Novels by xuyuzhu


									                                        Novel List 3-8
                                        ABC Order by Title

A Part of The Sky                             Peck, Robert                7     Z
Airborn                                       Oppel, Kenneth              6     V
Airman                                        Colfer, Eoin                7     Y
Al Capone Does My Shirts                      Choldenko, Gennifer         5     U
Alice The Brave                               Naylor, Phyllis             7     S
Amber Brown in not a Crayon                   Danziger, Paula             3     O
Among Friends                                 Coonry, Caroline            7     W
And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?          Fritz, Jean                 4     R
Animal, Vegetable, and John D. Jones          Byars, Betsy                5     U
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl         Frank, Anne                 5     U
Art of Keeping Cool, The                      Lisle, Lisa Taylor          5     U
Artemis Fowl                                  Colfer, Eoin                4     R
Barn-Air                                                                  5     U
Bathwater Gang, The                           Spinelli, Jerry             3     O
Because of Winn Dixie                         DiCamillo, Kate            4, 5   R
Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The              Robinson, Barbara           5     U
Best School Year Ever, The                    Robinson, Barbara           5     U
BFG, The                                      Dahl, Roald                4, 5   U
Black Stallion, The                           Farley, Walter              5     U
Black Stallion, The                           Farley, Walter              5     U
Bloomability                                  Creech, Sharon              4     R
Blue Willow                                   Gates, Doris                5     U
Boxcar Children Series                        Warner, Gertrude            3     O
Boy at War, A                                 Mazer, Henry                5     U
Brian’s Winter                                Paulsen, Gary               5     U
Brian's Winter                                Paulen, Gary                7     R
Bud, Not Buddy                                Curtis, Christopher Paul   4, 5   U

Buffalo Gal                                   Wallace, Bill               5     U
Bunnicula                                                                3, 4   O
Cabin Faced West, The                         Fritz, Jean                 5     U
Call It Courage                               Sperry, Armstrong          4, 5   U
Cam Jansen Series                             Adler, David               3, 4   O
Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?      Fritz, Jean                 4     R
Cat Who Went to Heaven, The                   Coatsworth, Elizabeth       4     R
Catwings                                      LeGuin, Ursula              3     O
Cay, The                                      Taylor, Theodore           4, 5   U
Chalk Box Kid                                 Bulla, Clyde Robert         3     O
Charley Skedaddle                             Beatty, Patricia            5     U
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory             Dahl, Roald                3, 4   O
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator    Dahl, Roald               4     R
Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy      Nemo, Jean                4     R
Charlie Bone and the Time Twister       Nemo, Jean                4     R
Charlie Pippin                          Boyd, Candy Dawson        5     U
Charlotte’s Web                         White, E.B.              3, 4   O
Chasing Vermeer                         Balliett, Blue            4     R
Chocolate Fever                         Smith, Robert Kimmel     3, 4   O
Chocolate Fudge                                                   3     O
Chocolate Touch, The                    Cattling, Patrick        3, 4   O
Class Clown                             Hurwitz, Johanna          3     O
Code Talker                             Bruchac, Joseph           5     V
Cracker Jackson                         Byars, Betsy              5     U
Cricket in Times Square, The            George Sleden             4     R
Danger Zone                             Klass, David              8     W
Dawn of Fear                            Susan Cooper              5     T
Dean Duffy                              Powell, Randy             8     X
Dear Mr. Henshaw                        Cleary, Beverly          3, 4   O
Dog Called Kitty, A                     Wallace, Bill             3     O
Double Fudge                            Blume, Judy              4, 5   S
Dragonwings                             Yep, Lawrence             5     U
Dreamquake                              Knox, Elizabet            7     W
Dred Scot Decision, The                                           5     U
Each Little Bird That Sings             Wiles, Debbie             5     S
Egypt Game, The                         Snyder, Zilpha Keatley    4     R
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Lifeof Dicsovery   Freedman, Russelll        7     W
Ella Enchanted                          Gail Carson Levine        4     S
Emancipation Proclamation, The                                    5     U
Enormous Egg, The                       Butterworth, Oliver       4     S
Esperanza Rising*                       Ryan, Pam                3, 4   P
Evil Genius                             Jinks, Catherine          6     U
Face on the Milk Carton, The            Cooney, Caroline B.       5     V
Family Under the Bridge                 Carlson, Natalie          5     U
Family Under the Bridge, The            Carlson, Natalie          4     R
Fantastic Mr. Fox                       Dahl, Roald               3     O
Farmer Boy                              Wilder, Laura Ingalls     5     U
Favorite Greek Myths                    Osborne, Mary Pope &      3     O
                                        Troy Howell
Feathers                                Woodson, Jacqueline       7     X
Figgs and Phantoms                      Raskin, Ellen             5     V
Fighting Ground, The                    Avi                       4     R
Finding Buck McHenry                    Slote, Alfred             5     U
Flat StanleyIs Down
Flight #116                             Brown, Jeff
                                        Cooney Caroline          3, 4
                                                                  7     O
Flying Solo                             Fletcher, Ralph           5     V
Fourth Grade Rats                                                4, 5   S
Freckle Juice                           Blume, Judy              3, 4   P
Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman         Sterling, Dorothy         5      U
Frightful’s Mountain                               George, Jean Craighead    5      T

Frindle                                            Clements, Andrew         3, 4    O
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E            Lowry, Lois               5      U
Fudge-a-Mania                                      Blume, Judy               5      V
George’s Marvelous Medicine                        Dahl, Roald               4      R
Godless                                            Hautman, Pete             8      W
Gone Away Lake                                     Enright, Elizabeth        5      T
Good Liar, The                                     Maguire, Gregory          5      U
Grasshopper Summer                                 Turner, Ann               5      U
Great Brain series (range of most books in series) Fitzgerald, John          5      U

Great Illustrated Classics                                                   3      O
Gulliver's Travels                                 Swift, Jonathan           8       X
Guns for General Washington                        Reit, Seymour             4     Q,R,S
Hannah Divided                                     Griffin, Adele            5      S
Harriet the Spy                                    Fitzhugh, Louise          5      U
Hatchet                                            Paulsen, Gary            4, 5    R
Hattie Big Sky                                     Larson, Kirby             7      V
Heartbeat                                          Creech, Sharon            8      W
Heidi                                              Spyri, Johanna            6      M
Hello, My Name is Scrambled Eggs                   Gilson, Jamie             5      V
Henry Huggins                                      Cleary, Beverly           4      S
Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge                      Sciesza, Jon &            3      P
                                                   McCauley, Adam
Holes                                              Sachar, Louis            4, 5    R
Hoot                                               Hiaasen, Carl             4      R
Horrible Harry series                              Kline, Suzy               3      N
House Mouse, Senate Mouse                          Barnes, Peter             3      N
House of Dies Drear, The                           Hamilton, Virginia        5      V
How to Eat Fried Worms                             Rockwell, Thomas          3      O
How To Steal A Dog                                 O'Connor, Barbara         5      S
Hundred Dresses, The                               Estes, Kelanor            3      P
Hundred Penny Box                                  Mathis, Sharon Bell       5      V
I Was A Teenage Professional Wrestler              Lewin, Ted                7      V
If You Lived During Colonial Times                                           4      Q
If You Lived During Revolutionary War                                        4      Q
If You Traveled Underground Railroads                                        4      R
Immigrant Kids                                     Freedman, Russel          5      T
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson        Lord, Betty Bao           5      V
Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison          Lenski, Lois              4      R
Indian in the Cupboard, The                        Banks, Lynne Reid        4, 5    S
Invisible Fran, The                                Jim Benton                5      U
Jacob’s Rescue                                    Drucker, Malka &Halprin,    5     V
Jake Drake, Bully Buster                          Clements, Andrew            3     N
James and the Giant Peach                         Dahl, Roald                 4     Q
Jigsaw Jones series                               Preller, James              3     N
Joey Pigza series * (range of most book in series) Gantos, Jack              4,5    R

Julie’s Wolf Pack                                 George, Jean Craighead      5     U

Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World         Walter, Mildred Pitts       4     R
Keturah and Lord Death                            Leavitt, Martine            6     U
Kid in the Red Jacket, The                        Park, Barbara              4, 5   S
Knots in My Yo-Yo String                          Spinelli, Jerry             5     V
Last of the Whangdoodles, The                     Edwards, Julie              4     R
Later, Alligator                                                              5     T
Letters from a Slave Girl                         Lyons, Mary E.              5     U
Letters From Rifka                                Hesse, Karen                6     S
Life As We Knew It                                Pfeffer, Susan              6     V
Lilly’s Crossing                                                              5     U
Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The*           Lewis, C.S.                4, 5   R
Little House Series                               Wilder, Laura Ingalls      3, 4   O
Little Prince, The                                                            4     R
Long Way from Chicago, A                          Peck, Richard              4, 5   Q
Loser                                             Spinelli, Jerry             3     N
Lyddie                                            Paterson, Katherine         7     U
Maggie’s Door                                     Giff, Patricia Reilly       5     T
Magic School Bus series (some AD Lexile levels) many authors                  3     O

Maniac Magee*                                     Spinelli, Jerry            4, 5   R
Marvin Redpost—Alone in the Teacher’s House       Sachar, Louis               4     Q

Marvin Redpost—Kidnapped at Birth?                Sachar, Louis               4     S
Marvin Redpost—Why Pick on Me?                    Sachar, Louis               4     R
Matilda                                           Dahl, Roald                3, 4   N
Max and Me and the Time Machine                   Greer, Gery & Ruddeck,      5     T
Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever                Patterson, James            6     U
Miracles on Maple Hill                            Sorenson, Virginia          4     R
Miss Spitfire                                     Miller, Sarah               7     V
Misty of the Chincoteague                         Henry, Marguerite           4     S
Moon Book, The                                    Gibbons, Gail               4     S
Moon Dancer                                       Rostkowski, Margaret        8     X
Mouse and the Motorcycle, The                     Cleary, Beverly            3,4    P
Mr. Lincoln’s Drummer                             Wisler, G. Clifton          5     V
Mr. Popper’s Penguins                             Atwater, Richard           3, 4   N
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH                  O’Brien, Robert C.         4, 5   R
Mrs. Roopy is Loopy                            Gutman, Dan                 5     U
Muggie Maggie                                  Cleary, Beverly             3     O
Mummies in the Morning                         Osborne, Mary Pope          5     U
My Brother, My Sister and I                    Watkins, Yoko Kawashima     6     S
My Father’s Dragon                             Garnett, Ruth Stiles        4     R
My Life in Dog Years                           Paulsen, Gary               5     U
Never Say Quit                                 Wallace, Bill               5     T
Night of the Twisters                          Ruckman, Ivy                5     V
Nightjohn                                      Paulsen, Gary               5     U
Nory Ryan’s Song                               Giff, Patricia Reilly       5     U
On the Far Side of the Mountain                George, Jean Craighead      5     T

One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo, The   Blume, Judy                 3     O
Orphan Train of Ellis Island, The                                          5     V
Out of Time                                          Cooney, Caroline      7     T
Paul Elizabeth Buxton                          Curtis, Christopher Paul    6     v
Pedro’s Journal                                Conrad, Pam                3, 4   N
Perilous Road                                  Steele, William O.          5     T
Peterson Uprising                              Haddix, Margaret            7     W
Phoebe the Spy                                 Griffin, Judith Berry       4     R
Pinballs                                       Byars, Betsy                5     U
Pippi Longstocking                             Lindgren, Astrid            4     Q
Poppy                                          Avi                         5     T
Prince Caspian                                 Lewis, C. S.                5     V
Princess Academy                               Hale, Shannon               4     S
Quake! Disaster in San Francisco, 1906         Karwoski, Gail Langer       5     U
Quilt, The                                     Paulsen, Gary               5     U
Ralph S. Mouse                                 Cleary, Beverly             3     O
Ramona                                         Jackson, Helen Hunt         3     P
Ramona and Her Father                          Cleary, Beverly             3     P
Ramona Quimby Age 8                            Cleary, Beverly             3     O
Ramona the Pest                                Cleary, Beverly             3     N
Rascal                                         Miles, Ellen               4, 5   Q
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm                     Wiggin, Kate                7     Z
Redwall                                        Jacques, Brian              7     N
Riding Freedom                                 Ryan, Pam Munoz &           3     N
                                               Selznick, Brian
Rifle, The                                     Paulsen, Gary               5     T
River Ran Wild                                 Cherry, Lynne               4     Q
Rosa Parks: My Story                           Parks, Rosa                 5     U
Runaway Ralph                                  Cleary, Beverly            3, 4   O
Sable                                          Hesse, Karen                4     R
Sadako and the Paper Cranes                    Coerr, Eleanor              4     S
Sarah Bishop                                   O’Dell, Scott               4     S
Sarah Plain and Tall                           MacLachan, Patricia        3, 4   P
Schooled                                       Korman, Gordon             6     M
Scrib                                          Ives, David                5     T
Seaman                                                                    4     R
Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning Snicket, Lemony           4     S

Shades of Gray                                 Reeder, Carolyn            5     U
Shiloh                                         Reynolds, Phyllis          4     R
Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School        Sachar, Louis              4     R
Sideways Stories from a Wayside School         Sachar, Louis              4     S
Sign of the Beaver                             Spear, Elizabeth George    4     Q

Sign of the Beaver, The                        Spear, Elizabeth George    4     S

Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You!               DeClements, Barthe         5     T
Skinny Bones                                   Barbara Park              3, 4   N
Skylark                                        MacLachan, Patricia        5     U
Snakehead                                      Horowitz, Anthony          7     W
Soldier’s Heart; Mr. Tucket                    Paulsen, Gary              5     V
Something Upstairs                             Avi                        5     T
Sounder                                        Armstrong, William H.     4,5    R
Souper Saturdays                                                          3     P
Spider Boy                                     Fletcher, Ralph            5     V
Star of Fear, Star of Hope                     Hoestlandt, Jo             6     S
Stargirl                                       Spinelli, Jerry            4     S
Stars (True Books: Space)                      Sipiera, Paul              4     Q
Starving Time, The                                                        4     R
Steal Away                                     Armstrong, Jennifer        6     T
Steal Away Home                                Ruby, Lois                 5     T
Steal Away to Freedom                                                     5     U
Sterling                                                                  5     V
Stone Fox                                      Gardner, John             3, 4   O
Stories Julian Tells, The                      Cameron, Ann               3     P
Stowaway                                       Hesse, Karen               4     Q
Strays                                         Koertge, Ronald            6     M
Strider                                        Cleary, Beverly            5     T
Stuart Little                                  White, E.B.               3, 4   R
Summer of the Monkeys, The                     Rawls, Wilson              5     U
Superfudge                                     Blume, Judy               4, 5   R
Surviving Jamestown                                                       4     R
Take a Stand Rosa Parks                        Rood, Peter and Connie     5     V

Tale of Despereaux, The                        DiCamillo, Kate            5     T
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing                Blume, Judy               3, 4   P
Taste of Blackberries, A                       Smith, Doris Buchanan      3     P
The Arkadians                                  Alexander, Lloyd           7     W
The Ballard of the Pirate Queens               Yolen, Jane                6     S
The Big Wander                                Hobbs, Will             7     T
The Bomb                                      Taylor, Theodore        8     X
The Call of The Wild                          London, Jack            7     M
The Cay                                       Taylor, Theodore        7     V
The Cry of the Icemark                        Hill, Stuart            8     X
The Cup of The World                          Dickinson, John         8     W
The Giant Rat of Sumatra                      Fleischman, Sid         6     S
The Green Glass Sea                           Klages, Ellen           6     S
The Human Comedy                              Saroyan, William        7     X
The Van Gogh Café                             Rylant, Cynthia         6     S
There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom          Sachar, Louis           3     N
Titanic Sinks, The                            Conkin, Thomas          5     T
Toliver’s Secret                              Brady, Esther Wood      4     R
Tree Girl                                     Barron, T.A.            8     W
Trumpet of the Swans, The                     White, E.B.             5     V
Turn Homeward, Hannalee                       Beatty, Patricia        5     U
Twister on Tuesday                            Osborne, Mary Pope      3     N
Twits, The                                    Dahl, Roald             4     Q
Two Tickets to Freedom                        Florence B. Freedman    5     V
Under the Blood Red Sun                       Salisbury, Graham       5     V
Upchuck and the Rotten Willy                  Wallace, Bill           3     P
Volcano                                                               5     U
Wanderer, The                                 Creech, Sharon          4     Q
Wanted…Mud Blossom                            Byars, Betsy            5     T
War with Grandpa, The                         Smith, Robert Kimmel    5     T
Westing Game, The*                            Raskin, Ellen          4, 5   R
Where Do You Think You’re Going Christopher   Fritz, Jean             5     V
Whipping Boy, The                             Fleischman, Sid        4, 5   S
Who Comes with Cannons                        Beatty, Patricia        5     T
Witches, The                                  Dahl, Roald             4     R
With Every Drop of Blood                      Collier, James L.       7     X
Witness                                                               5     T
Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear        Lensey Namioka          4     R
Year Down Yonder                              Peck, Richard           5     T
Year of the Boar and J.R. , The               Lord, Betty Bao        3, 4   O
You want women to Vote. Lizzie Stanton        Fritz, Jean             7     W

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