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									How true is the popular belief of the most corporate that if they pay high salary and
other benefits to the employees, employees would perform the best and ensure great
results? Most corporate offers excellent salary and perks to its employees these days.
But how proportional is the contributions of the people to the respective salaries they
receive. Whether the HR functions in any corporate has ever done any analysis or
evaluation to know the relationship between the salary and other perks of people
versus their effort and contributions.

Nature has already asked the above question while creating different species of plants
and animals. Seed dispersal is the subsequent event after pollination; that occurs in
nature, for the purpose of growing newer plants to continue its generation. The seeds
in general reside inside the fleshy fruits. The fruit eating animals when attempt to eat
the fruit, the seeds are as a consequence, get dispersed elsewhere and grows into new

When we compare the two fruits such as fleshy mango or apple with neem or jamun
fruits that does not have rich and tasty fleshy parts and ask the question of whether
mango & apple or neem & jamun seeds are more successful in getting dispersed and
become plants. Among the above four plants, which plant grow abundantly in nature
through the above process.

When the apple and mango tree offers great quantity of fleshy fruit portion to the fruit
eating animals, naturally the seeds of mango and apple are only expected to get
dispersed greatly. Moreover, the fruit eating birds may not even prefer the neem fruit
when apple and mango fruits are available. This is the most possible or expected

How far the above ‘possibility’ is true in nature? In reality, the trees that offer fruits
with rich fruit pulp gains less profits when compared to plants that have small and less
fleshy fruits like neem. The above question should be answered from the management
perspective than from scientific angle. Habitat differences of the plants should not be
taken as a point for debate or dispute. One has to assume that all plants are growing in
the same habitat; only then the hidden message can be understood.

The reward is not in line or in proportion to the payment in nature. When the seed
dispersing animals get fleshy fruits to eat, they naturally prefer to settle with the same
tree itself. When they can easily and completely meet their hunger with a single mango
or apple fruit, naturally the animals may not move further as their hunger is satisfied.
When there is no ‘hunger’ naturally one would become lazy and purposeless.

This is how most of the corporate employees are these days. They are paid high salary,
hence grow fat and become lazy and purposeless. How to retain the ‘luxury’ becomes
their major task and hence mostly they are neither creative nor are passionate. But the
corporate will be of the belief that when great salary is offered, employees become
more committed and contributory.

Learn from nature that more if you offer, more you receive is a myth. The argument is
not against giving fat salary, but evaluate whether the contributions meets the salary
people receives. Plants have done such evaluation and that is why many plants have
chosen different habitats to grow and seasons to flower and fruit.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai.

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