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Held on Friday 9th March 2012 at 11.00 a.m.
Old Fire Station Square G05 (Council Chamber), The Crescent, Salford

Rev Andy Salmon, Chair, Chapel Street Regeneration Forum
Karen Hirst, Salford City Council
Jim Wensley, Salford City Council
Deanna Walker, Salford City Council
Julie Tracey, Salford City Council
David Greenfield, Salford City Council
Ross Spanner, Salford City Council
Councillor Coen, Salford City Council
Gareth Wilkinson, Salford City Council
Sara Noonan, Salford City Council
Richard Wynne, Urban Vision
Dave Dean, Urban Vision
Keith Barnes, University of Salford
Keith Beal, University of Salford
Tom Murphy, University of Salford
Phil Mayall, Muse Developments
Dan McMullen, Muse Developments
Gino Salvatore, Galliford Try
Steve Lloyd, Galliford Try
Lee Savage, Scarborough Group
Rachael Smith, Paver Smith
Mike Ralph, Red Property Services
Mark Reynolds, Genecon
Pat Arnold, The Friars Primary School
Hazel Brady, St Phillips CE Primary School
Andy Barclay, TARG
Hessel DeBoer, Islington Estate Residents and Tenants Association (TIETARA)
Kevin O’Neill, Islington Estate Residents and Tenants Association (TIETARA)
Paul Dennett, Vertical Villages
Chris Doyle, St. Philip’s Church
Neil Harvey, local businessman
Samantha McHale, The Creative Media Centre
Jon Monk, The Business Group Salford
Linda Sidwell, Salford Crescent Neighbourhood Association
Craig Stobart, Resident
Ena Shepherd, Resident
Mark Ashmore, Black Lion
Jenny Inchbald, Black Lion
Alan Hewitson, Greater Manchester Police
Graham Nicholson, Blue Sail
Aisling Dunne, University of Salford Student
Sean Rorke, Hot Bed Press

Apologies received:
Councillor Antrobus, Salford City Council
Sheila Murtagh, Salford City Council
Shelley Tattersall, Salford City Council
Tony Ennis, Urban Vision
Inspector David Henthorne, Greater Manchester Police
Canon Tony McBride, RC Salford Diocese
Patrick O’Dowd, Diocese of Salford
Linda Richings, University of Salford
Michael Cullen, Resident

1.    Welcome and Introductions

      Andy Salmon welcomed everyone to the meeting and those present introduced

2.    Notes of the last meeting and any actions

      These were agreed as a correct record. Traffic flow on Ford Street – this is in hand.

3.    GMP Update – crime facts and figures

      PC Alan Hewitson gave an update. There has been a 38% reduction in burglaries from
      dwellings and car theft since 2010. GMP are also looking at targeting illegal car parks
      across the City. There are more patrols in the area and another Neighbourhood
      Inspector has been appointed. Neil Harvey asked what security there may be if the
      Cleminson Street car park becomes available for public use. PC Hewitson to take Neil’s
      details and get back to him separately. Gareth Wilkinson to also take Neil’s details/
      concerns back to his team for investigation.

4.    Feedback on the Regeneration including the CPO Inquiry

      Phil Mayall gave an update on ECf’s progress and on the CPO. The ECf Board visited
      Chapel Street on 1st March 2012 and met with members of the project team from ECf
      and the City Council. Phil reported that the ECf Board were encouraged by the progress
      made on site, and noted that they were looking forward to seeing further positive
      changes coming forward. PM briefly gave the background on the CPO Inquiry. The
      Planning Inspector has submitted his report and a decision is imminent. The deadline
      for the Department for Communities and Local Government is 9th April 2012 but we are
      hoping to hear before the end of March. A copy of the decision letter and report to be
      circulated to the group once known.

      Richard Wynne to contact Mark Ashmore from the Black Lion to provide the CPO
      boundary plan.

      Councillor Coen asked how the overall Salford Central project will progress assuming
      the CPO is approved. PM explained that once the decision has been received, plans will
      be worked up for the first phase of development. PM to report back to the next meeting
      and give timescales, update on the derelict buildings, etc. PM also explained that one of
      the benefits of this being an ECf-led project is that the economic climate will not affect
      the delivery of the scheme on Chapel Street. In terms of the wider area, we are in

     discussions with other developers and potential occupiers. The delivery of the scheme
     is still on track and will not require external sources of funding.

     Karen Hirst provided an update on progress on demolishing the former Salvation Army
     building on James Street. The Salvation Army has now relocated to their new facility at
     Brindleheath. The James Street building is now closed and is due to be demolished
     shortly. James Street will be closed for a short period of time. Local residents,
     businesses and St Philips’ School have been consulted in terms of alternative

5.   Update on Chapel Street works and former War Memorial rededication

     Jim Wensley reported that the works on Chapel Street are substantially complete, and
     that snagging works should be finished by the end of March 2012. There are still
     ongoing issues with the utility companies. Traffic modelling will be undertaken in
     October/November 2012.

     Works have recently been completed on the improvement of the setting of the War
     Memorial on the corner of Chapel Street and Oldfield Road. Jim Wensley and the
     project team met with the Royal British Legion and Royal Regiment of Fusiliers to
     discuss the works and agreed to hold a rededication ceremony on 24th June 2012.
     Considering its role and value as a community asset, it was agreed that local schools,
     churches and community groups should be invited to the event. JW to update at the
     next meeting. AS gave a brief history of the War Memorial, which was unveiled by
     Edward VII in 1905.

     The Fusiliers Museum in Bury have offered to work with schools and feed ideas back.
     The M3 magazine (due out on 7th May) will feature an article covering the War Memorial.
     AS commented that the new signage on Chapel Street looks fantastic.

     Linda Sidwell said the Cenotaph on Albion Place should be illuminated. There is a light
     outside but it seems to be faulty. JW to speak to Councillor McIntryre who has also
     raised this issue.

     The issue of “puddling” at the pedestrian crossing in front of the Old Fire Station was
     raised. JW confirmed that this will be picked up in the snagging works. Concerns relating
     to the speed of motorists on the Crescent and Chapel Street were raised. JW explained
     that there is nothing the Council can do about speeding – that has to be done by the
     Police. Things will settle down once the road is fully marked out, and road users adjust
     to the new speed limits and access arrangements. A speed check will be undertaken in
     the next few months. Dave Dean to speak to Linda Sidwell after the meeting regarding
     resurfacing of University Road West/Salford Crescent Station works.

     JW reported that the Salford Crescent Station redevelopment works are planned to start
     on site in October 2012. The station will be redeveloped over an 18 month period with
     minimal closures. Further details will be provided once available. There will be a formal
     public consultation on the detailed proposals for the Ordsall Chord in Summer 2012.

     An enquiry was made as to the works currently taking place in Middlewood. It was noted
     that strengthening works are being carried out on Tunnel no.2.

     Ena Shepherd asked the reason behind moving the lights on Islington Way/North
     George Street. JW explained that this was a result of the traffic flows and cycle routes

     and said if there are any specific concerns feed them through and they will be fed into
     the process going forward. JW to speak to ES after the meeting.

     Dave Dean said concerns will be revisited after an audit process is undertaken within the
     next few months. 20mph speed limit – when the works are finished and all the work has
     been completed then enforcement can commence.

     Samantha McHale asked whether there would be a clean-up after the works had
     finished. It was confirmed that there will be a contract clean and a deep clean. If there
     is contractor debris in Bexley Square then this will be cleaned too.

6.   Former Magistrates’ Court and former Police Station update

     Richard Wynne confirmed that the former Magistrate’s Court is on the market and
     Expressions of Interest have been invited. The building is jointly owned by HMCS and
     SCC, with HMCS responsible for the security of the building. Kevin O’Neill raised the
     issue of making sure maps, heritage items, etc. are protected and looked after. Sara
     Noonan has previously raised this with Andy Howitt. RW has been talking to libraries
     and museums and needs to decide where it can go. Discussions are taking place with
     HMCS about the Manchester Guardians being located in the building for some time, in
     order to provide increased security. SN reported the Magistrates’ Court is still quite
     popular as a film location. This item to be brought back to the Chapel Street
     Regeneration Forum at a later date.

     Samantha McHale raised the issue of holding events in Bexley Square. Richard Wynne
     noted that a number of issues need to be clarified on the Square relating to whether it is
     an adopted highway. Sara Noonan noted that historically there have been challenges
     with holding events in Bexley Square, in terms of rights of access, licences and road
     closures. RW to look at the arrangements and protocols and go back to SMcH.

     Former Police HQ - Richard Wynne reported that there have been around 20
     expressions of interest, mainly recommending that the site be developed for student
     accommodation. Richard also reported that the City are talking to the University of
     Salford about using the land at the back as a temporary car park. Regular visits are
     undertaken by the Police and Urban Vision.

7.   Salford Crescent Neighbourhood Association presentation

     Linda Sidwell, Secretary of the Salford Crescent Neighbourhood Association, gave an
     excellent presentation showing how the residents group worked together to bring
     forward improvements to their local area with a Lottery grant of £50,000. They also
     made improvements on the land adjacent to the former Manchester/Bolton/Bury Canal
     and turned it into a community garden. AS commented that this is a great example of a
     community working together.

8.   Car Parking Strategy and Action Plan

     Dave Dean gave an update on the Car Parking Strategy. Dave reported that during the
     completion of the report Urban Vision listened to people’s comments about waiting
     restrictions and are still amending and making improvements, and noted that if anyone
     has any comments to submit them as soon as possible. Dave reported that the plans
     would be available at the end of the meeting. The advertising process will start at the
     end March/beginning of April. If no objections are received, then the changes will be
     implemented in June/July. Neil Harvey again raised concerns regarding the Cleminson
      Street car park – that if it was free at night-time, there could be issues about car crime.
      JW to consider the implications but did report that making this a pay and display car park
      allowed half an hour free parking to be brought in across the City.

      JW referred to the consultation Michael Fyles had undertaken, and reiterated that as
      development continues, needs will change and that in order to make changes feedback
      must be submitted.

      The Lead Member report relating to the parking strategy is available on the SCC website

9.    Middlewood - update from the Scarborough Group

      Lee Savage gave an update on the Middlewood site. The Scarborough Group own
      approximately 21 acres of Middlewood Locks which they acquired in November 2011.
      Lee reported that the first stage in bringing forward plans for the site will be to thoroughly
      understand the area’s wider role within the city and the regeneration activity that is
      already underway close-by. Consultants Genecon have been appointed to explore and
      understand the real economic drivers for growth and prosperity for Salford. Once
      options are produced they will be testing them to see if they are commercially viable.
      Consultation will be undertaken, targeting specific groups. The Scarborogh Group are
      working to demolish the old sales office. They are working with the Local Authority and
      Network Rail to carry out environmental improvements in the area. British Waterways
      are responsible for maintaining the canal and will be engaged at some point.

10.   Planning applications - update and status

      Karen Hirst provided an update on planning applications that have been approved and
      submitted since the last Chapel Street Regeneration Forum in December 2011.

      Hessel raised concerns over the amount of planning applications for student
      accommodation. The group agreed that this should be a future agenda item. Tom
      Murphy to update on student accommodation at the next meeting.

      The issue of being consulted on planning applications and how to make representations
      was raised. KH confirmed that Council officers cannot provide advice or opinions on live
      planning applications, and that they are public documents and are available online.
      Advertisements are posted on or close to the applications sites by law and the group are
      able to comment on any applications they wish to as individuals or as a group.

      A Planning Officer is to be invited to the next meeting to provide clarification on the
      planning and development management process.

      Concern was raised over the closure of the NatWest bank on the corner of Albion Place
      and The Crescent. Richard Wynne informed the Group that the decision to terminate
      the lease was made by the bank’s head office. Plans for the building are not yet
      concluded. Planning permission will be needed if a different use for the building is

11.   St. Philip’s Church – Repair Work

      Andy Salmon referred to the scaffolding around the Church. £170,000 improvement
      works are taking place to the stonework.

12.   Issues for future agendas

       Update on Chapel Street works and former War Memorial rededication
       Student accommodation
       Update on the CPO Inquiry/decision including an update on derelict buildings/
       Brown Brothers building – invite Artisan (the developer)
       IRP Update (June)
       Greengate
       Springfield Lane site
       Planning applications (standard item)
       University of Salford’s progress with plans for the campus
       Former Magistrates’ Court and former Police Station update

13.   Next meeting: date and venue

      The next meeting is to be held on Friday 15th June 2012 at 11.00 a.m. in the Black Lion,
      65 Chapel Street, Salford, M3 5BZ.

14.   Any other business

      Salford residents have voted to have an Elected Mayor. Voting takes place on Thursday
      3rd May 2012. Suggested we invite the newly appointed Elected Mayor to September’s
      Regeneration Forum.

      Karen referred to the positive Business Week article.      A copy of the article to be
      circulated to the Group with these notes.

      On behalf of Galliford Try, Gino Salvatore thanked the community and the Chapel Street
      Regeneration Forum for all their support during the Chapel Street works.


Action                                                Target Date      Lead
Neil Harvey’s concerns – five break-ins to his        ASAP             GMP
properties/issues of security/car crime at the                         Gareth Wilkinson
Cleminson Street car park.                                             JW
CPO (Compulsory Purchase Order) decision letter       When known       PM/JT
to be circulated to the group. Planning CPO to be     ASAP
circulated to the Group.

Post-meeting note. The Compulsory Purchase
Order was confirmed on 20th March 2012. See the
attached letter from Communities and Local
Government. Please contact Julie Tracey if you
want a copy of the CPO report to the Secretary of
State for Communities and Local Government
dated 9th January 2012.
Richard Wynne to contact Mark Ashmore from the        ASAP             RW
Black Lion.
Planning Officer (Development Control) to be          15th June 2012   KH/JT
invited to the next meeting to explain the planning
The newly appointed Elected Mayor be invited to       15th June 2012   AS
the September meeting.
Cenotaph outside Fire Station Square – JW to          ASAP             JW
speak to Councillor McIntyre and add to the
snagging works.
Dave Dean to speak to Linda Sidwell after the         ASAP             DD
meeting regarding resurfacing of University Road
West/Salford Crescent Station works.
JW to speak to Ena regarding concerns over lights     ASAP             JW
on Islington Way.
Bexley Square issues of maintenance/licenses.         ASAP             JW/TE/RW
Any comments on the Car Parking Strategy and          ASAP             ALL
Action Plan – pass onto Dave Dean.
Business Week article on Chapel Street to be          ASAP             JT
circulated with the notes.


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