December 2012 Newsette by JaneLow


									                        Holiday Travel Resort Newsette
                                December 2012
                                Merry Christmas!

                                               accept Holiday's pet rules and regulations.
                                               Dogs must be leashed at all times.

                                               Gate code: if you have forgotten it, contact
                                               the office.

                                               Picnic tables: we will no longer provide
                                               picnic tables to residents in park models.
From the Manager’s Desk                        The tables will be provided to campers to
                                               use as intended and not as work benches or
Welcome Back!!! I hope you had a great         plant stands.
summer and are looking forward to a
relaxing, yet busy season. Holiday is best     Lot Numbers: It is recommended by
known for its friendly people and it’s         Management and Lake County Fire/Rescue
abundance of activities, so please check the   that you have your lot number on both sides
monthly calendar for the time and place of     of your unit, at least 3” high, and visible
your favorite activity. If you’re having       from the street. This is for your own
trouble finding a card game to play, or a      protection.
tennis match, please contact me and I’ll
make the proper introductions.                 Dog Walks: Holiday has plenty of dog walk
                                               areas around the park, please observe them,
Watering: Until further notice watering is     and pick up after your pet. If you are unsure
limited to only ONCE A WEEK, BEFORE            of the location of the dog walk areas, please
10am or AFTER 4pm only.                        pick up a site map in the office. Please
                                               observe the rules posted at the dog park.
Monday - East& Little Central
Tuesday - Big Central                          Speed Limit: Please observe the posted
Wednesday - West 1                             speed limit throughout the park. For the
Thursday - West 2                              safety of the walkers, bikers and golf carts,
Friday - West 3                                it’s important that you don’t speed.

No watering on the weekends. If you don't      Parking: One unit per lot. Please park only
know what section you live in, contact the     on your lot, motor homes, boats, boat trailers
office. This is a Lake County/St. John's       and utility trailers must be parked in the
Water Management District ordinance.           storage area, (you will be allowed a few
                                               days to pack/unpack or repair your unit).
                                               Flashlights: With standard time back in
Pet owners: please remember to sign a “pet     effect, it gets dark early. Be sure to carry a
contract” which tells us that you agree to     flashlight with you when you are traveling
                                               in the park at night or early morning.
                                                 Improvements or remodeling: to your site or
                                                 park model must first be approved by
                                                 management. You can pick up a permission
                                                 slip from Rich Hollin at the maintenance
                                                 department. In most cases, a building permit
                                                 issued by Lake County will be required.
                                                 Please remember that contractors cannot
                                                 enter the park before 8am. Absolutely no
Tree policy: during the summer we trim the
                                                 digging on weekends!!
trees that hang over the roads and the empty
lots to prevent damage to motor homes and
                                                 Please remember to support the advertisers
travel trailers. Because of the number of
                                                 on the back of our site map.
trees in the park, it is impossible to trim
trees that are hanging over your unit. If a
                                                 Have a great season,
tree is dying and becomes a hazard to a unit,
                                                 John Parkhurst, Manager
Holiday will remove the tree. We will not
remove a tree, or allow one to be removed
just because nuts are falling on your roof, or
leaves are dropping in your yard. These trees
                                                 by Linda Lewis
have been here long before we arrived, and
will be here long after we’re gone.
                                                 Because of the upcoming holidays, the
                                                 deadline for the January, 2013 Newsette
Yard debris: Speaking of leaves, the
                                                 articles will be December 10th.
maintenance crew patrols the park daily
picking up your leaves and yard debris.
Please put your leaves in bags, trash cans or
boxes to be picked up and NOT in piles
along the road. Do not blow the leafs on
empty lots or across the road onto common
                                                                   As you know, the
                                                 Newsette continues to grow in size and
Household garbage: There are dumpsters
                                                 content every year, and to prepare and
located throughout the park for your
                                                 publish it has become increasingly time
BAGGED, household garbage. Please
                                                 consuming.      Therefore, it has been
recycle all aluminum cans and newspapers
                                                 determined that effective with the January,
IN the proper containers on the dumpster.
                                                 2013 publication all articles must be sent to
Please don’t stack papers on top of the
                                                 the Activities Director via e-mail at
container because they will blow away and
make a mess. You can break down
                                                 Handwritten or typed articles will no longer
cardboard boxes and place them at the
                                                 be accepted. Please make sure that your
dumpsters, or take them to the recycling area
                                                 email includes your name and telephone
at the maintenance department. Please don't
throw large objects into the compactor; you
can put them in the roll-off dumpster located
at the back of the maintenance yard.
The Bulletin Boards are for in park activities
only, and all notices on the Bulletin Boards
(except for reunion sign-up sheets) are to be
no larger than 5” X 7”. Please make sure
your notices conform to the size limitation.
I will do this also on my notices.

by Janet Pfeiffer

Attendance was great with 217 for dinner
and about 10 more that came for the              CHRISTMAS PARADE
program. There were about 80 veterans            by Paula Mariano
present and most gave their Service ID
number. Great memory, Vets.                      Holiday Golf Cart Parade will be Thursday,
                                                 December 13th at the Activities Center. The
Our guests this year were ten members of         schedule is as follows:
the Eustis ROTC Unit, together with Master
Sergeant Thomas Young. The Unit posted           1:00 – 1:30pm - Parade Entry Line Up
the colors and the recognition of                1:00 – 1:45pm – Voting for Best Cart
MIA/POWs. They also gave a presentation          1:45 – Parade begins – Holiday Softball
on the folding of the flag and the meaning of    Teams will be collecting food and money
each fold. Our attendees gave $429.50 to         for the local food bank.
the Unit to help support their training.         2:45 – Refreshments and tunes from the
                                                 Holiday Choir.
Thanks you to Noel and Judy Whitis who           3:15 – Awarding of prizes giving of other
made and re-made our program after each          gifts from Santa.
meeting as we made changes. Ken Geissler
played music to start, and Georgeann Grau        Rain out date is December 14th.
played the rest of the program. Dan
Crossman handled the microphone and              If it moves decorate it, come join the fun !
songs for the Program, and Greta Powers,
Jim Bennett, Judy Whitis, and Sharon
Gertzen did a great job on all of our songs.     CHRISTMAS DAY POTLUCK
Gary Weber talked about the Honor Flight
Program and Bill Wright gave our prayers.        Our annual Christmas Potluck will be on
Also, thanks to the many people who Set-up,      December 25th at 1:00 PM in the Activity
decorated, cleaned-up, cut pies, made drinks     Center. Doors open at 12:15 PM. In order
and set-up food tables. IT WAS GREAT!            to know how may table’s to set up, how
                                                 much coffee to make, etc. we will be issuing
                                                 FREE tickets. Tickets will be available on
                                                 December 3rd at the Activities Directors
                                                 office. Bring a dish to share and your own
                                                 table service.
In order to continue making these events          refer to the calendar for those dates). Table
successful we need many volunteers who are        seating for all of the dances is reserved, and
willing to decorating, clean-up, cut              is assigned on a first-in-line basis.
pies/cakes, etc., so if you are willing to help   Your help is needed - please sign up to host
in any way, please contact Linda in the           one of the dances. You can contact me at
Activities Office, or call me a 352-787-          the Activities Office.
                                                  Christmas Dance with the band “TWO
                                                  SMOOTH” will be December 14th at 7:30
                                                  PM in the Activity Center. Tickets are $5.00
                                                  and go on sale December 3rd.

                                                  New Year’s Eve DJ Dance

                                                  Our New Year’s Eve dance will be held in
                                                  the Activity Center from 9:00 PM to 12:30
CHRISTMAS DECORATION CONTEST                      AM, with “Vi & Don Foust”. Tickets are
                                                  $8.00 each and go on sale December 10th.
It’s that time of year to decorate our homes      Champagne and non-alcoholic punch will be
for the Christmas holiday. Holiday Travel         provided during the last intermission before
Resort is sponsoring our first Christmas          midnight.      Fruit, cheese and assorted
decorating contest and wants to encourage         crackers will be served.
all of you to participate. Be creative and
festive for our judges who will be out and        TRIPS
about with their score pads.          “Merry
Christmas”                                        Information is available in the Activities
                                                  Office for day trips, multi-day trips and

                                                  Tampa Bay Downs.

DANCES                                            Sr. Adventures is offering this trip on
                                                  December 19th, if you are interested contact
It’s not too late to volunteer to host a dance.   the Activity Office.
Please let me know if you would be
available to help with one of the dances.         Biloxi Beau Rivage.

Our first dance will be at 7:30pm on              There is a scheduled trip to Biloxi for
November 30th featuring Dr. Nick and the          December 23rd-26th check with Activity
All Stars. Tickets go on sale Monday,             Director for availability. Other trips will be
November 26th, and are $3.00 each.                available later in the season.

Tickets for most dances will be sold on the       Hard Rock.
Monday preceding the dance starting at 9:00
AM in the Ken Jones Center (exceptions are        Our next Hard Rock Casino trip is scheduled
the Christmas and New Year’s Eve dances –         for Wednesday, December 12th.
                                                7:00 PM in the Activity Center. The boxes
.                                               are waiting for your new toys. Take your
                                                toys to the Activity Director’s office to
                                                receive your admission ticket to attend the

HOLIDAY MISSION CHURCH NEWS                     This year’s show will again highlight the
                                                many talents of the players group. With
A big welcome to fellow snowbirds               their tongue-in-cheek skits that bring a
converging on Holiday Travel for the            chuckle from everyone and the Christmas
winter. Many of us look forward to the          spirit brought to life by many singing
Christian fellowship of the in-park church.     talents. It will be an evening of amazing
We’re always glad to have new people join       entertainment, but the true winners will be
us in worship on Sunday in the Activity         the children of Leesburg who receive your
Center at 8:30 AM followed by Bible Study       toy donations
and again at 6:00 in the evening. New choir
members are always welcome. Join us for         SOFTBALL
practice Fridays at 2:00 PM. We will be         by Harold Brown
working hard to get ready for our annual
Christmas concert, which will be the            Holiday Travel Resort has 5 softball teams.
evening of December 16th. Everyone in the       See the schedule board in front of the Post
park is invited to attend and rejoice with us   Office for the scheduled home games.
in the birth of our Savior. A time of           Overall schedules are posted on the Softball
fellowship follows with refreshments. It is a   Bulletin Board. Fan support is greatly
wonderful blessed time of year to share with    appreciated. Concessions will be available
friends and family. Hoping to see you at our    at the home games, except the 2:00 PM
worship service.                                ones. The Residents Fund Committee,
                                                HTR, Lake County Eagles 4273, Leesburg
                                                Auto, Discount Carpet and Thermo Cool are

                                                NOTICE: From December 12, 2012 until
                                                January 2, 2013 the softball field will not be
                                                usable due to renovations and re-seeding.

HOLIDAY THEATER NEWS                            Holiday Softball will continue the long
by Betty Strausbaugh                            tradition of collecting food and money for
                                                the Leesburg Food Bank. A collection box
The Holiday Players are again working to        for non-perishable food will be in the Ken
make another “Toys for Tots” drive a huge       Jones Center for about 10 days before the
success. Every year the Marines are amazed      December 13th Christmas Parade. Softball
at the Christmas spirit that comes from the     leaders will be there from 11 AM to 1 PM
residents at Holiday Travel Resort.             for about 5 days before the Parade to collect
                                                money and food. Also, donations may be
This year Toys for Tots Program is              made before and during the Parade. Any
scheduled for Tuesday, December 18th at         toys donated will be taken to Toys for Tots.
                                                 some Christmas songs at the Toys for Tots
                                                 program and we participate in many events
                                                 throughout the season.
by Betty Strausbaugh                             HTR WINDS
                                                 by Charles Marston, director-organizer
The Red Hatter’s Christmas Tea is just
around the corner, it will be held Monday,       You are invited to bring a band instrument
December 10th from 1:00-3:00 PM at the           to the newly formed HTR Wind ensemble!
Activity Center. This year’s celebration will    The wind ensemble meets at the Sports
have a Victorian theme. Everyone is asked        Center on Fridays at 1:00 PM.
to design your own Victorian Era Hat and
wear it proudly at the parade during the tea.    Come to the first rehearsal on December 7,
A prize will be presented to the most            2012. We will enjoy Seasonal Tunes.
authentically designed hat.       Let your       Rehearsals will continue through March on
imagination lead you!                            Fridays at 1:00 PM in the Sports Center.
                                                 Contact Charles at 615-604-0201 or 615-
An urgent request is being sent out to all       604-3700.
“Red Hatters” at Holiday Park. We need
your name, lot #, and phone number to
compile a complete register of all our Red       ************************************
Hatters living at Holiday. Please put this
information on a half sheet of paper and
address it to: Birdie – Lot C170. Sharon at
the Post Office will make sure that it gets to
Birdie. Please do this ASAP so you can
receive your invitation to the tea.
                                                 WATER AEROBICS
                                                 by Judy Stillwell

                                                 Water aerobics classes are being held daily
                                                 with classes at 8:00am, 10:30am and
                                                 1:00pm. Great exercise to help tone up our
                                                 muscles, and it is great fun.
by Janet McGray                                  WHAT IS THE FUNNIEST AND MOST
                                                 LAUGHABLE GAME IN THE PARK?
The Karaoke group is once more gathering         by Dave Ruhnke
every Friday at the Marina from 2-5P and
every 3rd Friday at the Activity Center from     Men and women, all ages with no
7-10P...(check Newsette for exact dates)         commitment, no special skills, no assigned
This month we will be there on Dec 21st, so      teams, no special rules, very low effort, and
come join us, to participate (we have many       great exercise. Come and go as you can.
songs to choose from) or sit back & listen or      Where? Outdoor pool Monday, Wednesday
dance the night away! We welcome all new         and Friday 2:00 – 4:00 PM. What is it?
people that want to grab the microphone and      Water Volleyball of course…………….
join us for lots of fun. We will be doing
LINE DANCING                                     board. The list of officers and Fun Day
                                                 dates are also on the board
Line dancing is every Tuesday and Friday
from 9:15 until 11:15am in Activity Center.      Open tennis is from 1:00-3:00 PM, Sunday –
In addition, during the month of November        Saturday, and 6:00-8:00 PM, Sunday and
only, Vi is offering a beginners line dancing    Tuesday evenings. For those not familiar
class from 11:30 to 12:30pm on Tuesday’s.        with the routine, it is a round robin format
Dancing will start November 6st.                 and a good place to develop and hone your
                                                 skills. As many can attest to, it is also a
HELPING HANDS                                    great social time and the bench topics vary
by LaFerne Foster                                greatly and much can be learned -- right,
                                                 Mike and Randy? Also, Randy (one of our
Welcome to another exciting year working         newest members) make bench sitting quite
on quilts, stuffing bears and knitting afghans   comfortable because of the cushions he
for Bogey Creek Camp, a camp for                 bring with him. Thanks also go to Bob
physically challenged children. We meet          Bradshaw and Bob Burns for taking time to
every Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 – 3:00         repair the tennis nets. Just a reminder, Lee
PM at the post office (Ken Jones Center). If     Stilwell (36C) brought his racquet stringing
you would like to help please come and           equipment back with him.
meet with us. There is no sewing required,
just good fellowship and fun working on the      We were sad to learn of the passing of Bob
above items.                                     Harte. As a part of our tennis family, we
                                                 will sorely miss him.         Our sincere
                                                 condolences go to Gitty and family.

                                                 Please let me know of any court happenings
                                                 or player interest for this column. If not on
                                                 the courts, I can be contacted at 222W.

by Marilyn Whyte

It’s good to see the courts in full “swing”
again. Welcome back to returning and new
players.                                         VOLLEY BALL, by Charles Marston
Some things remain the same – tennis dues
are still $1 for the season. Bobbi McFadden      Welcome back to HTR for your 2012-2013
will gladly take your money or send it to her    season. As you look around for activities to
at 300C.                                         take part in you are encouraged to consider
                                                 volley ball. We play each morning, Monday
Sign-ups are posted on the tennis court          through Saturday at 10:00 AM and Sunday
bulletin board. If not playing at a sanctioned   at 2:00 PM.
time, reserve courts on the west side of the
                                                 Announcements are posted on the volleyball
                                                 bulletin board at the court and on the dry
erase board at the court. These messages are   PROGRESSIVE HAND AND FOOT
also posted on our blog.                 Welcome back ladies! Thanks to Joan
                                               Rowe and Carol Slawnikowski, cards have
We look forward to an active volley ball       continued all summer. For those of you,
season. We will have a tournament on           who enjoy playing or want to learn, please
February 28, 2013. See blog and TAB at the     join us on Wednesday afternoons at 12:30
top of the Home Page for the 2013 calendar.    PM at the Marina.

                                               PINOCHLE – SINGLE DECK,
                                               by Joyce Steger

                                               WELCOME BACK EVERYONE!
SHUFFLEBOARD                                   Sure hope you all had a good summer. We
by Ron Schell                                  are looking forward to seeing you all on
                                               Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM in the
Our newly refurbished and refinished           Leisure Center. Come join us for a social
shuffleboard courts were tested on Saturday,   evening of cards. This is open to anyone
November 3rd, when 6 teams participated in     with the knowledge of Pinochle.
“Build a House”. The new courts, which         Here are some of our recent winners:
require less maintenance and cheaper beads,    October 24
are proving to be more consistent regarding    High Game:
speed and much easier to judge liners.         Betty Bolles and Jim Wilson (119)
Winners of the Nov. 3rd event were Bud         High Series:
Steger and Wayne Major. The Saturday,          Leon Zaffer (718)
November 10th winners were Carol Schell        November 1
and Ray Parlberg. Carol scored a high          High Game:
series of 1022.                                Jo Fitzgerald & Joyce Steger (140)
On the tournament trail, the team of Sharon    High Series:
Johnson and Jo Ann Craw took 3rd place         Betty Bolles (778)
honors at the state tournament in Deland.      November 8
Holiday shufflers also did well in the         High Game:
Tavares “Any Amateur” tournament with          Lois Rybarczyk & Shelia Ceder (150)
Marcia Heilman taking 1st place and Ken        High Series:
Flint 2nd in the main event and Wayne Major    Jo Fitzgerald (661)
and Dan Heilman taking 1st and 2nd in
consolation. Congratulation to all.            Again, welcome back and do come and join
                                               us. We look forward to making new friends.
Bits & Pieces: Holiday snowbirds hosted
Tavares on Wednesday, November 14th and
won 16 to 5. Shuffleboard lessons every        DOUBLE DECK PINOCHE
Saturday morning at 10:00 AM by our            by Joyce Steger
resident pro Ray Parlberg.
                                               You asked for it, NOW you have it !!!!
Starting in December, we will be playing       scheduling Saturday night games this year.
Double Deck Pinochle in the Ken Jones          Cards are in the cabinet at the Leisure
Center on Tuesday evenings at 7:00PM.          Center if you want to plan a game.
We will not be playing on the second
Tuesday of each month due to an existing
program already scheduled for that evening.    EUCHRE, by Molly & Dirk Bod
Hope to see you all there!!
Don’t forget Single Deck Pinochle on           Welcome back! I hope you are all settled in
Thursdays.                                     by now.
                                               We started with 2 tables on October 16th,
                                               and now we have about 8 tables. One night
                                               the bugs were so bad in the Leisure Center
MONDAY NIGHT BRIDGE,                           that we had to quit.
by Carolyn Cross                               Results for the period of October 16th thru
Nov. 5th                                       November 13th are as follows:
1st – Gayla Gordon 3410                        Oct 23rd –
2nd – Martha Baldwin 3250                      Dirk Bod and Mick Jennewine (69)
                                               Oct 26th – Mick Jennewine ( 79)
Nov. 12th                                      Oct 30th -Jane Moore (8 rounds only)(54)
1st – Elaine Nelson   4250                     Nov 2nd – Joyce Steele (64)
2nd – Max Amstutz     3440                     Nov 6th – Dirk Bod (63)
                                               Nov 9th – Max Amstutz (74)
BRIDGE PLAYERS WANTED                          BonnieWieber& Jo Fitzgerald (63)
If you’re interested in learning to play
Bridge, or if you want to refresh Bridge       Frank Fogle was the highest in Loaners -5.
playing, come to the Leisure Center at noon    We tried out 8 rounds instead of 10 on
on Fridays. There will be handouts for you     October 30th, and November 9th we held a
to refer to and take home. We’ll practice      vote and it was decided to change from 10
until 1:00, when the Friday afternoon Bridge   rounds to 8.
session starts. This way, you’ll be able to    Good to see you all again.
get acquainted with some of those already
playing. We are a friendly, relaxed and non-
critical group, and willing to help            DOUBLE DECK BID EUCHRE
newcomers. You may sit in and watch or         by Harold Brown
join in the play when you feel comfortable.
There are two other Bridge sessions during     Double Deck Bid Euchre (or Shoot the
the week, if you are interested: Thursday      Moon) is being played 3 times each week at
afternoon at 1:00, and Monday evening at       7:00 PM in the Ken Jones Center dining
7:00.                                          room. The days are Sunday, Wednesday
.                                              and Saturdays. Participants must know how
PEPPER GAMES,                                  to play regular Euchre. There are no fees
by Verna Abert                                 and       everything       is      informal
There was a lack of interest in the Pepper
Games (bid Euchre) last year. We are not
CRIBBAGE                                         continually add new ones as the people
by Sandy Zaffer                                  requested. To this date this has continued
                                                 through the Residents Fund Committee that
Sorry - no scores to report as of now, but we    was formed in 1988 to manage the funds and
all want you to know that Cribbage has           to continue the fund raisers.
begun for the season. We play Wednesday          If you participate in any of the activities
evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the Leisure Center      listed in the monthly calendar in the
and welcome any and all who are interested.      Newsette, most are being supported by the
Cribbage is run by Kathy & Albert Standel        funds earned at the annual craft show. So to
and supported by some of the best and most       all you new people and the not so new
friendly people in the world. Looking            people, we asked that you support our Craft
forward to seeing you on Wednesday.              Show this coming February 1st and 2nd and
                                                 when ask to volunteer to work, bake a pie,
                                                 or just be a participant. We hope you will
                                                 join us in continuing this wonderful event.
by Sandy Wadelton                                The other fund raisers the Residents Fund
                                                 Committee holds is the annual White
Fabric Paint classes have started back up.       Elephant Auction held in March (this is a
It’s easy and fun to do. If you can color in a   great way to recycle items you no longer
coloring book you can fabric paint. I have       want), the 50/50 raffle at the Activity Center
everything you need to get started. Classes      and the Tuesday/Thursday coffee and
are every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 AM         donuts.     All money raised goes towards
in the Marina Bldg. Hope to see you there.       making our activities better just like those
                                                 snowbirds did many years ago. To thank
                                                 everyone for participating in these fund
CRAFT SHOW 2012                                  raisers the Residents Fund Committee, along
by Jean Hellebuyck                               with the park management hold an annual
                                                 picnic, free for everyone in the park to say
This February will be the 35th Annual Craft      thank you for your help.
Show here at Holiday Travel Resort. If you
are new to the park you may not know what
the Craft Show is all about, so I decided to
tell the story so all the people in Holiday
have an understanding on how and why it all
Thirty five years ago some very eager and
energetic snowbirds want many more things        CLOWN CLUB
to do. Knowing the park management               by Dot Kay
couldn’t keep up with their ideas, and offer a
huge variety of activities, they began           HTR Clowns are up and running again this
planning an annual craft show to raise           season. We are looking forward to
money for the various activities in the park     decorating our Clown Holiday Parade Float
themselves. All the funds they raised were       again with really great fun ideas. We hope
used to improve the existing activities and to   you look for us. Among our many activities
                                                 are Clowning Around at our Annual Craft
Show on Feb 1 and 2, 2013; Our Annual
Clown Show so make sure you reserve the
date of February 28, 2013 and for our            participation last year, and look forward to
Annual Clown Poker Run on March 28,              another great turn out. For the new folks in
2013. In between we usually have various         the park, Co-Ed Intramural Softball is open
fun activities. As you see we are an Active      to all residents who are NOT playing an
Clown Alley. Keep watch for us in and            active roster for one of the many league
around the Park in the upcoming Season.          teams fielded by Holiday. We play slow
Dot Kay (usually-E-Dot)                          pitch softball for the FUN of the game,
                                                 where everyone gets to bat and learns how
LIBRARY NEWS                                     to play various positions in the field. NO
by Greta Powers and                              experience is necessary to participate. There
Ellen Gordley Your HTR Librarians                will be organizational meetings held
                                                 Thursday, December 6th and Sunday,
We are very pleased that the Residents Fund      December 9th at 2:00 PM, at the ball field
Committee and John Parkhurst have agreed         for those who are interested. Regular play
to purchase new library shelving. We are         will begin Thursday, January 3rd. Contacts
working toward delivery and installation in      for more information are Manager/Coach
early January. Until then, we are asking for     Jerry Hutchin, Lot 40C, phone number 269-
patience as we try to keep the books under       362-7301 or Assistant Coach Bill Mallory,
some control until they can all be put on the    Lot 104W, phone number 859-338-1366
new shelving. The new shelves will allow us
to have considerably more books available
for you.                                         MINI-GOLF

We are working to gather a few volunteers        A welcome back to all of our regulars, it is
to help with the unloading of the truck when     good to be back again isn't it? The new
they arrive, to help with the installation and   season will start on Thursday, December 6,
then to help us return the library to usable     at 2 PM, and everyone is welcome, the more
condition. We will try our best to avoid a lot   the merrier. We are a friendly bunch of
of disruption of activities in the leisure       people, and are here for the fun we can have
center during our transition time.               together!

If you have any concerns or if you would         Have asked the office to power
like to volunteer to help in any capacity,       wash the courts, since they were
please feel free to contact me, Greta Powers,    black, and had some complaints
at E33 or phone 352-315-0250.                    about it. I was assured they had
                                                 been done, but they would look at
                                                 it again.
 by Jerry Hutchin                                The minutes from March will be in next
                                                 month's bulletin, since we are always a
Welcome back to all the I.C.E. past, present     month behind.
and future players.     We had a great
2011/2012 season for our resident
YACHT CLUB                                          COMPUTER CLUB
by Michael Harkins Commodore                        by Roxie Marston
Its official, the Holiday Yacht Club has            The Computer TEAM is working on plans
started the 25th season. The club flag is           for the 2012-2013 season. Again minimal
flying in front of the Marina and boat trips        help will be offered on Monday mornings at
have been planned for the season. The               10:00 AM until noon in the Leisure Center.
weeds are gone from last year but water             You are welcome to come for help or lend a
levels are low. We are able to navigate the         helping hand. Regular class sessions will be
canals to the lakes and we will check levels        Wednesdays at 1:00 PM in the Leisure
before each trip.                                   Center beginning in January. Please watch
                                                    the dry erase board outside and the computer
This year trip committee will be Larry              blog TAB Calendar. The Wednesday classes
Sassie & Sandy Lyons. They have planned             are $2. A donation slot in the computer
some great activities. We will be attending         cabinet helps defray cost for the club.
the Leesburg Christmas Boat Parade from
the water. Also restaurants, parks & lake tie       The Computer TEAM sets up and maintains
ups are all on this year’s destination list.        a bank of computers for park use. Limited
Check the yacht club boards at the Post             printing is available. See contact phone
Office & the Marina. Larry & Sandy will be          numbers by the wooden cabinet.
posting the sign-up sheets each week.
Always check the flag in front of the marina        Plans are underway for some mini classes.
before the start of the trip. If the flag is up     Please watch the computer blog and sign in
the trip is a go. If the flag is at half-mast the   front of the Leisure Center for
trip has been cancelled.                            announcements.

If you would like to join us on some fun            Your computer TEAM is:. Jerry Wessel,
adventures just stop by the Marina and pick         Tom Roule, Perry Berkowitz and Roxie
up a club application, it is a good way to          Marston
learn the lakes and see some great parks. Be
part of one of the most active boat clubs on
the lakes

by Diann Johnson

Bingo callers are needed for both
Wednesday and Saturday Nights. Contact
Diann Johnson at 3E.                                IT’S IMPORTANT
                                                    by the Dog Park Committee

                                                    As dog owners, we feel fortunate that HTR
                                                    allows pets. We also realize that with this
                                                    privilege comes responsibility, such as
                                                    pooper scooping. The omission of this act
                                                    not only leaves our park dirty; it also puts
                                                    our dogs at risk for internal parasites.
Worms commonly infect dogs and can              WHITE ELEPHANT TRAILER
cause: anemia; diarrhea; blood in the stool;
weight loss and general poor health. In         Please do not remove any items from White
extreme cases, fatality can occur. Dogs get     Elephant Trailer, these items have been
worms through contact with feces. It is         donated for our auction in March. If you
crucial to immediately remove dog feces         take anything it is considered stealing.
from areas that are used for walking and
exercising to help prevent dogs from getting    To the person or persons who removed the
worms.                                          two bicycles and lawn mower please return
We will encourage all dog owners to be          them to the trailer no questions asked. Thank
accountable and to give gentle reminders to     you, Resident Fund Committee member
others to follow suit. By offering a bag to
someone who has not noticed that his or her
dog has made a deposit would be a friendly
gesture supporting this idea.

by Karen Burns

Offering assistance with barking, separation    CRAPPIE TOURNAMENT
anxiety, jumping up, mouthing & nipping,        by Bob Burns
pulling, submissive or excitable urination
and other issues.                               The Holiday Travel Resort “Crappie
For consultation and assistance, call Karen     Tournament” will be held in February. The
at 787-4825 (Lot 341W)                          actual day in February has not been
                                                determined, so look for the date and
DOG OBEDIENCE COURSE                            additional information in the January 2013
by Karen Burns                                  Newsette. Please contact Bob Burns at 352-
                                                787-4825 (Lot 341W) with any questions
January 7, 2013 through February 11, 2013 -     you may have.
Basketball Court – Mondays - 3:00pm ~
4:00pm – Limit 15 dogs.
                                                SATURDAY 50/50
Will work on the basic commands of Sit,         by Residents Fund Committee
Down, Stay and Come. Will also address
undesired behaviors your dog may have           Saturday 50/50 drawing is sponsored by the
(pulling on lead, jumping up, barking, etc.).   Residents Fund Committee, the proceeds
The goal of this class is to have a well-       help support our activities in the park, so
behaved dog in the home, a dog who comes        come on down, meet new friends have a
when called and who accepts strangers and       coffee and buy some tickets. They are 50
other pets.                                     cents each or 3 for a $1.00. Sat 50/50
For more information or to register for the     winners to date of Newsette deadline: 11/3
course contact: Judy LaJiness- 323-1675 at      $28.50 215W and 11/10 $23.50 227C
325W or Karen Burns 787-4825 at 341W.
                                HOLIDAY TRAVEL RESORT
                                 POOLSIDE RESTAURANT

                               HOURS: 7:00 AM TO 3:00 PM
                                 MONDAY – SATURDAY
                              CARRY-OUTS ARE AVAILABLE

LUNCH SPECIALS: We serve a different lunch special every day, Monday through Friday, $5.50.
Lunches served from 11:00 am UNTIL SOLD OUT. Homemade soups and chili served every day;
clam chowder served every Friday. Refills served on coffee! We also serve breakfast anytime every
day. Also, available are pies, cakes, ice cream, including sundaes and floats.
                                    Gift Certificates are available.

                                       DECEMBER 2012 MENU

Monday            Tuesday             Wednesday       Thursday          Friday          Saturday

                                                                                        Chef’s Choice

3rd               4th                 5th             6th               7th             8th

Goulash           Meatloaf            Taco            Liver & Onions    Shrimp          Chef’s Choice
Roll & Butter     Dinner              Salad           Dinner            Dinner
10th              11th                12th            13th              14th            15th
Lasagna           Chicken &           Smoked          Beef Stew         Ham             Chef’s Choice
Bread Sticks      Dumplings           Sausage –       Roll & Butter     Dinner
                  Roll & Butter       Peppers &
                                      Baked Taters
17th              18th                19th            20th              21st            22nd
Pork              Chicken             Baked Ham       Bar-b-que on      Country Fried   Chef’s Choice
Tenderloin        BLT Salad           Scalloped       Bun               Steak
Baked Potato      Roll & Butter       Potatoes        French Fries      Dinner
Green Beans                           Roll & Butter   Slaw
24th              25th                26th            27th              28th            29th
Cream                    Merry        Pork Chop       Beef Tips over    Shepherds       Chef’s Choice
Chicken over            Christmas     Dinner          Noodles           Pie
Italian Chicken
Orange Salad

      The restaurant will be open New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
              Expect a “Big Pork Dinner” for New Year’s Day

                         Sheila and the “gang” want to and are eager to serve you!

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