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									NCIP UPDATE

        NISO Standards Update
        October 16, 2004
      NCIP Background

NCIP Protocol and Implementation Profile approved by
NSIO: October 2002

NCIP Implementation Group (NCIP-IG) launched in
October 2002

Colorado State Library assumed role of Maintenance
Agency in November 2003 - University of Chicago
      NCIP Background

NCIP-IG includes representatives from thirteen
  organizations – 12 automation vendors and Colorado
  State Library.

NCIP-IG meets semi-annually and holds conference phone
  calls between the meetings
      NCIP Background

NCIP listserv ( is used for
  distribution, discussion, and vetting of ideas and

NCIP website is at and includes links
  to the Protocol and Implementation Profile, along with
  minutes from conference calls and meetings, listserv
  instructions and archives and links to other related
      Recent activities

New DTD version 1.01 to support new optional elements
  and services

Review/Rewrite of NCIP section of RFP’s Writer’s Guide to
  Standards for Library Systems
      Recent activities

NCIP Policies Directory
  Subgroup of NCIP-IG – has recently defined purpose
  and scope, and there is a high level of

  Initial focus is to derive a mechanism to support the
        exchange of circulation policy information

  Creating and describing a schema for the exchange
     of policy information between libraries and
     consortium using NCIP
      Recent activities

Marketing and Promotion

  Work beginning on a set of articles to provide the
     library community with an introduction and a
     technical background on NCIP. What it means and
     what it can do for you.

  Article: “Recent Developments in Standards for
  Resource Sharing.” Nye, Julie Blume. Journal of
  Library Administration, Vol.40 No. ½, pp 89-106.
       Most importantly NCIP
       is becoming real!!!

Progress update at May NCIP-IG meeting, all participants

  Active development
  Rolling out applications

Many with rollouts in 2004 or early 2005
       Most importantly NCIP
       is becoming real!!!

NCIP includes 45 message pairs with roles initiator and
  responder and all development is being done to meet
  specific customer needs/requirements with most initially
  emphasizing one of the roles

Development being driven by customer demand and
       Most importantly NCIP
       is becoming real!!!

Maintenance Agency section of NCIP website has a grid of
  supported messages and several vendor
  representatives are available to test their messages with
       Most importantly NCIP
       is becoming real!!!

Most common supported messages
  Lookup, Accept & Receive item
  Check Out & Check In item
  Request & Cancel Request for item

  Lookup Version
  Lookup Agency
  Lookup User
 Examples of work/progress

PALCI (Pennsylvania Academic Library
Consortium, Inc) - Dynix to Sirsi testing with
eight of the NCIP messages

3M - completing QA with self charge.
Working to integrate the PAM system
(payment and scheduling software)

Endeavor - Newly coded URSA responder in
testing with Dynix
     Examples of work/progress
Sirsi - In production with OCLC for authentication.
Currently in production with Dynix for URSA, and with
the SF Bindery product. Currently testing with Relais
International. Responder role only at this point. Has a
test port available for other vendors to use for testing

GIS – completed testing with URSA and 3M. Available
as test responder.
 Examples of work/progress

OCLC - in production with First Search.
Interoperability testing is being done with
Sirsi. Focusing on initiator role

III - working on coding for RFID chips and
work/testing with other vendors for INN-
Reach. Focusing on initiator role
 Examples of work/progress

Relais - Testing lookup user/agency with

AutoGraphics and Fretwell Downing –
code development to support ILL products

TLC - Doing internal testing now. Doing
responders (DCB/3) first, 9-10 messsages,
then most likely self-check.
 Get Involved

Continue to seek out and encourage other
vendors who are doing active development to
join and participate in NCIP-IG

Especially need involvement and input from
libraries as users of NCIP applications.

Contact current NCIP-IG chair – Brenda
                 Get Involved
• Meeting in Ottawa Oct 18-20
• New participants encouraged to contact Implementers’
          For More Information
• NCIP Implementers’ Group:

• NCIP Maintenance Agency:

• NISO NCIP web site:
       For More Information
• NCIP Implementers’ Group current chair:
 Brenda Bailey-Hainer, Colorado State Library
• Lead contact for Maintenance Agency:
 Steve Wrede, Colorado State Library
• This presentation brought to you by:
 Steve Gregory, Senior Programmer,
 Colorado State Library

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