Becoming a Legal Nurse Analyst

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Becoming a Legal Nurse Analyst
This article talks about the requirements to become a legal nurse analyst who is also known as a legal nurse consultant. Telemetry,
cardiology, and obstetrics are some areas of specialization areas in which legal nurse analysts specialize. Read about the skill sets,
qualifications and prospects required for becoming a legal nurse analyst.

In case you are interested in becoming a legal nurse analyst,            Training for the legal nurse analyst may not involve formal
or legal nurse consultant LNC, you need to be a registered               training although the latter may be necessary for providing the
nurse in the first place. A background in legal nurse analyst            basics for getting started. A lot of online courses are offered,
or consultant job requires specialization in various fields of           which may teach aspiring legal nurse consultants to prepare
medical science with an aptitude for viewing medical records             reports efficiently. They also provide helpful details for dealing
in an office and hospital setting for risk assessment and other          with malpractice, involvement of expert eye witnesses, toxic
important factors. Legal consultant nurses assist lawyers or             torts, insurance liabilities, product liability, and legal firms or
attorneys in lawsuits that deal with injury, malpractice or cases        organizations.
that require expert medical knowledge. The LNC may be asked
to work as eyewitnesses by taking the stand for a party during           Certifications for legal nurse consultants are given at the end
a court proceeding or ready other witnesses to take a standing.          of training programs. Professional certifications are available
                                                                         from the American Society of Legal Nurse Consultants for
The Role of a Legal Nurse Consultant                                     applicants who cater to their training standards and pass
                                                                         the examinations. Many legal nurse analysts start their own
One of the chief duties of a legal nurse is to research treatments,      consultancy after training.
conditions, or analyze medical standards and records that
relate to a case. They carry out research and presentations for          Employment Outlook
locating and developing witnesses, researching on the viability of
neurological and psychological indicators, developing discovery          The average annual salaries for legal nurse consultants are
plans for evidence, screening and reviewing cases, preparing             around $80,000 on an annual basis with the approximate
opinion reports, assessing summarized reports, researching on            hourly rate being $100 to $150. Hired on a case specific basis,
forensic literature, and others. LNCs are required to educate            the legal nurse analyst may also continue to work in a hospital
families regarding legal issues and create child protective              environment too. The American Association of Legal Nurse
programs. They are also required to determine the risks                  Consultants has a high demand for legal nurse analysts and
associated with malpractice cases.                                       this is growing every day as malpractice law professionals
                                                                         need to be acquainted with medical terms and processes.
Education and Career Programs Available                                  Legal nurse consultants are required in government agencies,
                                                                         legal and insurance firms as well as in the capacity of in house
The legal nurse consultant or analyst picks up most skills and           analysts in hospitals. The job of a legal nurse analyst involves
experiences on the job. There are specialized nurse consultancy          working in different kinds of settings like hospitals, legal
programs available along with workshops and seminars                     organizations, office of the attorney general, consultancies,
conducted for giving them a lucrative career. Some subjects              and insurance companies.
that legal nurse analysts are required to study are Cardiology,
Telemetry, Med surge, Obstetrics and Intensive care.

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Description: This article talks about the requirements to become a legal nurse analyst who is also known as a legal nurse consultant. Telemetry, cardiology, and obstetrics are some areas of specialization areas in which legal nurse analysts specialize.
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