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					                                                   University of Alabama
                                                      at Birmingham
                                                           1530 Third Avenue South
                                                         Birmingham, AL 35294-1150

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a four-year public university in Jefferson County. UAB has over 17,000
students, with 84% from Alabama and 75% full-time. The school operates on a semester system and is accredited by the
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

                   Admissions and Housing                                                2011–2012 Estimated In-State Costs

Admissions:         UAB Undergraduate Admission                               Tuition & fees             $5,980
                    HUC 260                                                   Room & board               $9,714
                    1530 Third Avenue South
                    Birmingham, AL 35294-1150                                 Payment plan(s): Yes

                    Phone: (205) 934-8221                                                       2011–2012 Financial Aid
                    Fax: (205) 975-7114
                    E-mail:                            Financial aid:        UAB Financial Aid
                                                                                                    HUC 317
Campus tours: Phone: (800) 421-8743 or (205) 934-9098                                               1530 Third Avenue South
                                                                                                    Birmingham AL 35294-1150
Admission requirements: Minimum 2.25 GPA in academic
courses and 20 composite ACT or 950 composite SAT. 4 years                                          Phone: (205) 934-8223
English, 3 years science (including 2 lab), 3 years social studies, 3                               Fax: (205) 934-8941
years math (Algebra I or higher) and 1 year foreign language.                                       E-mail:

Application deadlines:        Fall semester: May 1                            Grants:
                              Spring semester: November 1                     __ Alabama Student                      ✔	 Federal Pell
                              Summer semester: April 15                       ✔	 Alabama Student Assistance           ✔	 Federal SEOG

Housing:           StudentHousing                                             Scholarships:
                   101 Denman Hall                                            ✔ American Legion Auxiliary             ✔ American Legion
                   Birmingham, AL 35294-1230                                  ✔	 Other: Institutional aid

                   Phone: (205) 934-2092                                      Conversion scholarships/loans:
                   Fax: (205) 975-7297                                        ✔ Alabama Nursing Scholarship  ✔	 Federal TEACH Grant
                   Email address:
                   Web:                                   Loans:
                                                                              ✔	 Federal PLUS                         ✔	 Federal Perkins
Residence halls are available for housing. Residence halls have               ✔	 Federal Stafford
Internet access. Freshmen may have cars on campus and may live
off campus.                                                                   Other:
                                                                              ✔	 Alabama National Guard Assist.       ✔	 Federal Work-Study
Pre-enrollment fees and deposits:                                             ✔	 Police Officer’s/Firefighter’s       ✔	 ROTC
Application for admission: $30 (Nonrefundable)                                   Survivor’s Ed. Assistance            ✔ VA Benefits
Enrollment fee: $150 (Nonrefundable)
Housing application: $25 (Nonrefundable)                                      Required financial aid applications:
Housing deposit: $250 (Refundable until May 31)                               ✔	 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
                                                                              ✔	 Institutional form
                                                                              Federal school code (for FAFSA): 001052
University of Alabama at Birmingham offers bachelor’s, master’s,
doctoral and progressional degrees. See page 129 for a complete               Students receiving financial aid: 68%
list of degree programs. Special programs include accelerated
program, honors program and study abroad.                                     Financial aid application deadlines for freshmen:
                                                                              Priority deadline: March 1
                         Online Services                                      Scholarship deadline: December 1

Website information/forms: Admission application, housing                     For more information, visit
application, campus directory, campus map/tour, catalog,
academic calendar and course schedule

Online submission: Admission application, housing
application, course registration, credit card payment, housing and
info/material request

KHEAA–Alabama                                                           101                                                    Getting In 2011–2012

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