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					                Medical Tourism: India - A Number one Getaway

Medical Tourism presents a chance for those healthcare sector worldwide to expand and grow by tapping
the possibility belonging to the international market. The tourists from around the world are traveling to
combine affordable medical care with an opulent vacation. A serious percentage of patients while in the
developed countries are seeking treatment in healthcare institutions outside the boundaries of their nation.
The worldwide advancement in medical research and technologies, increased facilities of transportation
and demand for immediate quality healthcare have provided the patients worldwide to travel abroad for
treatment. Governments of many nations have come forward with assistance to facilitate and encourage
the development from the health tourism industry.

India has emerged as one of several leaders in promoting medical tourism. Patients world wide are
beginning to realize the possibility advancement of modern technologies Indian medicine. The medical
procedures in India are inexpensive as compared to that of US and other European nations. The Indian
Healthcare industry has realized the possibility of this niche market and has begun to tailor their services
for international visitors. Medical tourists worldwide have a great cause to hunt treatment in India to avail
state-of-the-art medical facilities together with a chance of visiting the culturally rich nation.

The Health care tourism India industry has expanded its services with the growing demand around the
world. Numerous Europeans are coming to India to get medical treatment, including advanced surgery.
Many leading hospitals have expounded on this by branching their medical expertise to super-
specialization. International patients usually get a package deal that includes flights, transfers, hotels,
treatment and sometimes a post-operative vacation.

India aims to be the world health destination with internationally recognized healthcare professionals,
holistic medicinal services and low priced of treatment. India has the potential to deliver services to over
one million health tourists every year. Medical tourism has given healthy boost to the Indian economy as
well. To cater to this chance, the Tourism Ministry of India has joined hands considering the healthcare
sector to produce specialized look after the international patients. The medical tourism industry has the
potential to be a serious driver of Indian economy like Information Expertise.

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