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									Gridstore Accelerate Partner Program Adds Business Technology Architects
as Certified Member

Leading Regional Technology Architect to Now Deliver Cost-Effective,
Scalable Storage Solutions for Mid-Market Customers

ROSWELL, GA, November 20, 2012 –- Business Technology Architects (BTA),
one of the Southeast region’s most innovative strategic technology
architects, today announced that it has joined the Gridstore Accelerate
Partner Program. As a certified Gridstore partner, BTA will be expanding
its storage portfolio for the mid-sized business with Gridstore’s simple,
powerful and affordable, storage solution.

Unlike traditional NAS-based storage solutions, Gridstore delivers a
uniquely scalable approach to storage that is both reliable and cost
effective. By virtualizing storage nodes, Gridstore is able to optimize
storage resources with a scalable architecture that can grow as needed
with business demands. This eliminates islands of storage to manage, and
simplifies migrations and upgrades for an out-of-the-box experience that
is ideal for the mid-size enterprise.

“Gridstore is a great addition to our portfolio,” said Ken Fee, CEO,
BTA, “Today, mid-tier organizations spend more per gigabyte on storage
than large enterprises because they don’t have the leverage. And, many
times the lifecycle costs, including services, are just too costly for
mid-market companies. Gridstore eliminates this challenge by delivering
enterprise-class, scalable storage that is easy to deploy, cost effective
to maintain, and simple to manage.”

“Business Technology Architects understands that IT architecture is a
multiple disciplinary process that requires expertise across multiple
technology silos and they take a global perspective across these
specializations to deliver solutions with true IT alignment,” said Kelly
Murphy, CEO of Gridstore. “They are experts in matching IT architecture
and service delivery to business objectives. We are very pleased to have
them as an authorized member of our partner program and we look forward
to jointly delivering the storage solutions our mutual customers can
implement easily today and grow with tomorrow.”

About the Gridstore Accelerate Partner Program

As a 100% channel-driven company, Gridstore has designed its Gridstore
Accelerate Partner Program to deliver high gross margins for its
registered partners. The Gridstore Accelerate Partner Program gives
partners access to a low-risk, high-profit solution. The Grid can easily
be sold over the phone for high-volume, short sales cycle deals. With a
predictable pay as you grow pricing model for customers, sales messaging
is easy and results in a highly “sticky” customer footprint with near
100% repeat orders for long-term revenue and customer satisfaction.

The Gridstore Accelerate Partner Program delivers attractive margins for
its registered partners and supports them with opportunity registration,
as well as a complete suite of channel marketing tools including
marketing collateral, quick selling guides, lead sharing, joint events
and collaborative marketing programs. Through the end 2012, Gridstore is
offering special, high-return program incentives to its program members
including up to an additional 10 points in margin for all registered
sales opportunities in Q1, 2013. For more information, please visit:

About Gridstore

Gridstore is the leading provider of software defined storage that turns
simple storage building blocks into the world’s most powerful and
affordable storage without limits. Gridstore brings the era of mainframe-
style monolithic storage and its disruptive forklift upgrades to an end.
The Grid allows businesses to start small and pay as they grow to any
size while growing more powerful with each additional block. We eliminate
the frustrations of planning and forecasting for the unknown. No more
headaches, no more disruption to the business. Now you can effortlessly
give your organization the powerful storage it demands. Gridstore is
headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. and has development facilities in
Dublin, Ireland. For more information, please visit:

About Business Technology Architects

Based in Roswell, Georgia, Business Technology Architects (BTA) brings a
global perspective to customers with the strategic IT guidance that
transforms tactical projects into strategic plans. Its experienced IT
consultants create architectures that meet current and future
requirements, documenting linkages to business objectives. BTA does this
through a constant engagement model of assessment, architecture, design,
implementation and evaluation. As a result, BTA customers are able to
evolve from reactive support and accidental architectures to business-
need-driven, proactive IT service providers. For more information, visit:

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Sabrina Sanchez
The Ventana Group
Chantilly, VA
(925) 785-3014

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