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									Introduction To Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Radio and Magazine
        A Martial Arts Entertainment Media Company
Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Radio and Magazine is one of
 the hottest martial arts resources in the world today. We
 cover the facts with the latest news on events, products,
business services, living legends, celebrities, stars, and the
                  movie & stunt industry.
                Internet Marketing Resources
•   TV Commercials / Infomercials
Get your information seen today on Martial Arts Show Biz TV. It’s like no other
show in the industry! We air ready made commercials in a 30 to 60 second
format or our experienced staff can create an infomercial for you. It’s just that
easy! A new Show airs every 6 to 8 weeks and commercial ads are
interchangeable. We know you're excited to see your business, product, or
event on television and so are we. Martial Arts Show Biz TV can help make
whatever your doing in business famous and successful. You can
watch it 24 hours a day at:

•   Radio
Internet Radio is one of the most effective ways to advertise your upcoming
event, product, or business service. On Martial Arts Entertainment Radio our
listeners can listen at their convenience 24 hours a day making your advertising
infomercial or radio interview that more accessible to potential customers. No
one has more shows than us! With over 200 current shows and climbing it’s the
most listened to online radio network of its kind in the world today.

• Magazine
Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine is an online quarterly publication that is
easy to read, colorful, and offers easy maneuverability for its readers throughout
the site. For Event Promoters and Business Owners it serves as a beneficial
addition to a complete advertising package. Martial Arts Entertainment
Magazine covers everything from Fights, Tournaments, Hall of Fames, Health
Tips, and Product Reviews. You can View it anytime day or night at:

• Email     Campaigns
Exciting and professional multi-media email marketing promotions is the key
today for any successful business. With a fan base of over 30,000 potential
buyers world wide we can boost your bottom line with amazing response rates
300% to 400% higher than ordinary mail promotions. Our media ads get noticed
with their colorful design mixed in with the hottest martial artists and news on the

                     We Get Over 100,000 Hits!
    What We Can Do For You - Celebrity Advertising
           • Have You Ever Thought of Using Celebrities As An Additional Advertising Tool?
• Let Us Add An Additional Spark To Your Ads By Personally Endorsing Your Event, Business, or Product.

    • What Makes Us Different? We are online TV & Radio Stars and Hosts of Our Own online Magazine
With over 3 decades of promotional experience we have endorsed numerous events, products,
and businesses in our industry including 5 Time World Kick Boxing Champion Steve
Shepherd’s RingStar product line and Kick Boxing Legend and Film Star Don “The Dragon”
Wilson’s Traditionz apparel line. Today we continue to be one of the most recognized celebrity
families with awards in the thousands including Tony, Joey, and Dominique holding the titles of
9 time state champions in Weapons, Forms and Fighting and 5 Hall of Fame titles for “Demo
Team of the Year”. We are the hosts of our own award winning radio shows on the Martial
Arts Entertainment Radio network, stars of Martial Arts Show Biz TV online television show,
stars of the documentary movie “Born to Compete”, and recently were stunt actors in an up
coming film called “Opening Night of the Living Dead”. Danny & Theresa have also received
the prestigious award for “Promoters of the Year” seven times for their experience and
excellence in the martial arts promotion industry and this past January the Zaino Family
received an award for "Outstanding Contribution In Publishing & Media Coverage" at Alan
Goldberg's Action Martial Arts Magazine's "Hall of Honors" in Atlantic City New Jersey.

   Let Us Do Some Extreme Advertising For Your Next Project!
                                Media Pricing
                                        Rate Card
Internet Television – 30 to 60 second commercial spot
                      $250.00 set up fee / air time - $175.00 per month.
Internet Radio – 30 minute show - $650.00 / 45 minute show - $850.00
                 air time - $100.00 per month.
Internet Magazine – Full page - $360.00 / Half page - $230.00
      Qtr. page - $120.00 / Banner Ad - $99.00 / Monthly pricing also available.
E-News Email Campaigns - $350.00 1st month and set up fee/$150.00 per mo.
Live Event Coverage – Complete with TV, Radio, Magazine
                      Starting at $1500.00 – Call for more details.

                                   Media Specials:
                       20% Off 6 months of Advertising
                      30% Off 12 months of Advertising
• Internet television - You must provide your own edited 30 to 60 second commercial in avi or
   mp4 format. If you cannot provide this we can do an infomercial for you at an additional
   charge to include program set up and editing. Episodes are aired every 4 to 6 weeks.

• Internet Magazine – This is a quarterly magazine.

• E-News Email Campaigns – Ads are blasted out 2 times per month to over 30,000
  customers per campaign.

• Celebrity Advertising - An additional charge equaling 50% of the advertising package chosen
  will be added if you use our celebrities as an endorsement tool for your advertising campaign.
 This charge includes your free ad design and set up fee by ma entertainment media.

                                    Payment Rules:
                    Short term and Event advertising – paid in full.
         Long term advertising – 50% down, additional payments monthly.
   Advertising Packages with TV, Radio, Magazine, and Emails also available.
                      All payments made thru paypal secure pay.
    * Phone: 561-575-5425 * Fax: 561-743-9298 * Email:

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