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            SOL Review Packet, Part 2
        The SOL Review Packet has three sections. First, you will identify the key people in World
        History (at least, according to the Virginia Department of Education) between 1750 and the
        present. You will give a brief description of when the person was alive (century/era), where
        they were from, and what they were famous for.

        Second, you will define and describe the significance of the major events of World History
        (again, according to the Virginia Department of Education) between 1750 and the present. To
        remind you: significance means why it was important and what resulted from it. “It was a big
        war” is not going to get you any points.

        Third, you will answer a few essential questions that help link together the content and make
        sure you know what you are talking about.

        Complete this review packet for SOL material by the class after Spring Break (April 25-26). It will
        be best to complete this while reading each chapter in Unit 5 – tasks are broken out by chapter
        for you.

S E C T I O N 1 – P EO P L E

 WHO?                          WHEN?            WHERE?                  WHAT? (KEEP         I T SH O R T )

 From Unit 5

 Johann Sebastian Bach         1685-1750        Germany                 Composer of Scientific
                                                                        Revolution/Enlightenment time period

 Wolfgang Amadeus


 Miguel de Cervantes

 Eugene Delacroix

    AP World History                                                                                Page |1
    SOL Review, Part 2
                                                          SOL Review, Part 2

WHO?                    WHEN?   WHERE?   WHAT? (KEEP   I T SH O R T )

Father Miguel Hidalgo

Toussaint L’Ouverture

Simon Bolivar

Count Cavour

Giuseppe Garibaldi

Otto von Bismarck

James Hargreaves

James Watt

Eli Whitney

Henry Bessemer

Edward Jenner

Louis Pasteur

Adam Smith

Karl Marx

                                                               Page |2
                                                          SOL Review, Part 2

WHO?                    WHEN?   WHERE?   WHAT? (KEEP   I T SH O R T )

Commodore Perry

Related to Chapter 28
Archduke Ferdinand

Woodrow Wilson

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Related to Chapter 28
Tsar Nicholas II

Vladimir Lenin

Joseph Stalin

Related to Chapter 31
Adolf Hitler

Benito Mussolini


Hideki Tojo

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Harry Truman

                                                               Page |3
                                                          SOL Review, Part 2

WHO?                    WHEN?   WHERE?   WHAT? (KEEP   I T SH O R T )

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Douglas MacArthur

George C. Marshall

Winston Churchill

Related to Chapter 34
Mohandas Gandhi

Jawaharlal Nehru

Indira Gandhi

Jomo Kenyatta

Nelson Mandela

Golda Meir

Gamal Abdul Nasser

Related to Chapter 35
Mao Zedong

Chiang Kai-shek

                                                               Page |4
                                                                                       SOL Review, Part 2

WHO?                         WHEN?               WHERE?          WHAT? (KEEP        I T SH O R T )

Deng Xiaoping

Ho Chi Mihn

Related to Chapter 36
Mikhail Gorbachev

Margaret Thatcher


EVENT                   S H O R T D E S C R I P T IO N          SIGNIFICANCE
                        (Include dates)
From Unit 4
French Revolution       Peasants and middle class overthrow     Spreads liberalism and nationalism in
                        monarchy, then go radical and cut off   Europe, leads to Congress of Vienna
                        heads, then Napoleon takes over         alliances
Haitian Revolution

(other) Latin
Napoleonic Wars

Congress of Vienna



                                                                                            Page |5
                        SOL Review, Part 2

Berlin Conference

Boxer Rebellion

Related to Chapter 28
World War I


League of Nations

Related to Chapter 29
Russian Revolution

Related to Chapter 30
Great Depression

Related to Chapter 31
World War II


Related to Chapter 32
Formation of NATO

Marshall Plan

United Nations

Cold War

                             Page |6
                                                                                         SOL Review, Part 2

Berlin Wall

Related to Chapter 34


Related to Chapter 35
Chinese Civil War

Korean War

Vietnam Conflict

Related to Chapter 36
Fall of the Berlin


            1. How did the ideas of the Enlightenment contribute to causing the French Revolution?

            2. How did the American and French Revolutions influence Latin American independence

            3. How did the Monroe Doctrine impact revolutions in Latin America?

            4. What was the legacy of Napoleon?

                                                                                              Page |7
                                                                              SOL Review, Part 2

5. How did nationalism and democracy influence national revolutions?

6. How did Italy and Germany become unified countries?

7. Why did the Industrial Revolution originate in England?

8. How did the Industrial Revolution accelerate imperialism?

9. Why did European countries participate in imperialism and a race for colonies?

10. What were some responses of colonized peoples to European imperialism?

11. What was the League of Nations and why did it fail?

12. Why did the world experience depression in the 1930s?

13. What new technologies have created opportunities and challenges in the contemporary

14. How is economic interdependence changing the world?

15. How has terrorism impacted developed and developing nations in the contemporary

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