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For the third knockout blow against Arizona law enforcement, we decided to get

destructive. We're defacing eight AZ Fraternal Order of Police websites and

releasing a master list of over 1200 officer's usernames, passwords, and email

addresses. Additionally we are leaking hundreds of private FOP documents and

several more mail spools belonging to FOP presidents, vice presidents,

secretaries, a police chief, and the FOP Labor Council executive directory and

webmaster whose insecure web development skills was responsible for this whole

mess. We're doing this not only because we are opposed to SB1070 and the racist

Arizona police state, but because we want a world free from police, prisons and

politicians altogether.

In this batch of emails we found more racist email chain emails, including

Springerville's police chief Mike Nuttal forwarding jokes about torturing

"ragheads". FOP president Brandon L Musgrave was also forwarding anti-muslim

emails while also purchasing large amounts of guns, so we're dumping his paypal

and credit card information as well. Other drama includes internal arguments

over FOP positions, disputes over arrested FOP member Michelle Preiss, lots of

crude anti-Obama jokes, and lots lots more. Amusingly we also were reading James
Mann's emails as they were discussing the AZDPS hacks and struggling to send out

press releases explaining why they had a sex offender in their FOP ranks.

Initially James changed all his passwords and pulled the AZFOP sites down out of

fear of impending hacker attacks, but there is no stopping the kind of chaos we

bring upon all those who cross our path.

Truth be told we've been passing around this password list amongst our black hat

comrades for a while now. Much to our amusement we've been reading everybody's

emails looking for dirt and personal info, while leaking bits and pieces to

expose and instill fear into the crooked cops of Arizona. However the list

proved to be too great, and now we are seeking community assistance in going

through everybody's inbox to retrieve and expose their secrets. Go forth and

bring mayhem to the lives of these corrupt officers, and tell us what you find

on #antisec.

Let this third and crushing blow against Arizona police send a strong message to

the ruling class around the world. You will no longer be able to operate your

campaign of terror against immigrants and working people in secrecy: we will

find you, expose you, and knock you off the internet. Many lulz have been had

while we purposefully strung you along slowly and painfully for the past two

weeks. We know exactly what we're doing, so think twice before considering

crossing us.

Hackers of the world, join us as we resist against the governments and

corporations of the world, for there is enough bounty for everybody aboard the
good ship #antisec.


 the dox!!!


James C Mann

Webmaster for,,,,,,, and

Emails: pass: 0418so418 (login at pass: 0418so418 pass: 0418so418 pass: 0418so418 (login at account: p: 0418so418 account: p: 0418so418 p: 0418so418

Brandon L Musgrave


Passwords: bmusgra1, popo23dba

Address: 11536 W. Stone Mound Dr. / Marana, AZ 85653

Cellphone: 520 505 1099 Work phone: 520 343 1609

Wife: Jennifer Musgrave - (520) 991-4697

Paypal:, bmusgra1
Gmail: popo23dba p: bmusgra1 email: user: bmusgra1 pass: popo23dba

     login here:

Mastercard: 5458 8390 6490 8137 Exp 9/12 cvv3: 359

      Brandon L Musgrave

Lorraine Thompson

Immediate Past President of Tucson FOP


Passwords: lt23494, april2009

Facebook:, lt23494, Lorraine Thompson


Phone: (520) 256-9397

Irma Price

Secretary for Tucson FOP


Password: detective2001

Login at:

Mike Nuttal, Police Chief


Password:, barneyf
Michael Horn

Secretary/Treasurer for FOP Lodge #73


Password: lgh806

Address: 39520 N. Rolling Green Ct. / Anthem, AZ 85086


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08 price sheet.pdf

Childcare Receipt 020711.pdf

DM airman admits stealing military weapons.doc

Debt Settlement Letter 2.docx

IMG_0633 (480x640).jpg


July Report.doc

Musgrave GPAL Questionnaire.pdf

Safewatch Pro 3000 Installation Manual.pdf









Bylaws (Updated Dec 2010).doc

Campaign Contract Street.pdf

Letter to Retiree.doc

Member about to retire.doc

Street Qualifications and experience.pdf


2011 Lodge Officer Roster.pdf

Constitution --Amendment, State President to be Natl. Trustee.doc

FOP e-card.jpg




Santas Helpers.jpg


# 13---State Trustee Report.docx

# 58---Annual Report.doc



















05-12-08 Agr X CFLTucson Metro FOP.pdf


2011 AZ National Trustee Report.doc


















AZCOPS Legal Plan Information.docx





Application Number Section.doc




Barack Obama has awakened a sleeping nation.doc





Chef Irvine.docx





FOP Conference 2005 001.jpg

FOP Conference 2005 017.jpg

FOP Point Control 101.ppt








Hawley Saturday.docx




IRS W-9 form.pdf








Moneris credit cards 07.doc












Pima County vs Cochise County.xls



Sgt. at Arms Report --June 2011.doc

Skip to Central Content.doc









Tucson Metro FOP 2007 denver) spring ( sent to client).doc





pima county.doc



ACCENTBoard Meeting Minutes 10-19-10.docx


Final model policy 062410.doc


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License plate flyer[1].pdf        142 KB PDF File

PersonnelReform.pdf      647 KB PDF File


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08 FOP Endorsements.pdf          120 KB PDF File

0802GeneralMeeting.pdf           0 bytes PDF File

08ArpoReunionDinner.pdf          230 KB PDF File

08Assofundraiser.pdf   68 KB PDF File

08AugDbackFopday.pdf 297 KB PDF File

08augGeneralMeeting.pdf          0 bytes PDF File

08AuxRunWalk.pdf       20 KB PDF File

08azcpcruise.pdf       131 KB PDF File

08Beneficiary.pdf      54 KB PDF File

08castlesandcoastersflyer.pdf 118 KB PDF File

08Contreras.pdf        883 KB PDF File

08D-Backticket.pdf     1067 KB              PDF File

08dbackAug19.pdf       1082 KB              PDF File

08ESMDiscountGuide.pdf           116 KB PDF File

08Figueroa.pdf 305 KB PDF File

08FOP2ALCappjuly.pdf 87 KB PDF File

08FOPALCLaborTraining.pdf        153 KB PDF File

08FOPAscholarshipform.pdf        70 KB PDF File

08fopidol.pdf   1232 KB          PDF File

08fopidol2.pdf 686 KB PDF File
08Healthforheroes.pdf 3783 KB                PDF File

08IdolDoc.pdf 1924 KB             PDF File

08JanEsmCabin Winter2.pdf         135 KB PDF File

08JanEsmCabinWinterVacFINAL.indd.pdf                    257 KB PDF File

08Julycalendar.pdf       42 KB PDF File

08JulyChiro.pdf 93 KB PDF File

08julyGeneralMeeting.pdf          0 bytes PDF File

08JuneGeneralMeeting.pdf          0 bytes PDF File

08kerryflyer.pdf         364 KB PDF File

08Kristi Benefit Flyer.pdf        963 KB PDF File

08Kristibenefit.pdf      963 KB PDF File

08Lodge2golfland.pdf 252 KB PDF File

08MarchESMDiscountGuide.pdf 110 KB PDF File

08MarchRetirement.pdf             17 KB PDF File

08MarchSpecialsforESMMembers.pdf 415 KB PDF File

08Nov general Meetingabv.pdf 19 KB PDF File

08Oct General MeetingAbv.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

08ParkingspotFOPPHXflyer.pdf 571 KB PDF File

08rattlersPublicSafetyNight.jpg 168 KB JPEG Image

08RetirInvite.pdf        18 KB PDF File

08ribsflyer.pdf 53 KB PDF File

08Ride.pdf      152 KB PDF File

08Scott letter.doc       92 KB Wordpad Document

08Scott.pdf     33 KB PDF File

08Sept General Meetingabv.pdf 19 KB PDF File
08September Calendar.pdf         51 KB PDF File

08SeptEsmDiscount Guide - 9-08.pdf       120 KB PDF File

08StateAssoCruise.pdf 1185 KB            PDF File

08SteelFlyer.pdf       59 KB PDF File

08SteelRaffle.pdf      200 KB PDF File

08stpatsday.pdf88 KB PDF File

08ufc92.pdf    71 KB PDF File

09 Constitutionand By-Laws 2009 (Revised 4-14-09).pdf 95 KB PDF File

09 Coy.pdf     405 KB PDF File

09 ESM Discount Guide.pdf        117 KB PDF File

09 March ESM Changes.pdf         24 KB PDF File

09 MENU(REV 01-26-09).pdf        44 KB PDF File

09 Sep General MeetingAbv.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

0906 General MeetingAbv.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

0907 General Meetingabv.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

0907Howeflyer.pdf      257 KB PDF File

0908GeneralMeetingabv.pdf        0 bytes PDF File

0908PresidentLetter.pdf          36 KB PDF File

09AFLAC.pdf    22 KB PDF File

09AprilGeneralMeetingAbv.pdf 17 KB PDF File

09BarryBowl.pdf        58 KB PDF File

09danceatfop.pdf       55 KB PDF File

09DecCoy.pdf 402 KB PDF File

09DecGenMeeting.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

09FallenOfficerFundO.pdf         51 KB PDF File
09FallenOfficerFundP.pdf        51 KB PDF File

09FebCoy.pdf 642 KB PDF File

09FebGeneralMeetingAbv.pdf 18 KB PDF File

09Glendalevivianagun.pdf        78 KB PDF File

09Glendalviviana.pdf   1755 KB            PDF File

09hb2343p.pdf 20 KB PDF File

09HealthCareMemo.PDF            111 KB PDF File

09HealthCareMemo.rtf 2730 KB              Rich Text Document

09LodgeFunDay.pdf      130 KB PDF File

09MarchGeneralMeetingAbv.pdf              20 KB PDF File

09MayGeneralMeetingAbv.pdf 20 KB PDF File

09Menu Lounge 100709.pdf        45 KB PDF File

09NationalNews41509.pdf         530 KB PDF File

09newyears.pdf230 KB PDF File

09NovGeneralMeetingAbv.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

09PoliceReportOnGatesArrest.pdf           235 KB PDF File

09RalphFlyer.pdf       72 KB PDF File

09RightToSurvive.pdf   137 KB PDF File

09UFC0221Fight.pdf     50 KB PDF File

10 10-7 cafe breakfast.pdf      50 KB PDF File

10 10-7 cafe lunch.pdf 51 KB PDF File

10 April General Meeting Abv.pdf          19 KB PDF File

10 April General Meetingabv.pdf           19 KB PDF File

10 AugGenAbv.pdf       0 bytes PDF File

10 Career.pdf 70 KB PDF File
10 castlesandcoastersflyer.pdf 130 KB PDF File

10 celebrityorder.pdf   250 KB PDF File

10 collinsdinner.pdf    306 KB PDF File

10 Enjoined1070.pdf     107 KB PDF File

10 FarmersPfister.pdf   55 KB PDF File

10 FebGenMeetingAbv.pdf           0 bytes PDF File

10 gammage.pdf          142 KB PDF File

10 HarrisMurphyLetter.pdf         231 KB PDF File

10 HR 413.pdf 33 KB PDF File

10 JulyGeneralMeetingABV.pdf 18 KB PDF File

10 Legal Plan2.pdf      112 KB PDF File

10 MarchGeneralMeetingabv.pdf              0 bytes PDF File

10 May General Meeting Abv.pdf             18 KB PDF File

10 NationwideFlier.pdf 155 KB PDF File

10 parkingspot.pdf      31 KB PDF File

10 PBR.pdf      440 KB PDF File

10 presidentsletterjuly.pdf       34 KB PDF File

10 SailAway.pdf 107 KB PDF File

10 SeptGenAbv.pdf       0 bytes PDF File

10 SHAME ON WHO.pdf151 KB PDF File

10 wubkerletter.pdf     0 bytes PDF File

10-14-08 General Meeting.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

1007Erfle Benefit Flyer.pdf       1235 KB            PDF File

10807GenMeetingAbv.pdf            0 bytes PDF File

10Adopt Fallen Officer.pdf        116 KB PDF File
10APOMRunApplication.pdf         46 KB PDF File

10Auxapplication.pdf   9 KB      PDF File

10BudgetHearings.pdf 20 KB PDF File

10christmasflyer.pdf   149 KB PDF File

10CoyNight.pdf 235 KB PDF File

10DecGeneralMeetingAbv.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

10ESM Discount Guide.pdf         67 KB PDF File

10FOPKFYIRunt.pdf      74 KB PDF File

10FOPNewMemberApplication11.pdf             42 KB PDF File

10GlobeFOP.pdf         508 KB PDF File

10JanGeneralMeetingAbv.pdf 18 KB PDF File

10JuneGenMeetingAbv.pdf          17 KB PDF File

10JuneMenu.pdf         36 KB PDF File

10LodgeFunDayJan.pdf 196 KB PDF File

10LodgeFunDaySummer.pdf          129 KB PDF File

10MAINMENU.pdf         40 KB PDF File

10NAPSCski.pdf 681 KB PDF File

10NationalNewsletter9a.pdf       189 KB PDF File

10NicholsBenefit.pdf   32 KB PDF File

10NovEntertainment.pdf           226 KB PDF File

10NovGeneralMeetingAbv.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

10outervest.pdf546 KB PDF File

10ParadiseCarwash.pdf 154 KB PDF File

10PresidenLetter2.pdf 40 KB PDF File

10PresidentLetter.pdf 64 KB PDF File
10PresidentLetterMarch.pdf       64 KB PDF File

10PresidentLetterOctober012010.pdf        34 KB PDF File

10SanZoo.pdf 54 KB PDF File

11 Bullisflyer.pdf      113 KB PDF File

111207GenMeetingAbv.pdf          21 KB PDF File

1175badgeorderform.pdf           76 KB PDF File

11code7specials.pdf     259 KB PDF File

11esmguidefop2.pdf      72 KB PDF File

11Febgeneralabv1.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

11fop2golf.pdf 307 KB PDF File

11FOPTemplateTransactions.pdf             60 KB PDF File

11FOPVerizonAOLTemplate.pdf 60 KB PDF File

11FOPVerizonPlan.pdf 123 KB PDF File

11GenMeetingMarch.pdf            15 KB PDF File

11Happyhour.pdf         134 KB PDF File

11JanGeneralAbv.pdf     15 KB PDF File

11MayGeneralMeetingabv.pdf 15 KB PDF File

11MonthlyCalendar.pdf 110 KB PDF File

11presidentletter.pdf   34 KB PDF File

11rattlersfop.pdf       483 KB PDF File

11springtraining.pdf    1733 KB           PDF File

11trusteenewsletter.pdf          135 KB PDF File

12-20-09FOP2.pdf        38 KB PDF File

121007 GenMeetingAbv.pdf         23 KB PDF File

2006GOLFSPONSORSHIPFORM.pdf               105 KB PDF File
2006GOLFSPONSORSHIPletter.pdf             41 KB PDF File

2006GOLFTOURNJUL30.pdf            114 KB PDF File

2007FOPHalloween.pdf 68 KB PDF File

2007MotorReunionFlier.pdf         288 KB PDF File

2007octgolf.pdf 213 KB PDF File

2007Santaletter.pdf    146 KB PDF File

2007Santaorder.pdf     0 bytes PDF File

2008114GeneralMeetingabv.pdf              17 KB PDF File

200812GenMtgAbv.pdf 24 KB PDF File

2008superbowl.pdf      3293 KB            PDF File

200901GeneralMtgAbv.pdf           18 KB PDF File

2009FOPGun.pdf         42 KB PDF File

31008GeneralMeetingAbv.pdf 22 KB PDF File

41408GeneralMeeting.pdf           0 bytes PDF File

51208GeneralMeetingAbv.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

51407GenMeetingAbv.pdf            0 bytes PDF File

51407GenMeetingAbv1.pdf           0 bytes PDF File

607GeneralMeetingA.pdf            0 bytes PDF File

61107GeneralMeetingAbv.pdf 0 bytes PDF File

6_19_2010ALCLegalPackage.pdf              22 KB PDF File

7907GeneralMeetingAbv.pdf         0 bytes PDF File

8607GeneralMeeting.pdf            16 KB PDF File

91707GeneralMeetingAbv.pdf 17 KB PDF File

ACH_deposit_slips.pdf 67 KB PDF File

AdminCodeFlyer.txt     99 bytes           Text Document
AdminCodeGraphic.txt 164 bytes             Text Document

ALCbenefits.pdf 138 KB PDF File

Arizona Labor Council Application.pdf      21 KB PDF File 36983 KB             WinRAR ZIP archive

BrianHoweluncheon.pdf              155 KB PDF File

Christmas breakfast flyer 07.psd3587 KB               PSD File

COLEscholarshipapp2007.pdf         0 bytes PDF File

cortezflyer.pdf 666 KB PDF File

dbackseating.pdf        980 KB PDF File

Document.rtf     1 KB   Rich Text Document

email link in article.rtf 258 bytes        Rich Text Document

ErfleFlyer.pdf   196 KB PDF File

error msg.rtf    463 bytes         Rich Text Document

Flyer_Moss_Fundraiser.pdf          171 KB PDF File

FOP Lodge 2 Membership App 110109.pdf                 70 KB PDF File     1536 KB           WinRAR ZIP archive

FOP2 By-Laws Aug 2008.pdf          78 KB PDF File

FOP2ALC Application0610.pdf 54 KB PDF File

Fop2ALCFillInApp032008.pdf         66 KB PDF File

FOP2Arizona Labor Council Application.pdf             21 KB PDF File

FOP2Arizona Labor Council Application110109.pdf                  50 KB PDF File

FOP2Arizona Labor Council Application3272008.pdf                 21 KB PDF File

FOP2ArizonaLaborCouncilApplication2008.pdf 21 KB PDF File


FOPMerchandise.pdf      2513 KB            PDF File
FopOrderchecks.pdf      217 KB PDF File

Friday nights.rtf 0 bytes Rich Text Document

HierarchyFOPALC.pdf     201 KB PDF File

Howe Gun flye1.doc      1266 KB           Wordpad Document 5264 KB        WinRAR ZIP archive

K9Trials Flyer 08.pdf   72 KB PDF File

Kowalczyk.pdf 85 KB PDF File

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last but certainly not least, usernames and passwords for 1200 FOP members!!!


fraternal ownage of police (A) /// (E), buster, Coe Mitchell, , Auditor, hacastillo, Hector Castillo, bubbies1, Kim Jones, bustaboy, John Ortolano, azfop32, Lynn Ideus, fop1970, Lee Stepherson, Chaplain, Robert Mitchell, connie01, Paul Swietek, 6250, Richard "RT" Smith, bright, Sandra Othon, susan4570, Sue LeHew, starbucks, Tanya Veach, 031021, terri westsik

jconnellaz, ag0l0dge58, Jim Connell

kirstenkane, Kirsten34KANE, Kirsten Kane, nalabear2, Chuck Falstad, sam78, Barry Wincentsen, laceeg12, Mary Emmert, mojave33, John Leivas, crawford234, Daniel Crawford

EL.DUTCHMAN97@GMAIL.COM, rc51xd4097, ROLAND GUTIERREZ, 4260, Eric Teague, fop175, Richard Andersen, 160944, Marvin Harris, 1957, Lyle Tiffany, MARIJANE1, BRAD HOLDWAY, bhcpd091985, John Crary, hoag204, Jesse Hoag, tristan, thomas ferris, kansas, Michael Newman, houdini1, Paul Holstine, rcs4245, Robert Sheridan

rholstrom, andrew, Robin Holstrom, , Velma Patterson, officer237, Erik Burt, patriotking, Robert Trebes, a03231981, Andy Sevillano, bridget, Huna Smith, patrol353, Andrew Anderson, , Les, mirecki2, Michael Dorsett, Adam2013, Adam Mercier, redhat, Rusty Smith, ea1mon, David Cates, patriot, Lee Patterson, azdps1977, ALLAN PLATTS, NegotatorDan4385, Dan Palmer, ranger, Andy Dobis, tamara2002, Angelo Trujillo, marine, Anita Schneider, red12345, HERIBERTO MANJARRES, runner, Eric Anspach, ftnirish3, Jack Johnson, 709, Arthur J. Levario Jr., police1944, Alfred Vacca, safeway56, Brandon White, redirednaRC, Allan Erickson, ajo2107, alan olson, Boxster, Faith Morgan, FP03191, Bill Westsik, dabebe, Jaime Escobedo, azrey3579, Annette Reyes-Miller, mackk133, charles galarneau, jttf4763, BRIAN MCDONALD

BA4287@AOL.COM, 4287fop, Bruce Flickinger, badboy, William Rogers, mocha#08, Robert Bailey, froggs, Caroline Walker, beamer, Bill Whalen, bab350, Ballard Bullion, matt1, bruce campbell, azdps6247, Bryce Davis, B6665d3049, Bryan Shields, 21030600, Barry Maerker, 8744, Bernard Klarkowski, Fopche670, Bert Cheney, shadow01, Bradford Tenney, viking, Austin Eckhardt, hugo33, Bart Massey, 1barney2, Chris Bowes, fortres1, Edgar Bissonnette, Command, Bernard Stefaniak, azdps1244, Brett Thomas, wencran36, Wendall Crandell, kimcam41, Cameron Weidenbach, 65cobra, Richard Campbell, 904375, bruce campbell, nascar, Chad Hale, inyourmirror, Cam Siewert, raider69, Chris Griffith, Bailey99, Corey Smith, aaljcj, Larry Verdugo, , CHRIS TALLEY, nelch0873, christopher nelson, azhp6569, Brian Clark, police, Claudia Schmitz, spanner2004, Charles Main, sam2009, Carl Cooper, family1, craig martin, belot1, Alan Nelson, midwest62, Cindy Finley, fop32, Charlie Serino, amostex, Charles Springstun, matthew, Christopher Trombatore, DE365sailor, Tom Alexander, hyrume13, Hyrum D'Addabbo, 8762USMC, Vicente Figueroa, riley6199, Darien Chavez, , Daniel Auditor

DAVES99@COX.NET, 27171sE, dave stephenson, carson9653, jason christie, 32713271, Daniel Mitchell, dps5664, Dean Chase, djc2923, Daniel Cordova, arizona#1, Davis Coughanour, @r0thr0n, David Demlong, David2747, David Denlinger, sammey3778, Jeff King, diane01, jeff webb, eweaver, David Felix, 24572048, Diane Bruce, brooklyn, Daniel Lugo, qaz78963, Dean McMains, dennis1959, Dennis McNulty, azdps953, Daniel (Danny) Morales, magpie3689, Douglas F Briggs, 1659abcd, Andy Miller, motorman6, Michael Grzybowski, t9698, terry thomson, dps633, Norm Beasley, danielle, Rodney Covey, tata1268, David Sanchez, bair6260, Ryan Bair, ps6286, Daniel Scott, bunit34, darren holweger, bubba1, Dave Thompson, ps6286, Daniel Scott, du2092, Donald Uhles, ralph, Darren Winters, brady, Darren Winters, meldan, Daniel Collins, jeff001, Jeff Eavenson, cocacola, john gigous, k9azfop, Clarence Rogers

EDPOLK@JUNO.COM, AA2P, EDWARD M. POLK, wuntoo3, Frank Griego, wuntoo3, Eloyed Griego, wuntoo3, Eloyed Frank Griego, gbnx8511, Norman Jones, mcneill5293, edward mcneill, police1, Eric Swanson, stanley25, Erich Buckwalter, azdps556, Estevan Roman, sara2002, Tomasz Frankowski, Radio1, Ed Warren, lawman82, Eric Weaver, lawman82, Eric Weaver, kilo10zero, Eric Weaver, gabe08, Ezekiel Zesiger, godsmack, Anthony Falcone, lawdog69, Hector Castillo, xoji9915, Frederick Vacca, nana1dog, fermin torrez

fixedwingpilot, pamela5, Jim Aye, REX1010, NANCY SHIMMEL, rrb0460, Robert Bloss, motor1091, Frank Shankwitz, azdps6848, Fred Puntoriero, 2007taho, fermin torrez, cap104cc, John (AKA Tony) McFarland, dakota1, Frank Wilson, Misha1, Gary Phelps, ib0320, Gary Ross, 12345, Gary Ciminski, dm7178, Richard Gear, yumaps01, gemi armijo, fopazhsfop, Victor McCraw, buck203, Gary Richardson, trooper, Jack Jarvis, trooper, Jack Jarvis, ranger, Gregory Loewen, mother, Joel Barnett, ranger, Gregory Loewen, , Gregory LeMoine, gvsass6, Greg Goodson, g2822840, Geoffrey Jacobs, anorexickp, Kimberly Penunuri, arizona, Kyle Creager, AZDPS6846, Hugh Grant, ironcouch10, Jeffery Hawkins, Jerome, Ronald Butters, hl85648, Horacio Lomeli, dpsram3416, Ritchie Martinez, bailey, corey smith, bowhunter, James Haas, daley, Iven Wooten, 8664, jason gibbs, reaper154, Jeffrey Richardson, LeCnslr, James Warriner, boomer2047, Jim Wade, Phily1304, Philip McCabe, jbarcelo5804, John Barcello, fishman, James Woodhull, azdps785, Jeremy Disbrow, justin81, Justin Thornton, , John Barcello, bandit00, Jeremy Barr, jtb4290, John Bottoms, gentry15, James Burton, , John Matthews, 0418so418, Jim Mann, jjcovert, Jason Covert, 2wdreds10, Jonathan Dexter, ever0272, Joshua Everhart, logan11, John Dechant, mefido, jeff easton, G7e8RF!m, John Eccles, diesel02, Jeff Adams, jeff5281, Jeffrey Baum, TroopR3396, John Kostelnik, theta1, Jennifer Borquez, surprise, Gerald Bowers, sidney, Jamie Clark, Barranco, Jack Machado, magjag5553, Jesse Galvez, redneck1, Jason Henderson, JIM3566, JAMES HOWARD, lfsgr8i, JEFF JAYNES

JJANDMEL@HOTMAIL.COM, BDG3532, JAMES GRZELAK, 6801, john barahona, jimbob5870, James Knox, kinsley6971, Jarrod Lampsa, lisa0213, Jarrod Lampsa, dps5687, joseph Lapre

JLM72@COX.NET, JUJ416030, JEROMY MCDONALD, maddison, Jeremy Logan, DPS373, Joseph Slama, alpine99, Jose Fimbres, hydrojoe, Joe Fisher, lilverdugo42, Cody Mullenaux, trooper, jeff nash, JA_5000, Joe Albo, gooddog, Joseph Lopez, remogax, John Petculescu, dps5441, Arthur Pritchard

JPRUET@AZDPS.GOV, 5253jAKE, JACOB PRUET, 1324jpy, Jason Yeager, jrmotor, Jonathon Roberson, birnie, james w smith, dps140, Leslie Hawkins, jw5263, Justin Webb, 0donuts, Jean-Paul Villont, golf1982, Joshua Wilhelm, 5903, jeff schoch, wildcats1, Kenneth Ellis Jr, ps0570, Dick Wells, kelly4036, Kelly Heape, bogart, Thomas Kern, Torin520, kevin white

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Lulzsec leaders "safe" IRC Chat logs, February PART 1:

--- Log opened Tue Feb 08 21:03:44 2011

21:03 -!- Laurelai [Laurelai@HA-32m.bhl.uq5i3t.IP] has joined #hq
21:03 -!- Irssi: #hq: Total of 8 nicks [4 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 4 normal]

21:03 -!- mode/#hq [+o Laurelai] by HQBot

21:03 -!- Irssi: Join to #hq was synced in 1 secs

21:08 <@Laurelai> hii

21:15 <&marduk> ahai

21:16 <&marduk> welcome to where the shitstorm began

21:16 <&marduk> :)

21:16 <&marduk> i think it actually was here that hbgary was probed and "oops" was


21:16 <&marduk> with SUCH AN AWESOME CREW HERE

21:17 <@Topiary> Hi.

21:18 <@Topiary> This is where the magnets happen. I mean magic. I mean steroids.

21:20 <@Nessuno834> mmm magnets

21:22 <@Topiary> Sabu is away for a week, by the way. I'm sure you guys have already read

that, though.

21:22 <&marduk> yah have no real update unfortunately

21:22 <&marduk> Laurelai: we cant really tie them to wikileaks for sure?

21:22 <@Topiary> I'll give him a call tomorrow morning anyway just to say everything is still

going according to plan.

21:22 <&marduk> Topiary: yup please do

21:23 <@Laurelai> marduk: ?

21:23 <@Laurelai> tie who

21:23 <@Laurelai> oh

21:23 <@Laurelai> i already have

21:23 <&marduk> well, think that was the article to come?
21:23 <@Laurelai> i just wanted more dirt

21:23 <@Laurelai> but we got enough

21:24 <@Laurelai> to smear the shit out of them

21:24 <&marduk> heh. dirt.. isnt good

21:24 <&marduk> facts is better

21:24 <&marduk> but who am i

21:24 <&marduk> to tell you :)

21:24 <@Laurelai> you know what i mean

21:24 <@Laurelai> :p

21:24 <&marduk> yah (=

21:24 <@Topiary> Laurelai: I like the smutty portrait of malice you've created with your use of

dirt, smear, and shit.

21:24 <&marduk> well, we know for a fact alk companies cooperated

21:25 <&marduk> upto boeing

21:25 <@Laurelai> Topiary: yeah well there is definitely some malace

21:25 <&marduk> we have NDA and Teaming agreements for all

21:25 <@Topiary> Gentlemen, let us fuck these people so far into orbit that they'll transmute

into a gravitational dip and exude Hawking radiation.

21:26 <@Laurelai> lol

21:26 <&marduk> palenitir

21:26 <@Topiary> Excuse my current loquaciousness, I'm pretty fucking drunk.

21:26 <&marduk> i would REALLY REALLY like to know more

21:26 <&marduk> they rae one straneg company

21:26 <&marduk> actually

21:26 <&marduk> i am sure it'S a govt coverup
21:26 <&marduk> for very weird shit

21:27 <@Laurelai> well to me it looks like

21:27 <&marduk> </conspiracy>

21:27 <@Laurelai> the government uses these types of companies

21:27 <@Laurelai> to do their dirty work

21:27 <&marduk> yup

21:27 <@Laurelai> but of course we dont have proof

21:27 <&marduk> Laurelai: i saw their mission statement

21:27 <@Laurelai> just alot of stuff suggesting it

21:28 <&marduk> it was something about brains and computers, execut8ive marketing


21:28 <&marduk> really scary

21:28 <@Topiary> Do you think the mysterious 500K contract in the first quarter of 2011 (from

HBGaryFederal) was government related?

21:29 <&marduk> well, i dont think we are unmasking a big conspiracy

21:29 <@Laurelai> it could be

21:29 <&marduk> its rather uncoordinated

21:29 <@Topiary> Just a sidenote on that fact: it's confirmed that Aaron Barr has a quickbook

intuit account that would probably contain a lot of valuable documents. We don't know his

username, but I'm damn sure of the password.

21:29 <&marduk> and just sad

21:29 <@Laurelai> i think

21:29 <@Laurelai> that this sort of stuff

21:29 <@Laurelai> is like an open secret in these circles

21:29 <&marduk> grrr

21:29 * marduk is mad

21:29 <@Laurelai> and they are just scrabling for contracts and cash

21:30 <&marduk> yeah

21:30 <&marduk> full true

21:30 <&marduk> the thing is

21:30 <&marduk> i KNEW this before

21:30 <&marduk> but being here, seing irt live unfold, seeing the leaks...

21:30 <&marduk> UNGH

21:30 <&marduk> makes me much moar mad than simply knowing about it

21:31 <@Topiary> We need to go derper...

21:31 <&marduk> YES.

21:31 <&marduk> WE NEED TO ACT.

21:31 <&marduk> somehow

21:31 <&marduk> i dunno.

21:31 <@Topiary> There must be an opening for us to dig into this more.

21:31 <@Topiary> Let's not forget that everything we have now came from a simple SQLi and

the incompetence of men.

21:31 <&marduk> we fucking monitored hbgary email comminucation for 2 days live

21:32 <&marduk> and saw the crap they were writing

21:32 <@Laurelai> can i make a suggestion

21:32 <&marduk> (except for Mark, HE IS WIN)

21:32 <@Laurelai> next company you get into

21:32 <@Laurelai> just quietly steall all their data

21:32 <@Laurelai> and dont rm -rf
21:32 <&marduk> and that was just fucking scary to see

21:33 <@Laurelai> like

21:33 <@Laurelai> it was a cool op

21:33 <&marduk> yeah

21:33 <&marduk> haha

21:33 <&marduk> ppl got so mad

21:33 <&marduk> lolo

21:33 <@Laurelai> but you could have stolen data for years

21:34 <@Laurelai> tainted his source code

21:34 <@Laurelai> and got access to his clients

21:34 <@Laurelai> backdoored his backups

21:35 <@Topiary> A valid point, but he was actively trying to research Anonymous and bring

people down. We weren't going to wait for him to keep trying until he actually gets something.

21:35 <@Topiary> We were quite patient in that we waited specifically for a sufficient stash of

emails before we went public.

21:37 <&marduk> Laurelai: it's good

21:38 <&marduk> they still underestimate us

21:38 <&marduk> heh

21:38 <&marduk> next h4x

21:38 <&marduk> ????

21:38 <&marduk> :)

21:38 <&marduk> i mean

21:38 <&marduk> it was #optunisia like

21:38 <&marduk> this op was assembled in like 1 hour

21:38 <&marduk> and then we waited hours to get emails leeched
21:38 <&marduk> and we DID NOT make alarm until greg's spool was done

21:39 <&marduk> some success :)

21:39 <&marduk> but yah

21:39 <&marduk> next time

21:39 <@Topiary> Confirmed. I think we all had a bit of a nap while the emails leeched out.

21:39 <&marduk> look for source code

21:39 <&marduk> and somain registrar data login

21:40 <&marduk> just fucking own them hardcore :p

21:40 <@Topiary> In fact I think four of us slept at the same time for that exact reason, all the

more reason to be known as the Raging Homogays.

21:40 <@Topiary> Oh - Aaron's twitter just hit 600 followers.

21:41 <&marduk> :)

21:41 <&marduk> HE IS FAMOUS

21:42 <@Topiary> Still, it would appear Twitter has frozen his account. Couldn't log in from

API either. Topiary admits having the AB Twitter at 21:42

21:42 <@Topiary> That works in our favour. His Twitter still has all our tweets.

21:42 <@Topiary> Including his SSN.

21:42 <@Nessuno834> is ssn useful

21:42 <@Topiary> Not particularly, it's just not really a good thing to have floating around.

21:43 <@Topiary> Pretty sure the twatter admins had their coolfaces on when deciding

whether to reset, suspense or freeze the account.

21:43 <@Nessuno834> lol

21:44 <@Topiary> Hundreds of news articles directly link to his twitter, I'll bet you 50 Internets

that the twitter admins decided to maintain its hacked tweet entirety simple to gain more

members, not that they need 'em.
21:44 <@Nessuno834> Im not a twatterer

21:45 <@Topiary> I am a bit. It's quite beneficial if you follow a select few news sources, so

you can wake up and be up-to-date with what you want right away.

21:45 <@Topiary> Especially if you talk to press in other timezones who've been up all

day/night and have questions ready for your sleepy ass.

21:45 <&marduk> hm

21:45 <&marduk> mine didnt get suspended yet

21:46 <&marduk> but i think

21:46 <@Topiary> @AnonymousIRC?

21:46 <&marduk> i am on "no suspend list"

21:46 <&marduk> yup

21:46 <@Topiary> I'm really surprised about that... remember in Payback they just kept

getting sniped out?

21:46 <@Topiary> Do you tweet about hives/DDoSing directly?

21:47 <&marduk> nope

21:47 <&marduk> never

21:47 <&marduk> also didnt tweet any direct links to hbgary

21:47 <&marduk> i am carefu

21:47 <&marduk> i do not violate ToS

21:47 <@Topiary> Not to talk about the trollfaggot j35t3r in depth, but Aaron was following

him, apparently he might've been affiliated, and usually Jester is all "HURRRRRR ANON ARE

BEING DUUUUMB" hours after we do something big.

21:47 <@Topiary> This time I see nothing from him or his little henchmen bloggers.

21:47 <&marduk> i hint on it

21:48 <&marduk> make fun
21:48 <&marduk> and even RT links

21:48 <&marduk> but never tweet a direct ToS myself

21:48 * marduk fkn knows his shit on social networks, and i am very drunk

21:49 <&marduk> mr barr... needsa a whisky

21:49 <@Topiary> You should give me the password to AnonymousIRC so I can tweet about

how small Aaron's penis is.

21:50 <@Nessuno834> marduk I told u uwere drunk

21:51 <@Topiary> An Anon Skype party should be in order.

21:51 <&marduk> Nessuno834: that information is correct

21:52 <&marduk> Topiary: lol i'd never do that

21:52 <&marduk> you lack like .. 45 points in diplomacy skill

21:52 <@Topiary> marduk: I'll tell on you!

21:53 <@Nessuno834> read #ophbgary

21:53 <@Nessuno834> anthrophobic cant open pdf

21:54 <&marduk> fixt

21:55 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> forgive someone for not being a fucking mother's

basement geek and not know EVERYTHING

21:55 <@Nessuno834> to open pdf

21:56 <&marduk> meh

21:56 <@Topiary> PDF is clearly formats on steroids.

21:56 <&marduk> why you bother here with that?

22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> yeah, go back to #ophbgary and scroll up to this


22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> I asked like 20 times.

22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> and all these kick bans wont do anything
22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> and if you think FBI is what you guys should be

worried about..

22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> haha

22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> i idle so much cause i collect information to write

22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> but thats ok.

22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> oh and for the people you copy/paste this to HI!

22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> lol

22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> its fucking mirc, your little zlines and kickbans don't

do shit, ban evade FTW

22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> oh and you think you know what ever one can and

can not do cause they "act" dumb or say something in a channel.

22:09 <@Nessuno834> <Anthrophobic> have fun keeping your networks online through the

night dumb fuck

22:09 <@Nessuno834> lulz

22:11 <@Laurelai> wtf lol

22:11 <@Nessuno834> he can hax

22:11 <@Nessuno834> but never heard of pdf

22:12 <@Nessuno834> Ima go bed

22:12 <@Nessuno834> goodnight all

22:13 <@Topiary> Goodnight good sir

22:13 <@Topiary> >its fucking mirc

22:14 <@Topiary> Oh sweet lord, best be trolling.

22:14 <@Topiary> Oh boy, he might win butthurt troll of the day award. Some fag was in our

piretepad on HBGary dox earlier threatening to take down whywefight. Pretty sure WWF is

owned by exiledsurfer
22:14 <@Topiary> He's taking the crown for the 9th.

22:15 <@Topiary> Or 8th if you want timezone.

22:15 <@Nessuno834> this is the guy who wanted access to #loic

22:15 <@Nessuno834> and used to be auto opped in every channel

22:47 <@Topiary>

22:50 <&marduk> heh

22:55 <@Topiary> >falsified data

22:55 <@Topiary> tflow: drop those emails so hard it crushes their lives

22:55 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: marduk,

@Nessuno834, Avunit, @tflow, @kayla, @Topiary, HQBot

22:56 -!- Irssi: #hq: Total of 1 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 0 normal]

22:56 <@Laurelai> wut

22:58 -!- Netsplit over, joins: ~Avunit, @Topiary, @Nessuno834, @tflow, &marduk, &HQBot,


23:23 <&marduk> 04:22 <+n0pants> right, what I'm saying is: if you want me to dig out a few

fat juicy worms before you public release the whole thing, I could do that.

23:23 <&marduk> mmm dunno

23:23 <&marduk> dunnonliek

23:23 <&marduk> that sentence

23:24 <&marduk> but probably i am paranoid etc

--- Day changed Wed Feb 09 2011

04:17 <~Avunit> Report in guis.

04:18 <@Laurelai> Avunit: here

04:18 <~Avunit> lol

04:18 <~Avunit> xD
04:18 <~Avunit> sup?

04:18 <@Laurelai> working the article

04:19 <~Avunit> i heard yes

04:19 <@Laurelai> BoA was behind HBgary attacking WL

04:19 <@Laurelai> im still digging through emails

04:19 <~Avunit> boa hates me qq

04:19 <@Laurelai> to find anything else

04:20 <~Avunit> when do you want to publish it?

04:21 <@Laurelai> tonight or tomorrow

04:21 <@Laurelai> thetechherald is working with me on it

04:21 <~Avunit> steve?

04:21 <@Laurelai> yeah

04:22 <~Avunit> awesome

04:22 <@Laurelai> 3 companies

04:22 <@Laurelai> worked together on this

04:22 <@Laurelai> 3 government contractor IT security companies

04:22 <~Avunit> barico, palantir and hbgary right?

04:22 <@Laurelai> yes

04:23 <@Laurelai> to me it implies that the federal gov is involved behind the scenes

04:23 <~Avunit> barico sells security software yes, palantir analyzing software for financial

and gov platforms and hbgary is a 'security' company with a federal branch. thats all i know :p

05:39 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

05:39 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

05:39 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot

05:39 <&marduk> oh my fav thing on irc
05:40 <@kayla> hey guys :D

05:40 <&marduk> i just wanted to sleeep

05:40 <&marduk> kayla:

05:40 <@kayla> *dances* :3

05:40 <@kayla> ? :D

05:40 <&marduk> got some few minutes to scan over somethihng?

05:40 <@kayla> yeh sure

05:41 <&marduk> - algerian cellphone provider, need db

05:41 <&marduk> - algerian cellphone provider, state owned, need db

05:41 <&marduk> - algerian cellphone provider, want db

05:41 <&marduk> they allowv registration

05:41 <&marduk> via web

05:41 <@kayla> ok i'll take a look in a bit <3

05:41 <&marduk> if you can find anything there

05:42 <&marduk> we dont need to own. only dump

05:42 <&marduk> :)

05:42 <@kayla> :)

05:43 <&marduk> we dont want to pwn either

05:44 <&marduk> if we can silently extract any database

05:44 <@kayla> omg D: who keeps removing my aop D:

05:44 <&marduk> we would rock

05:44 <&marduk> cause i would hand to opposition

05:44 <@kayla> can someone re add aop to #opegypt and #ophbgary

05:44 <&marduk> they would mass sms for feb12

05:45 <@kayla> i'll take a look in a bit, i have to sort something else first <3
05:46 <&marduk> sure.. an i check, but nobody has removed you

05:46 <@kayla> :s

05:47 <@kayla> ;__________; but it doesn't op me ;_______________:

05:55 <&marduk> wat? heh

05:55 <&marduk> was that script or question? lulz

05:58 <@kayla> :d?

05:58 <@kayla> :D?

05:58 <&marduk> you have al acc?

05:58 <@kayla> al?

05:58 <&marduk> or

07:54 <&marduk> tflow:

07:54 <&marduk> you around=

07:55 <&marduk> or kayla !!!

07:55 <&marduk> <3

07:55 <&marduk> or hm

09:20 <@kayla> TFLOW HERE

09:20 <@kayla> need him quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09:20 <@kayla> or Topiary

09:20 <@kayla> or someone with access to the internetfeds online email viewer box

09:22 <@kayla> gregs emails are ready, parsed and everything

09:22 <~Avunit> kayla!

09:22 <@kayla> need to get them on the online viewer :3

09:22 <~Avunit> <3

09:22 <@kayla> the tiem to fuck greg is now :3

09:22 <@kayla> <3
09:22 <@kayla> luff u bb :3

09:22 <~Avunit> put all of them on already or only some?

09:22 <@kayla> :s i thought it was only ted's,aarons and someone elses on there?

09:23 <@kayla> gregs have been kept priv8

09:23 <@kayla> i dunno, this is why i need tflow

09:23 <@kayla> only a few ppl have gregs mails

09:23 <@kayla> no one got tflows phone?

09:24 <~Avunit> i dont

09:24 <~Avunit> meanwhile what about berico and palantir?

09:25 <@Topiary> Do not have acccess @ kayla

09:26 <@Topiary> The time to fuck Greg is nao?

09:26 <@Topiary> :3

09:26 <~Avunit> tis always time to fuck greg but with the mails we kinda fuck him eith a

turbocharged fucking machine

09:26 <~Avunit> with*

09:27 <@Topiary> Can I have the distinct pleasure of letting #hbgary know that the time for

fucking is near

09:27 <~Avunit> we dont have access to the mails yet though

09:27 <~Avunit> but i dont mind

09:28 <@Topiary> ah yes

09:28 <@kayla> wait for the mails

09:28 <~Avunit> meanwhile im still eyeing berico and palantir too.

09:28 <@kayla> nigg is only allowing 1 dl from his box for them and tflow has the online view

access so it makes sense tflow gets them

09:28 <~Avunit> yarr
09:29 <@kayla> as soon as i've done this stuff im helping someone with im going full retard

on palantir and berico servers

09:29 <@kayla> need to get a ether pad up we can use

09:29 <~Avunit> i cant run etherpad on a vps

09:29 <~Avunit> java keeps screaming about ram even when it has enough

09:30 <~Avunit> prob openvz issues

09:31 <~Avunit> kayla you got any box around i can use for the general stuff on

berico/palantir when im @ home?

09:31 <@Topiary> I love you guys

09:32 <~Avunit> okay omw home now

09:32 <~Avunit> brb

09:36 <@kayla> like a hacked server?

09:36 <@kayla> i'll give you a root if you want?

09:48 <@kayla> Topiary

09:48 <@kayla> :D

09:48 <@kayla> who is handling media?

09:50 <@Topiary> Got it covered with Housh and Barrett

09:50 <@Topiary> we's rollin'

09:50 <@kayla> url wants someone to tlak to a journo i think

09:50 <@kayla> i'll tell him to pm you :3

09:56 <~Avunit> there i am again

09:56 <~Avunit> did i miss anything sexy

09:56 <~Avunit> ?

10:23 <@kayla> you missed me bb <3 ;)

10:24 <@Topiary> Emailed the Guardian dude
10:28 <~Avunit> Oh yeah kayla

10:28 <~Avunit> I did

10:28 <~Avunit> <3

10:31 <~Avunit> kayla, you got any box i can use to take a look at berico and palantir?

10:37 <@kayla> you want a hacked server or something?

10:38 <~Avunit> well something i can use safely for less legal stuff n scannign on berico and


10:39 <@kayla> pm ill give you a root <3

11:21 <~Avunit> brb dinner

12:14 <~Avunit> meanwhile

12:14 <~Avunit> how we gonna get a pad ups?

12:21 <@Topiary> on the phone with Sabu now, anything anyone wants said?

12:23 <@tflow> says

12:23 <@tflow> HBGary, Inc and HBGary Federal, a separate but related company, have

been the victims of an intentional criminal cyberattack. We are taking this crime seriously and

are working with federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities and redirecting internal

resources to investigate and respond appropriately. To the extent that any client information

may have been affected by this event, we will

12:23 <@tflow> provide the affected clients with complete and accurate information as soon

as it becomes available.

12:23 <@tflow> Meanwhile, please be aware that any information currently in the public

domain is not reliable because the perpetrators of this offense, or people working closely with

them, have intentionally falsified certain data. HBGary, Inc and HBGary Federal are

committed to a comprehensive, accurate, and swift response to this crime.

12:23 <@tflow> Technical Support for all HBGary products and services is still available via
email at

12:24 <@Topiary> okay he basically sends much love, and kayla he's gonna be on after

evening time EST tomorrow and wants you to be around

12:24 <@Topiary> because he wants to take part in the full retard attack

12:24 <@tflow> i send much love too :-)

12:24 <~Avunit> well onto barico and palantir now

12:24 <~Avunit> and much love from avunit too

12:30 <@tflow>


12:30 <@tflow> juiceh

12:31 <@kayla> :D tell him i said hi :3

12:31 <@kayla> and yes i will b here :D

12:31 <@kayla> i allways will \:3/ i <3 u guys

12:39 <~Avunit> <3333

12:48 <@kayla> did we ever get Gred Hoglunds SSN?

12:50 <~Avunit> not that i know of

13:23 <@Topiary> Pretty sure we got all their SSNs, right

13:23 <@Topiary> ?

13:29 <@kayla> thats what i thought, i never had them though...

13:29 <~Avunit> ^ same

13:29 <@kayla> how was aarons pulled?

13:30 <@kayla> i think they were in the financials dox?

13:30 <@kayla> im not sure...

13:30 <@kayla> i was kinda late to the party D:

13:30 <~Avunit> i missed the actual party due to my riouter
13:34 <@Topiary> sweet, might get a chance to speak to Aaron on CNN next week as a

group talk

13:34 <@Topiary> I am going to troll him so hard he cries on TV

13:34 <@Topiary> kayla: yes, financial docs

13:34 <@Topiary> so Sabu may have the rest

13:34 <@Topiary> we'll ask him tomorrow evening

13:37 <@kayla> he's going on CNN? on TV?

13:37 <@kayla> like a call in show thing?

13:37 <@kayla> OH GOD

13:37 <@kayla> call him out live on TV about attacking wikileaks :3

13:39 <@Topiary> Oh I will

13:40 <@kayla> :3

13:41 <@kayla> how do you know he is doing cnn?

13:41 <@tflow> Anonymous has entered its golden age again

13:41 <@kayla> tflow did you get gregs emails :3

13:41 <@tflow> yup

13:42 <@kayla> nice, you going to add them to the online viewer?

13:42 <@tflow> yup

13:42 <@kayla> \:D/ yay

13:42 <@tflow>

13:42 <@tflow> what do you think of this press release?

13:42 <@tflow> to accompany it

13:43 <@tflow> (topiary made it)

13:43 <@Topiary> can't edit right now, talking to Swedish reporter about Op Tunisia/Egypt,

but will after
13:43 <@kayla> oh i got someth9ing nice you can add to tht <3

13:44 <@kayla> posted on the techhearald comments

13:44 <@kayla> Agent86

13:44 <@kayla> FYI. Some of the email sport S/MIME digital signatures, thus ensuring their


13:44 <@kayla> Today, 9:23:28 AM

13:44 <@kayla> . Flag . Like . Reply

13:44 <@kayla> is this true?

13:45 <@kayla> if so..... add it to the press release, not the whole thing but the point that it

can't be fake as it contains those said signatures

13:45 <@kayla> but verify if thats true first

13:46 <@kayla> but i supose it proves they're not fake :D

13:47 <@tflow> that's nice

13:48 <@kayla> but i don't even know what that is so i can't verify it xD

13:48 <@kayla> im having a blonde moment :3

13:48 <@kayla>

13:51 <@kayla> yes some do contain such information!!!!!!!!!! :D

13:52 <~Avunit> ./agree with press release

13:55 <@Topiary> sweet

13:56 <@Topiary> ooh, will be on Swedish radio tomorrow, 1 million listeners

13:56 <@Topiary> have to chat about Tunisia/Egypt

13:57 <@Topiary> agh, forgotten the finer details, will have to look back on old interviews

13:57 <~Avunit> Be sure to say em hi from me.

13:58 <@kayla> bonus points if before you finish talking you play rickroll down the phone, 1

mil ppl pwnd
13:59 <~Avunit> bonus points if you say "Kayla said shed strip if id rickroll you all: NEVAH


13:59 <~Avunit> get ready to be exposed kayla

13:59 <@kayla> i dont mind :D

14:00 <@Topiary> well rickrolled 10 million screens in the US with that last Alyona Show one,

will do it again for Sweden

14:00 <@Topiary> or request that the play Never Gonna Give You Up next

14:00 <@Topiary> it's a radio station so yeah.

14:00 <@kayla> yeh do tht :D

14:00 <~Avunit> "And for my beloved kayla I'd like to request: Rick Astley - Never Gonna

Give You Up"

14:00 <@kayla> xD

14:00 <@Topiary> kayla is 30 years old and a man

14:00 <~Avunit> "Oh and hi mum and dad"

14:01 <~Avunit> topiary: so we

14:01 <~Avunit> are all gay

14:01 * Avunit humps topiary

14:01 <@kayla> ;_;

14:01 <@Topiary> kayla: http :/ / www . vocaroo . com / [vocaroo is a popular place for uploading

crank calls]

14:01 <@Topiary> show us your deep 30 year old man voice

14:01 <~Avunit> XD

14:02 <@kayla> lol xD

14:08 <@kayla> y so h8 ;_;

15:09 <@kayla> how long untill we release teh ema1ls 0f d00m
15:13 <@Topiary> the second joepie91 finishes his stuff I asssume

15:13 <@tflow> we're also going to get or something

15:13 <@tflow> to host it

15:13 <@tflow> to take the piss

15:13 <@tflow> and no, it's not gonna be a whistleblowing site - torrents are best for

whisteblowing :)

15:13 <@Topiary> also I'm going to start saying, with future press, that I'm an

observer/associate of Anon that agrees with Anonymous actions, rather than say I'm Anon

15:13 <@Topiary> kind of like Barrett/Housh

15:13 <@Topiary> to avoid being raped by Feds

15:14 <@tflow> aw

15:14 <@tflow> why

15:14 <@tflow> but they you can't use memes..

15:14 <@Topiary> I can use memes, it's just a small terminology change

15:15 <@tflow> it's big

15:15 <@Topiary> all I have to do is stop saying "we" and start saying "they" when referring

to Anon

15:15 <@tflow> it will decrease the lulz in interviews

15:15 <@Topiary> hm, valid point

15:15 <@tflow> Topiary you won't get v& as long as you're not as stupid as Coldblodd

15:15 <@tflow> blood*

15:15 <@kayla> yeh, we just need to get the emails out as fast as possible because

someone made a good point tht the longer we have them the more it looks like we could have

falsified them

15:15 <@kayla> did you include the stuff about mime sigs in the press release also?
15:15 <@tflow> coldblood got v& because he had his name everywhere

15:16 <@tflow> and his name can be traced to him irc

15:16 <@tflow> irl*

15:16 <~Avunit> other channel --->

15:16 <@Topiary> Actually Coldblood got v& because his parents ratted him out

15:16 <@Topiary> kayla: no, hoping someone could just quickly add it

15:16 <@kayla> coldblood deservd v& if you ask me

15:16 <@kayla> his media whoreing made me feel sick

15:16 <@Topiary> I just finished writing something for press so can add it now

15:16 <@Topiary> just a sec

15:16 <@kayla> im not good with wordings i can hardly spell D:

15:16 <@kayla> cna someone add pls :3

15:17 <@kayla> i am not gud with wordings of the englosh language

15:18 <@Topiary> sure just a moment

15:19 <@tflow> LOL

15:19 <@tflow> his parents?

15:19 <@tflow> LOL

15:19 <@tflow> LOL

15:19 <@tflow> LOL

15:19 <@tflow> LOL

15:19 <@tflow> LOL

15:19 <@Topiary> yeah I shit you not, his parents found out he was Coldblood and ratted him

out [More evidence Topiary is familiar with Brit anons]

15:19 <@Topiary> I wish I was shitting you but it's true

15:20 <@kayla> LOL
15:20 <@kayla> his own parents?

15:20 <@kayla> they must realy h8 him

15:20 <@kayla> xD

15:21 <@kayla> my dad would never do tht, he knows i pwn i sometimes show him the lulz i

cause :D

15:21 <@Topiary>

15:21 <@Topiary> page updated

15:22 <@kayla> i shown him the hbgary stuff too xD

15:22 <@Topiary> paragraph below the email quote

15:29 <@Laurelai> hi

15:32 * kayla cuddles laurelai :3

15:32 <@kayla> so much <3

15:32 <@Laurelai> :3

15:40 <@Topiary> 30 year old men cuddling is a do not want.

15:45 <@kayla> You're only jealous :3

15:49 <@Laurelai> >30 year old men

15:49 <@Laurelai> im a girl

15:49 <@Laurelai> :p

15:58 <@Topiary> Haha, women on the Internet.

16:33 <@kayla> heh the whole "no girls on the internet" was proberlby thought up by some

guy who got severly pwned by a girl online and to save face they screamed "your not a girl" in

order to save thier ego and proclaimed "there's no girls on the internet" and because guys on

the internet were increasingly getting pwned by girls everyone started saying "there's no girls

on the internet" like our friens aaron and greg who are proberlby laid in bed now shaking,

crying mumbling to themself
16:33 <@Nessuno834> ohai

16:34 <@kayla> hi Nessuno834

16:34 <@Nessuno834> ohai kayla <3

16:34 <@kayla> <3 :)

16:34 <@Nessuno834> whats new

16:36 <@kayla> nm, you hear about hbgary being contracted by BOA to as attack wikileaks?

16:39 <@Nessuno834> srsly?

16:39 <@Nessuno834> fuck this shits deep

16:40 <@Topiary> Fallen right off the diving board and drowned, that's how deep it goes

16:40 <@kayla>

16:40 <@kayla>

16:40 <@kayla> oh it's bad


16:42 <@Nessuno834> hbgary are so so epic fail

16:42 <@Nessuno834> its like they try to fail

16:42 <@Topiary> tflow: is it going to be applicable to say "anonleaks rep" when talking to

press about this shit?

16:43 <@kayla> i think the media will get confused and think anonleaks is seperate to anonops or

16:43 <@kayla> i dunno

16:44 <@kayla> the media ALLWAYS seem to get anything anon wrong

16:44 <@Nessuno834> whatever you say they will get it wrong

16:44 <@Topiary> kayla: it's annoying when speaking to press to blab to them for 20 minutes about how
they can't say rep of Anon, how they can't say this or that
16:44 <@Topiary> or Anon gets mad

16:46 <@tflow> Topiary: maybe

16:46 <@tflow> but anonleaks will not be a whistleblowing site

16:46 <@tflow> it will be a site to format existing leaks

16:46 <@Topiary> okay, just a place to host our leaks

16:46 <@tflow> people need to use tpb for whistleblowing

16:50 <@Nessuno834> is marduk around?

17:09 <@Nessuno834> derp_trees

17:09 <@kayla> ETA on greg mail dump ;3?

17:09 -!- Netsplit <-> quits:
@marduk,@Nessuno834, @Avunit, @kayla, @tflow, @Topiary, @HQBot

17:18 -!- Netsplit over, joins: ~Avunit, @Topiary, @Nessuno834, @tflow, &marduk, @kayla,


17:31 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @tflow

17:33 -!- Netsplit over, joins: @tflow

17:56 <@kayla> tflow here?

18:02 <@tflow> yes

18:02 <@tflow> web version is finished programming

18:02 <@kayla> nice :D

18:02 <@tflow> now all that's left is to run the web version conversion script 'n create torrent

18:02 <@kayla> i think the internet is hungry for the mails :D

18:02 <@tflow> and wait for to propagate

18:02 <@tflow> which should be soon i think

18:03 -!- kayla [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]

18:06 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

18:06 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq
18:06 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot

18:06 <@kayla> :3 stop dossing me!!1

18:06 <@kayla> jkjk <3 :)

18:09 <@kayla>


18:15 <@kayla> haha :D and WL posted the PDF palantir and berico made from aarons mails

on their site :D

18:15 <@kayla>

18:15 <@kayla> LULZ

18:18 * Nessuno834 doses kayla ;)

18:21 <@Nessuno834> kayla question are you hawt?

18:22 <@Laurelai> hu

18:22 <@Laurelai> hi

18:22 <@Laurelai> im wondering

18:22 <@Laurelai> if you guys could help me recruit for crowdleaks

18:23 <@tflow> start a channel for crowdleaks on anonops

18:24 <@tflow> that should help i think

18:24 <@Nessuno834> yeah

18:25 <@Topiary> tflow: Do you think we'll have Greg drops within the next hour or two?

18:27 <@tflow> no idea

18:27 <@tflow> the ETA is really obscure

18:27 <@tflow> i can't really give a valid estimate

18:28 <@tflow> but look in ifeds if you want to follow the progress

18:29 <@Nessuno834> I cant in ifeds

18:29 <@Laurelai> ok i made a channel
18:29 <@Laurelai> #crowdleaks

18:38 <@kayla> PASS = A&^S%&A^s7a6s

18:39 <@kayla> some lame troll trying to scare me lol

18:39 <@kayla> xD

18:45 <@Nessuno834> i think i love you kayla

18:59 <@tflow> kayla

18:59 <@tflow> kayla

18:59 <@tflow> kayla

18:59 <@tflow> urgently need a working busybox ssh tunnel

19:00 <@tflow> please

19:01 <@kayla> i don't have the list here

19:02 <@kayla> 2 mins let me see if i can find it

19:02 <@kayla> nah :/ dont have it here

19:02 <@kayla> nigg has loads of them

19:02 <@tflow> :/

19:02 <@tflow> is he online?

19:03 <@kayla> don't know im not in any ircs he is on at the minuet

19:03 <@tflow> ok what about any roots?

19:03 <@tflow> that can be used to tunnel?

19:04 <@kayla> i think laurelai has a copy of the busybox list

19:10 <@kayla> i don't have my thumb dive here :/

19:24 <@kayla> tflow

19:24 <@kayla>

19:24 <@kayla> busybox, busybox everywhere

19:25 <@tflow> thanks! :D
19:25 <@kayla> not all will work, the list is kinda old

19:26 <@Nessuno834> gnite all

19:26 <@kayla> sweet dreams :)

19:40 <@Topiary> Sleep well, good sir.

19:40 <@Topiary> Agh, my headset is being weird... must buy new one.

19:45 <@kayla> tflow :3 how long?

19:45 <@kayla> the suspense is killing me xD

19:46 <@Laurelai> kayla: re busyboxes

19:47 <@Laurelai> claire discovered they stay up just move IP's on the same block [Claire is

Raymond Madeiros, a US-based transgender programmer who helps run Crowdleaks]

19:47 <@Laurelai> so you just need to rescan regularly

19:47 <@tflow> kayla, .htmls are being generated now

19:55 <@kayla> Laurelai :D yeh im guessing because most are dynamic IP's

19:55 <@kayla> tflow: sweet can't wait to see it <3

20:00 <@tflow> telecomix is offering a mirror :-)

20:02 <@Laurelai> another thing

20:02 <@Laurelai> is crowdleaks needs server admins

20:02 <@Laurelai> who can use xen

21:13 <@Topiary> marduk: when you're back, tell me, it's important

21:19 <@Laurelai> any ETA on the new emails?

21:45 <@Topiary> guys, this stays in here entirely and I'm not revealing my source here for

his own protection, but Greg Hoglund has spies in AnonOps channels regularly, they're trying

to ask reporters and even Anons for info they have on a couple of us

21:45 <@Topiary> we need to lead them on a wild Anon chase

21:46 <@Topiary> they can't get us via IPs or on their own so they're simply trying to socially
engineer other Anon into blabbing what they know about us

21:48 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @marduk,

@Nessuno834, @Avunit, @kayla, @tflow, @Topiary, @HQBot

21:53 -!- Netsplit over, joins: @tflow, ~Avunit, @Topiary, @Nessuno834, &marduk, &HQBot,


22:19 <&marduk> Topiary: back, kinda

22:19 <&marduk> sec tho

22:22 <&marduk> Greg's mad huh?

22:23 <@Topiary> pretty mad - how much info do you have available on the Internet about

yourself, marduk?

22:23 <@Topiary> I mean deep, like little persona tidbits from like 10 years

22:24 <&marduk> all

22:24 <&marduk> but not as marduk

22:24 <&marduk> neither as q or as anything else i used on anonops

22:24 <&marduk> and nobody, absolutely nobody on anonops knows who i am.

22:24 <@Topiary> do any Anons on this server know of your aliases that could lead to other

aliases that could lead to more people that could lead to doxing?

22:24 <&marduk> no

22:24 <&marduk> no chance

22:24 * marduk is safe

22:25 <@Topiary> okay, we just have to be careful, the faggot Hoglund asked for us two in

specific, like he wants to know about "q and Topiary"

22:25 <&marduk> but i dont know how much taht applies to others...

22:25 <@Topiary> this faggot has government contacts and was in charge of that malware

22:25 <@Topiary> so let's not take him as a complete joke

22:25 <&marduk> yep he mad

22:25 <&marduk> mhh what about you?

22:26 <@Topiary> I think I'm pretty safe, I actually honeypot google searches on me to fake

dox, I add to it every 3 to 4 months

22:26 <@Topiary> but I know of at least two people on this network that know my real first


22:26 <&marduk> if i wasnt so nice

22:26 <&marduk> i would make them lead to someone else :p

22:27 <@Topiary> here's what I was thinking: Greg is using other Anons as targets to get us,

he'll ask dumb innocent shit like "so what are these guys' roles, links to anything they've

done?" - I'm going to start telling certain groups of Anons in private that my first name is


22:27 <@Topiary> tell others that my first name is John

22:27 <@Topiary> others Jack

22:27 <@Topiary> if word leaks that Greg thinks I'm Philip

22:27 <@Topiary> I know exactly who blabbed

22:27 <@Topiary> and who to fuck up

22:28 <&marduk> good idea

22:28 <@Topiary> that's a good idea to begin with in large social groups, you lie about tiny

facts to certain people and make that tiny fact remain constant, so if the full story ever gets

out, you know who from

22:28 <@Topiary> common stuff

22:29 <@Topiary> basically I ain't even mad, but the reason people like us haven't been

caught yet is by being safe,
22:29 <@Topiary> and gonna take this seriously just to be more safe than safe

22:29 <&marduk> lol

22:29 <&marduk>

22:29 <&marduk> just saw that

22:29 <@Topiary> pretty rad

22:30 <@Topiary> my philosophy on it is that if you can dox someone, they deserve to be


22:31 <&marduk> and yes.. sure.. ut so far i never told anyone any first name of me

22:31 <&marduk> not that anyone asked me either, i would find that a VERY STRANGE


22:32 <&marduk> but then

22:32 <@Topiary> I once dox'd someone from half a nickname in like four clicks: googled half

in quotes half out, found a music profile of his, googled the most obscure musician in quotes

along with the two halves of his name and "facebook", found his facebook page that had liked

the musician and his full name

22:32 <@Topiary> that is why you take internets as srs bsns

22:32 <&marduk> all you say, nothing is surptiseing at all

22:32 <&marduk> OFC he wants to dox us haha

22:32 <&marduk> he is mad as hell, i lub it

22:32 <&marduk> i guess that is what aaron tried with Q and failed horribly

22:32 <@Topiary> he so mad

22:32 <@kayla> has gregs shit been dumped yet?

22:33 <&marduk> nope, still working on that it seems

22:34 <@Topiary> marduk: wanna have some fun? we could fake dox, make 'em think we're

from batshit places and we have batshit identities
22:34 <@Topiary> he has spies right nao probably storing everything both of us say

22:34 <&marduk> well, we cant just reveal our identities tho :p

22:34 <@Topiary> nah, drop subtle hints, a very delicate plan

22:35 <@Topiary> one thing we still have to do is say "Operation Galfromtronam" or

something, wait for spais to Google whatever the fuck "Galfro--" is, have it link to a "leaked"

pastebin of a "secret" operation where we both discuss something about... I dunno, Russian


22:36 <&marduk> hm i dunno, i still am not fully awake.. also it would not by typical of me

22:36 <&marduk> i dont thik any spai would believe it.. however, if someone else drops sth..

22:36 <@Topiary> nah, not like that, just even drop a slight mannerism that suggests you're

from a certain country

22:36 <@Topiary> I don't know if you read all 23 pages of Aaron's report

22:36 <@Topiary> but he was guessing people nationalities based on their words

22:37 <@Topiary> he had "possibly UK" when someone said "footy"

22:38 <@Topiary> fuck, if I weren't so nice I'd let those corporate bastards pay me to dox

harder than they ever could

22:38 <@Topiary> but Anon is leegun <3

22:44 <&marduk> lol i wish them good lukc

22:44 <&marduk> maybe they still believe i am in cali

22:45 <@Topiary> I'm actually going to call Greg/Aaron from a Cali google center via my

gmail, fake an American voice and ask them if they enjoyed their new twitter

22:46 <@Topiary> they know I took the twitter, so they'll think I'm American after that

22:46 <@Topiary> yes they are probably that gullible

22:46 <&marduk> lol

22:46 <&marduk> 03:46 <flabbergaster> the way they work is that clients sign into their
servers to run the software. they maintain databases. the databases/servers have been

taken offline

22:46 <&marduk> 03:46 <flabbergaster> because they are afraid that someone is trying to

get into them

22:46 <&marduk> this is golden if true

22:46 <&marduk> (Palantuir)

22:50 <@Topiary> excellent

22:59 <@Laurelai> lol

22:59 <@kayla> how long untill gregs mails :/

22:59 <@kayla> fuck lol i've been waiting since sunday for them :S

23:00 <@Topiary> Anon demands blood

23:01 <&marduk> shouldnt be all too long.. the email reader already lists them :)

23:01 <&marduk> 27000 Greg mails

23:01 <&marduk> 10k more than aaron hehe

23:03 <@Topiary> NEW HIGH SCORE!

23:03 <@Topiary> GREG HAS GAINED +5 TO FAGGOTRY!

23:43 <@Laurelai> lol

--- Day changed Thu Feb 10 2011

00:12 <&marduk> 05:11 <DrPizza> the sql injection was in a custom app, or something off the

shelf? [DrPizza is Peter Bright of Ars Technica]

00:12 <&marduk> kayla: do you know that? the original swli which gained us access?

01:29 <&marduk> tflow: kayla .. DrPizza from ars.technica would want someone who can

walk him thru the actual hack, what was used when and in what order

01:29 <&marduk> would you want to talk to him?

01:29 <&marduk> possibly use a new handle
01:44 <@Laurelai> so

01:44 <@Laurelai> idea

01:44 <@Laurelai> regarding the anon intel group thing

01:45 <@Laurelai> we need artwork

01:45 <@Laurelai> our own terrifying symbol of leetness

01:45 <@Laurelai> like an insignia or crest

01:45 <@Laurelai> for psyops reasons

01:45 <@Laurelai>

01:45 <@Laurelai> examples

01:50 <&marduk> yeah, i already looked for a logofag

01:50 <&marduk> dindt fine one so far

--- Log closed Thu Feb 10 02:11:16 2011

--- Log opened Thu Feb 10 03:38:45 2011

03:38 -!- Laurelai [Laurelai@HA-32m.bhl.uq5i3t.IP] has joined #hq

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03:38 -!- Irssi: Join to #hq was synced in 0 secs

03:39 -!- mode/#hq [+o Laurelai] by HQBot

03:45 <&marduk> added you to axx list

03:49 <@Laurelai> thx :)

03:50 <@Laurelai> we need more kaylas

03:50 <@Laurelai> :s

03:52 <&marduk> idd hah

06:09 <~Avunit> hai sexoes

06:09 <~Avunit> sexies even

06:10 <&marduk> heya Avunit
06:10 <~Avunit> how are ya?

06:10 <&marduk> good good

06:10 <&marduk> seen the latest news about the WL connection?

06:10 <~Avunit> dont think so

06:10 <&marduk>


06:11 <&marduk> :-)

06:11 <&marduk> HBGary LEaks yield first interesting results :)

06:11 <~Avunit> oh yesh that one was posted yesterday right?

06:11 <&marduk> yea, i think Laurelai found that actually in the emails?

06:11 <~Avunit> well when im @ home imma do my first perl project :3

06:12 <&marduk> oh didnt see the update \o/

06:13 <~Avunit> and if perl isnt a bitch we'll have a dns bot for anonleaks today

06:13 <&marduk> dns bot?

06:13 <~Avunit> yarr

06:13 <&marduk> whats that doin?

06:13 <~Avunit> to update the nameservers on the fly through irc commands

06:13 <&marduk> ahh

06:13 <&marduk> heh nice

06:14 <~Avunit> like !dns add lulz. A

06:14 <~Avunit> should create an A record for pointing to

06:15 <~Avunit> should have !dns add, update and del

07:16 <@Laurelai> weather it be hacking in or gathering intel

07:17 -!- kayla [] has quit [NickServ (GHOST command used by mysql2)]

07:17 <@Laurelai> :/
07:17 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

07:17 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

07:17 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot

07:17 <@kayla> D:

07:18 <~Avunit> gg

07:18 <@Laurelai> 07:15 <@Laurelai> kayla: take a look at

07:18 <@Laurelai> 07:15 <@Laurelai> i have it on good authority that they are the ones

helping the FBI v& anons

07:18 <@Laurelai> 07:16 <@Laurelai> i think its worth it to take a look and see what we can

find on them

07:18 <@Laurelai> 07:16 <@Laurelai> weather it be hacking in or gathering intel

07:18 <@Laurelai> recap

07:18 <@Laurelai> incase you missed it

07:18 <@kayla> i've heard of tht place before :o

07:18 <@kayla> can't remember where.....

07:19 <@Laurelai> mpaa

07:19 <@Laurelai> hired them

07:19 <@Laurelai> at one point

07:19 <@kayla> ewwwww html pages D:

07:20 <@kayla> it's runing joomla

07:21 <@kayla> <meta name="generator" content="Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content

Management" />

07:22 <@kayla> Sitemap:

07:22 <@kayla> User-agent: *

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /administrator/
07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /cache/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /components/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /includes/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /installation/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /language/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /libraries/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /media/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /modules/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /plugins/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /templates/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /tmp/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /xmlrpc/

07:22 <@kayla> Disallow: /azr94v2hh2lgbbkk/

07:22 <@kayla> from robots.txt

07:22 <@Laurelai> lol

07:23 <@Laurelai> whats in azr94v2hh2lgbbkk

07:23 <@kayla> JError XML-RPC Server not enabled.

07:23 <@kayla> shame :p

07:23 <@kayla> /azr94v2hh2lgbbkk/ 404

07:24 <@Laurelai> joomla 1.5 is vuln i believe

07:24 <@kayla> interesting :3

07:25 <@kayla> com_rsform

07:25 <@kayla> anyone know if thre's bugs in com_rsform ???

07:27 <&marduk> ohai kayla

07:27 <@Laurelai>

07:27 <&marduk> also i notices is redirecting now

07:27 <@kayla> ohgod is tht a sit backup :op

07:27 <@Laurelai>

07:28 <@kayla> Forbidden

07:28 <@kayla> You don't have permission to access

/administrator/components/com_joomlapack/backup/ on this server.

07:28 <@kayla> bah D:

07:28 <@kayla> Apache/2.2.11 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.2.6-3ubuntu4.5 with Suhosin-Patch

mod_ssl/2.2.11 OpenSSL/0.9.8g Server at Port 80

07:32 <@Laurelai> kayla:

07:34 <&marduk> "Greg is an accomplished author, world recognized leader in rootkit

technology and was recently named one of "10 hackers to know" in Network Security

magazine. "

07:34 <&marduk> lulz

07:38 -!- Topiary [Piedent@do.the.impossible] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]

07:46 -!- mode/#hq [+I DNSBot!*@*] by Avunit

07:46 <&marduk> oh kayla and

07:47 <&marduk> 11:50 <&marduk> found a new greg mail

07:47 <&marduk> 11:50 <&marduk> From: Greg Hoglund <>

07:47 <&marduk> though i dont think he used it for anything

07:47 <&marduk> project thasnt started it seeems.. and unlikely now that it will

07:48 <@kayla> did gregs mails get released :o?
07:49 <&marduk> not yet.. joe needs to fix sth

07:49 <@kayla> D:

07:49 <&marduk> he will once he'S back, shouldnt be long

07:50 <&marduk>

07:50 <&marduk> dont spread yet

07:50 <&marduk> so far we only have ssron's spool there

07:51 <&marduk> aaron'S even

07:56 <~Avunit> Kayla

07:57 * Avunit pokes kayla.

07:59 <~Avunit> or tflow

07:59 <@kayla> :o?

07:59 <~Avunit> you know perl?

08:00 <~Avunit> need ya to take al ook at the base of le bot

08:00 <~Avunit> because my perl is sucky

08:00 <@kayla> whats wrong with it?

08:00 <~Avunit> currently its bragging about msising a bracket, even though theyre all in,

might have a syntax error for perl in

08:00 <~Avunit> and im not sure if my file editing will work this way ;.;

08:01 <&marduk> hmm im no perl guru ..... FUUU tackle lagging like hell

08:01 <&marduk> i can take a look tho

08:02 <~Avunit> goddamnit why isnt securepastebin working

08:03 <~Avunit>

08:03 <~Avunit> pass: perlbot

08:04 <@kayla> ewwww POE::Component::IRC;

08:04 <@kayla> i h8 perl modules
08:04 * Avunit goes for easyness ^.^

08:05 <~Avunit> i hate perl all together

08:05 <@kayla> IO::SOCKET *

08:05 <~Avunit> but the module is purrty easy

08:05 <&marduk> yeh dont have that either

08:05 <~Avunit> lulz feel free to edit it kayla :p

08:06 <~Avunit> first bit of perl i evah did

08:08 <~Avunit> still need the update, delete and list commands in too D:

08:08 <@kayla> irc_disconnected => sub { exit 1; }, #This exits when it gets disconnected.

08:08 <@kayla> },

08:08 <@kayla> );

08:08 <@kayla> might be those lines

08:09 <~Avunit> Missing right curly or square bracket at ./ line 72, at end of line

08:09 <~Avunit> syntax error at ./ line 72, at EOF

08:09 <~Avunit> Execution of ./ aborted due to compilation errors.

08:10 <&marduk> CPANing...

08:11 <~Avunit> still getting that

08:12 * Avunit stabs perl.

08:13 <@kayla> brb

08:13 <&marduk> didnt config cpan

08:13 <&marduk> will take a while :p

08:13 <~Avunit> lulz

08:13 <~Avunit> thats done quite quickly actually

08:14 <&marduk> doing some wild testing

08:14 <&marduk> dunno whym, i skipped that actually hmm
08:16 <&marduk> and can p0ke has the url to our email reader?5~

08:17 <~Avunit> iunno

08:18 <&marduk> fuck, something is broen in my perl *sigh*

08:21 <&marduk> omg why am i fixing perl now

08:21 <~Avunit> D:

08:21 <&marduk> DIE perl DIE

08:22 <~Avunit> becus we want awesum bot

08:22 <~Avunit> maybe i should do python

08:22 <~Avunit> but lulz

08:22 <~Avunit> im too lazy

08:23 <&marduk> mhh lulz, there is some dependency conflict

08:23 <&marduk> grrr, looks like broken triumph lol

08:23 <&marduk> HEIHACHI SEND ME LINUX VIRRi!!!!

08:24 <~Avunit> blegh

08:24 <~Avunit> ill fix perl on triumph

08:24 <~Avunit> bitch

08:24 <&marduk> reinstalling, should work here soon

08:25 <~Avunit> fixing triumph

08:25 <~Avunit> bitch

08:26 <~Avunit> and preferably dont delete perl on triumph

08:26 <~Avunit> since inspircd needs it to start :p

08:27 <&marduk> why would i delete that?

08:27 <&marduk> and how could i, i am not root :p

08:27 <~Avunit> nevah know what some people achieve :p

08:28 <&marduk> lol
08:28 <@kayla> can someone op me in ophbgary pls :3

08:28 <~Avunit> blegh tirumph is being slower than fuck

08:29 <&marduk> youre not aopped?

08:29 <~Avunit> [14:29:10] -ChanServ- kayla added to #ophbgary AOP list.

08:29 <@kayla> who the fork() keep rm'ing me a0p ;____;

08:29 <&marduk> no

08:29 <&marduk> your added

08:29 <~Avunit> I just added her

08:29 <&marduk> ah k

08:29 <~Avunit> triumph is benig slow

08:29 <~Avunit> getting some tea meanwhile

08:33 <&marduk> uhm Can't locate POE/Component/ in @INC

08:33 <&marduk> how is that installed?

08:34 <@Laurelai> cpan

08:34 <&marduk> yes how?

08:34 <@Laurelai> install POE::Component::IRC

08:34 <&marduk> ahhh right, doh

08:34 <&marduk> i used / me dtupid

08:34 <&marduk> thx

08:34 <@Laurelai> np :)

08:35 <@Laurelai> 08:29 <@kayla> who the fork() keep rm'ing me a0p ;____;

08:35 <@Laurelai> saved

08:35 <@Laurelai> rofl

08:39 <~Avunit> use cpan POE

08:39 <~Avunit> and cpan POE::Component::IRC
08:41 <&marduk> hmm

08:41 <&marduk> yeah i got it

08:41 <&marduk> and i dont see the missing bracket on first glance either

08:41 <@Laurelai> imma sleep a bit

08:41 -!- Irssi: #hq: Total of 7 nicks [4 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 3 normal]

08:41 <~Avunit> gnite laurelai

08:41 <@Laurelai> nini

08:45 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-29q.22n.iger54.IP] has joined #hq

08:45 <&marduk> :p

08:45 <~Avunit> D:

08:45 <~Avunit> whatd you do

08:45 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-29q.22n.iger54.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

08:45 <&marduk> fixt ya shit

08:45 <~Avunit> gief

08:45 <&marduk> sub Bot {

08:46 <&marduk> has no closing

08:46 <~Avunit> ah

08:46 <&marduk> add one

08:46 <&marduk> and it runs

08:46 <&marduk> % in vim ftw

08:46 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

08:46 <~Avunit> !dns add garysucks A

08:47 <~Avunit> The 'privmsg' event requires two arguments

08:47 <~Avunit> imma fix my own shit now

08:47 <~Avunit> :P
08:47 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

08:47 <&marduk> hehe

08:51 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

08:51 <~Avunit> !dns add garysucks A

08:51 <~Avunit> fucking lies

08:51 <~Avunit> it does add just a prob with theprivmsg event

08:52 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

08:52 <&marduk> never used irc module so dunno

08:54 ! *** HQBot invited Topiary into the channel

08:54 -!- Topiary [colossal@do.the.impossible] has joined #hq

08:54 -!- mode/#hq [+o Topiary] by HQBot

08:55 <~Avunit> goddamnit triangle is slow

08:56 <@Topiary> What's the latest, fine sirs?

08:56 <~Avunit> gjkldgjklkldagjkldgklajga

08:56 * Avunit starts shouting at triangle.

08:57 <~Avunit> goddamnit

08:57 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: marduk

08:57 <~Avunit> and triangle died too

08:57 <~Avunit> awesome.

08:58 -!- Netsplit over, joins: &marduk

09:01 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

09:01 <~Avunit> !dns add lulztest A

09:01 <~Avunit> i borked it nao

09:02 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

09:02 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq
09:02 <~Avunit> !dns add plswork A

09:03 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

09:03 <~Avunit> sotp being such a slow server bitch

09:05 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

09:05 <~Avunit> !dns add testpls A test.pls.pls

09:05 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

09:06 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

09:06 <~Avunit> !dns add moartest A moartest.test

09:08 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

09:08 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

09:08 <~Avunit> !dns add dljgaklgdajgl A jklagadjkldgla

09:08 < DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:

09:08 < DNSBot> dljgaklgdajgl A jklagadjkldgla

09:09 <~Avunit> oh well thats positive

09:09 <&marduk> \ø/

09:09 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

09:10 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

09:10 <~Avunit> !dns add lulzarehad A luzl

09:10 < DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:

09:10 < DNSBot> lulzarehad A luzl

09:10 <~Avunit> perfect

09:10 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

09:11 <~Avunit> now update, delete and list

09:11 <~Avunit> marduk, if you have a bit of time, code one of those functions :p

09:12 <&marduk> i cant code for shit :p
09:12 <~Avunit> awh fu

09:12 <&marduk> tho probably not hard, if i look at add

09:13 <~Avunit> add is easy

09:13 <~Avunit> delete would do the same but then just for the line with the subdomain in it

09:13 <~Avunit> update would need to split the line in tokens and update only the ip part

09:13 <~Avunit> list would need to read the whole file and parse

09:13 <~Avunit> atleast

09:13 <~Avunit> well only the subdomain part of the file

09:23 <&marduk> anyone who cares for a stuxnet message-id:


09:27 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

09:27 <~Avunit> !dns add test A

09:27 < DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:

09:27 < DNSBot> test A

09:27 <~Avunit> !dns del test

09:27 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

09:27 <~Avunit> well that didnt work

09:28 <&marduk> btw correction Topiary

09:28 <&marduk> penny did not say she owns 15% of hbgf, she said hbg owns 15% and that

is correct

09:28 <&marduk> confirmed by internal mails

09:33 <~Avunit> !aop add entropy

09:33 <~Avunit> !invite entropy

09:33 ! *** HQBot invited entropy into the channel

09:33 -HQBot:#hq- entropy was invited to the channel.
09:34 -!- entropy [noyx@HA-dkm.je4.cn1rg3.IP] has joined #hq

09:34 -!- mode/#hq [+o entropy] by HQBot

09:35 <~Avunit> besides all that I should make a @ or & check in too i suppose, but ive no

fridging idea how that is handled

09:35 <&marduk> if bot is only here it doesnt matter i guess

09:36 <~Avunit> better safe than sorry :p

09:37 <@entropy> ok you want me to add del update and list

09:37 <@entropy> del cuts the a record and restarts bind

09:37 <@entropy> whats update do ?

09:37 <@entropy> basically del then add?

09:37 <@entropy> and list just lists a records?

09:37 <~Avunit> Basically itd be like !dns update hbgary

09:37 <~Avunit> and itd change the hbgary A

09:38 <~Avunit> to hbgary A

09:38 <@entropy> yep

09:38 <~Avunit> can be done by tokens i suppose

09:38 <~Avunit> or delte the whole line

09:38 <~Avunit> and rewrite it

09:38 <~Avunit> but not everything has to be A though

09:38 <@entropy> yea if you have an del and add already can just call that

09:38 <~Avunit> the syntax for add is !dns add subdomain type ipaddress

09:38 <@entropy> you want to add like cnames and all?

09:38 <~Avunit> nah but can be hadny for mx

09:39 <@entropy> ok

09:39 <@entropy> let me eat breakfast and drink some coffee and ill do it
09:39 <~Avunit> thanks

09:39 <@entropy> np

09:39 <~Avunit> ill learn some more about perl and probably add some other neat functions

in later too, yknow syntax checking n stuff

09:43 <@entropy> i have to change add too

09:43 <@entropy> 2011020901 ; serial

09:43 <@entropy> anytime you have a change

09:43 <@entropy> ou have to increment that

09:43 <@entropy> any change at all

09:43 <~Avunit> ah

09:43 <~Avunit> well i jsut did the basic

09:43 <~Avunit> as you can see it doesnt even restart bind9 yet

09:44 <@entropy> whos the bot goign to run ass

09:44 <@entropy> as

09:44 <~Avunit> DNSBot

09:44 <~Avunit> its defined in tehs cript

09:44 <~Avunit> oh you mean

09:44 <~Avunit> as user?

09:44 <@entropy> yea

09:44 <~Avunit> iunno probably under avunit or a seperate user

09:45 <~Avunit> just gotta give chown of the file there :P

09:50 <@entropy>

09:50 <@entropy> prob easier todo something like that

09:50 <@entropy> then you dont have to +s anythign to restart

09:50 <@entropy> ok coffee brb
09:56 <~Avunit> ill just let you code something now

09:56 <~Avunit> and ill screw it afterwards

09:56 <~Avunit> :p

10:05 <&marduk> Topiary: called sabu yet?

10:06 <@Topiary> I called him yesterday.

10:06 <~Avunit> Did he say he missed me? :(

10:06 <&marduk> told him about the wikileaks connection?

10:06 <@Topiary> He was actually driving at the time so had to park, it was pretty lulzy. And

yeah, he's actually gonna be on here around evening time EST.

10:06 <@Topiary> marduk: Yes.

10:07 <&marduk> kk :)

10:25 <~Avunit> lalalala

10:25 <@kayla> :3

10:25 <~Avunit> hai kayla

10:26 <~Avunit> howrubeisdoing?

10:27 <@kayla> imgoodlolthankshowareyou?

10:28 <~Avunit> irbeingdoingquitefineakshuallysolikegotanyzhingtotell?

10:30 <@kayla>



10:32 <~Avunit>




10:32 <@Topiary> On a scale of 1 to 10, how many letters is a bucket of caterpillars?
10:32 <~Avunit> Depends on if you count to potatoe or not.

10:33 <&marduk> kayla:


10:33 <&marduk> eh not quite right url

10:34 <&marduk> did we look at webex?

10:42 <~Avunit> err

10:42 <~Avunit> nah?

10:42 <~Avunit> atleast not that i know of

10:43 <&marduk> ted and aaron have webex accounts with their email


10:53 <@Topiary> It requires username/pass not email/pass

10:54 <@entropy> Avunit: what do you want list to do?

10:54 <@kayla> do we still have tht backdoor account to their google apps account?

10:54 <~Avunit> list everything starting at NS entry

10:55 <&marduk> kayla: sabu would know... Topiary ask him today?

10:55 <@entropy> in the channel?

10:55 <@Topiary> He's coming on here this afternoon.

10:55 <&marduk> oh?

10:55 <&marduk> cool

10:55 * marduk is happy :)

10:57 <@Topiary> Indeed, he'll be here around evening time EST, he approves of going full

retard on Palantir/Berico.

10:57 <&marduk> palantir shut their db down

10:58 <&marduk> in fear of us :p

10:58 <@Topiary> Can we go public with that fact?
10:58 <&marduk> what a bunch of 'security' companies they are

10:58 <&marduk> i told steve ...

10:58 <&marduk> but the problem is, we have no confirmation

10:58 <&marduk> someonetold me who uses palantir login for some training program

10:59 <@entropy> Avunit: im going to write it in your hom and put you in bind group to you

can run it as yourself and update bind without root

10:59 <@entropy> with rndc keys

11:00 <~Avunit> k <3

11:00 <@kayla> they're proberbly rm'd all incriminating information incase they do get


11:02 <@Topiary> Wouldn't be surprised if a dozen other security companies have started

shifting their internal documents in fear after this.

11:03 <~Avunit> brb dinner

11:08 <@kayla> thing is though, they've proberbly only rm''d the information if it was on their

servers we could use something like undelete to recover the info from their HD's

11:10 <&marduk> lulz

11:11 <&marduk> thatd be quite funny

11:11 <@kayla> yeh i doubt they thought to shred

11:11 <@kayla> using forensic software to get their datas back xD

11:12 <@kayla> i don't rm -rf log files, i shred them

11:12 <@kayla> kinda pointless when they can do a restore and get the logs back

11:13 <@kayla> but not if you /dev/zero them :3

11:13 <@kayla> soem dd lulz

11:17 <&marduk> kayla:

11:17 <&marduk> do you have some time
11:17 <&marduk> DrPizza is the guy from ars technica who wrote the article

11:17 <@tflow> hi

11:18 <&marduk> ahh

11:18 <&marduk> there he is :)

11:18 <@tflow> told you i'd be here at 4 :)

11:18 <&marduk> yeah :)

11:18 <&marduk> k, plz msg DrPizza then

11:21 <@kayla> what about lol :D

11:21 <&marduk> huh?

11:22 <@entropy>

11:22 <@entropy> ill put it in your home

11:22 <@entropy> my pl is getto so i repeat code

11:22 <@entropy> havent used pl in years

11:40 <~Avunit> nais entropy

11:41 <@entropy> ;)

11:41 <@entropy> im switching between 3 langs between work and here

11:42 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

11:42 <@entropy> its boggling the mind

11:42 <@kayla> you own phiral?

11:42 <~Avunit> !dns list

11:42 <@entropy> tis ture ;)

11:42 <@entropy> true

11:42 <~Avunit> or is et just !list

11:42 <~Avunit> !list

11:42 <@entropy> $Temp[0] is command
11:42 <@entropy> $Temp[1] is subdomain

11:42 <@entropy> $Temp[2] is type

11:42 <@entropy> $Temp[3] is ip

11:42 <@entropy> is what i had

11:42 <~Avunit> yarr

11:42 <~Avunit> !dns list

11:43 <~Avunit> is not working tho

11:43 <&marduk> list empty?

11:43 <~Avunit> Narr

11:43 <@entropy> ok hold on

11:43 <@entropy> running as you right

11:43 <~Avunit> !end

11:43 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Quit: Quit]

11:43 <~Avunit> yup

11:48 <@kayla> so... what am i /msg drpizza for :s?

11:48 <&marduk> no heh sorry

11:48 <&marduk> tflow is covering

11:48 <&marduk> join #reporter if interested

11:49 <&marduk> he is giving a walkthru for the hax

11:49 <@kayla> :o

11:51 <@tflow> Sabu wanted full disclosure :)

11:53 <@kayla> tflow wht do you mean?

11:54 <@tflow> of the hack

11:59 <@Topiary> Goddamnit this Guardian bitch is requesting access to "secret" inner-circle

channels so she can tell everyone about how hard Anon works and to have first-hand
experience at our inner workings

11:59 <@Topiary> I say we fake a secret channel and discuss in BATSHIT CODE

11:59 <@Topiary> and then invite her

11:59 <@tflow> lol

11:59 <@tflow> where is she?

12:00 <~Avunit> topiary: max agree just fur the lulz

12:00 <@Topiary> she's talking to me on Skype, she's doing one insanely indepth story for


12:00 <@Topiary> this story will probably be their largest

12:00 <@Topiary> we need to troll her hard

12:00 <&marduk> Topiary: lol what?

12:00 <~Avunit> we use UNION+NEVAH+GONNA+GIVE+YOU+UP

12:01 <@Topiary> fuck niggahs, do you wanna make one on anonops called #over9000 or


12:01 <@Topiary> then we invite her and just, I don't know

12:01 <@Topiary> we just go to town in hackers on steroids talk

12:02 <&marduk> mhh not sure but i could utter some cryptic stuff

12:02 <~Avunit> bitch: create it

12:02 <@Topiary> well we could just be aloof

12:02 <&marduk> need some moar ppl there tho

12:02 <@Topiary> #over9000 is made

12:02 <@Topiary> just act distant and a little ominous so she gets intimidated

12:02 <@Topiary> or even lurk

12:03 <&marduk> ye wont say much

12:03 <&marduk> you lead this show
12:03 <@tflow> Topiary: so she's not actually believing that anonymous isn't secretive?

12:03 <@tflow> if so, epic troll the guardian and teach them a lesson

12:03 <@Topiary> epic troll time

12:03 <~Avunit> speak like cryptic, only to eachother and be blunt to her

12:03 <~Avunit> god yeah

12:03 <~Avunit> lets roll

12:03 <@Topiary> she wants to delve into the secret underbelly, we'll give her a trolling


12:03 <@Topiary> turn on your coolfaces

12:04 <@entropy> lol

12:24 <&marduk> 17:24 -!- mode/#over9000 [+f [60t]:90] by Topiary

12:24 <&marduk> lol

12:24 <@Topiary> that'll scare her good

12:25 <@Topiary> she has people from Guardian watching us with her

12:25 <~Avunit> xD

12:25 <~Avunit> shell be like

12:25 <~Avunit> "the fuck is that?"

12:26 <&marduk> tflow: check my pm!

12:30 <~Avunit> and walk the dinosaur.

12:31 <@Topiary> my guess is that she actually has tech guys with her right now

12:31 <~Avunit> probably

12:31 <@Topiary> so we need to make hints at 1337 H4X0R terms so they confirm it

12:33 <&marduk> ill bring a Don in soon

12:33 <&marduk> we only refer to him as D tho

12:54 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq
12:54 <~Avunit> !dns list

12:54 <@entropy> kill and restart it

12:55 <~Avunit> !end

12:55 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Quit: Quit]

12:55 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

12:56 <~Avunit> !dns list

12:56 <~Avunit> !list

12:56 <@entropy> fucking shit

12:56 <~Avunit> its not doing anything with the command at all

12:56 <@entropy> i know

12:56 <@entropy> its poppy cock

12:56 <~Avunit> !dns add test A

12:56 <~Avunit> not working eithah

12:56 <@entropy> @Temp isnt getting populated

12:57 <~Avunit> well ive no idea why since the @Temp part didnt change

12:57 <~Avunit> but then again

12:57 <~Avunit> my perl sucks

12:58 <~Avunit> !dns del test A

12:58 <~Avunit> !end

12:58 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Quit: Quit]

13:00 <~Avunit> so it might be that my approach failed anyway

13:17 <@entropy> ok try now

13:17 <@entropy> i cp to your home

13:17 <@entropy> !dns add|update|del test A

13:18 <@entropy> !dns list
13:18 <@entropy> has to be called like that

13:18 <@entropy> and update and del can take up to an hour if it gets cached

13:18 <@entropy> not the change in ours but if it gets propagated

13:18 <@entropy> actually ill change update iterval to like 10 min

13:19 <@entropy> LOL

13:19 <~Avunit> you

13:19 <~Avunit> changed

13:19 <~Avunit> servers

13:19 <~Avunit> didnt you>?

13:19 <@entropy> lol

13:20 <@entropy> and its joins #poppycock

13:20 <@entropy> might want to change those back ;)

13:20 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

13:20 <~Avunit> !dns list

13:20 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

13:20 <~Avunit> lol

13:20 <&marduk> :)

13:20 <~Avunit> 1 at ./ line 165.

13:20 <~Avunit> Permission denied

13:20 <~Avunit> lulz

13:20 <@entropy> the f

13:21 <@entropy> type groups

13:21 <@entropy> your in bind right?

13:21 <~Avunit> nope

13:21 <~Avunit> D:
13:21 <~Avunit> avunit root admin

13:21 <@entropy> logout and back in

13:22 <@entropy> noyx@ru:~$ cat /etc/group | grep bind

13:22 <@entropy> bind:x:106:noyx,avunit

13:22 <~Avunit> logging in again

13:22 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

13:22 <~Avunit> !dns list

13:22 < DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

13:22 < DNSBot> localhost A

13:22 < DNSBot> www A

13:22 < DNSBot> hbgary A

13:22 < DNSBot> ns1 A

13:22 < DNSBot> ns2 A

13:22 < DNSBot> phiral A

13:22 < DNSBot> $ORIGIN .

13:22 < DNSBot> $TTL 3600 ; 1 hour

13:22 < DNSBot> IN SOA (

13:23 < DNSBot> 2011020906 ; serial

13:23 < DNSBot> 7200 ; refresh (2 hours)

13:23 < DNSBot> 3600 ; retry (1 hour)

13:23 < DNSBot> 604800 ; expire (1 week)

13:23 < DNSBot> 3600 ; minimum (1 hour)

13:23 < DNSBot> )

13:23 < DNSBot> NS

13:23 < DNSBot> NS
13:23 < DNSBot> A

13:23 < DNSBot> $ORIGIN

13:23 < DNSBot> localhost A

13:23 < DNSBot> www A

13:23 < DNSBot> hbgary A

13:23 < DNSBot> ns1 A

13:23 <@entropy> hold on

13:23 < DNSBot> ns2 A

13:23 <~Avunit> sound slike

13:23 <@entropy> i was backing up the main conf file

13:23 <@entropy> and it read both

13:23 <~Avunit> its copying stuff

13:23 <@entropy> i was

13:23 <@entropy> before we start testing hold on

13:23 <~Avunit> k

13:25 <@entropy> list now

13:25 <~Avunit> !dns list

13:25 < DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

13:25 < DNSBot> localhost A

13:25 < DNSBot> www A

13:25 < DNSBot> hbgary A

13:25 < DNSBot> ns1 A

13:25 < DNSBot> ns2 A

13:25 <@entropy> should i parese and format that?

13:25 <@entropy> im just reading the lines and output
13:25 <~Avunit> well IRC just doesnt support tabs :/

13:25 <@entropy> yea pita

13:27 <@entropy> try add

13:28 <~Avunit> !dns add test A

13:28 < DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:

13:28 < DNSBot> test A

13:28 <~Avunit> !dns list

13:28 < DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

13:28 < DNSBot> localhost A

13:28 < DNSBot> www A

13:28 < DNSBot> hbgary A

13:28 < DNSBot> ns1 A

13:28 < DNSBot> ns2 A

13:28 < DNSBot> test A

13:28 <~Avunit> !dns del test A

13:28 < DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was deleted:

13:28 < DNSBot> test A

13:28 <~Avunit> !dns list

13:28 < DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

13:28 < DNSBot> localhost A

13:28 < DNSBot> www A

13:28 < DNSBot> hbgary A

13:28 < DNSBot> ns1 A

13:28 < DNSBot> ns2 A

13:28 < DNSBot> test A
13:28 <@entropy> somethigns wrong with del

13:28 < DNSBot> $ORIGIN .

13:28 <@entropy> adds fine

13:28 < DNSBot> $TTL 3600 ; 1 hour

13:28 < DNSBot> IN SOA (

13:28 <@entropy> omfg

13:28 < DNSBot> 2011020908 ; serial

13:28 < DNSBot> 7200 ; refresh (2 hours)

13:28 < DNSBot> 3600 ; retry (1 hour)

13:28 <@entropy> i fucking hate perl

13:28 < DNSBot> 604800 ; expire (1 week)

13:28 < DNSBot> 3600 ; minimum (1 hour)

13:28 < DNSBot> )

13:28 < DNSBot> NS

13:29 < DNSBot> NS

13:29 < DNSBot> A

13:29 < DNSBot> $ORIGIN

13:29 < DNSBot> localhost A

13:29 < DNSBot> www A

13:29 < DNSBot> hbgary A

13:29 < DNSBot> ns1 A

13:29 < DNSBot> ns2 A

13:29 <~Avunit> no test there tho

13:29 <~Avunit> :P

13:29 <@entropy> its concat the file
13:32 <~Avunit> D:

13:33 <~Avunit> perl is so awesome

13:33 <~Avunit> especially when someone is fixing your

13:33 <~Avunit> newb perl coding

13:33 <@entropy> ...

13:34 <@entropy> i could have written this in asm faster

13:34 <@entropy> can you kill it

13:35 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

13:35 <~Avunit> lets go for .NET next time and emulate it into ubuntu

13:35 <@entropy> lol

13:36 <~Avunit> not a good plan? :3

13:41 <@entropy> nothign like prog in a lang you dont know to make you feel like a fuckign


13:44 <@entropy> ok its finally right

13:45 <@entropy> the f

13:47 -!- kayla [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]

13:48 <~Avunit> et is work?

13:48 <@entropy> yes

13:48 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

13:48 <~Avunit> !dns list

13:48 < DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

13:48 < DNSBot> localhost A

13:48 < DNSBot> www A

13:48 < DNSBot> hbgary A

13:48 <@entropy> if it has any bugs left im lighting the svr on fire its on
13:48 < DNSBot> ns1 A

13:48 < DNSBot> ns2 A

13:48 <~Avunit> !dns add test A

13:48 < DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:

13:48 < DNSBot> test A

13:49 <~Avunit> !dns list

13:49 < DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

13:49 < DNSBot> localhost A

13:49 < DNSBot> www A

13:49 < DNSBot> hbgary A

13:49 < DNSBot> ns1 A

13:49 < DNSBot> ns2 A

13:49 < DNSBot> test A

13:49 <~Avunit> !dns del test A

13:49 < DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was deleted:

13:49 < DNSBot> test A

13:49 <~Avunit> !dns list

13:49 < DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

13:49 < DNSBot> localhost A

13:49 < DNSBot> www A

13:49 < DNSBot> hbgary A

13:49 < DNSBot> ns1 A

13:49 < DNSBot> ns2 A

13:49 <~Avunit> thats kind of positive :O

13:49 <@entropy> yea
13:49 <@entropy> only took me 400 tries

13:50 <@entropy> and the flush and restart of bind is working

13:50 <@entropy> you can see on your term

13:50 <~Avunit> okay sec starting it up in the background

13:50 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

13:50 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

13:51 <~Avunit> !voice DNSBot

13:51 -!- mode/#hq [+v DNSBot] by HQBot

13:52 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Changing host]

13:52 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@DNS.Bot] has joined #hq

13:52 -!- ServerMode/#hq [+v DNSBot] by

13:53 <~Avunit> tflow

13:56 * Avunit cheers at entropy meanwhile for his efforts.

13:56 <@entropy> i would say n but id be lying

13:56 <@entropy> np

13:57 <@entropy> ;)

13:57 <@tflow> !dns list

13:57 <+DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

13:57 <+DNSBot> localhost A

13:57 <+DNSBot> www A

13:57 <+DNSBot> hbgary A

13:57 <+DNSBot> ns1 A

13:57 <+DNSBot> ns2 A

13:57 <&marduk> hehe

13:57 <@entropy> i didnt put any permissions checks in it
13:58 <~Avunit> iknow but itll do for now

13:58 <@tflow> how about the dns record for

13:58 <@entropy> is the origin

13:59 <@entropy> and i put the record in as an implied origin

13:59 <@entropy> so its like

13:59 <@entropy> A

13:59 <@entropy> $ORIGIN

13:59 <@tflow> oh ok

13:59 <@entropy> where the blank name before that A is implied

13:59 <@entropy> i can make it editable

13:59 <@tflow> gj

13:59 <@entropy> i thought this was only for subs

13:59 <@tflow> no, its good

13:59 <@entropy> k

14:00 <~Avunit> im proud of my own botbase

14:00 <~Avunit> :3

14:00 <~Avunit> i should consider switching to perl jsut for the lulz

14:00 <@entropy> pl is a lulz killer

14:01 <@entropy> its like php python and some regex engine mixed together

14:02 <~Avunit> i can cope witht he php and python part

14:03 <~Avunit> twas mainly the component::irc module that interested me

14:04 <~Avunit> !axx list

14:04 <@entropy> yea it did do alot of that

14:04 <&marduk> Avunit: yeah fail!

14:05 <~Avunit> !access del nessuno834
14:05 <&marduk> !axx list

14:05 <&marduk> oh

14:05 <&marduk> worx no

14:05 <~Avunit> !aop del nessuno834

14:05 -!- mode/#hq [-o Nessuno834] by HQBot

14:05 <&marduk> didnt before

14:06 <~Avunit> oh wait

14:06 <~Avunit> nessuno lulz

14:06 <~Avunit> im crazy

14:06 <&marduk> yeah why did you remove him?

14:06 <&marduk> just was about to ask

14:06 <~Avunit> sorry lack of sleep

14:06 <~Avunit> i was like

14:06 <~Avunit> the fuck is nessuno?

14:06 <~Avunit> xD

14:06 <&marduk> and mr[a] wants in, hmm

14:06 <&marduk> what you think

14:06 <~Avunit> !aop add nessuno834

14:06 -!- mode/#hq [+o Nessuno834] by HQBot

14:07 <~Avunit> well no offense to him but... we dont need him here

14:07 <@Nessuno834> ohai

14:07 <~Avunit> lulz sorry nessuno xD

14:07 <@Nessuno834> :(

14:07 <&marduk> yea

14:07 <&marduk> think so too
14:08 <&marduk> also i dont trust his security perimeter

14:08 * Nessuno834 leaves :(

14:08 <~Avunit> well he is kind of... inexperienced when it comes to.. well just PCs in

general :p

14:09 <~Avunit> tis not because he has bad things in mind but like well

14:09 <@Nessuno834> u talkin bout me?

14:09 <~Avunit> no :p

14:09 <~Avunit> i was just

14:09 <~Avunit> forgetting who you were

14:09 <~Avunit> due to

14:09 <~Avunit> lack of sleep

14:09 <~Avunit> :p

14:09 <@Nessuno834> meh

14:09 <&marduk> lol

14:09 <~Avunit> <3

14:09 <~Avunit> sorry love

14:10 <~Avunit> anyway we were taling about mr[a]

14:10 <&marduk> Nessuno834: ops me in #opiran pl0x

14:12 * Avunit hugs nessuno

14:16 <@Nessuno834> done marduk

14:17 * Nessuno834 is offended

14:17 * Avunit hugs nessuno even moar.

14:17 <~Avunit> MOAR

14:18 <@Nessuno834> MOAR

14:18 <@Nessuno834> haha funny thing is i had a dream aout u two last night was weird
14:18 <@Nessuno834> we was going on an operation in some war zone

14:18 <&marduk> :o

14:19 <@Nessuno834> and we had to meet off the train

14:19 <@Nessuno834> but i forgot my passport

14:19 <@Nessuno834> and q was all ragey

14:19 <@Nessuno834> q nessuno avunit and ?

14:19 <@Nessuno834> not hard to see how my brain invented that lol

14:20 <&marduk> lol

14:20 <@Nessuno834> just weird

14:20 <@Nessuno834> rather dream about kayla lulz

14:44 <&marduk> oh kayla is gone :(

14:44 <&marduk> tflow: do you happen to have greg/aarons passwords?

14:49 <@Nessuno834> whyso gone?

14:52 <@Nessuno834> marduk?

14:52 <&marduk> Nessuno834: ?

14:55 <@Nessuno834> why kayla gone?

14:55 <&marduk> cause she left?

14:56 <@Nessuno834> for good?

14:58 <&marduk> eh nah

14:59 <@Nessuno834> oh lulz

14:59 <@Nessuno834> nearly had a sad then

15:00 <&marduk> just didnt notcie her leave

15:00 <@Nessuno834> I bet kayla is hawt

15:01 <@Nessuno834> hawt 16yo hacker

15:02 <&marduk> definitiely
15:02 <&marduk> all 16y old girl hckers are hawt

15:03 <@Nessuno834> DO WANT

15:13 ! *** HQBot invited sabu into the channel

15:14 -!- sabu [sabu@HA-gtr.7ha.1dmvoo.IP] has joined #hq

15:14 -!- mode/#hq [+ao sabu sabu] by HQBot

15:14 <&sabu> jEA

15:14 -!- sabu is now known as Sabu

15:14 <&Sabu> fucking nigg3rs wanna battle

15:14 <&marduk> Saaaaaaaaaaaaaabuuuuuuuu \o/

15:14 <&marduk> boring without internet huh

15:14 <&Sabu> sups my brothers

15:15 <@Topiary> 'Lo there

15:15 <&Sabu> dude

15:15 <&Sabu> without internet

15:15 <&Sabu> I feel like a faggot

15:15 <&marduk> haha

15:15 <&Sabu> anyway

15:16 <&Sabu> I been reading twitter

15:16 <@Nessuno834> sabu what happened to your internets?

15:16 <&Sabu> and thx to topiary I been up to date

15:16 <&Sabu> Nessuno834: I got rid of my laptop and everything else with media

15:16 <&Sabu> just to be on safe side

15:16 <@Nessuno834> ahhh :(

15:16 <@Nessuno834> i heard u was having a break

15:16 <&Sabu> yeah
15:17 <&Sabu> so gents

15:17 <&Sabu> whats the latest

15:17 <&marduk> why get rid of the notebook?

15:17 <&marduk> i mean.... wipe it and reinstall if you're paranoid?

15:17 <&Sabu> marduk: nah I don't even want that around

15:17 <&marduk> heh, okay.. :)

15:17 <&Sabu> anyway

15:17 <&Sabu> I got time right now

15:18 <&Sabu> are we going to target these other 2 sec firms?

15:18 <@Nessuno834> hope ur not paranoid

15:18 <&Sabu> or we just sitting on it

15:18 <&marduk> i havent heard anything .. i think kayla was checking them out

15:18 <&Sabu> ok

15:18 <&marduk> but you missed her by an hour or so

15:18 <&Sabu> gh3y

15:18 <&marduk> but i guess she'll be back

15:18 <&Sabu> have we leaked greg's shit yet/

15:19 <&marduk> no... but almost

15:19 <&marduk> but check this out

15:19 <&marduk>

15:19 <&marduk> dont leak the URL yet

15:20 <@Nessuno834> looks good

15:20 <&Sabu> im not on other ircd just here. I'm not leaking shiznit

15:20 <@Nessuno834> seeing as im prob only one here whoaint seen gregs emails, is there

anything juicy in them?
15:21 <&marduk> yeah i know

15:21 <&marduk> just saying.. will be public later

15:21 <&marduk> when the othermails are there

15:21 <&Sabu> this is nice

15:21 <&Sabu> Nessuno834: greg's email is nice and juicy

15:21 <&Sabu> I was the one in there

15:21 <&marduk> we dont know, they have not been scanned or released yet

15:21 <@Topiary> Sabu: do you have a list of all the emails/aliases Aaron uses?

15:21 <&marduk> oh we scanned them a bit?

15:21 <&marduk> and i would use his passwords, Topiary you have them? would like to try


15:21 <&Sabu> marduk, I traversed his email first. then gave access to tflow

15:22 <@Topiary> kibafo33

15:22 <&marduk> Sabu: ah ok nice

15:22 <@Topiary> 31satcom for Ted

15:22 <@Topiary> kibafo33 for Aaron

15:22 <@Nessuno834> I thought u had seen them marduk

15:22 <&marduk> thx

15:22 <@Nessuno834> still jelly i missed the main fun

15:23 <&marduk> Nessuno834: only 127 :)

15:23 <&Sabu> I left a backdoor admin account on's email server

15:23 <&Sabu> anyone want to see if we still have admin?

15:23 <&Sabu> if so R O F L

15:23 <@Topiary> DO EET.

15:24 <&Sabu> ok
15:24 <&Sabu> Ill give you info

15:24 <&Sabu> you try to login

15:24 <&Sabu> I don got proxies atm my rootlist is elsewhere

15:24 <&Sabu> get https proxy

15:24 <&Sabu> url:

15:24 <&Sabu> user: reseller

15:24 <&Sabu> pass: random

15:24 <&Sabu> if you do get to login

15:24 <&Sabu> click on "manage domain"

15:24 <&Sabu> reset their passwords

15:24 <&Sabu> and leak new emails


15:25 <&Sabu> oops

15:25 <&Sabu> wrong domain

15:25 <&Sabu>

15:25 <&Sabu> there you go

15:26 <@Nessuno834> no deal

15:26 <@Topiary> Does not work, sadface

15:26 <&Sabu> gay

15:26 <&Sabu> so sad

15:26 <&marduk> 20:22 <@garrett> anyone seen sabu?

15:26 <@Nessuno834> sogay

15:26 <&Sabu> tell garrett he ca find me here

15:26 <&Sabu> can

15:26 <&Sabu> privately
15:26 <&marduk> k


15:31 * Avunit humps the sabu

15:31 <~Avunit> D:

15:32 <&Sabu> yo yo avunit

15:32 <&Sabu> what up my nigga

15:32 <&marduk> uh what happened now

15:32 <&marduk> vlad goin away?

15:32 <&Sabu> what?

15:32 <&marduk> hmm no irc works

15:32 <~Avunit> wut?

15:32 <&marduk> not responding

15:32 <&marduk> ah now

15:32 <&marduk> just hung

15:32 <~Avunit> LINK: Server has not responded to PING for 15

seconds, high latency.

15:33 <&marduk> heihachi. i guess.

15:33 <&marduk> lol

15:33 <&marduk> yeah

15:33 <&Sabu> haihachi sucks cocks

15:33 <~Avunit> that said i will have an invoice in 5 days again

15:33 <&Sabu> oh yeah avunit I meant to tell you that if I go offline for a while

15:33 <&Sabu> private and isla are good money

15:33 <&Sabu> they're completely separated from me

15:33 <&Sabu> so that'll stay up + stable
15:33 <~Avunit> nais

15:34 <&Sabu> I'll have to give you root if anything

15:34 <~Avunit> I think about kepeing triumph in heihachi and moving tackle to another host

15:34 <&Sabu> yea

15:35 <~Avunit> and my first time crappty perl project combined with entropy's rusty perl skills

15:35 <~Avunit> gave us the DNSBot too

15:35 <~Avunit> to manage

15:35 <~Avunit> 8)

15:35 <&Sabu> who is leaking gregs mails? tflow?

15:35 <~Avunit> think so

15:35 <&marduk> yes, but we wnt to combine it with the release of the online reader

15:35 <~Avunit> oh marduk, has joepie been working on the interface somewhere today?

15:35 <&marduk> and i think we need joe for that

15:36 <&marduk> he didnt come back yet.. but should be soon now

15:36 <~Avunit> Because here we sorted everything at domain and manage level now

15:36 <~Avunit> so the only thing holding us back is the interface :P

15:36 <&marduk> there was a probl with greg's mails but he knows how to six

15:36 <&marduk> he wanted to do that when he is back

15:36 <~Avunit> fix I hope

15:36 <&marduk> yarr

15:36 <~Avunit> Because I know how to seven.

15:36 <&Sabu> let me tell you guys

15:36 <&Sabu> you thought aarons mails were bad

15:37 <&Sabu> gregs full of yumz

15:37 <&marduk> they are not that bad actually
15:37 <&marduk> most is shit

15:37 <~Avunit> I love yumz, but i generally dont have time to read through yumz

15:37 <&Sabu> you guys do realize

15:37 <&Sabu> that this is going to spark a major offensive on at least my behalf against

white security firms

15:38 <&Sabu> whitehat+

15:38 * Avunit points at palantir and berico.

15:38 <&Sabu> yup

15:38 <&Sabu> you know those guys are changing their passwords

15:38 <&Sabu> scanning their access logs

15:38 <&Sabu> lol

15:38 <&marduk> oh sabi

15:38 <&marduk> sabu

15:38 <&marduk> i heard that palantur shut down their databases. cause they fear us

15:38 <&marduk> lulz

15:38 <&Sabu> yeah bro

15:39 <~Avunit> anyway guys

15:39 <&Sabu> really

15:39 <&marduk> can you confirm that?

15:39 <~Avunit> if we wanna do something with palantir and berico

15:39 <~Avunit> i propose something more subtle first

15:39 <~Avunit> because now theyre all like expecting us

15:39 <~Avunit> just relax, get sniff em to death

15:39 <&marduk> also did we check out that lawyer firm?

15:39 <~Avunit> and when it starts to calm down again
15:39 <&Sabu> they're expecting us to attack their servers

15:39 <~Avunit> hit em with every backdoor that was in

15:39 <~Avunit> bawt no direct email leaks, rm -rfs and maximum access everywhere :p

15:39 <&Sabu> I will hit everything around the servers

15:40 <&Sabu> I just wanna rm some more ;)

15:40 <&marduk> >>> Example. If I want to gain access to the Exelon plant up in Pottsdown

PA I only have to go as far as LinkedIn to identify Nuclear engineers being employed by

Exelon in that location. Jump over to Facebook to start doing link analysis and profiling. Add

data from twitter and other social media services. I have enough information to develop a

highly targeted exploitation effort.

15:40 <&marduk> god this guy is so full of bull

15:40 <@Topiary> Sabu: Greg is looking for q and me personally

15:40 <~Avunit> Just do it at the right time sabu :P

15:40 <@Topiary> He was asking about us by name

15:40 <&Sabu> to whom topiary?


15:41 <@Topiary> Sabu: couple of sources that want to be kept private

15:41 <&Sabu> ok

15:41 <@Nessuno834> topiary they want to remain anonymous?

15:41 <&Sabu> just be careful guy

15:41 <&Sabu> s

15:41 <&Sabu> can;t afford to lose any of you guys

15:42 <&marduk> i am safe

15:42 * Avunit dies under the pressure.

15:42 <@Topiary> Nessuno834: yeah and I'm getting them to troll Greg and fax dox me, act
like they're ratting me out but leading him further away [Pester, et al?]

15:42 <~Avunit> too... much... love...

15:42 <&marduk> fucking nobody on anonops knows who i am

15:42 <@Topiary> *fact

15:42 <@Nessuno834> I dont exist

15:42 <@Nessuno834> at all

15:42 <~Avunit> Well there are no actual ties to me and very criminal activity but yeah as said

before I am traceable if they really want to

15:42 <~Avunit> but all my data is safe :P

15:43 <@Topiary> @topiary on twitter, that guy with the European voice

15:43 <@Topiary> that is all anyone has on me.

15:43 <@Topiary> @atopiary rather

15:43 <@Topiary> Fucking wish I had @topiary

15:43 <~Avunit> I'm just that guy that lurks in every channel.

15:43 <&marduk> oh

15:43 <@Topiary> my skype is doxiary

15:43 <@Nessuno834> I do nothing

15:43 <@Topiary> in case they go DERPER

15:44 <~Avunit> lol

15:44 <@Nessuno834> and I am nobody

15:44 <@Topiary> I'm sure all of us have info online somewhere, but not linked to our current

info in any way

15:44 <&marduk> HBGary and Berico were in contact with Hunton & Williams in early5~

Novemvber alredy

15:44 <&marduk>
15:44 <@Topiary> Let's face it, we were dumb kids once

15:45 <~Avunit> Topiary: probably, and mainly because i want it :P

15:45 <~Avunit> gotta run businesses too

15:45 <~Avunit> xD

15:45 <&marduk> WOW shit

15:45 <&marduk> check that pptx

15:45 <&marduk> "Develop a corporate information reconnaissance service to aid legal

investigations through the open source collection of information on target groups and

individuals that appear organized to extort specific concessions through online slander


15:45 <&marduk> Laurelai

15:46 <~Avunit> srs i prefer just a plain text file over a powerpoint presentation >.>

15:46 <&marduk> lol

15:47 <~Avunit> lulllz

15:47 <~Avunit> they want to dox us all

15:47 <~Avunit> thru facebwek

15:47 <~Avunit> n linkedin

15:47 <~Avunit> n google

15:47 <~Avunit> n wordpress

15:47 <~Avunit> n yahoo

15:47 <~Avunit> the fuck

15:47 <~Avunit> that they go use the same pass and name everywhere and reg everywhere

15:47 <~Avunit> doesnt mean

15:47 <~Avunit> we do

15:47 <&Sabu> these guys are completely dense
15:48 <~Avunit> if thats your only way of doxing people...

15:48 <~Avunit> well lol

15:48 <~Avunit> we'd better get a smoke and chill a lot then

15:48 <~Avunit> because jeez

15:48 <&Sabu> ok gents

15:48 <@Topiary> I really want to see their emails now, after that statement on the HBGary

site, we can assume they're going into dox overdrive

15:48 <&Sabu> so whats the lawyer firm that tried to put the anti-wikileaks oepration?


15:48 <~Avunit> Hudson & thingie?

15:49 <~Avunit> oh Hunton & Williams

15:49 <&Sabu> wasnt it williams and something?

15:49 <&marduk> yes

15:49 <&Sabu> what were their email addresses?

15:49 <&marduk> its BoA lawyer firm

15:49 <&Sabu> do they have a website?

15:49 <&marduk> sure.. i guess..

15:49 <@Nessuno834> Meanwhile, please be aware that any information currently in the

public domain is not reliable because the perpetrators of this offense, or people working

closely with them, have intentionally falsified certain data.

15:49 <@Nessuno834> fuckin hypocrites

15:49 <&marduk>

15:50 <&Sabu> kk

15:50 <&Sabu> I'll begin research

15:50 <&marduk> Nessuno834: well aarons mail are all sigitally signed
15:50 <&marduk> lulz

15:50 <~Avunit> Listening to mubarak meanwhile

15:54 <~Avunit> and ofcourse ill take care of private and isla too

15:54 <~Avunit> gimme roto and ill fux em up as much as possible :P

15:56 <&marduk> 20:55 <%SteveD3> Anyone know if it was the enterprise edition of google

apps or the regular version where the emails were stored?

15:56 <&marduk> Sabu: ?

15:57 <&marduk> also:

15:57 <&marduk>

15:57 <&marduk> John Woods

15:57 <&marduk> is their contact at H&W

16:01 <&marduk> ohhhh sabu

16:01 <&marduk> i have someting lol

16:02 <&marduk> research from Aaron on Jeff

16:02 <&marduk> but this looks substantial *surprise*

16:02 <&marduk>

16:02 <&marduk> soo hmm

16:02 <&marduk> it looks like they actively researched that company. interesting

16:03 <&marduk> Political Donations: Gave money to John McCain

16:03 <&marduk> oh god

16:03 <&marduk> :p

16:03 <&marduk> Father owns Noland Company

16:03 <&marduk> Annual Revenue $100-$500M

16:03 <&marduk> A Runner. Member of GRIPLA.ORG (Greater Richmond Intellectual

Property Law Association. Has a blackberry and has installed the Facebook app for

16:03 <&marduk> lol

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16:18 -!- Netsplit over, joins: @entropy, +DNSBot

16:20 <~Avunit> D:

16:46 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @entropy,


16:53 -!- Netsplit over, joins: @entropy, +DNSBot

16:56 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @entropy,


16:58 * Avunit stabs triangle.

17:03 -!- Netsplit over, joins: @entropy, +DNSBot

17:05 -!- Netsplit <-> quits:

@entropy, +DNSBot

17:05 <&Sabu> sorry im back now

17:06 <&Sabu> marduk, it was enterprise edition

17:06 <&Sabu> they paid 1500 for 33 users

17:06 <&marduk> thx Sabu

17:06 <&Sabu> I had all the receipts but I deleted them thinking hey were useless

17:06 <&Sabu> they

17:06 <&marduk> heh yeah

17:06 <&Sabu> is it important if it was regular or enterprise/

17:07 <&marduk> dunno, steve wnated to know, guess for some follow up article

17:07 <&Sabu> interesting
17:13 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@DNS.Bot] has joined #hq

17:13 -!- ServerMode/#hq [+v DNSBot] by

17:14 <&Sabu> ok

17:14 <&Sabu> whats dnsbot

17:14 <&marduk> !dns list

17:14 <&marduk> !list

17:14 <&marduk> hmm

17:14 <&marduk> wellm, a dns bot :)

17:14 <+DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

17:14 <+DNSBot> localhost A

17:14 <+DNSBot> www A

17:14 <+DNSBot> hbgary A

17:14 <+DNSBot> ns1 A

17:15 <+DNSBot> ns2 A

17:15 <&marduk> arh

17:15 <&marduk> !dns add test a

17:15 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:

17:15 <+DNSBot> test a

17:15 <&marduk> !dns del test

17:15 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was deleted:

17:15 <+DNSBot> test

17:16 <&Sabu> interesting

17:16 <&Sabu> can you look up MX records and shit?

17:16 <&marduk> it's only for

17:16 <&Sabu> I see
17:16 <&Sabu> ok

17:21 <&Sabu> ok

17:21 <&Sabu> so

17:21 <&Sabu> tflow, you around?

17:23 -!- Netsplit <-> quits:


17:26 <&Sabu> whats up with triangle

17:28 <&marduk> dunno, blame Avunit

17:28 -!- Netsplit over, joins: +DNSBot

17:28 <&marduk> i'm only responsible for tackle and triumph. not that i could do anything if

the split :P

17:31 <&Sabu> so

17:31 -!- Netsplit <-> quits:


17:31 <&Sabu> I'm looking into

17:31 <&Sabu> would that be a good target?

17:32 <&marduk> of course it would be

17:33 <&marduk> if we could pull a gary.. that'd kill them immediately. but i dont think that's


17:33 <&marduk> i actually believe they would protect their communications..

17:33 -!- Netsplit over, joins: +DNSBot

17:34 <&Sabu> ok

17:34 <&Sabu> if I sign off in a few or go idle that means I'm back home

17:34 <&Sabu> if kayla logs on

17:34 <&Sabu> ask her to begin working on it
17:34 <&marduk> allriite, will do. but will probably go to sleep soon

17:35 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: +DNSBot

17:35 <&Sabu> yo someone rm triangle already

17:37 * marduk JUPES triangle

17:37 <&marduk> naw

17:46 <&Sabu> dude

17:46 <&Sabu> will be a nice fucking hit

17:46 <&marduk> hm see potential vulns?

17:48 <&Sabu> yeah

17:48 <&Sabu> I see some potential openings

17:48 <&marduk> :]

17:49 <&Sabu> we could rape these niggers

17:49 <&marduk> it would be awesome if we can get it without noticing

17:49 <&marduk> pull the comm tapping again

17:49 <&Sabu> yeah

17:50 <&marduk> comm tapping a lareg lawyers office

17:50 <&marduk> man

17:50 <&Sabu> this time we'll sit and collect quietly

17:50 <&marduk> that's major shit

17:50 <&marduk> yes

17:50 <&Sabu> itll require a lot of our time and dedication

17:50 <&marduk> also, we should NOT release a dump

17:50 <&marduk> only things which show illegal/fishy things etc

17:50 <&marduk> because i would assume they have tons of absolutely legit clients

17:50 <&marduk> we should not compromise them
17:51 <&marduk> i dont think this would play well in the public

17:51 <&Sabu> and another point to make it we have not found evidence of them attacking

us at this point

17:51 <&marduk> but well, hypothetical. should see what we discover first

17:51 <&marduk> yup

17:52 <&marduk> but it's not only about us

17:52 <&marduk> it is about the BoA/WL/Gov connection

17:52 <&Sabu> can you guys put together a private pad containing a list of whitehat targets,

lawyers, reporters, any media that requires counter-intelligence attack

17:52 <&Sabu> yeah

17:52 <&marduk> which still is mysterious to us

17:52 <&Sabu> I fucking lol'd when I read that shit in the news

17:52 <&marduk> mhh i will get on that after i slept

17:53 <&marduk> dont like a public pad tho...

17:53 <&Sabu> thats why I said private

17:53 <&Sabu> in fact I'll set one up now

17:53 <&Sabu> for our internal use

17:53 <&Sabu> give me a few

17:53 <&marduk> ah okay :)

17:53 <&Sabu> brb

17:53 <&marduk> sure

17:53 <&marduk> put in topic then

17:53 -!- Netsplit over, joins: +DNSBot

17:56 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: +DNSBot

18:01 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel
18:01 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

18:01 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot

18:01 <@kayla> hola :3

18:01 <@kayla> sabu!!! :DD

18:03 -!- Netsplit over, joins: +DNSBot

18:06 <&marduk> kkk-kayla

18:06 <&marduk> he maybe away.. but i am to inform you about a new target

18:06 <&marduk>

18:06 <&marduk> sabu found potential vulns

18:06 <&marduk> it's that lawyers office that represent BoA

18:06 <&marduk> and approached HBGary about the Smear Campaign

18:07 <&marduk> but should you get in.. be quiet pll0x :x

18:08 <@kayla> ofc :3

18:08 <&Sabu> im back

18:08 <&Sabu> kayla my love

18:08 <@kayla> :D

18:08 <@kayla> sabu we going to rock :D?

18:08 <&Sabu> yes miss

18:09 <&Sabu> is target but its windows ;\

18:09 <&Sabu> it has tons of asp/aspx scripts with lots of potential pams we can sql

18:09 <&Sabu> also it has about 6 mx servers listed..

18:09 <&Sabu> so if push comes to shove we can try to root them if they arent

exchange/windows boxes

18:09 <@kayla> show me the links i'll see if i can get an injection out of them :)

18:10 <&Sabu> inurl:id youll find a few
18:12 <@tflow> this could be blind sqli

18:12 <@tflow>'53

18:12 <@tflow> compared to


18:14 <@Nessuno834> kayla <3

18:14 <@kayla> hi Nessuno834

18:14 <@kayla> <3 :)

18:15 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: +DNSBot

18:15 <&marduk> goddarn triangle

18:15 <&marduk> get square

18:18 <@Nessuno834> :D

18:20 <&Sabu> yeah kayla I see that

18:21 <@kayla> can't seem to get anything out of those tflow

18:21 <&marduk> i'm running a few wild dreams now.. we manage to tap their comms and

notice they are actually investigating us :)

18:22 <&marduk> then we should set up a bot that greps for interesting keywords and just

posts mails here heh

18:26 <@kayla> this is interesting

18:28 <&marduk> "secure" orly? :)

18:30 <&marduk> heh, Sabu JFYI you still have a client on anonops

18:30 <&marduk> 23:29 -!- mode/#opegypt [+b *!*sabu@*.5AC22E7D.D7D87AFD.IP] by


18:30 <&marduk> 23:29 -!- Sabu_ was kicked from #opegypt by p0ke [115 hours idle]

18:30 <&marduk> 23:29 -!- mode/#opegypt [-b *!*sabu@*.5AC22E7D.D7D87AFD.IP] by

18:31 <&Sabu> yes kill it if possible its my other shell server

18:31 <&Sabu> in fact kline the ip

18:31 <&Sabu> guys im going offline I will be back online toorrow

18:31 <&Sabu> tomorrow I should have a new laptop

18:31 <&Sabu> muah

18:31 <&Sabu> and kayla

18:31 <&Sabu> please work on whitehat targets

18:34 <&marduk> will request

18:34 <@kayla> Sabu ofc <3 :)

18:35 <&marduk> tflow: can you z-line reason requested?

18:35 <@kayla> c ya later sabu :D

18:35 <@Nessuno834> cya sabu

18:36 <&marduk> <o/

18:37 <@kayla> brb ;)

18:37 <@Nessuno834> bai kayla <3

18:38 <@kayla> have gregs mails been dumped yet :D?

18:39 <&marduk> *almost* ready

18:39 <&marduk> tech problem has been fixed it seems

18:42 <@tflow> yeah.. nigg gave the greg mails in a fucked up format lol

18:42 <@tflow> that had me scratching my head

18:43 <@tflow> but it's fixed now

18:44 <@tflow> (\r\r\n was used as a newline, lol)

18:44 <@tflow> rather than \r\n or \n

18:51 <@tflow> currently converting greg's mails to the web version though. will be released

on torrents + as a web version at the same time
18:52 <&marduk> can you give ETA?

18:52 <@tflow> if everything goes to plan

18:52 <@tflow> then i would say

18:52 <@tflow> 4 hours maybe

18:52 <&marduk> cool. dunno if i will survive that long tho :/(

19:24 <@Laurelai> my presentation will be tonight too

19:25 <@Laurelai> for whoever is around

19:28 <@Topiary> tflow: do you know what's in the mails?

19:32 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @tflow

19:32 <&marduk> hmm there goes tackle and vlad

19:32 <&marduk> bye bye

19:32 <&marduk> grr

19:42 <@Topiary> Just a big high five to all you; I can't stop LOLing at the thought of how

much we fucked up Aaron

19:45 <&marduk>!/AnonymousIRC/status/35861584349892608

19:48 <@Topiary>!/atopiary/status/35862566156636162

19:48 <@Topiary> DAMNIT MARDUK

19:48 <@Topiary> HOW THE FUCK DID YOUU KNOW.

19:50 <&marduk> i can read your mind of course!



19:51 <&marduk> pfff. already done before you said. CHECK YOUR FACTS, NEWFAG!

19:51 <@Topiary> I'm about to tweet something I just made up that is superb

19:51 <@Topiary>!/atopiary/status/35863465595764736

19:54 <&marduk> lol... i use thats ome other time tho :)
19:54 <&marduk> but it IS good (=

19:55 <@Topiary> Damn, beat me to it

19:56 <@Topiary> [00:52:39] Topiary: Well, I understand, we do sometimes do very harsh


19:56 <@Topiary> [00:52:47] Topiary: Or just mindless things.

19:56 <@Topiary> [00:53:38] Parmy Olson: For lulz.

19:56 <@Topiary> Shit, I think I've converted this Forbes writer to Anon

19:57 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @marduk,


20:01 -!- Netsplit over, joins: &marduk

20:03 <@Topiary> can we register anonleaks on twitter in case someone nabs it?

20:03 <@Topiary> even if it's inactive

20:03 <&marduk> uh sure

20:03 <&marduk> do it

20:03 <@Topiary> damnit

20:04 <@Topiary> Very well.

20:04 <&marduk> in use?

20:04 <&marduk> i can do it tho

20:04 <&marduk> i only have one twitter so far

20:04 <&marduk> but go ahead if you want

20:05 <@Topiary> Oh fuck, I put leak into the password box, started typing something

random, thought of a rhyme, "weak", put in leakweak, and the fucking box came up that says

"password is weak"

20:05 <@Topiary> shat brix.

20:05 <@Topiary> I'll do it
20:05 <&marduk> lo

20:06 <@Topiary>

20:06 <@Topiary> Damnit, it's already up.

20:06 <@Topiary> Nevermind then.

20:06 <&marduk> yeah i feared as much

20:07 <&marduk> well AnonymousIRC works fine as catalyst

20:07 <&marduk> closing on 7k now

20:07 <@Topiary> You're doing well on that

20:18 <@Topiary> Avunit mardu

Sabu Laurelai Nessuno834

20:18 <@Topiary> password is puddi

20:24 <&marduk> quite interesting

20:28 <@Topiary> thought maybe kayla/tflow/Sabu might enjoy

20:28 <&marduk> yes, definitely good info

20:29 <&marduk> also relayed to ifeds

20:29 <&marduk> !invite kayla

20:29 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

20:29 -HQBot:#hq- kayla was invited to the channel.

20:32 -!- kayla [mysql2@HA-i80.2gd.hmtqaa.IP] has joined #hq

20:32 < kayla> :3

20:32 < kayla> wew

20:33 <&marduk> there she is

20:33 -!- kayla [mysql2@HA-i80.2gd.hmtqaa.IP] has quit [Changing host]

20:33 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

20:33 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot
20:33 <@kayla> :3

20:33 <@kayla> how goes?

20:33 <&marduk> 01:19 <@Topiary>

id=6302 Avunit mardu Sabu Laurelai Nessuno834

20:33 <&marduk> 01:19 <@Topiary> password is puddi

20:33 <&marduk> check that

20:33 <&marduk> but i wouldnt touch it just yet

20:34 <&marduk> i'd like to get some confirmation somehow

20:34 -!- tflow [tflow@HA-9ch.ue7.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

20:34 -!- ServerMode/#hq [+o tflow] by

20:34 <&marduk> ohai tackle

20:34 <&marduk> and tflow you too:

id=6302 password is puddi

20:36 <@Topiary> also kayla if you

want lulz at us trolling some Guardian bitch into thinking she was in the secret hacking


20:36 <@Topiary> password guardian

20:36 <&marduk> hehe

20:36 <&marduk> just hope she will come back

20:37 <&marduk> and btw, i did not use David (alrhough the D reference was clear) but that

would have exposed the troll

20:37 <&marduk> a mystery Don that nobody seen before is much better

20:43 <@kayla> lol guardian as in media xD?

20:44 <&marduk> ye

20:44 <&marduk> she contacted topiary via skype and wanted access to one of the "secret

20:44 <&marduk> so we made one up :p

20:52 <@Laurelai> lol

20:52 <&marduk> oh the beauty

20:52 <&marduk> we have lulz + epic win

20:52 <@Laurelai> silly bitch dont you know im the only medial allowed here

20:52 <@Laurelai> media*

20:53 <@Topiary> I've already converted the fuck out of Russia Today's producer Jenny

Churchill - she LOLs hard at Anon lulz

20:53 <@Topiary> Parmy Olson next

20:53 <@Laurelai> yes...turn them all to the dark side

20:54 <&marduk> palentir ... remove that from target list for now

20:54 <@Laurelai> oh?

20:54 <&marduk> i cannot really leak this info as of yet

20:54 <&marduk> but .. there will be big news in a moment

20:54 <@Laurelai> orly

20:55 <&marduk> palantir head PR apologized to Greenwald in person and to all

"progressive institutions" as palantir always supported freedom of speech

20:55 <&marduk> steve will post an item soon

20:55 <&marduk> please do not spread that ourtside yet

20:55 <@Laurelai> ok

20:55 <@Laurelai> so

20:56 <@Laurelai> they put their hands up

20:56 <&marduk> that means

20:56 <&marduk> the IMPORTANT thing is: palantir confirmed the document as real
20:56 <&marduk> and therefore basically confirmed the mails are probably all real

20:57 <&marduk> they probably do damage control now

20:57 <&marduk> they don't want to go down with the rest

20:57 <&marduk> it will be interesting to see.. if they continue cooperationg with DoD/DOJ

20:57 <&marduk> and how that runs down

21:01 <@Topiary> you guys aware that we now have a copy of stuxnet via Aaron's emails?

21:01 <@Laurelai> orly

21:01 <@Laurelai> source?

21:04 <&marduk> wow

21:04 <&marduk> wow

21:04 <&marduk> wow

21:04 <&marduk> it gets better

21:04 <&marduk> source is Head of Palantir PR

21:04 <&marduk> ""As the Co-Founder and CEO of Palantir Technologies, I have directed the

company to sever any and all contacts with HB Gary."

21:04 <&marduk> EAT THAT

21:04 <&marduk> But SHHHHHHHHHHH!

21:04 <@tflow> link?

21:04 <&marduk> no link

21:04 <&marduk> private mail with steve

21:04 <@tflow> wher is that from?

21:04 <@tflow> oh

21:04 <@tflow> :)

21:04 <&marduk> it will be on tech herald

21:04 <@tflow> acs:law 2.0 :)
21:05 <@tflow> like how all uk isps cut of contact with them

21:07 <@Topiary> EAT SHIT AND DIE HBGARY

21:07 <&marduk> OH HE WILL


21:39 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @tflow

21:41 -!- Irssi: #hq: Total of 8 nicks [6 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 2 normal]

21:43 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @marduk

21:45 -!- Netsplit over, joins: &marduk

21:46 * marduk axemurders heihachi

21:48 <@Laurelai> hi

21:48 -!- Netsplit over, joins: @tflow

21:49 -!- kayla [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]

21:59 <&marduk>


22:17 <@Topiary> [03:16:53] === quinn <>

``Quinn Norton''

22:17 <@Topiary> [03:16:53] === quinn is a registered nick

22:17 <@Topiary> [03:16:53] === quinn: member of #ophbgary, #reporter, and


22:17 <@Topiary> [03:16:53] === quinn: attached to ``AnonOps IRC


22:17 <@Topiary> [03:16:53] --- End of WHOIS information for quinn.

22:17 <@Topiary> I don't trust this guy.

22:22 <&marduk> he is weird indeed

22:23 <&marduk> saw him also on telecomix
22:23 <&marduk> you may wanna ask biella

22:23 <&marduk> i think she knows him

22:23 <&marduk> or was it arrett?

22:23 <&marduk> either one

22:27 <@Topiary> I just don't like the channels he's in - Aaron Barr spy channels.

22:33 <@Laurelai> hey

22:34 <@Topiary> marduk Avunit Sabu Laurelai Nessuno834 tflow!/dstufft

# these guys are trying to dox us and give to Feds

22:34 <@Topiary> we have counter-dox, what do?

22:34 <@Topiary> it's 6 people

22:34 <@Topiary> they're actually getting some valid info

22:34 <&marduk> lol

22:35 <&marduk> wtf is that?

22:42 <@tflow> its a fail

22:42 <@tflow> he's just posting /whoises

22:42 <@tflow> don't give him any attention

22:42 <@Topiary> they were back from chanology

22:42 <@Topiary> don't underestimate

22:42 <@Topiary> we have dox on them, formatting now

22:43 <@tflow> ironically he's here

22:43 <@tflow> with a photo of himself and everything

22:43 <@tflow> is he trying to commit suicide?

22:44 <@Topiary> that's not him

22:44 <@Topiary> it's a group of 6 that actually are trying to fuck that guy

22:44 <@Topiary> anyway just a note in case they actually do something: we have their dox
22:45 <&marduk> Topiary:

22:45 <&marduk> she claims it's her

22:45 <&marduk> see #reportter

22:46 <@Topiary> ah, that's okay then. we have reporters of 3 different sources

analyzing/spying on us right now. I don't give a shit, but I fear for some of the more less

private anons

22:46 <@Topiary> *reports

22:49 <&marduk> yup i think she'S legit

22:49 <&marduk> i sont think she would claim to be a blogger which has 404 on its site if she

wasnt the one

22:49 <&marduk> :p

22:49 <@Topiary> right, that's good. @ these 6 faggots: I am going to personally fuck with

their lives

22:50 <&marduk> 6?

22:50 <@Topiary> that twitter is a group of 5

22:50 <@Topiary> 65

22:50 <@Topiary> 6

22:50 <&marduk> ahh

22:51 <&marduk> yeah didnt read context thx

22:59 <@Laurelai> im decompiling stuxnet atm

23:00 <@Laurelai> should have source code soon

23:02 <&marduk> mhh nice.. but in this case, i'D actually be more interested in the cleaned

source that hbgary has :)

23:03 <@tflow> Topiary/marduk: any of you going to make @anonleaksdotru?

23:03 <&marduk> hmmm
23:03 <&marduk> AnonLeaksDotRu ?

23:04 <@tflow> yeah

23:04 <@tflow> or any other suggestions?

23:05 <&marduk> thinking

23:09 <@Topiary> @AnonymousLeaks

23:09 <@Topiary> ?

23:10 <@Topiary> also, Y/N: we allowed to say "AnonLeaks rep" to press?

23:10 <@Topiary> to replace Anon source

23:11 <&marduk> ohyes

23:11 <&marduk> AnonymousLeaks i like better

23:11 <@tflow> Well, we can say Anonleaks only when referring to the technical operations

the site, as we can't speak for all of Anonymous

23:11 <@tflow> and yeas, that's a good name

23:12 <&marduk> i would refrein from using "rep" ever

23:12 <&marduk> simply because.. that makes you/us directly tiable/responsible for what


23:12 <&marduk> no need to

23:12 <&marduk> example: the penny lock

23:12 <&marduk> yeah sabu/kayla/tflow obviously were involved in the hack. but they never

admitted to

23:13 <&marduk> from the logs, you can only deduct that they knew about the operation

23:13 <&marduk> well that kayla is our 16 year ol girl is no secret tho anymore tho i guess

23:13 <&marduk> same for me

23:13 <&marduk> i'm sure they think i actually haxed

23:13 <&marduk> which is fine.. for reason stated often enough
23:13 <@tflow> Well we don't really need to speak as "AnonLeaks" anyway, most of the time

was can speak as "Anonymous"

23:14 <&marduk> yup

23:14 <@Topiary> okay - good words

23:15 <&marduk> well, want me to register

23:15 <&marduk> actually i prefer that :p

23:15 <&marduk> Topiary is sometimes... so vulgar :p

23:17 <&marduk> what the frigging fuck

23:18 <&marduk> this is beyond mad

23:19 <&marduk> my yahoo mail account, i registered like a week ago for facebook

23:19 <&marduk> has 1066 mails :o

23:19 <&marduk> ahh damn,

23:19 <&marduk> that were all the facebook action to David Davidson

23:19 <&marduk> lol

23:19 <&marduk> it'S regged

23:19 <&marduk> need a profile text

23:19 <&marduk> and profile pic

23:24 <&marduk>!/AnonymousLeaks/

23:24 <&marduk> draft

23:43 <@tflow> looking nice

23:46 <@Laurelai> ok

23:46 <@Laurelai> keep this quiet for now

23:46 <@Laurelai>

23:46 <@Laurelai> its going with my article

23:47 <@Topiary> Laurelai: I am in lesbians
23:47 <@Laurelai> Topiary: lol

23:47 <@Laurelai> Topiary: i saw that movie the other day....

23:47 <@tflow> what's that?

23:47 <&marduk> tflow:

23:47 <@Laurelai> do i know you O_O

23:47 <&marduk> i need some help

23:47 <@Topiary> Laurelai: Maybe

23:47 <@tflow> oh. stuxnet decompile

23:48 <@tflow> marduk: with?

23:48 <&marduk> other net, sorry w/c

--- Day changed Fri Feb 11 2011

00:09 <&marduk> tflow: heh

00:09 <&marduk> hbgary functional again

00:14 <&marduk> tflow: ?

00:14 <&marduk> can we have nopants here,w hat do you think

00:14 <&marduk> or no actually

00:14 <&marduk> forget it

00:16 <@tflow> HAHA

00:16 <@tflow> seems like they don't have a copy of their original site :-)

00:16 <&marduk> sux to have backups wiped

00:25 <@Laurelai> omg

00:25 <@Laurelai> the stuxnet thing

00:25 <@Laurelai> they were working with the NSA

00:34 <&marduk> uhm

00:34 <&marduk> no surprise tho
00:34 <&marduk> i mean, to be expected?

00:34 <&marduk> btw

00:34 <&marduk>!/AnonymousLeaks/status/35934309281964032

00:34 <&marduk> we find lulzy stuff

00:34 <&marduk>!/AnonymousLeaks/status/35926522028105728

00:34 <&marduk> like that even more

00:34 <&marduk> that was actually the final mail Jussi send to Greg lol

00:34 <&marduk> He got no reply. Hm.

02:18 <&marduk> Topiary:

02:18 <&marduk> you around

02:18 <&marduk> or anyone

02:18 <&marduk> moah

02:18 <&marduk> this sux

02:31 <@Laurelai> hi

05:40 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

05:40 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

05:40 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot

05:40 <@kayla> wew:3

05:40 <@kayla> *kiss*

05:41 * marduk glomps kayla

05:41 <@kayla> \:3/

05:42 <&marduk> haha you know

05:42 <&marduk> how many people have asked me in query

05:42 <&marduk> if Q was q

05:42 <&marduk> lol
05:42 <&marduk> i just said, i wouldnt know

05:42 <@kayla> xD

05:42 <@kayla> i know too many Q's :(

05:42 <@kayla> you on sunshine, efnet and one on freenode xD

05:43 <&marduk> i guess Q is fine that he is kinda confused with me here

05:43 <&marduk> it makes it all more obscure

05:43 <&marduk> im on efnet

05:43 <&marduk> but with my real id

05:43 <&marduk> cant interact ;)

05:43 <@kayla> i dont go to efnet anymore :D

05:43 <&marduk> good

05:43 <@kayla> did gregs mails get dumped ?

05:43 <&marduk> they are as we soeak

05:44 <&marduk> lets see

05:44 <&marduk> ?

05:44 <&marduk> gah

05:44 <&marduk> now its down

05:46 <&marduk> join in anonopa :)

05:46 <@kayla> wot :o?

05:46 <@Topiary> Morning

05:46 <@kayla> whats anonoopa?

05:46 <&marduk> #internetfeds

05:46 <@kayla> anonopa*

05:46 <&marduk> on anonops

05:46 <@kayla> ahh :)
05:46 <&marduk> the MASTER CAHN!

05:46 <&marduk> :)

05:47 <&marduk> well not really

05:47 <&marduk> mostly idle :)

06:03 <&marduk> kayla: did you look at .dz mobile ohone?

06:08 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@DNS.Bot] has joined #hq

06:08 -!- ServerMode/#hq [+v DNSBot] by

06:13 <@Laurelai> marduk

06:13 <@Laurelai> do you know the Q on sunshine

06:14 <&marduk> 'know' is exaggerated

06:14 <&marduk> i talked to him

06:15 <&marduk> once or twice

06:16 <@Laurelai> ok

06:16 <@Laurelai> thought i was gonna have a twilight zone moment

06:16 <@Laurelai> lol

06:18 <&marduk> nah not the same

06:18 <&marduk> some think so

06:18 <&marduk> good :)

06:18 <@Laurelai> yeah

06:18 <@Laurelai> i didnt think so

06:18 <@Laurelai> i thought you might be someone else

06:18 <&marduk> ofc, first i act diffently

06:18 <&marduk> and then there is the caps thing

06:19 -!- kayla [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]

06:19 <&marduk> oh no .(
06:19 <@Laurelai> inb4 you are julina assange

06:19 <&marduk> nah, i am too old for that

06:19 <@Laurelai> lol

06:20 <&marduk> but yeah, we might have something in common

06:20 <&marduk> like the insanity

06:27 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

06:28 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

06:28 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot

06:28 <@kayla> anyone here :D?

06:28 <@Laurelai> hi

06:29 <@kayla> Does anyone have gregs mails they can grep for me :D?

06:30 <@kayla> he has an immunity account!!!

06:30 <@Laurelai> wut

06:30 <@kayla> want pass bad :3

06:30 <@kayla> then we can dl all their 0day

06:32 <~Avunit> sup guis

06:32 <&marduk> only whats up so far

06:32 <&marduk>

06:33 <~Avunit> thats just a page with all e-mails as files to me

06:33 <~Avunit> not an interface

06:33 <&marduk> we KNOW

06:33 <&marduk> DONT COMPLAIN

06:33 <@kayla> OHGOD LOL

06:33 <@kayla> the "HBgary Handbook"

06:33 <~Avunit> I am NOT complaining.
06:33 <@kayla> xD

06:33 <~Avunit> kthxbai.

06:33 <&marduk> attachment?

06:33 <@kayla> yeh :D

06:34 <~Avunit> So rather dont shout at me.

06:34 <@kayla>

06:34 <&marduk> somehow... my office doesnt parse docs correctly

06:34 <@kayla> Thank you for joining HBGary, Inc. .HBGary.. We pride ourselves on being a

dynamic and innovative team of people, who desire to produce quality results while offering a

professional work environment that is fun and rewarding.

06:34 <@kayla> We encourage you to make a difference here, as your participation counts.

As we grow our business, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy an expanding reputation in the

community and contribute to the success of our company.

06:34 <@kayla> We strive to meet the high standards that we have set as a company.

Customers are our top priority and we value each and every customer and want their

experience interfacing with HBGary to be the best in the industry. If we make our customers

successful, we will create an enjoyable, professional atmosphere where everyone can


06:34 <~Avunit> and hai kayla <3

06:34 <&marduk> gaaah

06:34 <&marduk> no marketing soam plz -3

06:34 <@kayla> hi seksi :3

06:35 <~Avunit> how are you?

06:35 <@kayla> 1.6. ETHICS

06:35 <@kayla> Employees are expected to act ethically, honestly, and with the highest
standard of personal integrity at all times in the performance of their job responsibilities.

Employees must comply fully with federal, state, local laws, and regulations governing our

operations, and must conduct their business affairs according to the highest legal and ethical

standards. Violations will be investigated and disciplinary action may be taken, including

termination. Violation of this p

06:35 <@kayla> You are to report any actual or potential violations of applicable laws or

regulations and any unethical, dishonest, or improper conduct to the designated Manager at

HBGary, Inc., or the Human Resource Department. If you are uncertain as to the applicability

of a law or this policy to your work, you are responsible for seeking guidance from your

manager or Human Resources. No reprisal or detrimental action of any kind shall be taken

against an employee who reports a viola

06:35 <~Avunit> ethically, honestly

06:35 <@kayla> derp "ETHICS"

06:35 <~Avunit> we should report aaron,.

06:36 <@kayla> xD

06:36 <~Avunit> He isnt honest and the average cow has more ethics.

06:37 <&marduk> i need tha sleeps

06:38 <&marduk> kayla: iöll dream oyou <3

06:38 <&marduk> seey tomorrow

06:39 <~Avunit> kayla, can you reach

06:48 <@Topiary> Oh fuck is that actually all of his emails?

06:48 <@Topiary> kayla

06:52 <@kayla>

06:52 <@kayla> sup :D?

06:53 <@kayla> Avunit doesn't load for me
06:53 <@Topiary>

06:53 <&marduk>!/AnonymousLeaks/status/36029959076057088

06:53 <~Avunit> yeah i just managed to get it loading so its fine

06:53 <~Avunit> !dns list

06:53 <+DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

06:53 <+DNSBot> localhost A

06:53 <+DNSBot> www A

06:53 <+DNSBot> hbgary A

06:53 <+DNSBot> ns1 A

06:53 <+DNSBot> ns2 A

06:54 <~Avunit> !dns add ns3 A

06:54 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:

06:54 <+DNSBot> ns3 A

07:01 <@Topiary> Greg's paypal email is

07:01 <@Topiary> just a note

07:02 <~Avunit> and next time i come in and someone starts shouting at me

07:02 <~Avunit> i will gline someone

07:02 <~Avunit> <.<

07:02 <~Avunit> i no like that

07:04 <~Avunit> </rant>

07:04 <~Avunit> so how are ya all?

07:05 <&marduk> need a fnny mail

07:05 <&marduk> :P

07:05 <&marduk> Topiary: deliver :p

07:06 * Avunit stabs top and kayla
07:12 <~Avunit> D:

07:16 <@kayla> bah i h8 not being able to search these mails D:

07:17 <@kayla> anyone have them and can do some greps?

07:21 <@kayla> HGBGARY


07:22 <@kayla> password for the file is "private"

07:22 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: +DNSBot

07:22 <@tflow> kayla, hopefully google will index them

07:23 -!- Netsplit over, joins: +DNSBot

07:23 <&marduk> kayla: lol

07:23 <&marduk> nice find

07:24 <@kayla> tflow!!

07:24 <@kayla> you have them all correct?

07:24 <@kayla> can you do me some greps?

07:24 <@tflow> sure

07:24 <@kayla> be interesting to get in to his immunity account as they teh 0day :#

07:25 <@kayla> grep for

07:25 <@kayla> and grep for "password"

07:25 <@tflow> ok sec

07:25 <@kayla> grep for "adserver"

07:26 <@kayla> also! they speak in the emails about a VPS smapshot of the machine used in

the recent oil company hackes

07:26 <~Avunit> !dns list

07:26 <+DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

07:26 <+DNSBot> localhost A
07:26 <+DNSBot> www A

07:26 <+DNSBot> hbgary A

07:26 <+DNSBot> ns1 A

07:26 <@kayla> apparently is FULL of nice data

07:26 <+DNSBot> ns2 A

07:26 <+DNSBot> ns3 A

07:28 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: +DNSBot

07:32 <~Avunit> regged

07:33 <&marduk> :))

07:33 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: +DNSBot

07:33 -!- Netsplit over, joins: +DNSBot

07:35 <@Topiary> marduk: can retwat?!/atopiary/status/36039195176734721

07:38 <&marduk> done

07:38 -!- Netsplit over, joins: +DNSBot

07:39 <@tflow> kayla:

07:39 <@tflow>

07:41 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: +DNSBot

07:42 <@tflow> most emails seem to be just product release notes

07:42 <~Avunit> triangle tfl

07:42 -!- kayla [] has quit [NickServ (GHOST command used by mysql2)]

07:42 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

07:42 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

07:42 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot

07:43 -!- Netsplit over, joins: +DNSBot
07:44 <@tflow> kayla:

07:44 <@tflow> grep results are being outputted there, still running though

07:44 <@tflow>

07:44 <@tflow> grep2=password

07:44 <@tflow> grep3=adserver

07:45 <@tflow>

07:45 <@tflow> Renewal of: nsWebAddress .COM

07:45 <@tflow> ROOTKIT.COM

07:45 <@tflow> Quantity: 1

07:45 <@tflow> Term: 5 year(s)

07:45 <@tflow> Today's Charges: $114.95

07:45 <@tflow> Exp. Date**: 2015-03-02

07:46 <@tflow> $100 for a domain eh?

07:46 <@tflow>

07:46 <@tflow> nsWebAddress .COM

07:46 <@tflow> GUNWALEGAMES.COM

07:46 <@tflow> Quantity: 1

07:46 <@tflow> Term: 2 year(s)

07:46 <@tflow> Today's Charges: $65.98

07:46 <@tflow> Exp. Date**: 2012-09-18

07:46 <@tflow> nsWebAddress .NET

07:46 <@tflow> GUNWALEGAMES.NET

07:46 <@tflow> Quantity: 1

07:46 <@tflow> Term: 2 year(s)

07:46 <@tflow> Today's Charges: $65.98
07:46 <@tflow> Exp. Date**: 2012-09-18

07:46 <@tflow> nsWebAddress .ORG

07:46 <@tflow> GUNWALEGAMES.ORG

07:46 <@tflow> Quantity: 1

07:46 <@tflow> Term: 2 year(s)

07:46 <@tflow> Today's Charges: $65.98

07:46 <@tflow> Exp. Date**: 2012-09-18

07:47 <@kayla> :o

07:48 <&marduk> endgames

07:48 <&marduk> yes

07:48 <&marduk> they are interesting

07:48 <&marduk> gunwalgames is not

07:49 <&marduk> it was never launched

07:49 <&marduk> and it will never be launched, pretty sure

07:51 <&marduk> but endgames is worth a look

07:51 <&marduk> dunno their exact relation

07:52 <@Laurelai> kayla: sup

07:55 -!- Netsplit <-> quits:


07:58 -!- Netsplit over, joins: +DNSBot

07:58 <@kayla> Laurelai nm just reading gregs mails :pPpp

07:59 <@Laurelai> kayla: insid is helping me with crowdleaks migration

08:01 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@DNS.Bot] has quit [Connection closed]

09:09 <@Topiary> kayla:

09:09 <@Topiary> Fascinating how much spare time these fags have.
09:09 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

09:09 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Connection closed]

09:09 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

09:10 <~Avunit> !voice DNSBot

09:10 -!- mode/#hq [+v DNSBot] by HQBot

09:10 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@HA-gd5.b4q.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Changing host]

09:10 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@DNS.Bot] has joined #hq

09:10 -!- ServerMode/#hq [+v DNSBot] by

09:11 <~Avunit> !dns list

09:11 <+DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

09:11 <+DNSBot> localhost IN A

09:11 <+DNSBot> www IN A

09:11 <+DNSBot> hbgary IN A

09:11 <+DNSBot> ns1 IN A

09:11 <+DNSBot> ns2 IN A

09:11 <+DNSBot> ns3 IN A

09:12 <&marduk> !dns add WE.WILL.WIN A 192.1688.12.13

09:12 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:

09:12 <+DNSBot> WE.WILL.WIN IN A 192.1688.12.13

09:12 <&marduk> invalid ip address?

09:12 <&marduk> tztz

09:12 <&marduk> !dns del WE.WILL.WIN

09:12 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was deleted:

09:12 <+DNSBot> WE.WILL.WIN IN

09:12 <~Avunit> !dns list
09:12 <+DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

09:12 <+DNSBot> localhost IN A

09:12 <+DNSBot> www IN A

09:12 <+DNSBot> hbgary IN A

09:12 <+DNSBot> ns1 IN A

09:13 <+DNSBot> ns2 IN A

09:13 <+DNSBot> ns3 IN A

09:13 <&marduk> it werks!

09:13 <~Avunit> it does not do sanity checks :P

09:13 <&marduk> i noticed hehe

09:13 <~Avunit> ets just basics

09:14 <&marduk> all good

09:14 <&marduk> i woudnt mess with it anyway

09:14 <~Avunit> afk

09:21 ! *** HQBot invited entropy into the channel

09:21 -!- entropy [noyx@HA-dkm.je4.cn1rg3.IP] has joined #hq

09:21 -!- mode/#hq [+o entropy] by HQBot

09:21 <@entropy> i was misreading what you said :(

09:21 <&marduk> was about to /sajoin you

09:21 <&marduk> :p

09:22 <@entropy> omfg im so tired

09:29 <@entropy> deamon to check your servers if anyone wants it

09:29 <@entropy> youd have to do your own email and sms ways though

09:33 <@Topiary> Goddamnit why is that the third helicopter noise I've heard this afternoon
09:35 <&marduk> hmm

09:35 <&marduk> why did you say that

09:35 <&marduk> i want to listen to pink floyd now

09:35 <&marduk> dark side of the moon

09:38 <@Topiary> hey me too

09:38 * Topiary does that

09:38 <@tflow> entropy, is there any domain that resolves to

09:39 <@entropy> no but i can make one

09:39 <@tflow>

09:39 <@tflow> just was wondering what to put in the mirrors list

09:39 <@entropy> thats box is secured and everythign chrooted

09:39 <@tflow> nice

09:39 <@entropy> i like nginx

09:39 <@entropy> im goign to start using it

09:39 <@entropy> vs apache its so m,much smaller

09:40 <@tflow> indeed

09:40 <@tflow> it can handle 10k requests per second

09:40 <@tflow> where apache can only do like 100

09:40 <@tflow> that's why i chose it - not easy to ddos

09:41 <@entropy> you want a <name> name for

09:41 <@entropy> actually i put it to

09:41 <@tflow> ok

09:41 <@entropy> but that was really so i wouldnt have to rememebr ip whne ssh

09:41 <@tflow> that's good

09:41 <@tflow> btw
09:41 <@tflow>

09:42 <@tflow> (don't share link yet)

09:42 <@Topiary> good reading

09:42 <@Topiary> he made a WoW bot

09:42 <&marduk> ol

09:42 <&marduk> oh man

09:42 <@tflow> when it's ready to release, that will be

09:43 <&marduk> it will be frenzy tomorrow

09:43 <@Topiary> Listening to: On The Run ? Pink Floyd [3:33][Album: The Dark Side Of The


09:43 <&marduk> Topiary: mmmh i DONT HAVE IT HERE

09:43 <&marduk> I HATE YOU

09:43 <@Topiary> I have 24 Floyd albums on here

09:43 <@entropy> i also have the ns3 updating every 5 minues

09:43 <&marduk> oh wait

09:43 <@entropy> incase ns1 and 2 are ddos

09:43 <&marduk> i have them on my fone

09:43 <&marduk> forgot :)

09:44 <@entropy> ns3 also has ddos proc

09:44 <@tflow> ddos proc?

09:44 <@entropy> protection

09:44 <@entropy> whatever that is

09:44 <&marduk> provider side?

09:44 <@tflow> !dns

09:44 <@tflow> !dns list
09:44 <+DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

09:44 <+DNSBot> localhost IN A

09:44 <+DNSBot> www IN A

09:44 <+DNSBot> hbgary IN A

09:44 <+DNSBot> ns1 IN A

09:44 <+DNSBot> ns2 IN A

09:44 <@entropy> yes

09:44 <&marduk> usually it's dynamic firewalling

09:44 <+DNSBot> ns3 IN A

09:44 <@tflow> !dns add search.hbgary

09:44 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:

09:44 <&marduk> if not load baanced

09:44 <+DNSBot> search.hbgaryIN

09:45 <@entropy> yea but if i send a oc3 of traffic to yourr t1

09:45 <@entropy> your fucked no matter what you have

09:45 <&marduk> entropy: then i am fucked, yup

09:45 <&marduk> entropy: heh

09:45 <&marduk> you know..

09:45 <&marduk> i would like to have one of the russian nets

09:45 <&marduk> with like 2M tombies

09:46 <&marduk> which are nerver used for attack

09:46 <&marduk> but i'd do it

09:46 <@entropy> you think they really have 2M?

09:46 <@tflow> is hosted @ prq :)

09:46 <&marduk> 2M zombies on paypal
09:46 <&marduk> oh yes

09:46 <&marduk> entropy: but... they are usualy rented in parts

09:46 <&marduk> to spammers

09:46 <&marduk> those nets never do ddos

09:47 <&marduk> cause.. that would burn them

09:47 <&marduk> but yeah, 2M+ botnets do exist

09:47 <&marduk> fkn scary

09:48 <@entropy> that is crazy

09:48 <@entropy> tflow: delete that

09:49 <@entropy> then do: dns add search.hbgar A

09:49 <@tflow> how does that make sense?

09:49 <@entropy> your adding the subdomain type ipaddress

09:49 <~Avunit> fail tflow

09:50 <~Avunit> !dns del search.hbgary

09:50 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was deleted:

09:50 <+DNSBot> search.hbgary IN

09:50 <@entropy> the bot can do mx cname etc

09:50 <@tflow> oh

09:50 <@entropy> so it wants the type

09:50 <@tflow> oops

09:50 <@tflow> i forgot the 'a'

09:50 <@tflow> lol

09:50 <~Avunit> !dns add search.hbgary A

09:50 <@tflow> !dns add search.hbgary A

09:50 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:
09:50 <+DNSBot> search.hbgaryIN A

09:50 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:

09:50 <+DNSBot> search.hbgaryIN A

09:50 <@tflow> lol

09:50 <&marduk> !dns del tflow

09:50 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was deleted:

09:50 <+DNSBot> tflow IN

09:50 <@tflow> !dns list

09:50 <+DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

09:50 <+DNSBot> localhost IN A

09:50 <+DNSBot> www IN A

09:50 <+DNSBot> hbgary IN A

09:50 <+DNSBot> ns1 IN A

09:50 <+DNSBot> ns2 IN A

09:50 <+DNSBot> ns3 IN A

09:50 <+DNSBot> search.hbgary IN A

09:50 <+DNSBot> search.hbgary IN A

09:50 <@tflow> lol

09:50 <~Avunit> y so 2 times

09:51 <@entropy> ...

09:51 <@tflow> !del search.hbgary

09:51 <@tflow> !dns del search.hbgary

09:51 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was deleted:

09:51 <+DNSBot> search.hbgary IN

09:51 <@tflow> !dns list
09:51 <+DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

09:51 <+DNSBot> localhost IN A

09:51 <+DNSBot> www IN A

09:51 <+DNSBot> hbgary IN A

09:51 <+DNSBot> ns1 IN A

09:51 <+DNSBot> ns2 IN A

09:51 <+DNSBot> ns3 IN A

09:51 <@tflow> y so slow

09:51 <@entropy> im not sure

09:51 <@tflow> oh yeah, throttling

09:51 <~Avunit> triangle tends to be a bit slow nowadays :/

09:51 <~Avunit> nah notrly

09:51 <~Avunit> it has splitted like 4-5 times today :P

09:51 <@tflow> !dns add search.hbgary A

09:51 <+DNSBot> The following DNS configuration was added:

09:51 <+DNSBot> search.hbgaryIN A

09:51 <@tflow> !dns list

09:51 <+DNSBot> Current DNS Config:

09:51 <+DNSBot> localhost IN A

09:51 <+DNSBot> www IN A

09:51 <+DNSBot> hbgary IN A

09:51 <+DNSBot> ns1 IN A

09:51 <+DNSBot> ns2 IN A

09:51 <+DNSBot> ns3 IN A

09:51 <+DNSBot> search.hbgary IN A
09:52 <@entropy> nslookup

09:52 <@entropy> Server:

09:52 <@entropy> Address:

09:52 <@entropy> Name:

09:52 <@entropy> Address:

09:52 <@entropy> there you go

09:53 <~Avunit> [15:16:26] <@entropy> Unknown command join. "/msg ChanServ HELP" for


09:53 <~Avunit> awh i lold

09:54 <@entropy> yea i tried to join chanserv

09:54 <@entropy> retarded

09:54 <~Avunit> maybe i shouldve specific that its /cs invite

09:54 <~Avunit> :p

09:54 <@entropy> im tired as shit if thats any excuse ;)

09:55 <~Avunit> jon the club

09:55 <~Avunit> well

09:55 <~Avunit> im more like

09:55 <~Avunit> confused as shit

09:57 <~Avunit> D:

09:57 * Avunit shoots self.

09:57 * marduk needs sleep

09:58 <~Avunit> needs sleep, less confusion and whatever

09:58 <~Avunit> just need to get myself sorted D:

10:05 <~Avunit> gfjkfhlakljg

10:37 <@entropy> there is so many more ways to fuc kthem in these emails
10:37 <@entropy> its like a fucking joke

10:37 <@Topiary> Penny sent Greg a love letter, it was mushy

10:37 <@kayla> :3

10:37 <@Topiary> we must now always taunt him about his spiky bed head hair

10:37 <@kayla> i think it was nice :D

10:38 <@kayla> yes!xD

10:38 <~Avunit> maybe i should put that

10:38 <@Topiary> All,

10:38 <~Avunit> in valentines cards

10:38 <@Topiary> HBGary has no official position on Stuxnet. Please do not comment to the

10:38 <@Topiary> press on Stuxnet. We know nothing about Stuxnet.

10:38 <@Topiary> -Greg Hoglund

10:38 <@Topiary> CEO, HBGary, Inc.

10:39 <@Topiary> >shitloads of emails about stuxnet

10:39 <@Topiary> >LOL we don't know what that shit is

10:39 <@entropy> these ppl called every one else script kiddies

10:39 <@entropy> yet they "hack" using canvas

10:39 <@entropy> ...

10:39 <~Avunit> Can somenoe twitter them

10:39 <~Avunit> asking

10:39 <~Avunit> about

10:39 <~Avunit> stuxnet?

10:39 <@Topiary> okay one second

10:40 <~Avunit> "I am curious about your statement on Stuxnet, care to comment?"

10:43 <@Topiary>!/atopiary/status/36087753590439937
10:43 <@kayla> n e stuxnet src :3

10:44 <@Topiary> I made a twatter 3 days ago

10:44 <~Avunit> lulz were had

10:49 <@entropy> im glad i never had any of thatsocial media shit

10:49 <~Avunit> i like twitter for the purposes of anonymous

10:52 <@entropy> Additional ground rules: the account is a full admin account. Please

10:52 <@entropy> don't UPGRADE or PATCH the server. Please don't upgrade the DDNA.

10:52 <@entropy> DEMO1:

10:52 <@entropy> username: admin

10:52 <@entropy> password: demo

10:52 <@entropy> good job there

10:52 <~Avunit> wutwatwhere

10:52 <@entropy> im guessing they took everything down or changed passes

10:52 <@entropy> actually they probably didnt

10:53 <@entropy> Team,

10:53 <@entropy> password is now demo123

10:53 <~Avunit> ohw ait

10:53 <~Avunit> thats fromt he mails

10:53 <@entropy> yea

10:53 <@kayla> gogogo :3

11:01 <@kayla>

11:01 <@kayla> loool

11:02 <@entropy> its rediculious

11:02 <~Avunit> well like

11:02 <~Avunit> GOGOGO
11:02 <@entropy> how can you not know to use pgp/gpg when sending passes in emails that

dont instantly change

11:04 <@Topiary> entropy: never had a Facebook/MySpace/Bebo ever, but Twitter is just

email/pass and keeps data to a minimum, doesn't need an address

11:04 <@Topiary> and it's useful as hell for getting news

11:05 <~Avunit> I ahs troll faesbook

11:06 <@entropy> yea twitters not bad

11:09 <~Avunit> i no has twitter

11:09 <@entropy> this feels kindof wierd

11:09 <@entropy> i have 2 of gregs books right here

11:09 <@entropy> exploiting software and rootkits

11:09 <@entropy> lol

11:10 <@entropy> althought designing bsd rootkits kills his rootkits book

11:10 <@kayla> lol

11:10 <@kayla> :D

11:11 <@entropy> i have to study

11:11 <@entropy> this makes it so hard

11:11 <@kayla> how can i open docx ?

11:12 <@entropy> openoffice

11:18 <@entropy>

11:28 <@tflow> Avunit, you use a different whois email for and,

seeing that has your personal info on the whois

11:28 <@tflow> use a*

11:41 <~Avunit> tflow

11:41 <~Avunit> does it look
11:41 <~Avunit> like that is

11:41 <~Avunit> my actualy

11:41 <~Avunit> actual*

11:41 <~Avunit> info?

11:41 <~Avunit> I am not german :P

11:41 <~Avunit> just i couldnt hide the data with private person on a .com domain

11:41 <~Avunit> but its in no way tied to me

11:43 <@tflow> oh ok lol

11:44 <~Avunit> My name is not David

11:44 <~Avunit> evern though

11:44 <~Avunit> I liked david

11:44 <~Avunit> yknow

11:44 <~Avunit> Davidson.

11:45 <@kayla> tflow can you grep for "BinDiff"

11:45 <~Avunit> Registrant City: Merchweiler

11:45 <~Avunit> Registrant State: Berlin

11:46 <~Avunit> is that even right?

11:46 <~Avunit> i had to guess the state :P

11:53 <~Avunit>

11:53 <~Avunit> lulz

11:53 <@entropy> by police?

11:54 <@entropy> or for payment?

11:54 <~Avunit> its not ours :p

11:54 <~Avunit> iunno what is

11:54 <@entropy> ok
11:54 <~Avunit> we only own .ru and .com

11:54 <@entropy> fuck my heart had a palpatation

11:55 <~Avunit> So yeah only worry if you hear things about or :p

11:55 <~Avunit> ive no idea what .org is but its the only other registered domain with


11:55 <@entropy> yea i saw that

11:56 <~Avunit> so i was like

11:56 <~Avunit> well elts check out what that is!

11:56 <~Avunit> and then i go to asuspended page :P

12:42 <@kayla> how long now till release D:

13:00 <~Avunit> !end

13:00 -!- DNSBot [DNSBot@DNS.Bot] has quit [Quit: Quit]

13:01 <@tflow> kayla

13:02 <@kayla> :D

13:02 <@tflow> many of us are thinking of delaying it till Monday. because there's no press

on friday-sunday

13:02 <@kayla> *kiss*

13:02 <@tflow> for maximum impact

13:02 <@kayla> ugg D:

13:02 <@kayla> by then it will fizzle out

13:02 <@tflow> no

13:02 <@kayla> no one will care by then

13:02 <@tflow> we're going to make even more buzz

13:02 <@tflow> by giving some teasers
13:02 <@kayla> and they'll just say it's faked

13:03 <~Avunit> kayla: a temp page will come online

13:03 <~Avunit> saying release date

13:03 <@tflow> they haven't said that so far

13:03 <~Avunit> and some teaser released

13:03 <@tflow> the original hbgary mails were released on monday

13:03 <@kayla> did we get anyone else mails?

13:03 <@kayla> or is gregs all we have left?

13:04 <@tflow> that's all

13:04 <@kayla> be interesting to see if they removed tht backdoor account

13:04 <@tflow> so that's why we need to make the most of it

13:04 <@tflow> because we only have one chance to launch the leaks

13:04 <@tflow> considering that 1 inbox < 3 inboxes

13:25 -!- kayla [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]

14:49 <@Nessuno834> did someone highlight?

15:05 -!- Avunit [] has quit [Ping timeout: 121


15:22 <@Topiary> tflow, I still think we should host a single front page on with a

logo or message stating that "leaking begins Monday"

15:22 <@Topiary> that way people will have the URL over the weekend and can be checking


5:22 <@Topiary> it would actually create more buzz this way

15:22 <@Topiary> and then we release on Monday like you planned

15:24 <@tflow> sure

15:24 <@tflow> got anything prepared?
15:26 <@Topiary> not in particular, I made this in about 10 minutes could be a starting point

15:32 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @tflow

15:33 -!- Netsplit over, joins: @tflow

15:48 <@entropy> ill bbl

15:49 <@entropy> going to go spar ;)

15:57 <@Nessuno834> spar :(

17:46 -!- Avunit [] has joined #hq

17:46 -!- mode/#hq [+qo Avunit Avunit] by HQBot

18:12 <&Sabu> hi guys. talking from my blackberry

18:12 <~Avunit> hi sexy

18:13 <&Sabu> whats latest?

18:13 <&Sabu> supz

18:13 <~Avunit> delay of till monday

18:13 <~Avunit> iunno if a teaser page will come online today

18:13 <~Avunit> and mubarak is gone

18:13 <~Avunit> for if you dont watch the news

18:15 <&Sabu> oh wow i didnt know fuck yes

18:15 <&Sabu> congrats all

18:15 * Avunit bows to sabu.

18:16 <~Avunit> thats like all the news i have i think

18:16 <~Avunit> well we regged too

18:16 <~Avunit> just to be sure the name wouldnt be stolen

18:16 <&Sabu> ok. anonleaks will keep me busy

18:17 <&Sabu> itll be what we use to dump whitehat dumps
18:17 <&Sabu> im lovin anonleaks already

18:17 <&Sabu> brb bro

18:17 <~Avunit> k

18:24 <~Avunit> im gonig afk

18:56 <@entropy> sup

19:10 <@Topiary> It would be good to have a test page up tonight, just a homepage if


19:10 <@Topiary> Laurelai: what do with stuxnet source

19:15 <@Laurelai> Topiary: lol idk

19:16 <@entropy> you have to ask tflow

19:40 <@Topiary> Laurelai: I tweeted once ages ago about it and now dumbass press are

taking my tweet super serially

19:40 <@Topiary>


19:40 <@Topiary> LOL'd

19:40 <@Topiary> Oooohhh, deadly insidious virus!

19:40 * Topiary waves cape

19:45 -!- Topiary changed the topic of #hq to: HQ | Keep everything said in this channel inside

this channel. Something to note if bored:

id=6302 password = puddi

19:47 <@entropy> lol

19:48 <@Topiary> And those trolly fags on twitter think they've dox'd me and I'm a 21-yearold

man from Washington

19:48 <@Topiary> that better not be taken seriously, innocent people shouldn't be v&

19:49 <@entropy> ;)
20:01 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

20:01 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

20:01 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot

20:01 <@kayla> hi :)

20:01 <@kayla> anyone here it's kinda urgent!

20:03 <@Topiary> Yes

20:04 <@kayla> who uses the username "root" on anonops?

20:05 <@kayla> anyone here?

20:06 <@entropy> im on but i have no idea

20:07 <@Topiary> I have him on Skype

20:07 <@Topiary> Do you need to get in touch?

20:08 <@kayla> does he ever come here??

20:08 <@Topiary> Not here

20:08 <@kayla> like in this chat?

20:08 <@kayla> well ok, sit down i have something to tell :)

20:08 <@entropy> ?

20:09 <@kayla> were you here earlier when tht greghb or w/e it was came in to the ophbgary

chat and was all "herderp im greg"

20:09 <@entropy> yea

20:09 <@kayla> and i said compare SSN's to prove it n i k/b him

20:09 <@kayla> well it was a troll

20:09 <@kayla> and he's on another chat i go to and he mentioned it

20:09 <@kayla> and i lol'd when he told me

20:10 <@kayla> but then he scrolled me this

20:10 <@kayla> <root> My server was the one raided in the FBI's Tailor Made Servers raid
20:10 <@kayla> <root> I'm still here. :)

20:10 <@kayla> <root> I'm not your average Anon.

20:10 <@kayla> <root> But that's besides the point.

20:10 <@kayla> <root> The only way you're ever going to identify someone is gaining

enough trust as a friend.

20:10 <@kayla> <root> gregh what I'm saying is that you need to infiltrate Anon at the

deepest level.

20:10 <@kayla> <root> You need an insider.

20:10 <@kayla> <root> You need me.

20:10 <@kayla> <root> I grow tired of these operations.

20:10 <@kayla> <root> To watch them all fail would be fairly lulzy.

20:10 <@kayla> apparently thats from "root" in a pm

20:10 <@entropy> what the fuck

20:10 <@kayla> not to be trusted anymore

20:10 <@kayla> but also, this guys is a troll so i dont know if tht up there is true

20:10 <@kayla> but still.....

20:11 <@kayla> just thought i'd pass it on

20:11 <@kayla> :)

20:11 <@entropy> does he talk like that om the chan

20:11 <@entropy> capitolizing letters and all

20:11 <@entropy> periods

20:12 <@kayla> i don't know, i dont even know who he is tbh...

20:12 <@Topiary> He's been here a while, has helped out with media a couple times,

probably helped a lot with Payback

20:12 <@Topiary> But "root" is really a generic name, someone might be trying to fake him
20:13 <@kayla> <root> My server was the one raided in the FBI's Tailor Made Servers raid

20:13 <@kayla> it sounds like it's root

20:13 <@entropy> yea seems pretty easy to find that out ^

20:14 <@kayla> is +r registerd only or is tht +R i forget

20:14 <@entropy> +r

20:14 <@kayla> then it HAS to be root because ophbgary is +r and has been for ages

20:15 <@kayla> because he must have been identified to be in the chan and it's the only

chan "gregh" was in :)

20:15 <@entropy> <root> I grow tired of these operations. <- then when they fuck does he go

in #op<whatever>

20:16 <@kayla> dunno :/

20:17 <@kayla> unless he was trying to SE gregh thinking it was the real greg?

20:17 <@kayla> try to get closer to him

20:17 <@kayla> all i know now is i wont talk to root ever

20:17 <@entropy> theres like 10k accts in the emails

20:17 <@entropy> theres no reason to se him

20:18 <@kayla> 10k accounts? what for lol :)

20:18 <@kayla> just random online accounts?

20:18 <@entropy> yes

20:18 <@kayla> any good ones?

20:19 <@entropy> im doing super slow scans of them

20:19 <@entropy> so far most are down

20:19 <@kayla> is down?

20:19 <@entropy> they have alot of http://someip:port

20:20 <@entropy> yes is down now
20:20 <@entropy> wasnt like an hour ago

20:20 <@kayla> :/

20:20 <@kayla> i was going to do some more reading

20:20 <@kayla> xD

20:30 <@entropy>

20:30 <@entropy> someone made that

20:30 <@entropy> from the torrent

20:30 <@entropy> im guessing

20:34 <@Topiary> Yes

20:36 <@kayla> yeh but they dont have gregs :P

20:51 <@kayla> site:

20:51 <@kayla> username: tedvera

20:51 <@kayla> password: xWWzSeHxAJ

20:51 <@kayla> Your new Offensive Computing membership also enables to you to login to

other Drupal powered websites

20:51 <@kayla> (e.g. without registering. Just use the following Drupal

20:51 <@kayla> ID and password: Drupal ID:

password: xWWzSeHxAJ -- Offensive Computing team

20:52 <@kayla> works :D

20:58 <@entropy> theres seriously 200+ of things like that

20:58 <@entropy> its like a joke

20:59 <@kayla>

20:59 <@kayla> yeh :D

21:00 <@entropy> omfg

21:00 <@entropy> dhs
21:42 <@kayla> :D

21:42 <@kayla> there's all kinds of stuff

22:05 <@entropy> what the fuck is this

22:05 <@entropy> it got released?

22:06 <@entropy> ah just a ptr to lacy

22:11 <@kayla> yeh :D

22:12 <@kayla> this one is interesting :D

22:12 <@kayla>

22:12 <@kayla> oops

22:12 <@kayla> not tht one

22:12 -!- kayla [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]

22:14 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

22:14 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

22:14 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot

22:14 <@kayla>

22:14 <@kayla> Subject: wow

22:14 <@kayla> From: "Aaron Barr" <>

22:14 <@kayla> To: "Ted Vera" <>,"Mark Trynor" <>

22:14 <@kayla> Original Email

22:14 <@kayla>



Sooooo...using the link above and the google hack string. !Host=*.*

intext:enc_UserPassword=* ext:pcf Take your pick of VPNs you want access too. Ugghh..

Aaron Barr CEO HBGary Federal Inc.
22:15 <@kayla> 1) Google search !Host=*.* intext:enc_UserPassword=* ext:pcf

22:15 <@kayla> download the pcf file

22:16 <@kayla> then use to

clear text it

22:16 <@kayla> = free VPN :D

22:19 <@entropy> thats only the group password

22:19 <@entropy> so with cisco vpn you have the tunnel group pass then th username and

user pass

22:19 <@entropy> tunnel group is like the first line in just shared secret

22:19 <@entropy> but still userfull

22:19 <@entropy> 99% of the pcf's will have usernames too

22:30 <@kayla> :D

22:41 <@kayla> ni ni guys :D <3

22:41 <@kayla> sleeps time :3

22:41 -!- kayla [] has quit [Quit: leaving]

--- Day changed Sat Feb 12 2011

00:26 <@Laurelai> hey

00:26 <@Laurelai>

00:27 <@Laurelai> possible entry point

00:27 <@Laurelai>

00:28 <@Laurelai>

00:29 <@Laurelai>

00:57 -!- Topiary [colossal@do.the.impossible] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]

01:06 <&marduk> hi guise

02:01 <@Laurelai> hi
02:01 <&Sabu> hi all

02:01 <&Sabu> im back

02:01 <&marduk> sabu!<3

02:01 <&Sabu> supz

02:01 <&Sabu> got a lappy

02:01 <&Sabu> lets do this

02:01 <&marduk> yay :)

02:02 <&marduk> i just came back a short while myself

02:02 <&marduk> berico + palantir have both cut ties with HBGary

02:02 <&marduk> and publically apologized

02:02 <&marduk> they are so screwed

02:06 <&Sabu> ok

02:06 <&Sabu> thats good to hear

02:07 <&Sabu> im reading twitter to get updates

02:07 <&Sabu> anything else going on?

02:08 <&marduk> as i said, just came back. most ppl seem to be asleep yet

02:08 <&Sabu> yeah

02:08 <&Sabu> no doubt

02:09 <&Sabu> so are we going to focus on anonleaks, or should I start looking for targets?

palantir/belico/hunton+williams seem like lame targets

02:09 <&marduk> mm have better ideas? palatur/berico are not good, atm.

02:09 <&marduk> although i dont trust their accouncement fully yet

02:10 <&marduk> but if they say they cut ties and apologize, we should respect that for now

02:10 <&marduk> H&W is anothermatter tho

02:14 <&Sabu> true
02:15 <&Sabu> I'm so tired man I been up like 2 days so I need to rest however I really want

to make some progress

02:15 <&marduk> ah.. i know how you feel. was like 50h up myself

02:15 <&marduk> but feel good after 14h of sleep now (=

02:17 <&Sabu> haha nice

02:17 <&Sabu> I read the buffer, it seems the guy on anonop "root" is a mole or troll?

02:20 <&marduk> the nick "root"?

02:20 <&marduk> eh if he's identified.. he used to be oper i think. is forunder of


02:21 <&Sabu> really

02:21 <&Sabu> 04:10 <@kayla> <root> My server was the one raided in the FBI's Tailor

Made Servers raid

02:21 <&Sabu> 04:10 <@kayla> <root> I'm still here. :)

02:21 <&Sabu> 04:10 <@kayla> <root> I'm not your average Anon.

02:21 <&Sabu> 04:10 <@kayla> <root> But that's besides the point.

02:21 <&Sabu> 04:10 <@kayla> <root> The only way you're ever going to identify someone

is gaining enough trust as a friend.

02:21 <&Sabu> 04:10 <@kayla> <root> gregh what I'm saying is that you need to infiltrate

Anon at the deepest level.

02:21 <&Sabu> 04:10 <@kayla> <root> You need an insider.

02:21 <&Sabu> 04:10 <@kayla> <root> You need me.

02:21 <&Sabu> 04:10 <@kayla> <root> I grow tired of these operations.

02:21 <&Sabu> 04:10 <@kayla> <root> To watch them all fail would be fairly lulzy.

02:21 <&Sabu> 04:10 <@kayla> apparently thats from "root" in a pm

02:21 <&Sabu> if thats him being genuine
02:21 <&Sabu> he must get rocked

02:21 <&Sabu> plz investigate my brother

02:23 <&marduk> wtf

02:23 <&marduk> :o

02:23 <&marduk> oh i will

02:23 <&marduk> i will leave kayla out of this, but i will present this to owen

02:23 <&marduk> i think he will be quite interested

02:23 <&marduk> but why is root telling this to kayla?

02:24 <&marduk> or where is that from?

02:26 <&Sabu> no

02:26 <&Sabu> root wrote that to gregh, who is a troll/poser who posed/trolled as greg

hoglund on irc

02:26 <&Sabu> and root wrote him that log

02:27 <&marduk> Oh shit

02:27 <&marduk> how did kayla get it?

02:27 <&marduk> oh some fake-greg-spy?

02:27 <&marduk> lol

02:27 <&marduk> sorry, didnt read

02:27 <&marduk> eh that's actually a good idea

02:27 <&marduk> we can weed out traitors this way

02:28 <&marduk> i will probaby make an alternative nick, go in #ophbgary

02:28 <&marduk> idle mostly, but pm a few ppl

02:28 <&Sabu> yup

02:28 <&Sabu> do it plz

02:28 <&Sabu> greg/gregh/coganon/anoncog/aaronbar/abarr etc
02:31 <&marduk> okay

02:31 <&marduk> talked to owen

02:31 <&marduk> it all makes sense

02:31 <&marduk> 07:30 <owen> and he tried, no begged for his oper back and was refused

hands down

02:31 <&marduk> 07:30 <owen> he was gone too long

02:31 <&marduk> 07:31 <owen> some bs about his job blahblah

02:31 <&marduk> 07:31 <owen> noone believed it

02:31 <&marduk> 07:31 <owen> ill pass it on

02:31 <&marduk> so .. thanks for relaying

02:31 <&marduk> ppl will know.

02:32 <&Sabu> kk

02:32 <&Sabu> tell owen I miss him<3

02:32 <&Sabu> I'm not getting on anonops for a while

02:32 <&Sabu> this place will be my base of operations

02:33 <&Sabu> = the people that tried taking down

02:33 <&marduk> k will tell him :)

02:38 <&Sabu> server back up. would be funny if I could get back in

02:38 <&Sabu> lamers

02:38 <&Sabu> not even going to fuck with them honetly

02:38 <&Sabu> they're done

02:39 <&marduk> true

02:39 <&Sabu> "Greatest social hack of all time: - Anonymous vs."

02:39 <&Sabu> rofl
02:39 <&Sabu> people are really enjoying the socialing of jussi

02:39 <&Sabu> man I was talking to my little brother who witnessed the whole shit

02:39 <&Sabu> I think he and I were as excited as people are about it now

02:39 <&Sabu> we were fitdgeting and giggling and shit

02:40 <&Sabu> as jussi dropped firewall

02:40 <&Sabu> then reset the pw

02:40 <&Sabu> then gave us the username

02:40 <&Sabu> then asked us if we opened a high port on the box

02:40 <&Sabu> ROFL

02:40 <&Sabu> I wonder if jussi has made any statements at all

02:44 <&marduk> yesh hahaha

02:44 <&marduk> that "did you open something running on high port?"

02:44 <&marduk> i lold hard when i saw that

02:45 <&marduk> you didnt disclose that before :)

02:48 <&Sabu> didnt think it was important

02:48 <&Sabu> haha

02:48 <&Sabu> I only pasted the important bits

02:49 <&Sabu> basically hes referring to kayla.. on root I opened a reverse shell to her server

at a high port

02:49 <&Sabu> so she could get root too

02:49 <&marduk> wasnt really important.. but quite lulzy :)

02:49 <&Sabu> I figured it was too vague for anyone to find interesting

02:49 <&marduk> yup, i figured that (=

02:49 <&Sabu> I guess it is though lol

02:50 <&Sabu> basically I read all his outgoing email communication to jussi
02:50 <&Sabu> and mimicked word for word and grammar for grammar

02:50 <&Sabu> I also made sure to throw in's root password (found in an earlier

email) in the initial SE email

02:50 <&Sabu> to get jussi to trust me

02:51 <&Sabu> it worked thankfully and turned out to be lolz

02:51 <&marduk> ah nice... yeah ii thought the pws you mentioned must be kinda known to


02:51 <&marduk> but that he immediately tes you the root pw

02:51 <&marduk> *facepalm*

02:53 <&Sabu> yeah I learned a decade ago in order to get a successful SE you must know

at least one bit of intimate information to gain at least a bit of trust from your target

02:53 <&Sabu> thats why I fucing researched my balls off

02:53 <&marduk> yes i know.. actually, SE is my strongpart as well... i am out of the freaky

technical stuff

02:53 <&marduk> i lost connection by now

02:54 <&marduk> although i noticed.. many of the exploit stuff is the same like 10 years ago

02:56 <&Sabu> uNF

02:57 <&marduk> uNF uNF uNF ... coffee!

02:58 <&Sabu> im off to bed for a nap. ill be back my brothers and sister

02:58 <&Sabu> <3

02:58 <&marduk> sleep well (=

04:15 <@Laurelai> ok so i had soeone look at stuxnet

04:16 <&marduk> anything interesting? must be kinda cool to look at software that had cost

several millions

04:18 <@Laurelai> well
04:18 <@Laurelai> the thing is

04:18 <@Laurelai> its big punch

04:19 <@Laurelai> is that fact it had 4 windoes 0 days in it

04:19 <@Laurelai> windows*

04:19 <@Laurelai> wich have since been patched

04:19 <&marduk> ye

04:19 <@Laurelai> my debugger said it looked like it was coded like a child fingerpaints

04:20 <@Laurelai> someone took some sploits and crammed them togethe r and said go

04:20 <@Laurelai> oh

04:20 <@Laurelai> and stole some certs

04:20 <&marduk> uhm, from what i heard from people who actually legally looked at this

thing, it was a very good coding job

04:21 <&marduk> remember the source will look vastly different than any disassembly

04:22 <@Laurelai> yes

04:22 <@Laurelai> shes quoting from the end effects

04:22 <@Laurelai> not the code itself

04:22 <@Laurelai> looks like there was just alot of hype

04:22 <@Laurelai> and HBgary wanted in on it

04:24 <&marduk> well, everybody wanted to take a look at stuxnet :)

04:25 <@Laurelai> yeah

04:25 <@Laurelai> HBGary was trying to make themselves look like the stuxnet experts i


04:26 <&marduk> hmm would be hard; i think f-secure had the best insight there. they did a

lot of work on stuxnet which was widely praised

04:26 <@Laurelai> yeah
04:26 <@Laurelai> nobody ever said HBGary was smart

04:26 <@Laurelai> :p

04:26 <&marduk> lol

04:26 <@Laurelai> it really looks like a whole trail of fail

04:26 <&marduk> i still want to know wtf HBGary means :p

04:26 <@Laurelai> leading the fail train into Anons lap

04:27 <&marduk> :)

04:27 <@Laurelai> where it crahed

04:27 <@Laurelai> and burned

04:27 <@Laurelai> crashed*

04:27 <&marduk> and it is still smoldering now

04:27 <@Laurelai> and you can hear people screaming and dying

04:28 <@Laurelai> good times

04:35 <@Laurelai> hmm

04:35 <@Laurelai>

04:36 <@Laurelai> have a look at that

04:39 <&marduk> i like that pretty much... dunno though about the strict teams.. i mean some

ppl do more than one thing, are not really specialized.

04:39 <&marduk> but in general very good...

04:40 <&marduk> make sure to show it to the other guise as well

04:40 <@Laurelai> none of it is strict

04:40 <@Laurelai> nothing saying you cant be part of more than one team

04:40 <@Laurelai> ill revise that

04:42 <&marduk> yeah just making some comments

04:42 <&marduk> the team/focus is okay.. just i wouldnt name it "teams"
04:43 <@Laurelai> ok

04:43 <&Sabu> hi

04:44 <&marduk> wb Sabu. check that url from Laurelai

04:44 <&Sabu> who the fuck wrote that doc

04:45 <&Sabu> remove that shit from existence

04:45 <&Sabu> first off there is no hierachy or leadership, and thus an operations manual is

not needed

04:45 <&Sabu> those who root, also "Shell" and also "deface"

04:45 <&Sabu> theres scant need to segregate

04:46 <&Sabu> shit like this is where the feds will get american anons on rico act abuse and

other organized crime laws

04:47 <@Laurelai> yeah well you could have done 100 times more effective shit with HBgary

04:47 <@Laurelai> gratted what we got was good

04:47 <&Sabu> if you're so fucking talented why didn't you root them yourselves?

04:47 <@Laurelai> but it could have been done alot better

04:47 <&Sabu> also we had a time restraint

04:48 <&Sabu> and as far as I know, considering I'm the one that did the op, I rooted their

boxes, cracked their hashes, owned their emails and social engineered their admins in hours

04:48 <&Sabu> your manual is irrelevent.

04:48 <@Laurelai> ok so why didnt you backdoor everything and just collect data

04:49 <&Sabu> because it was generally agreed that we should OWN HBGARY _BEFORE_

Aaron Barr met up with FBI

04:49 <&Sabu> that gave us ~24 hours to play with

04:49 <&Sabu> you werent in the chat at the time and thus you wouldn't know this

04:49 <&Sabu> and who invited you anyway?
04:49 <&Sabu> I do not know you

04:50 <&Sabu> marduk, I'm about to bounce. this place is getting compromised a bit too


04:50 <@Laurelai> :/

04:50 <&marduk> what huh ?

04:50 <&marduk> whats getting compromised?

04:51 <&Sabu> who the fuck is laurelai and why is he/she/it questioning our owning of hbgary

04:51 <&marduk> uhm.. she is with wl

04:51 <&Sabu> and?

04:51 <&marduk> and kayla knows her.

04:51 <&Sabu> bleh

04:51 <&Sabu> ok who authored this ridiculous "OPERATIONS" doc?

04:51 <@Laurelai> look the guideline isnt for you

04:51 <&Sabu> because I'm about to start owning nigg3rs

04:51 <&marduk> authorized???

04:52 <@Laurelai> its just an idea to kick around

04:52 <@Laurelai> start talking

04:52 <&Sabu> for who? the feds?

04:52 <&marduk> its not any official doc, it is something that Laurelai wrote up.. and it is for..


04:52 <&marduk> on anonops

04:52 <&Sabu> rofl

04:52 <@Laurelai> just idea

04:52 <@Laurelai> ideas

04:52 <&Sabu> man
04:52 <&marduk> at least that is how i understand it

04:52 <@Laurelai> to talk over

04:53 <&Sabu> le sigh

04:53 <&marduk> mmmm why are we so in a bad mood?

04:53 <&Sabu> my nigga look at that doc

04:53 <&Sabu> and how ridiculous it is

04:54 <&marduk> its just a document and it doesnt even mention anonymous

04:54 <&Sabu> shelling team?

04:54 <&Sabu> wtf is a shelling team

04:54 <&Sabu> whatever

04:54 <&marduk> look, i think it was made with good intentions. and it is nothing you need to

follow, if you dont like it, it is your good right

04:55 <&Sabu> no fuck that. its docs like this that WHEN LEAKED makes us look like an



04:55 <&marduk> mmm

04:55 <&Sabu> if these lamers leak shit like that Im rooting them

04:55 <&marduk> i get your point

04:56 <&Sabu> and it also makes us look like fucking twats aka hypocrits. we sit here and

tweet all day about palantir/hbgary putting together docs and slides discussing the process of


04:57 <&Sabu> yet we're producing the same fucking shit

04:57 <&Sabu> only difference being our target focus are whitehats/anonymous targets

04:57 <&Sabu> rofl

04:57 <&Sabu> I'm going back to sleep. nice to meet you laurelai
04:58 <&marduk> mm i get the point... and yes, considering that, we should not

use/spread/hand such dox around

04:58 <&marduk> but i am also convinced that Laurelai wasnt ill-minded by doing that.

actually we taked about this before

04:58 <&marduk> the point just is... we shoud have some procedure (it actually started with

ppl ddosing targets that could be defaced, etc)

04:59 <&Sabu> marduk the other night.. when we owned hbgary we had 100% coordination

in here. we had one slight issue with leeching of emails taking a bit longer than they should


04:59 <&Sabu> but besides that, I did my part, topiary did his part, tflow did his part, you did

yours, etc

04:59 <&Sabu> we did not need a manual

04:59 <&Sabu> and we were on point

05:00 <&Sabu> laurelei's issue is that we did not sit and sniff their emails for more good info

05:00 <@Laurelai> no

05:00 <&Sabu> so what were you saying earlier?

05:01 <@Laurelai> my issue is they had alot of private software and proprietary code, as well

as customer information that could have been taken and used to gain access to more stuff

quietly and then use tht as a platform to gain even more

05:01 <&Sabu> true, they had private software and proprietary code. and true I deleted their

entire fileserver which included about 1 terabyte worth of malware, code and data

05:01 <&Sabu> let me ask you a question

05:02 <&Sabu> do you have 1terabyte+ servers ready to leach+store+torrent?

05:02 <@Laurelai> yes

05:02 <&Sabu> and how lon would it have taken us to leak the terabyte off their network
05:02 <&Sabu> before they realized they were getting owned?

05:03 <&marduk> it was a LITTLE rushed, yes we could have leeched mybe a little more. but

in overall i think we did a very awesome op

05:03 <@Laurelai> i think so too

05:03 <&marduk> we fucking tapped their email comms for 30 hours

05:03 <&Sabu> as for customer information, all that customer information is in the emails.

tflow had access to those emails before leaking ~24 hours

05:03 <@Laurelai> thats all i was trying to say

05:03 <&marduk> and they didnt notice a fkn thing

05:03 <&Sabu> thats enough to traverse into customer accounts

05:03 <@Laurelai> was it would have been nice to get some of the priv software

05:03 <@Laurelai> and malware

05:03 <&Sabu> trust me miss

05:04 <&Sabu> if you saw what I saw

05:04 <&Sabu> there was nothing worth getting

05:04 <&Sabu> they had endless copies of rxbot

05:04 <&Sabu> public .exe's

05:04 <&Sabu> they had sandboxed a bunch of romanian exes with zeus

05:04 <&Sabu> public bots

05:04 <&Sabu> they had 0% 0dayz

05:04 <@Laurelai> ok then

05:04 <&Sabu> their source code was not on the fileserver. there were nothing but


05:05 <&Sabu> and if you want their software that bad search thepiratebay

05:05 <&Sabu> I'm sure copies are on there
05:05 <&Sabu> their shit is garbage

05:05 <&Sabu> so we're discussing a non-issue

05:05 <&Sabu> perhaps I should have cleared this all up for everyone

05:05 <@Laurelai> then what i was told wasnt what actually happened

05:05 <&Sabu> so docs like the one you created would not exist right now

05:05 <@Laurelai> im sorry

05:05 <&Sabu> I dont know who told you what

05:05 <&Sabu> but if you have questions ask me

05:05 <@Laurelai> ok

05:06 <&marduk> well she wasn't here from the beginning

05:06 <&marduk> so she couldnt have known

05:06 <&Sabu> I am not being rude to you. trust me, I'm a nice guy

05:06 <&marduk> as stuff in here was not relayed to outside

05:06 <&Sabu> I just dont like the bs

05:06 <@Laurelai> im not trying to bs

05:06 <@Laurelai> i was making a point based on the information i has

05:06 <@Laurelai> wich was wrong

05:06 <&Sabu> ok so what were you told/

05:06 <&Sabu> that their fileserver had massive 0dayz?

05:06 <@Laurelai> basically

05:06 <&Sabu> because I can say there were two external drives

05:07 <&Sabu> I have a good memory and will tell you what was there

05:07 <&Sabu> one external drive was used as a nfs/samba mount it contained about 1tb of


05:07 <&Sabu> it contained the same financial docs you find in the emails
05:07 <&Sabu> it contained backups of their dbs, etc

05:07 <&Sabu> it contained endless copies of their software in versions

05:08 <&Sabu> changelog edits

05:08 <&Sabu> it contained literally garbage

05:08 <&Sabu> that has little value to us

05:08 <@Laurelai> ok

05:08 <&Sabu> the other external hard drive used as a nfs mount for internal lan servers

05:08 <&Sabu> contained all of their malware research

05:08 <&marduk> Sabu: can we h4x the DoJ? :p

05:08 <&Sabu> which literally consisted of

05:08 <&Sabu> rxbots

05:08 <&Sabu> zeus bots

05:08 <&Sabu> chinese and romanian bots

05:09 <&Sabu> stuxnet debugs, copies of same binary

05:09 <&Sabu> etc.

05:09 <&Sabu> nothing of value to us

05:09 <&marduk> ye i noticed from the emails, they take a lot of interest in the public/widely

available bots

05:09 <&Sabu> because they already exist in the emails we have

05:10 <@Laurelai> alright

05:10 <@Laurelai> makes sense

05:11 <@tflow> fuck

05:11 <@tflow> Laurelai

05:11 <@tflow> do you have access to the prq server?

05:11 <@tflow> of crowdleaks?
05:11 <&marduk> ohai tflow

05:11 <@tflow> hi

05:11 <@Laurelai> tflow: yes of course

05:11 <@tflow> Laurelai: please remove the vhost for asap

05:11 <@tflow> it's not supposed to be public yet

05:11 <@Laurelai> ok..

05:12 <&marduk> :o

05:12 <@tflow> and the dnsbot is offline .__.

05:12 <&Sabu> good morning tflow my brother

05:12 <&marduk> tflow: i have a copy but only add is working there

05:12 <@tflow> Sabu!

05:12 <@tflow> did you hear about the shitstorm the leaks caused?

05:12 <&Sabu> yeah bro I been catching up

05:13 <&marduk> this is actually.. bigger than the cables it seems

05:13 <&marduk> especially as only small amounts have been scanned so far

05:14 <@Laurelai> tflow: done

05:14 <@tflow> thanks

05:15 <&marduk> Sabu: in need of new target? its not whitehats tho...

05:15 <&Sabu> I want to focus on white hat sec firms

05:15 <&Sabu> they're the ones working on us

05:15 <&marduk> okay.

05:15 <&marduk> hmm

05:15 <&marduk> oh

05:15 <@Laurelai> its a good idea

05:15 <&Sabu> hbgary was the tip of the iceberg
05:15 <&marduk> what was that

05:15 <&marduk> there was that french one

05:15 <&marduk> Laurelai: ?

05:15 <&Sabu> you know how many other sec firms are trying to do exactly what they're


05:15 <&Sabu> lol

05:15 <&marduk> you got the tip from someone

05:16 <&Sabu> so we need to start rocking these lamers

05:16 <&marduk> what was the url, damn

05:16 <~Avunit> D:

05:16 <&Sabu> hi avunit my brother

05:16 <~Avunit> the fuck is up with anonops

05:16 <&marduk> oh all awayke .. just kayla missing now :o

05:16 <@Laurelai>

05:16 <&marduk> Avunit: was ddosed

05:16 <&marduk> Laurelai: nah i meant the other one.. who are working with french police

05:16 <~Avunit> tiny is down, belldandy is down, koldsun is down

05:16 <@Laurelai> marduk: i dont know

05:17 <&marduk> who are trying to spai on us

05:17 <&marduk> mhhh

05:17 <@Laurelai> marduk

05:17 <@Laurelai> yeah

05:17 <&Sabu> laurelie, I appreciate you took the time to write that document. perhaps

instead of creating evidence we actually follow such procedures. we just educate our people

here so our next target isnt rushed/etc
05:17 <@Laurelai> ddosaresst

05:17 <@Laurelai> Sabu: thats what i was trying to get at

05:17 <&Sabu> ?

05:17 <@Laurelai> can we let it go ive deleted it already

05:17 <&Sabu> heh

05:17 <@Laurelai> Sabu: yes

05:17 <@Laurelai> that one

05:17 <&Sabu> I'm being fucking nice to you

05:17 * marduk hands around cake and coffee.

05:18 <&Sabu> and you're telling me to let it go/

05:18 <&Sabu> don't get rocked bro :|

05:18 <&marduk> meehh.. now all; let's focus not argue anymore.

05:18 <&marduk> it's done.

05:18 <&Sabu> you run

05:18 <@Laurelai> i help run it

05:18 <&Sabu> I see

05:19 <~Avunit> Hey instead of argueing do me a favor and tell me which anonops server

with atleast a 50 channel limit is online :P

05:19 <@tflow> Avunit: vlad has 51

05:19 <~Avunit> thanks

05:19 <@tflow> np

05:19 <~Avunit> added vlad in my pool

05:19 <&marduk> Avunit: vlad

05:19 <&marduk> oh im slow

05:20 <~Avunit> so any news around here?
05:20 <&Sabu> Laurelai: <3 u

05:20 <@Laurelai> Sabu: sorry

05:20 <&Sabu> I'm unusually cranky today haha

05:20 <@Laurelai> its no excuse but i dont sleep alot

05:20 <&Sabu> <3 to you all

05:20 * Avunit throws a cake at Sabu.

05:20 <&marduk> moar <3<3<3

05:20 <&Sabu> aRF

05:20 <~Avunit> Group hug?

05:20 <&Sabu> well anyway guys I'll be back online today

05:20 <&Sabu> heres what I need

05:20 <@tflow> Laurelai: Can I have sftp access to the folder where I need to make some coding changes

05:20 <&Sabu> I need more targets=

05:20 <@Laurelai>

05:21 <&Sabu> whitehats, spies, whatever

05:21 <&marduk> Sabu: im still looking for that one url

05:21 <&marduk> i got a tip

05:21 <&marduk> ill look thru my history

05:21 <&Sabu> kk

05:22 <~Avunit> !dns list

05:22 <~Avunit> oh wait

05:22 <@Laurelai> tflow: its a single php file

05:22 <@tflow> ah nice

05:22 <@Laurelai> whats wrong with it
05:23 <@tflow> can you set me up an account with write access to that file?

05:23 <@tflow> i need to make it so that

05:23 <@tflow> it like to the .html pages on

05:23 <@tflow> links*

05:23 <@tflow> there is a better interface there with attachments and such

05:23 <@Laurelai> oh

05:23 <@Laurelai> i can do that

05:23 <@tflow> great

05:24 <@Laurelai>

05:24 <@tflow> i'll give you the db files for each index

05:24 <@tflow> basically

05:24 <@Laurelai> doesnt appear to be up

05:24 <@tflow> each email is like 3333.html

05:24 <@tflow> a number

05:24 <@tflow> brb 2 mins

05:24 <@Laurelai> do you mean

05:24 <@Laurelai> o_O

05:25 <~Avunit> the sites, apart from search are not yet activated :P

05:26 <@Laurelai> i need more coffie

05:27 <&Sabu> anonleaks is going to rock my socks

05:29 <~Avunit> DNSBot is online again ^.^

05:30 <&Sabu> question gents

05:30 <&Sabu> whats the situation with openleaks

05:30 <~Avunit> watcha mean?

05:31 <&Sabu> "Domscheit-Berg denies claims by WikiLeaks that he damaged the
organization or 'stole' material, but did say he took roughly 300,000 documents with him when

he left."

05:31 <&Sabu> does openleaks need to get owned or not our buisness

05:31 <~Avunit> Well afaik they were taken for safekeeping and are being forced back by

wikileaks now

05:31 <~Avunit> atleast thats what the news here said 2 days ago

05:33 <&Sabu> word

05:33 <&marduk> damnit i dont find that site anymore

05:33 <&Sabu> I cant wiat for anonleaks to go public :D

05:34 <&Sabu> ok gents and ladies

05:34 <&Sabu> I'm going offline till tonight

05:35 <&Sabu> much love to you all

05:35 <&Sabu> <3

05:35 * Sabu detaches

05:35 <@tflow> <

05:35 <@tflow> <3

05:35 <@Laurelai> openleaks cant be trustef fyi

05:35 <@Laurelai> trusted*

05:35 <@tflow> Laurelai: nevermind, you can keep the vhost, I just deleted it from the DNS

05:36 <~Avunit> gl sabu!

05:36 <~Avunit> <3

05:36 <@Laurelai> k

05:38 <@tflow>

05:38 <@tflow>

05:38 <@tflow>
05:38 <@tflow>

05:38 <&marduk> up again? :o

05:38 <@tflow> From these files, you can tell which .html page to link to by looking @ the

email filename

05:39 <&marduk> YAY

05:39 <&marduk> tflow: so whats status on greg?

05:40 <@tflow> marduk: many of us want to wait until Monday to release, because there is 0

media on Fri-Sun

05:40 <@tflow> for maximum impact...

05:41 <&marduk> ok hmm makes sense.. but for us?

05:41 <&marduk> can we add it already?

05:41 <@tflow> what do you mean?

05:41 <&marduk> oh

05:41 <&marduk> lol

05:41 <&marduk> it is added

05:41 <~Avunit> are we going for a teaser page actualy or let it 404?

05:41 <&marduk> nvm me

05:42 <@tflow> lol. it was added about 1 day ago :p

05:42 <@tflow> Avunit: dunno. is someone going to make one?

05:42 <&marduk> haha

05:42 <&marduk> From: Google Alerts <>

05:42 <&marduk> Subject: Google Alert - HBgary

05:42 <&marduk> To:

05:42 <&marduk> Date: Sunday, February 6, 2011, 11:01 AM

05:42 <&marduk> News1 new result for HBgary CORRECTION: Aaron Barr is not Justin

05:42 <&marduk>

05:42 <&marduk> ulz nice google alert

05:43 <~Avunit> well tflow, i suppose a date with the logo topiary made

05:43 <~Avunit> would be enough?

05:43 <~Avunit> we can always add some links to some emails on there

05:44 <&marduk> tflow: you think it would be good to announce that anonleaks will go public

on monday?

05:45 <@tflow> i think so

05:45 <&marduk> ok will make some noice later

05:45 <@tflow> Laurelai: did you get that?

05:46 <@Laurelai> ?

05:46 <@tflow> [10:38:22] <@tflow>

05:46 <@tflow> [10:38:28] <@tflow>

05:46 <@tflow> [10:38:33] <@tflow>

05:46 <@tflow> [10:38:40] <@tflow>

05:46 <@tflow> [10:38:51] <&marduk> up again? :o

05:46 <@tflow> [10:39:04] <@tflow> From these files, you can tell which .html page to link to

by looking @ the email filename

05:46 <@Laurelai> oh yeah i saw

05:47 <@Laurelai> how do i search it

05:47 <@tflow> ok cool

05:47 <@tflow> using php? :p

05:47 <@tflow> do you know how to code it?

05:48 <@tflow> otherwise i can code it and give you the hbgary.php file
05:48 <@Laurelai> im not so hot with php

05:48 <@tflow> (but i'd need the original hbgary.php first)

05:48 <@Laurelai> thats lexis department

05:48 <@tflow> np

05:48 <@Laurelai> yeah ill secure pastebin it

05:49 <@tflow> actually.. you know.. i think it would be better to store that in the mysql db

05:49 <@tflow> having it filebased would be too slow to search

05:50 <@tflow> can you create me a mysql account on the server with one db?

05:50 <~Avunit> Must I code the like 10 line html page excluding headers to say COMING: 14


05:50 <~Avunit> with a logo

05:50 <~Avunit> and iunnom aybe some links to sum emails?

05:51 <~Avunit> if so, ill do it after lunch :P

05:51 <~Avunit> brb

05:53 <@Laurelai> hes got it using postgesql

05:53 <@Laurelai> or something

05:53 <@Laurelai> for that

05:53 <@Laurelai> man

05:53 <@Laurelai> im just going to get lexi to work with you on that

05:53 <@tflow> ok

05:53 <@tflow> when's he coming on?

05:53 <@Laurelai> i just install shit and make sure it doesnt get hacked into

05:54 <@Laurelai> tflow: here pretty soon

05:54 <@Laurelai> hes in ireland

05:55 <@tflow> ah
05:55 <&marduk> btw, some mails still cant be parsed, any idea why?

05:56 <&marduk> example:

05:57 <@tflow> can

05:57 <@tflow> view it in html mode

05:58 <&marduk> ups

05:58 <&marduk> kk

06:22 <&marduk> tflow:

06:22 <&marduk> still works for me

06:22 <&marduk> cached NS?

06:22 <@tflow> yes

06:22 <&marduk> ah k

06:23 <@tflow> hmm.. what do we have so far..

06:23 <&marduk> ?

06:23 <@tflow> 4 Heihachi servers (3 for NS, 2 for interface)

06:23 <&marduk> ah

06:23 <@tflow> 1 PRQ servers (for search - with dosarrest)

06:24 <&marduk> 1 Telecomix?

06:24 <@tflow> 1 Luxembourg server (from Telecomix, for web interface)

06:24 <~Avunit> those servers are not all heihachi tflow :P

06:24 <~Avunit> but they are russian

06:24 <@tflow> oh?

06:24 <~Avunit> and in the same datacentre

06:24 <@tflow> yeah

06:24 <@tflow> webalta

06:24 <~Avunit> and santrex
06:24 <@tflow> ah

06:24 <~Avunit> I can roll one extra server in, Triumph, if needed.

06:25 <@tflow> If we do need another server, it would be for the web interface. but I think

we're sorted for now

06:25 <&marduk> Avunit: i gave you the other paysafe?

06:25 <~Avunit> yes marduk i think

06:25 <~Avunit> oh goddamnit that said

06:25 <~Avunit> gimme again

06:25 <~Avunit> xD

06:25 <&marduk> k, yeah i remember faintly

06:25 <~Avunit> i forgot i dont log anymore

06:26 <&marduk> uh oh

06:26 * Avunit stabs self in face.

06:26 <~Avunit> imma get the invoice sorted direclty

06:26 <&marduk> NOT GOOD

06:26 * Avunit navigates towards heihachi.

06:26 <&marduk> phew

06:26 <&marduk> found it

06:26 <@tflow> We should also have a page called legal.html

06:27 <@tflow> That shows all the DMCA requests we've gotten from HBGary

06:27 <@tflow> And our replies

06:27 <@tflow> TPB-stlye

06:27 <@tflow> style*

06:27 <~Avunit> what is the bgcolor of the interface page?

06:29 <@tflow> #D7C3FC
06:30 <~Avunit> ill do some lousy html coding for a such teaser page

06:31 <&marduk> sifting greg's emails for anything more about BoA & co

06:31 <@tflow> it doesn't really need to use that bg colour if it's just a teaser page

06:31 <@tflow> also you can base it on Avunit

06:31 <@tflow> all you need to do is change the txt

06:31 <@tflow> or logo

06:32 <~Avunit> well might look better if it uses the same bgcolor

06:32 <~Avunit> thats why

06:32 <@tflow>

06:32 <&marduk> did we see this:

06:32 <&marduk> "I have been sucked up for the last, seems like almost 2 weeks working the

law firm deal. The potential is huge for us. We are starting the pilot this week, 50K effort. After

the pilot the end customer gets briefed. We were talking to the senior partner of the law firm

on Friday and he wants a firm fixed price by month for 6 months and the figure we have come

to settle on is $2M per month for the 3 team members. That will equal $500-$700K for HBG

Federal, thats per ..

06:32 <&marduk> ... month. We still need to close it, so I am spending most of my time

making sure we blow them away and get the funding. Other stuff happening, but thats the

main focus for me."

06:32 <@tflow> oh wait, that's not anonleaks

06:32 <&marduk> was sent from aaron to greg and penny on nov 16

06:38 ! *** HQBot invited Topiary into the channel

06:38 -!- Topiary [colossal@do.the.impossible] has joined #hq

06:39 -!- mode/#hq [+o Topiary] by HQBot

06:44 <&marduk> hey Topiary
06:44 <@Topiary> Hai

06:44 <&marduk> moah, greg'S mails are full of ticketspam

06:44 <&marduk> that'S why he has 10k more mails

06:45 <@Topiary> Ticketspam indeed, new registration/password change too

06:45 <&marduk> yeah

06:45 <@Topiary> and emails from PayPal

06:53 <~Avunit>

06:53 <~Avunit> thats kinda what i have atm

06:54 <@Laurelai> hey

06:54 <@Laurelai>

06:54 <@Laurelai> could i get the origional email for that

06:54 <&marduk> Avunit: nice

06:54 <&marduk> Fubruary?

06:54 <&marduk> eh

06:54 <&marduk> February.

06:54 <~Avunit> oh yeah

06:54 <&marduk> #AnonLeaks?

06:54 <~Avunit> yes

06:54 <&marduk> on anonops?

06:54 <~Avunit> yes

06:54 <&marduk> oh.

06:55 <~Avunit> I had e-mail 5 in twice too instead of one 6 xD

06:55 <@Laurelai> please

06:56 <&marduk> Laurelai: ?

06:56 <@Laurelai>
06:56 <~Avunit> ask tflow, he might have it D: i no has

06:56 <@Laurelai> tflow: ?

06:56 <&marduk> Laurelai: yes looking at that

06:56 <~Avunit> anything else that needs to be on the teaser page? gimme about 6 juicy

emails as a teaser too d:

06:56 <~Avunit> marduk: laurelai wants the original

06:57 * Avunit pokes topiary

06:57 <&marduk> original?

06:57 <&marduk> oh the .eml?

06:57 <~Avunit> yarr

06:57 <@tflow> ?

06:58 <&marduk> ya well, i dun have it... btw when are we gonna torrent greg'S mails?

06:58 <@tflow> it says it

06:58 <~Avunit> laurelai wants the .eml for that link

06:58 <@tflow> Original file: 26858

06:58 <@tflow> the .emls for greg are not released yet.

06:58 <~Avunit> and

06:58 <@tflow> hmm

06:59 <@tflow> not bad but

06:59 <@tflow> it doesn't really fit well

06:59 <~Avunit> as in?

06:59 <@Topiary> possibly a black background outside the box?

06:59 <&marduk> ok i need to be away for an hour or so

06:59 <~Avunit> easy enough

06:59 <@tflow> also i don't think we should tell the irc channel yet
06:59 <~Avunit> well stab topiary for that

06:59 <~Avunit> i stole his banner :p

07:00 <@Topiary> hah, made it in a few minutes as a test

07:00 <@tflow> I think it would be cool to have the green anon logo in large

07:00 <@Topiary> it's not a banner so much as a lulz

07:00 <@tflow> with a white background

07:00 <@tflow> and says coming soon under it

07:00 <@Topiary> don't think I have any large Anon logos like that to turn green, that one was

pretty small

07:01 <~Avunit>

07:02 <@tflow> i think it's better to just have a white bg

07:02 <~Avunit> k sec

07:02 <@tflow> with the green logo only + coming soon under it

07:02 <~Avunit> done

07:02 <@tflow> (without the irc stuff or the text)

07:03 <~Avunit> ill green the irc stuff out

07:03 <@tflow> the bg is still black :p

07:03 <~Avunit> oh you wante verything white?

07:03 <@tflow> no i mean

07:03 <@Topiary>

07:03 <@Topiary> made

07:03 <~Avunit> ah liek dat

07:03 <@tflow> nice

07:03 <~Avunit> want the date still under it or all text removed?

07:03 <@tflow> only thing i would say
07:04 <@tflow> the stroke around the text kinda makes it seem cartoonish :p

07:05 <~Avunit> now then?

07:05 <@Topiary> can easily be fixed. any text you had in mind?

07:06 <~Avunit> and topiary, you got any e-mails ready to be teased?

07:08 <~Avunit> so i can put em there too

07:08 <@Topiary> not sure if I have anything that stands out

07:08 <~Avunit> well aslong its kinda lulz or juicy

07:09 <~Avunit> its fine

07:09 <~Avunit> we dont have to throw the best in, rather not even

07:10 <~Avunit> just a few to show we're for real and ready to cause mayham

07:12 <~Avunit> and tflow watcha think of the current page then? bettah?

07:12 <@Topiary>

07:12 <@Topiary> simpler?

07:14 <@Topiary>

07:14 <@Topiary> can't tell if juicy or not...

07:16 <~Avunit> should i use the source of that html to leak or put it in .txt?

07:16 <@Topiary> I guess html

07:16 <@Topiary>

07:19 <@Laurelai>

07:19 <@Topiary>

07:19 <@Topiary> wat

07:19 <~Avunit> im removing attachement and without html markup links

07:23 <~Avunit> any others?

07:24 <~Avunit> tis kind of fugly but fine

07:25 <@Topiary> this isn't worth putting up, but lol

07:25 <~Avunit> LOL

07:25 <~Avunit> i say

07:25 <~Avunit> put it up xD

07:26 <~Avunit> but yeah check out

07:26 <~Avunit> its kind of ugly with the emails

07:26 <~Avunit> but k

07:27 <@tflow> Avunit: you need the .css file

07:27 <~Avunit> yeah figured

07:27 <~Avunit> but i have no link to the actual source either

07:28 <~Avunit> with divs and whatever

07:28 <~Avunit> oh wait

07:28 <~Avunit> you use th for that

07:28 <~Avunit> nvm me :P

07:30 <~Avunit> i put the css file up

07:31 <~Avunit> im lolling quite

a bit tho

07:36 <~Avunit> <-- is that one

leaked already?

07:37 <@Topiary> don't think so

07:37 <@Topiary>

07:37 <@Topiary> also lulz

07:37 <~Avunit> lol

07:37 <~Avunit> shoudl i leak

too on the teaser page>?
07:38 <~Avunit> tflow? topiary?

07:38 <@Topiary> if numbers need to be made up, then I guess

07:39 <@Topiary> also add simpler, non-stroked text link

07:39 <@Topiary> [12:12:23] <Topiary>

07:39 <~Avunit> oh yeah ill udpate the logo

07:41 <&marduk> haha yes that google alert is cool (=

07:43 <&marduk>

07:43 <&marduk> is that public?

07:43 <@Topiary> I think maybe the 14 Feb thing needs to be taken out, not sure why

07:43 <&marduk> can we spreda that?

07:43 <@Topiary> no

07:43 <@Topiary> the main site will be

07:43 <@Topiary> right?

07:43 <&marduk> yea

07:43 <&marduk> but this will be one mirror, tho?

07:44 <@Topiary> still probably not best to spread this yet until is updated

07:44 <@Topiary> and we've agreed on final page

07:44 <&marduk> yeah

07:44 <~Avunit> itll be on

07:44 <~Avunit> this is just my testing ground

07:44 <&marduk> tell me when it is

07:44 <~Avunit>

07:44 <~Avunit> the date taken out?

07:45 <&marduk> well.. we are sure that we go public on monday i think?

07:45 <&marduk> we got all set. all uploaded, mirrors working
07:45 <~Avunit> or should I just make "Coming February 2011" of it?

07:45 <@Topiary> just in case we fail hard on Monday

07:45 <&marduk> mhh

07:45 <~Avunit> ill just get the 14 and : out of it

07:45 <&marduk> if then take it out completely

07:45 <&marduk> and leave the coming soon in logo

07:45 <@Topiary> we can just tweet about it

07:45 <@Topiary> and when we actually release, we'll do a countdown

07:45 <~Avunit>

07:45 <~Avunit> updated

07:46 <&marduk> i want to send the teaser page to some bloggers asap

07:46 <@tflow> The font on coming soon is a bit weird

07:46 <&marduk> mhh

07:46 <&marduk> idd remove february

07:46 <&marduk> that souds like.. we are maybe online in 2 weeks

07:46 <@Topiary> I'd just remove the whole line about coming soon

07:46 <&marduk> coming soon in the logo is okay

07:46 <&marduk> small and decent

07:46 <@Topiary> and we can create buzz on twitter about it

07:46 <&marduk> i'd just remove the big text

07:46 <@tflow> Can you remove the black border?

07:46 <@Topiary> ^

07:46 <~Avunit> yesi can

07:46 <~Avunit> sec

07:47 <@tflow> What about the border?
07:47 <@tflow> It's not nice :p

07:47 <~Avunit>

07:47 <~Avunit> there you go

07:47 <@Topiary> it'll look more scary 1337 h4x the plainer it gets

07:47 <&marduk> yup

07:47 <~Avunit> we all agree this one is fine then?

07:47 <&marduk> maybe a blank line between teasers iand the mails

07:48 <~Avunit> then ill tar it for tflow :P

07:48 <&marduk> then it'd be perfect

07:48 <@tflow> can you remove that border?

07:48 <&marduk> shift reload

07:48 <&marduk> it is

07:48 <~Avunit> its removed

07:48 <&marduk> i'dd add a blank line tho

07:48 <~Avunit> and white lnie added

07:48 <&marduk> below "teasers"

07:48 <~Avunit> line*

07:48 <~Avunit> its added

07:48 <&marduk> looks a bit dense

07:48 <@tflow> aha

07:48 <~Avunit> reload

07:48 <&marduk> ah :)

07:48 <&marduk> perfect imo

07:48 <~Avunit> should i make the teasers fat or is only underlined fine like this?

07:48 <@tflow> tested in other browsers?
07:49 <~Avunit> sec imma start up IE

07:49 <~Avunit> im using firefox myself

07:49 <&marduk> chrome here

07:49 <@Topiary> just gonna find another teaser, or one to replace one already

07:49 <&marduk> on linux

07:49 <@Topiary> the Penny loveletter

07:49 <@Topiary> sec

07:49 <&marduk> looks fine

07:49 <&marduk> mhh

07:49 <&marduk> nah

07:49 <&marduk> not the penny love letter

07:49 <&marduk> something juicy

07:49 <&marduk> like Boa related

07:49 <~Avunit> looks fine on an old version of IE

07:49 <&marduk>

07:49 <&marduk> like this one

07:49 <~Avunit> but ive the idea that the teasers should be bolded :/

07:50 <~Avunit> well the word "Teasers:"

07:50 <@tflow> try it

07:50 <~Avunit> kay

07:50 <~Avunit> adding a ninth leak too

07:51 <~Avunit> hrrm

07:52 <~Avunit> adding bold removing underline

07:52 <@Topiary>

07:52 <@Topiary> I don't think we need this many teasers
07:52 <@Topiary> some bring down the quality of the others

07:52 <&marduk> hmm

07:52 <&marduk> too many fun/private ones imo

07:53 <&marduk> we should concentrate on the interesting ones

07:53 <&marduk> anonleaks isnt emphasized on gossip :(

07:53 <@Topiary> at least replace email 8 with Penny's one

07:53 <~Avunit> feel free to say which one to remove etc.

07:53 <@Topiary> or get rid of 8 entirely

07:53 <~Avunit> replacing 8 with

07:54 <~Avunit> done

07:55 <@tflow> brb taking a shower

07:55 <@tflow> when i'm back i'll put it up

07:55 <&marduk> cool

07:55 <&marduk> get wet.

07:55 <~Avunit> ill tar it for you tflow

07:55 <@Topiary> thoroughly moist

07:56 <~Avunit> updated email 9 to remove the attachement link too

07:56 <&marduk> why isnt kayla here?

07:56 <&marduk> hrrr.

07:56 <@Topiary> we should put a contact email in the form of

07:56 <@Topiary> "Problem, officer?"

07:56 <@Topiary> so we can laugh hard at takedown notices

07:56 <@Topiary> tflow requests that I give them lulzy responses

07:56 <&marduk> can use my hushmail, of do we have email already setup?
07:56 <@Topiary> and we post them in a legal section

07:57 <&marduk> should have something official like

07:57 <&marduk>

07:57 <&marduk> :p

07:57 <~Avunit> i have no mailserver

07:57 <~Avunit> gief mailserver

07:57 <~Avunit> and we can create

07:57 <&marduk> wait when tflow gets back

07:57 <@Topiary> I would jizz over as my email

07:57 <@Topiary> I'd put that shit as mah vhost

07:57 <~Avunit>

07:57 <~Avunit> bitches.

07:58 <@Topiary> We go' be hunted by the po-po

07:58 <@Topiary> oh no-no

07:58 <~Avunit> almost tempted to make a theteam.html

07:58 <~Avunit> with fake dox

07:58 <~Avunit> xD

07:58 <@Topiary> DO IT

07:58 <@Topiary> DO IT SO HARD

07:58 <~Avunit> LOL

07:58 <~Avunit> okay

07:59 <~Avunit> everyone go make fake identity

07:59 <~Avunit> fake name

07:59 <~Avunit> fake country

07:59 <~Avunit> and GIEF ME
07:59 <&marduk> heh, aren't i John Q Nagel?

07:59 <~Avunit> IUNNO GIMME INFO

08:00 <&marduk> lol

08:00 <&marduk> i cant ind him

08:00 <&marduk> rofl

08:00 <@Topiary> David D. Davidson

08:00 <&marduk> google "John Q Nagel"

08:00 <@Topiary> 6697 Mudkup Rd.

08:00 <@Topiary> Longcatsville

08:00 <@Topiary> The Internets

08:00 <@Topiary> Mine ^

08:00 <&marduk> only hits are the Anonymous docs of Aaron

08:00 <@Topiary> Mudkip*

08:00 <&marduk> I'll use John Q. Nagel

08:01 <~Avunit> make some other fake info up too marduk, like topiary

08:01 <&marduk> sec

08:01 <&marduk> actually that John Q Nagel is real on facebook

08:01 <&marduk> mhh i use something else

08:03 <&marduk> Henry Dorsett Case, 648, Matsudo, Matsudo-shi, Chiba, 271-8510, Japan

08:03 <&marduk> thar you go

08:04 <&marduk> whoever knows the reference wins an internet

08:05 <~Avunit> Want me to use your irc nicks?

08:05 <~Avunit> like Topiary:

08:05 <~Avunit> David D. Davidson

08:05 <&marduk> tflow: and canihaz sop in #anonleaks pl0x
08:05 <~Avunit> 6697 Mudkup rd.

08:05 <&marduk> lolno

08:05 <&marduk> not me

08:05 <~Avunit> k

08:05 <&marduk> enough trouble qith q as it is :p

08:06 <@Topiary> we should include a weblink to #anonleaks on the teaser site

08:06 <@Topiary> massive buzz for it

08:06 <&marduk> oh

08:06 <&marduk> Avunit: use my fake nick: "Don"

08:06 <@Topiary> WebAnon chat

08:06 <~Avunit> nah not using nicks now :op

08:06 <&marduk> he's rarely online

08:06 <&marduk> ok

08:06 <&marduk> fine too

08:08 <~Avunit> okay

08:08 <~Avunit> MOAR

08:08 <~Avunit> ill add something for myself too

08:10 <&marduk> oh nice

08:10 <&marduk> (as I was finishing writing this, Karp called me, seemed sincere enough in

his apology, vowed that any Palantir employees involved in this would be dealt with the way

they dealt with HB Gary, and commendably committed to telling me by the end of the week

whether Bank of America or Hunton & Williams actually retained these firms to carry out this


08:10 <&marduk> (Greenwald on

08:11 <@Topiary> Perhaps a "MEET THE TEAM" link underneath the teasers, and also on
that page can be a "Problem, officer?""

08:12 <~Avunit>

08:14 <~Avunit> well we can do that after we got an email server topiary

08:14 <~Avunit> because i do want to see that :p

08:14 <&marduk> Avunit: "648 Matsudo, Matsudo-shi" - "Chiba 271-8510"

08:14 <~Avunit> oh k

08:14 <&marduk> btw, case is the main character in william Gibson's Neuromancer

08:14 <~Avunit> updated

08:15 <&marduk> and he lives in Chiba City :)

08:15 <&marduk> cheers

08:16 <~Avunit>

08:16 <~Avunit> updated with email lnik too

08:16 <@Topiary> Looks good Avunit, needs Mudkip though

08:16 <~Avunit> oh well ypu typed mudkup :P

08:16 <~Avunit> anyway need mailserver *stabs topiary*

08:16 <~Avunit> i added a subject line to the mail link too :p

08:20 <@Topiary> looking like the sex of all sexes

08:20 <~Avunit> now tflow needs to come back, he needs to give an identity and we need

some mail serverz

08:20 <~Avunit> and then we r ready to rawl

08:20 <@Topiary> WE HAZ PROBLEMZ

08:20 <~Avunit> oh btw is thel ink i put on the index good or you want MEET THE TEAM


08:20 <@Topiary> MEET THE TEAM

08:20 <@Topiary> Y33333
08:21 <~Avunit> MEET THE SPY

08:21 <~Avunit> oh no wait

08:21 <~Avunit> xD

08:21 <~Avunit>

08:22 <~Avunit> getting some tea meanwhileeee

08:22 <~Avunit> get soem bitches to gief mailserbur

08:22 <~Avunit> we iz want offishul address

08:23 <@tflow> sup

08:23 <&marduk> wb tflow

08:24 <&marduk> Avunit: davidson has a ":" the others not

08:26 <@tflow> For mail, we can use Google Apps

08:30 <@entropy> morning

08:32 <@entropy> i can setup a mail svr pretty easily if we need

08:33 <@entropy> and qmail is pretty hackproof

08:33 <@entropy> but lacks alot of extras

08:34 <@tflow> Why not GMail? Would save us having to get extra servers + DDoS-proof

08:34 <@tflow> then we can use the extra servers for mirroring

08:34 <@entropy> ah ok

08:34 <@tflow> Google Apps lets you have your own domains

08:35 <@entropy> i just dont use g* anything

08:35 <@entropy> since they spy on your shit

08:35 <@tflow> hm

08:35 <@tflow> Well we don't really have anything to hide :P

08:35 <@tflow> All secret shit will be done on IRC

08:35 <@tflow> is just for press
08:35 <@tflow> Infact, it would be funny one day if we leak our own mail

08:35 <@entropy> lol

08:37 <&marduk> tflow: will u put the teaser version up?

08:38 <&marduk> i'D like to spread it to some ppl today

08:38 <@tflow> Are we done with it?

08:38 <@tflow> Also

08:38 <~Avunit> tflow

08:38 <~Avunit> gimme ur

08:38 <~Avunit> s3cret dox data

08:38 <@tflow> I think the meet the team joke needs to be more subtle - like a easter egg or

hiden joke

08:38 <~Avunit> I like my J. Shepard D:

08:39 <@tflow> Maybe if we put it in the comments, or make the like very small

08:39 <&marduk> good idea

08:39 <@tflow> link*

08:39 <~Avunit> k

08:39 <&marduk> yeah it'S too prominent i agree

08:39 <~Avunit> ill make

08:39 <~Avunit> very small link

08:39 <~Avunit> <size = 1

08:39 <~Avunit> bitch

08:40 <~Avunit> blegh

08:40 <~Avunit> needs to be even smaller

08:41 <&marduk> make link in bg color :p

08:41 <@tflow> ^^^
08:41 <@tflow> Bigger but in BG colour

08:41 <@entropy> did you get that lftp mirror script working?

08:41 <~Avunit> k color=#000000 :p

08:41 <@tflow> entropy: yup

08:41 <@tflow> I mean

08:41 <@entropy> cool

08:41 <@tflow> I haven't made a script

08:41 <@tflow> but the command works

08:42 <~Avunit> oh i mean #FFFFFF :p

08:42 <@entropy> its incremental and all?

08:42 <@tflow> It doesn't keep logs

08:42 <@tflow> What do you mean incremental?

08:42 <@tflow> you just do:

08:42 <@entropy> i mean like the first copy you do it does it all, the next it just does the

changes since last copy

08:42 <@tflow> lftp sftp://user:pass@server/dir

08:43 <@tflow> then: mirror -R /local/path

08:43 <@entropy> yea thats what i mean

08:43 <@entropy> thats cool

08:43 <@tflow> yes, it just does the changes :)

08:44 <~Avunit> okay

08:44 <~Avunit> check the index page out

08:44 <~Avunit> and tflow gimme some dox on you too :P

08:45 <@tflow> hmm..

08:45 <@tflow> I'm not very creative
08:46 <~Avunit> can someone give me thel ink to the google mail server shit too?

08:48 <~Avunit> the free version that is

08:48 <@entropy>


08:48 <@entropy> what a fuckign cock suer

08:48 <@entropy> One of the characteristics that the members of Anonymous have in

common with their Russian and Ukrainian cybercriminal benefactors

08:49 <@entropy> although its funny he thinks our servers have benifactors

08:50 <~Avunit> entropy!

08:50 <~Avunit> you gief fake dox too

08:50 <~Avunit> and tflow just become creative :P

08:50 <@entropy> lol

08:50 <@entropy> 1 sec

08:51 <&marduk> Sabu: when you get back. TARGET: <<< the guys

investigating us, in coop. with french police

08:51 <&marduk> tip's from yehezkel

08:52 <~Avunit> regging for google apps

08:53 <@tflow> Oh I already did that before

08:54 <@tflow> lemme give you root admin details

08:54 <@tflow> sec

08:55 <@entropy> avunit:

08:55 <@entropy> Toomas Saarva

08:55 <@entropy> Fort George G.

08:55 <@entropy> Meade MD, 20755

08:55 <@entropy> nsa address
08:55 <@entropy> and the guy who got busted for the biggest steroid bust ever

08:55 <@entropy> lol

08:56 <&marduk> lol

08:56 <&marduk> we should maybe add Keith B. Alexander to our team

08:56 <&marduk> :D

08:56 <~Avunit> guis i failed :*

08:57 <&marduk> ? :o

08:57 <~Avunit> This domain has been registered and is in the process of ownership

verification. If you believe this registration was unauthorized, please have your domain

administrator contact Google support.

08:57 <~Avunit> bawt i accidently closed page

08:57 <~Avunit> and changed ip

08:57 <~Avunit> SO IVE NO IDEA

08:57 <~Avunit> what to do xD

08:57 <@tflow> lol

08:57 <@entropy> is it a new domain or what?

08:57 <@tflow> I never knew you can register twice with the same domain

08:58 <~Avunit> nah its

08:58 <~Avunit> but they mean

08:58 <~Avunit> its regged for google apps

08:58 <@tflow> I made a Google Apps for anonleaksru

08:58 <~Avunit> and awaiting verification

08:58 <~Avunit> oh wait

08:58 <~Avunit> you did already

08:58 <~Avunit> THATS WHY
08:58 <~Avunit> BITCH

08:58 <@entropy> im sure their db will notice its in a second time and just drop it

08:58 <~Avunit> because at my first reg try

08:58 <~Avunit> it kept sending me back

08:58 <@tflow> Wait, let me give you root admin details

08:58 <~Avunit> to the info

08:58 <~Avunit> and I was like


08:59 <~Avunit> I added Toomas Sarva to the team

08:59 <~Avunit> only need one for tflow now too D:

08:59 <&marduk> he can use Keith B. Alexander id he's not creative :p

09:00 <~Avunit> shh let him make up his own shit :P

09:00 <@entropy> did you guys scroll up and see the shit kayla was talking about about that

guy 'root'

09:01 <~Avunit> i havent seen kayla talking

09:01 <~Avunit> so it mustve been

09:01 <@entropy> it was last night

09:01 <~Avunit> before i logged on my bnc

09:01 <~Avunit> :P

09:01 <~Avunit> i dont backlog D:

09:01 <@entropy> like 12 hours ago

09:01 <&marduk> yes

09:01 <&marduk> i told owen

09:01 <@entropy> yea mine only has like 100 lines

09:01 <&marduk> it was a fake root
09:01 <&marduk> very likely

09:01 <&marduk> possible switch

09:01 <@entropy> even though the chan was +r?

09:02 <&marduk> but owen knows.. and will follow up on that

09:04 <~Avunit> D:

09:12 <@entropy> pffft

09:12 <@entropy> lol

09:12 <@entropy> your goignto have complaints@anonleaks

09:12 <@entropy> omfg that is going to get rocked w mail

09:12 <~Avunit> awesum eh?

09:12 <@entropy> but they will prob be funny as shit

09:16 <~Avunit> waiting for domain verification now

09:17 <~Avunit> domain verificated

09:17 <&marduk> mmh i'D like to use that logo for the twitter acc

09:18 <&marduk> let'S see if my netbook cn cope with gimp'n shit

09:19 <~Avunit> oh fuck

09:19 <~Avunit> entropy!

09:19 <@entropy> avunit!

09:19 <~Avunit> wont be able to add mx with the bot

09:19 <~Avunit> since it requires more optionzzz

09:19 <~Avunit> can you add it manually?

09:19 <@entropy> yea if you do more then generic mx

09:19 <@entropy> sure what do you need

09:19 <~Avunit> sec ill write it

09:21 <~Avunit> 14400 IN MX 10 ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.
09:21 <~Avunit> 14400 IN MX 20 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.

09:21 <~Avunit> 14400 IN MX 20 ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.

09:21 <~Avunit> 14400 IN MX 30 ASPMX2.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.

09:21 <~Avunit> 14400 IN MX 30 ASPMX3.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.

09:21 <~Avunit> 14400 IN MX 30 ASPMX4.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.

09:21 <~Avunit> 14400 IN MX 30 ASPMX5.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.

09:21 <~Avunit> that should do

09:21 <@entropy> oh is that all

09:21 <@entropy> ...

09:21 <@entropy> lol

09:21 <@entropy> ok brb

09:21 <~Avunit> yeah its just the multiple arguments and youre prob logged into the server

already xD

09:22 <@entropy> you need this: IN TXT google-siteverification=


09:22 <~Avunit> yes

09:22 <@entropy> ?

09:22 <@entropy> k

09:22 <~Avunit> that needs to stay ther

09:22 <~Avunit> e

09:23 <@entropy> i have to do anything manually that startw with

09:23 <@entropy> cause that is the origin

09:23 <&marduk> fixt

09:23 <&marduk>!/AnonymousLeaks

09:23 <@entropy> im using shortcuts with the @
09:23 <~Avunit> well it did work though entropy

09:23 <&marduk> heh, 780 followers already

09:23 <~Avunit> since google got that one out properly

09:23 <@entropy> really

09:23 <~Avunit> yarr

09:23 <@entropy> i never knew you could do that

09:23 <&marduk> tflow: teaser version ETA?

09:23 <~Avunit> nor did i, but i just tried :p

09:23 <~Avunit> oh that said ill tar the teaser version in a sec

09:24 <@tflow> Should we put ti on or

09:24 <&marduk> or just ?

09:24 <&marduk> would be better imo.. avoid dns spam :p

09:25 <~Avunit> i just say

09:25 <~Avunit> i mean thats the standard domain

09:25 <&marduk> yah and then subdir.

09:25 <&marduk> agree here

09:25 <~Avunit>

09:26 <~Avunit> the email should be onlnie.. well shortly

09:26 <@Topiary> Everything going smoothly, AnonLeakers?

09:27 <&marduk> everything going excellently

09:27 <@entropy> avunit: stop the bot, go down to this line: if ($i >= 10) { # start printing at

the 10th line

09:28 <@entropy> if ($i >= 19) { # start printing at the 19th line

09:28 <@entropy> restart bot

09:28 <~Avunit> change 10 to 19 ya mean?
09:28 <~Avunit> k

09:28 <@entropy> to hide all the non subdomain

09:28 <@entropy> yep

09:31 <~Avunit> done

09:31 <~Avunit> Email

09:31 <~Avunit> - Updating...

09:31 <~Avunit> We are checking MX records for your domain. This may take 48 hours to


09:31 <~Avunit> awh fu

09:31 <@entropy> it wont

09:31 <@entropy> its in now

09:32 <@tflow>

09:32 <~Avunit> awesome tflow

09:32 <~Avunit> awesome!

09:32 <&marduk> YAY

09:32 <@tflow> when we're releasing i'll redirect the frontpage to

09:33 <&marduk> ah okay

09:33 <&marduk> kk

09:34 <~Avunit> google is still checking, suppose itll be doen within the hour

09:35 <&marduk>!/AnonymousLeaks/status/36433077068636160

09:35 <@entropy>

09:35 <@entropy> fuck i thought that was real

09:35 <@entropy> niel stevenson should pick that up

09:35 <~Avunit> lol

09:35 <~Avunit> xD
09:38 <@entropy> shit so its out

09:38 <@entropy> ...

09:38 <@entropy> let the games begin

09:40 * Avunit stabs google for a fuster update

09:40 <@entropy> whats the best way to kill a hd

09:40 <@entropy> unskrew it and scratch the platters

09:40 <@entropy> ?

09:40 <~Avunit> chainsaw? sandpaper?

09:40 <@entropy> actually ill just drive somewhere and dump them

09:40 <~Avunit> open it u

09:41 <~Avunit> and sandpaperrrrrr

09:41 <@entropy> i need a giant electro magnet

09:41 <@entropy> yea that will work

09:41 <@entropy> but i have like 8 of them

09:41 <@entropy> and theres like 20 star screws each

09:41 <@entropy> pita

09:41 <~Avunit> oh yeah

09:41 <~Avunit> errr

09:41 <~Avunit> drive over em

09:41 <~Avunit> with a tractor

09:41 <~Avunit> and then throw em in water

09:41 * entropy starts up my tractor

09:41 <~Avunit> with a few batteries too

09:42 <@entropy> 9v?

09:42 <~Avunit> nah
09:42 <~Avunit> 50v

09:42 <~Avunit> :P

09:42 <@entropy> word

09:42 <~Avunit> BIG ONES

09:42 <~Avunit> and then

09:42 <~Avunit> sledgehammer

09:42 <~Avunit> to finish it up

09:42 <~Avunit> should kind of do the trick

09:43 <&marduk>!/AnonymousIRC/status/36435166268366848

09:43 <&marduk> algeria live stream thar!

09:43 <~Avunit> Updating Google servers... This may take up to 1 hour to complete.

09:43 <~Avunit> * We are updating Google servers to enable email for your users.

09:43 <@entropy> google

09:43 <~Avunit> oh yarrrrr

09:43 <@entropy> About 941 results (0.34 seconds)

09:43 <@entropy> its been what 1 minute

09:44 <~Avunit> first results are awesome

09:44 <@entropy> wow who made that logo

09:44 <@entropy> ;)

09:45 <~Avunit> Teasers: E-mail 1 E-mail 2 E-mail 3 E-mail 4 E-mail 5 E-mail 6 E-mail 7 Email

8 E-mail 9 · MEET THE TEAM.

09:45 <~Avunit> oh fuck

09:45 <~Avunit> at the google hit

09:45 <~Avunit> google just

09:45 <~Avunit> deneis
09:45 <~Avunit> denies*

09:45 <~Avunit> fonts :p

09:45 <~Avunit> the bitches xD

09:45 <@entropy> whats up with white on white

09:45 <&marduk> lol you expect a google robot to miss text in BG color?

09:45 <&marduk> :D

09:45 <@entropy> sekret times

09:46 <~Avunit> nah

09:46 <~Avunit> i didnt

09:46 <~Avunit> just

09:46 <~Avunit> didnt realize

09:46 <~Avunit> that google would cache that :P

09:46 <@entropy> should keep it

09:46 <@entropy> thats funny actually

09:46 <~Avunit> how long before fox news

09:46 <~Avunit> will report

09:46 <~Avunit> they have our dox?

09:47 <@entropy> and then a van will blow up

09:47 <~Avunit> ill lol so hard

09:47 <@entropy> lol

09:47 <~Avunit> "Wheres Serpent Nebula actually?"

09:47 <@entropy> there is so many great lines in that video i cant believe it

09:47 <@entropy> i had seven passwords and they got them all

09:48 <@entropy> ^ the best one

09:48 * Topiary buys a dog and hangs curtains.
09:48 <@entropy> lol

09:48 <@Topiary> The power of 9000 VPNs"

09:48 <@entropy> my gf broke up w me cause she thought ... i was cheating on her with


09:48 <@entropy> LOL

09:48 <~Avunit> will be up in approx 1hr

09:48 <@entropy> hopw can that still be funny i dont know

09:48 <@Topiary> Isn't there where the old wordfilter of "7" to "over 9000" came from?

09:48 <@Topiary> *that

09:49 <@entropy> not sure

09:49 <@entropy> thought ht 900 thing was from like pokeman

09:49 <@Topiary> Avunit: sounds lovely.

09:49 <~Avunit> I should send

09:49 <@Topiary> Over 9000 itself is from Dragonsweatyballs

09:49 <~Avunit> very serious replies

09:49 <@Topiary> but the wordfilter on 4chan, 7 was replaced with over 9000

09:49 <@entropy> ah yea dragonball

09:49 <@entropy> lol

09:49 <~Avunit> I lieked Dragon Ball when i was lil kiddo

09:49 <@Topiary> Avunit: may I respond to takedown notices with vigor?

09:50 <~Avunit> But of course

09:50 <@Topiary> or rather have access to that email as well

09:50 <~Avunit> just if i get ranodm mails

09:50 <&marduk> 14:48 <Ellerich> btw have you seen Avunit? I see him, but wonder when he

be online
09:50 <&marduk> 14:49 <Ellerich> he haven't reply for a while since I last spoke

09:50 <@Topiary> because if there's one thing I'm useful for, it's creating laughs via


09:50 <&marduk> avunit?

09:50 <~Avunit> ill react very seriously

09:50 <~Avunit> ohai i am seen

09:50 <~Avunit> but rly was/am kinda busy

09:50 <&marduk> what takedown notice?

09:50 <@entropy> if

09:51 <~Avunit> "You have complaints about our content? We are now passing your

complaint on to the board of directors. We thank you for your input, please keep supporting"

09:51 <@entropy> if and or when takedowns come

09:51 <&marduk> ah

09:51 <~Avunit> ill gief you all some sexy mail too when its done xD

09:52 <@entropy> i have to go take the ccie security written test in an hour

09:52 * entropy isnt scared

09:53 <~Avunit>

09:54 <~Avunit> Even people with cleavage retweet that now

09:54 <~Avunit> thats good

09:54 <&marduk> WE WILL ROCK THE WORLD!

09:54 <~Avunit>

09:54 <&marduk> wow

09:54 <&marduk> it's a top tweet

09:55 <&marduk> already
09:55 <&marduk> fuck haha

09:55 <&marduk> and over 800 followers

09:55 <&marduk> sick shit is shit

09:55 <@tflow> access.log is getting like 1 request per second

09:55 <~Avunit> who all has access to that twitter account btw, you and tflow?

09:55 <&marduk> yes, atm

09:55 <~Avunit> k

09:55 <&marduk> ill usually take care of the account. will not tweet much with it

09:55 <~Avunit> just need to know who to poke for a tweet :P

09:56 <&marduk> but just in case i am not round

09:56 <~Avunit> we need it to tweet a bit tho ^.^

09:57 <&marduk> ill tweet bout it with my main account

09:57 <&marduk> as more reach anyway

09:57 <&marduk> wil use *Leaks only for really new nnouncements

09:57 <&marduk> @wikileaks isn't tweeting much either

09:58 <&marduk> but once full version is online

09:58 <&marduk> i will tweet a few nice mails of course

09:58 <&marduk>

09:58 <~Avunit> nah but we are not wikileaks either :P

09:59 <&marduk> we certainly are not

09:59 <&marduk> i hope we never get into a daniel-situation :p

09:59 <~Avunit> iunno we operate differently

10:00 <~Avunit> we use social media more actually :P

10:00 <~Avunit> thats why i said keep people happy with tweets of @AnonymousLeaks too

10:00 <~Avunit> I nevah used twitter though D:
10:00 <~Avunit> atopiary #AnonLeaks teaser site up:

10:00 <&marduk> yeah i will.. just not too much

10:00 <~Avunit> icwutudidthar

10:01 <~Avunit> glynmoody RT @BiellaColeman #anonymous is gonna release/leak more

damning emails here: >>interesting use of .ru domain here less than 20

seconds ago via web

10:01 <~Avunit> lulz

10:01 <~Avunit> interesting useeee

10:02 <&marduk> lol natural use i'd say

10:03 <~Avunit> well we can always let .com redirect to .ru just for that guy :p

10:03 <@Topiary>!/atopiary/status/36439397956202496 :D

10:03 <~Avunit> [16:00:49] <~Avunit> atopiary #AnonLeaks teaser site up:

10:03 <~Avunit> [16:00:50] <&marduk> yeah i will.. just not too much

10:03 <~Avunit> [16:00:52] <~Avunit> icwutudidthar

10:03 <~Avunit> mwhaha :p

10:04 <@tflow> search in google

10:05 <~Avunit> i did yesh :p

10:05 <&marduk> feng37 ???

10:05 <@Topiary> Should we make #anonleaks public now?

10:05 <&marduk>!/feng37/status/36440491402723328

10:05 <&marduk> Topiary: sure

10:05 <~Avunit> we're getting max publicity already

10:06 <@entropy> lol

10:06 <~Avunit> liek
10:06 <~Avunit> well

10:06 <~Avunit> lets go for top google searches? :P

10:06 <@tflow> i see

10:06 <@tflow> as the top for

10:06 <@entropy> yea

10:07 <@entropy> it has been since like the second it came up

10:07 <@entropy> but the nextresult is the cock sucker calling us sociopaths

10:07 <~Avunit>

10:07 <~Avunit> arr

10:08 <~Avunit> second it top 5k tweets for me

10:08 <~Avunit> by topsy

10:08 <@tflow>

10:08 <@entropy> crazy

10:08 <@entropy> its been like 20 minutes

10:08 <@entropy> lol

10:08 <&marduk> eheh

10:08 <&marduk> this will hit the fan

10:09 <~Avunit> lol shit

10:09 <~Avunit> we're going max for top tweet

10:09 <~Avunit> monday will be max

10:09 <~Avunit> gotta look what to do weeks after the 27k mails tho

10:09 <&marduk> btw Topiary why aren't you in the most elitest idle channel on anonops? :o

10:10 <~Avunit> hrrm are we having bets on which internet media will report first on the lulz


10:10 <~Avunit> because surely one will get the mocking of doxing
10:10 <@Topiary>!/atopiary/status/36441993580257280

10:10 <@Topiary> marduk: OH SHIT

10:10 <@Topiary> must join!

10:10 * Topiary joins the secretz

10:11 <~Avunit> SamusAranX #anonleaks' credits page: half a minute ago

via Twitterrific

10:11 <~Avunit> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

10:11 <@tflow> I wouldn't tweet the channel yet on AnonymousLeaks twitter or

AnonymousIRC - I think better for it not to be *too* public yet

10:11 <@tflow> haha

10:11 <@entropy> too late

10:11 <~Avunit> we have a winrar

10:12 <@tflow> nah that's just for atopiary :p

10:12 <&marduk> why not? its just an irchannel

10:12 <&marduk> having the anonleaks site up and tweeted makes much more impact

10:12 <@tflow> I dunno. might make us seems like publicity whores

10:12 <@tflow> i feel

10:12 <@Topiary> we did the same for the HBGarychannel

10:12 <@tflow> hm ok

10:12 <@tflow> put a link to the webirc

10:12 <@Topiary> I did

10:12 <@Topiary> marduk: retwat?

10:12 <&marduk> yeah we often tweeted channel

10:13 <&marduk> done already

10:13 <@Topiary> a true scholar
10:13 <@entropy> lol

10:13 <~Avunit> I <3 SamunaranX

10:14 <~Avunit> SamusAranX even

10:14 <@entropy> knows how to html

10:14 <@tflow> tail -f access.log

10:14 <@tflow> is flying

10:14 <~Avunit> lulz

10:14 <~Avunit> 16 new tweets

10:14 <~Avunit> in 5 secodns

10:14 <~Avunit> containing 'AnonLeaks'

10:19 <@Topiary> It's such a unique word

10:19 <@Topiary> shitstorm inbound

10:19 <~Avunit> xD

10:19 <@Topiary> tflow are you distancing yourself from #anonleaks?

10:19 <~Avunit> 82 new tweets since you started searching

10:20 <@tflow> lol, no

10:20 <&marduk> ugh triumph lags bad

10:21 <~Avunit> (6DE) 4 [12.12%] [Up: 1d12h35m50s Lag:


10:21 <~Avunit> 222 ms from US to RU isnt that bad

10:21 <&marduk> sssssss

10:21 <&marduk> hhdh

10:22 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @tflow

10:22 <&marduk> hmm well.. packet loss?

10:22 <~Avunit> tackle splitted tho D:
10:22 <&marduk> if i type... it have a delay of 2-5 seconds

10:22 * Avunit revives tackle.

10:22 <@entropy> santrex boxen acting like champs right now ;)

10:22 <&marduk> will switch to tackle then

10:23 -!- Netsplit over, joins: @tflow

10:23 <&marduk> hmm getting better tho

10:23 <~Avunit> triumph is doing better than tackle atm

10:23 <&marduk> utf-8 is broken on triumph though

10:23 <&marduk> in irssi

10:23 <~Avunit> is et?

10:23 <~Avunit> not installed?

10:23 <&marduk> not sure what'S the difference to tackle

10:34 <@entropy> lol

10:35 <&marduk> uh

10:35 <&marduk> slow

10:35 <&marduk> ddos already?

10:35 <&marduk> or just ... normal "ddos"

10:35 <&marduk> hm works now

10:35 <@tflow> Probably Heihachi problems

10:35 <@entropy> no ddos to mine

10:35 <@tflow> Considering there was just a netsplit

10:35 <~Avunit> google hits are getting better already

10:35 <@tflow> here

10:36 <&marduk> ima try tackle

10:36 <~Avunit> purrrfectly loading pae here
10:36 <~Avunit> tflow watcha using, nginx or lighttpd? cba to read http headers xD

10:36 <@entropy> loads real fast for me

10:37 <&marduk> yeah all good again

10:37 <@tflow> nginx

10:39 <~Avunit> i nevah used nginx ;.;

10:39 <~Avunit> <-- lighttpd fag

10:41 -!- x [x@The.Internet] has joined #hq

10:41 -!- mode/#hq [+ao x x] by HQBot

10:41 <&x> tackle actually feels better.

10:44 <&marduk>!5757995/an-interview-with-a-target-of-the-fbisanonymous-


10:51 <~Avunit> YO BITCHES

10:51 <~Avunit> somenoe wants an email?

10:52 <~Avunit> this is your chance :O

10:54 <&marduk> sure!

10:54 <&marduk> gimme

10:54 <&marduk> eh

10:54 <&marduk> case@

10:55 <~Avunit> k

10:55 <@entropy>

10:57 <~Avunit> both added

10:57 <~Avunit> check pm

10:57 <~Avunit> tfkiw

10:57 <~Avunit> tflow*

10:57 <~Avunit> you want one?
10:57 <@tflow> nah

10:57 <~Avunit> k

11:01 <&marduk> hmm

11:01 <&marduk> will be interesting to see.. if google keeps this alive

11:01 <~Avunit> google isnt that bad

11:01 <~Avunit> and it loves influence

11:01 <~Avunit> and having access to data just for the sake of it

11:01 <~Avunit> so yeah i think itll stay up

11:02 <@tflow> Topiary:

11:02 <@tflow> gonna put that on youtube?

11:04 <~Avunit> vesper_dbs it's on ;] > @bruces: *these Anonleaks guys

are like the game-griefer maestros of psychological torment.

11:05 <@entropy> ok im leaving to take my test

11:05 <@entropy> ttl

11:05 <~Avunit> good luck entropy!

11:05 <@entropy> thanks

11:13 <~Avunit> afk

11:16 <@tflow>


11:16 <@tflow> lol

11:19 <&marduk> brb, need to get BEER!

11:25 <@Topiary> tflow: you gonna be available to add takedown notices in lulzy formats on

the page if I give ya emails of them in the future?

11:26 <@Topiary> piratebay style, it was a genius idea
11:30 <@tflow> I'll just add them to legal.html if you give me them :)

11:33 <@Topiary> sounds good

11:36 <~Avunit> tflow

11:36 <~Avunit> should we add the complaints email

11:36 <~Avunit> to the homepage too?

11:38 <@Topiary> it would be lulzy

11:39 <~Avunit> Could you copy the link part of theteam.html to the end of index.html tflow?

11:41 <~Avunit> purrty please

11:45 <~Avunit> (or gief me access to screw wid da siet man)

11:46 <@tflow>

11:46 <@tflow> oh

11:46 <@tflow> Should I put the link there, but in small?

11:46 <@tflow> to theteam.html

11:47 <~Avunit> nono

11:47 <~Avunit> copy the "Problem officer? mailto:thingie"

11:47 <~Avunit> to the end of the index.html too

11:47 <@tflow> i think i should just to theteam.html

11:47 <~Avunit> well

11:47 <~Avunit> thats there already

11:47 <~Avunit> just

11:47 <~Avunit> in white

11:47 <@tflow> yeah, but make it black

11:47 <@tflow> and small

11:48 <~Avunit> you could do that

11:48 <~Avunit> but please put the problem officer
11:48 <~Avunit> on the main page too :P

11:48 <~Avunit> under the MEET THE TEAM link

11:48 <~Avunit> brb 5 mins

12:03 <@tflow>

12:06 <&marduk> btw

12:06 <&marduk> can i have access to that inbox?

12:06 <&marduk> or isnt that possible?

12:07 <@tflow> ask Avunit

12:09 <~Avunit> tflow, can you put the link to the email up on the index.html too?

12:09 <@tflow> I think it would be too much :\

12:09 <@tflow> We don't want the jokes to be too obvious

12:09 <~Avunit> well

12:09 <~Avunit> it isnt quite a joke yet :P

12:09 <~Avunit> only when they send us a mail

12:09 <~Avunit> and we reply

12:09 <~Avunit> xD

12:10 <@tflow> They will send our hosts mail

12:10 <~Avunit> ill set the complaints mail of to too

12:10 <@tflow> What to you mean?

12:11 <~Avunit> that when you whois

12:11 <~Avunit> get as a contact mail

12:11 <~Avunit>

12:13 <&Sabu> hi

12:13 <~Avunit> hai sabu <3

12:13 <~Avunit> whois data for should be updated soon
12:17 <&marduk>


12:17 <&marduk> gah

12:17 <&marduk> fuckers

12:17 <~Avunit> tell them

12:17 <~Avunit> we are

12:17 <~Avunit> NOT

12:17 <~Avunit>

12:18 <&marduk> and wtf is

12:18 <&marduk> ??

12:18 <~Avunit> its i think

12:18 <~Avunit> not us

12:19 <&Sabu>

currentPage=all nice read

12:19 <&marduk> sabu ohai

12:19 <&marduk> 13:51 <&marduk> Sabu: when you get back. TARGET: <<< the guys investigating us, in coop. with french police

12:20 <&marduk> also there seems to be an sqli on, p0ke reporten

12:20 <&marduk> reported

12:20 <@tflow> how do you know they are investigating us?

12:21 <&marduk> it was a tip from yehezkel via Barrett

12:22 <@tflow> how does he know?

12:23 <@tflow> also

12:23 <@tflow> googlebot seems to be indexing the mail on

12:23 <~Avunit> -.-"
12:23 <~Avunit> robot.txt?

12:23 <&marduk> i cannot really say, but barrett was pretty sure that he was right

12:23 <~Avunit> google respects that

12:23 <&marduk> you may want to talk to him

12:23 <@tflow> crawling*

12:24 <&marduk> uh

12:24 <@tflow> but is blacklisted anyway..

12:24 <~Avunit> lol

12:24 <~Avunit> why is it?

12:24 <@tflow> dnno

12:24 <@tflow> many domains are

12:25 <&marduk> :)

12:25 <&Sabu> I can setup let me know

12:25 <&Sabu> its one of my private domains

12:25 <~Avunit> we have and tho

12:25 <&Sabu> guess we'll setup a whole bunch of mirror servers

12:25 <&Sabu> if you nigg3rs need me to get bulletproof servers

12:25 <&Sabu> but I have to buy prepaid visas

12:26 <@tflow> Sabu: sweet. we have 4 mirroring servers in total

12:26 <~Avunit> 5 if i join in soon

12:26 <@tflow> 1 of which is in prq, and 1 from telecomix

12:26 <~Avunit> but thatd be later on tho D: kinda busy here

12:26 <&Sabu> ok count me in

12:26 <~Avunit> my server will be in russia

12:26 <&Sabu> I'll have some servers tonight just for anonleaks
12:26 <~Avunit> on this net

12:26 <@tflow> swet

12:26 <@tflow> sweet*

12:26 <~Avunit> but you awnna use nginx?

12:26 <~Avunit> because it runs lighttpd

12:26 <&Sabu> nginx is good shit

12:26 <@tflow> hm

12:26 <@tflow> lighttpd is OK, but nginx is better

12:27 <&Sabu> indeed

12:27 <~Avunit> actually fuck you ill get you an account on that box tflow

12:27 <~Avunit> and drop myself in the pool

12:27 <@tflow> :3

12:28 <&marduk> ugh just seeing this

12:28 <&marduk> only 5 servers on anonops :o

12:28 <&marduk> they are as large as we are heh

12:58 <&marduk> Sabu:

12:58 <&marduk> tflow:

12:58 <&marduk> 17:55 <yehezkel> this company collects information here to analyze

12:58 <&marduk> 17:55 <q> yes, can you tell me how you know that?

12:58 <&marduk> 17:56 <q> lexsi it was

12:58 <&marduk> 17:56 <yehezkel> They are not very discreet

12:58 <&marduk> 17:56 <q> heh

12:59 <&marduk> 17:57 <yehezkel> We can find their presence around all the actions of


12:59 <&marduk> 17:57 <q> got an example?
12:59 <&marduk> 17:58 <yehezkel> documents revealed on hb gary federal on torrent

12:59 <&marduk> 17:58 <q> oh? hmm search is offline atm

12:59 <&marduk> 17:58 <q> you happen to know date/time of a mail?

12:59 <&marduk> 17:58 <yehezkel> And they do not hide, a speaker of that company spoke

French in a story on anonymous

13:02 <&marduk> 17:59 <yehezkel> "Gwendal Delcros, expert for the company's computer

security Lexsi"

13:02 <&marduk> 18:00 <yehezkel> he said clearly that they are collecting information on

public irc, analyze behavior, etc..

13:02 <&marduk> 18:00 <yehezkel> but this speaker was a spokesperson, I provided the

name of the barrett apparently in charge of the project

13:02 <&marduk> 18:01 <yehezkel> This company is large enough, we know that it deals

with the French authorities, and that its turnover amounted to several billion with money in

very vague

13:17 <&Sabu> ok

13:17 <&Sabu> it is

13:17 <&Sabu> do me a solid

13:18 <&Sabu> collect info on yehezkel in the process. if hes trolling us

13:18 <&Sabu> and has me wasting time rooting lexis

13:18 <&Sabu> you already know

13:18 <&marduk> im quite confident that his info is okay

13:18 <&marduk> he doesnt sound like a troll

13:18 <&marduk> he taked to barrett yesterday

13:18 <&marduk> didnt talk to anyone else or tried to spread that to anyone

13:18 <&marduk> ony after i asked him in private
13:19 <&marduk> he was on #opdeface for about 4-5 weeks now

13:19 <&Sabu> ok

13:19 <&marduk> but i will try to find out a bit more

13:20 <&marduk> but he gave us some lists of password/logins before

13:20 <&marduk> quite a while ago

13:20 <&marduk> think was for .eg

13:22 <&Sabu> ok my brother

13:22 <&Sabu> so lets begin researching lexis

13:22 <&marduk> now he's helping with info on our .dz loic target

13:22 <&marduk> i really am quite confident he is genuine

13:22 <&marduk> the search would be helpful now

13:22 <&marduk> for hbgary mails. since he mentioned there is evidence in there

13:23 <&Sabu> whats the site again

13:23 <&Sabu> ?

13:23 <&marduk> yup

13:24 <&marduk> they are working close with french but also international authorities

13:24 <&marduk> and apparently greg was in contact with them... but i need yet to see that

13:39 <&Sabu> probing their servers now

13:59 <&marduk> what was greg'S standard PW?

13:59 <&marduk> i should really note that down, grrr.

14:13 <&marduk> yeah.. well, i love joe. but discussing with him is really exhausting and no

fun. :/

14:13 <@Topiary> Avunit: No complains yet, heh

14:14 <@Nessuno834> ohai

14:17 <@Topiary> Sup
14:17 <@Topiary> I'll be back in an hour or two gentlement

14:17 <&Sabu> topiary my brother :D

14:17 -!- Topiary [colossal@do.the.impossible] has quit [Quit: AFK, return time 1-2 hours,



14:19 <&marduk> MIKE ALPHA ROMEO DELTA UNIFORM KILO on standby.

14:20 <&marduk> still scanning mails

14:29 <&Sabu> jEA

14:31 <&marduk> --

'Warfare by Internet

14:31 <&marduk> may be an interesting read

14:47 ! *** tflow invited joepie91 into the channel

14:47 <@tflow> add joepie91 to aop please

14:47 ! *** tflow invited joepie91 into the channel

14:48 -!- joepie91 [merpderp@HA-u3g.pbq.j3hiks.IP] has joined #hq

14:48 < joepie91> danke.

14:48 <@Nessuno834> alert the faggot police

14:48 <@Nessuno834> joepie is here

14:48 <@tflow> nou

14:50 <&marduk> !aop add joepie91

14:50 <&marduk> he'S not regged

14:51 < joepie91> yes I am

14:51 < joepie91> :P

14:51 <&marduk> !aop add joepie91

14:51 -!- mode/#hq [+o joepie91] by HQBot
14:53 <@entropy> back

14:53 <@entropy> anything happen

14:54 <@entropy> passed test 877/1000 ;)

14:55 <&marduk> grats :)

14:56 <@entropy> thanks

15:12 <&marduk> sality rootkit here

15:12 <&marduk>

15:19 <@tflow> joepie91: I think I should add a link to ./ for where it says "HBGary email


15:20 <@joepie91> that would be an idea, yes

15:20 <&marduk> heh thats a good compromise

15:20 <@joepie91> also, any irc servers still working?

15:20 <@joepie91> on anonops?

15:20 <&marduk> vlad

15:20 <@joepie91> dharma just dropped

15:20 <@joepie91> ok

15:20 <@joepie91> what hostname?

15:20 <&marduk> vlad was fine the past 24h

15:20 <@joepie91> just

15:20 <&marduk>

15:20 <@joepie91> also

15:20 <@joepie91> vlad dropped a few hours ago

15:20 <@joepie91> for a few minutes

15:20 <@joepie91> :P

15:20 <&marduk> hm? not for me
15:21 <@joepie91> yus

15:21 <@joepie91> it did

15:21 <@joepie91> it delinked

15:21 <@joepie91> was fixed in like 5 minutes

15:21 <&marduk> hm k, was probably AFK

15:21 <&marduk> but right, i noticed that tackle split... :)

15:21 <&marduk> if vlad does, tackle does too.

15:21 <@entropy> wtf sis going on w anonops

15:21 <@joepie91> lol

15:22 <@joepie91> ddos

15:22 <@entropy> on all the boxes?

15:22 <@joepie91> apparently

15:22 <&marduk> not all

15:22 <@joepie91> shit keeps going down

15:22 <@joepie91> meh

15:22 <@joepie91> I think they are all attacked

15:22 <&marduk> vlad wasnt attacked so far

15:22 <@joepie91> some more, some less

15:22 <@entropy> has anyone said why its goign on?

15:22 <@joepie91> and some are protected

15:22 <&marduk> nope, vlad had no ddos. tflow ?

15:22 <@joepie91> hm, it did delink

15:22 <&marduk> well

15:23 <&marduk> as we said

15:23 <&marduk> vlad doesnt need to be attacked to split or lose connection
15:23 <&marduk> that's normal :p

15:23 <&marduk> but it'S been amazingly good the past 48h

15:23 <@joepie91> lol.

15:23 <@joepie91> I wonder about santrex

15:23 <@joepie91> they have russia

15:23 <@joepie91> and they're pretty cheap

15:23 <@joepie91> any experience?

15:23 <@entropy> they are pretty good

15:24 <@entropy> i have 3 in ru

15:24 <@joepie91> they have openvz, which makes me a happy panda

15:24 <@entropy> 1 in ukraine

15:24 <@joepie91> :3

15:24 <@entropy> 1 in luxenburg

15:24 <@joepie91> russia is sold out

15:24 <@joepie91> thinking about getting a 9.95/mo in ukraine

15:24 <@joepie91> especially nice that it's unmtered

15:24 <@entropy> yea ukraine is actually the best out of all of them

15:24 <@joepie91> unmetered*

15:24 <@joepie91> oh, rly?

15:24 <@joepie91> howso?

15:24 <@joepie91> connectivity?

15:24 <@entropy> yea

15:24 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

15:24 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

15:24 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot
15:24 <@entropy> ru getts ddosed weekly

15:24 <@kayla> ;)

15:24 <@joepie91> hm, what country are you?

15:24 <&marduk> kayla <3<3

15:25 <@joepie91> west europe at least?

15:25 <&marduk> kayla: gimme greg's old pw again

15:25 <@entropy> no ny

15:25 <@kayla> whats new :)

15:25 <@joepie91> hmmm

15:25 <&marduk> i need to write it down

15:25 <@joepie91> then I wonder

15:25 <@joepie91> also

15:25 <&marduk> found some sites that may work

15:25 <@kayla> i don't have it here

15:25 <&marduk> meh, k

15:25 <@joepie91> the connectivity between my US VPS and my dutch connection is

ridiculously good

15:25 <@joepie91> better than between me and ANY dutch vps that I have tried so far

15:25 <@kayla> :D

15:25 <@joepie91> I don't really get it lol

15:25 <@entropy> im coming from a oc3 on this end so thats not the problem

15:25 <@joepie91> apparently because of hurricane or sth

15:25 <@entropy> or dual ds3s

15:26 <@entropy> its def their end

15:26 <@joepie91> hurricane electric?
15:26 <@joepie91> that's what it's called right?

15:26 <@joepie91> heh

15:26 <@joepie91> entropy: can you check your connectivity to ?

15:26 <@joepie91> that VPS

15:26 <@entropy> check it how just pings?

15:27 <@joepie91> ping, download speed

15:27 <@entropy> --- ping statistics ---

15:27 <@entropy> 3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss, time 2003ms

15:27 <@entropy> rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 40.137/40.255/40.353/0.186 ms

15:27 <@kayla> are you guys still fucking with egyption gov too :D

15:27 <@joepie91> lemme see

15:27 <@joepie91> I have a 100mb

15:27 * joepie91 logs on to ssh to figure out where he put the 100mb

15:27 <@joepie91> hm

15:27 <@joepie91> removed my 100mb?

15:28 <@joepie91> sec

15:28 <@entropy> i thought egypt is all good now

15:28 <&marduk> kayla: not really.. i think

15:28 <&marduk> mubarak resigned

15:29 <&marduk> opegypt is like in optunisia state

15:29 <&marduk> and fuck, triumpg lagging hard

15:29 <&marduk> hmmm and cant ssh to tackle.

15:29 <&marduk> wtf.

15:29 <@kayla>

15:29 <@kayla>

15:29 <@joepie91> downloading from cachefly with 10.7mb/sec...

15:29 <@joepie91> :P

15:29 <@joepie91> 100mbit file

15:29 <@joepie91>

15:29 <@joepie91> entropy, what speed are you getting from there?

15:29 <&marduk> uh oh

15:30 <@entropy> from where you want me to test

15:30 <&marduk> i think tackle and vlad are dying :(

15:30 <@entropy> what country?

15:30 <&marduk> fuck

15:30 <@joepie91> uhm

15:30 <@joepie91> US

15:30 <@entropy> 1 sec

15:30 <@joepie91> anywhere in US

15:30 <@entropy> 32,434,472 4.77M/s eta 16s

15:30 <&marduk> tackle/vlad dead

15:30 <@entropy> about 5 M a secpnd

15:30 <@joepie91> heh

15:30 <@joepie91> ok

15:30 <@entropy> 100%


104,857,600 4.78M/s in 21s

15:30 <@entropy> 2011-02-12 15:43:17 (4.72 MB/s) - `100mb.test' saved

15:30 <@joepie91> that's interesting

15:30 <&marduk> *sigh*

15:31 <@joepie91> because I got 8mb/sec on a dutch 100mbit line

15:31 <@joepie91> :P

15:31 <@joepie91> and ping?

15:31 <@entropy> 5M is fucking fast

15:31 <@entropy> 40ms ping

15:31 <&marduk> 20:31 [vlad] CTCP PING reply from q: 78.629 seconds

15:31 <&marduk> oh

15:31 <@joepie91> I get about 51ms

15:31 <&marduk> not quite dead

15:31 <&marduk> :)

15:31 <@joepie91> from netherlands

15:31 <@joepie91> a bit difference

15:31 <@joepie91> but still...

15:31 <@joepie91> ridiculously well-connected, lol

15:31 <@joepie91> that site is actually dutch

15:31 <@entropy> are they some tier3 that gives hosting too?

15:31 <@joepie91> aimed at dutch public, too

15:31 <@entropy> like level3

15:31 <&marduk> mhh okay again.

15:31 <@joepie91> uhm

15:31 <@joepie91> this host is connected through level3

15:31 <@joepie91> hurricane

15:32 <@joepie91> and a few others
15:32 <@entropy> ah

15:32 <@joepie91> not sure which one for this DC though

15:32 <@joepie91>

15:32 <@entropy> those are the bigguns

15:32 <@joepie91> it's a small host

15:32 <@joepie91> great host, too

15:32 <@entropy> they got the 10gige

15:32 <@entropy> intercontential shit

15:32 <@joepie91> herh

15:32 <@joepie91> heh*

15:32 <@joepie91> well

15:32 <@joepie91> I pay like 30 dollar a month

15:32 <@joepie91> for 3 vpses

15:32 <@joepie91> fairly high spec

15:32 <@joepie91> they are fucking cheap

15:33 <@joepie91> and it's openvz, and fucking responsive :D

15:33 <@entropy> the only thing is dutch will comply with us laws

15:33 <@entropy> no mas

15:33 <@joepie91> mhmm

15:33 <@joepie91> meh

15:33 <@joepie91> I don't plan on breaking rules

15:33 <@joepie91> and I know the host is fairly anon-minded

15:33 <@joepie91> at free speech etc

15:33 <@joepie91> he won't shut down a server when he gets a DMCA

15:34 <@joepie91> but talk first
15:34 <@joepie91> etc

15:34 <@joepie91> it's the typical geek, even :P

15:34 <@entropy> thats cool

15:34 <@joepie91> srsly

15:34 <@joepie91> robert marder

15:34 <@joepie91> great guy

15:34 <@joepie91> if something is up, you send him a message

15:34 <@joepie91> and he fixes it

15:34 <@joepie91> found a vuln on the site once

15:34 <@joepie91> sent a message

15:34 <@joepie91> less than an hour later it was fixed

15:34 <@joepie91> he wrote his own control panel for the VPSes too

15:34 <@joepie91> :P

15:35 <&marduk> haha, greg on August 25 "Intelligence work becomes banal, now available

for the common man, CIA, Inc."

15:35 <&marduk> He did not know how true this will become

15:36 <@joepie91> LOL

15:36 <@joepie91> :O!

15:36 <@joepie91> ramhost has stock!

15:37 <@joepie91> you can bet that all those VPSes are sold out in three days :D

15:37 <@joepie91> entropy: demo:demo

15:38 <@joepie91> who pingd me

15:38 <@tflow> me

15:38 <@tflow> :P

15:38 <@joepie91> lol
15:38 <@joepie91> *** CTCP-request ignored (ping)

15:38 <@joepie91> :D

15:39 <@entropy> thats cool

15:39 <@entropy> i wrote something liek this years ago

15:39 <@entropy> we used to host freebsd in jails

15:39 <@entropy> right whn linux was tsratign to be able too

15:39 <&marduk> wow, hit 7000 followers yesterday. will have 8000 tomorrow

15:39 <&marduk> speed is picking up

15:40 <@joepie91> heh

15:40 <@entropy> 700 or 7000?

15:40 <@tflow> [20:38:12] -> [#ophbgary] PING

15:40 <@tflow> [20:38:13] -joepie91- LOLNO

15:40 <&marduk> 7000 naturally

15:40 <&marduk> 7535 now

15:40 <@entropy> jesus

15:40 <@joepie91> uhm

15:40 * joepie91 checks follow count on wikileaks

15:40 <@tflow> he's talking about anonymousirc :P

15:40 <&marduk> and @AnonymousLeaks has 900+ already

15:40 <&marduk> lol

15:40 <@kayla> lol followers where :D?

15:40 <&marduk> @AnonymousIRC - twitter

15:40 <@entropy> ah thats what i was thinking of

15:40 <@tflow> @anonymousleaks

15:40 <&marduk> will catch @AnonOps soon
15:40 <&marduk> that idit

15:40 <@joepie91> 731k on wikileaks

15:41 <@joepie91> almost there

15:41 <@joepie91> :D

15:41 <@entropy> holy shit

15:41 <&marduk> 873 for anonymousleaks. for 9 tweets

15:41 <&marduk> exists 24h

15:41 <&marduk> :D

15:41 <@kayla> oh i dont get mixed up with that twitter stuff :D irc is my play ground :D

15:41 <&marduk> kayla: mine too... i just understood twitter when joining anon

15:41 <&marduk> very good propaganda tool (=

15:42 <@tflow> aigeanta: RT @_x4o: - Teaser!! A Tale of HBGary, Stuxnet,

Pride and Prejudice --->> You won't want to miss this. #anonymous #TT · Reply ·


15:42 <@kayla> oh it is! look how it's helped tunisia and egypt :)

15:42 <&marduk> idd

15:42 <@kayla> i just don't live having online accounts :)

15:43 <@joepie91> nickserv.

15:43 <&marduk> well, obv i only access it via vpn

15:43 <&marduk> tflow: how many PI do we have on by now?

15:44 <@tflow> PI?

15:44 <&marduk> page impressions/unique visitors

15:44 <@tflow> dunno. i should probs install awstats

15:44 <@kayla> we need to make a fortress :D every faggot wanting to

1up anon will try to haq it :D
15:44 <@joepie91> awstats indeed

15:44 <&marduk> there's not much to hack, is there?

15:45 <@tflow> kayla: yeah. but we have a fuckload of mirrors atm

15:45 <@joepie91> try if you can make it run awstats every hour, then clean IPs from logs

15:45 <@tflow> well, a few :P

15:45 <@tflow> about 6 total

15:45 <@joepie91> try if you can make it run awstats every hour, then clean IPs from logs

15:45 <@joepie91> :)

15:45 <@kayla> tflow, mirrors are nothing, we get hacked we will lose face :-)

15:45 <@entropy> scp the logs to a diff box to install awstats

15:45 <@entropy> awstats is unsecure as fuck

15:45 <@tflow> kayla: well all the content is static

15:45 <@joepie91> entropy: that can be traced

15:45 <@joepie91> and they will just get that box

15:45 <@joepie91> lol

15:45 <&marduk> MOAR sality


15:45 <&marduk> kayla: heard of sality?

15:45 <@entropy> i have

15:46 <@entropy> like 5 years ago

15:46 <@entropy> its super common

15:46 <&marduk> ah k

15:46 <&marduk> then nvm

15:46 <@tflow> + even if they hack the box, nginx doesn't run as root, but as nginx

15:46 <&marduk> hevent heard of it before
15:46 <@entropy> its a part that alot uses

15:46 <@entropy> its the main rootkit part

15:46 <@joepie91> how sick is it that I make tea in a coffee machine?

15:47 <@kayla> atleast install sunoshin and disable LOAD_FILE and INTO OUTFILE on

mysql, close all none needing ports, not using FTP? close it! not using SMTP? close it!

15:47 <@entropy> im moving all my shit off those dns servers

15:47 <@entropy> cause now im hosting my www onit

15:47 <@entropy> is into outfile disabled on all mysql?

15:47 <@entropy> by default

15:47 <@kayla> not sure!!!!!!!

15:47 <@kayla> i've not installed it too many times, but i sure know how tyo make a mess of

it :D

15:48 <@entropy> i dont know why the f anyone would legit use that

15:48 <@entropy> lol

15:48 <@kayla> i break servers dont make servers :D

15:48 <@entropy> lol

15:49 <@joepie91> kayla

15:49 <@joepie91> I am not sure how useful it is to install patches

15:49 <@joepie91> for things that are not installed

15:49 <@joepie91> lol

15:50 <&marduk> HBGary Preparation to Sell the Company.docx (12406 bytes)

15:50 <&marduk>

15:50 <@kayla> if it was my server only port 80 and 22 would be running, i wouldn't even use

a mysql DB and just use html static pages rather than php/html

15:50 <@joepie91> also, imho the best way is to start off with a minimal image
15:50 <@joepie91> set up an sshd

15:50 <@joepie91> set up a httpd

15:50 <@entropy> mysql you can run on

15:50 <@joepie91> and only use sftp for access

15:50 <@tflow> we only use html pages

15:50 <@entropy> and should change sshd to ran port

15:50 <@kayla> entropy yes :D

15:50 <@joepie91> only allow local mysql connections

15:50 <@entropy> *rand

15:51 <@kayla> but having a SQL DB means it can be SQL injected :D

15:51 <@joepie91> not if you write proper code.

15:51 <@kayla> is why no mysql for me :D

15:51 <@joepie91> kayla: try to get into my shit.

15:51 <@joepie91> through sqli.

15:51 <@Laurelai> morning kayla

15:51 <@joepie91> if you succeed I will buy you cookies.

15:51 <@joepie91> :P

15:51 <@kayla> joepie91 but professional coder think they write good code and it get's


15:51 <@joepie91> mhm

15:51 <@joepie91> but I judge my code by how secure it is

15:51 <@joepie91> and not by how good I think I am

15:51 <@joepie91> :)

15:52 <@kayla> :)

15:52 <@joepie91> try to break into my shit.
15:52 <@joepie91> srsly.

15:52 <@joepie91>

15:52 <@joepie91> have fun :)(

15:52 <@joepie91> :)*

15:52 <@joepie91> all run php5 and mysql

15:52 <@joepie91> 100% self-written

15:52 <@entropy> your on a vpn

15:53 <@entropy> if you cant break in remotely

15:53 <@entropy> just get a host on the same vpn

15:53 <@entropy> or subnet

15:53 <@entropy> poision arp

15:53 <@entropy> or pull a mitnick

15:53 <@joepie91> vps*

15:53 <@joepie91> :P

15:53 <@entropy> its it was 1988

15:53 <@joepie91> heh

15:53 <@joepie91> social engineering?

15:53 <@joepie91> good luck trying that on me

15:53 <@entropy> lol

15:53 <@joepie91> noone has access to my servers

15:53 <@joepie91> besides me

15:53 <@entropy> could you open the fw on a high port btw?

15:53 <@joepie91> lol

15:54 <@kayla> xD

15:54 <@entropy> ;)
15:54 <@joepie91> what bout no

15:54 <@joepie91> :P

15:54 <@joepie91> but yeah

15:54 <@joepie91> I run a httpd

15:54 <@entropy> i have vpn in canada

15:54 <@joepie91> and an sshd

15:54 <@joepie91> and that's it

15:54 <@joepie91> pretty much

15:54 <@entropy> i can sniff everyones traffic

15:54 <@entropy> and have some fun times with dnsiff tools

15:54 <@joepie91> oh, and an icecast server on the... yunicc? vps

15:55 <@joepie91> lol

15:55 <@kayla> it's been a week of non stop lulz

15:55 <@kayla> :D

15:55 <@joepie91> indeed, inded

15:55 <@kayla> poor aaron :(

15:55 <@joepie91> I want my own irc server :(

15:55 <@kayla> *trolls remorse*

15:55 <@kayla> :(

15:55 <@joepie91> lol

15:55 <@joepie91> Trolls Remorse Syndrome

15:55 <@kayla> joke :D

15:55 <@joepie91> TRS

15:56 <@kayla> joepie91 irc is gay install a silc :D

15:56 <@kayla> install silc plugin for irssi
15:56 <@kayla> PROFIT

15:56 <@kayla> :D

15:57 <@kayla> AES256 encrypted chats :D uses priv/pub keys :D

15:57 <@entropy> what is it like a WASTE plugin for irssi?

15:57 <@kayla> you can have it so every user has same nick too xD

15:58 <@joepie91> ..

15:58 <@entropy> does every person have to have it

15:58 <@joepie91> irc + fish go

15:58 <@entropy> or does the cli and svr?

15:58 <@entropy> or is it cli<->cli?

15:58 <@entropy> ill look it up actually...

15:58 <@kayla> it's client and server yeh :D

15:59 <@kayla>

15:59 <@kayla> how2 irssi -> sicl

15:59 <@kayla> silc*

16:00 <@kayla> here is the plugin

16:00 <@kayla> totally priv8 chats

16:01 <@kayla> run it on a server with only tht service

16:01 <@tflow> it's on ;] > @bruces: *these Anonleaks guys are like the game-griefer

maestros of psychological torment.

16:02 <@joepie91> lolol.

16:03 <@kayla> put it in topic of #anonleaks :D

16:03 <@kayla> lol'd

16:07 <@tflow> SimplePraxis: RT @bodyspacesoc: (Wikileaks + Anonymous) * Banks(2) =

Anonleaks #HBGary #formulafordisaster · Reply · RT
16:07 -!- entropy [noyx@HA-dkm.je4.cn1rg3.IP] has quit [Connection closed]


17:25 <@Topiary> marduk: He did and wanted a face-to-face interview, I denied

17:26 <&marduk> okay, yeah me too :p

17:26 <@Topiary> tflow: Two emails, one from requesting complaint

forwards, another one simply asking if Greg's emails will be dumped

17:26 <@Topiary> I'll respond to the first one nao

17:26 <&marduk> :p

17:26 <@tflow> paste plz

17:26 <@Topiary> marduk: will forward complaints

17:26 <@Topiary> tflow: k

17:26 <&marduk> cheers :)

17:27 <@Topiary> from Mike Perez <>

17:27 <@Topiary> to

17:27 <@Topiary> date Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 7:55 PM

17:27 <@Topiary> subject I has problemz

17:27 <@Topiary>

17:27 <@Topiary> I can has hopes that gregs email will soon be released

17:27 <@joepie91> k...

17:27 <@tflow> is that it? lol

17:28 <@Topiary> Yep, that's our entire inbox so far.

17:29 <@joepie91> <anon1984>hi, i managed to crack 52k of the leaked rootkit md5 hashes

17:29 <@joepie91> wat do

17:30 <@joepie91> was a pm
17:30 <@joepie91> on anonops

17:32 <@tflow> wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

17:32 <@tflow> the guy who got pwned a few months ago by haxors

17:32 <@tflow> tries to write some negative!5758753/anonymoushackers-


17:32 <@tflow> yet all the comments are positive

17:32 <@tflow> +

17:33 <&marduk> uhm

17:33 <&marduk> all pw have been cracked and released before

17:33 <&marduk> but they were taken offline :o

17:35 <@joepie91> I know\

17:37 <@joepie91> jesus

17:37 <@joepie91> people bitching

17:37 <@joepie91> that the personal mails shouldnt be released

17:37 <@joepie91> uh, guys, the personal mails shouldnt have been in their corporate

inboxes in the FIRST place

17:38 <&marduk> blaeh we reelase all

17:38 <&marduk> FULL DISCLOSURE; baby

17:38 <&marduk> shoud we sift thru all and sort personal outÃ? lol

17:38 <@Topiary> ^

17:38 <@Topiary> Fuck no!

17:38 <@Topiary> LEAK LEAK LEAK.

17:40 <@joepie91> If someone "ripped open" my corporate mailbox, I'd be like Steve Martin

in Lonely Guy. Flat out boring.

17:40 <@joepie91> Now, my porn email account...that's a WHOLEEEE different story.
17:40 <@joepie91> from a comment on gawker07 <@tflow> cinnamon_carter: aronleaks ? a joke ??? RT
@chronic: uh oh: · Reply · RT

16:07 <@tflow> aronleaks?

16:07 <@tflow> lol

16:07 <@tflow> Aaronleaks

16:08 <@tflow> agentmule: RT @jeffantebi: OH FUCK.

#theendoftheworldasweknowit · Reply · RT

16:12 <@kayla> 00:08 <@tflow> Aaronleaks

16:12 <@kayla> lol

16:12 ! *** HQBot invited entropy into the channel

16:12 ! *** HQBot invited entropy into the channel

16:13 -!- entropy [noyx@HA-dkm.je4.cn1rg3.IP] has joined #hq

16:13 -!- mode/#hq [+o entropy] by HQBot

16:14 <@kayla> welcome back entropy :)

16:14 <@entropy> ;)

16:14 <@entropy> i have to go to laptop so i can see whats on all these disks before i toss


16:14 <@joepie91> is it weird I read dildos instead of disks?

16:14 <@entropy> lol

16:15 <@joepie91> no, srsly

16:15 <@joepie91> lol

16:16 <@entropy> holy shit i hate caps lock key

16:16 <@entropy> why does it even exist

16:17 <@kayla> caps lock is cruise control for cool :D

16:18 <@joepie91> CAPS LOCK
16:18 <@joepie91> CAPS LOCK

16:18 <@joepie91> CAPS LOCKKKKK

16:18 <@joepie91> but yeah

16:18 <@joepie91> good question

16:18 <@joepie91> like scroll lock

16:18 <@joepie91> has zero practical usage in regular computer usage

16:18 <@joepie91> lol

16:34 <@tflow>

16:34 <@tflow> how is search coming along?

16:34 <@tflow> (presumably not good for your cpu usage, joepie91 :P)

16:34 <@tflow> actually wait, it's broken atm

16:38 <@joepie91> miraculously does not kill cpu

16:38 <@joepie91> not even a bit

16:38 <@joepie91> but it doesn;'t work either

16:38 <@joepie91> :P

16:39 <@tflow>!5758753

16:39 <@tflow> ..

16:44 <@tflow> pretty damn ironic

16:44 <@tflow> considering they released julian's love letters

16:47 <@entropy> why does everyone think its a replacement wikileaks

16:54 <@joepie91> lol

16:54 <@joepie91> because they are idiots

16:55 <@joepie91> oh

16:55 <@joepie91> tflow

16:55 <@joepie91> make sure you keep the emailX.html pages alive
16:55 <@joepie91> after launch

16:55 <@joepie91> don't want to make gawker point to dead links ;)

16:57 ! *** HQBot invited Topiary into the channel

16:57 -!- Topiary [topiary@do.the.impossible] has joined #hq

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16:57 <&marduk>

16:57 <@Topiary> Sabu: Sorry about that earlier - hai to you good sir.

16:57 <&marduk> they got it right

16:57 <&marduk> as usual

16:58 <&marduk> "It’s rumoured that McQuaid is an HBGary shareholder."

16:58 <&marduk> lol

16:59 <@joepie91> p2pnet <3

16:59 <@joepie91> also

16:59 <@joepie91> Nate's story on ars

16:59 <@joepie91> is in spotlight on google news

17:01 <@Topiary> Who is <>

17:01 -!- Topiary [topiary@do.the.impossible] has quit [Connection closed]

17:02 <@joepie91> lolguys

17:02 <@joepie91>

17:02 <@joepie91> got tweeted 13 times

17:02 ! *** HQBot invited Topiary into the channel

17:02 -!- Topiary [topiary@do.the.impossible] has joined #hq

17:02 -!- mode/#hq [+o Topiary] by HQBot

17:03 <@Topiary> wat

17:04 <@joepie91> lol
17:05 <@joepie91> the plot idea is even more popular

17:05 <@Topiary> joepie91: what was my disconnect message

17:10 <@joepie91> Connection closed

17:16 <@kayla> :O

17:17 <@kayla> link to story on ars :D?

17:20 <&marduk>


17:20 <&marduk> all three linked there

17:20 <&marduk> two on top, one on bottom

17:21 <@kayla> thanks :D

17:24 <@joepie91> Topiary DING

17:24 <@Topiary> ?

17:24 <@joepie91> read above

17:24 <@joepie91> I answered your q

17:24 <@joepie91> :P

17:25 <@Topiary> Cheers

17:25 <@Topiary> also do you know who is?

17:25 <@tflow> q

17:25 <@tflow> also

17:25 <@tflow> any emails in complants@?

17:25 <&marduk> Topiary: btw did quinn msg you?

17:25 <&marduk> i dont really trust him

17:25 <&marduk> i dunno

17:40 <@joepie91> he gets it

17:40 <@joepie91> lol
17:41 <@joepie91> There is no good guy in this story, no innocent victim. If I can't have all

evil-doers in the universe wiped out, I'll settle for one.

17:43 <@joepie91> When sleazy corporate 'security professionals' are willing to engage in

smear campaigns against activists - and who knows what else? - I find it acceptable that they

also become the target of equally sleazy anarchist smackdowns.

17:50 <@tflow> Redsuricat: RT @bodyspacesoc: (Wikileaks + Anonymous) * Banks(2) =

Anonleaks #HBGary #formulafordisaster · Reply · RT

17:53 <@joepie91> lolol.

17:53 <@joepie91> I think Anonleaks is going to do boom for a few people :3

17:55 <@tflow> boom?

17:57 <@joepie91> uhu

17:57 <@joepie91> some people whose... secrets are in there :3

17:58 <&marduk> wtf

17:58 <&marduk> FreedomNow2011 YouthUnited

17:58 <&marduk> @

17:58 <&marduk> @AnonymousIRC are you really Anonymous? I mean,THE Anonymous.

Would be a good thing to meet you, but need to know it's true.

17:58 <@tflow> llool

17:59 <@tflow>

17:59 <@tflow> they still think =

18:00 <@tflow>

18:02 <&marduk> i will tweet about it, maybe it helps

18:03 <@Topiary> Maybe we'll start get Anonymous sources of info

18:03 <@Topiary> Can we also put the "problem officer" thing on the front page?

18:03 <@Topiary> It would be the shit
18:05 <@entropy> someone should say .org isnt the same

18:05 <&marduk>!/AnonymousLeaks/status/36561478345564160

18:06 <@entropy> wtf

18:06 <@entropy> that was magical

18:06 <@entropy> lol

18:07 <@tflow> entropy

18:07 <@tflow> where is the conf file for your nginx?

18:08 <@entropy> uh

18:08 <@entropy> on which server the unkrine one?

18:09 <@tflow> yeah

18:09 <@entropy> 1 sec

18:10 <@entropy> /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

18:11 <@entropy> its centos

18:12 <@tflow> ah

18:12 <&marduk> hmm what you think.. ad a few more teasers?

18:12 <&marduk> just an idea

18:13 <@entropy> i like the DHS one

18:18 <@joepie91> 910 motherfucking followers.

18:18 <@joepie91> wat.

18:19 <@joepie91> it's about dinner time in US now

18:19 <@joepie91> so should be a good time

18:19 <@joepie91> to add a few more teasers :)

18:20 <@tflow> what do you say about releasing anonleaks on sunday night? it's monday in

asia :p

18:20 <@tflow> (night, well, for gmt time)
18:20 <@joepie91> hm

18:21 <@tflow> we want the media to see that before they see the gawker article

18:21 <@joepie91> would be a good one

18:23 -!- Nessuno834 [fag@fag.fag] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]

18:25 <@tflow> joepie91

18:25 <@tflow>

18:25 <@tflow> 'fuck that color scheme

18:25 <@tflow> '

18:25 <@tflow> xD

18:26 * kayla h8's gawker :D

18:26 <@kayla> Nick Denton especially h8's me :D [Kayla/Gnosis broke into Gawker]

18:28 <@joepie91> :D

18:29 <@joepie91> Hoglundâ??s company which, he claims, provides â??classified services

to the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community and other U.S. Government

agencies to meet their unique requirementâ? , is now effectively on the trash heap.

18:29 <@joepie91> yup.

18:29 <@joepie91> :P.

18:34 <@kayla> :D

18:36 <@joepie91> lolbai hbgary

18:36 <@joepie91> YOU SCREWED UP FAGGOTS

18:37 * kayla rapes joepie91 :3

18:37 <@joepie91> D:

18:37 <@joepie91> you's gurl

18:37 <@joepie91> ;_;

18:37 <@Topiary> Love me love me
18:37 <@Topiary> say that you love me

18:38 -!- Topiary was kicked from #hq by joepie91 [k]

18:38 <@joepie91> !invite Topiary

18:38 ! *** HQBot invited Topiary into the channel

18:38 -HQBot:#hq- Topiary was invited to the channel.

18:38 -!- Topiary [topiary@do.the.impossible] has joined #hq

18:38 -!- mode/#hq [+o Topiary] by HQBot

18:38 <@joepie91> :3

18:38 <@joepie91> :o

18:38 <@joepie91> Topiary



18:38 <@joepie91> does you have autojoin

18:38 <@joepie91> on invite

18:38 <@tflow> lol

18:38 <@tflow> /invite Topiary #cocks

18:38 <@tflow> /invite Topiary #kill

18:39 <@joepie91> :D

18:39 <@kayla> lol sajoin everyone #kill :D

18:39 <@joepie91> xD

18:43 <@Topiary> How are you chaps doing today?

18:53 <@kayla> vmware + unity = <3

19:08 <@joepie91> unity and <3 in the same sentence?

19:08 <@joepie91> lolwat

19:22 <@Topiary> Justin Bieber <3
19:22 <@joepie91> Topiary...

19:23 <@joepie91> any preference for a specific psychologist?

19:25 <@Topiary> No.

19:26 <@joepie91> k

19:26 <@joepie91> will call one for you then

19:26 <@joepie91> :P

19:27 <&marduk> hmm

19:27 <&marduk> did you break the reader?

19:27 <&marduk>

19:27 <&marduk> This webpage is not available.

19:27 <&marduk>


19:28 <@joepie91> uhm

19:28 <@joepie91> it points to localhost.

19:28 <@joepie91> you just have 1.html cached

19:28 <&marduk> ?

19:28 <@joepie91> when I go to those URLs..

19:28 <&marduk> ugh i see

19:28 <@joepie91> I get my own webserver

19:28 <&marduk> y?

19:28 <@joepie91> running at localhost

19:28 <@joepie91> :)

19:28 <@joepie91> I dunno

19:28 <@joepie91> ask tflow

19:28 <&marduk> uhm
19:28 <@joepie91> tflow DING

19:28 <&marduk> tflow: ?

19:29 <&marduk> LULZKILLER!

19:29 <@entropy> lol

19:30 <@tflow> I have to remove the DNS before I go to bed

19:30 <@tflow> To feel safe

19:30 <@joepie91> lol

19:30 <&marduk> :(

19:30 <@entropy> lol

19:30 <&marduk> but but.. i wanna scan mails :(

19:30 <@tflow> youu can add it to your hosts file if you want

19:31 <&marduk> ah what was the ip?

19:31 <@tflow>

19:31 <&marduk> thxi <3

19:32 <@tflow>

19:32 <@tflow> In addition, has been set up within criminal hoster Webalta's IP space:

19:32 <@tflow>

19:32 <@tflow>

19:32 <@tflow> hbgary.anonleaks.ru19:32 <@tflow>

19:32 <@tflow>

19:32 <@tflow>

19:32 <@tflow> lol

19:33 <&marduk> we're so evil

19:33 <@joepie91> lol.

19:33 <@entropy> who the fuck is this guy
19:34 <@entropy> wait

19:34 <@entropy> how did he get

19:35 <@entropy> dont only like ppl in this chan know about that

19:35 <@joepie91> reverse dns lookup

19:35 <@entropy> yea i mean either the fwd or reverse

19:35 <@entropy> donsent no one else know?

19:35 <@entropy> or is that in dns?

19:37 <&marduk> lol, aaron to his (ex)wife.. in one of the flame mails

19:37 <&marduk> "Get your anger straight."

19:37 <@joepie91>

19:37 <&marduk> he's funny. i have to remember that

19:37 <@joepie91> there you go

19:38 <@joepie91> robtex <3

19:38 <@tflow> since when was it an Anonymous Proxy?

19:38 <@joepie91> that site indexes pretty much fucking everything

19:38 <@joepie91> hmm, dunno

19:39 <@entropy> wtf

19:39 <@joepie91> srsly

19:39 <@joepie91> if you want to know *anything* about a domain

19:39 <@joepie91> robtex is the first place to look

19:39 <@joepie91> lol

19:39 <@tflow> i use

19:40 <@tflow> but i should probaby use robtex

19:40 <@joepie91> mh, I haven't ever seen a single site give SO much info, graphs, relational tables

and whatnot
19:41 <@joepie91> and so up to date

19:41 <@joepie91> as robtex

19:41 <@joepie91> :P

19:47 <@Topiary> We have requests to add Chuck Norris to the team page in "special thanks" at the


19:47 <@Topiary> On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 12:10 AM, Kizzycocoa <>


19:47 <@Topiary> I have an issue. Mainly to do with the Team page.

19:47 <@Topiary> Simply put, you have neglected to note Chuck Norris's involvement in the team.

19:47 <@Topiary> I wish to see this corrected as soon as possible.

19:47 <@Topiary> toKizzycocoa <>

19:47 <@Topiary> date Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 12:38 AM

19:48 <@Topiary> subject Re: I has problemz

19:48 <@Topiary> mailed-by

19:48 <@Topiary>

19:48 <@Topiary> Dear Kizzy,

19:48 <@Topiary> As always, AnonLeaks is committed to bringing the utmost professionalism and

saltiest sea shanties to the world of the Internet, and we humbly apologize for neglecting Chuck Norris

in our team page. After Chuck Norris crushed Batman's head in between his thighs, we thought it best

that he take a few days off - but this is no excuse for our negligence.

19:48 <@Topiary> As per your request, Dr. Cocoa, this factual misinformation will be rectified as soon

as possible. Please be aware that, while we intend to include Chuck Norris on our operations, we may

decide to first partake several plates of chicken parmesan in an attempt to comfort ourselves over our

own increasing falsification.

19:48 <@Topiary> Yours rampantly,
19:48 <@Topiary> Topiary

19:48 <@Topiary> CEO of your mother

19:48 <@entropy> lol

19:51 -!- entropy [noyx@HA-dkm.je4.cn1rg3.IP] has quit [Quit: switch back]

19:56 ! *** HQBot invited entropy into the channel

19:56 -!- entropy [noyx@HA-dkm.je4.cn1rg3.IP] has joined #hq

19:56 -!- mode/#hq [+o entropy] by HQBot

19:58 <@joepie91> Topiary +9001 internets.

20:03 <@entropy> is anonops still getting ddos

20:04 <@joepie91>


20:04 <@joepie91> probably, yes

20:04 <@entropy> wtf

20:04 <@entropy> i hate ddosing fucks

20:05 <&marduk> vlad's fine though

20:05 <&marduk> dunno why

20:05 <&marduk> tbh

20:31 <&marduk> mhh now it seems to be down

20:32 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @joepie91, @x,


20:33 <&marduk> ah k

20:33 <&marduk> FU

20:35 <@Topiary> DEM SPLITS

20:35 <&marduk> ddos i think

20:35 <&marduk> vlad+tackle died
20:35 <&marduk> and thus the reader as well

20:36 <&marduk> uh oh

20:36 <&marduk> which anonops server is working?

20:36 <&marduk> owen said something about a new GB?

20:37 <@Topiary> Don't know, but seems to be slow/down too

20:37 <@Topiary> I can't connect to AnonOps

20:37 <&marduk> mmm

20:37 <&marduk> no good.

20:37 <&marduk> praise for the backup net tho

20:37 <@Topiary> I hate these attention-seeking bored trolls who get sensitive over Anonymous doing

something big when they're not at the center of it

20:37 <&marduk> all ddosed it seems

20:38 <@Topiary> so instead of realizing they can't always be in the middle, they lash out

20:38 <&marduk> | (17)

20:38 <&marduk>

20:38 <&marduk> heimdall is on gigabit

20:38 <&marduk> try that

20:40 <@Topiary> On now; thanks

20:45 <&marduk> and thats why we need da mirrors

20:53 <@entropy> fuck i hate geolocal language in web pages

20:55 <@entropy> im going to check out whats up with the fuck calling us socicopaths

20:55 <@entropy>

20:55 <@entropy> his work

20:59 <@entropy> oh no its down

20:59 <@entropy> :( sad times
21:01 <@entropy> actually ill put it back up

21:01 <@entropy> until hes at work monday

21:01 <&marduk> heh

21:01 <&marduk> rather bring our sites back up :(

21:02 <@entropy> whats down?

21:02 <&marduk>

21:02 <&marduk> and

21:02 <@entropy> wheres tflow

21:02 <&marduk> as well as

21:02 <&marduk> and a few other anonops leafs

21:02 <&marduk> well it's ddos, it seem

21:02 <&marduk> snothing much to do

21:02 <@entropy> i can change dns

21:03 <@entropy> and put up a mirror

21:03 <&marduk> mmm

21:03 <@entropy> cause i have the page cahced

21:03 <&marduk> worth a try? the irc doesnt matter much

21:04 <@entropy> <link href="./index.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

21:04 <@entropy> <a href="./email1.html">E-mail 1</a>

21:04 <@entropy> no i cant

21:04 <@entropy> why the f they linked that way i dont know

21:04 <&marduk> ah hm well, only a demo

21:04 <&marduk> but well, ddos will cease

21:04 <&marduk> sooner or later.ö..

21:05 <@entropy> actually i could slowy get it
21:05 <@entropy> with like

21:05 <@entropy>

21:05 <@entropy> in google maybe

21:05 <@entropy> 1 sec

21:06 <@entropy> for some reason there no cache link

21:06 <&marduk> they are kinda hidden now.. i dont see any cache links anymore

21:06 <&marduk> sth changed

21:07 <&marduk>

21:07 <&marduk> hmm cant read either...

21:07 <@entropy>


21:07 <&marduk>


21:07 <@entropy> but no css will look like shit if i put that up

21:08 <&marduk> mhh cant access tea, page either

21:08 <&marduk> in cache

21:08 <&marduk> cant load the emails from cache here either, strange

21:09 <@entropy> it is

21:09 <@entropy> <joepie91:#ophbgary> Aaron and Greg now talking in #hbgarytalk !!

21:10 <@entropy> how did i get into kill

21:10 <@entropy> and not get killed

21:10 <&marduk> FUCK YOU!

21:10 <&marduk> :p

21:10 <@entropy> [Users(#kill:5)]

21:10 <@entropy> [ entropy ] [ Hex ] [ joepie91 ] [ &SiteBot ] [ Immortalit]
21:10 <@entropy> Channel #kill was created at Sat Feb 12 20:36:43 2011

21:10 <@entropy> BitchX: Join to #kill was synched in 0.599 secs!!

21:10 <@entropy> q [] has joined #kill

21:10 <@entropy> #kill q Hr (x)

21:10 -!- entropy [noyx@HA-dkm.je4.cn1rg3.IP] has quit [Killed (marduk (because!))]

21:12 ! *** HQBot invited entropy into the channel

21:12 -!- entropy [noyx@HA-dkm.je4.cn1rg3.IP] has joined #hq

21:12 -!- mode/#hq [+o entropy] by HQBot

21:12 <@entropy> lol

21:12 <&marduk> wb :)

21:12 <&marduk> yeah without killbot that doesnt really work

21:12 <&marduk> nice try tho

21:14 <&marduk> and sorry, i usually dont do that.

21:14 <@entropy> lol

21:14 <&marduk> but i dont like to get killed for no reason :p

21:15 <@entropy> i dont care clients auto reconnect

21:15 <@entropy> im drinking absenth and oj

21:15 <@entropy> in a jolly mood anyway

21:15 <@entropy> ;)

21:15 <&marduk> heh nice

21:15 <&marduk> we're having whisky

21:16 <&marduk> Glenrothes, Special Reserve

21:17 <@entropy> nice

21:23 <@entropy> you are kidding me

21:23 <@entropy> the fuck calling socicopath
21:23 <&marduk> ?

21:23 <@entropy> DIOCESE OF GAYLORD

21:23 <@entropy> thats what hes in

21:23 <@entropy> its not a joke

21:23 <&marduk> heh

21:23 <@entropy>

21:25 <&marduk> yeah just looking at the site

21:26 <@entropy> its vuln to slow get/post

21:26 <@entropy> just stops it 100%

21:27 <@entropy> and im guessing the search to xss

21:27 <@entropy> havent checked yet

21:27 <@entropy> wget -r ing it

21:28 <&marduk> yeah well, we need to get the mirrors going tomorrow

21:28 <@entropy> yea we should have had them since the day we put the first link out

21:28 <@entropy> to anonleaks

21:28 <@entropy> had to know thiswas going to happen

21:28 <@entropy> oh wait

21:28 <@entropy> i didnt even look if its already there

21:28 <&marduk> hm?

21:29 <&marduk> oh

21:29 <@entropy> tflow was mirroringthe pages

21:29 <&marduk> wait

21:29 <@entropy> so he might have done the int page

21:29 <&marduk> hm there was a mirror on

21:30 <&marduk> me nvm
21:31 <@entropy> nope not on any of mine

21:31 <&marduk> hmm not anymore it seems

21:31 <@entropy>

21:31 <@entropy> same as before

21:32 <@entropy> i thought he mirrored already

21:32 <&marduk>

21:32 <&marduk> there

21:32 <&marduk> mirror

21:33 <@entropy> ok

21:33 <@entropy> ill change dns

21:33 <&marduk> i dont think i want the opfreedom site tweeted

21:33 <&marduk> not wile ddos is going on

21:33 <&marduk> since it is triumpg

21:33 <@entropy> so i shouldnt or should?

21:33 <&marduk> dont want triumph down as well

21:34 <&marduk> yes.. if you can mirror it elseqhere?

21:34 <@entropy> i can put it on any of my boxes

21:34 <@entropy> yes i got 2 ru 1 ukraine 1 netherlands

21:34 <&marduk> one where you can live with it being down?

21:34 <@entropy> ru

21:34 <&marduk> would be cool

21:34 <&marduk> and also a test

21:34 <@entropy> ukraine and nether host backup dns and my real www

21:34 <&marduk> to see if it REALLY is ddos

21:34 <@entropy> ok
21:34 <&marduk> maybe heihachi screwed up again

21:34 <@entropy> your going to tell tflow you told me to

21:35 <@entropy> ;)

21:35 <@entropy> ill do it now

21:35 <&marduk> hehe sure

21:35 <&marduk> well, i'D spread mirror.. but if that get'S ddosed we lose

another irc leaf

21:35 <&marduk> dont want ;/

21:37 <@entropy>

21:37 <@entropy> ok wget it

21:37 <@entropy> changing dns

21:38 <&marduk> does it have a host?

21:38 <&marduk> oh

21:38 <@entropy> it will in 2 seconds

21:38 <&marduk> you change to it

21:38 <&marduk> yeah

21:41 <&marduk> team link is still invisible there tho

21:41 <@entropy> root@ru:/var/named/chroot/var/named# nslookup

21:41 <@entropy> Server:

21:41 <@entropy> Address:

21:41 <@entropy> Name:

21:41 <@entropy> Address:

21:42 <@entropy> bash-3.2# nslookup

21:42 <@entropy> Server:

21:42 <@entropy> Address:
21:42 <@entropy> Name:

21:42 <@entropy> Address:

21:42 <@entropy> ok give like 5 min to propagate

21:42 <@entropy> and it will be back up

21:42 <&marduk> works here already

21:42 <&marduk> with CCC nameserver

21:42 <@entropy> yep me too

21:42 <&marduk> will tweet in 2 or so

21:43 <@entropy> its not done in usa yet

21:43 <&marduk> hm app they are not ddosing the domain then

21:43 <&marduk> hm k waiting for now

21:43 <@entropy> no they are ddosing the ips

21:43 <@entropy> it has to be hbgaruys botnet

21:43 <&marduk> mhhh

21:43 <@entropy> he dosent know i can move shit around the world all night ;)

21:43 <&marduk> i dunno

21:43 <@entropy> you think just skiddies?

21:44 <&marduk> yes, more likely

21:44 <&marduk> because also vlad/tackle/belldandy etc

21:44 <&marduk> and that started earlier

21:44 <&marduk> but well, we never know for sure

21:45 <@entropy> fuck goign thro 2 vpns and a proxy amkes it hard to test when thsi is up

21:45 <@entropy> ok looks up in ny

21:45 <@entropy> and cali

21:45 <&marduk> kk
21:45 <&marduk> thx

21:45 <@entropy> np

21:45 <&marduk> will tweet.. then see what happens

21:46 <@entropy> ill start sniffing to some dump file in screen

21:47 <&marduk>!/AnonymousLeaks/status/36617308180987904

21:47 <@entropy> nice

21:47 <@entropy> id tell op*

21:48 <&marduk> thx :x

21:48 <&marduk> i did

21:48 <@entropy> yep just saw

21:52 <@entropy> still up and fast as shit

21:53 <&marduk> yup

21:53 <&marduk> well

21:53 <&marduk> there'S always the chance it'S an heihachi fuckup

21:53 <&marduk> but i dont really think so

21:53 <@entropy> are all those boxes on the same subnet

21:53 <&marduk> vlad/tackle are in same rack

21:54 <@entropy> ah

21:54 <&marduk> is on triumph

21:54 <@entropy> most likely same subnet then

21:54 <&marduk> also heihachi but sifferent

21:54 <@entropy> mine are all santrex

21:54 <&marduk> ass for the other anonops i dunn

21:54 <&marduk> ah and yeah. is running on vlad

21:55 <@entropy> lol this is goign to get them pissed
21:55 <@entropy> until they realise to attack the dns

21:55 <&marduk> Topiary: nice tweet :)

21:55 <@entropy> i can seiosuly switch this around to 20 boxes

21:55 <&marduk> haha

21:55 <@entropy> actually

21:56 <@entropy> i can round robin dns it to like 10 boes right now

21:56 <@entropy> eh

21:56 <&marduk> we have enough domains as well, actually

21:56 <@entropy> but then they have the 10 ips

21:56 <&marduk> well have to think of a plan tomorrow

21:56 <&marduk> how we want to propagagte that

21:56 <@entropy> all we have to do it put it on n boxes

21:56 <@entropy> and have resolve to all those ips randomly

21:56 <@entropy> like what google and all big providers do

21:57 <@entropy> as long as the same contecnt is on all tis fine

21:57 <&marduk> yup

21:57 <@entropy> and static pages which it is

21:57 <&marduk> classic load balancing

21:57 <&marduk> basically

21:57 <@entropy> yea exactly

22:04 <@Topiary> marduk: green is the new black

22:04 <&marduk> i like green for anonleaks.. but will stay for the classic black on main twitter

22:04 <@Topiary> Indeed

22:06 <@entropy> fuckign

22:06 <@entropy> shit
22:06 <@entropy> theres like 5 requests a second

22:06 <&marduk> sounds normal?

22:07 <@entropy> bash-3.2# ls -la access.log

22:07 <@entropy> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 827533 Feb 13 06:05 access.log

22:07 <@entropy> bash-3.2# ls -la access.log

22:07 <@entropy> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 857050 Feb 13 06:05 access.log

22:07 <@entropy> if we are fucking google i seems normal

22:07 <&marduk> but its too weak to be ddos

22:07 <&marduk> i just tweeted it'S up and running

22:08 <@entropy> its seriously like 100 hits aminute

22:08 <&marduk> to 7k followers and it was RTed massively

22:08 <&marduk> mhh

22:08 <@entropy> no they look like real reauests

22:08 <&marduk> still .. what kind of ddos? LOIC?

22:08 <&marduk> lol

22:08 <@entropy> all diff ips

22:08 <&marduk> yeah

22:08 <&marduk> hehe

22:08 <&marduk> we're fucking famous

22:08 <@entropy> lol

22:08 <&marduk> live with it (=

22:08 <@entropy> the access log is going up 1k a second

22:09 <@entropy> i thought tflow was exagurating

22:09 <&marduk> site is fast tho

22:09 <@entropy> how ever you spell it
22:09 <&marduk> exaggerating :)

22:09 <@entropy> yea i cp'ed tflow nginx.conf

22:09 <@entropy> nginx is awsome

22:09 <@Topiary> entropy: you got control of it all now?

22:09 <@entropy> and this ukraine box always was stable as hell

22:09 <@entropy> yea

22:09 <@Topiary> sweet

22:10 <@entropy> tflwo/avunits boxen are ddos/down

22:10 <@entropy> so i jhust mirrored

22:10 <@entropy> then changed dns

22:10 <@entropy> and until they ddos the dns i can continue to move it

22:10 <@Topiary> can you edit the index?

22:10 <@entropy> dont mention that anywhere though ;)

22:10 <@entropy> yes

22:10 <&marduk> the team link is invisible

22:10 <&marduk> but not that important i guess

22:11 <@entropy> i thought that was on purpose

22:11 <@entropy> i can change that easily

22:11 <@Topiary> was gonna /r/ that the "Problem officer?" be moved to

the front

22:11 <&marduk> nah we changed it

22:11 <&marduk> to a small, decent link

22:11 <&marduk> since it'S google indexed anyway

22:11 <&marduk> Topiary: mail greed

22:11 <&marduk> !
22:11 <@Topiary> NOM NOM NOM!

22:12 <@entropy> should i change something in it or?

22:12 <@entropy> <a STYLE="text-decoration:none" href="./theteam.html"><font


22:12 <@entropy> white on white

22:12 <@Topiary> I'd just like to see the complaints thing on the index

22:13 <&marduk> i dun care much, as long as it'S up

22:14 <@entropy> ?

22:14 <@Topiary> yes

22:14 <@entropy> ill do it as long as im not pissing anyone off

22:18 <@entropy> if this box is ddos i got

22:18 <@entropy> setup

22:23 <&marduk> well so far all is good.

22:23 <@entropy> yea im surprised actually

22:23 <@entropy> been like 30 minutes

22:24 <&marduk> maybe it really is heihachi fubar

22:24 <&marduk> all affected boxes are at heihachi..

22:25 <@entropy> yep it is

22:25 <@entropy> i dont think its ddos

22:25 <@entropy> when my heihachi box goes down

22:25 <@entropy> and i traceroute

22:25 <@entropy> stops at exact same place

22:26 <&marduk> mmm k

22:26 <@entropy> i think they have like 128 vhosts per box

22:26 <&marduk> *Sigh*
22:26 <&marduk> that'S even worse

22:26 <@entropy> so the box goes down they all do

22:26 <@entropy> and they dont wake up till 1 est

22:26 <@entropy> 1am est

22:26 <@entropy> is like 9am russian

22:26 <&marduk> hmm

22:27 <&marduk> possibly vlad was ddosed as ircleaf

22:27 <&marduk> and that took down the rest

22:27 <@entropy> anonops or opfreedom?

22:27 <&marduk> anonops

22:27 <&marduk> was under heavy ddos today

22:27 <&marduk> owen actually connected a new 1GB leaf

22:28 <@entropy> yea that must be ddos

22:28 <@entropy> cause im on those same ips

22:28 <@entropy> root@ru:/var/named/chroot/var/named# ifconfig | grep inet

22:28 <@entropy> inet addr: P-t-P: Bcast: Mask:

22:28 <@entropy> inet addr: P-t-P: Bcast:


22:28 <@entropy> inet addr: P-t-P: Bcast:


22:28 <@entropy> inet addr: P-t-P: Bcast:


22:28 <@entropy> and mine is fine

22:28 <@entropy> 92.241.X.X

22:29 <&marduk> triumph fine too
22:29 <&marduk> but vlad/tackle are in same rack i think (not same vps tho)

22:30 <@entropy> bash-3.2# ls -lah access.log

22:30 <@entropy> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1.5M Feb 13 06:28 access.log

22:30 <@entropy> that was seriously 1k

22:30 <@entropy> 20 min ago

22:30 <@entropy> cant belive how many hits

22:30 <@entropy> maybe we should put like google ads on this shit and get rich

22:30 <@entropy> lol j/k

22:32 <&marduk> well, some funding for the servers would actually be naic

22:32 <&marduk> but i think that we can decide later.. after next leak :x

22:33 <@entropy> bash-3.2# cat access.log|awk '{print $1}'|sort|uniq|wc|awk '{print $1}'

22:33 <@entropy> 7019

22:33 <&marduk> hehe

22:33 <@entropy> 7019 unique hits in the last 30 minutes

22:33 <@entropy> theres no donate page up?

22:33 <&marduk> and that for only 9 teaser emails

22:33 <&marduk> hmmm, not really so far i think. but avunit is having some donation think runninh i


22:34 <&marduk> gotta check with him and tflow tomorrow

22:34 <&marduk> maybe add a flattr?

22:34 <@entropy> flattr?

22:34 <&marduk> works quite okay for anonnews

22:34 <&marduk>

22:36 <@entropy> ok i haveto go hang out with the wife

22:36 <@entropy> ill check back periodicly befre i go to bed
22:36 * entropy typing skillz

22:38 <&marduk> k have fun

22:38 <&marduk> will be asleep soon too

22:54 <@Topiary> entropy: we gonna get the complaints link on or was it decided against?

22:55 <&marduk> hm?

22:55 <&marduk> btw

22:55 <&marduk>


22:55 <&marduk> sick video

22:56 <&marduk> was a reply after i tweeted that some algerians were arrested today for holding up

the algerian flag

22:57 <&marduk> hmm #opbahrain doesnt even exist :o

23:22 <@entropy> Topiary: its on there now

23:22 <@entropy> im assuming its ok

23:22 <@entropy> but tflow is off/down really until he gets back i assume its alright

23:22 <@entropy> and its still up

23:23 <@entropy> which is crazy

23:23 <@Topiary> it's nice

23:23 <@entropy> really expected it to go down in 10-15 minutes

23:23 <&marduk> dont think its ddos, really

23:23 <&marduk> heihachi fucked it up, once again

23:23 <&marduk> or maybe it is

23:23 <&marduk> and vlad is still fired

23:23 <&marduk> well, tflow will tell us tomorrow

23:26 <@entropy> yea
23:26 <&marduk> and ill crash now

23:26 <@entropy> i think they would have realised and switch to this ip

23:26 <@entropy> me too

23:26 <@entropy> ttl

23:26 <&marduk> seeya in 9h or something like this

23:26 <@entropy> later

23:29 <@entropy> tflow/avunit: i cahnged the dns and you cannot edit it via the bot, either wait till i

come on or change /var/named/chroot/var/named/ (serial and first a record line) and

/usr/sbin/rndc -s localhost -c /var/named/chroot/etc/rndc.conf reload

--- Day changed Sun Feb 13 2011

00:48 <@kayla> is this the bat cave :D?

00:51 * marduk flaps around in panic

00:51 <@kayla> :o

00:51 * kayla hides

00:51 <&marduk> you woke a bat

00:52 <&marduk> half of heihachi is dead or so

00:52 <&marduk> narf

00:52 <&marduk> had to move ip and put up a new mirror to keep teasers running

00:52 <&marduk> either ddos on vlad which takes down the whole rack and more.. or heihachi fubar

00:53 <&marduk> kayla: by the way, we still need your dox! :-)

00:53 <&marduk>

00:55 <&marduk> btw actually an idea. investigate shell/bp/exxon fuckers

00:55 <&marduk> not whitehats i know... but...

00:56 <&marduk> probably about the only industry which can be worse than banks

00:58 <@kayla> :D make some do up for me lololol :D?
01:00 <&marduk> main webservers are not interesting

01:00 <&marduk> but i will do some research.. in the next days

01:01 <&marduk> scanning subnets etc. finding rather unknown boxes

01:01 <&marduk> will give you guys an report.. in the meantime.. stay on what we have i guess

01:02 <&marduk> lexsi i guess, hunton maybe.. and i dunno about dosarrest, this is rather strange

01:03 <@kayla> ok :D

01:03 <@kayla> im gonna get some sleep now <3 :)

01:03 <@kayla> ni ni <3 :D

01:03 -!- kayla [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]

01:22 -!- Topiary [topiary@do.the.impossible] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]

02:53 <@Laurelai> hello

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03:34 <@Laurelai> preview of story coming up

03:35 <@tflow> sup

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04:56 <@Laurelai>
05:00 <@tflow> :o

05:01 <@Laurelai> yah

05:05 <~Avunit> We got some press requests.

05:06 <~Avunit> D:

05:06 <~Avunit> wake up guis

05:08 <~Avunit> pass: complaints

05:08 <@tflow> yo

05:08 <@tflow> oh

05:08 <@tflow> hackernews

05:08 <@tflow> nub site

05:08 <@tflow> lol

05:09 <@tflow> '2.) We wanna invite you guys to start "Operation India" , So as to expose all corrupt

Politicians. Its must in India. I can make u sure that, Whole India will support you and every Indian

Hacker will also support you.'

05:09 <@tflow> oh, and

05:09 <~Avunit> pass: complaints

05:09 <@tflow> Avunit: can you cname to

05:09 <@tflow> so that we can edit it from the dnsbot

05:09 <~Avunit> err think i can sec gotta log in the right server XD

05:10 <@tflow> ty

05:10 <@tflow> i'm not sure what happened yesterday with my server o_o

05:11 <~Avunit> it died?

05:11 <@tflow> what server is the site is on now?

05:11 <@tflow> who's*

05:11 <@tflow> yeah
05:12 <@tflow> it died

05:14 <@Laurelai> do you guys need space on PRQ?

05:14 <@Laurelai> or was it just a technical issue?

05:15 <~Avunit> okay

05:15 <~Avunit> i cnamed it

05:16 <~Avunit> IN CNAME

05:17 <~Avunit> anyway what about the russian press guis?

05:17 <~Avunit> [11:09:24] <~Avunit> pass:


05:17 <~Avunit> that one

05:21 <~Avunit> opinions?

05:22 <@tflow> Probably invite her to #reporters as usual

05:22 <~Avunit> yeah but she cant connect to the IRC it seems

05:22 <@tflow> we can give her the web link

05:24 <~Avunit> ill gief when she mails again on mail

05:33 <@tflow> hm..

05:33 <@tflow> i'm thinking of ways that mirrors can keep their index page updated with the latest


05:33 <@tflow> i was thinking of making them have a cron job to automatically wget index.html from


05:34 <@tflow> but i think that might be insecure

05:34 <~Avunit> why not rsync then?

05:34 <~Avunit> since thatll only download when its changed

05:34 <~Avunit> get one mirror thats not public, update shit on there

05:34 <@tflow> they will have to give us their sftp details etc
05:34 <~Avunit> and let the rest rsync cronjob it from there

05:34 <@tflow> more hassle

05:34 <~Avunit> so the nonpublic mirror wont be offline

05:34 <~Avunit> normal ssh will do :p

05:34 <~Avunit> ets safe

05:35 <@tflow> ssh = sftp :p

05:35 <~Avunit> fast

05:35 <~Avunit> yarr

05:35 <~Avunit> so no additinoal

05:35 <~Avunit> creditinials needed

05:35 <@tflow> but i'm not sure

05:35 <@tflow> it's odd asking for their ssh details on the mirror page for something that is supposed

to be decentralised

05:36 <~Avunit> gotta spread from somewehre :P

05:36 <~Avunit> did you set triumph up already?

05:36 <@tflow> no, couldnt conenct to ssh again

05:36 <@tflow> connect*

05:36 <~Avunit> 0.o?

05:36 <~Avunit> i

05:36 <~Avunit> hate

05:36 <~Avunit> openssh

05:36 <~Avunit> chrooting

05:36 <@tflow> [18:05] <tflow> lftp> ls

05:36 <@tflow> [18:05] <tflow> ls: Fatal error: pseudo-tty allocation failed: Exec format error

05:37 <~Avunit> fuck it
05:38 <@tflow> wanna download it yourself?

05:38 <@tflow> but actually.. i still need working ssh details to update index.html

05:38 <~Avunit> login now

05:38 <~Avunit> i removed your chroot on sftp

05:38 <@tflow> sec

05:38 <~Avunit> just dont fuck shit up :p

05:39 <~Avunit> i logged in just fine on your account

05:39 <~Avunit> so yeah

05:39 <~Avunit> i can wget it meanwhile if you want to

05:43 <@tflow> lftp> mkdir hbgary-www

05:43 <@tflow> mkdir: Access failed: Permission denied (hbgary-www)

05:43 <~Avunit> cd anonleaks

05:43 <~Avunit> thats the web directory

05:44 <@tflow> ok, it's uploading

05:44 <~Avunit> gave you access in your home directory now too

05:44 <~Avunit> chown -R tflow /home/tflow/

05:44 <~Avunit> and voila

05:44 <@tflow> fast server... 7k files transferred in a minute

05:45 <@tflow> probs because in same datacenter

05:45 <~Avunit> yarr and its on a 1gbit line

05:45 ! *** HQBot invited Topiary into the channel

05:45 -!- Topiary [topiary@do.the.impossible] has joined #hq

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05:46 <~Avunit> hai topiary

05:46 <@Laurelai> hi Topiary
05:46 <@Laurelai> Topiary: new crowdleaks story is up

05:46 <~Avunit> anyway like i said tflow, the webserver redirects to


05:46 <~Avunit> so the actual webpage should be in there

05:47 <@tflow> ah

05:47 <@tflow> well i'm uploading to /home/tflow/anonleaks

05:47 <@Topiary> Hi

05:47 <~Avunit> k

05:47 <@tflow> well i'm uploading to /home/tflow/anonleaks/hbgary-www*

05:47 <~Avunit> oh

05:47 <~Avunit> well

05:47 <@tflow> probably needs to be moved

05:47 <@tflow> ohai

05:47 <~Avunit> i can change the dir if you want

05:47 <~Avunit> but you could also mv the files out

05:47 <~Avunit> just what you want

05:47 <@tflow> how big is the hd?

05:48 <~Avunit> err 25gb i think

05:48 <@tflow> can you set /home/tflow/anonleaks/hbgary

05:48 <@tflow> and

05:48 <@tflow> /home/tflow/anonleaks/archive.hbgary

05:48 <~Avunit> yarr

05:48 <~Avunit> will do

05:48 <@tflow> /home/tflow/anonleaks/archive.hbgary*

05:49 <@tflow> archive will host a .tar.gz backup of the site
05:50 <~Avunit> $HTTP["host"] == "" {

05:50 <~Avunit> server.document-root = "/home/tflow/anonleaks/hbgary"

05:50 <~Avunit> $HTTP["host"] == "" {

05:50 <~Avunit> server.document-root = "/home/tflow/anonleaks/archive.hbgary"

05:50 <@tflow> kewl

05:52 <@tflow> Topiary: we've had 2 press requests

05:53 <@Topiary> just checked that, noticed they've been responded to

05:53 <@Topiary> Laurelai: great article

05:53 <~Avunit> yarr

05:53 <~Avunit> i left em in the inbox

05:53 <~Avunit> i responded to one other too but that wasnt press

05:53 <~Avunit> can find that in the replied complaints

05:53 <@Topiary> Avunit: nice complain dealings, lulz

05:53 <@Topiary> I read that one too

05:53 <~Avunit> xD

05:53 <~Avunit> i liek the rolex.

05:54 <~Avunit> its like troll season in that mailbox

05:54 <@Topiary> I guess we can tell who has taken which with press just by (2) being next to the


05:54 <~Avunit> yeah if its still in the inbox but replied too

05:54 <~Avunit> well then its probably a convo that has to stay :p

05:55 <@tflow> can I have the pass to complaints too pls? :-)

05:55 <@tflow> oh and, do you link that anonleaks logo in gmail?

05:55 <@tflow> like*

05:56 <~Avunit> yarr i saw it this morning
05:56 <~Avunit> Well topiary do we want tflow in our customer support team?

05:56 * Avunit ponders.

05:56 <~Avunit> It's a tough decision. Maybe we should talk to D and R about this.

05:57 <@tflow> lol

05:57 <@tflow> Who's D and R?

05:57 <~Avunit> Don and RR.Rson

05:57 <@tflow> Who's Don and RR.Rson?

05:57 <~Avunit> S3cret members of our super secret elite hacking team

05:58 <@tflow> Hmm, well I've just had a word with David D. Davidson

05:58 <@Topiary> tflow: But I'm him

05:58 <@Topiary> NO WORDS HAVE BEEN HAD!

05:59 <~Avunit> Lulz

06:00 <~Avunit> domain: ANONLEAKS.RU

06:00 <~Avunit> nserver:

06:00 <~Avunit> nserver:

06:00 <~Avunit> nserver:


06:00 <~Avunit> person: Private Person

06:00 <~Avunit> phone: +49 36022 60 62

06:00 <~Avunit> e-mail:

06:00 <~Avunit> registrar: RU-CENTER-REG-RIPN

06:00 <~Avunit> created: 2011.02.09

06:00 <~Avunit> paid-till: 2012.02.09

06:00 <~Avunit> source: TCI

06:00 <~Avunit> awh fuck
06:00 <~Avunit> it didnt copy

06:00 <~Avunit> the email

06:00 <~Avunit> anyway i set the e-mail to

06:00 <~Avunit>

06:00 <~Avunit> :P

06:00 <@tflow> LOL@D

06:00 <@tflow> LOL@D

06:00 <@tflow> at replies

06:01 <~Avunit>

06:01 <~Avunit> the fucks that

06:02 <@Topiary> Heh, we shouldn't troll press so hard.

06:03 <~Avunit> actually at the press i put a qutie serious line

06:03 <~Avunit> at the end

06:03 <~Avunit> D:

06:03 <@Topiary> Fair enough then, as long as we're looking at getting some coverage after the lulzy

emails =P

06:03 <~Avunit> Yarr

06:03 <~Avunit> I try to not scare em off :p

06:03 <@Topiary> That's great then

06:03 <@Laurelai> who highlighted me

06:03 <@Topiary> Laurelai: That was me, I was saying great article

06:03 <@Laurelai> aww thanks :D

06:04 * Avunit highfives Topiary at the replies.

06:04 <~Avunit> anyway we know

06:04 <~Avunit> mustve been regged in the past 24hrs
06:04 <@Topiary> Avunit: I'm happy to talk to press on IRC/Skype, have done for months

06:04 <~Avunit> Yeah thats why you are the telephone team :p

06:04 <@tflow> also

06:04 <@Topiary> OH SWEET! PROMOTION!

06:04 <~Avunit> i can talk to press on irc/email too :P

06:05 <@tflow> i'd tone down on using irc nicks, but use nicks like david davidson for identification

06:05 <~Avunit> Oh then I'm J. Shepard D:

06:05 <@tflow> (we don't want to get namefagged in the press :P)

06:05 <@tflow> (like coldblood)

06:05 <~Avunit> anyway brb lunch

06:05 <~Avunit> use theteam.html names :p

06:05 <~Avunit> afk

06:05 <~Avunit> <3 you guys

06:05 <@tflow> yeah

06:06 * Avunit dances in awesomeness.

06:06 <@Topiary> tflow: I've talked to maybe 150 journalists under Topiary and simply said "Just

write that I'm Anonymous". Only 3 cases of "Topiary" have popped up, and 2 of them were simply

because people thought I WAS Coldblood.

06:06 <@tflow> lol

06:06 <@tflow> but still

06:07 <@Topiary> I see your point though.

06:07 <@tflow> in the emails it's not really needed

06:07 <@tflow> on irc/skype though, i can see

06:16 <@Topiary> I use Topiary mainly as a taunt to spais; I'm Topiary on twitter and IRC, but

nowhere else on the entire Internet
06:16 <@Topiary> Thus faggot doxers become enraged

06:28 <@Laurelai> lol

06:29 <@tflow> lftp> mirror -R


06:29 <@tflow> Total: 9 directories, 165861 files, 0 symlinks

06:29 <@tflow> New: 165861 files, 0 symlinks

06:29 <@tflow> 9404003092 bytes transferred in 2337 seconds (3.84M/s)

06:29 <@tflow> done

06:30 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @tflow

06:33 -!- Netsplit over, joins: @tflow

06:35 <~Avunit> wait is the

06:35 <~Avunit> home dir

06:35 <~Avunit> anonleaks/hbgary

06:35 <~Avunit> or

06:35 <~Avunit> anonleaks/hbgary-www?

06:37 <@tflow> hbgary

06:37 <@tflow> i renmaed it to hbgary

06:37 <~Avunit> k

06:37 <@tflow> renamed*

06:49 <~Avunit> i am going to be awesome

06:49 <~Avunit> srs

06:50 * Avunit has created a twitter.

06:50 <~Avunit> \0/

06:51 <@Topiary> Sweet

06:51 <@Topiary> super1337
06:57 <~Avunit> AvunitAnon

06:59 <@Topiary> Splendid

06:59 <@Topiary> Laurelai: that's interesting they use "meatflower" for the password @ your article.

They used the same password for one other malware archive and his WoW bot.

07:02 <~Avunit> Who should i all follow?

07:03 <~Avunit> D:

07:03 * Avunit is a twitter newb.

07:05 * Avunit stabs topiary.

07:06 <@Topiary> @AnonymousIRC @WikiLeaks @atopiary @Anony_Ops

07:06 <@Topiary> @AnonymousLeaks

07:06 <@Laurelai> @crowdleaks

07:06 <@Laurelai> >.>

07:07 <@Topiary> And of course @crowdleaks

07:08 <~Avunit> oh yeah @crowleaks :P

07:08 <~Avunit> had the rest already

07:13 <~Avunit> hurray

07:13 <~Avunit> @AvunitAnon is done >.>

07:14 <@Topiary> You're like that guy I know, but less cool

07:14 <@Topiary> you know that guy I talk about

07:14 <@Topiary> I think his name is Topiary

07:14 <@Topiary> he's pretty cool

07:15 <~Avunit> oh shush you :p

07:17 * Avunit throws a twitter at topiary.

07:18 -!- Topiary [topiary@do.the.impossible] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]

07:19 ! *** HQBot invited Topiary into the channel
07:19 -!- Topiary [topiary@do.the.impossible] has joined #hq

07:19 -!- mode/#hq [+o Topiary] by HQBot

07:19 <@Topiary> Honestly, I switch locations for 2 days and my connection is a joke.

07:19 <@Topiary> It's a pain in my multiple Anonymous asses.

07:19 <~Avunit> You are a joke.

07:21 <@Topiary> In incredibly sexy joke.

07:21 <~Avunit> shhh

07:22 <~Avunit> biatch

07:25 <~Avunit> </3

07:26 * Avunit mails a complaint about topiary.

07:26 <@tflow>

07:26 <@Topiary> You're right, AnonLeaks should focus on leaking

07:26 <@Topiary> not incredibly sexy boys

07:26 <@tflow> Sounds like ED's going to have some fun.

07:27 <~Avunit> biatches

07:27 <~Avunit> qq

07:27 <@Topiary> Indeed, tflow.

07:28 <~Avunit> ED is awsum.

07:29 <@Topiary> Do we have any other content prepared for AnonLeaks? What's the site going to

look like on Monday?

07:30 <~Avunit> we dont have any other content afaik, thats what i was asking yesterday

07:30 <~Avunit> have we got any plans for after a few weeks after the leaks

07:30 <@Topiary> I think it looks good the way it is, just add links to full HBGary spools

07:30 <@Topiary> in place of those 9 teasers

07:30 <@Topiary> when the time comes.
07:30 <@tflow> will redirect to, which will be a little portal to all the

HBGary inboxes

07:31 <@tflow> (whcih i'm making now)

07:31 <@Topiary> can't you just set up direct links to the inboxes on itself

07:31 <@Topiary> and do you need anything written?

07:32 <@tflow> Well

07:32 <@tflow> it's not

07:32 <@tflow> So in the future we might have other leaks

07:32 <@Topiary> which can also be put on the front page

07:32 <@tflow> We can't only put hbgary leaks on

07:32 <@tflow> but

07:33 <@tflow> should be a portal to all the leaks

07:33 <~Avunit> ^

07:33 <@tflow> (so far, only hbgary)

07:33 <~Avunit> +1

07:33 <@Topiary> okay, that works

07:33 <@tflow> i.e.

07:33 <@tflow> if there's a leak for abc

07:33 <@tflow> will have a link to and

07:33 <@Topiary> that sounds good

07:33 <@tflow> but atm there's only 1 leak

07:34 <@tflow> we might have if needed

07:34 <@tflow> but idk if there's any demand

07:34 <~Avunit> gotta be weary that the hbgary stuff is 10gb already tho ;p

07:34 <~Avunit> to mirror more i gotta get more drive space xD
07:36 <~Avunit> We all do realise that in a few days we put up a network thats going to be awesome


07:38 <@Topiary> FYI I totally call dibs on any official HBBGary lawyer takedown notice from angry

people in suits

07:38 <@Topiary> "I sent those Anons a takedown order, Anons hate takedown orders"

07:38 <@Topiary> Will be the last thing they think before they shit themselves.

07:38 <~Avunit> xD

07:38 <@tflow>

07:38 <@tflow> how's this so far?

07:39 <~Avunit> wont work :P

07:39 <@Topiary> That's really good tflow

07:39 <~Avunit> itll only react on :p

07:40 <~Avunit> but furthermore awesum

07:40 <@tflow> Avunit: Can you set an alias for that?

07:40 <@tflow> It's incase DNS goes down

07:40 <~Avunit> yarr

07:40 <@tflow> kgreat

07:40 <~Avunit> well ill make

07:40 <@Topiary> is that the page will be redirected to @ pastehtml?

07:40 <~Avunit> so put that there

07:41 <@tflow> Topiary: no, that page will be hosted on

07:41 <@tflow> Avunit: k

07:41 <@Topiary> So there'll be a link to on or will

auto direct to until next leak

07:41 <@tflow> yeah
07:44 <~Avunit> Memory 390 MB 512 MB

07:44 <~Avunit> lulz

07:46 <~Avunit> okay will be on the nameservers in like 4hrs

07:55 <@tflow> Topiary, Avunit: can we share some of those complaint emails to #anonleaks?

07:55 <@tflow> mainly the chuck norris one

07:55 <~Avunit> Lol sure :p

07:55 <~Avunit> theyre like not s3cret anyway

07:56 <~Avunit> when the box is a bit full we should leak our own e-mails anyway

07:56 <~Avunit> ^.^

07:56 <@tflow> ^

07:56 <~Avunit> NEW LEAK

07:56 <~Avunit>!

07:56 <@tflow> on april fools

07:57 <~Avunit> oh yeah!

07:57 <~Avunit> ill drop in my e-mail too :p

08:02 <@entropy> morning

08:02 <~Avunit> gd morning entropy

08:02 <@entropy> you guys see what we did last night

08:02 <~Avunit> on this lovely leaking day

08:02 <@entropy> since like half the boxes went down

08:02 <@entropy> tis tis

08:02 <~Avunit> inocwatudidthar

08:03 <@entropy> lol

08:03 <@entropy> i just wget -r -l2 opfreedom/hbgary ...

08:03 <@entropy> then change the dns to my ukraine svr
08:03 <@entropy> to keep up

08:04 <@entropy> are all those boxes back up?

08:04 <~Avunit> think so

08:17 <~Avunit> ^.^

08:34 <@entropy> one of the mirrors should be a tor hidden server

08:34 <@entropy> those are almost impossible to take down or find

08:35 <@tflow> yeha

08:36 <@entropy> i can set one up on a totally seperate box now

08:36 <@tflow> sweet

08:36 <@entropy> tflow: you saw what i did to keep anonleaks.up?

08:36 <@entropy> i can change it back if you want

08:36 <@entropy> just didnt want it down all night

08:36 <@tflow> yeah, you saved it :-)

08:37 <@tflow> btw doesn't resolve

08:37 <@entropy> i know i moved everything i have out of usa

08:37 <@entropy> so im stil lrebuilding everything

08:37 <@tflow> ah

08:37 <@tflow> what url should i put for the mirror?

08:37 <@tflow> (in the mirrors page)

08:37 <@tflow> just ip?

08:38 <@entropy> yea

08:38 <@tflow> ok

08:38 <@tflow>

08:39 <@entropy> ok your going to do it like that vs round robin dns?

08:39 <@entropy> mirrors vs having like 6 ips
08:39 <@tflow> both

08:39 <@entropy> ok

08:39 <@tflow> so if dns goes down, they can access it from those urls

08:40 <@entropy> yea the dns is the primary reason i started thinking about tor hidden node

08:40 <@entropy> if they attack that and the svrs its down

08:40 <@entropy> btut a tor link will always be up

08:40 <@entropy> as long as tor net is

08:40 <@tflow> yeah

08:48 <~Avunit> <3 tor hidden services

08:51 <@entropy> my boxes are getting slow scanned

08:52 <@entropy> from MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business UUNET65 (NET-

65-192-0-0-1) -

08:52 <@entropy> Kintiskton LLC UU-65-208-151-112-D1 (NET-65-208-151-112-1)


08:52 <@entropy> like 20 differnt ips from that subnet

08:52 <@entropy> really slow like 1 per minute

09:05 <@entropy> http://lo3xhuh3qkvinvgu.onion:81/

09:05 <@entropy> ^ tor hidden

09:07 <@tflow> The server at lo3xhuh3qkvinvgu.onion is taking too long to respond.

09:07 <@entropy> i just did it

09:07 <@entropy> i think it take like 10 minutes

09:07 <@tflow> ah

09:07 <@tflow> nice

09:07 <@entropy> i cna see it already

09:08 <@entropy> your using port 81 right?
09:08 <@tflow> where should i sync it to?

09:08 <@tflow> yeah

09:08 <@entropy>

09:08 <@entropy> how are you syncing?

09:08 <@tflow> sftp/ssh

09:08 <@entropy> /var/www/tor_hidden/

09:08 <@entropy> ill make you an acct

09:11 <@entropy> same ssh port and pass as the others

09:11 <@tflow> ok, ty

09:11 <@tflow> syncing shortly

09:13 <@entropy> ok ill change the owner of that dir o you

09:18 <~Avunit> so the portal page is like done too tflow?

09:21 <@tflow>

09:21 <@tflow> how is that?

09:23 <&marduk> ehlo

09:23 <@tflow> yo

09:23 <@tflow>

09:23 <@tflow> how is that?

09:23 <&marduk> arh. vlad is back

09:23 <@tflow> for

09:23 <&marduk> naic!

09:23 <~Avunit> maek it :p

09:24 <@tflow> I know, i changed them on purpose

09:24 <@tflow> incase the psatehtml gets leaked

09:24 <~Avunit> ah k
09:24 <&marduk> btw

09:24 <&marduk>

09:24 <&marduk> stuxnet disassmble

09:24 <~Avunit> you created already?

09:25 <@tflow> not ye

09:25 <@tflow> not yet*

09:25 <~Avunit> And will you handle it yourself or you want others to keep an eye on that mail too?

09:27 <@tflow> i can handle it, but any of you can help

09:28 <~Avunit> feel free to hook me up with the mail if you want to, though then ill need to have

access to the html page too prob to be able to update the page

09:28 <~Avunit> otherwise you still have to do it all :P

09:28 <@tflow> all you'll really need to do is lftp <mirror> and then mirror -R /path/to/files

09:28 <@tflow> might make a script to do it automatically

09:29 <~Avunit> i has no access to the box you distribute it from though :P

09:29 <@entropy> theres going to be a direct link to a 9Gb download on the page?

09:29 <@tflow> yeah

09:30 <@tflow> but on

09:30 <@entropy> should prob just have a lin kto a full torrent

09:30 <@tflow> so not everyone has to have it

09:30 <@tflow> yeh i suppose

09:30 <&marduk> hmm maisl not really up atm?

09:30 <@entropy> that site is going to get killed

09:30 <~Avunit> well torrent doesnt have the most up to date html files tho

09:30 <&marduk> greg's index doesnt work

09:30 <@tflow> its up
09:31 <&marduk> oh now it works, strange

09:31 <@tflow> u sure you have it in your hosts file?

09:31 <&marduk> yeah.. now works, just one time didnt

09:31 <&marduk> maybe chache

09:32 <&marduk> anpther one offered to mirror

09:32 <&marduk> mhh *thinks*

09:32 <@tflow> who?

09:32 <&marduk> soserious

09:32 <~Avunit> otherwise youd need a direct lnik to the html files and tell em to download the emails

from a torrent?

09:35 <&marduk> tackle is STILL down? :o

09:35 <&marduk> ah no

09:35 <&marduk> getting it back now

09:39 <@entropy> http://lo3xhuh3qkvinvgu.onion:81/ is up everywhere now

09:39 <@entropy> its just slow as hell

09:39 <@entropy> it has to run as tor so mirroring will take some manual interaction

09:42 <~Avunit> The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or

unsupported form of compression.

09:42 <~Avunit> y

09:42 <@entropy> for what the tor site?

09:42 <~Avunit> yarr

09:44 <@entropy> its lighthttp

09:44 <@entropy> ill disable mod_compress

09:44 <@entropy> thats a wierd error though

09:45 <~Avunit> [When I went to the site a while ago, it named the AnonLeaks team with addresses
such as The Internets and Serpent Nebula. Now they're gone, replaced by Problem officer?]

09:45 <~Avunit> i run lighttpd on triumph too

09:46 <&marduk> Avunit: lamers

09:46 <~Avunit> before

09:46 <~Avunit> well

09:46 <~Avunit> before you said

09:46 <~Avunit> 'is up everywhere now'

09:46 <~Avunit> it did work for me

09:46 <&marduk> i meant the guy who cant find the team page anymore

09:46 <@tflow> lol who said that?

09:48 <~Avunit> guis

09:48 <~Avunit> imma be twitter newb

09:48 <~Avunit> how to get direct link

09:48 <~Avunit> to one of my own statuses?

09:50 <~Avunit> oh there

09:50 <~Avunit>!/AvunitAnon/status/36798081152323584

09:50 <~Avunit> :3

09:50 <~Avunit> irisbecometwittahpro

09:52 <~Avunit> Thank you! Which number should I call? I will email David or Richard as well:) Will

he tell me why you are registered in .ru domain?

09:52 <~Avunit> i hope

09:52 <~Avunit> shes trolling me

09:52 <~Avunit> because otherwise

09:52 <~Avunit> shes really dumb
09:53 <~Avunit> read that e-mail tflow

09:53 <~Avunit> its the russian thingie in the inbox

09:53 <~Avunit> is she srs? xD

09:54 <@entropy> whos asking you that

09:54 <~Avunit> sec ill paste the whole mail convo

09:54 <&marduk> mm what inbox?

09:56 <@tflow> Topiary, you here?

09:56 <@Topiary> Just woke up

09:56 <@tflow> ah

09:56 <@tflow> I think we should modify the press release

09:56 <@tflow> For greg's mail

09:57 <@tflow> As circumstances have changed

09:57 <~Avunit> pass: complaints

09:57 <@tflow> Instead of making it seem like revenge for us, we need to highlight the fact that they

tried to attack wikileaks

09:58 <&marduk> where is the PR?

09:58 <@tflow>

09:58 <~Avunit> Topiary

09:58 <&marduk> tx

09:58 <~Avunit> read that

09:58 <~Avunit> is she srs? :p

09:58 <@Topiary> Already read it

09:58 <@Topiary> tflow: okay, I'm gonna get up, eat, do some things

09:58 <@Topiary> then I'll work on that

09:59 <@tflow> sweet
09:59 <&marduk> tflow: yes, fully agree. also that chamber of commerce thing

09:59 <~Avunit> Well

09:59 <~Avunit> what the fuck should I say

09:59 <~Avunit> to that russian woman?

09:59 <@entropy> tell her that they support freedom of speech more then anyone else

10:00 <@entropy> and wont give our info out

10:00 <@entropy> its basically the truth

10:00 <&marduk> uhm

10:00 <&marduk> whats her questions?

10:00 <@entropy> Thank you! Which number should I call? I will email David or Richard as well:)

Will he tell me why you are registered in .ru domain?

10:01 <&marduk> ohh

10:01 <&marduk> at the bottom

10:01 <@entropy> http://gtoltxwurxbbadzf.onion:81/

10:02 <@entropy> i remade it without any compression

10:02 <@entropy> these hidden services are more unstable then heihachi

10:02 <&marduk> Avunit: well quite simple, she can redirect her questions to same email address

(maybe we should have a press@ one?). as for the .ru domain, it'S hardened and US cant kill the

domain. quite simple.

10:02 <@Topiary> Ask the press lady for questions she might have so we can answer, it's that simple

10:02 <@Topiary> I've done that for months with 'em

10:02 <~Avunit> Im using my avunit@ email atm

10:02 <~Avunit> well my main concern was

10:02 <~Avunit> that she dont even got the fact

10:02 <~Avunit> that she got trolled
10:03 <~Avunit> in the first lines

10:03 <~Avunit> :p

10:03 <@Topiary> It happens

10:03 <&marduk> nah

10:03 <&marduk> she put in a smiley

10:03 <&marduk> well we'll see i guess, no harm in a quick, straight up reply imo

10:04 <@Topiary> 1) ask press for proof of their identify, give them webIRC link to #reporter

10:04 <@Topiary> 2) ask them to ask about our shit in email

10:04 <@Topiary> 3) trololol

10:04 <@entropy> should definetly make this not seem like


10:04 <&marduk> i think Topiary is on that?

10:04 <@Topiary> I'm doing that soon, just woke up

10:04 <@Topiary> okay BRB

10:04 <&marduk> :)

10:05 <@entropy> if we insinate we knew they were attacking wikileaks still be heros

10:05 <&marduk> mhh hardly believable

10:05 <@entropy> yea thats true and if cought will be 1000x worse

10:05 <@Topiary> that's not a good path to go down

10:05 <@entropy> but should do revenge

10:05 <@entropy> *shouldnt

10:05 <&marduk> the story was told already. aaron tries to screw, we break in and uups.. wikileaks


10:06 <&marduk> we should stay with the truth, 100%

10:06 <@Topiary> no, we do not want to say we knew about WL before we leaked them, that is a road
to destruction

10:06 <&marduk> 'full disclosure'

10:06 <@entropy> yep your right

10:07 <@Topiary> our story is actually more meaningful seeing as we attacked Aaron Barr for specific

revenge and everything else was accidental

10:07 <@Topiary> which it was

10:07 * Topiary neglects to get up for now, dumps his release into piratepad and works on it

10:07 <&marduk> lol :)

10:07 <&marduk> i should get some food

10:07 <&marduk> mmm

10:07 <~Avunit>!/AvunitAnon/status/36798081152323584 still lolling about

them :P

10:11 <@tflow>

10:11 <@tflow> How is this so far? for search

10:11 <@tflow> atm still to do: make it link to + make it possible to searcha phrase for

more than 3 chars

10:12 <&marduk> tflow: give clue how to insert date

10:12 <&marduk> (syntax)

10:12 <@tflow> if you click the date box, a box should popup

10:12 <&marduk> also.. hmm is it possible to limit search to subject?

10:12 <&marduk> oh!

10:12 <&marduk> sorry sidnt see that hehe

10:13 <&marduk> like a checkbox "subject only"

10:13 <@tflow> ok now it links to anonleaks

10:16 <@tflow> and for the subject.. you can order the search results by subject
10:17 <&marduk> well, minor i thought it could be implemented easily..

10:17 <&marduk> sometimes you remember a mail because of a phrase in a subject

10:18 <&marduk> but if its a common phrase.. search will give too many results

10:18 <&marduk> if it also matches body

10:22 <&marduk> also btw the "meet the team" link is invisible again, may wanna fix that on occasion

(that was because we put up an older mirror when went down and we moved to another


10:22 <&marduk> although i must admit

10:22 <&marduk> i kinda like it invisible.. its still quite obvious

10:23 <~Avunit> I like it this way

10:23 <~Avunit> with the complaints thingie under it

10:23 <&marduk> yup

10:23 <&marduk> +1

10:24 <@entropy> i can switch the dns back if its back up

10:24 <@entropy> that was the 88 ip i think

10:24 <@entropy> dont rememebre it though

10:25 <&marduk> AnonymousLeaks 1037 followers Ã\o/

10:26 <~Avunit> AvunitAnon 0 followers \0/

10:26 <~Avunit> hah bitch i win

10:26 <&marduk> oh i can be your first!

10:26 <&marduk> yay

10:26 <@Topiary> updated

10:26 <&marduk> you now have a follower!

10:26 * marduk reads

10:26 <@Topiary> bottom half changed
10:26 <@Topiary> top half same

10:26 <~Avunit> \0/

10:28 <&marduk> Topiary: maybe -- just a thought -- i'd like to quote that they threatened with a "swift

response" and we're still waiting. we know it is a hollow threat but we still don't appreciate it?

10:28 <@Topiary> Okay, sec

10:28 <&marduk> ah you quoted the swift part

10:29 <&marduk> just below a sentence then or so

10:29 <@Topiary> Oh, I did

10:29 <@Topiary> Anonymous has falsified nothing; we leaked your inboxes in full with no edits. In

fact, most of your emails contain S/MIME digital signatures, proving that they're real. This information

is now free to the public, and you honestly think you can wriggle your way out of it by accusing

Anonymous of tampering with your data?

10:29 <@Topiary> That being said, we can see why you'd lie like this. You had intended to disrupt

WikiLeaks' operations with two other firms, and not only has that plan been revealed to the public, both

of those firms have officially cut all ties with you. Anonymous gives a nod to Palantir and Berico for

doing the right thing.

10:29 <@Topiary> As for HBGary, we still award you no points. What we find truly pathetic is that

you'd willingly work with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to create a smear campaign against

WikiLeaks while shrugging off any damages caused to innocent people, including wives and children.

You are the real terrorists here.

10:29 <@Topiary> these are the updated paragaphs

10:29 <@Topiary> in case the html link dun goof'd

10:30 <@tflow>

10:30 <@tflow> thoughts?

10:30 <@entropy> tflow: want me to switch the main dns back to or no?
10:30 <~Avunit> hurray i has a follower on twitter

10:31 <~Avunit> looks nice tflow

10:31 <&marduk> and an awesome one, he doesnt follow everybody!

10:31 <@Topiary> Looks good tflow

10:31 <&marduk> yup indeed

10:31 <@Topiary>

10:32 <&marduk> hmm

10:32 <&marduk> i am not quite sure

10:32 <&marduk> with the end

10:33 <@tflow> end?

10:33 <@tflow> oh

10:33 <@tflow> for the press release

10:33 <&marduk> i'd suggest different last two paragraphs.. yes for topiaria

10:33 <&marduk> let me draft something

10:33 <@tflow> btw i think we should put the wikileaks stuff first

10:33 <@tflow> then the revenge part last

10:34 <&marduk> Hmm.. I'd actually suggest a different approach. when will we release that,

tomorrow when we go public

10:34 <@tflow> it will make us seem like heros

10:34 <@tflow> (they read about us exposing their wikileaks plans; then they read about us being

targetted for exposing them)

10:35 <&marduk> i'd like to sketch something up; you can then see if you like it or will only use parts

10:35 <~Avunit> i thought we were going for a tonight release?

10:35 <&marduk> public tonight?

10:35 <~Avunit> in that case we really gotta be working towards having everything ready and only
having to add the IPs in the dns pool

10:35 <&marduk> its actually better than tomorrow.. as it will be ready tomorrow morning

10:36 <@entropy> whats the ip of supposed ot be?

10:36 <@entropy> the main one

10:36 <&marduk> wel as for the PR .. my idea was.. to put AnonLeaks in the focus.. and play HBGary

as a side story

10:36 <&marduk> using the wikileaks thing (and chamber of commerce) as example why what we do

is important

10:37 <&marduk> nothing about revenge actually... at least only very very subtle

10:38 <@Topiary> Why? This *is* about revenge.

10:38 <~Avunit> Fact is we started with revenge

10:38 <~Avunit> and ended at a wikileaks 'conspiracy'

10:38 <@Topiary> This is all about revenge, don't destroy that glory just to gain attention for


10:39 <@Topiary> we are not the people who "uncovered" their scandals

10:39 <@tflow> I don't think we should completely cut out the revenge part, but we should put

emphasis that they're not innocent

10:39 <@Topiary> we are the people who took revenge upon them

10:39 <@tflow> and that they tried to shutdown wikileaks

10:39 <@tflow> i.e. it's just revenge for pissing US off

10:39 <@Topiary> feel free to edit

10:39 <@tflow> it's not*

10:40 <&marduk> Topiary: yes but revenge is like putting the tongue out. and it'S small compared in

what we revealed regarding wikileaks and chamber of commerce

10:40 <&marduk> and who knows what else comes out
10:40 <@Topiary> marduk: what's your point?

10:40 <&marduk> well.. we dont need to rush just yet...

10:40 <&marduk> ill let you see my idea soon

10:40 <@Topiary> there's very accurate paragraphs about WikiLeaks in there, we don't need to become

reporters on it

10:41 <&marduk> it'll have the revenge partm too

10:41 <&marduk> hey i just want to make an alternative suggestion

10:41 <@entropy> wtf

10:41 <&marduk> if you dont care, fine

10:41 <&marduk> i do other things then

10:41 <~Avunit> HEY

10:41 <~Avunit> instead of shouting at eachother

10:41 <~Avunit> write a differetn version

10:41 <~Avunit> and then people can merge

10:41 <~Avunit> and whatever.

10:41 <@Topiary> don't get all pissy, go ahead and write your thing


10:41 <&marduk> i am already doing that :OD

10:42 <&marduk> and i'm not pissy heh

10:42 <~Avunit> DO NOT USE THAT TONE

10:42 <~Avunit> I am serious there.


10:42 <@tflow> STFU

10:42 <@entropy> my box is getting ddosed

10:42 <~Avunit> dump ips pls
10:42 <@entropy> im restarying via ctrl panel

10:42 <&marduk> i cant lose my nerves on irc. should i use caps it'S all sarcastic :p

10:42 <&marduk> now.. brb busy.

10:43 <~Avunit> I can, and no offense to you but especially since I walke din last time and you started

shouting at me

10:43 <~Avunit> while im trying to get updated <.<

10:43 <~Avunit> I am close to glining people then so i can just do my work >.>

10:43 <&marduk> wut?

10:43 <&marduk> when did i shout at you? :o

10:43 <~Avunit> When I told you the viewer was offline.

10:43 <@entropy> wtf is down

10:43 <~Avunit> theyre ddosing whole santrex? :O

10:44 <~Avunit> or they just fail? :p

10:44 <&marduk> eh.. you must have interpreted sth wrong

10:44 <@entropy> santrex

10:44 <~Avunit> id almost love heihachi.

10:45 <@entropy> can you get on

10:45 <~Avunit> narr

10:45 <~Avunit> cannot establish a connection

10:46 <@entropy> and 80 are up

10:47 <@entropy> i can get in via ssh

10:47 <@entropy> but them in just dropped out

10:47 <@entropy> or froze

10:50 <~Avunit> :/

10:50 <~Avunit> strange
10:50 <@tflow> [15:28:17] <+Anonymous9> Guys

10:50 <@tflow> [15:28:18] <+Anonymous9> IDea

10:50 <@tflow> [15:28:25] <+Anonymous9> Whoever is working on

10:50 <@tflow> [15:28:37] <+Anonymous9> If we want to generate a bit of press anticipation about


10:50 <@tflow> [15:28:52] <+Anonymous9> Put a countdown clock of some kind up on the home

page, to the intended release time

10:50 <@tflow> [15:28:56] <+Anonymous9> And put "Expect us" under it

10:50 <@tflow> [15:28:59] <+Anonymous9> in big text

10:50 <@tflow> [15:30:09] <+Anonymous9> I guarantee this will be good for viral buzz, folks

10:50 <~Avunit> yarr

10:50 <~Avunit> want me to do that?

10:50 <@tflow> sure

10:51 <~Avunit> k getting the index.html to update it

10:51 <~Avunit> in how much hours we gonna release?

10:51 <@tflow> but show us first

10:51 <@tflow> hm

10:51 <@tflow> ideas?

10:51 <&marduk> sec; almost done with my alt version

10:51 <@tflow> 9pm utc?

10:52 <~Avunit> thats err 4 hours?

10:52 <@entropy> my fucking password and shitdosent work for that server

10:52 <@tflow> 5

10:52 <~Avunit> k

10:53 <@entropy> what the fuck
10:54 <@entropy> im locked out of the ukraine box

10:54 <@entropy> and santrex is down for ukraine

10:54 <@entropy>

10:55 <@entropy>

10:55 <@entropy> yet i can ping them

10:55 <@entropy> wtf is goign on here

10:57 <@entropy> oh fuck

10:57 <@entropy> santrex is out of uk not ru

10:57 <@entropy> how the fuck could i not have seen this

11:00 <&marduk> okay, what do you thing: -- nott 100% yet (there are

some (?) where i dont think the word is right)

11:00 <&marduk> but i like this version a bit better

11:00 <&marduk> what you think?

11:02 <@tflow> i like it but there shouldn't be any references to anonleaks

11:02 <&marduk> not?

11:02 <@tflow> all references should be to anonymous

11:03 <&marduk> hmm, but we do reference to the full leaks tho? which ARE anonleaks?

11:03 <&marduk> well we can take out anonleaks

11:03 <&marduk> thats simple

11:03 <@Topiary> The first paragraphs doesn't make sense grammatically now

11:03 <@Topiary> *paragraph

11:03 <&marduk> oh.. hmm that could be a copy/paste accident :s

11:04 <&marduk> well first paragraphs can actually remain, i didnt change much there

11:04 <@tflow> i think we should use topiary's release, but with this paragraph:

11:04 <@tflow> #
11:04 <@tflow> But do not get us wrong, this is not all about revenge. Your leaked communication

reveals that your companies were entangled in highly dubious and most likely illegit activity, including

a smear campaign against Wikileaks and potential opponents(?) of the Chamber of Commerce.

Apparently this was done with full knowledge of the Department of Justice. While the whole truth has

yet to be uncovered,

11:04 <@tflow> AnonLeaks feels that it is its duty to let the world know what you and related

companies and Government agencies are up to. We will not idly stand by while companies like

HBGary work in secrecy to undermine rights of citizens or institutions like Wikileaks.

11:04 <&marduk> s/AnonLeaks/Anonymous/

11:04 <&marduk> ?

11:04 <@tflow> or something similar

11:04 <@tflow> yeah marduk

11:04 <@Topiary> Yes I do like the highly dubious bit

11:04 <@Topiary> And take out "apparently" IMO

11:05 <@tflow> can't we mix your press released?

11:05 <&marduk> "You tried to play the game. You lost." << hehe how about this

11:05 <@tflow> Topiary's top + marduk's bottom

11:05 <&marduk> yeah plus fix my grammar

11:05 <&marduk> also "opponent" is not good i think

11:05 <~Avunit>

11:06 <&marduk> hehe

11:06 <&marduk> are WE SURE?

11:06 <~Avunit> its without the css file

11:06 <@Topiary> Niiiiice

11:06 <~Avunit> but you get the gist of it
11:06 <@tflow> y so purple?

11:06 <~Avunit> tflow: now css makeup

11:06 <~Avunit> its white with css i think

11:06 <@tflow> also y no anonleaks logo

11:06 <~Avunit> no*

11:06 <&marduk> cool love it (in correct CSS) ... IF WE CAN 100% MAKE THE DEADLINE

11:06 <~Avunit> becaaaause

11:06 <~Avunit> its a seperate file :p

11:07 <~Avunit>

11:07 <~Avunit> there you are

11:07 <~Avunit> if you upload that one

11:07 <~Avunit> itll work with logo and hwatever

11:07 <~Avunit> and my css file

11:08 <~Avunit> i used a public javascript function

11:08 <~Avunit> so credits are in the .html source

11:08 <~Avunit> cba to write one myself if theyre public available :p

11:09 <~Avunit> we're sure about the 5 hours?

11:09 <~Avunit> if so; put it online tflow!

11:10 <@entropy> ns3 and is down

11:10 <@entropy> so is santrex ctrl panel

11:10 <@Topiary> not sure about which release to do, I just think if we both write one, they should be
meshed without meshing paragraphs themselves

11:10 <@entropy> i just emailed them

11:10 <@Topiary> one person adding to another's single paragraph never works

11:10 <@tflow> Let's start a pad then?

11:10 <@tflow> Avunit: lemme make sure first
11:11 <~Avunit> tflow: wait about 30mins - 1h with putting the enw one up then

11:11 <~Avunit> because ill have dinner first

11:11 <@tflow> ok

11:11 <~Avunit> make sure we get another box temp to host on as a homepage meanwhile
and that we can release in 5 hrs

11:11 <~Avunit> brb

11:11 <~Avunit> <3 ya all

11:12 <&marduk> <3<3 and whoever thought i was shouting or angry; i wasnt.

11:12 <@tflow> entropy: is up here

11:12 <@tflow> oh wait no it's down

11:12 <@tflow> lemme change the dns

11:12 <&marduk> doesnt work here

11:12 <@entropy> its cached most likely

11:12 <@entropy> whats wierd is santrex control pael is down

11:12 <@entropy> and my box is down

11:12 <@entropy> but i can ping both

11:13 <&marduk> mm

11:13 <@entropy> it just happened

11:13 <@entropy> i thought it was ddos

11:13 <@entropy> but it looks like im locked out

11:13 <@tflow> entropy: what's the ttl for the ns?

11:13 <@entropy> how long the record lasts

11:13 <@entropy> before refresh

11:13 <@entropy> oh

11:13 <@entropy> its 5 minutes

11:13 <@tflow> ah
11:13 <@tflow> should be good

11:13 <@entropy> unless i restart then its instant

11:13 <@entropy> how so?

11:14 <@tflow> is cnamed to right?

11:14 <@entropy> yes

11:14 <@entropy> both on my box

11:14 <@entropy> thats down

11:14 <@entropy> oh wait

11:14 <@entropy> cname

11:14 <@entropy> i can get in the dns ns1 and ns2

11:14 <@entropy> the ru ones

11:14 <@entropy> ukraine is down

11:15 <@entropy> no theres no cname in here

11:15 <@tflow> cname them please

11:15 <@entropy> oh theres a a record for www

11:15 <@entropy>

11:15 <@entropy> its not a cname

11:15 <@tflow> cname to to

11:15 <@entropy> ok

11:16 <@entropy>

11:16 <@entropy> 404

11:16 <@entropy> i can cname the other way around

11:16 <@tflow> i mean

11:16 <@tflow> CNAME

11:16 <@tflow> so goes to
11:19 <@Topiary> pad for editing

11:20 <&marduk> well, should i put in my paragraphs at the bottom?

11:22 <@tflow> entropy: done yet?

11:22 <@entropy> no i killed al lthe logs

11:22 <@tflow> - up now.

11:22 <@entropy> and dns isnt restartign with that cname

11:22 <@entropy> so i cant see the error

11:23 <@tflow> seems up here

11:23 <@entropy> yea i just manually put the ip for now

11:23 <@tflow> ah..

11:23 <@entropy> no cname

11:23 <@entropy> i put both to the www ip

11:23 <@entropy> its that ok

11:23 <@entropy> if not ill have to kee p looking why this cname isnt working

11:38 <~Avunit> hai guis

11:38 <~Avunit> Are we sure we can roll in like 4hrs and 20 mins?

11:39 <~Avunit> tflow?

11:40 <&marduk> also mainpage should have the mail link

11:40 <&marduk> i'D make it a little smaller tho

11:40 <@tflow> let me just get everytinh ready first

11:40 <@tflow> should take me about 30 mins

11:40 <~Avunit> okay theres the main html page again

11:40 <~Avunit> tell me when we put it on

11:41 <&marduk> yup looks good. sans no pic

11:41 <~Avunit> yeah the pic is included
11:41 <~Avunit> but with a ./anonleaks3.jpg

11:41 <@Topiary> marduk: check pad, everything good?

11:41 <&marduk> yeah i knwo

11:41 <&marduk> sec

11:42 <&marduk> "This was done with full knowledge of the Department of Justice. " <<< hmmm

11:42 <&marduk> i think we should put it more vague

11:42 <&marduk> Apparantly or sth

11:42 <&marduk> because we dont really know 100%

11:42 <&marduk> shouldnt claim that

11:44 <&marduk> "Evidence even suggests that this was done with full knowldge of the U.S.
Department of Justice."

11:44 <&marduk> ?

11:44 <&marduk> we SHOULD mention the DoJ indeed

11:45 <@entropy> avunit: was it santrex that locked you out of your vps last time?

11:45 <~Avunit> when what where?

11:45 <@tflow> btw, hm

11:45 <~Avunit> i never use a santrex box

11:45 <~Avunit> apart from yours

11:45 <@tflow> i can't do it if entropy's box is down

11:45 <@entropy> its down

11:45 <@tflow> greg's raw emails are there

11:45 <@entropy> on what box?

11:45 <@entropy> the ukraine one?

11:45 <@tflow> ukraine

11:46 <@entropy> i emailed them

11:46 <@entropy> and made a ticket
11:46 <@entropy> you dont have them anywhere else?

11:47 <@tflow> on my pc

11:47 <@tflow> but my upspeed is too slow

11:47 <&marduk> meh.

11:47 * marduk hates problems

11:47 <@tflow> nvm

11:47 <@entropy> i hate these fucking boxes

11:47 <@tflow> the emails are still on the prq box

11:47 <@entropy> and getting locked out for no reason

11:47 <@tflow> i can grab em from the prq box

11:47 <@tflow> dw

11:48 <~Avunit> k

11:48 <@entropy> < was up like 2 hours ago

11:50 <@tflow> entropy is the tor hidden service stillup?

11:50 <@entropy> yea should be

11:51 <~Avunit> well if you can get it from the prq box we should be fine

11:51 <@entropy> what the fuck

11:51 <~Avunit> for our 'supposed' deadline

11:51 <@entropy> they sent me this

11:51 <@entropy> Failure to comply with the terms will
result in suspension/termination.

11:51 <@entropy> For Open, Scheduled, or Resolved network issues please check

11:51 <@entropy> If you want to earn money by sending people our way, the best place is to get
activated is at

11:51 <@entropy> Thank you for choosing Santrex.

11:51 <@entropy> Your sincerely,
11:52 <@entropy> Santrex Internet Services

11:52 <@entropy> London, UK

11:52 <~Avunit> lulz

11:52 <~Avunit> standard response?

11:52 <@entropy> no its not

11:52 <@entropy>

11:52 <@entropy> [View original HTML in new window]

11:52 <@entropy> Santrex Internet Services Ltd.

11:52 <@entropy> Luca Hall,

11:52 <@entropy> Thank you for contacting our support team. A support ticket has now been opened
for your request. You will be notified when a response is made by email. The details of your ticket are
shown below.

11:52 <@entropy> Please note while we try our best to maintain a 24/7 quick response time, it may be
slightly slower during weekends SAT-SUN and after normal working hours. 11:52 <@entropy> well i
guess every one ion here knows my real name

11:52 <@entropy> ...

11:53 <@entropy> but no

11:53 <@entropy> its not standard

11:53 <@entropy> i thnkm they kileld my two vps

11:53 <@entropy> but not the ru ones

11:53 <~Avunit> why would the

11:53 <~Avunit> vpsadmin

11:53 <~Avunit> be down toot hen?

11:54 <@entropy> i have no idea

11:54 <~Avunit> and they must give a proper reason too imo, but fine

11:54 <~Avunit> should bug them

11:54 <~Avunit> to say whats exactly going on
11:57 <@entropy> how much does dns cost on the heihachi boxes?

11:57 <~Avunit> dns? watcha mean?

11:58 <@entropy> where you reg the domain

11:58 <~Avunit> oh i rgged at

11:58 <@entropy> hos much for them to provide dns

11:58 <@entropy> im afraid they are goign to shut my ru boxes down

11:58 <@entropy> i dont know if im parnoid or what

11:58 <~Avunit> their vps admin is down for me too

11:58 <@entropy> yea but my vps are down

11:59 <@entropy> and no services running on any ports

11:59 <@entropy> 2 of them

11:59 <@entropy> for no reason

11:59 <~Avunit> maybe other santrex ua boxes are down too?

11:59 <~Avunit> apart from yours?

11:59 <@entropy> ah didnt check

11:59 <~Avunit> try the ip range?

12:00 <@entropy> they are fuckign up

12:00 <@entropy> nmap -sP

12:00 <@tflow> why are they shutting it down?

12:01 <@entropy> their vpsadmin is down too

12:01 <@tflow> and perhaps we should setup some backup ns

12:01 <@tflow> like on triumph or something

12:01 <@entropy> so hopefully its just somethings wrong with thier box

12:01 <@entropy> 2 of mine are down

12:01 <@entropy> but i can ping my vps
12:01 <~Avunit> rather on tackle then

12:01 <@entropy> but ssh or www is not running

12:02 <@entropy> and they are set to run at boot

12:02 <~Avunit> check port 22 and 80 on the ip range?

12:02 <&marduk> tflow:

12:02 <&marduk> 17:02 <%DrPizza> q: The e-mails sent from greg's account to jussi; how were they

12:02 <&marduk> can you clarify?

12:02 <&marduk> 17:02 <&q> from his gmail account

12:02 <&marduk> 17:02 <%DrPizza> did tis occur after the password for greg's account was reset

12:02 <&marduk> i think yes

12:02 <&marduk> we needed to reset his pass to get in?

12:03 <@tflow> yes

12:03 <&marduk> thx

12:05 <@tflow> yeah

12:11 <@entropy> ok they have it in their network issues

12:11 <@entropy> its not just me

12:13 <~Avunit> k tflow

12:13 <~Avunit> you're going fine with the mails?

12:14 ! *** HQBot invited Nessuno834 into the channel

12:14 -!- Nessuno834 [fag@fag.fag] has joined #hq

12:14 -!- mode/#hq [+o Nessuno834] by HQBot

12:14 <@Nessuno834> Im a fucking idiot

12:14 <~Avunit> truth

12:15 <~Avunit> I just finished scanning your ip range too entropy :P

12:15 <@entropy> yea noone ese is open
12:15 <@entropy> and they have network issue

12:15 <@entropy> we are investigating the issue at the moment. updates will be here.

12:16 <~Avunit> Hello,

12:16 <~Avunit> My name is Sam.

12:16 <~Avunit> I would like to be interviewed to be a member of your team.

12:16 <~Avunit> I do not want money. Please let me know how I can help.

12:16 <~Avunit> Thank you,

12:16 <~Avunit> Sam

12:16 <~Avunit> lulz

12:16 <@tflow>

12:16 <@tflow> does this look fine to all your browsers?

12:16 <@tflow> i know it's fine in firefox + all ie

12:16 <~Avunit> fine on firefox.

12:16 <&marduk> Avunit: send to #repoter?

12:16 <~Avunit> err

12:16 <~Avunit> marduk

12:16 <&marduk> fine on chrome/linux

12:17 <~Avunit> he wants to join the 'team'

12:17 <&marduk> oh hah

12:17 <&marduk> sorry, misread

12:17 <&marduk> lulz

12:17 <~Avunit> im going to troll him

12:17 <~Avunit> badly

12:17 <&marduk> cc case please :)

12:17 <@Nessuno834> tflow looks fine on ff
12:17 <@Nessuno834> on linux

12:17 <@tflow> ok gr8

12:23 <~Avunit> sent and bcc to you marduk

12:23 <~Avunit> not really superb trolling

12:23 <~Avunit> but fine

12:23 <@Nessuno834> dead link?

12:24 <~Avunit> yesh

12:24 <~Avunit> not public yet

12:24 <~Avunit> tflow, ready to roll the new index.html in?

12:25 <@Nessuno834> aha

12:25 <~Avunit> and will we make the 3hr and 30 mins one?

12:25 <&marduk> heh av

12:26 <&marduk> i like it :)

12:26 <@Nessuno834> can i see?

12:26 <&marduk> wait ill paste

12:26 <@tflow> not yet. wait a sec

12:26 <@tflow> can we get some backup dns going incase entropy's goes down?

12:26 <@tflow> maybe

12:26 <&marduk> Nessuno834: pw bla

12:26 <@tflow> dydns?

12:27 <~Avunit> how will they get updated tho?

12:27 <@tflow> via the site

12:27 <~Avunit> since we use the dns bot here

12:27 <@tflow> well it's just for backup

12:27 <@Nessuno834> I lolled
12:27 <~Avunit> well we can but its not really needed

12:27 <&marduk> 4.: Please hack and root and give us a link to the php shell.

12:27 <&marduk> :D

12:27 <~Avunit> i mean we got 3 nameservers and only the UA have some network probs

12:28 <~Avunit> yeah im curious if he'll reply with

12:28 <~Avunit> LULZ GOOGLE!?

12:28 <~Avunit> if needed ill throw tackle in when entropys boxes will get taken down, but that
probabvly wont happen

12:28 <@tflow> all 3 ns are in santrex..

12:28 <@tflow> and 1 is down already

12:28 <~Avunit> Yes but tflow they only got network problem

12:28 <~Avunit> s

12:28 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

12:28 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

12:28 -!- mode/#hq [+o kayla] by HQBot

12:28 <@kayla> :D

12:28 <~Avunit> it has nothing to do with actual stuff

12:29 <@entropy> avunit: im just assuming that

12:29 <@tflow> are they all in the same datacenter?

12:29 <@entropy> and ns1 and ns2 are the same box

12:29 <@entropy> just diff ips

12:29 <@entropy> yes same datacenter

12:29 <~Avunit> blegh entropy

12:29 <~Avunit> you got soem time left?

12:29 <@entropy> i have no clue

12:29 <&marduk> kkkkkkay<3la
12:30 <~Avunit> ill install bind and give you an accounto n tackle so you can config it entropy with the

files you havwe

12:30 <@Nessuno834> ohai kayla

12:30 <@Nessuno834> fuck im too hungry

12:30 <@entropy> ok

12:30 <@entropy> avunit: what os?

12:30 <~Avunit> debian5

12:30 <~Avunit> oh wait

12:30 <~Avunit> fedora12 on tackle

12:31 <~Avunit> ;.;

12:31 <@entropy> ok if you make it the primary

12:31 <~Avunit> triumph is debian5 :P

12:31 <@entropy> i can set it up exactly so you can run the bot

12:31 <~Avunit> does it need to be the primary? :/

12:31 <@entropy> no

12:31 <@entropy> just saying

12:31 <@entropy> you can only run the bot on the primary

12:32 <&marduk> woah

12:32 <~Avunit> yeah tackle sometimes lags a bit due to heihachi

12:32 <~Avunit> so not the best idea

12:32 <&marduk> lag+++

12:32 <&marduk> a bit heh

12:33 <&marduk> cant connect to tackle atm... hmm

12:33 <~Avunit> im in tackle fine

12:33 <&marduk> ah now
12:33 <&marduk> yeah.. lag gone now

12:33 <&marduk> had bad lag on triumph as well

12:33 <&marduk> 17:31 -!- x [x@The.Internet] has joined #hqddddddddeeedddd

12:33 <&marduk> lulz

12:34 <&marduk> so countdown?

12:35 <@kayla> 5

12:35 <@kayla> 4

12:35 <@kayla> 3

12:35 <@kayla> 2

12:35 <@kayla> 1

12:35 <@kayla> :D

12:36 <&marduk> kayla:

12:37 <&marduk> Topiary: ?

12:38 -!- kayla [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]

12:41 ! *** HQBot invited kayla into the channel

12:41 -!- kayla [] has joined #hq

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12:43 <@tflow> so how's the press release?

12:43 <&marduk> i removed the last sentence, i like it better

12:43 <@tflow> link?

12:43 <&marduk> but wanted to hear Topiary's opinion

12:43 <&marduk>

12:43 <&marduk> (its still at the bottom in ()

12:44 <@tflow> looks gd

12:45 <&marduk> think so do
12:45 <@tflow>

12:45 <@tflow>

12:45 <@tflow> ready

12:45 <@tflow> (don't share links yet obv)

12:45 <&marduk> obv

12:45 <&marduk> so countdown?

12:45 <@tflow> sec

12:45 <~Avunit> we're installing a 4th nameserver meanwhile

12:45 <~Avunit> think the countdown can go online

12:46 <&marduk> we will truly deliver

12:48 <~Avunit> atleast it should be put online soon otherwise we gotta put it a few horus futher away

12:48 <~Avunit> because a countdown that only lasts 30 mins

12:48 <~Avunit> would be... useless :p

12:49 <&marduk> hmm we could make it midnight UTC?

12:49 <~Avunit> id prefer to do the current

12:49 <~Avunit> but if we wait

12:50 <~Avunit> well then we have to delay it a bit

12:50 <&marduk> or midnight CET/23.00 GMT

12:50 <&marduk> tflow: ?

12:50 <&marduk> what you think?

12:50 <@tflow> i don't mind

12:50 <&marduk> midnight CET sounds kinda cool

12:50 <&marduk> imo

12:50 <&marduk> or GMT

12:51 <@tflow> is tat midnight UTC?
12:51 <&marduk> UTC=GMT

12:51 <&marduk> 0.00 GMT = 1.00 CET

12:52 <&marduk> i'd suggest either midnight UTC or 23.00 UTC

12:56 <&marduk> mmm

12:56 <~Avunit> id suggest a bit earlier

12:56 <~Avunit> since i got college tomorrow :p

12:57 <@tflow> entropy

12:57 <&marduk> well okay, but then but it up

12:57 <@entropy> yea

12:57 <@entropy> im doingit now

12:57 <@tflow> what's the ssh port for your tor server

12:57 <&marduk> 23.00 CET, 22.00 UTC?

12:57 <@entropy> 22922

12:57 <@tflow> root@cybercom:~# ssh tflow@ -p 22922

12:57 <@tflow> ssh: connect to host port 22922: Connection refused

12:57 <@entropy> its not up

12:57 <@entropy> i know

12:58 <@tflow> when will it be up?

12:58 <@entropy> i have no idea

12:58 <@entropy> i dont know why its not up

12:59 <@entropy> it _seems_ like they reset them

12:59 <@entropy> but i havent got any email

12:59 <~Avunit> Hello Mr. Shepard,

12:59 <~Avunit> Thank you for this wonderful test.

12:59 <~Avunit> I will enjoy working on this for fun!
12:59 <~Avunit> I would like to help your team by sending funds to help the cause. (This my friend is not
a joke.)

12:59 <~Avunit> Please let me know how I can send money and learn how to help,

12:59 <~Avunit> Thank you,

12:59 <~Avunit> Sammy Nakhla MD, an Egyptian-American that believes in truth and rooting out

12:59 <@tflow> ukash vouchers plz

12:59 <~Avunit> yarr

12:59 <~Avunit> mail that

13:00 <~Avunit> or paysafecards D:

13:00 <@tflow> yes

13:00 <~Avunit> if hes a rich ass we'll be rolling on deds. but every buck will help P

13:00 <~Avunit> :P*

13:00 <@tflow> or liberty rserve

13:01 <@kayla> :D

13:01 <@kayla> rich? :D?

13:01 <@tflow> girls always light up at that word :P

13:02 <~Avunit> Your message has been sent.

13:02 <~Avunit> no kayla, no diamonds for you

13:02 <&marduk> lol

13:03 <@kayla> :(

13:04 <~Avunit> dstufft Baw baw black sheep

13:04 <~Avunit> Just saw the disaster that is What's the supposed justification for this?

(Don't everyone all parrot at once) #fail #terrorism

13:05 <@tflow> who said that?

13:05 <~Avunit> dstufft
13:05 <&marduk> twitter

13:05 <~Avunit> ill gief you link

13:05 <~Avunit> sec

13:05 <&marduk> yeah i saw that

13:05 <&marduk> *ignoring*

13:05 <~Avunit>!/dstufft/status/36844587230314496

13:05 <~Avunit> i was lolling at him

13:05 <&marduk> who is that btw?

13:05 <~Avunit> no idea

13:05 <@tflow> 47 followers

13:05 <@tflow> gay

13:05 <~Avunit> just saw it in my anonleaks search :p

13:05 <&marduk> i heard the name befroe

13:05 <&marduk> but dont know in what context

13:06 <~Avunit> anyway

13:06 <~Avunit> guis

13:06 <~Avunit> lets get a countdown timer up?

13:06 <&marduk> YES PL0X!

13:06 <&marduk> or do we need to wait for entropy's ssh?

13:06 <@tflow> ok

13:06 <~Avunit> not rly

13:06 <~Avunit> tflow

13:06 <@tflow> but we only have 3 confirmed mirrors

13:06 <~Avunit> shall we increase it

13:06 <@tflow> that's down from 5
13:07 <~Avunit> with one hour?

13:07 <~Avunit> just to be sure?

13:07 <&marduk> +1 for that

13:07 <@tflow> i think we should only start the timer like 2hrs before

13:07 <@tflow> or 1.5

13:07 <@tflow> b/c it might attract ddos

13:07 <~Avunit> iunno

13:07 <&marduk> if you see soserious .. he will mirror too

13:07 <&marduk> what about p0ke?

13:07 <~Avunit> well with a few mirrors its doable

13:07 <~Avunit> otherwise id start it now

13:07 <&marduk> mhh

13:07 <~Avunit> since its like 3hrs

13:08 <@tflow> also

13:08 <@tflow> set up plz

13:08 <~Avunit> i mean ddos might be bad for us, but it does prove our point

13:08 <~Avunit> i will sec

13:08 <&marduk> 2h timer will be missed by many. i like 3+ better

13:09 <@kayla> so whats happening :D?

13:09 <&marduk> we're anticipating teh Launch!

13:09 <@kayla> :D

13:10 <@kayla> what time?

13:10 <&marduk> 3 or 4 hours?

13:10 <@kayla> nice :)

13:11 <@tflow> i love how all this happens exactly 1 week after the incident
13:11 <~Avunit> \0/

13:11 <@tflow> rapid response

13:11 <~Avunit> tflow, shall we just go for the 3hr timer?

13:12 <@tflow> so what time should we release?

13:12 <~Avunit>

13:12 <~Avunit> 2hrs and 47 mins left

13:12 <~Avunit> which is not too long or too short

13:12 <&marduk> i like that

13:12 <@tflow> can we increase by 15 mins?

13:12 <~Avunit> of course

13:12 <~Avunit> sec

13:12 <@tflow> b/c i need 2 shit

13:13 <@tflow> for like an hour

13:13 <@tflow> haven't taken a shit in a while

13:13 <&marduk> just put it onnnnnnnnnn

13:13 <~Avunit>

13:13 <~Avunit> 15 mins increase

13:13 <~Avunit> 3hrs and 1min to go

13:14 <~Avunit> put it on

13:14 <~Avunit> shout

13:14 <~Avunit> and lets roll

13:14 <@tflow> Avunit, put it on triumph

13:14 * Avunit readies his epic twitter.

13:14 <~Avunit> where you want me to put it?

13:14 <~Avunit> your home?
13:14 <@tflow> /home/tflow/anonleaks/main

13:14 <@tflow> then set a vhost for it

13:15 <~Avunit> ill need the other files too though

13:15 <@kayla> 11 hours, 59 minutes, 18 seconds

13:15 <@kayla> Expect us.

13:15 <@kayla> Teasers:

13:15 <~Avunit> the .jpg and emails

13:15 <@kayla> :s 11?

13:15 <~Avunit> ets 3 for me

13:15 <~Avunit> oh god

13:15 <@tflow> i'll upload them

13:15 <@tflow> or don't u have them?

13:15 <~Avunit> whats it for the rest of you?

13:16 <~Avunit> tflow: not the most updated ones

13:16 <@tflow> 3pm?

13:16 <@kayla> says 11 foe me

13:16 <~Avunit> nono 3 hours

13:16 <~Avunit> but for kayla its 11 houras

13:16 <&marduk> 3h here too

13:16 <&marduk> goes by timezone? :o

13:16 <@tflow> o

13:16 <~Avunit> oh crap

13:16 <~Avunit> >.<

13:16 <~Avunit> i shouldve written the file myself

13:16 <&marduk> :((
13:16 <@tflow> says 3 mins 48

13:16 <@tflow> says 3 hrs 48

13:16 <@tflow> *

13:16 <@tflow> says 3 hrs 58*

13:17 <&marduk> yeah it's probably depending on your timezone

13:17 <~Avunit> gsdjklgdklajgklagjklejklaejgjlagjkla

13:17 <~Avunit> trying to fix

13:17 <~Avunit> goddamnit

13:17 <~Avunit> javascript is client side

13:17 <~Avunit> d'oh

13:18 * Avunit slaps self.

13:20 <~Avunit> well lthis gives me quite a problem

13:20 <~Avunit> as i prob cant use javascript

13:20 <@tflow> meh...

13:20 <@tflow> just use

13:20 <&marduk> *sigh*

13:20 <@tflow> to make a counter

13:22 <@entropy> avunit ok its setup

13:22 <@entropy> that was a bitch

13:23 <@entropy> ps -waux shows wied shit

13:23 <@entropy> no clue why the fuck ps removed the '-' for options

13:25 <&marduk>


%23CCFFFF&amp;fgcolor=%23000000&amp;title=Countdown%20To" width="250" height="365"

scrolling="no" frameborder="1" style="overflow:hidden;width:15.6em;height:22.8em;"><a ...

13:25 <&marduk> ... href="





13:25 <&marduk> would that work

13:26 <&marduk> urg

13:26 <@tflow> ?

13:26 <&marduk>

13:26 <~Avunit> plau tflow

13:26 <~Avunit> im uploading

13:26 <&marduk> ah k

13:26 <@tflow> did u fix the issue?

13:27 <~Avunit> yes

13:27 <~Avunit> i used time and date

13:27 <~Avunit> with an iframe

13:27 <@tflow> preview?

13:27 <~Avunit> sec

13:28 <~Avunit>

13:28 <&marduk> UTC

13:28 <&marduk> 0 Day, 02 Hr, 46 Min, 40 Sec

13:28 <@tflow> remove the UTC part? i think
13:29 <~Avunit> lemme see if i can

13:30 <~Avunit> done

13:30 <~Avunit> want me to show it again?

13:30 <@tflow> yes plz

13:31 <~Avunit>

13:31 <&marduk> looks okay

13:31 <@tflow> looks gd

13:31 <@tflow> put it on triumph

13:31 <&marduk> unless day is easily removable....

13:32 <~Avunit> k

13:32 <~Avunit> oh i might be able to remove that

13:32 <~Avunit> oh i cant

13:32 <~Avunit> damnit

13:32 <&marduk> ah nvm

13:33 <&marduk> not important.

13:33 <&marduk> let me know when it is up live so i can tweet from AnonLEaks

13:33 <~Avunit> ill tweet too obviously with my 1 followers

13:33 <~Avunit> home/tflow/anonleaks/main/index.html

13:34 <@tflow> ok

13:34 <@tflow> did you upload all the other files too?

13:34 <@tflow> and set the vhost?

13:34 <~Avunit> nope

13:34 <~Avunit> can you sftp them?

13:34 <~Avunit> ill set to that page yes

13:34 <@tflow> k
13:34 <~Avunit> sec

13:35 <~Avunit> updating a 4th nameserver

13:37 <~Avunit> vhost set

13:37 <~Avunit> ready to roll when the files are there

13:37 <@tflow> files are up

13:38 <~Avunit> entropy has to edit it in the dns?

13:39 <@entropy> no its set

13:39 <@entropy> root@ru:/var/named/chroot/etc# nslookup

13:39 <@entropy> Server:

13:39 <@entropy> Address:

13:39 <@entropy> Name:

13:39 <@entropy> Address:

13:39 <~Avunit> i mean

13:39 <~Avunit> the actual

13:39 <~Avunit> address

13:39 <@entropy> but it has to probpagate via ni

13:39 <~Avunit> of

13:39 <~Avunit> for

13:39 <~Avunit> the site

13:39 <~Avunit> and

13:39 <@entropy> whats the ip?

13:39 <~Avunit> sec

13:40 <~Avunit>

13:40 <@tflow> no..

13:40 <@tflow> oh
13:40 <@tflow> i mean

13:40 <@tflow> can't you cname it?

13:40 <~Avunit> iunno well thats the ip of the box

13:40 <@tflow> i mena

13:40 <~Avunit> itll react on www. and just

13:40 <@tflow> cname

13:41 <~Avunit> that didnt work before did it?

13:41 <@entropy> ill try but i dont think you can cname the origin

13:41 <@tflow> so if we edit www from dnsbot, it will upate on

13:41 <~Avunit> i generally do it the other way around :P

13:41 <~Avunit> cname www to origin :P

13:41 <@tflow> well its so that we can edit it from dnsbot..

13:41 <@entropy> theres no way via dns bot to do that

13:41 <@entropy> unless i rewrite part of it

13:41 <@tflow> you can edit www from dns bot

13:41 <~Avunit> well he meant that if we can cname the origin

13:41 <~Avunit> we can edit www

13:42 <@entropy> ok hold on

13:45 <@entropy> no you cant do that or i dont know how

13:45 <@tflow> shame

13:45 <@tflow> ok

13:45 <@tflow> i need you to change the ip back 5 mins before launch

13:46 <@entropy> ok whens that happening

13:46 <@entropy> im going to a fight in like 2 hours

13:46 <@entropy> 10 fights so probably 3 hours maybe
13:46 <@tflow> 2 hours 30 mins lol

13:47 <@entropy> ...

13:47 <@tflow> does Avunit have access to it?

13:47 <@entropy> yes

13:47 <&marduk> hmm cant you give axx to someone who will be here?

13:47 <&marduk> ah

13:47 <@tflow> ok that should be fine then

13:47 <~Avunit> I shall do et gentlemen.

13:47 <&marduk> YES pl0xxi

13:47 <@entropy> ok edit /var/named/chroot/var/named/

13:47 <@tflow> we must celebrate

13:47 <@tflow> on launch

13:47 <@entropy> edit the serial number increment it by 1

13:47 <&marduk> ill be here

13:47 <&marduk> (=

13:47 <~Avunit> yeah and update the serial right :P

13:47 <~Avunit> yup

13:47 <~Avunit> did it before :p

13:47 <@entropy> 2011020945 ; serial

13:47 <~Avunit> whats your

13:47 <@entropy> change this line to the ip

13:47 <@entropy> IN A

13:48 <~Avunit> config?

13:48 <@entropy> then www IN A

13:48 <~Avunit> liek start command?
13:48 <@entropy> /var/named/chroot/var/named/

13:48 <@entropy> /etc/init.d/bind9 restart

13:48 <~Avunit> k thx

13:48 <@entropy> why is it gettign released in 2:30?

13:49 <@entropy> 430 est?

13:49 <~Avunit> did you set the ip to triumph already or i gotta do that now?

13:50 <@tflow> well

13:50 <@tflow> in utc it will be almost monday

13:50 <@Nessuno834> so when do i get open my champagne?

13:50 <~Avunit> okay im setting the ip now

13:50 <&marduk> CET even moreseo

13:50 <&marduk> Nessuno834: 2,5h

13:50 <@Nessuno834> coolio

13:51 <@Nessuno834> gonna be very drunk the bubbles go to my head

13:52 <~Avunit> $ ./bind9 restart

13:52 <~Avunit> * Stopping domain name service... bind9 [ OK ]

13:52 <~Avunit> * Starting domain name service... bind9

chmod: changing permissions of `/var/run/named': Operation not permitted

13:53 <@entropy> $

13:53 <@entropy> sudo su

13:53 <&marduk> also, press release is here:

13:53 <&marduk> for later

13:53 <&marduk> need to be made clean with logo and shit

13:53 <~Avunit> rndc: connect failed: connection refused does that matter?

13:54 <@entropy> no
13:54 <~Avunit> k

13:54 <~Avunit> waiting for it to be udpated then

13:54 <@tflow> marduk: the press release will ony be on the torrent anyway

13:54 <&marduk> tflow: oh? hmm not via anonnews?

13:54 <&marduk> gives more exposure

13:55 <@entropy> avunit: /usr/sbin/rndc -s localhost -c /var/named/chroot/etc/rndc.conf reload

13:55 <@entropy> thats prob better

13:55 <&marduk> yay

13:55 <&marduk> timer is up

13:56 <~Avunit>!/AvunitAnon/status/36861133872828416

13:56 <~Avunit> tweeted

13:56 <~Avunit> but your dns might take time to reload it

13:56 <~Avunit> for me the www. has the counter and the origin not

13:56 <@tflow> oh

13:56 <@tflow> never though of it

13:57 <~Avunit> fine

13:57 <~Avunit> dns is updated there now too

13:57 <~Avunit> SPREAD IT

13:57 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @Nessuno834

14:00 <~Avunit>!/AvunitAnon/status/36861133872828416!/AvunitAnon/status/36861133872828416!/AvunitAnon/status/36861133872828416

14:00 <~Avunit> lets rawl

14:01 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @tflow

14:01 ! *** HQBot invited Nessuno834 into the channel
14:01 -!- Nessuno834 [fag@fag.fag] has joined #hq

14:01 -!- mode/#hq [+o Nessuno834] by HQBot

14:01 <&marduk> hmm

14:01 <@Nessuno834> was that netsplit

14:01 <@Nessuno834> or my fag laptop

14:01 <&marduk> yes tackle and triumpg vanished

14:02 <&marduk> err triangle

14:02 <@Nessuno834> though so

14:02 ! *** HQBot invited tflow into the channel

14:02 -!- mode/#hq [+o tflow] by HQBot

14:02 -!- Netsplit over, joins: tflow

14:03 <@Nessuno834> right boys and girls

14:03 <@Nessuno834> I got a lot to do

14:03 <~Avunit> triangle vanished mainly

14:03 <&marduk> also tackle

14:03 <&marduk> but vlad still there?

14:03 <&marduk> unusual

14:03 <@Nessuno834> but if for some reason u need me, may happen one day?! highlight me

14:04 <~Avunit> entropy!

14:04 <&marduk> oh tackle is back

14:04 <&marduk> didnt notice

14:04 <@entropy> yo

14:04 <~Avunit> did you kill triangle?

14:04 <~Avunit> well ru for you?

14:04 <@entropy> no?
14:04 <@entropy> why

14:04 <~Avunit> Broadcast message from root@ru

14:04 <~Avunit> (unknown) at 19:03 ...

14:04 <~Avunit> The system is going down for halt NOW!

14:04 <&marduk> triangle?

14:05 <@entropy> what the fuck

14:05 <@entropy> oot@ru:/var/named/chroot/var/named#

14:05 <@entropy> Broadcast message from root@ru

14:05 <@entropy> (unknown) at 19:03 ...

14:05 <@entropy> The system is going down for halt NOW!

14:05 <@entropy> Connection to closed by remote host.

14:05 <@entropy> Connection to closed.

14:05 <&marduk> uhhhm

14:05 <~Avunit> well thats what i had

14:05 <&marduk> oh no

14:05 <@entropy> tflow:

14:05 <&marduk> i dont believe this

14:05 <@entropy> did you reboot that?

14:05 <~Avunit> well it surely didnt reboot, only shutdown D:

14:05 <@entropy> wha t the fuck

14:06 <&marduk> Avunit: that happened on triumph a few weeks ago

14:06 <&marduk> but it came back

14:06 <&marduk> but FUCK

14:06 <~Avunit> can you log in the vps panel?

14:06 -!- Nessuno834 is now known as Nessuno
14:06 <&marduk> well, i have to leave for ~40 minutes

14:06 <&marduk> cant help it

14:07 <@entropy> they suspened all my vps

14:07 <@entropy> Active Pending Suspended Terminated

14:07 <@entropy> all suspened

14:07 <@entropy> yellow

14:07 <~Avunit> tmklngdgkldgkljalgjerlgjljgloegjklgjklawegjljglagjlegjawelgjlgjklgjklejlagjklgljka

14:07 <&marduk> URGH!?

14:07 <@entropy> i have no emails


14:07 <@entropy> and still havent responed to my tickets

14:07 <~Avunit> TFLOW

14:07 <&marduk> uhm, can we use the others.. and stay with 3 mirros then?

14:07 <@entropy> Number of Products/Services: 3 (3)

14:07 <@entropy> Number of Domains: 0 (0)

14:07 <@entropy> Number of Support Tickets: 2

14:07 <@entropy> Number of Referred Signups:

14:08 <@entropy> 3 out of 3 suspened

14:08 <@entropy> what the fuck

14:08 <~Avunit> which means

14:08 <~Avunit> we only have

14:08 <@entropy> they were just dns

14:08 <~Avunit> 1 nameserver?

14:08 <&marduk> ah.. hm.

14:09 <~Avunit> I regret launching now
14:09 <&marduk> well.. okay, back in 40m .. i hope somewhat good news then maybe :/

14:09 -!- tflow [tflow@HA-9ch.ue7.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]

14:09 <~Avunit> goddamnit tflow

14:09 <&marduk> all fux. grr.

14:09 <@entropy> fuck im supposed to be goign to my friends fight soon

14:10 <@entropy> how fast can i get a heihachi box

14:10 ! *** HQBot invited tflow into the channel

14:10 -!- tflow [tflow@HA-9ch.ue7.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

14:10 -!- mode/#hq [+o tflow] by HQBot

14:10 <~Avunit> not quite sure

14:10 <@tflow> Firefox can't find the server at

14:10 <~Avunit> tflow

14:10 <@tflow> y

14:10 <~Avunit> damnit

14:10 <@entropy> my vps are suspened

14:10 <~Avunit> 3 nameservers are offline

14:10 <@tflow> ..

14:10 <@tflow> we have 1 right?

14:10 <@entropy> anyone know how to get heihachi right now?

14:10 <~Avunit> yup

14:10 <~Avunit> only mines is online

14:10 <@entropy> like wheres the english site

14:10 <~Avunit>

14:10 <@tflow> is it up?

14:10 <~Avunit> yes
14:10 <~Avunit> tackle is up and running

14:11 <@tflow> not resolving...

14:11 <~Avunit> this is not a good moment to get screwed over D:

14:11 <@entropy> its not in yet

14:11 <@tflow> oh?

14:11 <@tflow> how long will that take?

14:11 <~Avunit> oh fuck no

14:11 <@entropy> no clue?

14:11 <~Avunit> 4hrs at max

14:12 <@entropy> did you do it avunit?

14:12 <@tflow> depr

14:12 <~Avunit> yup

14:12 <@tflow> why are you vpses suspended....

14:12 <@entropy> what about just a change of ip

14:12 <@entropy> i have no emails from them

14:12 <@entropy> if i login they are yellow

14:12 <~Avunit> thats also taking the same amount of time

14:12 <@entropy> i have two tickets and an email

14:12 <@entropy> noone has gotten back to me

14:12 <~Avunit> Shall I tweet that our NSes are down?

14:13 <~Avunit> toimpale Arv

14:13 <~Avunit> Wow, is @AnonLeaks down before it even got up? --

14:13 <~Avunit> xD

14:13 <@entropy> its up

14:13 <@entropy> my box is back up
14:14 <@entropy> i just reboot it in ctrl panel

14:14 <~Avunit> oh great!

14:14 <@entropy> named is back

14:14 <@entropy> reboot system boot 2.6.18-194.8.1.e Sun Feb 13 19:15 - 19:16 (00:01)

14:14 <@entropy> why are my vps yellow then

14:15 <@tflow> so nameservers will be back?

14:15 <@entropy> back right now

14:15 <@tflow>



14:15 <@tflow> tweet it's back up

14:15 <@entropy> why did someone say it was down?

14:15 <@tflow> like say sorry we had some technical issues with nameservers

14:16 <@tflow> no one did yet

14:16 <~Avunit> tweeted

14:16 <@tflow> but ppl are tweeting that its down

14:16 <@entropy> thats was only like 2 minutes

14:16 <@entropy> wtf

14:16 <~Avunit> yeah

14:16 <~Avunit> people tweeted it was down already

14:16 <~Avunit> i tweeted that we had a lil problem with a host

14:16 <~Avunit> but that its all resolved

14:16 <@entropy> my vps say suspened

14:16 <@entropy> and are yellow

14:16 <~Avunit>!/AvunitAnon/status/36866180589289472
14:16 <@entropy> what if they shut it down again

14:16 <@tflow> dnsbot plz

14:16 <@tflow> if they shut it down we still have ns4 right

14:17 <@entropy> well we had ns4

14:17 <~Avunit> entropy: we can only hope ns4 has been updated by then

14:17 <~Avunit> but it might take 4 hrs

14:17 <@entropy> why wasnt that working

14:17 <@entropy> oh yea

14:17 <@entropy> fuck

14:17 <@tflow> dnsbot plz

14:17 <@tflow> dnsbot plz

14:17 <@tflow> dnsbot plz

14:17 <~Avunit> im bringing it up!

14:17 <~Avunit> sec

14:17 <@entropy> ok hopefully it dosent happen

14:17 <~Avunit> entropy

14:17 <~Avunit> can you give one of us temp access tot he vps panel?

14:17 <@entropy> yea

14:17 <~Avunit> so we can reboot since they suck at keeping it down?

14:18 <@entropy> ill check

14:18 <@entropy> im not goign to the fight

14:18 <@entropy> ill say here

14:19 <@entropy> its only 90$

14:19 <@entropy> :(

14:19 <~Avunit> goddamnit
14:19 <~Avunit> the perlbot refuses to start

14:19 <@entropy> why?

14:19 <~Avunit> iunno it starts

14:19 <~Avunit> but doesnt connect

14:19 <@entropy> did you change any code?

14:19 <~Avunit> nope

14:20 <@entropy> oh yea was doignthat to me

14:20 <~Avunit> howd you fix it?

14:20 <@entropy> probably because its tryign to connect to a ip in thats down

14:20 <~Avunit> btw can i bring the irc back too?

14:20 <@entropy> thats why i put it to

14:20 <@entropy> yea sure

14:20 <@entropy> are al lthe ips for up?

14:21 <@entropy> and running irc?

14:21 <~Avunit> only yours wasnt

14:21 <@entropy> must have been tryign t connect to mine first

14:21 <~Avunit> for 6 times? :p

14:21 <@entropy> dont know

14:21 <@entropy> try manually putting the ip

14:21 <~Avunit> nope its not on yours either

14:22 <@entropy> when i was deugiing thats what i did cause it would start and just hang

14:22 <~Avunit> i used

14:22 <~Avunit> worked

14:22 <@entropy> yea

14:22 <@entropy> somethings up with how it resolvs ip
14:22 <@entropy> i think it just picks one

14:23 <@entropy> and continusly tries it

14:23 -!- marduk- [] has joined #hq

14:23 < marduk-> on cell

14:23 <~Avunit> okay

14:23 <~Avunit> its on now

14:23 < marduk-> phew cool

14:24 <~Avunit> brb getting some tea

14:24 < marduk-> so much fun lulz

14:27 <@Topiary> Backistan

14:27 <@Topiary> you guys all done with the release?

14:27 <@Topiary> nice timer by the way.

14:28 <@tflow> server

14:28 <@tflow> {

14:28 <@tflow> server_name;

14:28 <@tflow> location /

14:28 <@tflow> {

14:28 <@tflow> root html/;

14:28 <@tflow> index index.html;

14:28 <@tflow> }

14:28 <@tflow> }

14:28 <@tflow> grr y the fuck isnt that working

14:28 -!- marduk- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]

14:30 <@entropy> avunit: does triangle provide much of anything

14:30 <@entropy> just goign throuw their tos
14:30 <@entropy> apparenetly i cant have ircd on it

14:30 <@entropy> so maybe for now to keep it up shut ircd down

14:30 <@tflow> fd@luxembourg:~$ ls -lt /usr/local/nginx/html

14:30 <@tflow> total 7021920

14:30 <@tflow> -rw-r--r-- 1 fd fd 7183403125 Feb 13 22:56

14:30 <@tflow> drwxr-xr-x 6 fd fd 4096 Feb 13 21:52

14:30 <@tflow> -rw-r--r-- 1 root staff 383 Feb 11 04:57 50x.html

14:30 <@tflow> -rw-r--r-- 1 root staff 151 Feb 11 04:57 index.html

14:31 <@tflow> fucking derp

14:31 <@tflow> is a file not a directory LOL

14:36 <@entropy> my server is down again

14:36 <@entropy> and im lockec out of ctrl panel

14:37 <@entropy> im getting a heihachi box right now

14:37 <@tflow> damn it

14:37 <&marduk> re

14:37 <@entropy> avunit: if you set to use their ns just for right now it will be instant

14:37 <@entropy> then i can get this box and put it up

14:37 <@entropy> and then we can use off site dns

14:38 <@entropy> will take 10 min

14:38 <@entropy>

14:38 <@entropy> are all these in russia?

14:38 <@tflow> yes

14:39 <@entropy> this is the exact same ctrl panel

14:39 <@entropy> its not the same company is it?

14:40 <@tflow> no
14:40 <@tflow> many hosts use that cp

14:40 <@entropy> avunit:

14:40 <@entropy> fuck

14:40 <@entropy> sorry i dont know what i did to have them take my shit dwn

14:41 <@entropy> and i have no emails from them

14:41 <@entropy> ph fuckl

14:41 <@entropy> i have no fucking ewmails cause thats hosting my own dns

14:41 <&marduk> is the site up? here its not, but could be the ns i use

14:42 <@entropy> no its not

14:42 <@entropy> we need avunit to change the dns servers it uses to its own dns

14:42 <@entropy> nic.rus dns servers

14:42 <@tflow> Avunit?

14:42 <@entropy> they will come up the second he does it

14:42 <@entropy> my email is down

14:42 <@entropy> and somain

14:42 <@entropy> fuck

14:43 <&marduk> he wanted to get a tea..

14:50 <@entropy> my boss called me

14:50 <@entropy> ans asked me if i can come into work

14:50 <@entropy> they couldnt have got anythign this fast right

14:51 <@entropy> my hands are fuckign shaking

14:51 <@entropy> should i go there

14:51 <@tflow> gahh..

14:51 <@entropy> its way to fats right

14:52 <@entropy> fast
14:52 <@kayla> for what?

14:53 <@entropy> for the police to do anything?

14:53 <@kayla> i'd say so

14:53 <@entropy> thats what i think

14:53 <@kayla> why would they go to your work and not your house?

14:53 <@entropy> i have no idea

14:53 <@kayla> i think you're being paranoid :D

14:53 <&marduk> yah that makes no sense, rly

14:53 <@entropy> ok fuck

14:54 <@entropy> too many wierd things now im fuckign paranoid as shit

14:54 <@entropy> i need to calm the fuck down

14:58 <&marduk> i wishi i could help you in doing so

14:58 <@entropy> im tryign to get in touch with our monitoring ppl

14:58 <@entropy> and see whos there

14:58 <@tflow> can u tweet or something? like

14:59 <@tflow> some of our namservers down | backup nameservers are still propagating

14:59 <@tflow> what do u think?

14:59 <&marduk> yeah

15:00 <&marduk>!/AnonymousLeaks/status/36877432342450177

15:01 <@tflow> Avunit

15:02 <@tflow> well mirrors are still up

15:02 <@tflow>

15:02 <@tflow>

15:02 <@tflow>

15:04 <&marduk> where the hell did he go?
15:04 <&marduk> he wanted to get a tea :o

15:05 <&marduk> and i am away again... for a while

15:10 <@entropy> theres two people with my boss in my conf room

15:10 <@entropy> two guys

15:10 <@entropy> i have no fucking idea whats goign on

15:10 <@entropy> should i call a layer before i go in there or ?

15:10 <@entropy> just to be safe?

15:10 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @marduk, @tflow

15:16 <~Avunit> djklgadklgjdlgjak

15:16 <~Avunit> sdgmldgjklal

15:17 -!- Netsplit over, joins: &marduk, @tflow

15:17 <~Avunit> dgjdklagjldgjkladjgkladg

15:18 <~Avunit> we're getting bullshitted badly rite?

15:18 <~Avunit> entropy

15:18 <@entropy> i fucking wish i was bullshitting

15:18 <@entropy> im goign to fucking throw up

15:19 <~Avunit> jesus shitting fuck

15:19 <~Avunit> why of every moment of the day

15:19 <~Avunit> this moment

15:19 <~Avunit> after we launched our clock

15:20 <~Avunit>!/AvunitAnon/status/36882157452394496

15:20 <@tflow> Avunit

15:20 <@tflow> ns4 is in the domain registration yes?

15:21 <~Avunit> yes

15:21 <~Avunit> its awaiting update of the databases
15:21 <@tflow> good

15:21 <@tflow> plz get dnsbot for ns4

15:21 <~Avunit> its ready to roll

15:21 <~Avunit> but gotta wait till its updated

15:21 <~Avunit> and then start as primary

15:21 <~Avunit> (glad i downloaded the perlbot already)

15:24 <@entropy> im going into my work

15:25 <~Avunit> hmm?

15:30 <@kayla> entropy, im sure it's nothing <3

15:30 <@Nessuno> whats happening kidlets?

15:30 <~Avunit> well tbh

15:31 <~Avunit> it happened quite quickly after we put the countdown on

15:31 <~Avunit> hbgary is trying to screw us or the host is :P

15:31 <~Avunit> anyway we lack nameservers

15:31 <@Nessuno> reckon hbgary got an injunction?

15:32 <@Nessuno> u need a nameserver?

15:32 <~Avunit> We need some bulletproof nameservers

15:32 <~Avunit> quickly

15:32 <~Avunit> we only got one atm

15:33 <@Nessuno> I'll put a few feelers out

15:33 <@Nessuno> but its short notice

15:34 <~Avunit> yes it is

15:34 <~Avunit> but we need to get it sorted

15:34 <~Avunit> i mean it is a legitimate reason to suspend the release date

15:34 <~Avunit> but we gotta get it sorted
15:34 <@Nessuno> looks a bit fail tho doesnt it

15:35 <@Nessuno> put up countdown, lose nameservers ????? failprofit

15:35 <~Avunit> yup

15:35 <~Avunit> srs

15:35 <~Avunit> if it was a tos notice

15:35 <~Avunit> they have been watching the site

15:35 <~Avunit> like 15 mins after the countdown was up

15:35 <~Avunit> we got pwnd

15:35 <@kayla> are all the emails in a torrent ready to go?

15:36 <@kayla> because i'll be dammed if we miss a dead line, they're getting released one way or the


15:36 <@kayla> even if i have to paste them all in to irc :3

15:36 <@tflow> Avunit

15:36 <@tflow> dnsbot for ns4?

15:37 * Nessuno gets ctrl c ctrlv ready lol

15:37 <~Avunit> tflow: its not even in the pool yet, when its in the pool i have to make it primary

15:37 <~Avunit> and then i can run a dnsbot on it

15:40 <@tflow> when did you add ns4?

15:41 <~Avunit> like

15:41 <~Avunit> 1hr ago

15:41 <~Avunit> or 2

15:41 <~Avunit> smth like that

15:50 <&marduk> re

15:52 <&marduk> so hm

15:52 <~Avunit> entropy!
15:52 <~Avunit> you still alive?

15:53 <@tflow> can't use for ns?

15:54 <~Avunit> tflow i told you already

15:54 <~Avunit> thatd cost money

15:54 <~Avunit> quite a bit

15:54 <~Avunit> and

15:54 <~Avunit> will take another 6 hours of updating

15:54 <~Avunit> (after processign the order)

15:54 <~Avunit> so its not really an option :(

15:55 <&marduk> hmm

15:55 <&marduk> then go public with a mirror?

15:55 <&marduk> not so nice but...

15:55 <~Avunit> we have one mirror

15:56 <@tflow> 3 actually

15:56 <~Avunit> yeah but

15:56 <~Avunit> thsoe cant be used with

15:56 <~Avunit>

15:56 <&marduk> another idea, why dont we just push it up to the cloud.

15:57 <&marduk> sourceforge, googlecode, sourceforge?

15:57 <@tflow> [20:57:35] <xor> [20:54:21] ssh root@ password: kaosreigns

15:57 <@tflow> [20:57:35] <xor> [20:54:48] for hosting DNS server

15:57 <@tflow> [20:57:35] <xor> [20:55:18] lamda asked for halp in telecomix and i had a server

doing nothing.

15:57 <@tflow> [20:57:35] <xor> [20:56:20] plz tell me if you use it - otherwise i will do something

with it :)
15:58 <~Avunit> ENTROPY

15:58 <~Avunit> damnit

15:58 <~Avunit> he set up the nameservers

15:58 <&marduk> he's gone to the fight i guess :/

15:59 <~Avunit> tflow can you set it up? I really havent fucked around much with the setting up of our


15:59 <~Avunit> I have the db files on my server though

16:00 <@tflow> [21:00:30] <xor> just so you know: has a max upload limit of

15GB/day. no down CAP. if the up-cap is reached, 1/5th of telecomix IRC will go down

16:01 <~Avunit> well thatd suck. badly.

16:01 <~Avunit> but nameservers dont really eat that much

16:01 <~Avunit> IRCds eat moar

16:02 <~Avunit> can you set up bind9 though?

16:02 <@tflow> never done it before...

16:02 <~Avunit> i have... ni a very shady past with older versions <.<

16:02 <~Avunit> but id rather not screw it up

16:03 <~Avunit> 12 minutes till i put the triumph mirror online

16:03 <~Avunit> we shall have one mirror up.

16:03 <~Avunit> marduk

16:03 <~Avunit> be ready to tweet it

16:03 <~Avunit> it might be dieing under the pressure

16:03 <&marduk> when? 10 minutes?

16:03 <~Avunit> but idc, i want one mirror up

16:04 <~Avunit> yup

16:04 <~Avunit>
16:04 <~Avunit> theres the timer

16:04 <~Avunit> ill shout when i changed the host directive

16:04 <~Avunit> then you can tweet

16:04 <@tflow> just tweet all the mirrors

16:04 <@tflow> but not yet

16:05 <~Avunit> actually lulz lemme see

16:05 <&marduk> << that as domain to tweet for anonleaks temp.

16:05 <&marduk> hmm tell me which

16:05 <~Avunit>

16:05 <~Avunit> tweet that one

16:05 <~Avunit> in 10 minutes

16:05 <@tflow> + and

16:05 <&marduk> why in 10 minutes?

16:05 <~Avunit> because then

16:05 <~Avunit> the timer is done

16:05 <~Avunit> and its our release time

16:06 <&marduk> ah okay, but well...

16:06 <~Avunit> see the timer there

16:06 <&marduk> its okay to tweet now

16:06 <~Avunit> nah

16:06 <&marduk> and again in 10m

16:06 <&marduk> ?

16:06 <~Avunit> stick tot he time.

16:06 <~Avunit> We have a release time.

16:06 <&marduk> but nobody knows the timer?
16:06 <@tflow> tweet all mirrors

16:06 <~Avunit> people know its 21:15 GMT

16:07 <~Avunit> We have the timer so we'll stick to it :P

16:07 <&marduk> ok will tweet in 7 minutes

16:07 <@tflow> what are you going tweet exactly?

16:08 <@tflow> We're not going to be stopped. Here's some mirrors, domain will be back


16:08 <&marduk> sth like that

16:08 <&marduk> ill tweet the timer now, tho

16:08 <&marduk> and then release the mirrors

16:08 <@tflow> oh and

16:08 <~Avunit> I'll tweet: #AnonLeaks released: <mirrors here>, you cannot stop us. will be back shortly! #Anonymous

16:08 <@tflow> link to the press release plz

16:08 <@tflow> link to the press release plz

16:08 <~Avunit> gimmel ink

16:08 <&marduk> where is that?

16:09 <~Avunit> Link to press release please

16:09 <~Avunit> tflow

16:10 <~Avunit>

16:10 <~Avunit> we need that

16:11 <~Avunit> Shall I just put it at pastehtml too?

16:11 <~Avunit> i mean then i can atleast temp link to it

16:11 <&marduk> good idea

16:11 <&marduk> we improvise :p
16:12 <@kayla> lol

16:12 <~Avunit>

16:12 <~Avunit> its ugly

16:12 <~Avunit> but itll work

16:12 <~Avunit> reads like shit

16:12 <~Avunit> but itll work

16:12 <@tflow> no im going to torrent it

16:13 <~Avunit> Ill link to the pastehtml too tflow, for my tweet D:

16:14 <~Avunit> 60 seconds

16:16 <~Avunit> GOGO

16:16 <~Avunit> RELEASE

16:16 <&marduk> lost link to anonops

16:16 <&marduk> spread there

16:16 <&marduk> anonymousleaks and anonymousirc both tweeted

16:16 <&marduk> waiting for torrent release will tweet that too

16:17 <@tflow> 1min

16:19 <&marduk> Want to search the database?

16:19 <&marduk> hmm can we move the search?

16:19 <@kayla>

16:19 <@kayla> :D

16:20 <@kayla> doesn't work

16:20 <~Avunit> nothing with works

16:20 <@kayla> oh :p

16:20 <&marduk> yes i know

16:20 <&marduk> which is why i am asking
16:28 <&marduk> anyone here? :o

16:29 <~Avunit> i am

16:29 <~Avunit> kinda

16:29 <&marduk> hmm got a memo from FK

16:29 <&marduk> he's quitting anonops

16:29 <~Avunit> what

16:29 <~Avunit> wait

16:29 <~Avunit> why

16:29 <&marduk> "certain opers have issues"

16:29 <~Avunit> >.<

16:29 <~Avunit> goddamnit

16:29 <~Avunit> he was a good guy

16:29 <&marduk> yes :(

16:29 <&marduk> do we have means of contacting him?

16:29 <&marduk> tflow: ?

16:30 <@tflow> dunno...

16:30 <&marduk> :/

16:30 <~Avunit> lulz

16:30 * Avunit checks the access.log fur the lulz

16:31 <~Avunit> Read 2932 lines.

16:33 <@tflow> im signing up for

16:34 <~Avunit> lemme check if works laready

16:34 <@tflow> [21:32:57] <truck> indeed, all four nameservers are kaput

16:34 <@tflow> [21:33:13] <truck> so @tflow sign up for every secondary dns service that exists

16:34 <@tflow> [21:33:29] <truck> and set them up to use an unpublished primary nameserver as the

16:34 <@tflow> [21:33:33] <tflow> wait

16:34 <@tflow> [21:33:37] <tflow> you're seeing a fourth ns?

16:34 <@tflow> [21:33:42] <MadRat-> Sounds like Yemen is in it's third straight day of protests


16:34 <@tflow> [21:33:43] <truck> then put all the secondaries into the domain

16:34 <@tflow> [21:33:50] <MadRat-> it's = its

16:34 <@tflow> [21:33:52] <truck> and @tflow indeed

16:34 <@tflow> [21:33:57] <truck> do a whois of

16:34 <@tflow> [21:34:10] <tflow> the fourth ns should be up

16:34 <@tflow> [21:34:22] <truck> is it this one?

16:34 <@tflow> [21:34:34] <tflow> yes

16:34 <@tflow> [21:34:41] <tflow> the server itself is up

16:34 <@tflow> [21:34:42] <truck> it's pingable but not queryable

16:34 <@tflow> 4th ns seems 2 be up

16:35 <~Avunit> is not being a nameserver though D:

16:35 <~Avunit> biatches

16:35 <@tflow> [21:35:18] <truck> port 53 appears to be filtered

16:35 <@tflow> [21:35:41] <truck> nm, that's something up with my connection

16:35 <@tflow> [21:35:45] <truck> don't trust that

16:35 <@tflow> lol

16:35 <~Avunit> lol

16:36 <~Avunit> lemme check ps aux

16:36 <~Avunit> it has no firewall
16:36 <~Avunit> named 24278 0.0 2.5 57940 8984 ? Ssl 18:37 0:00 /usr/sbin/named -t

16:36 <~Avunit> ets running

16:36 <@tflow> try querying it

16:38 <~Avunit>

16:38 <~Avunit> worked perfectly

16:38 <@tflow> yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

16:38 <@tflow> do u no what 2 add 4 the ns?

16:38 <~Avunit> IN A 300s (5m)

16:38 <~Avunit> that might be the prob

16:39 <~Avunit> gotta update it manually

16:39 <~Avunit> brb

16:39 <@tflow> search.hbgary A

16:39 <~Avunit> gimme all the servers nao

16:39 <@tflow> ok you need to add the following:

16:39 <@tflow>

16:39 <@tflow> A*

16:39 <@tflow> A

16:40 <@tflow> A

16:40 <@tflow> A

16:40 <@tflow> A*

16:40 <@tflow> A

16:40 <@tflow> thats all

16:40 <@tflow> so:

16:40 <@tflow> A

16:40 <@tflow> A
16:41 <@tflow> A

16:41 <@tflow> A

16:41 <@tflow> A

16:41 <@tflow> got it

16:41 <@tflow> ?

16:41 <~Avunit> inserting now

16:42 <~Avunit> wait

16:42 <@tflow> and A

16:42 <~Avunit> which ip for triumph

16:42 <~Avunit> did you add

16:42 <@tflow> A

16:42 <~Avunit> in the hbgary pool?

16:42 <@tflow> uhm

16:42 <@tflow> Non-authoritative answer:

16:42 <@tflow> Name:

16:42 <~Avunit> because the ip is 77 not 9X :P

16:42 <@tflow> Address:

16:42 <~Avunit> yeah

16:42 <~Avunit> use

16:42 <~Avunit> thats not the web ip

16:42 <@tflow> ok change it then

16:45 <~Avunit> done

16:46 <@tflow> :D

16:46 <~Avunit> should work soon

16:46 <~Avunit> i hope
16:49 <~Avunit> dgjalgjdklgjaklgjdljgagajk

16:49 <~Avunit> woooork

16:49 <~Avunit> nslookup is working

16:49 <~Avunit> just not yet in my browser

16:49 <&marduk> soon soon

16:50 <@tflow> we need to sign up for some free dns providers asap

16:50 <@tflow>

16:50 <@tflow> buddydns

16:50 <@tflow> xname

16:54 <~Avunit> y is my ns querying but

16:54 <~Avunit> not the in le browser?

16:55 <~Avunit> fuck it

16:55 <~Avunit> im starting up as main NS

16:59 <&marduk> hm nslookup doesnt work for me

16:59 <&marduk> 7~dig

16:59 <&marduk> ; <<>> DiG 9.6.1-P2 <<>>

16:59 <&marduk> ;; global options: +cmd

16:59 <&marduk> ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

16:59 <~Avunit> not now

16:59 <~Avunit> i am

17:00 <~Avunit> changin ns

17:00 <&marduk> ah k

17:00 <~Avunit> fgjkladgjkldjkla

17:00 <~Avunit> tackle is lagging

17:00 <~Avunit> goddamnit not now
17:01 <~Avunit> and its down

17:01 <~Avunit> hurray

17:01 <&marduk> surprise :p

17:01 <&marduk> yay heihachi17:01 <~Avunit> well triumph is still up

17:01 <&marduk> i know

17:01 <&marduk> otherwise i wouldnt be here

17:02 <~Avunit> but tackle is dead badly

17:02 <&marduk> so is vlad

17:02 <&marduk> the usual

17:02 -!- tflow [tflow@HA-9ch.ue7.0gssb5.IP] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]

17:04 <~Avunit> pls revive again tackle :(

17:04 <~Avunit> i need yous

17:07 <&marduk> :<

17:07 <&marduk> well, it'S kinda amusing tho. we're basically unprepared and with lots of problems

and unstableness.. yet we managed to own a multimillion us gov related sec company

17:26 <@kayla> like i allways say :D

17:27 <@kayla> we dont make servers we break servers :D

17:28 <~Avunit> <.<

17:28 <~Avunit> well

17:28 <~Avunit> we're doing a good job

17:28 <~Avunit> at that :p

17:29 <@kayla> go team :3

17:29 <~Avunit> whats wrong with

17:29 <~Avunit> ets timing out

17:30 <&marduk> i think
17:30 <&marduk> it runs on vlad

17:30 <&marduk> :p

17:30 ! *** HQBot invited tflow into the channel

17:30 <~Avunit> ah wait

17:30 <~Avunit> its back again

17:30 <~Avunit> ohshi

17:30 <&marduk> so is tflow lol

17:30 <~Avunit> is vlad tflows?

17:30 <&marduk> so is tackle?

17:30 <&marduk> yes

17:30 -!- tflow [tflow@HA-9ch.ue7.0gssb5.IP] has joined #hq

17:30 -!- mode/#hq [+o tflow] by HQBot

17:30 <&marduk> and if vlad is down, tackle is too.

17:32 <~Avunit> tackle lives again

17:32 <~Avunit> kinda

17:32 <~Avunit> but why for gods sake

17:32 <~Avunit> isnt it looking up the dns in my browser

17:32 <~Avunit> but nslookup is

17:32 <~Avunit> </3

17:46 <&marduk> 22:46 < xor> is guessing passwords for SSH to

17:47 -!- marduk is now known as Ra

17:47 -!- Ra is now known as marduk

18:02 <@tflow> Avunit

18:02 <@tflow> hows the ns?
18:03 <~Avunit> bad

18:03 <~Avunit> nslookup still gives positive results

18:03 <@tflow> y

18:03 <~Avunit> browser not

18:03 <@tflow> nslookup gives nothing here

18:03 <~Avunit>

18:03 <~Avunit>

18:03 <~Avunit> that as nameserver

18:04 <~Avunit> and domain somethign like

18:05 <@tflow> so how long would it take for it to set as the primary dns?

18:06 <~Avunit> instantly

18:06 <~Avunit> because that dependso n the dns

18:06 <~Avunit> i just started it up as a primary

18:06 <@tflow> so why doesn't it do anything if i just do 'nslookup'?

18:07 <~Avunit> ive no idea

18:07 <~Avunit> like i said if i use network tools

18:07 <~Avunit> and insert the server

18:07 <&marduk> it times out here

18:07 <~Avunit> it all works fine

18:07 <&marduk> if i do nslookup or dig

18:07 <~Avunit> but if i try myself

18:07 <~Avunit> it fails

18:07 <~Avunit> can you see which nameserver its trying to query with nslookup?

18:08 <~Avunit> wanna see if ns4 is in the pool

18:09 <~Avunit> srs i need some sleep though
18:10 <~Avunit> I can only hope its just a slowness of

18:18 <&marduk> @BBCBreaking The emails are LIVE! HBGary already attacking, searchable mirror here:

18:18 <&marduk> lol

18:18 <~Avunit> yarr i saw it

18:18 <&marduk> BBC knows more than us

18:19 <&marduk> phear

18:19 <@tflow> :-o

18:19 <@tflow> they're attacking us

18:19 <~Avunit> lulz

18:19 <~Avunit> lets leave them under that impression

18:19 <@tflow> are tey?

18:19 <~Avunit> well sure they brought our nameservers down

18:19 <~Avunit> i mean

18:19 <~Avunit> the tos most likely came from em

18:19 <~Avunit> but we're not under ddos fire from em

18:19 <&marduk> hmm

18:19 <&marduk> no we should not spread lies

18:19 <&marduk> backlashes

18:19 <@tflow> have they?

18:20 <&marduk> well fact is

18:20 <&marduk> we dont know

18:20 <&marduk> its funny timing

18:20 <&marduk> that entropy's VPS were suspended

18:20 <&marduk> and we have trouble getting the domain online
18:20 <&marduk> but we dont know

18:20 <&marduk> ?

18:20 <~Avunit> entropys VPSes/nameservers got suspended

18:20 <~Avunit> but no reaction at all why

18:20 <~Avunit> though it happened 15 minutes after we put the clock online

18:21 <@kayla> :s

18:21 <@kayla> he went in to work and there were people waiting?

18:21 <@kayla> has anyone heard from him?

18:21 <~Avunit> narrr

18:21 <&marduk> i think he went to see a fight

18:21 <@kayla> hope he is ok

18:21 <~Avunit> nah he went in to work

18:21 <~Avunit> he didnt go to the fight

18:21 <&marduk> oh he did?

18:21 <@kayla> he said he was going to work

18:21 <&marduk> mhh k

18:22 <@kayla> his vps get suspended and his boss with 2 dudes or something hope he's ok D:

18:23 <~Avunit> is trying to root into

18:23 <~Avunit> on a strange port

18:23 <~Avunit> oh lulz

18:23 <~Avunit> hes trying different ports too

18:24 <&marduk> eh tz

18:25 <@tflow> why the hell is ns not working :|

18:25 <~Avunit> no idea at all

18:25 <~Avunit> ive got the idea that its not in the db
18:25 <@tflow> appears in whois though

18:26 <~Avunit> yup

18:27 <&marduk> i'll beb back in 30

18:27 <&marduk> or so

18:28 <@kayla> are the SSH passwords STRONG as fuck? :D

18:29 <~Avunit>


18:29 <~Avunit> ITS WORKING

18:29 <~Avunit> kayla: i smash my head on my keyboard

18:29 <~Avunit> for passwords

18:29 <~Avunit> so a dictionary wont help em

18:29 <~Avunit> DNS IS WORKING

18:29 <@tflow> Retrieving DNS records for

18:29 <@tflow> DNS servers

18:29 <@tflow> []

18:29 <@tflow> []

18:29 <@tflow> Query for DNS records for failed: Timed out

18:30 <~Avunit>

18:30 <~Avunit> is working for me

18:30 <~Avunit> and gives a 404 from nginx

18:30 <@tflow> not for











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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