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									                             INDUSTRY AND REVOLUTION – Study Guide
**8 vocabulary words from your vocabulary guide
Explain the three causes of the French Revolution as given in class:

First, Second, or Third Estate in France – You must be able to identify which estate or estates can be
described by the following characteristics:
Included the bourgeoisie -                               Made up of nobles –

Included the poorest citizens of France -                Did not pay taxes –

Included city workers -                                  Told King Louis XVI that they will not pay taxes –

Made up of clergy from the Catholic church -             Made up most of France’s population –

Paid all the country’s taxes –

What significant event happened in France on July 14, 1789?

What two Jacobin groups emerged under the government of the National Convention? How did these two
groups differ?

How did the execution of King Louis XVI affect other European leaders?

Who led the Committee of Public Safety?

What happened during the Reign of Terror?

What two countries remained undefeated by Napoleon’s empire?

Describe the mistake Napoleon’s army made that cost them half a million lives:

Where was Napoleon’s “final stand” or defeat?
Throughout our study of the French Revolution, we talked about the relationship between the French
Revolution and the American Revolution. You will be asked to describe how the French and American
Revolution had similar characteristics on the test…write down some similarities from our class discussions
in the space below:

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?

In what industry did the Industrial Revolution begin?

Describe the causes of the Industrial Revolution:

What were the major discoveries or inventions that the following individuals made during this time period?
Samuel Morse –

Alexander Graham Bell –

Thomas Edison –

Louis Pasteur –

Albert Einstein -

How did the Industrial Revolution lead to a rapid growth in the size of cities?

What was “Social Darwinism?”

Name at least two countries that rebelled against their leaders during the nationalism movement in Europe
in the 1800’s:

What did Otto von Bismarck do?

Where was the first successful revolt against European rule in Latin America?

Who led the fights for freedom in South America?

What did the Monroe Doctrine do?

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