Non Circunvention Non Disclosure Agreement

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WHEREAS, the undersigned wish to enter into this        Agreement   to   define
certain parameters of their future legal obligations:

WHEREAS, the undersigned desire to enter into a working business
relationship for the mutual and common benefit of the parties herein,
including but no limited to their Affiliates, Subsidiaries, Stockholders,
Partners, Co-Ventures, Trading Partners and other Associated Organizations
and pursuant to the covenants contained herein and others goods and
valuable consideration, the receipts of which is hereby acknowledge, the
parties hereto agree as follow.

                    1- TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

A) The parties will not in any way or manner solicit or accept any business
   from any sources when such sources were made available through any party
   to this agreement, without the express permission of the party who made
   available the sources.

B) The parties will maintain complete confidentiality regarding each others
   business sources and/or their affiliates, and will disclose such
   business sources only to parties named pursuant to the express written
   permission of the party who made available the sources.

C) That they will not in any way circumvent or attempt to circumvent, each
   other or any of the parties involved in any of the transactions the
   parties desirous of entering into and do, to the best of their
   abilities, assure the other parties that the transaction terms
   established will not be affected.

D) That, they will not disclose any of the names, addresses, telephone
   numbers, facsimile numbers, telex numbers, email addresses, or any
   contact information provided to them by any party to this Agreement to a
   third party, and that they each recognize such contacts as the exclusive
   property of the respective parties, and that they will not enter into
   any direct or indirect negotiation or transaction with such contacts
   referred by any other party without prior notice to the referring party.

E) That in the event of breach of this Agreement or circumvention of any
   party to this Agreement by any other party, directly or indirectly, the
   non-breaching or circumvented party, shall be entitled to monetary
   damages including without limitation damages equal to the maximum amount
   it should have realized from the subject transaction plus any and all
   expenses, including but not limited to all legal cost and expenses
   incurred to recover the lost revenue or other damages.

F) All considerations, benefits, bonuses, participation fees and/or
   commissions received as a result of the contributions of the parties to
   this Agreement relating to any and all transactions will be allocated as
   mutually agreed to by the parties.

                                 1/2                    Parties Initials
G) This Agreement is valid for any and all transactions between parties
   hereto and this Agreement shall be interpreted and constructed in
   accordance with the International Laws of Commerce.

H) Any claim or controversy arising out of, or relating to this Agreement
   including the payment of commissions herein, shall be submitted to
   binding arbitration pursuant to the applicable rules (Most Current
   Edition) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Any award shall
   be considered valid, final and binding on the parties and may be
   enforced by any court with competent jurisdiction.

I) This Agreement shall be VALID, BINDING and ENFORCABLE for FIVE                             (5)
   CONSECUTIVES YEARS from the date of execution of this Agreement.

J) This Agreement is deemed executed Februari 17, 2012, and is accepted and
   agreed by all persons signing this Agreement.

                             2- ADITIONAL CONDITIONS:

A) A signature on this Agreement received by way of facsimile shall be
   deemed to be a valid signature and the Agreement shall be deemed a legal
   and binding Agreement.

B) This Agreement shall be enforceable and admissible for all purposes as
   may be necessary or appropriate under terms of this Agreement.

C) All signatories hereto acknowledge that they have read the forgoing
   Agreement, and by their initials and signature they represent and agree
   that they have full and complete authority and capacity to execute this

                           “ACCEPTED AND AGREED WITHOUT CHANGES”

By: Bernard Sternfeld
    Representative of Equilibrium Investments G.m.b.H., Riedstrasse 7,
Cham, Switzerland, CoC registration: CH-

By: [Name representative]
    Representative of [Company               Name       ],   [Registered   Address],     [Town],

    Attach a copy of   the registration of the Chamber of Commerce for the authorized signature

                                             2/2                       Parties Initials

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