Prophetic Words of Judgment Against Miami and Florida

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					Prophetic Words of Judgment Against Miami and Florida
Given through Brian Charles

“Flee this place, city of My wrath!” --Miami
“You MUST flee this place, city of sin.” “You MUST go!” --Miami
“It will all be blasted apart by My hand!” --Miami-Dade County
“Flee this place, city of sin.” “Blasted apart in an instant! It MUST go.” --downtown Miami
“Monuments of pride—blasted away!” --downtown Miami
“It’ll be blasted away in a day.” “Blasted to pieces!” --Miami
“It’ll all be blasted away.” --Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach
“All this will be gone in a flash!” --Fort Lauderdale
“All this will be blasted away by the fire of Mw wrath!” downtown Fort Lauderdale
“It’ll all be gone!” “It’ll be sheer terror!” “It’s the End Times!” “The bombs are already in place.”
“All this will be history.” “It’ll be pure terror!” “It’ll be nuclear destruction!”
“All this must be history. It will happen suddenly.” “It all must go! “ “It’s the end of the Age!”
“Someday these’ll be gone.” --downtown hotels
“They’ll be reduced.” --the amount of wealthy people in Miami
“Your enemies are plotting an attack against you. From the sea.” “There is NOTHING hidden
from Me!”
“Let Me nuke ‘em! I can’t use them. They are a pain to Me.” --the Jewish people in Miami
“You see these towers? They’ll all come down in an instant!” --Miami Beach
“All this will be gone in an instant!” --South Beach
“City of sin.” --South Beach, Miami
“Drowned in water.” “They are (evil). That’s why I’M going to sink it under the ocean. They are
(evil). That’s why I’M going to sink it under the ocean.” “I’M going to destroy them.” --the evil
people of FL
This’ll all be a thing of the past.” --restaurants, nightlife
“It’ll all be swept away.” “It’ll all be swept away be a mighty tidal wave.” --Miami Beach, South
“I want to nuke it with the fire of My wrath!” “I want to blast it with the fire of My wrath!” “You’ll
see it gone.” “All these buildings will be blasted away.” –Miami-Dade County
“You see these buildings? They’ll be rubble!” “It will all be destroyed in an instant!” --South
“I want to blast it with the fire of My wrath!” “It’s sin has come before Me.” --South Beach, Miami
“I will save who I will save.”
“These piers will be gone, submerged under the sea.”
“All submerged under the sea.” --North Palm Beach
“Get out of here—it’ll be gone in a second!” “You shall go.” --West Palm Beach
“I want to destroy this town. That’s what I’ll do. It’ll be gone in a nuclear flash!” --Miami-Dade
“All this will be burned by fire of My hand.” --Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Dade
“I want to blast this place suddenly. Few will survive.” --Miami
“All this will be submerged under the sea. All its pomp will be gone. Only a handful will survive.”
“All this will be submerged under the sea.” --Miami, Coral Gables
“It’ll all be submerged underwater.” --Miami
“Someday it’ll be submerged underwater.” --the Everglades
“Peninsular Florida will be gone, submerged by My wrath!”
“Peninsular Florida will be gone!—by My wrath!”
“Peninsular Florida will disappear.” “It will all be submerged by My hand!”
“Peninsular Florida will be submerged under the ocean.”
“Someday it’ll be underwater.” “It will all be submerged by My hand.” --Florida
“Submerged underwater—the whole of Florida.”
“The islands will be covered by water.”
“It’s all going down.” Southern Florida
“Leave it all behind. They won’t serve Me.” “I shall judge this place.” “I’M gonna destroy it all!”
“Great shall be the destruction of this town. They won’t serve Me.” --Gainesville
“I’M going to destroy this place.” --Gainesville
“All this will be blasted away!” --Hollywood, Florida
“Sunk by My hand.” --Manatee Memorial Hospital
“All this will be submerged under the sea.” --Bradenton
“You know I’M gonna plunge this under the sea? My people won’t serve Me.” --Bradenton
“You know all this will be submerged under the sea? My people won’t serve Me.” --Sarasota
“I’M gonna destroy it!” Florida State Capitol
“They shall be judged.” --Florida State Government officials, leaders
“Leave! I hate this place. A nest of fools. They shall be punished, for failing to uphold right. They
shall be destroyed. You shall see—a mighty destruction upon the capitol.” “They refuse to obey
Me.” “I’ll destroy this place with sudden force. They won’t serve Me.” --Tallahassee City gov’t,
FL State gov’t
“I’M gonna destroy it!” --the phallic-shaped tower in downtown Tampa
“I’M gonna destroy ‘em all!” --downtown Tampa towers
“I want to destroy this place. That’s what I’M gonna do—with a nuclear blast suddenly. Great
shall be her destruction. Because My people refuse to serve Me.” --Tampa
“You see, all this will be blasted away!” --downtown Tampa
“Gone by thermonuclear blast!” “City of My anger.” --Tampa
“I’ve been merciful long enough.” “They won’t repent.” “I must destroy.” “…of destruction. You
will see My hand. You will see.” --word of God’s judgment against Tampa
“I want to submerge this place!” --St. Petersburg, Florida
“Someday this will all be submerged by My hand!” --St. Petersburg
“Soon those buildings will be submerged.” --downtown St. Petersburg, all of Florida
“Some of those cities will be blown up by nuclear explosions.” --Florida cities
“Do not glory in nuclear destruction.” “I’M gonna suddenly destroy this Empire!”
“I wanna destroy it. That’s what I’ll do.” “It’ll be nuked off the Earth!” --Jacksonville
“I want to destroy this place.” “I’ve been merciful long enough.” “All buildings of
downtown…blasted by nuclear fire!” --Jacksonville
“I’M gonna destroy this place. You shall see.” --Tallahassee
“Blasted away by nuclear fire!” --AT&T Tower, downtown Jacksonville
“I’m gonna dry up the state.” “It’ll be desert.” --Florida
“All this will be dried up. Drought will envelop the land. My people refuse to serve Me.” --Florida
“I’ll dry up the farmland. Farms will be a thing of the past.” “It’ll dry up.” --Florida farmland
“I’ll dry it up, and all of Florida!” --Lake Okeechobee
“I shall drain it dry.” --Lake Okeechobee
“I’ll judge for that!” --the Brazilian partying lifestyle
“It’ll be sunk under the sea!” --coastal Brazil
“I’M gonna destroy ‘em all!” --towers of the world
“These’ll be a rarity.” --flowers
“It’s a place of Satan. They don’t serve Me.” --Hillel Jewish Center
“I’ll tear it down!” --the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, I-275
“They’ll be gone too!” “Gone in an instant!” --yachts, cruise liners
“Someday it’ll be a thing of the past.” --The U.S. Navy
“It’s all going under.” --the U.S. economy
“I will destroy them all!” -- God’s people- the Christians and the Jews
“They serve Baal, not Me!” --God’s people, the Christians and the Jewish people
“They’ll be destroyed, by false spirits.” --Christians who reject the Holy Ghost-filled life
“I’ll definitely judge for that!” --the Bride of Christ, abandoning the Lord for the world, turning
Herself into the Whore of Babylon
“I’ll surely judge for that!” --Christians who stay behind to accumulate finances, never fulfilling
God’s will to go out West
“I’M going to judge My people because of that!” --refusing to obey God
“I’ll judge for that! “I’ll definitely judge for that!” --God’s people chasing after the almighty dollar
“I’ll judge for that!” --God’s people being after money and worldly stuff
“I’ll judge for that!” --Christians who won’t give it all up to follow Christ
“I’ll judge for that.” --Christians loving the world
“I’M afraid that’s true.” --God’s people want their “fire insurance” covered, yet still stay in the
“A lot of ministry is not of Me.” “I give you children.” --young, immature pastors
“Weep for the misery.” “That’s gonna happen to this country.” --years of famine
“I’M gonna suddenly destroy this country!” “I’m going to destroy your Empire.”
“I’ll judge for that.” --peoples’ excuses
“I’ll judge for that.” --people rejecting Truth for learning
“I’ll judge for that!” --the vanity of womens’ hairstyles
“I’ll judge for that!” --women who get careers, not husbands
“I’ll judge for that!” --the world working on Sundays
“I’ll judge for that!” --the world being a very busy place
“I’ll judge for that.” --no affordable housing
“I’ll judge for that.” “I’ll surely judge for that!” --doctors overcharging patients for medical care
“I’ll judge for that.” “I’ll definitely judge for that!” --cities full of money-hungry people all racing
“I’ll definitely judge for that!” --women who wait to marry the “highest bidder”
“I made ‘em that way.” --the insolence of young girls
“I will definitely judge for that! You can count on it!” --people who refuse to take a stand for what
is right because of what it will cost them
“I’ll definitely punish for that!” --the people of the world not being interested in the Gospel
“I can do anything for you.” “I can take you anywhere.” “I will keep you safe from the Father’s
“I’ll be as hard on you as you are on others.”
“I’ll be with you!” --when the rules of society changes overnight
“I’ll be with you as the world ends.” --says Jesus
“You MUST publish that!” “You MUST tell.” “You MUST warn people!” You MUST warn!”
“Warn My people of their nuclear destruction.” --says Jesus