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2006 Rodeo pics and results


									Kaukauna Team 2 – 2006 Grand Champions

                                     Chas Schink, Sturgeon Bay
                                     Utilities, Pole Top Champion
                                                              OFFICIAL RESULTS:
                                                         2006 MEUW LINEMAN'S RODEO
                                                         October 14, 2006, Menasha, Wis.
           Safety & Knowledge Challenge          Transformer Changeout         Insulator Changout         Pole Top Resuce   Elbow Installation
  1st                 Cedarburg                        Oconomowoc                    Menasha                Kaukauna - 2     Shawano/Gresh.
  2nd                Sturgeon Bay                      Kaukauna - 2                Kaukauna - 2             Sturgeon Bay      Oconomowoc
  3rd                  Menasha                           Menasha                  Shawano/Gresh.              Menasha         Kaukauna - 2
  4th                  Hartford                         Cedarburg                   Kaukauna 1                Hartford          Hartford
  5th                Kaukauna 2                        Kaukauna - 1                Oconomowoc               Oconomowoc          Menasha
  6th               Oconomowoc                         Sturgeon Bay                Sturgeon Bay              Cedarburg        Sturgeon Bay
  7th                 Kaukauna 1                         Hartford                   Cedarburg               Kaukauna - 1      Kaukauna - 1
  8th              Shawano/Gresham                    Shawano/Gresh.                 Hartford              Shawano/Gresh.      Cedarburg

2006 Pole Top Rescue Individual Top Score: Chas Schink - Sturgeon Bay Utilities; 2:36 (zero deductions)

  Combined Total Score/Ranking
  1st                Kaukauna 2
  2nd                 Menasha
  3rd               Oconomowoc
  4th               Sturgeon Bay
  5th                Cedarburg
  6th                  Hartford
  7th                Kaukauna 1
  8th             Shawano/Gresham

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