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Over the past few years mobile computing has gained increased attention of the research community and has also made its way to the mainstream consumers and commercial industry through PDA’s and Smartphones. However, today more than ever these devices have the capacity to run standalone mobile applications and disseminate client-server applications that access data through a web gateway.

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									                               E-commerce Solutions for Increased Mobility

Technological evolution over the years has led to the development of business going global. As technology
advanced further, the leading brands from various industry sectors turned to gain benefit from the trading
across the continents through the Internet, leading to the birth of e-commerce. The growing demands from
the customers have been the key reason for innovations and the constant evolution of the e-commerce
trends and marketing strategies.

E-commerce provides enterprises scope for a wider market reach and an online retail store solutions for
revenue generation. Thus enterprises with footprints on the web need to keep updated with the innovative
software applications associated with the development of online businesses and their implementation.
Today as the social media and networking are gaining popularity, enterprises can make use of the
opportunities available to connect with consumers and share opinions on the products and services. A strong
orientation towards social media marketing strategies ensures that the e-commerce solutions as this will
help enterprises reap in optimal results with huge increase of potential customer attendance and booming

With this trend on the rise this seems as the most effective method for reaching out to the large number of
consumers, and a great potential for generating new customers. However, with e-commerce trends are
evolving continuously, the latest technology involved will help enterprises with an advantage over their
competitors. With e-commerce provided customers the facility to shop from one’s own comfort zone, the
latest mobile application developers have helped them to access the online retail stores from their new
generation handheld devices and smart phones from any location.

The mobile apps development have facilitated the new age enterprises to engage in business transactions
across the web, connect with their workforce, customers and suppliers irrespective of time and place.
However, to avail the complete benefit of mobility provided by e-commerce solutions, enterprises must
ensure that the mobile applications are build to be intuitive and user-friendly, support heterogeneous
mobile environment while being compliant with stringent corporate security policies.

The e-commerce solutions developed by the mobile application developers have revolutionized the
industry. These solutions pave way for enterprises to manage their inventory through the web , develop
web portals for ticketing and event management, creation of online auctions with optimized digital content.
Such access to the business environment and to managing the business comfortably irrespective of the time
and space has made e-commerce a part of every organization's marketing strategy. With a number of
distribution channels as well as payment channels in the form of mobile money transfer, mobile banking
available along with the ability for exchange of goods enterprises both SME's and large business houses can
now witness a steep rise in their sales graph.

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