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Vol.14 No. 4                                                                                                  April 2009

    Serving the men and women of the 434th Air Refueling Wing, Grissom ARB, Ind.

Changing of the guard:
New honor guard NCOIC takes charge, seeks recruits
By SrA. Carl Berry
Public Affairs staff

  Throughout the Air
Force’s history the honor
guard has represented
every past, present and
future member of the
United States Air Force in
ceremonies and events.
  Master Sgt. Timothy
Wood, 434th Services
Flight shift supervisor,
recently replaced Senior
Master Sgt. Linda Mason,
434th Aerospace Medicine
Squadron, as the Grissom
Base Honor Guard
noncommissioned officer in
charge recently.
  Sergeant Wood has
been an active member
of the base honor guard
for the last six years.
He has participated in                                                                                Photo by Tech. Sgt. Doug Hays

numerous events including     Tech. Sgt. Nathan Greathouse, a personnel specialist with the 434th Maintenance Squadron,
military funeral honors,      folds the flag as part of a funeral detail during an honor guard graduation ceremony. Members
retirement ceremonies,        of the 434th Air Refueling Wing were joined by classmates from the Air National Guard and
                              Army Reserve to complete honor guard training here at Grissom. The training culminated
and presenting the colors
                              with a display of precision movements required to pay respect those who have served.
at nationally televised
sporting events and other     cake,” he said.                  Often members of the          standing for prolonged
various community service        However, the honor guard    honor guard leave early         periods, in all weather
activities.                   is not for everyone, he        in the morning for details      conditions; it takes a lot
  “Serving in the Air Force   added.                         and return late in the          to stand there, motionless,
has been a dream of mine         It takes an Airman with     evenings. Some details are      by choice,” he said. “But,
and getting selected as the   a lot of heart, desire and     completed in the bitter cold    we’re not out there for
NCOIC for the honor guard     commitment, said Sergeant      or scorching heat.
has been the icing on the                                                                    See Honor guard, page 3
                              Wood.                            “We are out there
                                                  Inside perspective

Teamwork builds mission success
By Lt. Col. Stephen Melroy
379th Expeditionary MXG

   SOUTHWEST ASIA -- I am not
much into fist-pumping speeches
or flowery phrases to get a point
across, so here is the important fact:
   Teamwork is vital for our success
every day in and around the base.
   When I was a squadron commander,
I used to show a video clip from
a commercial. It showed several
hundred very small fish in an
unorganized mass fleeing a large
shark. As the shark was about to
gobble up several of these fish, the
animation changed and all of the                                                                                                        Graphic by Staff Sgt. Mark Orders-Woempner

smaller fish aligned to become an             gizmos the 21st century offers like                                  Secondly, if you are a team leader,
image of a much larger fish than the          text messaging, e-mail or similar                                  try and articulate your goals as clearly
shark. They then turned on the shark          communication methods.                                             as possible. Find those critical pieces
and chased it away.                              I think everyone has heard at some                              that will enable success within your
   I was struck by the simplicity             point in their life that communication                             team; things like adhering to technical
of the commercial and the way it              is the key to success. I am going                                  data while doing a maintenance task
portrayed teamwork in action. Several         to put a different spin on this and                                or being a good wingman 24/7. Then
individuals -- in this case, the small fish   emphasize good, old-fashion face-                                  stress those verbally over and over
-- coming together to face a challenge        to-face communication. While the                                   wherever possible. These fundamentals
and achieve what they could not do            size of the team can and does matter,                              should never leave your vocabulary
individually. I could speak at length         you can still build a team or be a                                 and should be repeated often.
about the importance of teamwork and          better team member by seeking to do                                  Finally, communicate wherever
never achieved the simple message that        business in person. This may be less                               possible in person to get your message
came from that 30-second commercial.          efficient than e-mail, but it helps build                          across. This will show your personal
   Teamwork is a must for our                 relationships as you continue to meet                              involvement and commitment to
challenges in the Air Force. I don’t          other challenges.                                                  solving a challenge. People are much
have a neat acronym for the word                 I make a plea today to everyone                                 more willing to work with you and
“team” to help remember some                  reading this: Get away from the                                    help solve a problem, if you show that
basic principles, but I do offer some         computer; go out into the shops,                                   level of concern and commitment. Be
observations from 24 years in uniform         flightline or wherever and work issues                             an active team member -- be a voice
that I found helpful in building teams.       face-to-face. Push the chair back, put                             to be heard and have a piece in solving
It’s simple in its prescription, but goes     your hat on and go find those who you                              the issues confronting your team.
against the efficiencies those wonderful      need to make it happen.                                            (AFNS)

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                                                  Local News
                                                                                                            Master Sgt. Steven
                                                                                                            Kulik, 434th
                                                                                                            Aerospace Medicine
                                                                                                            Squadron medical
                                                                                                            technician, practices
                                                                                                            suturing on a pig’s
                                                                                                            foot during the
                                                                                                            March unit training
                                                                                                            assembly. Practicing
                                                                                                            on pig’s feet allows
                                                                                                            434th AMDS to get
                                                                                                            realistic training
                                                                                                            without having to
                                                                                                            peform procedures
                                                                                                            on a human body.
                                                                                                            This training allows
                                                                                                            personnel to become
                                                                                                            familiar with the feel
                                                                                                            of various procedures,
                                                                                                            so should they need
                                                                                                            arise, they would
                                                                                                            have the experience
                                                                                                            to perform them on a
                                                                        Photo by Senior Airman Carl Berry   human patient.

Honor guard,                       from page 1
ourselves; we’re out
there to serve the military
members and their families,
as the last integral part of
  Grissom Airmen who
are interested in joining
the base honor guard
must go through a special
application process, which
includes disclosure about
availability and interviews
with supervisors.
  “A servicemember
must have the heart,” said
Sergeant Wood. “If the
sound of Taps or seeing
the American flag does not
send chills up your spine
then the honor guard may
not be for you.”
  If selected, Airmen must
attend one-week of intense
training and are asked to                                                                                       Photo by Tech. Sgt. Doug Hays
commit to a minimum of         Staff Sgt. Kelly Ehrsam, 122nd Fighter Wing, Fort Wayne Air National Guard, plays Taps as
six details per year.          part of a funeral detail during an honor guard graduation ceremony held recently. Members
  “It truly is rewarding,”     of the 434th Air Refueling Wing were joined by members of the Air National Guard and Army
concluded Sergeant Wood.       Reserve as they went through and intense week of honor guard training.

April 2009                                                                                                                                 3

Grissom dentists fight cavities
one t                                             th at a time

                                                  Photos by Staff Sgt. Chris Bolen

ABOVE: Maj. Michael Polomchak, 434th Maintenance Operations Flight
commander, opens his mouth wide for Lt. Col. (Dr.) Craig Wisler, 434th
Aerospace Medicine Squadron dental services chief, during his annual
physical dental evaluation. A reservist’s physical health is critical for
mobility readiness, and this includes their dental condition.

RIGHT: Lt. Col. (Dr.) Craig Wisler, 434th Aerospace Medicine Squadron,
performs a dental examination on Maj. Michael Polomchak, 434th
Maintenance Operations Flight commander, during his annual
physical. A full dental examination by a Grissom dentist is required
during the “long” physical. Prior to their “short” physical reservists
must have a DD Form 2813 completed by their personal dentist and
return the completed form to the Grissom dental clinic. Failure to do so
leaves their physical in an incomplete status.

                                                                                     LEFT: Senior Airman
                                                                                     Nicholas Obusek sits
                                                                                     back and allows Lt. Col.
                                                                                     (Dr.) Craig Wisler to go to
                                                                                     work performing a dental
                                                                                     evaluation on the aircraft
                                                                                     structural maintenance
                                                                                     apprentice from the 434th
                                                                                     Maintenance Squadron
                                                                                     as Staff Sgt. John C.
                                                                                     Dietz, Jr. watches makes
                                                                                     notes in a medical file.
                                                                                     Both Colonel Wisler
                                                                                     and Sergeant Dietz are
                                                                                     assigned to the 434th
                                                                                     Aerospace Medicine
                                                                                     Squadron. A reservist’s
                                                                                     physical health is critical
                                                                                     for mobility readiness,
                                                                                     and this includes their
                                                                                     dental condition.
4                                                                                     Heartland Warrior

AF wear tests new PT uniform
By Mr. Mike Wallace            sizes, ethnic backgrounds,      the current PT uniform in                people do in PT," he said.
Skywrighter Staff              officers--including 42          features including: no hood              "We have the three-times-a-
                               general officers, and           or vents, better reflectivity,           week Airmen, and we have
   WRIGHT-PATTERSON            enlisted, to wear during PT     decreased noise and lighter              people who exercise longer,
AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio           three or more times a week.     weight. The uniform                      such as marathon runners.
-- A prototype physical          At the end of this month,     consists of a jacket and                 We require the volunteers
training uniform for the Air   the Air Force Uniform           slacks, T-shirt, and tapered             to keep logs of exercise and
Force is undergoing wear       Office here will evaluate the   shorts with pockets and                  laundry cycles."
testing at Wright Patterson    uniform's performance from      comfortable liner.                          The prototype uniform
Air Force base, Ohio, the      feedback provided by the          Emphasizing that the                   laundry instructions include
Pentagon and MacDill           wearers.                        uniform still is in testing,             washing in cold water using
AFB, Fla.                        Capt. Nick Ferry, program     Captain Ferry said that                  mild detergents, and not
   The new design was          manager for the PT uniform,     wearers initially "loved the             using fabric softeners or
introduced last                described it as "100 percent    fabric." He added they also              dryer sheets since chemicals
month at the                   polyester with a moisture       "appreciated the longer                  from these could clog the
three sites for                management system and an        length in shorts and the                 pores of the uniform's
185 males                      anti-odor lining."              better fitting liner."                   polyester material and affect
and females                       He added that the              Captain Ferry said that                performance.
of various                      prototypes differ from         volunteers were carefully                   The PT uniform currently
                                                                     measured, and they                 in use was adopted in 2004
                                                                          were.                         from an Air Force Academy
                                                                              "We have the              design, and technicians here
                                                                               whole gamut              modified it for general Air
                                                                                    of what             Force use. Feedback on the
                                                                                                        uniform's heat, weight, and
                                                                                                        discomfort when compared
                                                                                                        to exercise clothing
                                                                                                        available commercially
                                                                                                          led to creating the new
                                                                                                               Following the wear
                                                                                                              test, Captain Ferry
                                                                                                               said “there'll be a final
                                                                                                                survey, and we'll
                                                                                                                 analyze peoples'
                                                                                                                  likes and dislikes to
                                                                                                                   see if further tests
                                                                                                                    or modifications
                                                                                                                    are needed. Then,
                                                                                                                    we'd brief at the
                                                                                                                   Chief of Staff
                                                                                                                   level, and from
                                                                                                                  there it's a go or
                                                                                                                  no-go." (AFNS)

                                                                                                                   Photo by Bonnie White
                                                                               Graphic Illustration by Staff Sgt. Mark Orders-Woempner

April 2009                                                                                                                                 5

                                            Par for Par:
                                            Airmen learn post-
                                            attack recovery skills
                                            By Staff Sgt. Mark              and casualties, and
                                            Orders-Woempner                 administer aid when needed.
                                            Public Affairs staff              These are called post-
                                                                            attack recovery teams, and
                                              Sirens blazing, Airmen        they provide invaluable
                                            bunker down as thunderous       intelligence to base
                                            explosions rage outside --      leadership after an attack has
                                            BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!               happened.
                                              Then, silence...                This information is used
                                              From basic training           to determine where an
                                            on, most Airmen have            attack has occurred, where
                                            been taught the skills to       hazardous contamination is
                                            survive and operate during      and where it may go, and
                                            an chemical, biological,        which areas are safe.
                                            radiological, nuclear or          Knowing this allows
                                            conventional attack.            commanders to protect their
                                              But, before most can          people while continuing
                                            put their skills to the test,   with the mission.
                                            a special group of people         During a recent training
                                            must go out along side          session here, over 30
                                            civil engineers, report back    Airmen learned what it takes
    Photos by Tech. Sgt. Patrick Kuminecz   damages, contaminations         to be an effective PAR team.
                                                                            TOP: Oakah Hays, 434th
                                                                            Civil Engineers Squadron
                                                                            emergency management
                                                                            office, briefs Airmen taking
                                                                            the post-attack-recovery
                                                                            class during a March
                                                                            unit training assembly.
                                                                            The training is part of
                                                                            preparations for upcoming
                                                                            exercises and inspections,
                                                                            but provide Airmen with the
                                                                            skills that may one day save
                                                                            their lives and the lives of

                                                                            LEFT: Staff Sgt. Nick
                                                                            Delaurentis, 434th Services
                                                                            Squadron fitness specialist,
                                                                            is loaded up with post-attack-
                                                                            recovery and identification
                                                                            kits by Robert Wydock, 434th
                                                                            Civil Engineers Squadron
                                                                            emergency management
                                                                            technician. These kits help
                                                                            Airmen who are part of PAR
                                                                            teams safely and effectively
                                                                            identify, report and deal with
                                                                            hazards after an attack has
                                                                            happened on a base.
6                                                                               Heartland Warrior
                                                      AF News
AF mourns the loss of first CMSAF
Senior Master Sgt. Sean Cobb             Air Forces on Nov. 16, 1942. He later             numerous Air Force and enlisted
Office of the CMSAF                      earned his high school equivalency                professional military organizations
                                         certificate through off-duty study.               throughout the years. He was a
   WASHINGTON -- Former Chief              Chief Airey held the top enlisted               member of the Board of Trustees for
Master Sergeant of the Air Force         from April 3, 1967 to July 31, 1969.              the Airmen Memorial Museum, a
Paul Wesley Airey died March 11 in       During his tenure he worked to                    member of the Air Force Memorial
Panama City, Fla.                        change loan establishments charging               Foundation and the Air University
   "Chief Airey was an Airman's          exorbitant rates outside the air base             Foundation.
Airman and one of the true pioneers      gates and to improve low retention                    After retirement, Chief Airey lived
for our service," said Gen. Norton       during the Vietnam Conflict. Chief                in Panama City, Fla. with his wife
Schwartz, Air Force Chief of Staff.      Airey also led a team that laid the               Shirley. Mrs. Airey died in 2001.
"He was a warrior, an                                                                                      Chief Airey was always
innovator, and a leader with                                                                            proud of Airmen. "I have
vision well ahead of his                                                                                seen many changes as we
time. His legacy lives today                                                                            progressed from simple air
in the truly professional                                                                               power to today's aerospace
enlisted force we have                                                                                  force. The enlisted corps has
serving our nation, and for                                                                             kept pace with that progress,
that we owe him a debt of                                                                               for it is pride and dedication
gratitude."                                                                                             that keep enlisted men at
   "Chief Airey is the most                                                                             their posts, not the lure of an
respected enlisted Airmen in                                                                            easy life and secure future.
the history of the Air Force,"                                                                          It is the desire to serve
said Chief Master Sergeant                                                                              our country that motivates
of the Air Force Rodney J.                                                                              today's Air Force," he said
McKinley. "When we speak                                                                                at the Air Force's 20th
of today's Airmen standing                                                                              Anniversary ceremony in
upon the shoulders of giants                                                                            1967.
as they reach for the sky                                                                                  On the north wall of the
and stars -- it was upon                                                                                Air Force Memorial in
Paul Airey's shoulders they                                                                             Washington D.C., Chief
stood. We will truly miss                                                                               Airey's thoughts on Airmen
his leadership, counsel and                                                                             are immortalized, "When
friendship."                                                                                            I think of the enlisted
   The first CMSAF was                                                                                  force, I see dedication,
always a leader. During                                                                                 determination, loyalty and
World War II he flew as                                                                                 valor."
a B-24 radio operator                                                                                      The Air Force Association
and additional duty aerial                                                                              honored Chief Airey with
gunner. On his 28th                                                       Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force
                                                                                                        its Lifetime Achievement
mission, then-Technical                          Chief Master Sgt. Paul Airey                           Award in 2007.
Sergeant Airey and his                                                                                     Chief Airey truly spent a
fellow crewmen were shot                 foundation for the Weighted Airman                lifetime serving a nation and a force he
down over Vienna, Austria, captured,     Promotion System, a system that has               loved, said Michael Donley, Secretary
and held prisoner by the German air      stood the test of time and which is               of the Air Force. "From his first days
force from July 1944 to May 1945.        still in use today. He also advocated             flying World War II combat missions
During his time as a prisoner of war     for an Air Force-level Senior                     in Europe, to his work improving the
he worked tirelessly to meet the         Noncommissioned Officer Academy.                  welfare of enlisted personnel as the
basic needs of fellow prisoners, even    His vision became reality when the                first Chief Master Sergeant of the Air
through a 90-day forced march.           academy opened in 1973, becoming                  Force, and his recent role as a mentor
   Chief Airey was born in Quincy,       the capstone in the development of Air to today's Airmen, Chief Airey was
Mass., on Dec. 13, 1923. At age          Force Senior NCOs.                                a man of honor and commitment
eighteen, shortly after the bombing of      Chief Airey retired Aug. 1, 1970.              to things greater than himself. His
Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, Airey      He continued advocating for Airmen's passing is mourned by all Airmen
quit high school to enlist in the Army   rights by serving on the boards of                around the globe." (AFNS)
April 2009                                                                                                                           7
Firefighters train, stay ready to respond

Master Sgt. Gary Smith, a fire protection journeyman with the 434th Civil Engineers Squadron, puts on his j-list fire protection
ensemble during a recent exercise. Wearing the suit allows them to battle fires in a chemical environment.

                                                                                                  Photos by Staff Sgt. Mark Orders-Woempner
                                                                  A Reserve firefighter simulates ventillating a roof during
Tech. Sgt. Daniel Huff, a fire protection apprentice relieves     an exercise conducted during the alternate unit training
pressure from a fire supply line following an exercise held by    assembly. The firemen are training for an operational
434th Civil Engineer Squadron firefighters.                       readiness inspection.
8                                                                                                       Heartland Warrior

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