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					                                                                REPORT OF COMPLETED TASKS AND ACTIVITIES
                                                                             By Mr. Jun Amparo
                                                                     Guidance and Counseling Department
                                                                          Academic Year 2010-2011

                Activities                                       Details/Date/Time                                           Place                             Remark

                                       August 20, 23, 24, and 25-Grade 9 students
                                       Orientation About Guidance
                                       Career Test Inventory                                                                                    This activity is designed to cater the
                                       Drive of Your Life Program                                                                               needs of the students in grade 9-12.
                                       September 21 and 22- Grade 10 students                                                                   The counselor visits each room and
1. Classroom guidance and lessons      Topics:                                                                       High School Classrooms     facilitates/discusses issues such as
                                       Study Habits                                                                                             career guidance, study habits, and
                                       Interest and Abilities                                                                                   other teen issues.
                                       Video Clip: When Interests and Abilities Collide
                                       October 22-Grade 11 students
                                       Choosing a Career Path a Major
                                       Career Test Inventories
                                       November 12, 2010-Grade 12 students
                                       Choosing a Career Path and a Major

2. Attended Professional Development   Bangkok Counselors Meeting                                                  Bangkok Counselors Meeting    As part of professional development
              Seminar                  Rose Marie Academy, Bangkok Thailand                                       Rose Marie Academy, Bangkok
                                       Topic: The Effect of Divorce to Children                                             Thailand
                                       September 24, 2010

3. Attended Discipline Committee       The record details are available at Ms. Lena’s office                            Pr. Deva’s Office

4. Counseling                          Students with behavioral issues and usually referred by the disciplinary     Room Next to Computer
                                       committees. So far, the counseling department has received 21                     Laboratory
                                       students that undergone into series of counseling sessions                         Building 2
5. Administer Grade 12 Survey about        September 7, 2010                                                                Grade 12 Classrooms             Coordinated with Mr. Martin
University Planning                        To identify the needs of the students in relation to university planning

6. Follow-up Interview of Grade 12         The schedule was set during lunch time and afterschool for career                                           Most of the students that the
about Career Guidance                      guidance counseling                                                        Room next to the counseling      counselor talked with have problems
                                           November 1-16 2010                                                         office                           on passing the standardized test for
                                                                                                                                                       admissions. Results of the meetings
                                                                                                                                                       with students should be given to Mr.
                                                                                                                                                       David and Pr. Deva on January 2011.

                                           1.   Announcement: CU-TEP Test Schedule                                                                      Some articles and news were edited
                                           2.   Peer Pressure PowerPoint                                                                                    by Pr. Deva and Mr. Louis
                                           3.   Grade 12 Visit to Thammasat University
7. Posted Articles and Announcement in     4.   Standardized Test for Submitting to Universities in Thailand                  School Website
the school website                         5.   Website Link on Universities Locally and Abroad
                                           6.   SJMIS Celebrates Career Guidance Day
                                           7.   SJMIS Holds the Annual University Fair
                                           8.   View and O Passed SIIT Engineering Entrance Exam

8. Participated the High School Anti-      Invited the resource person from Alcohol Anonymous                                School auditorium           MS- coordinated with Mr. Richard
      drug Campaign                        Prepared the Video Presentation on Culmination Program in Auditorium
 Participated in Middle School Anti-drug   Provide materials from the Drug Free World Foundation and Make it
        Campaign                           Available to Students

                                           Conduct Activities and Discussion to Middle School during Chapel            Conference Room Middle School
10. Organized lectures/activities in MS    Period.                                                                               Building 7
Chapel Period                              The first one was last October 19 wand the topic is Peer Pressure
11. Administer the Interest Inventory    The over-all profile of the data is not yet summarized                       High school classroom
                                         August 20, 23, 24, and 25-Grade 9 students

12. Assist MS After-school Activities    Supervised and get along with the kids                                      Middle School Building 7

13. Assisted the students informally                                                                                 Informal meeting with the
about personal, issues, social issues,   The counselor has established 35 meetings both formal and informal        students in building 6 usually
and academic                             from June 30 until October 18, 2010.                                       before or after flag line-up.

                                         Contacting thru emails and phone calls is on-going in preparation to
                                         Career Guidance Day. At the moment, there are 18 universities and                  Counseling
14. University Fair and Career Day       other institutions who confirmed their attendance
Preparation                              For career day, the counselor is also on the process of contacting an
                                         alumni student who could share their experiences about university life.

                                         There were 41 students from grade 12 who joined the trip. The purpose
15. Organized a trip to Thammasat        of the trip is to prepare the students for higher education               Thammasat University SIIT            Ajarn Rujee accompanied the
     University                          September 30, 2010                                                            Rangsit Campus                             students

16. Request for Counseling Room          October 20, 2010                                                            Guidance and Counseling                Pr. Deva and Mr. Kor

17. Career Profiling                     The project was displayed during the Career Day event                                                      HS Career Profile Project-Coordinated
                                         January 19, 2011                                                                                                    with Mr. John Ryu
                                          For Teachers November 24-25, 2010 Morning Devotional                                                           Coordinated with Mr. Dan and Mr.
18. School Violence Prevention for        For students November 24, 2010 Copies of schedule was                           Classroom Building 7               Dennis (MS Values Head)
Middle School Section                      given by Mr. Dennis

                                          Assumption university conducted their marketing strategy to grade 11                 Building 6                 Coordinated with Mr. Phu from
                                          and 12 students                                                                     32 students                          Assumption
19. ABAC Visit

19. Counseling the students based on      As instructed by the academic director. This pending activity will               Counseling Office
their grade reports                       commence on January 2011.

                                          Featured activities comprise of poster and essay writing on career,              School Auditorium           In coordination with the principals and
                                          invited two doctors in the medical profession, exhibit of Career Day                                                     administrators
20. Career Guidance Day                   Projects, Career Dress Up day
                                          January 19, 2011

                                          18 universities and other educational agencies participated in the event    Lobby of Ajarn Samai School                2 counselors were
21. University Fair                       that was held at the lobby of the auditorium                                         auditorium                involved/principals/administrators
                                          January 21, 2011

                                          The Domino Effect: Discussion and activities about the concept of          Middle School Conference Room      Invited by Mr. Glen, MS Pathfinder
22. Speaker in Middle School Pathfinder   predicting outcome of student’s behavior.                                                                                  Director
Assembly                                  January 27, 2011

                                          Have the access in the file server and look the report card of every           Counseling individually          As instructed by Mr. David, the
23. Identifying the academic at risk in   student in high school. Student who has 2 or below in the achievement      Classify whether the problem is     Academic Director in coordination
high school                               section of the report card will be identify as at risk academically. The        academic or behavior         with Mr. Martin (HS Principal) and Mr.
                                          counselor focuses on core subjects only. After identifying the names,                                                       Bansag
                                        the counselor will send memo to principal to arrange a special time in         1.   Motivation and study
                                        talking with the students individually. Reports/feedback will be given to           habits
                                        administrators once it is finished.                                            2.   Re-test
                                        Starts last January 26, 2011 onwards                                           3.   Summer school
                                                                                                                       4.   Tutorial

24. PASP supervision and support        Starts last January 21, 2011 onwards                                            Middle School Section

25. Middle School Chapel Period-        Dealing with Frustrations: The counselor discussed this issue during the    Middle School Conference Room   In coordination with Ms. Mercy, the
Resource Person                         assembly. After the meeting, the counselor requested by Mr. Dan to do                                        coordinator of chapel period in MS
                                        some orientation about middle school transition to high school level
                                        February 1, 2011

26. Grade 12 Students –GPA Review       As instructed by Mr. David                                                          Counseling Office                    Mr. David
                                        February 8, 2011

                                        Do the supervision to the students during the night of stay in Kaoyai.               Kaoyai Resort                As requested by Mr. Dan
27. Assisting the Middle School         Assisted the program and pathfindering activities
Camping                                 February 9-11, 2011

                                        Talked with Ms. Tor, Mr. Ong and Ms. May, the Enrollment Management
                                        Team of Bangkok University. Possible opportunity of getting a               SJMIS Guidance and Counseling
28. Bangkok University Visit            scholarship from them was also discussed.                                              Office
                                        February 8, 2011

                                        Resource persons Bangkok University came and do the presentation to
29. Career Guidance Class to Grade 12   grade 12 students. Future career planning and 7 habits of successful        Middle School Conference Room   In coordination with the HS Principal
Students                                students were discussed during the activity                                                                 and Mr. John, the Head of the Values
                                        February 21, 2011                                                                                                       Department
30. Middle School Chapel Period       Coordination with Mr. Glen. A film showing presentation based from the    Middle School Conference Room
                                      movie Pay It Forward. Held at MS Conference Room last March 10,

31. Summary of Counseling Report on   The report summary is given to administrators including the guidance     Pr. Deva, Mr. David, Mr. Richard,
Academic At risk Students             approaches                                                                         and Mr. Louis
                                      March 16, 2011

32. Classroom Guidance:               The lesson was specifically address to grade 11 students                 In coordination with Mr. John,
 Good Study Habits                    March 25, 2011                                                           Head of Values department
                                                                                                               High School Classroom

33. Presentation from Parentlink      Guidance and Counseling office                                                         Mr. Jun
representative                        March 25, 2011                                                                        Pr. Deva
                                                                                                                            Ms. Ladda
                                                                                                                 Ms. Charity was informed but
                                                                                                                 didn’t attend because she had

34. Middle School Chapel Period:      Chapel period convocation of grade 6-8 students                          In coordination with MS principal,
     Study Habits                     March 29, 2011                                                                        Mr. Dan

35. Middle School Chapel Period:      The Story of Dr. Ben Carson: Film Showing                                In coordination with Mr. Dan and
     Career Planning                  April 5, 2011                                                                       Mr. Dennis

36. Student Council Action Plan       Approached by Mr. Dan MS Principal last April 5, 2011

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