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					Handcart Trek Training

                         Choosing Handcart Trails for

                 Part 2: Your Trek Trail
Handcart Trek Training

           Public Land Handcart Treks

     1. State Public Lands – State Parks
     2. Federal Public Lands – National
   IMPORTANT NOTE: … Avoid BLM lands because they typically
      require a $5 per person per day fee. So a 3 day handcart trek
      for 200 people would cost $3,000, just for the raw land. So stick
      with National Forest and Stake Park Land
Handcart Trek Training

       National Forest Trails

  1.    Free Special Use Permit For Non Profit Groups
  2.    Plenty of great handcart trekking trails
  3.    Most of the terrain is similar to what the Pioneers encountered
  4.    Ample camping space
  5.    Well adapted terrain to meet whatever trek you envision… from
        easy to challenging.
  6.    Little to no resistance for treks wanting to use horses
  7.    Permit is only needed for camping and placing potties. No permit
        needed just to use the roads.
Handcart Trek Training

       Tips For Getting Your Trek Permit
  1.    Apply Early… at least 6 months in advance. That’s because the trail
        may require an environmental impact study
  2.    Remember, a “No” on your application may not be final. If you get a
        “no”, sit down with them, asking for their guidance, you’ll usually get
        what you want for your handcart trek.
  3.    The easiest way to get a permit is to use trails that have already
        been approved for treks. Our website is a great place to find a
        number of approved trek trails.
  4.    Some Forest Districts are easier to work with than others. Our site
        lists some of them.
Handcart Trek Training

Tips For Submitting Your Application

  1.   Prepare a “Purpose of Trek” statement. We have a sample on our
  2.   You’ll need a Certificate of Insurance from LDS Risk Management
  3.   You’ll need a trek map. Include GPS coordinates
  4.   List of Emergency Numbers
  5.   Post Trek Report for the Forest Service. We have a sample on our
  6.   An alternate trek route for your support crew that keeps traffic away
       from trekkers.
Handcart Trek Training

                         For More Trek Planning Ideas, visit…
                                 •Training Manuals
                                   •Watch Videos
                                    •Get Recipes
                                      •And more

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