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may2011 by xuyuzhu


									                   Title I Parent Advisory Council Meeting Agenda
                                      May 9, 2011
                             Will-Moore Elementary School

Welcome and Introductions
   - Linnett Schmidkunz introduced herself as the Title I Coordinator for the district.
      Tara Johnson introduced as the Title I Family Engagement Coordinator for the
      district. Tracy Famious, Sara Holzer, and Mike Yantis introduced themselves as
      the parent coordinators for individual schools.
   - Parents introduced themselves and what school their children attend.
   - Brochures were made available for parents.

What is Title I/Funding
  - Linnett Schmidkunz reviewed the Title I Parent Brochure and addressed what is
       Title I.
  - Linnett Schmidkunz answered specific questions that parents asked pertaining to
       Title I.
  - Linnett Schmidkunz reviewed Title I funding and the federal cuts and how this
       may impact our Title I program and district.

Parent Involvement Budgets per Title I school
       -Tara Johnson reviewed the Title I allocation that each school received for the
       2010/2011 school year.
       -Tara Johnson reviewed how each school spent Parent Involvement money.

Review and Update of the District Parent Involvement Policy
   - Tara Johnson and Linnett Schmidkunz introduced the District Title I Parental
      Involvement Policy for the Bismarck Public Schools.
   - Parent Advisory Council (PAC) members looked at the District Parental
      Involvement Policy Required Components.
   - PAC members/parents were given a glossary of educational terms while
      reviewing the district Parent Involvement Policy.
   - PAC members asked that they be made aware of the annual district parent
      meeting. Many parents felt that all schools should announce this meeting in the
      school newsletter or a letter should be mailed to all parents about the meeting.
   - PAC members looked at the policy and worked in groups to address each section
      of the policy. Many wording and suggestions were made to the policy.
   - PAC members felt that parents should be given the opportunity to be involved in
      planning the events that are held in the schools for reading and/or math.
   - PAC members felt that the district PAC should meet one time per year verses
   - PAC members felt they would like more strategies to help their children at home
      from schools/teachers.
   -   PAC members stated they would like more descriptions of what their children are
       working on and feel it would be helpful to have classroom websites that parents
       could access to see what students are working on.
   -   PAC members suggested district to provide training on Powerschool/Powergrade
       for parents.
Comments and Questions
- PAC parents were given opportunities to ask questions and offer feedback.

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