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L.A. Investigators Deem Lawyer’s Death Homicide
By Christine Cristiano

After days of speculation, investigations into the death of prominent LA lawyer, Jeffrey Tidus, have confirmed that his wounds were not
self-inflicted when he was found shot in his driveway on Monday, December 7, 2009. Tidus had gone outside his Rolling Hills Estates
home in California to retrieve his laptop from his car parked in his driveway when he was shot. He died from his injuries the following

                              12/15/09                                   Dolson declined to comment on whether Tidus had received
                                                                         any death threats, and commented that ‘’it’s all speculation
                             In a statement, Los Angeles                 right now.’’ Although no motive has been determined,
                             County sheriff’s Lt. Dave Dolson,           Dolson remarked that investigators will be looking into Tidus
                             said that ‘’We have gathered                ‘professional and personal life’ for clues as to his demise.
enough information now. We are certain it’s a murder.’’
After his death, detectives were tight-lipped and wouldn’t               Tidus was part of the legal team of Baute & Tidus which
speculate if Tidus’s wounds were self-inflicted or if he was             specializes in civil litigation located in downtown Los Angeles.
shot. According to a report in the LA Weekly crime blog,                 According to his website, Tidus represented various high
coincidentally Tidus ‘’was killed just hours after top executives        profile companies including the now defunct subprime lending
at a firm Tidus represented, New Century Financial, were                 company New Century Financial, Hawthorne Savings, and
accused of fraud by federal regulators.’’                                Isuzu Motors of America.

Although some people have speculated that Tidus was shot in
retaliation for his legal work, detectives said that it is too soon
to determine if the Tidus murdered was an ‘’an orchestrated

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