Technology Meets The Legal Profession

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Technology Meets The Legal Profession
By Christine Cristiano

With technology forever changing how society accesses information relevant to their immediate needs, the long established Utah
law firm of Nielsen & Senior is going high tech with the introduction of their new user-centric website equipped with cutting edge
technology. In an effort to meet the changing demands of a computer charged world, the firm’s website was overhauled and redesigned
to help clients and visitors to their site locate information more quickly amongst their extensive selection of legal information and

                              12/03/09                                   Nielsen & Senior is one of the oldest law firms in Utah and
                                                                         offers legal services in business law, contracts, environmental
                            The new website features a section           law, family law, general litigation, wrongful death, personal
                            in which the user can submit                 injury and bankruptcy.
                            a legal question and receive a
response from a member of the team of attorneys and legal                In other legal news, The New Jersey Law Center in New
experts at Nielson & Senior. The section also includes a Q&A             Brunswick is undergoing a $6 million renovation that
segment that will help users locate the specific information             will include plasma televisions for videoconferencing and
they are looking for.                                                    telecasting seminars over the internet. In addition, upon
                                                                         completion of the renovations, lawyers and visitors can access
The revamped website houses an extensive resources section               briefs online and high schools students can hang around the
that provides ‘’basic legal information for users, clients,              new (cyber) cafe and take part in the new mock courtroom.
and those considering seeking legal representation.’’ The
resource section also provides users with links to specific legal        According to Kate Coscarelli, a spokeswoman for the state bar
questions and answers for easy navigating.                               association, ‘’15,000 New Jerseyans and 25,000 members of
                                                                         the legal community use the law center every year.’’
In addition to the newly designed website, Nielson & Senior
has taken advantage of the popular blogging trend and offers             Construction on the renovations started this fall and is
updates, news, tips, and information through the firm’s blog.            expected to be completed by spring 2010.

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Description: The new website features a section in which the user can submit a legal question and receive a response from a member of the team of attorneys and legal experts at Nielson & Senior.
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