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									Statue in the Cathedral of Reims depicting the baptism of Clovis I

The pinnacle of Carolingian architecture: the palatine chapel at Aachen, Germany.

Partition of the Frankish kingdom among the four sons of Clovis with Clotilde presiding, Grandes Chroniques de
Saint-Denis (Bibliothèque municipale de Toulouse).
The Frankish king Charlemagne was a devout Catholic who maintained a close relationship with the papacy
throughout his life. In 772, when Pope Hadrian I was threatened by invaders, the king rushed to Rome to provide
assistance. Shown here, the pope asks Charlemagne for help at a meeting near Rome

Charlemagne's chapel at Aachen Cathedral.

In 799, Pope Leo III had been mistreated by the Romans, who tried to put out his eyes and tear out his
tongue. Leo escaped, and fled to Charlemagne at Paderborn,
A coin of Charlemagne with the inscription KAROLVS IMP AVG ("Carolus Imperator Augustus")

Monogram of Charlemagne, from the subscription of a royal diploma: "Signum (monogr.: KAROLVS) Caroli
gloriosissimi regis"

Charlemagne had an important role in determining the immediate economic future of Europe. Pursuing his
father's reforms,

19th century depiction of the imperial coronation of Charlemagne
Roland pledges his fealty to Charlemagne in an illustration taken from a manuscript of a chanson de geste

According to the Muslim historian Ibn al-Athir, the Diet of Paderborn had received the representatives of
the Muslim rulers of Zaragoza, Girona, Barcelona, and Huesca.
Coronation in 751 of Pépin the Short by Pope Zachary.

    King of the Franks, Mayor of the Palaces of Neustria
                       and Austrasia

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