On The Shoulders of Giants Questions

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					                On The Shoulders of Giants Questions
        Choose 4 questions from each of the remaining categories to answer on your own.

Right There                                                Stop & Think
      Ex: What did Bob Douglas create and run?             1. Why would Harlem be an attractive place to live for
      1.   When did the NBA begin?                         African-Americans?
      2.   What team did Bill Russell play for?            2. Why were there lynchings?
3. How much did it cost to get into a game/dance at the    3. How are basketball and jazz music similar?
Renaissance Theater                                        4. Why did the Harlem Ren players have to carry
4. How many times did the Celtics beat the Rens in their   weapons and such when they went on road games?
first exhibition?                                          5. How and why were the Rens and the Globetrotters
5. When did pro basketball become integrated?              seen differently by African American audiences?
6. What were some of the external issues Rens players      6. Why did the jackets have World Colored Champions
had to deal with when they went on the road?               on them instead of just World Champions?
7. What kinds of harassment and intimidation did the       7. Why would the Harlem Globetrotters still be around
Harlem Ren players experience on the road?                 and the Harlem Rens be gone from pro ball?
8. What team did the Rens play for the championship?
9. What lesson might people in the NBA today take
from knowing the story of the Harlem Rens?

Author & You                                               Out in the World
1. What’s it feel like to really belong somewhere?         1. How does hate get in the way of opportunity?
2. How does it feel to be categorized?                     2. What’s one way racism affects SLP?
3. What’s it like to feel racism?                          3. Why would racism be directed toward blacks, people
4. Who are your role models?                               of color?
5. Would you be able to react with class and dignity       4. Is it fair for one team to represent an entire race or
(like the Rens did) in the face of absolute hatred?        culture?
6. How does it feel to actually accomplish something?      5. What’s the point of attacking someone (like a Ren’s
7.Are you willing to read about something like the         player) ????
Rens? What if there hadn’t been a film?                    6. How do the NBA players today compare with the
                                                           Rens players from back in the day?
                                                           7. What can a person miss out on if they don’t know
                                                           their history?
                                                           8. Why are role models important?
                                                           9. Is it fair to expect role models to be perfect and never
                                                           make mistakes?

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