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                              Inside Legal Blogs
                              [By Jeff]
                              As this will be my final installment of Inside Law Blogs and Chat Boards, I wanted to take a moment to thank all the
                              people who made it possible for me to maintain this column for so long. But then I decided that since I did most of the
                              heavy lifting, I should just focus on myself for my last column.

It seems like just 6 weeks ago I started             VISIT US TODAY, AND GET OUR SPECIAL 70%              singled out for such praise, others thought
writing this column, although it’s actually been      DISCOUNT OFER!                                       O’Keefe was totally out of line. In particular, his
7 weeks. They weren’t all good times. Often                                                               public pondering of how much the Legal Blog
I was so hung over, I could scarcely summon           After reading that letter, I was struck by the       Watch bloggers are being paid drew criticism.
the energy to copy and paste tidbits from other       frailty of life. It made me want to climb a          O’Keefe, always looking for a fight, posted an
people’s blogs. Other times, I just didn’t feel       mountain or get a famous woman pregnant. I           email from the anonymous author of Blawg
like doing it, so I blew it off and had one of the    can no longer stand to watch life passing me         Review in which the anonymous blogger took
interns in my office do it for me. Rather than        by. That’s why I’ve decided to join a Buddhist       O’Keefe to task. This left the guys from Legal
beginning by summarizing the week’s news              monastery in North Hollywood, CA. I’m                Blog Watch scrambling to make it clear that
from the law blogosphere, I’d like to show            dedicating my life to the Lord, whichever Lord       A) they had no idea O’Keefe was going to talk
you all a letter I recently received after I first    Buddhists believe in. But before that, let’s get     about them and how much they are paid, B)
announced my retirement from the law blog             these last few law blog items out of the way.        they don’t need anybody else to take up their
game. It’s not every day that you get a piece of                                                           cause, and C) they’re happy working for ALM.
mail that touches you in such a special way,          America’s sweetheart, Denise Howell, the law         O’Keefe also mentioned that he didn’t think
so I wanted to share it with my fans before I         blogger unfairly ousted from her firm, has           ALM understood the power of blogs and the
depart.                                               alerted us to the latest instance of a judge         Internet in general, leaving the Legal Blog
                                                      citing the works of a law blogger. This time,        Watchers to do their best to defend their
From: Denny Lannigan                                  preeminent legal scholar and blawgger Eugene         employers. The whole thing is a little pointless
To:                              Volokh was quoted in a District Court dissent.       and verges on navel-gazing, but it’s funny. It
                                                      Ian Best of 3L Epiphany is keeping a running         seems that O’Keefe thought he was helping
Subject: I have only two weeks to live                total of the number of courts that have cited        Ambrogi and Elefant out, but apparently they
                                                      law blogs. As of 3L Epiphany’s most recently         didn’t need that kind of help.
Worried about the loss of erectoin? EVEN if           update, there are 32 citations of legal blogs
you have no erectoin problems SOFT CIAZLIS            from 27 different cases, with 8 legal blogs          Anyone who watches Stephen Colbert knows
would help you to bring back some romantic            being cited. This means that blogs are steadily      he hates two things: bears and facts. So it
moments that u lost in past.                          becoming legitimized as a form of scholarship        was no surprise when he took on Wikipedia,
                                                      (like it or not) and that certain law bloggers are   the community-run online encyclopedia, and
The greatest thing about SOFT CIAGLIS is the          advancing beyond mere Internet celebrity.            encouraged his fans to add crazy made-up
security that you are on “automatic pilot”,                                                                statistics to Wikipedia, thus making fantasy a
relaxed, carefree, with no worries about a            Last week, Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog wrote            reality. Wikipedia fought back, blocking certain
sudden loss of erectle powers, no matter what         about blogger Ana Marie Cox, formerly of             listings from being edited. But there is still a
kind of interruptions (kids knocking at door,         Wonkette, and how she has been stolen away           lot of material on Wikipedia of questionable
dog barking, ill-fitting condom7) may be thrown       by Time. In the article, he mentioned the            veracity. Ted Frank of Overlawyered went
your way.                                             hardworking bloggers of Legal Blog Watch,            looking for legally themed Wikipedia entries
                                                      Robert Ambrogi and Carolyn Elefant, and how          that were inaccurate and found plenty. The
Just disolve half a pil under your tongue             they too could be stolen away from Legal Blog        respective entries for trial lawyers (and
and get ready for action in 5 minutes. SOFT          Watch’s parent company, American Lawyer              Democrats) Fred Baron and John Edwards
CIA9LIS! It makes your lovemaking incredible!         Media, if ALM doesn’t watch its back. While          sound like they were written by their PR reps.
                                                      Elefant and Ambrogi were flattered to be             The Association of Trial Lawyers of America

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INSIDE LEGAL BLOGS AND CHAT BOARDS                                                                                          1.800. 973. 1177

sounds like the most important organization in     people utilizing Internet sources for research,   And there we have it. That’s all the news from
American history in its Wikipedia entry. Topics    it’s kind of scary to think about Wikipedia’s     the law blogs and chat boards. Perhaps that’s
like medical malpractice and toxic torts were      varying reliability. Wikipedia founder Jimmy      all the news there ever will be. Or maybe next
clearly written by lawyers who oppose tort         Wales claims that his site is about as reliable   week, we will see a new law blog aficionado
reform, as all statistics and facts that support   as Encyclopedia Britannica, which also gets it    on LawCrossing bringing you tidings from the
tort reform are omitted. With more and more        wrong about 25% of the time.                      blogosphere. So long, everybody!


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