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gender_socialization_and_youtube_hw by xuyuzhu


									Theoretical Perspectives on
• (Looks at society as a structure with interrelated parts and
  emphasizes the contributions made by each part.)
• focuses on the origins of gender differences
• Any pattern of behavior that does not benefit society will
  become unimportant.
• Early humans found that the division of responsibilities
  between males and females survived because it was
  beneficial to human living. (Men-hunting/protecting
• This view would suggest this is why women place more
  emphasis on social class and income than men.
• Today functionalists recognize that traditional division of
  labor has created problems/dysfunctions for modern
              Conflict Theory
• (The Conflict perspective emphasizes conflict,
  competition, change, and constraint within
  – Looks at the reasons gender differences continue
    to exist
  – They believe that it is the advantage of men to
    prevent women from gaining access to political,
    economic, and social resources
  – .If this is done men can maintain the status quo.
  – Conflict theorists see traditional gender roles
Conflict Theory and Gender Inequality
• Most recent example of maintaining the gender status
  quo was found in Afghanistan, when the ruling Taliban
  militia practiced gender separation.
• The Taliban prohibited girls from attending school and
  banned women from all work outside the
  home. Women who left the home without protection
  of a male relative were punished (windows were
  painted black to prevent anyone from catching a
  glimpse of the women.)
• Women remained mute and even their soles were soft
  to keep from making noise and drawing attention to
          Symbolic Interactionism
• (approach that focuses on the interactions among
  people based on mutually understood symbols.)
   – focuses on how gender traits are acquired.
   – Symbolic interactionists focus on how males and females
     are “supposed to act”
• This process is called- Gender socialization: the learning
  of behavior and attitudes considered appropriate for a
  given sex
   – .Boys learn to be boys and girls learn to be girls.
• Example- After a sonogram parents buy blue or pink
  clothes or action figures for boys/ dolls for girls
                Agents of Socialization
• Gender also taught in the assignment of family chores (i.e) g=dishes
• Schools reinforce gender socialization
• --sometimes teachers encourage different behaviors from girls and boys
• --studies have showed that girls were taught to be passive, to dislike math
  and science
• Parents are important in gender socialization because they transfer values
  and attitudes regarding how boys and girls should behave.
• media
• Teens who most closely mirror traditional gender roles, such as male
  football players and female cheerleaders, are generally given the greatest
  respect, whereas “feminine” boys and “masculine” girls are assigned low
  status. This peer group pressure encourages teenagers to try to conform to
  idealized role models. Do you believe this is true/false? (Journal #12)
                 YouTube Homework
• The Media and Gender socialization
• find an example of gender socialization in media, preferably in
  advertising. (you-tube, google video, etc.)
• Primary source. I do not want anything with commentary (Do
  not search "sociology, media" on You-tube)
• RECENT! Your submission must have been created in the past
• Email the link to me before your next class. We will watch
  and discuss some of them in class. Include your full name
  and class period in the subject line.
• If you do not have access to the internet at home, you can
  use the computer lab or library, failing that you may bring in
  some printed media, but you must talk to me first.

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