey works for himself scratching his nuts

Jun 20 20:00:28 <wiggly>      cheese!

Jun 20 20:00:29 <h4rp00n>        No

Jun 20 20:00:31 <jester>     in 30 secs after that - check my tweet

Jun 20 20:00:32 <h4rp00n>        no word

Jun 20 20:00:35 <h4rp00n>        reg your nick

Jun 20 20:00:39 <slug>      skiddie
Jun 20 20:00:40 <ShadowDXS>        jester: word is taco

Jun 20 20:00:43 <slug>     thats your word

Jun 20 20:00:45 <fiftyninefifty> i don't know what an lfi or rfi skiddie is but still they seem much more
sophisticated than the dudes taking down mastercard websites

Jun 20 20:00:46 *   AndroUser2 has quit (Quit: AndroIRC)

Jun 20 20:00:47 <wiggly>      cheese :<

Jun 20 20:00:48 <baconisking> Curious about Lulz first release and why all that data was in the wild 3
months before they released it

Jun 20 20:00:50 <ShadowDXS>        fuck you slug

Jun 20 20:00:50 *   MikeD (~chatzilla@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:00:50 <ShadowDXS>        xD

Jun 20 20:00:59 <Chriscras>     jester already did this

Jun 20 20:01:02 <Chriscras>     but okay

Jun 20 20:01:04 <jester>    sorry gonna need better word than taco

Jun 20 20:01:08 <Undefined>       Word: Pnuemonoultramicroscopicscilicavolcanokiniosis

Jun 20 20:01:09 <wiggly>      cheeeeese

Jun 20 20:01:09 <jester>    sonar gimme word

Jun 20 20:01:09 <ShadowDXS>        oh bullshit

Jun 20 20:01:10 *   r4nd0m ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:01:10 *   blaeks has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 20:01:13 <watwatwat>       SQL insertions are sophisticated?

Jun 20 20:01:14 <slug>     fiftyninefifty: LOOK IT UP

Jun 20 20:01:16 <ShadowDXS>        taco is the best word ever

Jun 20 20:01:18 <LinneT>      word is: Choke on that!

Jun 20 20:01:20 <slug>     INJECTIONS

Jun 20 20:01:20 <chatterbox>      Aye r4nd0m what's good dude
Jun 20 20:01:24 *   t ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:01:25 <Chriscras>      choco taco?

Jun 20 20:01:25 *   bluesoul120 gives channel operator status to r4nd0m

Jun 20 20:01:26 <slug>     use the right words :P

Jun 20 20:01:30 *   DrPizza has quit (Quit: alice.)

Jun 20 20:01:31 <watwatwat>         Same difference.

Jun 20 20:01:32 <jester>     sonar gimme word

Jun 20 20:01:33 <ShadowDXS>         t = topiary!

Jun 20 20:01:35 <mach>       r4n0m :D

Jun 20 20:01:35 <ShadowDXS>         oh shit

Jun 20 20:01:36 <h4rp00n>       unless you reg on your normal nick, i am not gonna believe it's really you

Jun 20 20:01:37 <slug>     watwatwat: i know

Jun 20 20:01:38 <r4nd0m>        thanks blue ;-) hi chatter

Jun 20 20:01:38 <slug>     :p

Jun 20 20:01:41 <watwatwat>         Insertions sounds more sexual to me.

Jun 20 20:01:42 <Mr>       Asherah, I would Casy doesn't work for Uncle Sam.

Jun 20 20:01:44 <jester>     sonar??

Jun 20 20:01:46 <Mr>       hope*

Jun 20 20:01:46 <ShadowDXS>         t gets his one on one with Jester after all

Jun 20 20:01:47 <fiftyninefifty>     you think they got into sony using sql injection?

Jun 20 20:01:53 <jester>     gimme word sonar???

Jun 20 20:01:53 <PiranhaSex> casey has been at the top of his military class since he was 17.
OBVIOUSLY working for someone on the inside

Jun 20 20:01:54 *   t has quit ()

Jun 20 20:01:55 <watwatwat>         Yes.....

Jun 20 20:01:56 <werdson>       packetastic!
Jun 20 20:01:58 <ShadowDXS>             or not

Jun 20 20:01:59 <ShadowDXS>             fuck you t

Jun 20 20:02:03 <Chriscras>       Did BB run for it like Onion?

Jun 20 20:02:04 <Asherah>        Mr, I think you accidentally a word there

Jun 20 20:02:05 <slug>     tehy used an old exploit

Jun 20 20:02:06 <fiftyninefifty>        isn't that the first rule of owning a website? sanitizing the sql

Jun 20 20:02:07 <slug>     :P

Jun 20 20:02:08 <Sonar_Guy>            jester: check you pm

Jun 20 20:02:12 *   DrPizza (~DrPizza@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:02:13 <godbert>        you scared t away shadowdxs

Jun 20 20:02:14 *   chatterbox gives channel operator status to Fighterlegend

Jun 20 20:02:17 <f0rpaxe>        rof

Jun 20 20:02:18 <wiggly>        peter

Jun 20 20:02:19 <ShadowDXS>             i know Godbert

Jun 20 20:02:20 <jester>    copt Sonar.

Jun 20 20:02:20 <r4nd0m>         hi mach ;-)

Jun 20 20:02:20 <wiggly>        no leaving!

Jun 20 20:02:22 <ShadowDXS>             i'm sorry

Jun 20 20:02:22 *   chatterbox gives channel operator status to Asherah

Jun 20 20:02:24 <lagooned>        Did lulz ever hack, HackThisSite?

Jun 20 20:02:25 <jester>    copy.

Jun 20 20:02:26 <Fighterlegend>          chatterbox: Not needed, leaving in a bit

Jun 20 20:02:27 <watwatwat>            SQL vulns are very common.

Jun 20 20:02:31 *   bluesoul120 hugs r4nd0m

Jun 20 20:02:31 <lagooned>        lol
Jun 20 20:02:34 <chatterbox>      Fighterlegend TOO late dude

Jun 20 20:02:35 <slug>    yep

Jun 20 20:02:36 <chatterbox>      lol

Jun 20 20:02:39 <r4nd0m>        awwww ;-)

Jun 20 20:02:40 <bluesoul120>       chatterbox, you gonna give the whole world +o?

Jun 20 20:02:42 <ShadowDXS>        i cant has voice...

Jun 20 20:02:43 <Fighterlegend>         heh

Jun 20 20:02:45 <chatterbox>      NO

Jun 20 20:02:46 *   ShadowDXS cries

Jun 20 20:02:46 <slug>   mysql real escape is vyln ftw

Jun 20 20:02:47 <Mr>     Asherah, I tend to do that when sleep deprived.

Jun 20 20:02:51 *   redlegion gives voice to ShadowDXS

Jun 20 20:02:55 <ShadowDXS>        OH SHIT

Jun 20 20:02:56 <Asherah>       no worries :)

Jun 20 20:02:58 <ShadowDXS>        xD

Jun 20 20:03:02 <Cosmos> I'm new to this hacker stuff but it is all quite fascinating. I was wondering if
there are other worms like stuxnet in the wild.

Jun 20 20:03:04 *   chillichomp ( has joined

Jun 20 20:03:05 <ShadowDXS>        thanks red

Jun 20 20:03:07 *   Fighterlegend removes channel operator status from Fighterlegend

Jun 20 20:03:08 <redlegion>      no prob, troll

Jun 20 20:03:09 <redlegion>      XD

Jun 20 20:03:21 *   x0x ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:03:23 <Agent_MissKitty>        test

Jun 20 20:03:25 <watwatwat> Most people just don't bother. To be honest as long as credit card data
and everything is protected they can't get anything of value anyways.
Jun 20 20:03:25 <Chriscras>     apparently everyone knows how to make stuxnet now, there are toolkits

Jun 20 20:03:26 <jester>    sonar

Jun 20 20:03:32 <Agent_MissKitty>         oh cool

Jun 20 20:03:33 <Sonar_Guy>       yes

Jun 20 20:03:33 <jester>    nothing in my DM

Jun 20 20:03:34 <Fighterlegend>         damn, took me a while to remember the mode.. then I realized I
mispelled the chan

Jun 20 20:03:53 <Journalist>    ShadowDXS I just received word that you are a hippopotamus, can you

Jun 20 20:03:54 <Cosmos>       modified versions of it out?

Jun 20 20:04:00 <Sonar_Guy>       Jeff: I pm'ed you here but I can also DM you

Jun 20 20:04:01 *   Usuario_ (~Usuario@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:04:06 <Chriscras>     Jeff?

Jun 20 20:04:07 *   slug has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jun 20 20:04:09 <bluesoul120>       jester *

Jun 20 20:04:10 <chillichomp>       jester, are you gone gonna go round to lulzsecs house and beat them

Jun 20 20:04:13 <Sonar_Guy>       jester: I pm'ed you here but I can also DM you

Jun 20 20:04:17 <\x00>     fuck you - now that song is stuck in my mind *air guitars Knocking on heavens

Jun 20 20:04:20 *   LOLZ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

Jun 20 20:04:21 <ShadowDXS>         yes i can confirm that

Jun 20 20:04:22 *   hakey has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 20:04:29 *   railtuh ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:04:29 <Journalist>    Noted.

Jun 20 20:04:30 <ShadowDXS>         i r hippo :(

Jun 20 20:04:34 <jester>    ahh just gimme a word sonar
Jun 20 20:04:38 <redlegion>         chillichomp: are you going to think of better jokes?

Jun 20 20:04:42 <jester>        right here

Jun 20 20:04:48 <chillichomp>          im being serious

Jun 20 20:04:49 <lagooned>          Sonar_Guy: thats just crazy enough to work

Jun 20 20:05:00 <Damadmada>             lamantin ?

Jun 20 20:05:04 <chillichomp>          geniune question

Jun 20 20:05:22 <jester>        i'll tweet it.

Jun 20 20:05:25 <lagooned>          haha

Jun 20 20:05:27 <watwatwat>            In the last few months I have learned that DDoS and SQLi are the
pinnacle of hacking. =D

Jun 20 20:05:32 <ShadowDXS>            O_o

Jun 20 20:05:33 *   tta ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:05:35 <Mr>       Sonar_Guy, you're going to Dungeon Master? Sweet!

Jun 20 20:05:36 <Agent_MissKitty> Jester I got the identity of the fake Jester who is an op on Lulzsec
for you: .... I give this to you because I am pretty sure they
reported my MSN and got it flgged for abuse when i didnt do anything wrong,, I wasn't going to do
anything with it was just curiousity... but since they did that screw them

Jun 20 20:05:36 <Mr>       :B

Jun 20 20:05:37 <redlegion>         watwatwat: LOL.

Jun 20 20:05:38 <Chriscras>         he already tweeted potato on his head

Jun 20 20:05:39 <Sonar_Gal>          hello mach

Jun 20 20:05:46 <chillichomp>          watwatwat is the pinnicle of moron

Jun 20 20:05:47 <Agent_MissKitty>            dont know if that cut off from chat

Jun 20 20:05:51 <Agent_MissKitty>            bit long sorry

Jun 20 20:05:52 <jester>        AN/SQS-26cx

Jun 20 20:05:53 <Chris> sonar: Give him the word chalupa. it's not quite a taco plus it celebrates the
fact that today is chalupa day
Jun 20 20:05:54 <watwatwat>       u the pinnacle of mad.

Jun 20 20:06:01 <chillichomp>      fair enpugh

Jun 20 20:06:10 *   ohgod ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:06:14 <watwatwat>       And the pinnacle of stupid fingers.

Jun 20 20:06:22 <chillichomp>      yep

Jun 20 20:06:23 <mach>      Hello Sonar_Gal :)

Jun 20 20:06:35 *   mink ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:06:37 *   Usuario has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 20:06:44 *   fedlet ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:06:45 <jester>     look lets just clear this up now.... anyone think I am not me?

Jun 20 20:06:51 <watwatwat>       Lol.

Jun 20 20:06:55 <chillichomp>      I think you are not me

Jun 20 20:06:58 <fedlet>     I'm sure you are you.

Jun 20 20:06:59 <ShadowDXS>        nope

Jun 20 20:06:59 <ohgod>      so what we doing here?

Jun 20 20:07:00 *   Beige has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 20:07:06 <gholers>     Chris:totally forgot today was chulapa day

Jun 20 20:07:08 <vltor>     j35 already confirmed via a tweet to get this chan started

Jun 20 20:07:13 <r4nd0m>       is sadbu here?

Jun 20 20:07:17 <MagicWonderPant>            honest question, what does DM stand for?

Jun 20 20:07:19 <jester>     I hope so.

Jun 20 20:07:20 <Chris>     gholers: I celebrated twice today

Jun 20 20:07:23 <tta>     direct message

Jun 20 20:07:24 <lagooned>      I believe!

Jun 20 20:07:28 <ShadowDXS>        fucking lol
Jun 20 20:07:29 <ShadowDXS>         xD

Jun 20 20:07:34 <chillichomp>       how could you possibly not be you? is this a philosophical question?

Jun 20 20:07:34 <Usuario_>      sadbu is a sad clown

Jun 20 20:07:35 *     f0rpax ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:07:39 <comsec> seeing as jester tweeted this IRC and no other chatter has claimed to be
him, then I believe Jester is who he says he is.

Jun 20 20:07:43 *     AnonVsBoat ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:07:47 <vltor>     Just look at his history if any doubt....unless twitter account compromised its

Jun 20 20:07:51 <Sonar_Guy>         jester: sent via DM

Jun 20 20:07:54 <m3z_>       and jester more than likely has a paranoid twitter password

Jun 20 20:07:55 <Damadmada>            i mean, this chan was posted on your twitter so...

Jun 20 20:07:56 <watwatwat>         Jester have you learned SQLi yet? So you can step up to the pinnacle.

Jun 20 20:07:57 *     dotsm has quit (Quit: Bye)

Jun 20 20:07:57 *     PiranhaSex has quit (Quit: PiranhaSex)

Jun 20 20:07:57 *     cigol ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:07:58 <Mr>       No, DM is Dungeon Master. Get it right!

Jun 20 20:08:00 <r4nd0m>       except ya spelled yourself different th3j35t3r

Jun 20 20:08:03 <jester>     okay one person gimme a word, anybody will do.

Jun 20 20:08:05 <tta>     lol ^_^

Jun 20 20:08:07 <Mr>       God damn DnD newbs.

Jun 20 20:08:10 <ShadowDXS>         TACO

Jun 20 20:08:12 <e>     narbacular

Jun 20 20:08:14 <ShadowDXS>         I HAVE SAID THIS ALREADY

Jun 20 20:08:14 <MagicWonderPant>            lol mr

Jun 20 20:08:15 <m3z_>       nipples
Jun 20 20:08:16 <r4nd0m>       freakazoid

Jun 20 20:08:17 <jester>     one person dammit

Jun 20 20:08:17 <Chris>     CHALUPA

Jun 20 20:08:18 <chillichomp>     qwertyuiio

Jun 20 20:08:18 <Damadmada>          lamantin is better

Jun 20 20:08:19 <Journalist>    Word is Antisec

Jun 20 20:08:19 <fedlet>     DM = managing director

Jun 20 20:08:20 <lagooned>      colonic

Jun 20 20:08:20 <vltor>     word = snipercheytac

Jun 20 20:08:20 <Agent_MissKitty>        jester did you get what I said for you

Jun 20 20:08:22 *   Chris is now known as one

Jun 20 20:08:23 <ShadowDXS>          god damn it...

Jun 20 20:08:25 <chillichomp>     one person

Jun 20 20:08:25 <cyn>      2nd on the TACO

Jun 20 20:08:25 <MagicWonderPant>           ty fedlet

Jun 20 20:08:26 <chillichomp>     word

Jun 20 20:08:28 <tta>     put out a tweet so we know its u

Jun 20 20:08:29 <one>      chalupa

Jun 20 20:08:31 <Agent_MissKitty>        mute the spammers again :s

Jun 20 20:08:34 <Mr>       DM = dick monster

Jun 20 20:08:34 *   Undefined has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0.19/2010031422])

Jun 20 20:08:36 *   one is now known as Chris

Jun 20 20:08:37 <ShadowDXS>          Jester: taco -not hard its only 4 letters

Jun 20 20:08:38 <Agent_MissKitty>        Jester I posted something for you

Jun 20 20:08:39 <Usuario_>      +m
Jun 20 20:08:43 <lagooned>      lol!

Jun 20 20:08:44 <Agent_MissKitty>         if yu scroll up

Jun 20 20:08:44 <jester>     okay I am gonna go with nipples

Jun 20 20:08:46 <lagooned>      DM

Jun 20 20:08:49 <kevin_flynn>        jester wouldn't have it any other way.

Jun 20 20:08:50 <chifmevious>        jester: can you auth and use your actual nick from #2600?

Jun 20 20:08:50 <ShadowDXS>          oh fuck you...

Jun 20 20:08:51 <jester>     nipples

Jun 20 20:08:51 <ShadowDXS>          xD

Jun 20 20:08:54 <werdson>       wtf took pastebin down :(

Jun 20 20:08:56 <fiftyninefifty>      is there a real girl in here?

Jun 20 20:08:56 <sd1>      jester: TocketyTick

Jun 20 20:08:59 <jester>     check my tweet

Jun 20 20:09:00 <lagooned>      !!

Jun 20 20:09:02 *   mach facepalm

Jun 20 20:09:02 <Agent_MissKitty>         yes :p

Jun 20 20:09:02 <Damadmada>            imo just posting "it's me" will let us know it's you

Jun 20 20:09:03 <tta>    tweet "I'm here"

Jun 20 20:09:09 <r4nd0m>       i knew this was a mistake.

Jun 20 20:09:13 <Agent_MissKitty>         jester did you see what I said?

Jun 20 20:09:14 <Mitnik>      has anything interesting happened here yet?

Jun 20 20:09:17 <watwatwat>          No what he posts is very important.

Jun 20 20:09:18 <bluesoul120>        r4nd0m, lol

Jun 20 20:09:19 <fiftyninefifty>      wild

Jun 20 20:09:20 <Asherah>      nope
Jun 20 20:09:24 <bluesoul120>           grab a cold one

Jun 20 20:09:29 <chillichomp>       1 in 3 people on this channel are fbi

Jun 20 20:09:31 <Agent_MissKitty> Jester I got the identity of the fake Jester who is an op on Lulzsec
for you:

Jun 20 20:09:33 <r4nd0m>       dude i quit drinking

Jun 20 20:09:36 <kevin_flynn> jester always teaches the importance of security. Us asking him, or
being paranoid, is part of the protocol. Us raising red flags due to the difference in his joining here is
expected, I'd think.

Jun 20 20:09:37 <Agent_MissKitty> I give this to you because I am pretty sure they reported my MSN
and got it flgged for abuse when i didnt do anything wrong

Jun 20 20:09:39 <r4nd0m>       but i think ima gonna start all over again ;-)

Jun 20 20:09:41 <Agent_MissKitty>           I wasn't going to do anything with it was just curiousity... but
since they did that screw them

Jun 20 20:09:42 <Agent_MissKitty>           I wasn't going to do anything with it was just curiousity... but
since they did that screw them

Jun 20 20:09:45 <Agent_MissKitty>           I wasn't going to do anything with it was just curiousity... but
since they did that screw them

Jun 20 20:09:48 <Agent_MissKitty>           I wasn't going to do anything with it was just curiousity... but
since they did that screw them

Jun 20 20:09:51 <kevin_flynn>       Terrible grammar kevin_flynn.

Jun 20 20:09:52 <jester>    is that okay?

Jun 20 20:09:56 <jester>    (nipples)

Jun 20 20:09:59 <macabre>       Favorited that tweet, jester.

Jun 20 20:09:59 <m3z_>      YES

Jun 20 20:10:00 *    chifmevious has kicked Agent_MissKitty from #fuckit (shut the blazes up)

Jun 20 20:10:01 <blkcrwn>      Yup

Jun 20 20:10:01 <w4tch3r>      Legit

Jun 20 20:10:01 <redlegion>       lol

Jun 20 20:10:05 <lagooned>        OH YEAH!
Jun 20 20:10:06 <m3z_>       jester<3

Jun 20 20:10:07 <Mr>       I like the spam.

Jun 20 20:10:07 <chifmevious>          jester: can you auth and use your actual nick from #2600?

Jun 20 20:10:08 <Mr>       It's delicious.

Jun 20 20:10:10 <MikeD>        upvote for the boot

Jun 20 20:10:10 <r4nd0m>           thanks chif

Jun 20 20:10:14 <vltor>     funny, 17,000+ followers just asked themselves "nipples?"

Jun 20 20:10:16 *   pilgrim (~Pilgrim@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:10:17 *   Agent_MissKitty ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:10:19 <ZMoney>           ShadowDXS are you that fat guy in the pic?

Jun 20 20:10:19 <Mr>       I spy with my little eye a redditor?

Jun 20 20:10:20 <jimbo>       nippels indeed

Jun 20 20:10:21 <Agent_MissKitty>            sorry bad pasting

Jun 20 20:10:22 <m3z_>       LOL@v1tor

Jun 20 20:10:27 <tta>     AWESOME

Jun 20 20:10:28 <kevin_flynn>         chifmevious++

Jun 20 20:10:32 <ShadowDXS>           yes ZMoney

Jun 20 20:10:32 <MagicWonderPant>              reddit ftw

Jun 20 20:10:33 <Agent_MissKitty>            I was looking in the scroll for stuff and it seems it was pasting

Jun 20 20:10:37 <godbert>          im with chifmevious

Jun 20 20:10:38 <tta>     its hi

Jun 20 20:10:39 <lagooned>          Lolovation

Jun 20 20:10:40 <tta>     him

Jun 20 20:10:42 <tta>     love it

Jun 20 20:10:54 <jester>      so are we quite happy?
Jun 20 20:10:56 *   h4rp00n ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 20:10:58 <tta>   lol that in the Library of Congress now :P

Jun 20 20:10:59 <Chriscras>   Very!

Jun 20 20:10:59 *   chifmevious sets mode +m #fuckit

Jun 20 20:11:03 <chifmevious>     jester: can you auth and use your actual nick from #2600?

Jun 20 20:11:09 <godbert>     ^

Jun 20 20:11:19 <ShadowDXS>       ^

Jun 20 20:11:26 *   FTDubbs (~ft@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:11:26 *   whitekidney_ (~whitekidn@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:11:47 <chifmevious>     no?

Jun 20 20:11:50 <chifmevious>     I will ask one more time.

Jun 20 20:11:51 <chifmevious>     jester: can you auth and use your actual nick from #2600?

Jun 20 20:11:51 <godbert>     wb ftdubbs

Jun 20 20:11:55 <ShadowDXS>       ^^

Jun 20 20:11:59 <godbert>     ^

Jun 20 20:12:03 *   whitekidney has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 20:12:07 <ShadowDXS>       Jester: just auth here, and end all questions

Jun 20 20:12:57 *   dresden ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:13:06 <godbert>     wb dresden

Jun 20 20:13:11 *   BarrettBrown ( has left

Jun 20 20:13:18 *   Tobiume (~Tobiume@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:13:19 *   muddz ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:13:20 <ShadowDXS>       it would seem i'm not the only one that thinks th3j35t3r's twitter is

Jun 20 20:13:25 *   MagicWonderPant has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Jun 20 20:13:34 *   chifmevious removes channel operator status from jester

Jun 20 20:13:37 <Sonar_Guy>      jester: can you auth and use your actual nick from #2600?

Jun 20 20:13:38 *   bb_ ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:13:40 *   stax has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 20:13:44 <ShadowDXS>          he wont do it

Jun 20 20:13:55 <h00t3r>      not good

Jun 20 20:14:02 <redlegion>     oh...

Jun 20 20:14:04 <redlegion>     shit

Jun 20 20:14:04 *   switched has quit (Quit: fake)

Jun 20 20:14:05 <godbert>      yup shadowdzs

Jun 20 20:14:06 <chatterbox>     uh oh

Jun 20 20:14:09 <chatterbox>     this is bad

Jun 20 20:14:12 <ShadowDXS>          not bad

Jun 20 20:14:17 *   Journalist is now known as Jester-Compromi

Jun 20 20:14:19 <mach>      And there it is.... just what I wanted to see on my twitter stream.

Jun 20 20:14:22 <ShadowDXS>          twitter is just bullshit anyways

Jun 20 20:14:23 *   MagicWonderPant ( has joined

Jun 20 20:14:29 *   lagooned has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Jun 20 20:14:37 <godbert>      yup

Jun 20 20:14:53 <Fighterlegend>        jester: If you are, infact, th3j35t3r, then auth on your wordpress.

Jun 20 20:14:54 *   chatterbox has kicked Jester-Compromi from #fuckit (fail)

Jun 20 20:14:55 *   Beige ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:14:57 <Fighterlegend>        Just to make sure.

Jun 20 20:15:09 <chatterbox>     NO

Jun 20 20:15:10 <godbert>      ^^^^
Jun 20 20:15:10 <ShadowDXS>      there is only three places he can auth

Jun 20 20:15:11 <chatterbox>    I know how to auth

Jun 20 20:15:13 <chatterbox>    jester

Jun 20 20:15:15 *   Jester-Compromi ( has joined

Jun 20 20:15:18 <ShadowDXS>      2600, wordpress and twitter

Jun 20 20:15:19 <chatterbox>    If it's you, what's your fav insult from me

Jun 20 20:15:20 *   chillichomp has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 20:15:25 *   bluesoul120 has kicked Jester-Compromi from #fuckit (Jester-Compromi)

Jun 20 20:15:33 <ShadowDXS>      twitter is easy fake/hack whatever

Jun 20 20:15:38 *   Journalist ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:15:47 *   bb has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 20:15:55 *   n0d ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:15:59 <chifmevious>    I have given you plenty of time.

Jun 20 20:16:13 <chifmevious> my patience runs short - and if you were the real th3j35t3r you
wouldn't have it any other way.

Jun 20 20:16:24 <Sonar_Guy>     chifmevious: agreed

Jun 20 20:16:26 <mach> omfg - how about we just let the poor guy be? Twitter auth is good enough
for a public irc channel, imo. If you're here to trade secrets, you're doing it wrong.

Jun 20 20:16:29 <ShadowDXS>      its kinda hard for him to talk

Jun 20 20:16:31 <godbert>    hes not away is he chifmevious

Jun 20 20:16:32 <ShadowDXS>      xD

Jun 20 20:16:37 *   Sonar_Guy ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 20:16:46 <chifmevious>    he doesn't need to talk. he needs to auth.

Jun 20 20:16:48 <h00t3r>    agreed

Jun 20 20:16:52 <ShadowDXS>      ^
Jun 20 20:16:54 <godbert>     ^

Jun 20 20:16:55 *   Usuario_ has quit (Quit: Saliendo)

Jun 20 20:16:59 *   Lizzard (~Adium@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:17:01 *   jester has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Jun 20 20:17:05 <ShadowDXS>         ^^^^

Jun 20 20:17:05 <godbert>     no reason not to be secure

Jun 20 20:17:06 *   Tim ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 20:17:08 <redlegion>       JIG IS UP

Jun 20 20:17:08 <Fighterlegend>          Watch as the anticipation grows

Jun 20 20:17:10 <redlegion>       lol

Jun 20 20:17:11 <godbert>     ^^^^

Jun 20 20:17:16 <chifmevious>           he is not away, we are talking via PM.

Jun 20 20:17:20 *   h00t3r ( has left #fuckit (Leaving)

Jun 20 20:17:26 <ShadowDXS>         O_o

Jun 20 20:17:27 <redlegion>       jester has quit

Jun 20 20:17:31 *   macabre has quit (Quit: the jig is up)

Jun 20 20:17:31 <godbert>     whats up chifmevious

Jun 20 20:17:34 <ShadowDXS>         this is bullshit

Jun 20 20:17:37 <chatterbox>       Thank you redlegion caption obvious

Jun 20 20:17:39 *   ShadowDXS ( has left #fuckit (Leaving)

Jun 20 20:17:43 <redlegion>       chatterbox...

Jun 20 20:17:48 <chatterbox>       LOL

Jun 20 20:17:48 <redlegion>       that's nuts

Jun 20 20:17:52 <chatterbox>       What is

Jun 20 20:17:55 *   Mothman ( has joined
Jun 20 20:18:01 <redlegion>       chatterbox: i knew something was fucked when he op'd me

Jun 20 20:18:03 -chifmevious/#fuckit- until further notice it is safe to assume that jester is not the real
th3j35t3r, and that his twitter has been compromised.

Jun 20 20:18:03 <mach> You asked for it, you got it, then wouldn't accept it. @th3j35t3r umm - I
know its riduculous, however necessary: nipples.

Jun 20 20:18:04 <redlegion>       lmfao

Jun 20 20:18:19 *   x0x is now known as lulz

Jun 20 20:18:19 <Fighterlegend>       20:17:48] th3j35t3r's server: - Mon Jun 20
14:12:16 2011

Jun 20 20:18:23 <Fighterlegend>       last time logged in on th3j35t3r

Jun 20 20:18:25 <chatterbox>       redlegion he knows you though

Jun 20 20:18:33 *   kevin_flynn ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 20:18:37 <redlegion>       baaarrreeeelly

Jun 20 20:18:49 <godbert>     + fighterlegend

Jun 20 20:18:49 <redlegion>       i dunno

Jun 20 20:18:52 *   Sonar_Gal ( has left #fuckit (Vote Bob

Jun 20 20:18:52 *   Cosmos has quit ()

Jun 20 20:18:59 *   chifmevious sets mode -m #fuckit

Jun 20 20:19:01 <RyanDunn>         LOL YOU DUMB FUCKS! I'M DYING HERE..LITERALLY

Jun 20 20:19:07 *   wiggly snuggles Fighterlegend

Jun 20 20:19:09 *   RyanDunn has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

Jun 20 20:19:10 <Mr>     GOOD

Jun 20 20:19:19 <Chriscras>       what the hell just happend?

Jun 20 20:19:21 <Mr>     So... this was a waste of time?

Jun 20 20:19:22 <f0rpaxe> <3

Jun 20 20:19:23 <mach>      brb
Jun 20 20:19:27 *   h3iskh39zxjj ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 20:19:30 <Chriscras>        did Jester really get hacked?

Jun 20 20:19:43 <LinneT>      lol:S:S

Jun 20 20:19:44 *   bb_ has quit (Quit: done)

Jun 20 20:19:44 <Damadmada>             who knows

Jun 20 20:19:46 <mach>       no

Jun 20 20:19:55 <fedlet>     u-huh

Jun 20 20:19:56 <chifmevious>         Until he is able to auth, then yes.

Jun 20 20:19:59 <Chriscras>        So his own mods just booted him from chat?

Jun 20 20:20:01 <m3z_>       jester, update your woredpress

Jun 20 20:20:02 <gholers>         no Chriscras he did not get hacked

Jun 20 20:20:08 *   bb ( has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:20:09 *   Buddha ( has joined

Jun 20 20:20:10 <Kitty>     The definition of "hack" sure gets more and more abstract as the years go on.

Jun 20 20:20:23 *   gholers has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jun 20 20:20:23 <Mr>      I HACKED MY DOG, GUYS.

Jun 20 20:20:26 <Chriscras>        Well if his twitter account is compromised I think that counts as a

Jun 20 20:20:28 *   superevr has quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.4)

Jun 20 20:20:28 <fiftyninefifty>      looks like his twitter account was broken into

Jun 20 20:20:29 <m3z_>       LMAO

Jun 20 20:20:32 <redlegion>         indeed

Jun 20 20:20:33 <lulz>     lulz

Jun 20 20:20:34 *   thetounge (~tounge@ has joined #fuckit

Jun 20 20:20:35 <lulz>     lulz
Jun 20 20:20:37 *   redlegion sets mode +m #fuckit

Jun 20 20:20:44 *   pilgrim (~Pilgrim@ has left #fuckit

Jun 20 20:20:59 *   fedlet ( has left #fuckit

Jun 20 20:21:03 *   m3z_ has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Jun 20 20:21:10 <r4nd0m>     yawn

Jun 20 20:21:13 *   aion has quit (Quit: aion)

Jun 20 20:21:20 <r4nd0m>     feel like booting people. i mean trolls.

Jun 20 20:21:28 *   pr0zac has quit (Quit: leaving)

Jun 20 20:21:29 <Fighterlegend>        ^lol

Jun 20 20:21:37 <r4nd0m>     no really, FL

Jun 20 20:21:41 <bluesoul120>     r4nd0m, let's make like old times dear?

Jun 20 20:21:48 *   Nightw4tch3r has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

Jun 20 20:21:49 <r4nd0m>     mmmmwwaaahhhhhhh!

Jun 20 20:21:52 <bluesoul120>     :)

Jun 20 20:21:57 <chifmevious> Until further notice it is safe to assume that jester is not the real
th3j35t3r, and that his twitter has been compromised.

**** ENDING LOGGING AT Mon Jun 20 20:23:55 2011

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