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									Global Business Executives’ Online Shopping Habits 2012–2013

“Global Business Executives‟ Online Shopping Habits, 2012–2013” is a new report by
Canadean that analyzes business executive trends in online retail and explores how
opportunities and demand are set to change in 2012–2013. Furthermore, this report
provides a comprehensive overview of online business executive visits and percentage
contribution at online retail stores in 2012, including the average expenditure at online
retail stores. Moreover, the report analyzes the purchasing trends based on business
executives‟ buying behavior and also identifies the significance of websites and
electronic devices used for online purchases.

In addition, this report outlines the key product categories preferred by global business
executives when using mobile shopping. Additionally, the report provides insight into the
key factors that help promote online retailing and identifies the most important business
executive concerns when purchasing from online stores. This report not only grants
access to the opinions and behavior of business executives, but also examines their
actions surrounding business priorities. The user will also be granted access to
information categorized by age, gender and annual income.

    Figure 1: Most Popular Retail Channels in Europe (% Business Executive
                      Which of the following retail channels do you use / have used?

                                     Online retailing                                                               81
                                 Department stores                                                             72
                      Hypermarkets, supermarkets                                                               72
      Music and entertainment software specialists                                                         70
    Clothing, footwear, and luxury goods specialists                                                      68
               Electrical and electronics specialists                                                65
              Convenience stores and gas stations                                               57
          Drug stores and health and beauty stores                                             55
            Home furniture and homeware retailers                                         51
        Home improvement and gardening retailers                                         49
                                  Duty-free retailers                               46
                        Food and drinks specialists                                 46
           Value, variety, and general merchandise                             41
                                 Vending machines                         33
            Cash and carries and warehouse clubs                     28
    Other general and non-specialist direct retailers              26
                           Other specialist retailers         20

                           Source: Canadean
                                                        © Canadean
„24X7 shopping‟, „speedy shopping‟, and „comparative prices‟ are the significant reasons
behind the growth in demand in online retailing as identified by business executives
from Asia-Pacific. The average North American business executive expenditure per visit
to online retail stores is US$79.

Reasons to buy:

      Gain access to data on the opinions and purchasing behavior of business
       executives, thereby identifying their expectations of total expenditure in online
       retail stores and necessary developments for better business executive footfall.
      Determine average global business executive‟s expenditure per visit to online
       retail stores.
      Uncover key challenges and opportunities in shopping at online retail stores and
       identify the key actions required to overcome the challenges.
      Perceive the significance of planned and impulsive buying behaviors at online
       retail stores.
      Identify key product categories purchased at online retail stores based on their
       shopping frequency.

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