2 Simple Procedures to Change Flash to Flash Video

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					2 Simple Procedures to Change Flash to Flash Video

Although the slide of Adobe Flash is definitely a well-known

storyline, it does smaller hurt to the prominence of Flash file in

entertaining domains. Till now, Flash movie is actually extensively

applied in diverse grounds such as web-based games and even

online video observing. As a result, the marketplace is definitely

trying to uncover fantastic Adobe Flash options to guide end users

enjoy Flash movies flawlessly. But, Flash is certainly so different that

it fails to be supported by almost all mainstream players or even

video editing apps. Consequently, the transformation from Flash to

Flash video seems really necessary.

In actual fact, switching Flash to FLV is certainly of superb gains to

buyers. To begin with, end users are able to take pleasure from the

helpful Flash movie along with good friends by posting it to YouTube

right after the transformation. For another, buyers seem to be

authorized to revise the Flash movie with simple editors such as

Movie Maker right after the transformation. Whilst one can find lots

of good Flash SWF to FLV conversion software in the segment,

nearly all of them cost. Consequently, a few free techniques on

switching Flash to Flash video will be included here to guide buyers
far better take pleasure in the fun of Flash SWF.

Method 1: Convert Flash using Screencast-O-Matic

Just as an experienced screen recorder, Screencast-O-Matic allows

consumers to acquire everything on the display at ease. Additionally,

Screencast-O-Matic not merely lets end users to establish the

output format of the documented video as FLV/MP4/AVI/GIF data

file, but in addition add the recorded video to YouTube straightaway.

For this reason, below is actually the plan of switching Flash to FLV

video using Screencast-O-Matic. Owners are able to capture those

web-based or offline Adobe Flash together with this specific display

screen recorder and next conserve the recorded video as FLV video.

The First Step: Acquire and even release Screencast-O-Matic, open

up the Flash movie one hopes to switch to FLV video and next open

up the movie recording app. Specify the recording board to the

ideal dimension of the Flash file.

Step 2: Just click "Start" button or even push "Alt+P" keys to start

the documenting method. Just as the Flash file completes, just click

"Done" button to end the documenting.
The Third Step: Please click "Publish to Video File" and next fix the

output data file as FLV video in the list of "Video Type". After that,

click "Save Video" key to start the transformation from Adobe Flash

to FLV. Yet, end users must put up with the annoying black markup

when they fail to get the appropriate documenting dimension.

The Second Method: Convert Flash using conversion programs

Given that it happens to be not an effortless job to get a powerful

and free Flash to FLV converter, the following tactic will introduce

customers how you can deal with the transformation in a quick

method using zero cost conversion programs. End users only need

to turn Flash movie to 3GP video using Moyea SWF to 3GP

Converter and then turn the 3GP data file to FLV video using Moyea

Video4Web Converter. Though the procedure happens to be very

complex, it will deliver customers reasonable FLV video.

The First Step: Get and even release Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter.

Open up it and even click "Input" tab and select "From Folder"

option in the list of "Browser…" to input offline Flash file.
Step 2: Click "Export" tab and next fix the Flash movie to 3GP video

in the list of "Style". And then, click "Convert" tab to get into

matching screen where end users can easily handle the

transformation from Flash movie to 3GP video.

The Third Step: Get and then release Moyea Video4Web Converter.

Open up it and then input the 3GP video using "Add Video Files"

option in the list of "File".

Step Four: Establish the output video as FLV file in the list of

"Profile". And just click "Edit" button to get into Video Edit screen

where buyers are able to wipe out the black markup of the video

using "Crop" tab.

Step Five: And then, click Convert option to handle the conversion

practice from 3GP to FLV. After the conversion process ceases,

buyers have managed switching Flash file to FLV.

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Description: Though there are plenty of decent SWF to FLV converters in the market, most of them charge. Therefore, two free methods on converting Flash to Flash video will be covered here to help users better enjoy the fun of Flash movies.