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					                      Business Purposes for Collecting information
The purpose of the Supplier Registration Form is to collect the information about the potential goods & services suppliers
who intend to do business with Tengizchevroil LLP.

The collected information will be used for preliminary assessment of Supplier's capabiliy to match TCO's requirements on
performing sevices or delivering goods.

TCO reserves the right to accept or deny registration of a Supplier. A Company that is denied will be notified of the
reasons and results will be communicated to the Supplier after assessment is complete.

Please send the filled in form to: fax 8 712 302 6171 or by email:
Address: Index 060011, Atyrau, Satpaeva str. 3, TCO Head Quarter

This form shall not be considered as an invitation from Tengizchevroil to make commercial proposals in the future or
anticipate any commitments. Filling out the questionnaire in full does not obligate TCO to include Supplier on any bid list
or other sourcing event.

Failure to complete this questionnaire in its entirety may cause TCO to discontinue the registration process with Supplier.
Supplier must update the information contained in this questionnaire as changes occur.
                                                    Supplier Registration Form
*=Mandatory Fields
                                                                General company information
1. Company legal entity name *
2. Type of Company (LLC, JSC, PE, joint
venture, corporation, Trading House or
3. Type of Supplier*                                Manufacturer       Goods and Materials          Services
4. Origin of Company*                               Local              Foreign
5. Country of company origin*
6. Year of incorporation*

                                              Main office *

                                              Branch office *
7. Company address                            Production workshop /
                                              warehouse / repair
                                              workshop / service center
                                              or other)*
                                              Name *
                                              Telephone *
8. Contact Details *                          Fax
                                              E-mail address *

                                              Website address

9. Business activity (briefly description)*

10. Kazakh ownership % on equity *
                                              Total number of
                                              employees *
11. Employees*
                                              % of Kazakhstani
                                              Employees *
                                                        Other                    CT-KZ       GOST              ISO    OHSAS      ASME     API         No

                                              Provide details on the various licenses and certificates your company currently holds for performing
12. Certificates and licenses*
                                              work in the RoK. Documents should be scanned and sent by email.

13. Main Customers
14. Partnerships/Joint ventures
                                                             Years                                              Turnover, USD
15. Annual turnover for last three years                     2009
(in USD) *                                                   2010
                                                            Health and Safety Management System
16. Does your company have developed and approved HES program?                               Yes          No          Not Applicable

17. Do you have a documented process to identify work-related hazards
including task, work location, natural conditions and materials?                             Yes          No          Not Applicable

18. Do you provide the required PPE to your personnel for the jobs that your                 Yes          No          Not Applicable
company performs?
19. Do you provide for your employees any of the following?                                  Medical Insurance         HES Training     Incentive Program

                                                                      Quality Control
20. Does your company have a approved process or procedure to ensure Quality
                                                                                             Yes          No          Not Applicable
21. Do you have a responsible person for the quality control program?
                                                                                             Yes          No          Not Applicable
                                                                  Additional Information
Additional information you wish to provide on any of the above

Please attach the below list of required documents
  Company Registration Documents:
• State registration certificate of legal entity
• Certificate of VAT registration
• Statistic map
• Tax registration certificate.
• 2 separate references from Local Bank and company itself with tenge account details specified on the both bank and company`s official letterhead forms with the
stamps and authorized signatures.

Documents should be scanned and sent by email.

Please fill in commodity codes lists following below links
• Goods supplier
• Services Supplier
                                                     Section 4 - Details about products/services offered (mandatory)

                                                                                        Percentage, %                 Name of manufacture. If a
Сommodity                                                                   (Please provide % turnover of last year   certificate\paper of official   Standard of product    CT-KZ
  code                                                                        for each commodity grouping that         destribution is available,     (GOST, API and etc.)   yes/no
                                                                                 match your Business activity)          please attach a copy.
00A         Buildings - Fixed
00B         Buildings - Portable
01A         Construction Materials
02A         HVAC equipment & parts
03Z         Signs - Non illuminated
05A         Catalyst - Fluid/Cracking
05C         Catalyst - Hydro treating
05E         Catalyst - Precious Metals
05Z         Catalyst - Other Custom
06A         Acids - Solid and Liquid
06B         Chemicals - Additives
06C         Chemicals - Alcohols
06E         Chemicals - Amines
06N         Chemicals - Corrosion Inhibitor
06P         Chemicals - Surfactants
06Q         Chemicals - Glycols
06V         Chemicals - Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR)
06Y         Carbon Dioxide
06Z         Chemicals - Other
07A         Fuel - Vehicle on road
07B         Lubricants & Greases
07D         Fuel - Vehicle/Equipment off-road
07F         Fuel - Marine
07G         Fuel - Aviation
07H         Fuel Additives
08Z         Paint & Coatings
09A         Hydrate Control
09B         Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Control
09C         Foamers/Defoamers
09D         Emulsion Breakers / Demulsifiers
09E         Paraffin/Asphaltene Control
09F         Chemicals - Scale Control - O&G Processes
09G         Water Treatment - Water Clarifier
09H         Water Treatment - Microbiocide Control
09I         Alkalis - Caustic
09J         Alkalis - Other hydroxides
09K         Nitrogen
09L         Hydrogen
09M         Oxygen
09N         Miscellaneous Gases
10D         Telecom Equipment
11G         Computer Hardware - EPOS
11H         Computer Hardware - Laptops and Notebooks
11I         Computer Hardware - Windows/Linux/VMWare Servers
11J         Computer Hardware - IT Network Equipment
11K         Computer Hardware - Unix servers and technical workstations
11L         VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) - access equipment
11M         VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) - hub equipment
11O         Computer Hardware - Storage
11P   Computer Hardware - Desktop Workstations
11Z   Computer Hardware - Peripherals
12D   Software - EPOS
12F   Software - Network Management / Optimization
12G   Software - Upstream E&P
12H   Software - Enterprise ERP
12N   Software - Utility & Driver
12O   Software - Security / Protection
12P   Software - Data / Query Management
12Q   Software - Content Management / Authoring
12R   Software - Information Exchange
12S   Software - IT Management / Development
12T   Software - Education / Reference
12U   Software - Professional Functions
12V   Software - HES / Compliance
12W   Software - Operations / Maintenance
12Y   Software - Process Control & MES
14A   Analyzers & Monitors
14B   Programmable Logic Controllers
14C   Flow Measuring Instruments
14D   Level Measuring Instruments
14H   Pressure measuring and control Instruments
14I   Temperature and heat measuring instruments
14Z   Instruments - Other & Parts
20A   Drilling Bits
20B   Drilling Fluids
20C   Completion Fluids
20D   Oilwell Cementing Materials
20E   Well Fracturing Proppants
20Z   Drilling Consumables - Other
21A   OCTG - Casing
21B   OCTG - Tubing
21C   OCTG - Conductor Casing
21Z   OCTG - Other
22A   Downhole Sucker Rod - Reciprocating
22B   Surface Pumping Unit & Parts
22C   Completion Tools and Equipment - Other
22E   Gas Lift (G/L) Mandrels - Valves
22F   Liner Hangers & associated equipment
22G   Sand Control Tools - Screens & Blanks
22H   Flow Control Equipment - SCSSVs
22J   Flow Control Equipment - Other
22K   Injection / Blending Equipment
22L   Oilfield - Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) & Parts
22M   Oilfield - Reciprocating Rod Pumps & Parts
22O   Sand Control Tools (excludes Pumping and Screens)
22P   Packers
22Q   Glycol Regenerators
22R   Fuel & production gas treating equipment
22S   Waste Treatment equipment
22T   Downhole Sucker Rod - Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP)
22U   Oilfield - Downhole Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCPs) & Parts
23A   Wellhead & Tree
23B   Wellhead - Flow Control
23C   Subsea Equipment - Wellhead
23E   Subsea Equipment - Tree & Components
23F   Subsea Equipment - Manifold
23I   Subsea Project - Installation Tools
23J   Subsea - Control Systems
23K   Subsea - Umbilicals & UTAs
23O   Subsea - Pipeline Materials
23Q   Subsea Equipment - Meters
23R   Subsea Equipment - Power, Pumping & Separation
23S   Subsea Equipment - Flexibles
25J   Pressure Relief Equipment / Flare Systems
25K   Vapor Recovery
25L   Water Treatment Equipment
26Z   Health & Fitness - All
27A   Medical - Equipment
27C   Medical - Supplies
28A   Fire Protection / Prevention Equipment & Materials
28B   Personal Safety / Protection
28C   Safety Instrumented Systems
28E   Fire and Gas Control Systems
30Z   Clothing - All
31A   Commissary - Kitchen/Galley - non-food items
31B   Commissary - Provision - food items
32A   Flooring
32B   Furniture
33Z   Janitorial Equipment & Supplies
34A   Laboratory - Analytical Instruments
34B   Laboratory - Glassware
34Z   Laboratory - Other
35C   Multi-Functional Peripherals Purchase
35Z   Office Equipment & Accessories
36B   Office Supplies - Paper Product
36C   Printer Supplies
36Z   Office Supplies & Desk Accessories - Other
37A   Photo/Video Equipment
37B   Security Equipment
37Z   Audio Visual Equipment & Accessories
38F   Corporate Stationary / Business Cards
38Z   Printed Material-Other
45A   Packaging Materials & Accessories
45B   Containers & Accessories - Corrugated Containers
45D   Packaging Supplies
45E   Containers & Accessories - Pallets
45F   Containers, & Accessories - Pails & Cans
45G   Containers & Accessories - Bottles / Jugs / Jars
45H   Containers & Accessories - Drums / Casks / Barrels

45Z   Containers & Accessories - other containers & packaging tools
46B   Service Station - Car Wash Equipment
46C   Dispenser & Accessories
46E   Service Station - Food Mart Equipment & Supplies
46F   Service Station - Lighting & Power Systems
46I   Signs - Illuminated
50Z   Bearings & Accessories - All
51A   Electric Motors - Complete Units Only
51B   Electric Components - Lighting
51C   Electric Components - Motor / Generator
51D   Electric Components - Wire / Cable
51E   Electric Components - Conduit / Fitting
51F   Electric Components - Circuit Protection
51I   Switchgear - Medium Voltage
51J   Switchgear - Low Voltage
51K   Power conditioning equipment
51L   Motor Control Center - Medium Voltage
51M   Adjustable Speed Drives
51N   Power Generators
51Q   Motor Control Center - Low Voltage
51R   Integrated Power Control Room & Substations
51Z   Electric - Other
53A   Fittings - Pipe - Carbon Steel
53B   Fittings - Pipe - Non-Metal
53C   Fittings - Tube
53Z   Fittings - Pipe - Metal - Non CS
54A   Gaskets
54B   Seals
54D   Packing / Glands / Stuffing Boxes
56Z   Fasteners / Hardware
57A   Hoses & Parts
57B   Hoses & Parts - Steam
57D   Hoses - Hydraulic
57F   Hoses & Parts - Marine
58Z   Insulation & Accessories - All
59A   Structural Materials
59Z   Raw Metals - All
60A   Line Pipe - Carbon Steel
60B   Line Pipe - Non-Metal
60C   Tubing
60D   Fabricated Piping
60E   Line Pipe - Metal - Non-CS
61A   Pipeline Equipment & Supplies - Pigs
63Z   Plumbing - Hardware and Fittings
64B   Power Transmission Equipment & Replacement Parts
64D   Cranes & Parts / Accessories
64E   Batteries
65A   Tools - Hand / Power
65C   Tools & Equipment - Hydraulic
65D   Tools & Equipment - Pneumatic
66A   Valve - Ball
66C   Valve - Butterfly
66F   Valve - Parts & Accessories
66G   Valve - Plug
66H   Valve - Safety / Relief
66L   Valve - Regulators
66N   Valve - Actuator & Positioner
66O   Valve - Check
66P   Valve - Control
66Q   Valve - Gate
66R   Valve - Globe
66S   Valve - On/Off, solenoid, actuated
66V   Process Control System
66W   Valve - Needle
66Z   Valve - Other
67B   Welding - Supplies
70A   Furnaces / Heaters & Associated Parts
70Z   Boilers & Associated Parts
71A   Compressor - Gas - Unit & Parts
71B   Compressor - Rotary or Screw - Parts
71C   Compressor - Air -Unit & Parts
71D   Compressor - Reciprocating - Units Only
71E   Compressor - Centrifugal - Units Only
71F   Compressor - Reciprocating - Parts
71G   Compressor - Centrifugal - Parts
71H   Compressor - Rotary or Screw - Units
72B   Filtration - Equipment
72C   Filtration - Media
72Z   Filtration - Filters/ Other
73A   Heat Transfer - Units & Parts
75A   Material Handling -Whse / Dock Equipment & Accessories
75F   Material Handling - Lifting Equipment and Accessories
76A   Pump - Centrifugal - Units Only
76C   Pump - Reciprocating - Units Only
76D   Pump - Submersible
76E   Pump - Reciprocating - Parts
76F   Pump - Centrifugal - Parts
76Z   Pump - Other
77A   Tank - Storage
77B   Tank- Parts & Accessories
77C   Tank - Fuel Storage
78A   Turbine Engines
78B   Turbine Engines - Parts
78C   Steam Turbine
78D   Steam Turbine Parts
79A   Pressure Vessels - Units & Parts
85A   Aircraft - Company Owned - Fixed Wing
85B   Aircraft - Company Owned - Rotary Wing
85C   Aircraft - Parts
85Z   Aviation Support Equipment
86A   Automotive - Tires
86Z   Automotive - Parts and Accessories
87A   Engines - Complete
87B   Engines - Parts
88Z   Heavy Equipment - All
89A   Marine - Navigational Aids
89B   Marine - Equipment and accessories
89C   Marine Vessels - Purchase
90A   Railroad - Rail Car - Purchase
90Z   Railroad -Support Equipment
91C   Vehicle Purchase - Carts - Electric & Gas
91D   Vehicle Purchase - Trailers
91E   Vehicle Purchase - Trucks >1 Ton
91F   Vehicle Purchase - Light Truck /SUV / Van
91H   Vehicle Purchase - Sedan/Coupe
91Z   Vehicle Purchase - Other - Bicycle / Motorcycle and parts
        Section 4 - Details about products/services offered (mandatory)

                              Description                     Percentage %
A01         Air Freight Services
A02         Aircraft Maintenance
A03         Commercial Airlines
A04         Vehicle rentals (short term)
A06         Bus Services - Charters / Shuttle
            Reimbursement of Vendor billed Outbound
A08         Freight
A09         Road Freight / Hauling Services - Domestic
A10         Taxi / Limousine Services
A11         Ocean Freight Services
A12         Employee Relocation Services
A14         Railroad Transport Services - Passenger
A24         Air Charter - Helicopter
A25         Offshore Construction Vessel - rental
A27         Travel Allowance
A28         Marine Transport - Barge

A29         Boat Rentals With Crew - Personnel Transport
A30         Taxes / Tariff Agreements
            Boat Rentals With Crew - Platform Supply Vessel
A32         (PSV)
A33         Marine Transport - Crude Oil
A35         Anchor Handling / Tug Supply Boat (AHTS)
A37         Vehicle Maintenance or Repair Services
A40         Terminal Facility Management
A42         Tanker Truck / Tanker Trailer Rental
A43         Vehicle Lease - Sedan or Coupe
A44         Vehicle Lease - Light Truck / SUV / Van

A46         Road Freight / Hauling Services - International
            Aerodrome / Airport / Aviation base operations
A47         related spend
A48         Boat Rentals with Crew - Lift Boat
A49         Boat Rentals with Crew - House Boat
A50         Boat Rentals with Crew - Security Boat
A51         Air Charter - Fixed Wing
            Freight forwarding & Customs brokerage
A52         services
A53         Warehouse and storage services
A54         Material Handling & Packing Services
A55         Express Air Parcel Delivery
A56   Meeting or Event facilities rental
A57   Lodging / Hotels
A58   Individual Meals
A59   Storage / Tankage Services
      Railroad Transport Services - Cargo & Petroleum
A60   Products
A61   Pipeline transportation
A63   Rail Car Rental
A64   Transportation - petroleum product - by road
      Accounting & Bookkeeping Services -
B01   Outsourced
B05   Architecture
B06   Media Print - Creative
B08   Catalyst Services
B09   Chemical Cleaning Services
B10   Consulting Services - IT

B11   Consulting Services - Operations Management
B14   Consulting Services - Strategy & Planning
B15   Employment Search
B16   Engineering - Civil
B17   Engineering - Mechanical
B18   Inspection Services - Materials / Product
B19   Interior Design & Décor
B20   Laboratory Services
B21   Legal Services
B24   Nitrogen Services
B25   NDE Inspection and Testing
B27   Photo Copying Services
B29   Staff Augmentation - Professional
B30   Real Estate Services - Sale / Purchase
B31   Research & Development
B32   Downhole Surveying
B33   Consulting Services- Business Advisory
B34   Training
B38   Seismic Services - Other
B39   Staff Augmentation - IT
B41   Staff Augmentation - Technical
B42   Shorebase Management
B43   Project Management - Contract
      Engineering - Process, Safety, Fire & Gas
B44   Systems
B46   Engineering - Chemical

B49   Staff Augmentation - Industrial / General Labor
B55   Tank Fabrication and Erection
B59   Consulting Services - Other Technical
B60   Chemical Treatment Monitoring Services
B61   Agency Staff -Account Management
B63   Agency Staff -Production
B65   Media TV -Creative
B66   Media TV -Production
B67   Media TV-Media Buy
B68   Media Radio -Creative
B69   Media Radio -Production
B70   Media Radio -Buy
B71   Media OOH - Creative
B72   Media OOH -Production
B73   Media OOH -Media Buy
B74   Media Interactive - Creative
B75   Media Interactive - Production
B76   Media Interactive - Buy

B77   Agency Staff - Creative, design and production
B79   Other Advertising or Print
B80   Market Research -Market Track
B81   Market Research -Qualitative
B82   Market Research -Quantitative
B83   Market Research - Other
B84   Sponsorship - Fees
B85   Sponsorship - Tickets
B86   Sponsorship - Activation
B87   Sponsorship - Other
B88   Bank / Credit Card Fees
B92   Engineering - Downhole
B94   Service Station Construction
B95   Media Print - Media Buy
B97   Staff Augmentation - Clerical / Administrative
B98   Engineering - O & G Production
B99   Engineering - Process
C07   Dental or Medical Services
C09   Food Products / Vending Services
C11   Laundry / Cleaners Services
C13   Mail Processing
C14   Office Equipment Rental / Repair
C15   Office Furniture Rental / Repair
C17   Printing Services
C21   Travel Agency Services
C23   Utilities - Water / Sewage
C28   Utilities - Electric
C29   Utilities - Purchased Steam Expense
C30   Meal Services - Delivered
C31   Membership, Dues, and Subscriptions
C33   Employee Educational Refunds
C34   Recognition & Awards
C36   Employee Relocation Expense
C37   Utilities - Oil & Gas
C42   Catering & Meal Service
C43   Printing-Fulfillment
C44   Premiums - Fulfillment
C45   Premiums
C46   Trade Exhibitions Services
C47   Engineering - Electrical / Electronic
C48   Engineering - Ocean
C49   Consulting Services - HR
C50   Executive Coaching
C51   Photography and video production services
C52   Writing and translation services
C53   Public relation services
D06   Voice / Data Services - Wired
D16   Voice / Data Services - Wireless

D17   Maintenance & Support - Telecom Equipment

      VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) space
D18   segment and disaster recovery - includes air time
E03   Electrical Construction Services
E04   Electrical - Pole Line
E05   Electrical - Underground
E10   Plumbing Services
E11   Roofing Services
E13   Sheet Metal Work
E16   Welding Services
E18   Boiler Maintenance Services
F03   Emergency Response - Toxic Spill
F04   Building / Facility Inspection Services
F05   Disposal / Treatment Fees - Transportation
F10   Vacuum Truck Services
F11   Landfill - Non Hazardous Disposal
F12   Waste Treatment - Liquid
F17   Waste Disposal - Liquid Hazardous
      Waste Treatment & Containment - Hazardous
F18   (NORM)
F20   Environmental Permit / Fees / Taxes

F21   Surface Regulatory & HES Inspection / Audits
F24   Oil Spill Response Clean-up
F25   Oilfield Audits
F34   Disposal / Treatment Fees - Labor
F35   Tank Cleaning Services
F37   Engineering - Environmental
F38   HES Compliance Reporting
F39   Waste Management - Drilling Fluids
F40   Solids Control
F41   Remediation Services
F42   Landfill - Hazardous Disposal
F43   E-Waste
F44   Waste Incineration Services
F45   Recycling Services - Liquid
F46   Recycling Services - Solid
F47   Waste to fuel blending services
F48   Waste Disposal - Medical
F49   Refuse / Trash Collection and Disposal
G00   Safety Services
G01   Fire Extinguisher Services

G04   Fire and Gas Control Systems, Site Services
      Safety Instrumented Control Systems, Site
G05   Services
H03   Grounds keeping / Landscaping
H04   Janitorial Services
H06   Parking Lot Maintenance
H07   Security / Protective Services
      Audio / Visual Services (Installation /
H11   Maintenance)
J04   Concrete Work
J06   Dismantling / Salvaging Services
J07   Erection - Structural Steel
J11   Civil / Earthwork / Foundation Services
      Transportation Construction and Maintenance
J15   Services
J16   Steel Fabrication Services
J17   Water Well Drilling & Maintenance Services
J25   OCTG Rentals
J29   OCTG Maintenance Services
J30   Coring Analysis
      Oilfield Pumping Unit Maintenance and Repair
J32   Services
J33   Crane Rental Services
J34   Tubular Running Services
J35   Flowback Filtration Services
J40   Surveying
J41   Soil Services - Geo-technical
      Pipeline / Cable Construction and Maintenance
J43   Services
J44   Subsea Services - ROV / AUV
J45   Subsea Services - Diving
J49   Navigation Aid Maintenance Services

J52   California Equipment Rentals - Vendor Paid Tax
J54   Real Estate Services - Lease / Rental
J59   Seismic Services - Acquisition
      Service Station - Equipment Maintenance and
J61   Repairs (Real Property)
J62   Generator Rental & Maintenance Services
J63   Inspection Services- Equipment
J65   Technology Licenses - O&G
J66   Cash Transportation

J67   Rig Contract Cost - Floaters including Drill ships
J68   Rig Contract Cost - Jack Up Rigs
J69   Rig Contract Cost - Land Rigs
J70   Rig Contract Cost - Tender Assist Rigs
J75   Workover Rig Services
J76   Underbalanced Drilling Services
J77   Coating & Caulking Services
      Building and construction tax license and permit
J78   fees
      Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)
J79   Services
J81   Rig Contract Cost - Platform or Barge
J82   Seismic Services - Borehole

J83   Seismic Services - Licensing / Data Brokerage
J84   Seismic Services - Processing
      Facilities Decommissioning and/or Site
J85   Restoration
      Pipeline Inline Inspection / Smart Pigging
J87   Services
J88   FSO / FPSO Acquisition services
      Compressor - Air - Rental and Maintenance
K01   Services
      Analyzers / Chromatograph Engineering and
K04   Installation Services
      Batteries / Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
K05   Systems, Maintenance or Repair
K09   Building Maintenance Services
K10   Calibration Services
K13   Carbon Services

K14   Cathodic Protection / Corrosion Control services
      Process Control System - Installation /
K19   Maintenance Services
K22   Crane inspection and maintenance services
K24   Degassing Services
K26   Dock Construction Services
K28   Electrical - Motor Repair
K29   Electrical Equipment Repair
K30   Elevator Maintenance Services
K31   Misc Equipment Rental
K33   Fencing Services
K36   Fire Proofing Services
K41   Heat Exchanger Repair
K42   Heat Treating / Stress Relieving Services
K43   Heavy Equipment Rental
K45   Hot Taps / Stopples Service
K46   Hydraulic Services
K47   Hydro blasting Services
K49   Insulation Services
K50   Leak Detection & Repair Services
K51   Lighting maintenance or repair services
K53   Machining and Processing Services
K54   Monitoring Equipment Services
K56   Painting Services
      Piping System Fabrication / Repair Services
K58   (Pipefitters)
K59   Portable Building Rental
K60   Pump Maintenance Services - Rotary
K62   Refractory Services
K64   Portable Container Rentals
K65   Rigging Services
K66   Rotating Equipment - Storage
K67   Rotating Equipment - Repair - Other
K68   Sandblasting Services
K69   Scaffolding Services
K71   Scale Rental Maintenance or Repair Services
K73   Sign Maintenance or Repair Services
K80   Tank or Line Testing Services
K81   Tank Rental & Associated Services
K87   Valve Repair Services
K88   Control Valve Maintenance Services
K90   Water Treatment Services

K91   Reimbursement of Vendor billed Inbound Freight
K94   Inspection Services - Electrical
L07   Computer Hardware - Lease & Rent
L10   Hardware Installation - EPOS
L11   Maintenance & Support Hardware - Storage
      Maintenance & Support Hardware - Desktop /
L12   Laptop

L13   Maintenance & Support - IT Network Hardware
      Maintenance & Support Software - Upstream
L14   E&P
      Maintenance & Support Software - Network
L15   Management / Optimization
L19   Service Desk & Incident Management
L21   Application & Web Hosting
L22   Data Center, Network, Server, PC Services
L24   Maintenance & Support Hardware - Servers
      Maintenance & Support Software - Enterprise
L26   ERP
L27   Maintenance & Support Hardware - VSAT
L28   VSAT Hub Services
      Maintenance & Support Software - HES /
L29   Compliance
      Maintenance & Support Software - Operations /
L30   Maintenance
L31   Maintenance & Support Software - EPOS
      Maintenance & Support Software - Security /
L32   Protection
      Maintenance & Support Software - Data / Query
L33   Management
      Maintenance & Support Software - Content
L34   Management / Authoring
      Maintenance & Support Software - Information
L35   Exchange
      Maintenance & Support Software - IT
L36   Management / Development
      Maintenance & Support Software - Education /
L37   Reference
      Maintenance & Support Software - Professional
L38   Functions
L39   Maintenance & Support Hardware - EPOS
L40   Software & Systems Design & Development
      Directional Drilling Services - Excludes Rotary
M03   Steerables (RST)
M04   Drilling Fluids Services
M05   Stimulation (Fracturing / Acidizing)
M06   Wellhead Installation Services
M08   Completion Fluids Services
M09   Fishing Services
M10   Downhole Pump Repair Services
M11   Downhole Tools - Rentals / Services
M12   Cementing Services
M13   Open Hole Logging Services
M14   Cased Hole Logging & Wireline Services
M16   Coil Tubing Services
M17   Whipstocks Services
M19   Oilfield Pumping Services - Other
M21   Slickline Services
M23   Downhole Tools - Repair
M25   Engineering - Drilling Fluids
      Measurement While Drilling (MWD) / Logging
M28   While Drilling (LWD)
M29   Mud Logging Services
M30   Gravel Packing Services
M32   Totalizers & Rig Equipment Rentals
M33   Snubbing Services
M34   Coring Services
M35   Plug & Abandonment Services
M36   Well Testing Services
M40   Drilling Bits Services
M42   Subsea Services - Well Intervention
M43   Subsea Services - Inspection & Monitoring

M44   Subsea Services - System Repair & Intervention
M45   Subsea Services - Installation
      Subsea Services - Project Management &
M47   Engineering
M48   Subsea Services - FEED / PreFEED
M51   Tank Repair Services
M52   Compressor - Reciprocal - Repair Services
M53   Compressor - Centrifugal - Repair Services
M54   Pump - Reciprocal - Repair Services
M55   Pump - Centrifugal - Repair Services
M56   Steam Turbine - Repair Services
      Compressor - Gas - Rental and Maintenance
M57   Services
      Gas Turbine Repair, Maintenance and Overhaul
M59   Services
M66   Well Perforating Services
      Directional Drilling Services - Rotary Steerables
M67   (RST)
M68   Subsea Services - Pipeline Installation
M69   Subsea Tools - Phase 5 BU Well Intervention

M70   Oil & Gas processing plant construction services
M71   Power plant construction services
M72   Chemical plant construction services
      Water and sewage treatment plant construction
M73   services
      Offshore production facility hook up &
M74   commissioning services
M75   Swabbing Services
      Offshore production facility (Platform/Topside)
M77   installation & integration services
M78   Modularized Plant fabrication services
M79   Topsides & Platform Fabrication services
      Floating Production System Hull Fabrication
M82   services
      Fixed offshore production facilities (Oil & Gas
M89   Jacket) fabrication services

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