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					Win a Champagne
Flight for Two!
Does a private flight over the picturesque hills of the
Cotswolds, champagne afternoon tea at a luxury hotel and the
chance to relax in the bar overlooking the beautiful gardens of
the Menzies Welcombe Hotel sound like something you would
be interested in?

We want to find out about our former students. Every
completed questionnaire we receive by 30 November
2009 will be entered in our prize draw to win a
Champagne Flight for Two with Avon Air Centre Limited.
So don’t delay, complete and return this survey and have
the chance to enjoy the fine views that the Cotswolds
has to offer.


We are really interested in developing a positive relationship with our alumni and gaining an insight in to their progress
since leaving the University of Gloucestershire or one of its constituent colleges. We would be grateful if you would
take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire and let us know what you think of the services we provide to alumni
and what kind of information you are interested in receiving from us. Alternatively, in the interest of environmental
sustainability you can download a copy of this survey at and return it to We
look forward to hearing from you.

Personal Details

Title                                           Other                                          Forename(s)
Surname                                         Maiden Name (if applicable)
Preferred Name                                  Date of Birth                                  Nationality

Town/City                                       County                                         Post/Zip Code
Email                                           Telephone Number
Mobile                                          Website

Education Details

Name of Institution eg UoG, St Paul’s College, St Mary’s College, CGCHE etc
Faculty                                                                   Student Number (if known)
Campus(es) eg Park, FCH, Pittville, Oxstalls, London, Other (please specify)
Course Studied                                                            Qualification Obtained
Year of Entry                                                             Year of Graduation
Mode of Study (please tick)        Full Time    Part Time      Distance Learning
Do you have any qualifications from another institution?    Yes       No
If ‘yes’ which qualification did you obtain?
Where did you gain this qualification?
Current Employment Details

Employment Status:        Employed        Self-employed        Unemployed         Studying         Voluntary Work        Retired      Semi-retired
Other (please specify)
If you are employed do you work full or part-time?
Current Job Title                                                                                     Start Date
Brief Description of Current Duties

Name of Employer/Business
Work Address

Town/City                                  County                   Post/Zip Code
Email                                      Mobile                   Website
Salary band (all responses will be treated anonymously and will only be used for statistical analysis)
   £10,000 - £19,999       £20,000 - £39,999      £40,000 - £59,999         £60,000 - £99,999         £100,000 - £199,999           Over £200,000
   Other (please specify)

Involvement at University/College

Whilst at university/college I was a member of the following team(s), group(s), society(ies) (please list them below)
eg American Football, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Canoe, Cheerleading, Cricket, Debating etc

Whilst at university/college I took part in the:
   Brethren Colleges Abroad Programme              Date from                                          Date to
   Erasmus Exchange Programme                      Date from                                          Date to

Interests (please note that where possible all information will be sent out via email, so please ensure that you provided an email address in
the personal details section if you have one)

Are you currently interested in:
   Exhibitions, Lecture and Debates         Business Management/Enterprise          Music and Performing Arts           Sustainability Issues
   Chaplaincy        Sport       Other (please specify)

I would like to receive information on:
   Organising a reunion                             Benefits and Services                         Careers Service
   Graduate Challenge                               BUG Competition 2009 (Business Planning at the University of Gloucestershire)
   Knowledge Transfer Partnerships                  GEN Conference (Gloucestershire Enterprise Network)
   Gloucestershire Entrepreneurs                    Tracing Alumni                                Undergraduate Courses
   Postgraduate Courses                             Professional and Short Courses                10 year anniversary of UoG (2011)
   Summer Ball 2010                                 Sports Reunions                               Varsity 2010       Forthcoming Events
   Making a donation to the University of Gloucestershire                              Leaving a legacy to the University of Gloucestershire

How often to you visit the University of Gloucestershire’s alumni webpages (
  Everyday        Once a week          Once a month        Once a year     Never/didn’t know about them             Other (please specify)

Do you receive the alumni e-newsletter?
   Yes, I receive it   No, but I would like to receive it      No, I don’t want to receive it

Do you use any social networking sites?    Yes         No
If yes, which sites do you use?     Facebook         Twitter      MySpace         Bebo          LinkedIn    Other (please specify)
Support University of Gloucestershire

Please indicate if you would be interested in:
   offering work placements/job shadowing/vacation work to students
   organising a visitors day for students at my place of work
   giving a talk/lecture to students and/or alumni on my area of expertise (please specify)
   offering careers advice to students and/or alumni
   mentoring current students
   being profiled for the alumni website
   representing the Alumni Association in my county/country
   making a charitable donation to the university (including legacies)
   taking part in further research relating to the University of Gloucestershire eg a focus group

Additional Information

Do you have a specific relationship with the University of Gloucestershire?     Yes        No
eg are you a member of staff, Foundation Fellow, visiting professor, sports coach etc
If yes, please specify

MBA Members (this section is to be completed by those people who completed an MBA at the University of Gloucestershire or one of its
constituent colleges)

Would you like to receive information on forthcoming MBA events?          Yes       No
Would you be interested in attending an MBA event in January 2010?          Yes       No

Old Students Association (OSA) Members (this section is to be completed by OSA members only. Former students of the
Colleges of St Paul’s and St Mary’s are eligible for membership of the OSA)

Would you prefer to receive an electronic copy of the year book?        Yes      No
Would you like to receive details of reunion 16 – 18 July 2010?       Yes       No
Would you be willing to do a ‘turn’ at the reunion concert on the 17 July 2010?     Yes         No

University/College Friends

Are you in contact with any of your friends from university/college?       Yes     No
If yes, please provide as many of their details as possible to allow us to reconnect with our alumni and include them in this survey, eg forename(s),
surname, maiden name (if applicable), date of birth, name of institution, year of entry, year of graduation, course studied

Have you lost contact with an old friend and want to get in touch again? Provide as many details about them as possible and we’ll try to help you
trace them, eg forename(s), surname, maiden name (if applicable), date of birth, name of institution, year of entry, year of graduation, course

Please use the space below to pass on your comments regarding your Alumni Association or to request other information, eg are you happy with
the services provided by your Alumni Association? Can you make any suggestions as to how the Alumni Association could improve? Is there
anything specific you would like to contribute to the University of Gloucestershire?

Thank you for your time.

Please return this questionnaire to:

Alumni Association
University of Gloucestershire
Fullwood House
Park Campus
The Park
GL50 2RH

Data Protection Act
All data is securely held in the university’s Alumni office and will be treated confidentially and with sensitivity for the benefit of the university and its
members. The data is available to recognised alumni societies, university’s administrative departments and to agents contracted by the university
for particular alumni related projects. Data is used for a full range of alumni activities, including the sending of university publications, the promotion
of benefits and services available to alumni, notification of alumni events and of programmes involving academic and administrative departments.
Data may also be used in fund-raising, which might include an element of direct marketing. Under the terms of the 1998 Data Protection Act you
have the right to object to the use of your data for any of the above purposes.

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