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Social Studies - PowerPoint

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					Social Studies

   Chapter 2:
  Ancient Egypt
What happens to the Nile
 River as it reaches the
  Mediterranean Sea?
  A. It branches into two rivers.
  B. It fans out into a delta.
  C. It forms cataracts.
  D. The branches of the river come

 B. It fans out into a delta
    How did the Egyptians take
      advantage of the Nile’s
     yearly spring flooding??
 A. They developed geometry.
 B. They could now live in the desert
 C. They became successful farmers.
 D. They could grow papyrus.

C. They became successful farmers
Hatshepsut, the first woman
  to rule Egypt in her own
       right, was most
   interested in _______.
      A. trade
      B. farming
      C. conquest
      D. art

     A. trade
Which pharaoh introduced a
new religion with only one

  A. Akhenaton
  B. Ramses II
  C. Tutankhamen
  D. Hatshepsut

 A. Akhenaton.
    Why did the kingdom of
      Kerma collapse?

 A. It lost a long war with Egypt.
 B. It did not have much wealth.
 C. It was overthrown by enslaved people.
 D. It did not have a strong army.

A. It lost a long war with Egypt
What did the Kushites learn
   from the Assyrians?

 A. how to irrigate farmland
 B. how to work bronze
 C. how to build pyramids
 D. how to make iron

D. how to make iron
  How was the kingdom of
     Kerma formed?

 The stronger Nubian villages took
 over the weaker ones and formed
 the kingdom of Kerma.
 What was favorable about the
location of the Kushite capital of

    was located along the
  It
  upper Nile where the trade
  caravans crossed the river.
    In 540 B.C. Kush’s rulers
      moved the capital to
 A. Axum
 B. Kashta
 C. Meroë
 D. Napata

C. Meroë
    What caused Egypt to eventually
      fall to conquering armies?

 The pharaohs had trouble keeping neighboring
  countries under Egyptian control.
 Groups from the eastern Mediterranean
  attacked using iron weapons.
 Since Egypt did not have iron ore, they had to
  pay high prices for it.
 Their power declined and they were conquered.
What was the difference between
the flooding of the Nile and that
  of the Tigris and Euphrates

    The Nile’s floods were predictable and
     gentle, while the Tigris and Euphrates
     floods were sudden and destructive.
 How were the early Egyptian
civilizations different from the
   A. The Egyptians were protected from outside
   B. The Egyptians had a poorly united government.
   C. The Egyptians did not have to adapt to yearly
   D. The Egyptians had more contact with the
    outside world.

A. The Egyptians were protected from outside threats
  In ancient Egypt, what
could be found on papyrus?
   A. scribes
   B. hieroglyphics
   C. shadoofs
   D. tributes

  B. hieroglyphics
    What rights did women have in
            Ancient Egypt?

   Women could own and pass on property,
    buy and sell goods, make wills and obtain
    divorces. Upper class women were also in
    charge of temples and could perform
    religious ceremonies.
Ancient Egyptians studied the
__________ to learn how to
   obtain life after death?
  A. Book of Spells
  C. Book of Life After Death
  B. Book of the Dead
  D. Book of Prayers

 B. Book of the Dead
   The Old Kingdom, Middle
 Kingdom, and New Kingdom
of Egypt represent ________.

  A. geographic regions
  B. periods of dynasties
  C. periods of inventions
  D. three different pharaohs

 B. periods of dynasties
My reign began a time referred
   to as the New Kingdom.
          Who am I?
              Ahmose
I avoided military conquests and
   expanded Egypt’s economy
         through trade.
           Who Am I?

             Hatshepsut
In about 1550 B.C. I lead an uprising
that drove the Hyksos out of Egypt.
            Who Am I?

                 Ahmose
 Although I did not rule for very long,
I am important because the treasures
 in my tomb were not looted as most
             others were.
              Who Am I?

               Tutankhamen
To control the power of the priests, I
created a new religion, based on one
             Who Am I?

                Akhenaton
I ruled during the New Kingdom
 and built many temples during
            my reign.
           Who Am I?

            Ramses II
Who was the main god
worshipped by ancient
 A. Osiris
 B. Hapi
 C. Isis
 D. Re

D. Re
  What led the Egyptians to
 invent a system of numbers
        and fractions?

 A. building boats
 B. the use of currency
 C. building pyramids
 D. medical advances

C. building pyramids.
What was a tribute in ancient

  A. a carving inside a pharaoh’s tomb
  B. the wrapping on a mummy
  C. a forced payment to the pharaoh
  D. a manuscript of hieroglyphics.

 C. a forced payment to the pharaoh.
    What were some of the advances
    made by Egypt during the Middle
 The pharaohs added more dams and waterways,
  they increased the amount of land being farmed
  and built a canal between the Nile River and the
  Red Sea.
 Art and literature included sculpture and wall
 The pharaohs began having their tombs carved
  into cliffs west of the Nile, now known as the
  Valley of the Kings.

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