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Safe Composition of Complex Medical System - Dashboard


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									Safe Composition of Complex
      Medical System

 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
        Computer Science Department
                  Fall 2010
Medical Accidents
 More than 100,000 safety-related medical incidents a year in
   • According to Health Grades

 Caused by human error
   • Drug-based adverse events
   • Overlooked device interlocks
   • Alarm fatigue

 Preventable by automated supervision
The MDPnP Program
 MDPnP : The Medical Device “Plug-and-Play”
   Chair: Dr. Julian Goldman
   Inter-disciplinary, multi-institutional medical device informatics
    research program.
   Leading patient-centric Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE)

 MDPnP group is based at CIMIT and Massachusetts General
System Overview                                                        Clinician


                        ICE Supervisor
                   Safety Interlock             False Alarm
                       Manager                   Detector

                           Device       ....              Virtual

    Device             Device            ....                 Device

UIUC Demos
 We demonstrate three related safe MDPnP technologies:
   NASS Framework- Airway Laser Surgery
     Ensuring distributed medical devices to enter failure safe states when the
       supervisor loop fails
   Context Aware Alarm Processing
     Using correlations between vital signs under a given medical procedure to
      validate alarms or reconstruct missing measurement
   Patient Screening for Safe MDPnP
     Identify potential safety hazards
UIUC Demos
 The presentations are based on the live demo at
  MDPnP lab at CIMIT.

 We would like to thank all the participants from
  Mass General, FDA, UPenn and U of Kansas, for
  their comments.
 Y. Li,Y. Sun, P. Sondhi, L. Sha, and C. Zhai, “Reconstructing missing signals in
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   United Kingdom, Sep. 26-29, 2010.

 P. Sondhi, J. Sun, C. Zhai, R. Sorrentino, M. S. Kohn, S. Ebadollahi, and Y. Li,
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 Y. Li, J. H, C. Zhai, and Y. Chen, “Improving one-class collaborative filtering by
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   2010. ACM. (acceptance ratio: 13.4%)
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 M. Rahmaniheris, C. Kim, S. Bak, and L. Sha, “A multi-layer dependency
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