Irresistible Pies by xuyuzhu


									        Irresistible Pies & Cakes from Chef Pierre :                                    ®

 These delectable pies are 10 in. deep-dish pies. They weigh 2 pounds 14 ounces- just about 3
times as big as the common grocery store pies!! They all come fresh-frozen ready to bake. The
best thing about frozen ready to bake pies is you can leave them in your freezer until you want a
 fresh hot pie then just pull it out and bake for one hour. Just imagine your house filled with the
                              relaxing aroma of fresh home baked pie.

                         Our traditional family recipe is famous for its crisp and crunchy graham
                         cracker crust topped with luscious cream cheese filling and tangy sour
                         cream. Every bite will tell you we use all the wholesome ingredients you
                         would use yourself.

      This pie starts off with sweet apples, just the right amount of
      spice, nuts, and then after you bake it you top it off with the
      creamy caramel topping that oozes down the hot pie, served
      warm or cold it's marvelous!!!

                           Boasts of large sliced apples spiced just right and placed in a
                           traditional two-crust pie, and to make this pie even better if
                           that’s possible, the crusts are made with 100% vegetable oil.
                               This pie is not only a favorite at Thanksgiving, but year round. If
                               you can think of the best pumpkin pie you have ever tasted---
                               This is better! Even grandma thinks so!

     George Washington couldn't tell a lie: our cherry pie is the
     BEST! This is a traditional two-crust pie filled to the top with
     sweet red cherries just ready for you to bake and enjoy.

                                  This pie, like all the rest, is filled to the top with fruit and is a
                                  traditional two-crust pie. These piecrusts will win even your
                                  mother-in-law over! They just melt in your mouth. Add a
                                  scoop of ice cream and you have my personal favorite.

If you are a Fruit Lover then Fruits of the Forest is the pie for
you! Imagine fresh apples, sweet strawberries, rhubarb,
blackberries and boysenberries all nestled together in Chef
Pierre's famous flaky piecrust. Nothing could be sweeter.

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