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                             [By Jeff]
                             This week, saw Google go to China, Enron go to court, and John Kerry turn to the blogosphere for moral support. We
                             bid a fond farewell to Sandra Day O’Connor and Alan Greenspan and offer a warm “Wazaaaaap!” to Sam Alito and Ben
                             “Party Time” Bernanke.

Once again, I am faced with the daunting task         stand accused of a whole host of white-collar      In other blogly news, celebrity law blogger
of summarizing the best and most noteworthy           offenses stemming from the collapse of             David Lat, formerly known as Article III
in the legal blogosphere for the gentle readers       energy giant Enron. The Enron: Trialwatch          Groupie of Underneath Their Robes, has
of LawCrossing. I am inclined to just post a          blog and the Enron: Legal Commentary blog          returned to blogdom as the co-editor of the
link to Blawg Review and be done with it, but I       are particularly great, as cameras have been       satirical political blog Wonkette. It’s not easy
am told that I will not be paid unless I offer my     barred from the courtroom. The Enron trial         for a blogger to attain stardom. One route is
expert analysis as well. Because I am saving up       is shaping up to be better than the Michael        to publicly unmask your anonymous online
to buy a new boat, I will play along…for now.         Jackson and O.J. trials mashed together with a     persona, like Lat. Another popular method is
                                                      dollop of Bush v. Gore on top. I’m hoping these    to publish a blook, or an anthology your blogs.
Last week, everybody was blogging about
                                                      guys are found not guilty. They have the perfect   The easiest way is to coin a phrase combining
Google’s battle with the Attorney General
                                                      qualifications to head the Federal Emergency       blog with another word, like “blawg” (blog +
over surrendering search-result records.
                                                      Management Agency.                                 law) or “blogerati” (blog + literati). I’m trying
Google is still the talk of the law blogosphere;
                                                                                                         to popularize “blabbage” (blog + cabbage) and
but this week, Google’s acquiescence to               Of course, this week, as every week, the most
                                                                                                         “blawnde” (blawg + blonde). Tell a friend.
censorship from the Chinese government is             talked-about issue was blogging itself. The
the topic of discussion. This comes on the            chief purpose of any blog is to offer a forum to   Finally, it is worth mentioning that Samuel Alito
heels of Microsoft’s decision to allow Chinese        anyone who wants to gripe about the minutiae       has taken his place on the U.S. Supreme Court,
blogs banned by the Chinese government to             of their lives, which no one would let them        much to the consternation of Senator John
be viewed outside of China. While we can all          complain about anywhere else. Such navel-          Kerry. Kerry used political blog The Daily Kos
agree that good, old-fashioned censorship is          gazing brought a few noteworthy subjects           to announce his intentions to block the Senate
American as apple pie, a little bit goes a long       to light this week. Solo practitioner Carolyn      vote for Alito by filibuster. Of interest to anyone
way. A great example of Chinese censorship            Elefant wrote about the invisible associate        concerned about the future of the Supreme
of Google has been passed from blog to blog.          syndrome at her blog My Shingle. More              Court are law professor Sandy Levinson’s
I first saw it here on the Crime & Federalism         specifically, she examined the trend of big        comments on Supreme Court term limits,
blog.                                                 law firms forcing associates to blog without       which she posted on the blog Balkinization.
                                                      allowing them to take credit for their efforts.    Levinson identifies senility and political gaming
The implications of the Attorney General              The topic was kicked over to trial attorney        as reasons to encourage Supreme Court term
potentially getting his hands on Google’s             Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground, where          limits. I’m prepared to take this proposal one
search records have not yet been forgotten.           Schaeffer argued that the hefty salaries offered   step further and present my Logan’s Run
The Video Game Law Blog posed an interesting          by big firms lessen the sting of toiling away      Proposal, whereby every citizen over the age
question here Could your innocent search              anonymously in the dark.                           of 30 must report to the Homeland Security
queries bring you unwanted attention from the
                                                                                                         Department for disintegration, preferably by
                                                      Bloggers Blog dug up an amusing blogo-
federal government? In this case, the blogger
                                                                                                         some kind of laser.
                                                      news story. In response to a libel suit brought
wonders if his search for video game weaponry
                                                      against an anonymous blogger, the Delaware
could be mistaken for a genuine attempt                                                                  Write your Congressperson and, please,
                                                      Supreme Court opted to protect the privacy of
to purchase weapons. I’d recommend not                                                                   register for mandatory disintegration today.
                                                      the blogger and recommended that the plaintiff
worrying about it. Guantanamo Bay is supposed
                                                      start his own blog to get even. This decision      Jeff is a writer from Los Angeles, CA.
to be lovely this time of year.
                                                      was rendered prior to federal legislation          Currently, he is the moderator of the
My favorite blogworthy event of late is the           that could put a maximum two-year prison           message boards at, the largest
commencement of the Enron trial. Ken Lay,             sentence on being “annoying” while online.         insider source of law firm information.
Richard A. Causey, and Jeffrey K. Skilling            This could be bad news for Ann Coulter.


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