Utopian Society Project

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					                        Utopian Society Project
                            for The Giver
                           Due March 5th

Group Member Responsibilities:
Recorder - Writes/types the written portion of the project.
Artist - Draws and colors the poster portion of the project.
Presenter - Presents poster to the class clearly and thoroughly.
All group members are responsible for contributing to what is written about
the community, put on the poster, and presented at the end.

Part I: Written Component
Discuss in your group how you would like your community to function, and
write a paragraph on each of the following facts.
1. Community name
2. Size of the community (Small town, large city)
3. Roles and responsibilities of community members (Jobs, who decides?)
4. Education and religion (There must be some form of education, but
religion is up to you.)
5. Government type and structure (Democracy? King, President? People
6. Location and physical description (U.S.A., Antarctica? Mountains, desert?)
7. Laws and punishments (at least 10 laws with punishments)
8. Delivery of goods and services (groceries, mail, etc.)

Part II: Poster
Create a poster outlining the following facts about your community:
1. Community Name
2. Population (number)
3. Layout of your community (place homes, necessary buildings; post office,
work places, school, religious dwellings, government buildings, etc.)
4. Landscape: mountains, trees, desert wasteland, etc.

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