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									Alison Wright

    My Office (1985 – 1987)
 My Inspiration

Yacht Anse Chastanet
Built-in Support
Built-in Safety
   DesignAge 1994 -1997

Lifetime Homes Launch, Hull by Habinteg Housing
   Association & Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Helen Hamlyn Research Centre

                  (1997 – 2000)
          Observation & Interview
 Mary’s kitchen       Safety issue - electric Kettle
                      sited on metal drainer
                                            Safety issue - hob moved
                                            during cooking

Worktop             Removing wet
hob       Storage
          too low   clothes too
                    heavy       Lack of worktop space
Research Findings

           > Visual Acuity
Product & Literature Search
Lateral Thinking
      Lateral Thinking

400              480
   Easy Living Home (2000)
  Collaboration with Kate
  Sheehan Independent
  Occupational Therapist with
  20 years experience

> Challenge ‘medicalised model’ of home
> Demonstrate ‘inclusive’ design principles by
  creating inspirational examples of kitchen and
  bathroom design using mainstream product
Challenging ‘Medicalised Model’

               Current ‘medicalised
               model’ of home
              Evidence Base

“Wasteful adaptations were most often the result of limiting
assessment to functional physical issues and leaving out
psychological factors… “
             (Heywood F. The Health of Housing Adaptations 2004)
              Evidence Base

“Obliging people to have things they do not like, or about
which they have reservations, may result in wholly wasted
expenditure”              (Heywood F. ‘Money Well Spent’ 2001)
Challenging Design Aesthetic

Clos-o-mat                 Geberit
             Same price…
Challenging Stereotyping

       Same manufacturer
   Working with UK Manufacturer
   Armitage Shanks (2003 – 2005)

                          May 2005

                         Kitchen &
                         Bathroom Industry
                         Award winner 2006

Bathroom for Mary (65)
Working with Armitage Shanks

Thermostatic Bath Valve   Wall-mounted products
Working with Armitage Shanks

                 Accessible Wet
                 Room for Robert
                 (30) Architect
Working with Armitage Shanks

Working with Housing Associations
   Inclusive Design Showcase 2005-2006

                  Habinteg Housing Association
                  Lifetime Homes
                  Westwood Park, Bradford
   Habinteg’s Inclusive Brief

•  To create in-built flexibility to
   accommodate a wide range of future
   tenants, from families with young
   children, to older tenants and tenants
   using wheelchairs
•  To expand Lifetime Homes criteria
•  Must not cost more than usual spend
•  Must be maintenance friendly!
Construction of Methods Lab

            Constructed in a 3000sq ft
            warehouse in Byley, Cheshire
                User Testing

Testing research assumptions & inclusive design ideas
Easy Access Kitchen
Easy Access Kitchen
Family Bathroom
•  Thermostatic to avoid
•  Lever controls within easy
   reach from seated position
   inside & outside bath
•  Alternative showering
   positions both inside &
   outside bath for wheelchair
•  Longer riser rail for seated
       Family Bathroom
             • Area for seated
             transfer or for sitting
             whilst overseeing bath-
             • Removable bath
             panel for maintenance

Family Bathroom

     • Wheelchair accessible toilet
     750mm (D)
     • Adjustable in height between
     400 – 480mm
     • Easy push flush panel for use
     with elbow or hand
     • Simple accessories
     • Keeps floor clear for washing
En-suite Wet Room
Lifetime Home WC/Shower
Lifetime Home Kitchen
Lifetime Home Kitchen

       • Fully extending fridge shelves
       • Side opening oven
       • Lever operated hose tap
Easy Living Training Material
     Easy Living Home Inclusive
          Design Training
  For Occupational therapists, Architects,
  Designers, Housing Professionals & Plumbers to
  create demand for inclusive products

Training Occupational Therapists
       from a UK Local Authority
                      Nov 2007
Roadblocks to Inclusive Design

•  Contract – wording ‘……or similar’
•  Contractor – only uses traditional supply lines
  offering trade discount/credit
•  Suppliers – limited range of inclusively
  designed products
•  Trades – resistant to new products & new
  working practises
Collaboration with UK plumbing
supplier Graham Group
(UK’s 2nd largest national plumbing supplier)

25 showrooms currently under
     Addressing Roadblocks
•  Contract – Living Works range offers solutions
  compliant with UK legislation
•  Contractor – Graham 270 outlets already
  offer traditional supply lines offering trade
•  Suppliers – Graham now supply a wide range
  of inclusively designed products
•  Trades – Living Works showroom has an
  interactive learning area adjacent to the trade
  counter especially for trades people
     The Marketing Case

from ‘Careworks’ to ‘Livingworks’

              … a shift in thinking
           Marketing Language
Careworks            Livingworks
•  ependent
 D                    A
                     •  ctive Lifestyle
•  atronising
 P                    A
                     •  geless
•  edicalised
 M                    S
                     •  mart consumer
•  tatic
 S                    W
                     •  ellbeing
•  rescriptive
 P                    T
                     •  ime & energy saving
                     •  ital
  Marketing Executive
Inclusive Design Primer
Marketing Executive ID Primer

                A wellbeing, lifestyle
                …not us and them
                Luxury Wet Room
• TV with waterproof
remote control

• Hands-free bath filler
• Digital shower with
remote on/off switch
• ‘Ferrari’ style shower
          Classic Shower Room

• Traditional style
• Low threshold tray
• Thermostatic
shower with all lever
• Fold-up seat
              Family Bathroom
•  Meets UK
   Government ‘Decent
   Homes’ standards
•  Wheelchair
•  Integral floor drain
•  Alternative
   showering position
   outside bath
        Easy Access Cloakroom
• Meets Government
Part M standard
• Wheelchair
• Fully functional
shower toilet with
remote control
• Hands-free tap
         Compact Wet Room
•  Wall-mounted
•  Integral floor
•  Coved skirting
•  Basin shelf &
   shower rail
   double as grab
     Contemporary Shower Room

• Fits into footprint of
a standard bath

• Remote shower
on/off switch outside

• Safety Flooring
        Easy Access Shower
•  Hand held remote

•  Ceiling-mounted body
   drier with remote control

•  hower riser rail doubles
   as grab rail
Inclusive Bathroom
Design Guide
                  It’s in the detail

Transparent over-lay sheet
                   Easy Fit Area
• Fitting information for trades
• Grab rail template
Living Works Development
        Staff empathic
        training May 2007

        Focus Group
        January 2007

                     Expert user showroom trials with
                              occupational therapists
        Government Legislation
•  Feb 2008 UK Government Housing Strategy announced
   all new housing to Lifetime Homes & inclusive design
   principles by 2010
•  2007 Disabled Facilities Grant encouraging ‘client choice
   & control’ in home adaptations with support of
   occupational therapists
Beyond the minimum

Not just monetary but emotional value
                     (Akihiro Nagaya, Toyota)
                What Next?
•  Working with Housing Associations on ID
   knowledge transfer for Extra Care Housing
   including a showcase apartment
•  Design more ‘Living Works’ inclusive bathroom
   layouts at lower price points
•  Continue Inclusive design training to grow
•  Working with manufacturers to develop
   inclusively designed products
Tusen Takk
Thank you

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